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The Annual Inspection of the Post
on Friday Next—The Sons of Vet
erans “fill Be Present-
Friday next, which is New Year’s day,
will also be the annual installation of of
ficers of George H. Thomas Post, G. A. R..
and 'of the \Voman’s Relief Corps. In
View of the fact, Post Commander Roberts
has issued she following:
GEO. H. THOMAS Pos'r, No. 5, G. A. R.
h _ ‘ OLYMPIA, Dec. 26, 18913
General order: "
I. In accordance with orders received
from department headquarters, the instal
lation of officers of this post will take place
place publicly in Grand Army Hall on Fri
day evening, January Il 1892. and the
Woman’s Relief Corps and Sons of Vet
erans are hereby invited to take part in the
same. -
11. Comrade R. G. O’Brien is hereby ap~
pointedlinstalling officer and assistant in
spector pro tem to make the annual in
spection of the Post on the above evening
previous to the installable!) of officers.
111. The Post will be called to order at
7:30 p. m. sharp, to prepare for the instal.
lation at eight O’clock. .
IV. Officers will appear in uniform, and
every member and vimting member is re
quested to wear the G. A; R. badge where
V. The adjntant and quartermaster are
directed to have their reports ready on the
above evening for inspection.
By order, W. H. ROBERTS,
Post Commander.
For the Women’s Relief Corps, which
installs olficers on the same evening, this
order has been issued:
Gl2O. H. THOMAS W. R. 0., No. 34. }
OLYMPIA, Dec. 26, 1891.
General Order:
1. In accordance with orders received
from department headquarters, the instal
lation of officers of the VVoman’s Relief
Corps will take place publicly in Grand
Army hall on Friday evening. January 1,
1 92, at 8 o’clock.
11. Officers, members and visiting nlem~
bers are particularly requested to wear the
usual badge of the corps.
111. The installation will take place im
mediately after the installation of the post.
officers. ' ,
IV. The treasurer and secretary will
have their books and reports ready for in
spection on the above evening.
Corps Presidentk
Time of Services at the Various
Churches Tomorrow.
vices tomorrow.
tomorrow Mail a. In. and 7:00 p. m. Rev.
H. H. Buck, rector. , ’
tomorrow: 10 a.m. Clugs meetmg; 11 a.m.
and 7 p.m . Other servxces as usual.
celebrated at 7 a. m., high mass at 10:30,
catechism at 2 p. m. and vespers at 7 p. m.
Father Claessens.
and Eighth streets. Services tomorrow at
11 am. and in the evening there will be a‘
LEmday school concert. Sunday school at
vices at 113.111., and 7 p.m. Rev. C. L.
Divan, pastor. Evening subject, “The
Leaf.” Christian Endeavor meeting at 6
p.m. All are welcome.
services at Barnes’ Liberal hall, 428 Adams
street, near Fourth, on Suuda evening at
7 o'clock. Discourse b P. D. SIOOM. Sub
ject: “The Facts, Phiiosophy and Relig
ion of Spiritualism.” Music by Miss Blv.
All are cordially invited.
and Franklin streets, Rev. ’l‘. J. Lamont,
“star. Preachin§l at 11 a. m., 7 Fm.
oruing subject, “ earning to Do Wel ,” a.
glow Year’s discourse. Evening subject,
2 ‘Nixnrod, the Mighty Hunter,” the eighth
,mture in the series on Scripture biogra
y.Young People’s meeting. 6 p.m. Sun
',7 lchool at‘l2:2o p.m. -
igflflngmnmn CHURCH—Services tomorrow
“titan. and 7:00 p.m., at Tacoma. hall,
‘ '' ’ 'iFourth and Columbia streets, Rev.
imeon Hongland, minister. Subject
at morning sermon: “War. ls It in Ac
cordance With an Enlightened Christianity
01- an Enlightened Civilization '1” No even
ing service. Sunday school at 12:15 p.m.,
Geo. F. Funk, superintendent, Byron Mil
lett, teacher of adult class in social econ
omics. Bible class of young people taught
by pastor.
flow the Young Men 01' Olympia Wil
‘ be Entertained.
