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Tom Lawson Again Discon
certed the Brokers Today
Leading Railroad Securities Were
Also Much Disturbed by Boston
Financier's Statement.
NEW YORK, Dec. 12.—Thomas W.
Lawson put out another characteris
tic advertisement this morning and as
,i result the stock market again went
to pieces. Amalgamated copper fell
nearly six points and then recovered
part of the loss. Steel, Sugar, Read
ing, Union Pacific and St. Paul were
prominent in the break which was
heard all over Wall street. More than
HOOO shares were handled at this
morning's session and the market still
was feverish at noon.
PORTLAND, Ore., Dec. 12— Attor
ney O'Day for the defendants in the
land fraud cases this afternoon is ar
guing before the court that Marie
Ware. S. A. D. Puter, Emma Watson
and Horace McKinley cannot be tried
in the case now pending, as it covers
the same grounds for which they were
recently convicted, thus placing them
iv jeopardy twice for the same crime.
This would leave but one defendant,
Guy Muff, according to the attorney's
•intention, that is amenable to trial.
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The trial begins tomorrow unless the
court accepts Attorney O'Day's plea.
Less Than One Hundred Members At
tend Session of the House.
WASHINGTON. D. C, Dec. 12.—
The house committee on judiciary to
day unnimously reported in favor of
the impeachment of Judge Swayne of
The house devoted the day to con
consideration of private pension bills.
Less than 100 members were present.
In the senate this afternoon the pure
food bill was laid aside, and the Phil
ippines franchise bill was tken up.
Senator Newlands made a speech fav
oring government ownership of all
railroads in the Philippines.
Investigating Bribery Charges.
CHICAGO, 111., Dec. 12.—Mrs. H. W.
Butler, wife of Alderman Butler, today
before the council committee investi
gated the bribery charge made by But
ler in connection with the Northwest
ern elevated extension. She said that
she was approached and sounded as to
her husband's attitude toward the or
dinance. The committee will report
to the council tonight.
Murder at Los Angeles.
LOS ANGELES, Cal., Dec. 12.—John
M. Clure, aged 60, in dispute over a
25-cent halter killed J. Shea and L
Psodicosff, an employe of a l'very
stable owned by Shea. When the fore
man grabbed Clure a desperate con
flict ensued. Shea was stabbed 10
times with a dirk. The murderer gave
himself up to a policeman.
Western Union Loses Suit.
WASHINGTON, D. C, Dec. 12.—The
United States supreme court today de
cided aginst the Western Union in its
case against the Pennsylvania rail
road for tearing down its poles and
wires along its right of way upon the
termination of its contract in 1902.
Another Arbitration Treaty.
WASHINGTON, D. C, Dec. 12.—
Secretary of State Hy and Ambassa
dor Durand this morning formally
signed an arbitration treaty between
Belgium and the United States.
The Town Is Now Suffering Heavily From Shells-Many Buildings and the Arsenal
Set on Fire-Russian Reserve Troops Fight Against Being Sent to the
Far East-Forced Aboard Trains By Regulars With Bayonets.
TOKIO, Dec. 12.—The following re
port was received today from the com
mander of the Japanese naval land
battery: "Four Russian battleships,
two cruisers, one gunboat, and one tor
pedo storeship are lying in Port Ar
thur harbor completely d'sabled. There
is no further necessity of bombarding
the Russian naval forces. We are now
engaged shelling the town of Port Ar
thur, which is being heavily damged."
Bombardment Did Much Damage.
LONDON, Dec. 12.—Baron Hayashi
reports that the bombardments of Port
Arthur did considerable damage to the
wireless station on Golden Hill but set
the arsenal on fire.
Russians Forced to Golfo War.
ST. PETERSBURG. Dec. 12.—The
departure of reversists for the war
from Saratoff today was the occasion
of serious rioting and the reversists re
fused to enter the cars but were forced
to do so by regulars, who then at
tacked the surrounding rioters, killing
two and wounding 248.
The trouble began yesterday when
the socialists started an anti-govern
ment demonstration In Nevsky pros
pect, the principal boulevard of St.
Room Was Filled, Ninety Per Gent Being Women-Several
Important Witnesses Were Heard Today.
WASHTXHTOX. D. C, Dec. 12.—
The hearing began this morning be
fore the senate committee of privileges
and elections. Smoot was on hand and
appeared exceedingly cheerful. The
five members of the committee, Bur
rows, Pettus, Overman. Foraker and
Dubois were present. The room was
tilled. 90 per cent being women. Dr.
