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Oak Cravat Boxes, Latest in Filligree Work, ! Oak Handkerchief Boxes, V
Prang’s Art Goods. \, A Leather Collar Boxes.
Christmas Cards. )‘E’Ej’ Elegantly Bounds,
Juvenile Books. a Booklets.
Ladies' Pocketbooks. Q; Gent's Letter Cases.
MusicLßolls. commannm I Bibles.
cnnisnuls nnunnmxurs.
Owing to the inclemency of the weather.
christmas plans have been altered some- ‘
what by the difl'ereut Sunday schools. ‘
A christmas tree will be given at the
Christian church tonight, together with ex
ercises in keeping wit the occasion.
The “Masque of the Year." by the Uni
tu'ian Sunday school will not be given un
til New Year a eve.
On account of the bad weather there will
be no midnight mass at the Catholic
church. -
The Temple Baptist church will give
their entertainment tonight. ‘
Presents. candy and nuts will be distrib‘
uted among the students of the Congreg
tlonal Bun ay school tomorrow after e
close of the school. The entertainment has
been indefinitely postponed.
The Baptist entertainment will occur
Monthly u an.
The roe i kindergarten entertainment
will occur Monday afternoon. and the
Episcopal exercises will take place Monday
The Christmas entertainment of the M.
E. Sunday school, announced to take place
at Golum la hall tonight, has been post.
poned. Another date will be announced
at Sunday school tomorrow.
t I
ro srnNn nu nounns.
J. E. Clark and wife. of Seattle, formerly
of Olympia.' will spend the holidays with
Mr. and Mrs. M. Darling of this city. Mrs.
Clark is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
i I G
ron nu nonrmvs.
A lively delegation of teachers and stu
dents from Vashou college arrived on the
steamer Mnltnomsh to spend the holidqs
at their respective homes. 0n the way up
the merrymakers reproduced in rehearsal
style one of their college grograms much
tothe entertainment of t ose on board.
Christmas songs, speeches. recitations.
fokelore stories. interstpersed with other
drolleriee, broughtrouu soi‘ applause from
half a hundred passengers. T e following
comprises a list of the festive retainers:
Pro essors Venen and Crandsll. Miss Kittie
Langridge and Fred Sylvester South Bay;
Ann e Brown. Kamiichie; Misses Annie,
Rohena and Maggie Wellaee, Ray Esterlé.
G. H. and 'Warner Karsner, Tumwater; .
R. Balley,‘U. S. Dohle, Bert Daniels Hugh
Thornley. Herbert Coville. F. Q. F’reeber
senfihe ton; William Nunn,Bouth Union;
. H. Young, Little Rock; E. R. Brewer
Satsop. After stepping upon the whsri'
they rallied their forces. cleared their
throats and gave three cheers and a tiger
{or the institution they represented. Vash
on college begkins its next term January 2,
1893. an wor will becontinueu till com
mencement day, June 15.
§ 0 I
run: Win. a: soxnrnmc new.
The Temple Baptist Sunday school en
tertainment will take place at the church
tonight. It will be something out of the
ordinary order of exercises. An entirely
new an original plan has been lormed for
the distribution of Christmagdpresente. A
cordial invitation is extend to the gen
eral public. _ _ u
An eastern pnper says: “Whatever
. Mrs. Besent’s beliefs msy be, wom
en should remember with gratitude
the great work she is doing for the help
less of her sex in England. She has intro
duced great reforms on school boards es
tablished kindergartens snd assisted in
making the industrial schools of London
the useful institutions they have now be
come. Children who commit petty of
fenses are, through her influence. now sent
to the industriel schools and huiht use
ful trades. instead of being con nod in
risons. She has greatly mix-ted the
horrible "sweating system" u against
poor firls, and has org-nixed club after
club 0 working girls, and enabled them to
abolish {out wronfs. For these and may
grand and nobe deeds unmention ,
women, above sll. should give her appreci
ation, good wishes and encouragement."
I § I
A noon BY In. LAXONT.
Rev. T. J. Lamont. pastor of the Presby
terian church, has just published a treatise
on ”The Joy of Salvation.” it is a neatly
printed little volume of 128 pages, bound
in boards, and is from the press of the
Monitor Publishing company, Rockford,
111. Mr. Lamont enters into an intelligent
discussion of the most interestinglphases
of vital Christianity well worthy t e espe
ical attention of professing Christians. It
is for sale at Starr s.
i 4! D
consanr or ownns.
