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lOr.I Or. Price's
Baking Powder
r , pV cr in leavening strength,
Spoonful raises more dough,
price Baking Powder Co.
petsonal Mention
Ihe 1 itv from Prescott.
of Wa itsburg Is in the
the hotel man. is in the
~ ~ Hlack of Milton is visit-
I | s . ,tss of Waitsburg is reg
,. < ;. ~f Pomeroy is register
• y Haubei went to Waitsburg
. .. 11, ;• hens ol Waitsburg was
' Valla Walla yesterday.
• 13 11, },- . , look a short run to
f.. 1 ; .; today on business.
j « T [vLmiy of Wallula is in the
); . v ~ 1 shoi! business trip.
I T \].!-" c was a passenger on last
.., . : .Mi his home at Dayton.
vj Sf Stella Dean left yesterday for
she x, ill probably spend
, j; p. : |,ci ger arriv ed in the city
, em Pa louse on the <». B.
I X. trail yester lay afternoon.
Dr. <■■ 1. • \i. L Penrose went to
Pasco v night to meet his sister,
gig, \ ... I'ei rose, who was return
... p, arose children and their
Delano beach, where they
■ k-eral weeks past.
■ ' • . il. chairman of the
' 1 rom Ins home at
(I - ait. nd the session of the
Dr. X 11 i 1 1 left on the <». X- &
V Ighl for Portland to at
;oi the 1 Mien River exe
itee. n hich w ill be held
1 H .1 Hoadley, pastor of the
8 lisi mrch at Sunnyside, Wash_
: rofessor of English Ut-
VV'illamette university.
! - the city shaking hands
> Ifelter of Lock Haven, Pa..
'' ! " • the city for several days.
VV. P. Burns company
? ' - - • il in placing the little iron
the Union Savings
* : 1; • • "utler, treasurer of the W.
10 was operated on sometime
li> itis, is Improving rap-
M ~ now able to be about and
; " '•' ■ ive in a day or two for
• Sound before resuming
f o<«' ial duties.
'■ x Shaw left last night to at
' > 'ouncil of the United
"'' ■ I ndependent < »rder of
" '■•>■ held next week at St.
He • xp.-cts -to be gone
ks, visiting the fair at
-" ; -- ■ his way back.
C!t - >•■ can Split in Utah.
' - Sept. - Prominent
pally bolters of the re
ri kit. today decided to
- Mormon party along
old liberal party.
' dollars was subscrib
' ! •hi by the Senator
PfW-j Hash for the family
chl >ppcd in two min
fm utes.
V >J Ch opi fyerything
.y else with like rapidity
$4 *f that -Uniuertmt" 1$
W&\ m tht "laehlni ¥ ou buy.
I vksJii Thtre are
9% jWfw-v interior imitations.
y§| Davis-Kaser
Blalock Company Spent $3500 Last
Week for Labor —Year's Busi
ness Is Big.
The fruit and commission business of
Walla Walla valley is just at its
height, according t<> local commission
nun and shippers and the year's busi
ness gives promise of comparing fa
vorably or even exceeding last year**
business. To one net intimately ac
quainted with the fruit industry <if tiie j
Walla Walla valley, the number of cars j
of all varieties of fruits and produce
being shipped daily to all points of the
United States and Canada and the
number of people given employment
•seem almost astonishing.
Perhaps the busiest places in the
valley just at present are at the Bla- 1
lock Fruit company's farm west of the j
city and tlie packing houses of the
Walla Walla Produce company on Kast
.Main street and at Milton, where over
pio people are finding employment in
caring for tlie fruit and produce being
shipped by these companies. At the
Blalock company's farm Manager Mc-
Arthur yesterday stated that 250 peo
ple are employed at present and that
the pay roll last week footed up over
$3500. Manager McArthur gave out
some interesting statistics regarding
tiie operating and handling of his
company's business. The company has!
already shipped 90 cars of iced fruits,
which will be followed by 100 more
before the season closes.
fifty cars of apples alone harvested
from the company's big farm will also
tte shipped t.iis season. To handle this
Immense amount of fruit and produce
the company will use (15,000 worth of
box lumber an.) over a carload of nails
worth $1700. The company has aj
standing order for a carload of lumber
a day with tlie Washington Box factory
on the Sound. As side expenses and
only one of hundreds the company's
telephone bill last month was I
while th. telegraph bill amounted to
At the Walla Walla Produce com- !
pany's two packing houses nearly 2##]
people are given employment ami the
company will average from four to
five carloads of all kin Is of fruits and
produce during the live shipping
months. Tin- company is shipping from
two to three cars id' prunes a day in
addition to other fruits from its Main
street and Milton house, which has
done an immense business this season.
All bills against Labor Day commit
tee should be presented to the under
signed by 5:80 o'clock Thursday eve
ning, September si.