The Young Men’s Christian Association
sgill hold a New Year’s reception” at the
if? "twanygyrooms next Friday, at which
mew 05G! the auxiliary will serve re
j- MIME mmvmmn will be extend-
Caihiiil’iflmvw’thdmciation and their
WWW lull men in Olympia,
' 39% am Whor-fwlintereeted in asso
m‘ m. “lawman in the city, who
do not have home. here. will be especially
welcome. "
Tuesday afternoon there will be a meet
ing at the residence of Mrs. Burntreger, on
the northwest corner of Seventh and Jef<
i‘erson streets to arrange the details of the
reception. . ~ ,
Interest in the Sunday afternoon gospel 1
meetings at Tacoma hall increases each
Sunday. Last Sunday between fifty and
sixty persons assemb ed in spite of the
swam,bl The meeting was pleasant and
e. ._
“a" orrow afternoon the meeting will be
it? ‘ FHorace Mumford. An earnest in
'l», .is extended to all young men in
Wm. to attend.
” Whose Is It?
7?jr"‘_§sbmebody who must be intimately ac
’“i‘iq'uaintedwvith the gastronomic instincts of
Profs L. P. Venen sent that gentleman a
bottle of wine for a. Christmas present. The
wily professor, who is an alleged temper
ance worker, thinks he gets handsomely
out of the dilemma by saying that the
flickage was probably intende for Judge
enry and that the errand boy made a mis
take in reading the number of his house.
It is a significant fact, however, that the
recipient keeps the wine all the same.
, A Mortgaged Stock.
Wednesday camplaint. was made to J us
tice Rathbun against 0. E. Avery. of Puget
City, for disposing of a Stock of merchan
dise on which there was achattel mort
gage. The case is being heard this after
noon. ’
Watch Guards.
-One of the I‘licest holiday presents from a.
lady to a gentleman friend or relative is a
beautiful watch guard made from her own
hair. Mrs. W. R. Lotz makes them. Sam
les at Rose & Godard’s jewelry store.
Reeve orders at TBIBUNE office.
A Peculiar Experleice.
About ten years ago my health became
imgaired, and rheumatism set in. My
su 'ering was intense, but Hibbard’s Rheu
matic Syrup has relieved me entirely of
rheumatism, regulated my kidneys and
liver, and benefited my whole system. -
B. W. ROCKWELL, Jackson, Mich.
Any statement made by B. W. Rockwell,
can be relied upon. W. D. Thompson,
President Jackson City Bank. For sale by
Pacific Drug Go. I
:Agents Wanted
For the Church News. Big money to
right people. Apply at 116 Third street.
' dls-tf.
To buy city warrants at once.
dec22—st LACEY & FORREST.
o]. l Eli‘lAN BRIEFS.
Henry’s office, 7 p. m.
Temple. v ~ ’
In recognition of services rendered at. the
fire in A. Ellis’ warehouse, Mr. Ellis has
Etesented Engine Company No. 2, with a
andsome writing desk.
Years of experi-ence in the watch factor.
ies has made us skillful in watch repair
ing. Rose & Godard.
The First National bank is supplying its
customers witha pretty and useful coin
Fine laundry work done at, the Washing
ton Laundry, 217 Third street. Mending
free of charge. ' tf dec 16.
A pole was raised into position, this af—
ternoon, for an electric light 111 front of
Union Block.
If you want a first—class lunch or dinner,
go to the Argo, 222 Fourth street.
tht‘ Heath & Sturtevant.
A chop and oyster house was opened,
gesterday. in the west room of the theater
uilding. 7
Bring an old spoon or knife to Bilger &
Going’s and see the, wonderful eflect of
their silver polish. d2ltf
Ali those interested in organizing a
county historical society are requested to
meet at Judge Henry’s oifice this evening
at 7 o’clock.