At the morning session of the council
yesterday City Engineer Lemon presented
acommunication setting forth the neces
sity of crossing private property in the
construction 0 the sewer system. He
specified Pratber's orchard in Swan's addi
tion as a. particular instant”. He set forth
that the necessity for crossing private prop
erty had arisen from the ungraded con i
tion of the streets about the propels? in
(Elation. The {and had been cross by
t a voluntary consent of the owners.
its. nor-man’s norm.
George A. Mottman has protested to the
council against the proposed construction
of a sidewalk in front of lots 1 and 2, block
9. Swan's addition, on the ground that the
grading of the street has not been com
I 1 4!
ro roncs COLLECTION.
The city attorney has been directed by a‘
resolution of the council to immediately 1
perfect the lieu of the city for delinquent
and unpaid taxes for the year 1891.
i I G
LAW sci-r rxntnrnrn.
R. F. Whitham has notified the city
council that if the sidewalk in front of his
property is lowered in accordance with an
order of that body there is liable to be a
law suit against the city.
‘ I I I
Olympia Lodge No. 1, A. i“. and A. 11.
and Harmony Lodge of the same order,
will install officers jointly on the night
of December 27th.
i .. I a
mu mms’r s'rur. anus.
Marshal Savidge captured four tramps
last night who were planning to steal the
apples of some unknown person. The
marshal shipped them out of town on tie
passes this morning.
I § §
PUBLIC nrrsovsnau-rs.
_ Improvements will soon be made as fol
lows: Washington street by laying side
walks and gutters along the east side of the
street from Fourth street to Third street.
Tullis street by construction of sidewalk
and (fitter upon the wut side of the same
from earth street to Second street; alley ‘
In block 74. b‘opihng. capping and plan:-
lng these-u m Fourth street to the es ,
ter of the bloelr. running south.
A men mean.
A well known lady in Olympia who
heard Mrs. Annie Beunt in Washington.
D. 0., some yesrs e , says she wu pur
ticulsrly impressedßo with the grece Ind
charm of Mrs. Beennt’s msnner. Her herd
fought betties for huinsn rights. thoueh
bringing her much hitter an violent or
position have not soured her ohmcter n
the lent, a high roof of the inherent
soundness and excellence oi her more] and
spiritual nature.
i O I
cannon snvrcu.
The usual services will occur at the dif
ferent churches tomorrow except, per
theps, thet the sermons will line a flsvor of
1 Christmas about them.
APPOINTID to an: Humour.
An order has been mede by file tide innd
commission appointing E. C. Runyon. of
Clstsop. Columbia county. Oregon. es a
representative of the commission to teke
testimony in the contest over oertein lends
in Columbis river known es the Miller
sends. .
I i
' orncm sue-m).
Officers elected lest Wednesday night in
Alphe encompment No. 1, I. 0. 0. F. yore:
Joseph Oheim, C. I’.; Robert Merr. H. P.;
0. B. Friech, S. W.- C. M. Moore. scribe;
S. U. Stringer. J. W’.; N. 8. Porter. trees
urer; N. . Porter, Robert Men. 0. B.
Frisch. trustees.
I . i
‘ nu caAv'ucqmm.
The Christmas exercises of the Olympic
:Cheutouqus circle have been indefinitely
l postponed on leoount of the wenther. The
circle will meet Kondey evening, Decem
ber 26th. It the residence at A. J. Gillie.
110 Tenth ntreet, and carry out the pro
gram for that evening.
0 G I
nneuson’e nus.
Prof. James Ferguson of this city, who
was recently appointed stenognpher {or
the Pullman Agricultural college. is the
only men in town who does not rellsh the
reception tendered the new preeident end
one of the regents by the studente. He
does not like the prospect of running the
gauntlet of rotten egfil and wow hells
when he goes to Pu men to Begin his
duties as a teacher of ahorthnnd.
_ee e ‘
ro PURCIASI coun! Borne.
J. G. Csmpbell, representing Fuson,
Leach dz 00., of Chicago snd New York.
was in the city todsy conferring with the
state land commission relative to the pro
posed purchsse by the state sixty-five ‘
thousand dollers’ worth of Yskims county
bonds voted at the int election. The‘
state hse about SIOO,OOO in the mud arising ‘
from the sale of school lends that can be
invested in bonds whenever opportunity to
do so lrises.
