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EAST AUBURN, N. V.. Dec. 31.—An
authoritative announcement in regard
id the wedding of Elbert Hubbard,
head of the Roycrofters, and Miss Alice
Moore, is unobtainable here, but the
impression prevails that the marriage
an'ill be quietly celebrated tomorrow ;is
previously intimated by Mr. Hubbard.
Since the divorce granted to Mrs. Hub
bard, in the trial of which Miss Moore
figured as co-respondent, Mr.. Hub
bard and Miss Moore have been to
gether constantly and that their mar-
>m to
at an
. ifege is scheduled for an early date,
W ' nd probably for t; morrow, is regarded
W a certainty.
The To«£«><M*y.
t sci-
When looking over your un-
derwear you may rim across
some garments that are " passe."
If so it will nay you to take a
glance at our window ana rook
over the bargains we are offer-
ing in all lines.
We were so late in opening for
business that v i; . did not get an
opitortumty t" unload as much
underwear as we should, heme
at C. A.!
the tab- our windows are telling,
tyles ml
\ —
at the
;ery Co.
A New Years' Toast
Our Store will be closed all day
Friday, Jan. ist.
Yours till next year,
h»;i-105-107-109 Main " 6 and 8 South Third st.
Walla "W^ssii.-
W\ To get that wheel repaired and thoroughly overhauled, ready
v, irly spring riding while bad weather is on. We take con
. able pride in theclass of work that is turned out of our repair
partment. But why should'nt we 5 Only experienced and
i] tent mechanics are employed and our equipment is high
- lor high class work.
mm ~ m r Phone Main 264.
Meyer & Keeney No . 27 . r, 3i „ s, reet .
j Your Family Cannot Afford
without our White Pine Balsam, it is a cure for Coughs
and Colds 25c and 50c a bottle.
The Hockett Drug Co.
Vasb. State Library.
Elbert Hubbard to Wed.
To Walla Walla the Fair, and Her Country Cousins
May you be Happy as Hooligan for the next
three hundred and sixty-five days and then sonic.
Motter=Wheeler Co.
No. S £!ast Main.
Two Engineers and a Fireman Killed
Outright—The Wreck Takes
GBNEVA, ".. Dec. 31. —The Lake
Shore limited, a double header run
wing 60 miles an hour, ran into an open
switch west of the city this morning.
Engineers Spring and Macintosh and
Fireman Kelpin were killed outright.
A number of passengers were injured.
three seriously. The wreck caught
Bad Year for Cotton Mills.
BOSTON, Mass.. Dec. 31. -The year
ending today lias been an unsatisfac
tory one for tie- cotton mills of New
England, as is shown by reports from
New Bedword, Low.-11, Fall River and
other countries of the milling industry.
There have been a number of contrib
uting causes for the disaster, but over
and above all others the conditions that
have ruled in the cotton market for the
past twelve months naturally take
precedence. The dividends [paid by the
different mills during the year afford
the best evidence of existing condi
tions. The dividends of the Pall River
mills for the year averaged 5.06 per
in LSO2. The same comparison holds
good as regard* Lowell, Providence.
New Bedford and the other large cot
ton mill centres of .\ew England.
Jchn Benson Acjr.in Indicted.
WASHINGTON. Dec. 31.—An addi
son, the wealthy real estate dealer of
ran Kranhsco, who is charged by the
head of the alleged land frauds in a
dozen . states and territories has been
let nine,) |.y the grand jury here.
The List of Dead Reaches Nearly Six Hundred-Several Hundredllnjured-A
Coroner's Jury Is Investigating the Responsibility for the Catastrophe-
Children in Galleries Perished Like Rats in a Trap-
Asbestos Curtain at fault.
CHICAGO, DEC. 31. —AT 9 THIS jury's unpleasant task will probably
MORNING THE POLICE COMPILED occupy until midnight by which time
A LIST OF THE BODIES RECOVER- the last victims will probably have been
ED AT THE IROQUOIS HOLO- seen, soon as this is done the hear-
CAUST. THEY 591 WITH ing of evidence will be begun. The in-
A PROSPECT OF FINDING OTHER J vestigatton will be complete.
