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SGHd for Your
.924 Pacific a,Ve..'l'aoolna,.
Lamps Cut-Glass
Chinaware Silverware.
Ch I I C . I '
And we all expect to get a Christmas present.
What is better than a nice‘rocking chair, a foot stool
or a carpet sweeper? Something useful as well as or»-
namental, and A. Ellis, the furniture dealer. has
them as cheap as any house in the state, Child’s,
‘1: misses, ladies and gents’ rockers; portiers and lace
' curtains, oilcloth and linoleum. window shades, par~
lor and bedroom furniture and everything in the
furniture line cheap,
Fourth st., cor. Adams.
' T
‘ —_———x———-—:
Boys'33.sOCape 0verc0at5.......... .....,....................Reduced to g 2 50 E
Boys’ $4.00Cape0verc0at5.....H..........,................i..Reduced to 275
_Boys’Blo.oo Cape0verc0at5..........i..H,...,................Reduced to 700 '
Youtha’ $15.00 Melton and Kersey Overcoats ....i. ... . . . .. . . ..Reduced to 10 00
Youtbs'sl2.oo Satin Lined Oven-c0at5...‘.w.....i..........,.Reducedt0 880
Youtns’ 57,00 Cassimere Overcoats.. .... .. . . ............. ~Reduced to 400 !
Men's $9.00 Chinchilli and Melton’s Overcome. . . .. i . ...Reduced to 660 ;
Men’s $12.00 Chinchilli and Melton’s Overcoatsi ......i ... . i . .Reduced to 8 % ‘
Men’s $15.00 Melton and Kersey Overcoats. .......... i... . . i . .Reduced Lo 11 00 }
Men’s 22.50 Kersey, Box Cut. Overcoats. ....ii. .i. i i, ~....Reduced to 16 50 5
Men’s $30.00Thibet0verc0at5.,.i,i.......,.....‘. ...Reduced to 2310 i
The Furnisher and Clothier-E I
+ Household Goods +‘
Highest Cash prices paid for Second-Hand Goods. Come i
and see our goods and prices before. buying. i
Ozone: Munm. [DAVID MCCARTY. E
Plumbers, Steam and Gas Fltters.
Contracting and Job}Work Promptly Attended :0. |
215 Well. l‘ounh Streetd ueanu-e Drawbrldxe, Olympln, Walh.
° Steam G f'‘ t.
Plumblng a 35- 1t mg
31m @lyn‘mia Efihunc.
Io o ,
: Is marking down the pricesjof all his goods to cost, and if you wmt a
l suitable present for a small amount of money, you can find one than in
l Watches, Clocks, Jewelry and Sllverware
l Sacrificing my profit is not s matter of choice with me, but I sm com
i polled to raise some money to pay debts. and have decided to make any
,‘ yourselves and be convinced that THIS IS NO BEAM.
1 ‘ ‘ ”—w‘
Men's Ladies' and Children's l
Commencing Wednesday, December ;
7. 1892, at 10 am , I will sell regardless ,
of cost, by order of! lthel Emortgagee. the
entire new stock of Shoesiand Rubbers
. contained in Russell’s EShoe Storelfl‘o '
419 Main St. 3
o—-- X—- ———o
GEO - .A. .- MO'I'TMAN
Agent of Mortgagee.
......AtYour Own D00r,......
. This is what comes to you in the hand bills that litter your doorstep! and
plaster your porch, but when you have gathered it up and consumed it, you get
mighty little light and heat.
When we say it will gay you tocoxne and see our goods and get our prices.
r We Will charge you a 113 t profit nnd give you a warm reception.
Please accept this as I. personal invitation and accept it at sight. We will
be ”we“ “’ “m“ WE ‘fl‘l‘vnfi ‘éiu’l‘r’tlr‘fi‘fl‘qi’ {s’6s°&’Z§'¥‘
Or will want some defend it will pay you to come Ind fiet it now. Please
do not keegvyourself welt ng. Come early, come often; oome prepared to be
pleased. e disappomt no one who is looking for honest goods at the lowest
J. N. SQU I RES, Prop. Califorma Grocery.
Is‘jAnything but the Best GOO 0. Enough for You ?