'I G I
no minim: xenon.
There willbe no paper issued from T 3:
Tnnwm: omce on Mondsy.
G D {
ATTENTION. suz Knee-rel
Asylum of Olympia Commendery, Knights
Templsr, No. 7. .
Ommrn. Week“ December 24 1892.
Attention, Sir Knights! A special eon
-clave of Olympia Commendery, Knights
Templar, No. 7, willbe held at the hey um
Mondsy. December 26. 1892, It 11:80
o’clock s.m. Specisl Christmas services.
By order of eminent oommsnder.
A. B. Corvus, Recorder.
h C O
Monday {morning Mrs. L. 0. Abbott. of
the Eastside, received the sad intelligence
by telegraph that her mother, Mn, Har
mon, of Goldwater, Mich., who had been a
paralytic for sevenl years. had Infl'ered
another stroke that threatened her life
and Tuesday morning Mrs. Abbott re
ceived news that her mother was dead.
She will not be able to attend the funeral.
Mrs. Hermon was over seventy years of
.86. I I I
convssnos .roe'rroxnn.
The Sunday school convention arranged
for Tuesday and Wednesday of next week
has been postponed indefinitely on account
of sickness among some of the active work
ers. Other dates will be arranged in the
near future.
it I- 0
IF you an: ruzzum.
If you are puzzled about what to buy
for Christmas presents go and see the fine
line of oyster shell spoons just received by
F. W. Carlyon. It
i I C
noun non IAIOXB.
At a regular meeting of Olympia chapter
No. 7, R. A. M., last evening, the following
ofiicers were elected for the ensuing year:
Robt.Merrr;M. E H. P. ;C. [Leavenworth
king; John P. Tweed. scribe; N. 8. Porter.
treasurer; A. B. Cowles, secretary; T. H.
Cavanaugh, C. of IL; James B. Pattiaon,
B. 8.: M. E. Reed. R. A. C.
runes urn-non.
Don’t forget the cake and coffee social at
the Salvation Army barracks tonight.
R. G. O'Brien has filed a grotest against
the assessment on Washing n street.
A girl was born to Mr. and Mrs, Paul
Uarstensen. of the Eastside. during the re
cent snow storm.
State and county oflicials will observe
Monday as a legal holiday.
The train from Tacoma was over two
hours late today.
A marriage license was franwd today to
Chas. A. Giblin. oi Gate 0 ty, and Mary F.
Paton, Rochester. 1
The editor of Tm: Tatum: aokuowled ‘
the receipt ofa flne box of cigars from 5?.
cob L. Brown & Sons, who edit the tan
sorial and bathing parlors and cigar and
tobacco repository adjoining the oflce of
Tax Tarsuss.
Mrs. A. Daily, 01' the state'secretarv’s of
fice, will spend the holidays in Port Town
Horace A. Percival shot another seal
today. ~
Nagoleon Hoailand’s morning subject at
the nltarian c urch tomorrow will be
"The Divine Incarnation.”
Elmer Shields left today for Centralla.
where he will spend the ho idays.
'Dr. Riley attempted to have sport with
some sma 1 boys yesterday, and was pelted
with snowballs.
Mr. and Mrs. George S. Hopkins left to
day for Oakviile, w ere they will spend
Ed. Melton is confined to his bed with
Clark Savidf, who has been ill for the
past week, is a is to be out again.
Miss Mamie Coviniton. ohorister of the
M. E. church, was ta en sick today.
Charles Leighton, Arthur Weston and
Ollie Shaw were initiated into Tacoma
Lodge No. 4of Good Templars last night.
Professor )1. G. Royal, who has been
sufl'erin from is for the t two
weeks, {as resumes;l :1? regular dupti.e.s.
Professor L. P. Venen is home for the
Walter Ogden is said to be a whole fire
brigade by imself. 7
Mr. and Mrs. Littlejohn. of Tacoma, will
spend the hoiidags wrth Mrs. Eider, of the
Eastside. Mrs. lder is Mrs. Littiejohn's
Notlce o! 111-solution.