The largest; portrait work this side of
Portland or Seattle, done in the Silsby
block’ Seventh and Main streets. d23tf.
Send your name and address on a postal
card to the Fawcett Seed 00.. Tacoma, for
a free copy of their splendidly lllustrated
1892 seed and garden tool catalogue. (326 tf
Souvenir spoons in every design are go
ing like hot cakes at Simenson’s. d7tf
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Hiltz entertained a
few of their friends to a Christmas dinner,
including Mr. and Mrs. C. V. Leach, this
being the first time she has been out. since
her severe sickness.
Captaln Donne generously remembered
his many friends on Christmas day. 1-
From all about the country comes the
reports of Christmas. balls “turkey shoots,"
and other forms of merry makings incident
to the season.
Olympia market men report that. the
number of turkeis left over from the Christ
mas ordeal will e quite adequate to New
Year requirements.
Go to buckering's for fine photographs
Silségvfblock, Seventh and Main streets.
d t
Simepsou will etch or engrave your
souvemr spoons free of charge while you
wait. d7tf
$3.00 all-woul undershirnu and drawers,
$2.40, Bettman’s discount sale. dls-2W
' ‘Watches, diamonds and jevvelry, clocks,
spectacles and mlverwure at Talcott Brgs.
Have you seen those, nobby overcoats
Brown & Ferriss are selling at 20 per cent.
01'1”? They are great bargains. dls<2w
Thetsteamer The Doctor leaves Olympia
at 8 a.m. daily for Shelton and amil—
cbie and returns the same day at. 5 p.m. tf
Are you going to get a new suit before
Xmas? Use you ouglitto see the goods
Brown & Ferriss are selling at bed rock
prices. - i ' (lish—2w
Every article in stock is marked in plain
figures and the 20 per cent. discount is
given from those prices. Bettman, the
clothier. dls-2w
Watches, clocks and jewelry repaired at
Simenson’s. 315 Main street. al-tf
New Home and Domestic sewing ma
chines at Talcott» Bros. al-tf
J. L. Brown has the finest line of razors,
strops, and smokers’ articles, in the city.
Pipes, cigars and Christmas gifts of the
finest quality, at the lowest prices. dl6tt
The Argo restaurant, on Fourth street
near Washington, is rapidly becoming pop
ular. and in order to meet the demands of
business will, after this evening, remain
open all night ‘
Friends of J. C. Phelps, who leaves
Olympia. today to assume the posnion of
assistant superintendent on the Seattle and
Northern rallroad, showed their apprecia
tion of his many good qualities by present‘
ing him, on Thursday evening, with 3 dia
mond ring. R. P. Shoecraft made the pre
sentation speech, to which Mr. Phelps re
sponded. ,
Notes from “Church News.”
Sometime in January the young men of
Temple Baptist church will give a social,
at which each young man will contribute
a cake of his own baking. It will no doubt
be a. great event. :
Chas. Hooper and a. party of friends will
leave after the holidays for a tour of im
spection along the coast of Puget Sound,
with Vancouver as their destination. They
will make the trip in a sailing yacht.
On Tuesdag evening, December 29th. a
social will 8 given at the Presbyterian
manse, to which members of the congrega
tion and friends are Cordially invited. An
interesting programme, consisting of sing
ing and speaking, has been arranged for.
Mr. Lawrence will take a prominent part
in the singing.
Milllnery at a Sacrifice.
Ladies who are-so ifrortian-ate as not to
have bought their winter bonnets or milli
nery can find something very stylish and
arlintic at Mrs. Sternberg's at 305, Fourth
street, which she is selling at a. greatly re
duced price. You will see some felts there
for fifty cents which are marvellously
cheap, also some fancy goods left from the
Unitarian fair, suitab e for Xmas presents,
eta small cost. Call and see for yourself.