EN< »S It. PA I.MLR. Secy.
License Granted to James Windus to
Run One Across Snake River.
The county commissioners today
granted James A. Windus a license to
run a ferry across Snake river, for the
next five years. The ferry crosses the
river about five miles from Walker.
Mr. Windus intends to put a cable ferry
in operation at once in time to handle
the fall grain which is raised in Frank
lin county just across the river. A
county road will be put through this
fall to connect with the ferry.
Alto and Starbuck District Money Pro
ducers This Year.
M. G. Parr, formerly of Walla Walla,
is in the city from the Alto wheat dis
trict, where he is interested in farm
ing a big tract of land with his two
sons. Mr. Part stated this morning
that they have in 600 acres of summer
fallow and expect to secure enough
land this fall to crop two sections next
"Both the Alto and Starbuck district
surprised wheat men this season in
I the large crops that were harvested,"
Mr. Parr said this morning. "Spring
and fall wheat both produced well,
running from 25 to 55 bushels an acre.
At the present price farmers have
; made big money this year and sev
! eral have sold off enough wheat to
! liquidate the original price of the land
i after deducting operating expenses."
Don't forget to come and see
the Shirtwaist Sets, Belt Pins,
Chatelaines, etc., that are hand
painted by the Claremore studio.
The Golden Rule Department Store
The Famous 20th Century Boys' and Youths' Suits
The new idea embodied in our stock of Fail Clothing for boys shown for the first time
last Saturday morning will be both attractive and suggestive to every mother who has
soon to grapple with the problem ol her boy s wardrobe. Fall styles are here in abund
ance and we'd like to have you make THE GOLDEN RULE your starting point in your
search after knowledge. For then it wili surely be your terminal station. Some ol the
Fall things are as follows:
Xo. 5853 —Youth's Importedall wool fancy worsted suit; coats made Xo. 1717 - Hoy's Polo suit of brown serge, Norfolk style; bell with
With padded shoulder and haircloth stiff front; hand sewed button gun metal buckle; trimmed with silk braid and three silk frogs: sizes
h<des u:d all wool surge lining; high cut 6-button vest; trousers are 3to years $5.73
1" - top with flaps on hip pockets; sizes 16 to 2" years 514.00 Xo. 1772 • Boy's Russian blou c suit, of brown serge, with black silk
\-,, sSlß—Youth's all wool Scotch tweed 3-button double breasted 4-in-hand tie; trimmed with smoaked pearl buttons and bla. k an i
suit; coats made with padded shoulders and haircloth stiff frant: white silk ornament on sleeve; sizes 3to 6 years $5.73 I
hand sewed button holes ana all wool serge lining; high cat 6-button Xo. 1773—Boy's Baton blouse of red serge, with Mack silk 4-in-hand
vest: trousers are peg top; sizes 16 to 20 years 512.00 th-: trimmed with black silk braid, black silk ornament on sleeve; sizes
Xo. 5752—Youth's ail wool blue serge double breasted suit; coats | :: to 6 years $5.73
made with padded shoulders and haircloth stiff front; haul sewed I Xo. 1753—Boy's Buster Brow.; suit of brown serge, with black silk
button holes, ami all wool serge lining: high cut 6-button vest: trousers 4-in-hand tie and regular Buste • Brown white linen collar: patent
are peg lop; sizes f.". to 20 years $11.00 leather belt and silver buckle; trimmed with black silk frogs; knicker-
Xo. 5727—Youth's ail wool Scotch tweed single breated sack suit: bocker pants $6.98
coat made with padded shoulders and haircloth stiff front: half mili- X<>. 177—Boy's Buster Brown suit of brown serge, with black silk
tary back: sizes 15 to 20 years $8.75 loop-the-loop tie, and regular Buster Brown white linen collar; patent
leather be 11 and silver buckle; pearl buttons on sleeves; regular pants
No. 56<o —Youths all wool home spun single breasted sack suit: coat —
made with padded shoulders and handoth stiff front; sizes 15 '' Y^-Boy's' Buster Brown" 3-p'iece'suit of blue' serge with Wack
y ears «p<.oo s jlk Windsor tie and white linen collar; four small white pearl buttons
Xo. 5661 —Youth's all wool 3-button sack suit; coat made with pad- on each side of coat: dark grey fancy vest, with two lower pockets;
iled shoulders and military back: sizes 14 to is years $5.73 knickerbocker pants $6.48
, ,» , Xo. 1772—Boy's double breaste 1 Eaton blouse of brown serge with
Xo. afi.jb—louths all wool 3-button sack suit; coat has padded ,1 , . . ■ , •*». ~ ~ . ~,
" ' . black silk 4-m-hand tie; trimmed with one small black and white star
shoulders and half military back: sizes 12 to 18 years SK4- ftS . . . • , . . , „„ . - „„„.