Accurate Legal:Printing,
Blank Book Making. Ruling and_Binding
Quickly Done.
Hodgman’s are the Best.
Make and sell more than :11 other factories in the United States combined. MOBI er
feet lit. Every garment guaranteed.
} Anna—o3B Puma Avenue, Tuomu, Wash. ‘
i "Special attention given to mail orders. ‘
____________________ .
1 F. C. DEM IN G
Will Give 5 per cent of all cash sales to the LADIES' RE
LIEF SOCIETY to help the poor of the city.
! All persons making purchases of groceries at either of
his Olympia stores will contribute to this fund.
Sale commences December 19th, Ending December 24th.
That is the Watchword of Presr
‘ dent Carnot.
I“! to be Spued In use Prosecu
t‘ue- a! the Pan-Ina (Jan-l car
impetus—All Purl. Imagine: an
Ole-eneenn and de Bounde-
Pnrs, December 21.—A conference of
the mini-try thla morning resulted in or
ken for more arrests in conncetion with
the Panama canal scandal. It is believed i
Fisuquet will be advised to resign the prea- ‘
idency ol’ the chamber of deputies in view
of his revelations of yeeterday as to the
Piname canal canal corruption. There is
apanleky feeling on the Bourse. Routes
in fallen from 98 francs to 79% centimes
U 7 98 trance to 77}; centimee.
Everybody _in Paris is laughing at the
duel of Clemenceau and de Roulede. Be
hr. they went out to the bloodless field
they made out their wills. gave out locks
of their hair and bedean affectionate adieu
to their weeping friends.
At a cabinet council it was resolved that
the government acquieee in the lull debate
on Millevoyes interpolation regarding the
alleged nee of money advanced by the Pan
ama eompany in the service of the govern
ment. The cabinet was fully aware the
‘ motion was aimed at the administration if
not the republic es Millevoye is an ardent
boulangist, but Presidentpernot has given
the flat that no one be spared against
whom there is evidence of guilt and that
the government welcome the most search
ing investigation. at the same time the gov
ernment hepee to make the interpolation
a boomerang by showing up the plot of the
Boulsngistl against the republic and
stain, ; n _
Mutton hsve reached a stege that the
government is Examined toerrest certain
oonspiretors. rieux is regerded es the
mensger of e plot against the republic end
the first blow will be struck at him. When
wunedhe would be srrested. Andrieux
said: “I heve nothing to four. 111 em
errested it will beta save Fiouquet from
disgrece end punishment. The lgovern
ment is seeking clues to prove t eexis
tence of e Boulengist end royelist plot, and
desires to mske out I urn impliceted in it.
It seems to me the reel plot is eilogeiher of
snother chersoter. I have taken precau
tions. it Igoto s dungeon the public will
know the motive or my errest. The pre
eentions Andrieux have teken, it is ssid.
isto deposit with trust worthyperties in
London, duplicates of all documentary
evidence he hes collected sgsiust promi
nent regublieens. This. however. will not
eii'eett 0 action of the government. The
government is greatly encouraged bi the
emphatic vote of confidence in the c am
ber of deputies. A local gaper seys the
government hes proof of s oullngist con
spinscy to effect a resolution involving the
some plotters es in 1888. It is leerned even
more vigorous measures will be tsken now
than in 1888. The government victory
s¥reed consternation among the enemies
o the republic.
Wreck .1 a Train.