Remember the place, Mrs. Sternberg’s
305, Fourth street. ‘
“that phenomenal suecees-of illustrated
weeklies in the World’s Fair city.” All
the principal current events finely illus
trated; The most complete, the most pop
ular, and altogether the most valuable il
lustrated weekly. Ask your newsdealer
for it, or address the publishers. Sub
scriEtion. one year, $4.00.
T e Graghic 00., Deal-born and Harrison
streets, C icago. An agent wanted in
every town in the United States.
Assignee’s Sale.
The stock of wall Super of the late firm
of F. T. Knewing & o. is for sale, in whole
or in part, at a sacrifice. Apply to .1110. B.
Reed, 9.381 nee, No. 227 St. Helen’s avenue,
Tacoma, \gash. dec2ltf
Great Bargains
In all grade: of underwear. Prices have
been greatly reduced in these goods and it
will pay you to examine our stock before
bu ing. ‘
(”Fifi-12!. Bnows & FERnlss.
Closing Ont Silk;
The firm of Conawcby and Céi‘l-nierfiealers
in groceries and provisions, will close out
their stock in the next thirty days. Call
and see our stock and get bed-rock prices.
dec2l6f ‘ 518 Fourth street.
Ho. for Christ Fas.
Times are heard and money scarce, so it
stands every one in hand to buy' things
that are useful as well as ornamental for
Christmas presents. Robert Frost has the
finest line of table cutlery direct from the
factory. Carvers of all grades. Rogers’
best silver plated forks, spoons, fruit sets,
orange knives, nut cracks and picks, etc.
Call and examine. Prices as low as a good
article can be sold for. i 1
Monday Morning;
tell your grocer to Qend you up a sack of
Davis’ Best Flour. made in the capital
city. You want. to try it. Telephone, No.
Are Your Children Subject to Cyoup.
As a preventative and cure for croup,
Cham berlain’s gough Remedy has no rival.
It is, in fact, the only remedy that can al
ways be depended ugon and that is pleas
ant and safe to ta 8. There is not the
least kanger in giving it to children, as it
contains no injurious substance. For sale
ap %0 cents per battle by C. B. Mann, dang
ng - a q
‘ Envy “
The Great Prestige of Royal
' Baking Powder envied
by all competitors.
The envy shown by other baking powder man
ufacturers of the great prestige of the Royal
Baking Powder is not at all surprising.
For thirty years the Royal has been the stand
ard for purity and strength in baking powders,
and has been placed at the head by every board
of official examiners—whether State or National.
The Royal Baking Powder Company controls its
own cream of tartar factory and the processes for
,making the only absolutely pure cream of tartar;
it sends its product to millions of homes all over
the world, supplies the Army and Navy, the great
transatlantic steamers, the finest hotels and res—
taurants, and is recommended by the best chefs
and authorities’on cuisine in every land. Its
sale is larger than that of all other cream of
tartar baking powders combined; it has more,
friends among housekeepers than any other
similar article. ‘
These facts are bitterness to the makers of the
inferior baking powders; hence their advertise—
ments, filled with malice, envy and falsehood,
against the Royal.
Consumers recognize a case of “sour grapes."
Fred W. Garlyon
I Has a splendid line of
For IHoliday Gifts at prlces to suit the times. Call and
i see for yourself. ~
3223 ere FOURTH are ST
i All articles engraved free of charge.
The most elegant line of Booklets and 'Gift Cards ever
' , shown in Olympia.
RE D 1 ED 1 BER To get ‘choice Goods you
«must call early. . . . . . . . .
l+>zeThe Reliable Jeweler3£+
Have just refitted their store and disposed of all their old stock and o ened u the
finest stock of Watches, 'Ulocks, Diamonds, Jewelry, Silver and Silver Blated vgm,
Gold Pens, Holders, etc. No goods misrepresented. Established in Olympia in 1872.