K. M. Buckley, Methodist, editor of
the New York Christian Advocate, ws
the first witness. He told of his visit
to Utah 25 years ago. He saw Brig
ham Young and heard sermon on
Mormonism by Austin Pratt. He also
interviewed George Smith, one of the
directors of the church and was con
sidered a possible convert. He went
agin in 1891 and again last June and
attended service at the tabernacle both
The witness said that he made accu
rte reports for his paper inclnding
the speeches made at the joint young
men's and young women's association,
which he attended last June. The wit
ness read from the files of the Advo
The witness said that President
Smith spoke on the responsibilities
Kees' Friends Are Active—Cadman Is
Said to Be Slated for Job.
The announcement in the Evening
Statesman of Saturday that Governor
elect Mead was coming to
Walla Walla, has had the effect
of causing considerable speculation
among local republican politicians.
They look upon Mead's visit to Walla
Walla as one of much importance,
and that in addition to inspecting the
penitentiary, he may decide the war
denship question while in the city.
The friends of A. F. Kees, who is a
candidate for the place, are preparing
for Mead's visit and will be on hand
to advance reasons why the Walla
Petersburg. Both sides participated.
Red flags were waved. A hundred po
licemen charged the crowd full gallop.
Fifty persons were injured. There
were many arrests.
St. Petersburg Chief Assaulted.
ST. PETERSBURG. Dec. 12—An at.
tempt to assassinate Colonel Kislja
kowski. chief of police, was made to
day. He was struck on the back of
the head with a heavy iron stick and
is now in a serious condition. His
assailant escped.
Anto-War Feeling at St. Petersburg.
ST. PETERSBURG. Dec. 12—There
were anti-war demonstrations in the
streets of the capital today. Serious
trouble is feared.
Russin Hospital Ship at Cpe Town.
CAPE COLONY. Dec. 12.—The Rus
sian hospital ship "Orel" arrived here
today. Two large Russian warships
passed Cape Point this morning.
Russian Cruisers at Crete.
12. —The Russian cruisers "Oleguj,"
"Dneichr." and the torpedo boat de
stroyer "Grozeny" arrived here this
of marriage. He said the mothers of
his own children had been given him
by God and were saints of God. Smith
was quoted by the witness as saying
that he could not give up any of his
wives, that it meant eternal damnation
to abandon multiple wives. The wit
ness sair he made inquiries concern
ing Smoot and found be sustained an
excellent character.
George Reynolds, a Mormon of Salt
Lake, testified that he formerly kept
the dead persons in endowment house.
He said marriages were performed
with dead persons in the endowment
house, and that the church granted
divorces from legal marriages until
the courts acted. Plural marriages
are not recognized by courts and
therefore the church does not consult
the court in such cases.
More Subpoenas Issued.
SALT LAKE. Dec. 12.—United
States Marshl Heywood served six
more subpoenas today on witnesses in
the Smoot case including the county
clerk of Wevier county, who was or
dered to bring the marrige records to
Walla man should receive favorable
consideration from the governor-elect.
A story comes from the sound that
Mead is not yet ready to make any
announcements, but will endeavor to
hold up all appointments as long as
possible. It is claimed that he finds
himself in a very embarrassing posi
tion regarding appointments to the
various fat berths in the numerous
state institutions, and that while he
will endeavor to satisfy all factions of
the republican party in this regard
he may experience trouble. The Wil
son crowd of Seattle are still persist
ent in their demand that they be given
the power to distribute the patronage.
This fact alone has been the cause
of a renewed effort on the part of
Kees' friends to force the governor
to settle the wardenship appointment
when he comes to Walla Walla. It
is a well known fact that the friends
of Kees are not in the Wilson band
wagon and that they will not be found
supporting the Seattle newspaper man
for United States senator when the
battle opens up in Olympia next
month. They hope to show to Mead
that he owes something to Walla Walla
and that in payment of the debt the
wardenship should go to Kees.
According to the way the cards are
stacked it looks as if the desire of Kees
to become warden carries with it the
aspirations of another republican, wno
has for mny years drawn a salary as
a county official. It is now claimed
that if Kees should secure the peni
tentiary plum, his office of deputy rev
enue collector under Collector of Cus
toms Crocker is to go to Walter L.
Cadman. at present deputy assessor of
Walla Walla county. Cadman stands
well with the Crocker crowd and bas
been one of the leaders of that fac
tion of the republican party for many
Lee Shun Arrested on Charge of Being
Here Illegally.