on piich side (>f collar, four smoaked pearl buttons on each side of coat
Xo. 4753—Youth's all wool 3-piece long pant suit: sizes 10 to 20 and two small buttons on each sleeve and one top pocket in coat
years $3.73 $5.73
.„,. „ _ , , „ T . „ . . . A lot of Boys' Xorfolk suits of mixed cashmeres, trimmed with eight
Xo. 1,44 —Boys Polo suit of red serge. Norfolk style: belt with gun , . , , . , . , . • M „„ fc ~. • ,
.... . . ... , , , . . . „ " gold buttons down front of coat and two on each sleeve, black braid
metal buckle: trimmed with smoaked pear buttons; sizes 3to *> years „ , , . ... . . _„v.„„, „. ...
1 aB ; _„ around collar; regular pants: just the thing for it cheap school suit.
$5.7«£ f, izes 4to 7 years $1.98
No. 1733—Boy's Polo suit of blue serge, Xorfolk style; belt with sil- A lot of Scotch tweeds, homespuns, worsteds, serges and cheviots
ver buckle; ♦rimmed with silver buttons: sizes 3 to 6 years •••$5.73 that make good school suits; sizes 6 to 14 years.sl.so tfl $4.95
No. 1747 —Boy's Polo suit of brown serge. Xorfolk style: belt with A lot of boys' and youths' odd pants in plain and mixed goods:
gold buckle; trimmed with gold buttons; sizes 3 to 6 years •••-$5.73 sizes 4 to 16 years 33£ to $1.23
The New Fall Dress New Tailor Made Suits
f\ % Ladies' suits of dark blue Ladies suits of brown manish
fy S granite cloth: military style; mixture: military style: jacket
jacket trimmed in military brad trimmed in velvet piping and
and strapping; taffeta lined: fancy buttons; velvet lapels and
Brown mixed Venition suitngs, Zibellines In blues, blacks and skirt eleven gore $25.00 satin lined: skirt nine goar. trim
-52 inches wide at «1 fiO yd browns; 52 inches wide, at... Ladies' suits of dark blue medio velvet piping $15.00
'' ° ' $1.25 >' tL granite cloth; military style: Ladies suits of manish mlx
jacket trimmed in braid and per- tares: norfolk style: Jacket trim-
Brown Nub Panue with a silk Fancy Mohair in blacks, dark sian braid trimming; taffet lined; mcd in buttons; skirt nine goal
nub and smooth finish: 52 inches blue and greens; 38 inches wide, skirt eleven gore, pleate pleated $12.00
wide at $1 50 yd. at $20.00 * large and choice selection of
w Ladies' suits of plain brown separate skirts in Herring-bone
Pin check suitings in black granite cloth; norfolk tyle; satin cheviots, manish mixture, vene-
Blue Nub Voile. 4." inches wide and wnite an< j D j ue and white: lined; skirt nine gore pleated tiaus and meltons, from
at $1.25 yd. 38 inches wide, at ... 60£ >'d $16.50 $3.98 «• $8.50
School Shoes For Boys' and Girls
Bring your boy and girl to our shoe department and let us fit them out with a pair of good serviceable shoes. Our salespeople are exper
ienced in fitting growing feet—an art in itself, for a proper fit is the most vital importance.
No. 396—Boys' Vici Kid shoes; extra heavy sole: well sewed: suit- Xo. 1834—Misses' Vici Kid; patent tip: heavy sole; sizes 12 tn 2:
able for dress or school wear; sizes 2to 5%; per pair $2.25 per pair $1.25 I
No. 340—Boys' extra heavy calfskin shoes: heavy sole: well sewed; _ _ ~...„., . . ... i itr v,t
sizes 2 to 5%: per pair $2.00 Xo ' 29,525—Children's fine French Vici Km; patent tip. light sole.
x . on . _„. „. . ... , . . - sizes Bto 12%; per pair $2.00
Xo. 30o —Boys vici Kid: light upper and sole; sizes 2 to 5%: per
pair $1.65 No. 29,521—Children's Vici Kid: patent tip; light sole; sizes 8 to
No. 850 —Misses' fine Vici Kid: patent tip; suitable for dress or 12%; per pair $1.50
• school wear; sizes 12 to 2; per pair 52.25 „ , , . -iok,- nor -nair
Xo. 558—Children's Box Calf; heavy sole; sizes 8 to 12%, per pair
No. 854—Misses' fine Vici Kid: patent tip; sizes 12 to 2; per pair $1.35 1
No. 840-Misses' Box Calf; heavy sole; sizes 12 to 2; per pair No. 842-Children's Box Calf: heavy sole; sizes S to 12%; per pair
$1.50 * I,ww
C. E. DIMMITT, Proprietor

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