[Undertaken and Funeral Dlrectors
’ c - BEARY,
’Silsbyißlock, Main Stregt, Olympia. ‘
APOSITION agbookkeeper or salesman. Can
give a No. reference. Address box 2.
FURNISHED—A neat cottage, cheap. Inquire
at this oflice.- d 4 tf
A NICELY furnished and pleasantly located
room for rent. Apply at Olympia. News
00., Fourth st. 112841
ROOMS —gentielnen. Corner of Main and
Eighth streets. Reference required. n3tf
FOUR unfurnished rooms, corner Union and
Jefi‘erson sts. a29tf
FURNISHED apartments on Adams street, be
tween Sixth and Seventh st. Mrs. Foilans
bee. afiti
NICE oflice rooms in Union Block only 55.
Lodging rooms $2 to $4. Eighty foot store
rooms for $25.00 per month. ’l‘. C. Van Epps.
‘ SIX room house (new) on corner of Jefierson
‘ and 6th streets. Inquire of C. H. Carpenter,
521 Main street. d2l-6t.
AN eight room house on Main street near
Eli: teenth. Newly Xapered and gluinted
and in t orough repair. pply at this 0 '02?“
, m
4-FOOT cord wood for sale at Pipe Factory at
OLD papers at THE TRIBUNE 25 cents pe
Tacoma. and Portland Passenger.
1aave5P0rt1and.........”..............10:45 am
Arrive from Portland via Gate City... . . 4:45 p.m
Leaves ior Tacoma and Seattle. . . . . . . . . .4:50 p.m
Leaves Tacomafor Olympia. . . . .. . . . . . .11:10 p.m
Arrive from Tac0ma.......,'. . ....12:55a.m
Leaves for Portland via Gate City. .. . . . 1 :00 a.m
Arrive at Portland. ...7:00 a.m
Leave Tacoma. 8:10 an; Lv Montesano..2:4s p.m
Lv Olympia... 9:32 a.m Lv Olympia. . . .4:50p.m
Ar Montesano. 11:25 a.m,Ar Tacoma... . .6:00 p.m
Lv Chehalis. .. 7:00 a.m Lv Tacoma. . .. 3:55 p.m
#Lv Olympia. . . 8:37 am Lv Olympia . . . .5220 p.m
Ar Tacoma....lo:oo a.m Ar Chehalis....7:oo p.m
1 Port Townsend Southern.
Leave........... ...01ympia........... 9:40 a.ln
Arrive.:.... h........Teniu0,... .........10;30 aan
Arrive. .-..Olyrnpia.... . . .. .11:50 a.m
Leave... ...........01ympia.......... 3:50p.m
Arrive... ...........Ten1n0........... 4:50 p.m
NUMBER sous.
Leave.......... .....Tenino..... 4:05p.m
Arrive5.............01ympia............ 5:55p.m
On Sunday the morning train leaves at 9 :40 a.m.
and remains at Tenino until 4:05 Pmnarriving in
Olympia at 5:55 p.m. The mom 11g train makes
close connection with the Northern Pacific to
Portland and the_evening train meets the train
from Portland.
Every day except Sunday the Multnomah ar‘
rives from Tacoma at 10:30 a.m.; returning,
leaves at 1 p.m. for Tacoma and Seattle.
Clara Brown leaves Olympia Tuesday, Thurs
dav and Saturday at 9 a.m. for Tacoma and Se- ‘
attle. Returning, leaves Mondays, Wednesdays ‘
and Fridays at 5:30 gvm. ‘
For Shelton, the illie leaves daily except
Sunday at 9:30. a.m. Returning, arrives here at
3 pin” connecting both ways with the Multim—
Ina .
For Kamilchie, and SheltonvDoctor leaves
daily at 3 a.m.; returning. arrives at 5 p.m.
\ ALL ABooT THE mu (LS.