BODIES IN THE DEBRIS. THE Witnesses will be required to say
CORONER STILL BELIEVES THAT why the doors of the children's galler-
THE TOTAL WILL REACH 700. AS ies were not left open so every means
THE EASEMENT. UPPER DRESS- of exit could be used and also why the
ING ROOMS. THE STAGE AND asbestos curtain failed to work and
PART THE UPPER GALLERIES whether or not all building laws were
HAVE NOT BEEN THOROUGHLY complied with. All information now
SEARCHED. AT THE CITY HALL j shows thai had the asbestos curtain
WHERE A LIST CF VICTIMS AND j worked the loss of life would have
pi ED ARE BEING COMPILED. MEN. i The city today has an air of profound
WOMEN AND CHLDREN THRONG fflo The death list is so great that
THE CORRIDORS. THE DEATH hundred, of thousands number either
LIST IS BEING ADDED TO BY HOS- relatives. friends or acquaintances
PiTAL REPORTS WHERE THE IN- among the victims. Business in many
JURED WERE TAKEN. THE PO- lines is practically suspended. The
LICE BELIEVE AT LEAST 250 WERE Board of Trade closed at noon out of
INJURED. PUMPS ARE WORKING respect Lo th« disaster after the morn-
ON THE BASEMENT WHICH iS ing's apathetic trading.
FLOODED. AT EVERY STEP IN From morgue to morgue weeping
THE BUILDING THE POL'CE FIND ones hurry in quest of missing, or
DIAMONDS, JEWELS AN 0 FURS.! emerge from channel houses bearing
NO ON E IS PERMITTED TO ENTER j evidence that their search is ended and
THE BUILDING WITHOUT A SPE-jthat their worst fears are realised.
CIAL PERMIT FROM THE CHIEF The mayor's office is buried in tele-
OF POLICE AND ACCOMPANIEDj grams of injury and from all cities of
3Y A SPECIAL GUARD. fAmerica and Burope come messages of
WORTH OF WRAPS AND JEWELS Equal almost to the heartrending
HAVE BEEN HAUL ED TO POLICE scenes at the morgues is that at the
HEADQUARTERS. ' j police custodian s room w here anxious
The rear and side walls of the stagelones are going over heaps of garments
are In danger of falling. Architects to- and trinkets left behind in the mad
day warned the firemen that the rear rush to escape from the burning the
of the building might collapse at anyiater. Little children's clothing soiled
moment and crush to death all in that | and torn, sealskins of value, slippers
portion. and skirts torn from struggling women
William Dee, a wealthy contractor and portions of waists complete the
whose two children. Edward, aged 8, tragic evidence of that last kerrtDle
Louise, aged 3. and their nurse are rush. rive bushel baskets are tilled
missfng, chartered a special train from with purses, gloves handkerchiefs and
Mecca. Indiana. Today he found the'jewelry. Two barrels are required to
nurse and Louise. The latter was hold the overshoes and shoes alone.
picked up crying in the streets in front
of the theater. The nurse is badly in
jured and is in a hospital. The hoy is
A Revised Statement.
1 p. m. —Still confronted by chaos-
that will take days to straighten the
police and the coroner's office at noon
today after twenty hours of continu
ous toil admitted their inability to com-
sued at that hour cuts the number
probably 100 are fa-tally hurt.
ious morgues and hospitals up to noon
vary, the lowest being r><".4 and the
highest 576
Coroner Traeger impanelled a jury
early this morning and conducted them
into the numerous morgues where each
body was viewed separately. Several
times the men were compelled t<> cease
dren affected them most. Two of the
jurors were unable to go farther than
the first morgue, where they were ex-
cased and other men substituted. The
King of Abyssinia Will Make an Ex-
hihit at St. Louis —Sends
Lions to Roosevelt.
I.oNDoX. Dec. 31.—Advices from
Abyssinia state that the American ex
pedition under Skinner which has been
visiting King Menelik has been highly
successful. It has arranged a treaty
between the Americans and the Ethi
opians assuring friendly and commer
cial relations. Menelik has .also accept
ed an invitation to attend the St Louis
exposition. Menelik is going to send
two hens, and a pair of elephant tusks
| All night long and yet today crowds
; till the streets around the scene of the
[catastrophe giving way to traffic and
pedestrians only through active efforts
of the police.