Cowuno Seamus, December 24.——The
Sent: Fe passenger treln wee wrecked near
Hunted. 15 miles north of_ here, eerly this
morning, going 40 miles an hour. when
the express baggage end day care left the
track end piunged down In embankment
50 feet. caught fire and burned up. Neuly
ell in the ey conch were hurt. but elmout
miraculously all except two escaped with
their lives. Two boys, Bert and Willie
Von Noon, reeelved letal injuries. The
most of those hurt are from Denver.
finang the injured is 8. Semuele, of Salt
A Ten-IM. am“: In len.
Pmunnmu, December 24.-——The Brit
ish steamship Ameer, from Ceileerlen,
dropped anchor off Gloucester lest night.
Her outward epperuence foretold the
thrillln experience she had with the ele
ment; lgecernber 19. When on the south
ern edge of the gulf stream. the ship bed e
hen-ow eseefie from destruction by e weter
spout. whic fortunately passed eheft her
stern not meny yards from the ship, ener
e hotrece with the engines wide open.
The lune evening she ran into e storm.
The sees were furious. swept the decks
end sterted the seams. Everybody on
board wee more or less injured. The ves
sel wee nearly foundered.
(looked the Clptll-u
en Funcxsco. December 24,—Advices
come ofs. bloody event in the South less.
A Keneke crew of the French vessel Con
stantine, recruiting in the New Hebrides,
murdered the ceptsin and mete, looted the
vessel. turned her adrift end it went on e
reef end wee totally wrecked. M. Pes
nsninmwner of the vessel, was shot, also
Ceptein Merle, whose corpse was cooked
{or 3 (cost. Four Kenclus who sttempted
to rescue the captain were mueecred.
While e veeeel named Three Cheers wee at
Fued lelend, Captain Staldio attempted to
arrest the chief who murdered Trader Coe,
the chief's eon chat the captain deed. The
murderer was eiterwerd captured and shot.
A Ito-l American Hold-Is).
Weuew, December 24.—Robbers stopped
I well filled trein on the railroad, forty
‘ miles northwest of here. laet night, and
‘ went thmtzsh it in regular Americsn style.
l'l‘hei pos gusrds with drown revolvers
At t e doors, while the reet of the hen
dits went through the cue, compelling
peeeengers to give up money end ’ewelry.
even mended women's wedding iewelry.
They met no resistance and secured 30.000
roubles’ worth of plunder, master it cub.
On leaving, the robbers took the trainmen’s
wetchee and disappeared in the derknees.
10-ecrnnl In Bed Again.
Cameo, December 24.——GEneral W. S.
Rosecrans, who was recently critically ill
It Wubington and earned for California
aa soon as able to trevel, in company with
his deufhter and eon-ln-law Governor
Toole 0 Montana. bed a relepee before
reaching here and is now very ill at. the
Andito um hotel in this city. Only et
tendante were admitted to the room. Gov
ernor Toole says he la aufl'erlng from ner
vous proltratlon.
.Ilck Dempsey Wlll Fight.
Pox-mun. December 21.-4 n fan later
vlew today Jeck Dempny, ex-chsmplon
middleweight of pngililte said: “There in
no mm: in the regorf. um I have refused
to meet Llßlnne e or Raddy (kllngher.
0n the conturr. if In, mponulble club
after: reuomb e inducementl I will re-en
ter the ring."
Death 0! I. ulllllonnlre.
Sm Funcrsco, December 24.—Jamee
Pbelnn, millionnire, one of the best. known
Culifornln pioneers, who cune here during
31:9 goia excitement of 1849, died yester
“new to Care All SKI- linen-en.”
Simply apply “Sweyne'a Ointment." No
linternel medicine required. Cures tether,
coun)... itch. ell eruptions on the face,
‘bnnde, noee.eto.. leaving the Ikin clur
whit» end hulthy. It. greet healing end
ear-nun powers Info-sealed of no other
remedy. Ask your ruggiet {or Swnyne'l
Ointment. '
The court in Dublin delivered a decision
which unseatnd Michel Davitt on the
ground that he was elected to Earliament
y undue influence of the priest ood.