MAIL nsrsarunns.
Grays Harbor and Coast points. . . . .. . . . .9215 am
Tacoma (Pouch Direct)...... 8:00 am
Tum water, Tenino and all points south 9 :15 a.m
Eastern states and all points east and
north 4:15p.m
All points south, also states east and
Piclggil'litrilgweeklstd g:oop.m
a ur ay........... :00a.m
Kamilche’ and Slyn’elton, daily except
7 Sunday 12:00 p.m
.' ' DAXLY.
Points in Oregon, southern and north~
western and eastern Washington. .- 4:40 p.m
Northwestern 5tate5.................... 9:32 a.m
Grays Harbor and Coast points. ... 4:40 p.m
Tumwater and ’1‘enin0................. 5:50 p.m
Kamilche and Shelton, daily except
Pickering,week1y.......................11:00 a.m
Notice of Street AsseSsment.
T 0 vWHOM IT MAY CONCERN, and to the
person or persons named herein. You and each
of you are hereby notified that the town of Tum
water special assessment roll for the collection
of the costs and expenses of grading and im‘
proving Third street, East Tumwater, from the
west si e of B street to the west side of Cleve
land avenue. By resolution the whole of said
Third street was made one assessment district,
which assessment was duly confirmed by the
town council on the 4th day of December 1891,
is now in my hands for collection and that the
same will become delinquent on and after the
25th day of January 1892.
The name of the owner or reputed owners and
discription of the property and amount of
assessment are as follows:
J. P, Allison, block 6, south side, 240 feet
East Tumwater........................ $2lO 251
Wm. Pix, block 7, north side, 240 feet . 1
EsstTumwate’r....... 210 25‘
Clark Biles, block 8, north side, 140 feet ‘
Ea5tTumweter........................ 122 75
Mary Rodney, block 4, south side, 240
feetEsstTumweter.......t......... 210 25
Mary and P. E. Hilden, block 5, south
si e, 140 feet East Tumwater. . . . 122 75
Rufus Willard, block 9, north side 120
feet East Tumwater........ . 105 13
E. W. McNesl, block 9, north side, 120
feet East Tumwater... 105 13
Heirs of P. H. &. C. Crosby. block B,
north side 348 feet East Tumwater. .. 304 82
Heirs of P. it. dz 0. Crosby, block A,
south side, 3413 feet East Tumwater. . . 304 82
Portland & Puget Sound R. R., block 5,
50uth5ide100ieet..................... 87 50
Portland 6; fiuget Sound R. 11., block 8,
n0rth5ide,100feet..................;.. 8750
First publication Dec. 24, 1391. ‘
_ Town Marshal.
Duty Treasurer’s Warrant Ball.
Notice is hereby given that all outstanding
warrants of the City of Olympia, as follows,
will be paid on presentation, and no interest
will be allowed on same after the date of thus
notice. 0n the street fund to, and including
No. 1109 and on the sewer fund, all outstanding
warrants to (Slateé
Olympia, Dec. 4, 1891.
(324-31: City Treasurer.
~ .A‘Tglm‘ The Most Sne
. - ~‘.'\ cossiul
’g— 1’ s'“ .
- ;_\ flatarrh, \
a .. a Lung
, , 3 —AND—
I" 5! ' it“ \.
{:1 x-,\ Throat I
4 I’l.'.¢'- . , 'v‘
‘ » ' ‘ ». ; , _:j:". \
~ Q -;; ”actors
’ ‘R ':‘ji‘fity‘nigv‘ LN THE
\j {x ‘35, a ::-*1: t , WEST.
780 Pacific Ave., Tacoma,"W§Bh.
_ Souooo REWARD '
For any case he fails to euro coming under his
treatment by following his directions.