Notice is hereby given that the co-part
nersbip of the Crisman-Ssrgent company
has this day been dissolved by mutual con
sent, 'l‘. A. Crlsman retiring. The busi
ness will be continued st the old stand and
all outstanding bills due the firm wiil be
collected by the undersigned and all claims
against said firfn will be peid by
Our 1. Ssmur,
J. AL. Mnelsuca.
Olympia, Wuh., December 24, 1892.
Strength and Health.
If you are not feeling strong and healthy,
. try Electric Bitters. 11' “La Grippe" has
lis t you week and weary, use Electric Bit
ters. This remedy sets directly on Liver.
Stomach and Kidnegst gently siding those
organs to perform t eu- functions. If you
are aiflicted with Sick Headeche. you will
find speedily and permsnentrelief by taking
Electric itters. One trial will convince
£0“ that this is the remedwu need.
otties only 500 at Man a , Acme
Candles, Ca’dlee, (En-Clea!
The finest line of French candies in
Olympia cen be found at 113, Fourth street.
lam makirif a specialty of candy for the
holiday tra e. C.E. Luca-ran, 113 Fourth ‘
street. d2-tf ‘
Archibald Adams,
Real Estate, Insurance and loans.
I 419 lain Street.
' __—__—_——__—_—fl_.
l ———o—
It is our earnest desire to impress upon
the minds of thgnbiic the superioritéaoi
the service oife by the Wisconsin n
tral Lines toMiiwaukee, Chicago and all
Points East and South. Two sst trains
cave St. Paul, Minneapolis and Duluth
daily, equipped with Pullman Vestibuled
Drawing Room Sleepers. Dining Cars end
Coaches of the latest design. ts Dining
Car Service is unsurpassed. which accounts,
to a great dwevgree, {or the popularity of this
line. The reconsin CentralLianin con
nection with Northern Pacific R. ~is the
only line from Pacific Coastxfoints over
wh ch both Pullman Vestibul , lint-class.
and Pullman Tourist Cars are operated via
St. Paul without change to Chicago.
Pamphlets giving valuable in ormation
can be obtained free upon ajppiicstion to
our nearest ticket agent. or as. 0. Penn.
general Passenger and Ticket Agent, Chl
cago, lii.
f .
{l .
l Previous to moving into our new store. This will be a bone fiide clearing out of our
; . entire stock
5 Every article and every yard of goods will be offered at such a price as will insure an im
,’ mense sale and consequent reduction of our immense stock. It is our desire and intent to put
I before you in our new store a complete new stock of every description of goods, so all our
1 stock, old and new, inexpensive and costly, domestic and imported,
I - l
You have had sales and low prices before, but examination will convince you that now is “
your opportunity to buy at the very lowest prices ever olfered in this city. This is all we need
to say. Oome and see for yourself, and our prices will not disappoint you. ’
Our Sale WI" Commence on Saturday, December 3‘
Our Beautiful Stock 0 fHoliday Goods will be
ready for display about December Ist.
We have the presents you want at the prices
you like.
An unequalled‘assortment and variety, to suit all
tastes. m Toys, Books and Novelties.
Fancy Goo s, Notions, Etc.
It is impossible to tell all we have, You must
see our display to appreciate the multitude of ap
propriate presents we offer for one and all,
We have provided for all tastes, but make a
special appeal to those who seek something useful
and our prices make these goods irresistable,
Your Opportunity.
We are not given to boasting, but we do say
that never before in the history of this city has
there been such an opportunity to purchase holiday
gifts at prices which are nothing when compared
with those of the years preceding.
We have a new, clean, carefully selected stock.
and have made prices which we know will suit the
- times and appeal to your pocketbook.
Our line of dolls this year cannot be excelled, a
variety unequalled by any competitors. Everything
in the line of artificial babies to be had at our store,
We are making Cups and Saucers one of our
leaders this year. They are a nice gift. which is
both useful as well as ornamental.
Albums? Why! Well come and see for your
self. We know that you will not go away empty
handed if you are after something in that line,
It would be utterly impossible for us to enumer
ate all the nice things we have in this space or, in
the whole paper for that matter, but we do earnest
ly request that you call and carefully examine our
stock before making any purchases, We know that
you will make money by doing so.
We are glad to welcome visitors, pleased to
show our goods and ready to make close prices to
all. Come and learn that it pays to trade at
I he F (111‘
NO6. 613, 616111111 616 Union Block.
e 1 IF YOU FHIh [e
o o
To l{ead and Take Advantage of
MENT VOll Will Rue it as
Long as vou Live.