At Havre a general strike of deck labor
ers has taken place. It is believed the
ehlppinglcompanies will be able to get new
men to ii the etrikera’ places.
Cholera is increasing in the province of
Publin, in Russian Poland adjoining; the
frontier. Many people are again eeing
from the scourge. Numberl escape the
vlifiilenee of the sentinel: and reach Ana»
t n and Galaoian territory. ,
Commodore Wm. Folger resigned Maw
sition aechlel'of the naval ordnance de
partment on account of ill health. The
preeidentaocepte the relignation with au‘
expresion of earnest regret.
Montague Williams, the well-known bar
rister, in dead in England.
Snow Covers the Country, but It
15 Melting.
'l‘lse Sun-non In the Sound Couns
uy, Along the celumble. Blver
sud In the VIcInII' Portland.
The Tnl-a.
Special to the Tribune: 1
TAcoxA. Decembef 24.-—Ail steamboete
have been withdrawn from the Upper Co~
lumble river, which is Blld to be full of
ice. Snow fell :11 of yesterday in Elstern
iWeehington end then turned to rein. A
I“Chinook" wind developed, blowing over
the Pecific Northwest u for ea Montana.
in Portland the eitultion this morning on (
the railroads is practically unchanged. No
further fall of snow is reported. Northern
Pacific and Southern Pacific trains are er
riving and departing with but slight delay,
There is a temporary blockade on the
Union Pacific between Hood river end The
Dulles, where the snow iesodrlfted end
crusted that it ieimpoasibie for train: to
force their way through. Ofliciais are
straining every nerve to open the med.
Rotary snow plow: Ind large gangs of
men are et work clearing the track. it is
expected that the road will he opened by
evening. No attempt is being made to
move freight trims.
This forenoon it is warm. Rain set in
and snow 15 feet disappearing. Street oer
tnfiic in the business portion of Portland
II {lll3 restored. At noon 3 report wn re
oeiv from Gienoooe, n Imei lubnrb of
Portland. tint A frame horn had ooiinfpsed
under the weight of Inow on the we end
that two men presumabi tramps. who
ikxeltliéieken shelter in the gem, bed been
i .
Are There nested..- In Alaska?
The Strickeen Indians positively assert
that within the last flvejyearsjhey have
frequently seen animals which, from the
descriptions given, must be nlutodons.
Last spring, while out hunting, one 0!
these Indians came across a ser es of lerge
tracks. each the size of the bottom of a
salt barrel. sunk deaf in the moss. He fol
lowed the curious rail {or some miles,
finally coming out in full view of the game.
As a class these Indiana are the bravest of
hunters, but the lprogortions of this new
species of game til ed 1m with terror, and
he took to swift and immediate flifiht. He
describes the creature as being as rge as a
Post trader's store with great, shining yel
owlsh white tuslrs an a mouth larlge
enough to swallow a men at a single gu p.
He further says that the animal was un
doubtedly of the same species as those
whose bones and tasks lie all over that sec
tion of the countri.
The fact that at er hunters have told of
seeing these monsters browsing on the
herbs us: along the river gives a certain
firehabi ity to the story. Over on Forty
ile creek bones of mastodone are quite
plentiful. One ivor¥ tusk nine feet -long
projects from oneo the sand dunes on
that creek, and single teeth have been
found that were so large that they would
be a good load for one man to oarr{. I be
lieve that the mule-footed hog stil exists;
also that live meetodons play tag with the
aurora every night over on orty Mlle
creek in Alaska.-—J uneau Free Press.
Awlul Cold Walther.
New You, December 24,—Inoomlng vee
lelu ere heavily coated with toe and report
the weather very cold Ind bed. The ther
mometer mun 9 ebove zero here and I
fighting wind makes it seem very much
co . -
Ilalno II loner.