203830131 study and finance for man? Famous
treated yearlf. ecent cases 0 RIVATE
DISEASES cured n a short time. ULCERS, TU
MERS, BLOI‘CHES on the (see or body 'curod
without giving mercury or other pailsfils. M t
' so ve
Mlddlfi Aged and Old menu-an knows
oxaotlywhat ails you and will give you advice
and treatment worth thousands in gold.
He will restore you to full enjoyment of natures
rarest gift to men.
L 7 12;» 3 ~ : '
‘ ‘ 11‘ 4.5-7»- .'v‘3s‘ k‘j‘
_ .j- _(lg _v ‘.\‘ ,7 ‘
.. \ r ":, l‘v V m 3.
w- \‘i'. ‘é‘ \?* 24" '—'
' ‘7 at (Ir-12".. ~ '.I- ' ’l'
‘ a” ’ ah?» :win,‘
I. lEs.—Thla doctor has devoted twenty
yeurAag special treatment of women. He thon
oughly understands your ailments. He will tell
you exactly how you feel without 33111353 ques
tion. Call It once and see for yourse . ‘A cure
EJA TAR RH head, throat lung. been, stomach,
,llvernnd kidney iseueunstantly
relieved analpermanently cured by Intent New
York Hos ! Methods.
RUPTUfiE—Pflu. fistula yurlcole, hydrocele
and 11l Iwelfinga and tenderness
quickly outed. _
giend 109 m- ‘i‘x’lgltempl g); Mgd‘lfial (311121.380
ours, mm. p.m. rec In 9
Pacific “on“. Mm}, Wash. ‘
Neal Years Gifts!
OUVENIR spoons are decidedly the fad this 3ear. I
S have them in many designs, and will etch or en
_ grave them free of charge.
NVARIABLY a store of any pretension must carry an
I overloaded stock“ lam in that boat, and you may
‘ have the benefit of it. '
EXICAN Onyx and Marble Clocks will be dis
-I‘l s posed of at cost. I have too many of them and
must sacrifice.
VERY boy ought to have a watch. It is a good way
E to reward merit, and 'can be had from a mere
song up.
OBODY wants to pass New Years without remem-
N bering a friend. Gifts may be small, but let them
be substantial.
ILVERWARE—smaII and large pieces are appre-
S ciated. Napkin rings, fruit knives, nut cracks and
picks and many pretty things.
PPORTUNITY- is a great point in life. When you
0 get it, use it. Examine my line of chains. charms,
pins, and pretty things for ladies and gentlemen.
EVER will you be able to purchase so much for so
N little. Simsenson’s motto is: If your purchase
.., doesn’t please you, return it and get your money.
‘ o
If you don’t take advantage of thisf you'll say .. . . ..,
when it is too late. . "
1 .S t t
m _
JUST received the finest line of upholstered Reed
and Oak rockers and chairs that have'ever been
brought to Olympia. They are just the article for a
Christmas Present,‘ being useful as well as orna
mental. Also adjustable music stands, ladies’ wash
tables, writing desks, parlor tables, lounges, parlor
sets, foot stools and hassocks. These articles will
be sold at a close margin till after the holidays.
Remember the place.
' o
'' S 7
Corner of Main and Third Street
Real Estate, Loan & 111811131106 Agency
EPRESENT thirteen of the strongest companies in the World. Losses promptly
adjusted and paid. ‘
Any quantity of the finest farming and orchard land in the state, im roved or
unimproved, and in tracts from one acre to five hundred acres. Lots (gr sale in
all parts of the city. Look out for a big rise in real estate in the spring. If you want to
buy anything, BUY NOW. _
F h ' bl M h tI ' |
Has all the Latest Styles for the Fall and Winter season. Fit, Style and Workman
i ——~—— ship Guaranteed.——————-
I 522 Main Street.‘olympia, Wash.
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i 4% MARE & ROSS use
Dealers in drugs. medicines, fine toilet son 5, brushes and perfumery.
Choice domestic and Key fleet cigars.
Olympia ~‘ _ ~ 3 . Washington

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