Hundreds of town lots have been purchased for speculation,
far from the busy haunts of men, that are lying there in all the
pristine beauty of tangled wildwood, waiting, waiting, waiting,
like Micawber,[for something to turn up, or for Olympia to
grow out to them. That Olympia is growing and will still
continue to grow, no one'willjattempt to deny, but taxes and
the interest on the money invested come around about as reg
ular as the biennial office seeker, and when your outside prop
erty is producing no revenue you have to go down in your
pockets to make up the deficiency. You have to pay a “tariff
for revenue,” as it were. But if you had a pieceof property
that was paying you a revenue, that you could purchase for a
small payment each month, that was increasing in value and,
revenue each month, you would simply be paying a “tarifl‘ for
protection.” Protecting your own property, protecting your
revenue to come from that property, protecting your family
from want, protecting yourself for the future.
Now this is not a political thesis, for the election of 1892,
with its joys and sorrows, its triumphs and defeats, is a thing
of the past, and the people are now turning their attention to
the question as to how they can best improve their condition,
and live easy and happy in the pursuit of life, liberty and the
acquisition of wealth. Therefore, this appeal is [not addressed
to the prejudices or passions of men, but to that most sensitive
part of man’s makeup—the pocket-book.
The speculative fever has run its course, and people now
seek to invest in such property as will pay a good income on
the amount invested. Realizing this I have matured a plan to
meet this demand, and propose to give the citizens of Thurs
ton county the first opportunity to take advantage of a propo
sition that is positively and absolutely a safe and reliable in
come paying investment leaving out the speculative question
I have purchased that MAGNIFICENT TRACT
Konrad Schneider and wife. I cannot afford to hold 230 acres
oflland adjoining the city limits, nor do I wish to see it lying
there unimproved. Therefore I have got to sell about one hun
dred acres, besides giving away considerable for certain enter
pcises that will enhance its value. But every foot of this 100
acres has got to be improved, and be made productive prop
erty. Times are hard and many who would like to own prop
erty in this grand location can barely raise money enough to
buy the land, to say nothing of improving it; so, in order to ob
viate this difficulty, I have arranged a plan whereby the
poorest man or woman can purchase and pay for the land and
improvements on easy terms. I therefore make the following
On Thursday, December 15, 1892, at 10 o’clock a.m., I will
offer for sale at the office of The Olympia Real Estate, and
& Insurance Agency, about 100 lots, each lot containing one full
acre, at S4OO each, payable: SIO.OO cash, and SIO.OO per
month for 39 consecutive months, without interest. I will also
guarantee to each purchaser to clear, plough, fence, plant about
ninety-five fruit trees, and cultivate the same for three years
at my own expehse, each acre-lot purchased 1l i
For the first five days these acre lots will only be ofl‘ered to
residents of Thurston county. If the lots are not all sold by
that time, outsiders can have a ehance at the very few that will
be left. Not more than five lots will be sold to any one pur
chaser. Prices subject to raise after December 15th.
You will rue it if you fail to take advantage of this golden
opportunity. These orchands in five or six years will pay from
$200.00 to $700.00 per lot. Any man who has an orchard with
a good variety of fruit will tell you that these tracts will pro
duce that amount. Some trees here in Olympia this ygar pro
duced from sl6 to S2O per tree and were not cultivate 1?“ er.
Besides this, there is a good prospect of the Westside lectric
railway being built to Butler 3 Cove next year; in which case
you put up a house on your lot, and ride to the corner of Main
and Fourth streets in ten minutes for five 'cents. If that road
is built those acre lots will be worth SIOOO each, inside of
eighteen months, but you would not sell for that, because you
know that your land will say you from S2OO to $706 08?; an
num six years hence, an you could not invest 81 in a
better proposition than that.
Plats of this addition will be ready December Ist, and com
mencing December Bth, conveyances will leave this office every
omorning at 9 o‘clock, carrying persons who desire to purchase
to and from the addltion. free of charge.
I will give away eligible sites for mills, or factories, ed
ucational institutions, etc. ,
This is by far the best and safest investment ever offered in
any country or clime. It is better than life insurance because
pita ys quicker :returns, cannot fail, and do not have to wait
until you die to be benefitted. ‘
Let every man or woman who:desires to better his or her
condition purchase one of these lots.
Real Estate,lLoan & Insurance Agency

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