Wuumarox, D. 0., Docembor u.—
Blnine routed comfortably lost night and is
better this morning. He in now getting
along so comforubly that his physicinn
Dr. Johnson think: there is no longer uny
occuion for himself 3nd Dr. Wynn to
make only morning visiu. The members
of the fnmily no out todny doing Christmas
Ihopping. All executivodeponmonu were
closed at noon nnd will no‘ be open again
until Tuesdny morning.
Anal. I‘ll-t
Will give one of her world-renowned lect
ure: ln Olympia. It Uulty auditorium.
Wedneadoy evonmg. December 28. No one
cen afford to mlu hearing thll dletlnv
finished women. General odlnlulon, $1;
olden of course tickets. 50 oonta. Boom
mu “IE; Tickets on nlo et ell ch. book
notes. 1 sheet open at Sun's for re
served seats Tuesday morning.
Splendid Turkeve.
Fine large turkey'e, the beat ln‘the mer
ket, geeee. ducks. venleon. fresh celery end ‘
everything the! le vented to auto e first
clue Christmel dinner cen be lound et‘
Giles' Fermen’ market, eornerof Fifth end
Main. Goeee hie splendid euortment of
geme. v 2t '
Cheap Beta.
For cheepeet rem to St. Peni, Mllvgen
toe, Kennel City, China) end ell pom"
Beet end South epfily J. C. Percival
ezent Union Peelfio .R. nun
Don't fell «1 take edven eof our greet
out price clothing sele. C 0 Clothing
and Shoe Company, F. C. rown men
eger. 56-0.! .
Highest of all in Lcavcning Power—Latest U. s. Gov't Report.
R W Powder
' Numerous Improvement Assess
‘ ments Before the Donnell.
. The' Question 0! Protecting the
Blunts 0! Individual Property
Owners linseed—lnequalities In
. the Assessment Claimed.
A problem confronts the Olympic city
council end en attempt wee mode to
hold e meeting at 10 o'clock this
morning to see what could be done
ebout solving it. All the trouble revolves
shout the inequality of the street grsde
essessmente. Numerous protests heve
brought to light the important feet es
elleged by those who ought to know, thet
the discrimimtion exercised in tiling the
smount of the essessment was not tine
enough to suit the tex peyers. Mettere
heve reeched such e climax thst something
must he done to satisfy property owners
who feel thst they have been damaged by
the elehorete system of public improve
ments projected by the city.
The meeting failed this morning heceuse
one more member was needed to mekee
fiuorum. Councilmen Frisch. Abbott, Mc
retney end Meyor O'Brien were in et
‘tendence. Councilmen Sickeie wee
obliged to go to the depot to meet some
friends, en thus broke up the oomblne
tion. At 11 o’clock. after an hour's weery
waiting, the councilman present egreed to
meet et 10 o’clock Tuesday morning for the
purpose of disposing of the street grsde es
memo run: MUHlt‘.
The ettempt to hold a meeting Thuredey
night wee e failure. Yesterday morning
there wese short session but no esssult
wee made upon the pondemus pile ofstreet
esseesment rolls. At 6:30 Inst nightenoth
er etteméit wss made to dispose of this bug
beer. en it wee partially successful. Bus
iness hegen with Councilmen Mcßretney
in the cheirend Councilmen Frisch. Phipps
Sickels. City Attorney Linn, Mershei
Sevidge end Clerk Cellow in ettendenee.
The eseessment roll for grading the reed
weys of Meple perk. smounting to 3602.31
wes teken up end reed in conjunction with
eprolest from R. L. Robertson, Willlem
Ogle,A. D. Rogers, 0. It. Simeuson, l.
Loan-bur? end B. U. Westermen, who
asked the the conlirnietiou of this eases
ment hedeferred until the completion of
the work. The protest was grented.
Assusments were confirmed ss follows:
ending Fremont from Chestnut street
to 650 feet welt of Chestnut street. 1240
feet, $43,298.