The Iroquois stands t<> outward gaze
intact with all its glamour of new con
struction, iis marble eqlumns and
sculpture figures of tragedy and com
edy were not even blackened by the
i tiamable was left.
Frozen into two feet of ice which
formed near the Iroquois the police to-
tion of a thigh. It is believed that sh<
either picked up or ground i-> pieces
j beneath the dead trucks. Searchers
I this afternoon are continually finding
fragments of chaired bodies within the
theater. The ice hacked wall has
buckled out towering far above the
j stage ruins. Giant props alone pre-
Ivenl a fall which must come if the
wind sweeps strong.
is a present to President Roosevelt.
Ie offered to decorate each member
>f the party.
War Cioucfs Lifting.
PARIS. Dec. 31. —A dispatch from
St Petersburg says that Russia's re
ply to Japan will be delivered Jan
uary 13th. It is intimated, that it will
he conciliatory in its terms. ,
ROME. Dec. 31.—The Japanese min
ister went to Genoa this morning to in
spect the two Argentine cruisers pur
chased by Japan. The guns have not
yet been mounted but the ships could
be made ready for active service with
in a short time:
Engineers Go on Strike.
CHICAGO, Dec. 31. —An engineers'
strike is on at the Masonic temple and
the Schiller building. The engineers
struck at 2:30 and probably 150 other
buildings will be without heat by
Chief O'Neill resented the suggestion
of persons demanding the arrest of the
owners of the theater and refused to
comply. He said that if he believed
any of the syndicate owning the theater
intended to leave the city he would ar
rest them as they are required to at
tend the coroner's inquest. The play
house was the pride of the syndicate,
and the calamity will doubtless have a
depressing effeel on theaterical .pro
ductions under its control. The mana
gers of. the Powers and the Illinois
!closed their houses i ;t st night and are
undecided when they w ill reopen. The
[syndicate owning the Iroquois will hold
[a meeting to discuss the advisability
of closing the house until the horror
■is effaced from the public mind.
Mayor Harrison'this afternoon is
sued a proclamation suspending all
New Year's festivities tomorrow, which
will be a day of mourning. Saturday
pended until funeral services are over.
In order to end the death march ol
sorrow which is being made by hun
dreds from morgue to morgue. Chief
O'Neill has requested the coroner to
Coliseum, turning this huge structure
into one great morgue. Tins will prob
ably l»e done. Tile police dope to have
half the dead identified by night.. Of
the other half many will never be
known they are so charred and dis
Identification this afternoon was very
t low. full 99 per cent of the uniden
tified are girls ranging from t) to 17
years" old. There are few men am!
hoys among them, and probably not
more than a score of women past the
age of 20.
There was a .pathetic identification
today when Dr. Alexander, who had
searched among the dead all night,
recognized the headless trunk of his
eight-year-ob? son by a watch'given
him for Christmas.
E. Frady, provident of the St. Louis
Piano company, identified five out of
a theater party of six given by his
wife, all at different morgues and all
relatives. The sixth oW still missing,
is ins sister.
London Offers Condolence.
LONDON, Do.-. 31.—The lord mayor
today sent to - Ambassador Choate the
following: "The citizens of London
offer their deepest sympathy and sin
tin'' fire in Chicago."
Roosevelt Exorcise? Sympathy.
CHICAGO Dee. 31. -Mayor Harrison
this morning received the follow lap
from President Roosevelt: "In . -in
land i extend through you to the | pie
of Chicago my deepest sympathy in
the catastrophe which has befallen
Condolence From Czar.
WASHINGTON*, Dec. 81.—Count
Cassini tailed at the state department
this afternoon and presented the per
sonal condolences of the czar over the
Chicago lire.
Cashier of the Bank of Staten Island
Shoots Himseif —Cause Is a
NEW YORK. Dec. 31.—Otto Ahl
mann, a reputed millionaire and for 18
years cashier of the Bank of Staten
Island at Stapleton, suicided today by
shooting. He was practically the. sole
owner of the bank. The cause of, his
act is a mystery. The bank has closed
its doors pending an investigation.