Gndinf Eighth Itreet from Jeiferson to
Centrsl, 790 t'eet $6,267.25.
Grsdmg Wuhington street from Union
to Fifteenth 2636 feet, $1,828.22.
Grsdingo jsukeon avenue from Ro‘gers
”gang; Sherman avenue. 1200 est,
Gnveiinfegf Union street from Msin to
Adams, 1, .72 feet, SSOO.
nous! rsou KB. VAN lrrs.
T. 0. Vsn Epps presented s remons—
trsnoe spinst the conflrmstlon of the u
sessment for finding Mills street from
Stnndish to Went Fourth. He olsimed thnt
it was s greet dumsge to his progeny, snd
ii red out thst the city owed im fully
$& {or dsmcfiea caused by the cut.
The protest iled by Mr. Van Epps raised
s bifi question. It wss that something
ehou d be done to protect the rights of in.
dividunls m the mutter of Assessments for
street improvements. It wss quite pisin
thst the merit of the claim in question
could not be determined except by a per
sonslinsnootion. Mni’hipps moved thst the
council." scommitweo the whole, inspect
Mills street for the purpose of srriving ct
some inteillient conclusion. Ind after some
discussion t emotion was ndopted. The
question of postmning considerstion of
the ssseument rs wss raised mxtlng
in s recess being tsken until this mo ing.
Werrente were ordered drawn for the
following eocounte.
8. H. Weiedeppe, emellpox ceee. . . . .8 1 40
John Byrne.emeilpox ce5e.......... iOS
Tulripina Menvtlleamelipox one, ... 4 w
I. erril asone, emelipox ceee. . 10 21
Mornlng Olympien, edvertielng,. . . .. 27 30
C. B. Menn, n1erchend1ec.......,.... 540
T0te1....‘........,..,............819 82
The reeolution oflered by City Clerk Cel
iow et the morning eeeeion wel reported
beck by City Attorney Linn, who eteted
that he saw no objection to its edoption.
lucklll'e Anne. “He.
The beet eeive in the world {or Cute,
Brmeee Sores, Uloere, Belt Rheum. Fever
Sores. 'l‘omr, Uhefped Reade, Ohilbleine.
Oome, end eiiSk n Eruptions, end poei
thely curee Pilee, or no pey required. it
legoerenteed to eSlvele'perfect eetletection,
or money refund . rierficente per box.
For eele by Acme drug Itore, Kerr .9; Ron,
Meyer-Elect Boil-eon.
We ere sled to use J udge Robinson
elected meyor of Olympia. He ie en ebie
men end the worst thing one cen eey
ebout him in thet he weere good clothee
and ren e newepeper once. Theee two
‘feete do not often occur in apogee—Gen
treiie Chronicle.
A Little (ill-De Experlence he I.
Mr. end Mrs. Loren Treecott ere keepers
oi’ the Gov. Lighthouse et Bend Beech,
lich., end ere bieeeed with e delight“ {our
yeere old. lut Afr“ ehe wee on down
with Meeelee. fol owed with e dreedful
Cough end turning into e Fever. Doctore
et home end et Detroit treetod her, but in
vein, ehe mw woree regiodiymntil ehe wee
e mere ‘ ndlni of nee."—Then Ihe
tried Dr. King's New Discovery end efter
the use of two end e belt bottles. wee com-
Bietely cured. They eey Dr. King’e New
ieoovery ie worth rte weight in gold, yet
{{on mey get e triei bottle free at Kerr 5:
cu, Acme Drngewre.
“Where hue you been, doctor 7”
“Curing hum."
"Rally 2" Why don't you buy them
slrudy cured 7"
"You misunderstand me, I fun. I’ve
been pmrlbinfitor u couple 0 actors.”—
Omohl World- enld.
Snbucrlbou to Tn: OLYIPKA TIIBUII
will please not my the delivery boyl under
my circumaunoon for the pnpor. '

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