Chicago Wheat Market.
CHICAGO. Dec. 31.—Wheat opened
at 34»»; closed the same.
The United States Will Protest ta
Denmark Against Sale to Any
Other Power.
WASHINGTON, Dec. 31. -Informa
tion ha? been received at the state de
partment that Germany has been ne
gotiating quietly to buy the island of
St. Thomas in tin- West Indies from
Denmark. The state department has
directed its agents .it St. Thomas and
at Copenhagen to investigate and if
tin- reporl proxes true, it will immedi
ately notify Denmark that tie- United
States w.m't permil the sale <»f th«
island n. any power other than the
United State--. The government takes
the position that as treaty for the pur
chase was agreed upon between Den
nark and this country the Tinted
Slates has the Brsl right and that the
sale to any other power would be a
violation of the Monroe doctrine.
Tenderloin Lights to Shine Again
NEW YORK, Dec. 31.—Unusual ac
tivity in the Tenderloin region served
as a reminder to those who strolled
that way today that a change in thf>
administration of dealer New York
was at hand. Notorious resorts that
have l n closed during the Low ad
ministration have been refurnished
ami redecorated and otherwise prepar
ed tor a grand opening. Wh n Trinity
chines ring in the New Year tonight
and also the.hr:a day of the adminis
tration ol Mayor M Clellan and his
Tammany associates there will be cel
ebrations and festivities in the» region
about Twenty-ninth street and Broad
way which promise to pat ail past
performances in the shade.
The Haymarket, it is said, will
sbii..- again hi all its glory and tin
•Tivoii. Berlin and other reports b* a
similar character that have been dark
hi- at least subdued for months nasi
will throw wide open their doors.-Host
interesting "f all the reports current
today is one to the effect that there
..ill if a re-opening of the Emolre, in
West Twenty-ninth street. This place
has been closed ever since a waiter
named Tobin murdered Captain r*nift
(here and hid his body in the cellar af
ter beheading it and casting the head
into the furnace. It is said the resort A
will be 1 pened under the manage- /
meat oi" James Gilmore, an ex-convict, f
Whatever the ■ •*h may prove to
be in regard tn the* rumors, the im
pression is general in the ierloiu
that there will i>e no police interference
vith the proposed gayety. one old
Tenderloiner. v. !;<> has be, a through
previous reform eras, voiced the gene
ra! sentiment today when he said:
"The last election meant that the peo
of Xevv York wanted ' times
a.al it' the- <m\ ity or
the officii to va >• _H. If the
■>• -a ;•■ ■ '"■ h- ye
The San Dor ryo Mixup.
WASHINGTON, Dec. HI. -A dispatch
from Minister Powell dated yesterday
states thai two sailing vessels from
Curacao bound for Azura loaded with
inns aad ammunition for the Insurg
ents have been captured by the pro-
visional Dominican government The
latter assuming the offensive was suc
cessful at Queren. Prisoners are be
am s.-et t<? San Domingo city.
Stone River Veterans Meet.
SHEL.BTVIL.US, Ind., Dec. 31. - Stir- '
.Ivors of the battle of Stone's Itiver
(Tdnn.) mcl here today to revive mem
ories ai d swap stories of the famous
conflict, which was fought forty-one
years ago today. The occasion of the
gathering is the fourth annual reunion
of the association composed of the vet
erans who took part in the encage*
ment A two flays' program has been
arranged. A majority of the six hun
dred members of the association are
present and several noted speakers will
\>o heard at the annual campfire to
Close of Teachers' Meeting.
SPRINGFIELD. 11l- Dec. 31.—Th*
most successful meeting in the fifty
years' history of that Illinois State
Teachers' association came to a close
today with an interesting program of
papers .addresses and discussions.
The final session of the general asso
ciation was held this forenoon. The
general topic of discussion was the
question, 'Should Education Follow
the Lines of Lease Resistance." Sev
eral papers dealing with this subject
were presented by leading educators
and a generaf discussion followed. The
various sections of the association
their concluding sessions this after

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