Lee Shun, a Chinaman, was arrest
ed Saturday by Inspector R. B. Scott
on a warrant issued by United States
Commissioner Harry Strong and fall
en to the county jail. He is charged
with being illegally within the United
States. He was brought up for trial
before Commissioner Strong in the
United States court at 3 o'clock today.
The case is being fought on behalf
of Shun, the defense being that he
was over here and a merchant during
the registration period, consequently
has no certificates as merchants were
not given certificates at that time.
If the case goes against him Shun will
have to go back to China agin.
East Enders of Umatilla Renew Old
Agitation of Question.
A story comes from Athena that the
people residing in the eastern portion
of Umatilla county will make another
effort to divide that county. It is said
that a number of the leading farmers
and business men of that end of the
county are now at work on the prop
ostition and that they will send a large
delegation of influential citizens to Sa
lem this winter to lobby for the meas
ure. Several attempts have been made
before to divide the county, but the
legislature has failed to act.
Will Be Given in Armory Hall Wed
nesday Night.
The Walla Walla Military band will
give a promenade concert in Armory
hall Wednesday night for which an
attractive program has been arranged.
The musical program will be commenc
ed at 8:30 and will last one hour. At
the close of the concert a dance will
follow. The musical numbers to be
rendered follow:
March —"Jack Tar" Sousa
Selection —"The Daughter of the
Regiment" Donnizetti
Waltz —"Youthful Fancies" D'Oro
Two-Step—"Southern Belles"
Selection —"Robin Hood" DeKoven
March—"The Eagles" Weber
Status of Adams Estate Brought Be
fore Court.
Richard Talbert, guardian of Sarah
E. Adams, Saturday filed a report in
court showing the condition of the
affairs of the property belonging to
the ward and the expenditures neces
sary during the past year. The report
shows that the total receipts for the
year have been $3327.00 and that
$457.50 has been expended. The guard
ian estimates that $300 will be neces
sary for the proper support of the
ward from October, 1904. to October.
1905, outside of medical bills.
Body of Ex-Mayor Humes to Be
Brought From Alaska.
A special to the Post-Intelligencer
from Dawson received last night states
that the body of ex-Mayor Thomas
J. Humes was shipped for Seattle
Thursday night. The remains are be
ing taken out over the ice by a dog
The information at Dawson was re
ceived by telegraph yesterday. The
message did not state what route was
taken and for that reason the date of
the arrival of the body in Seattle can
not be fixed even approximately.
The outfit with the body is in
charge of M. A. Mahoney. Denny Hor
gan, H. Bishropric and Mrs. Ferris also
are with the party.
Ex-Mayor Humes dropped dead in
Fairbanks, Alaska, November 9. He
had gone there to engage in the prac
tice of law.
NUMBER 230. j
But Mr. CtaMtk Says Bill
Will Bi Fmlslel.
A Telegram From Europe Delivered to
Her Believed to Be From Her
NEW YORK, Dec. 12.—Although ef
forts of counsel to secure bail so far
have ended in failure, Mrs. Chadwick
told her keeper at the Tombs this
morning that she had great hopes of
securing bondsmen today. United
States Marshal Henkel today received
a subpoena from the United States
district attorney's office at Cleveland,
which he was directed to serve at once
on Andrew Carnegie, who is wanted
to testify before the grand jury in
the Cleveland case against Banket
Beckwith, Spear and others involved in
the Chadwick case. A deputy hurried
out to search for Carnegie. Mrs. Chad
wick slept well last night and arose at
seven feeling quite chipper and hap
py. After a light breakfast she was
handed a telegram from Paris, pre
sumably from her husband. Dr. Chad
wick. She then devoted her attention
to the morning papers.
Attorney Ryall. who represents
Banker Newton, called at the Tombs
at 10:30 in company with Philip Car
penter, counsel for Mrs. Chadwick,
and held a conference with the pris
oner. It was learned ths morning that
Mrs. Chadwick still favors waiving
examination and returning to Cleve
land for trial.
Cleveland Grand Jury at Work,
CLEVELAND. Ohio. Dec 12.—The
grand jury investigating the Chad
wick case resumed wojk this morning.
Receiver Lyon of the Oberlin bank
testified a million and a quarter dollar
note of the alleged C arnegie securities
held by the bank were placed in evi
Two More indictments.
CHICAGO, Dec. 12.—Two indict
ments on two counts each were re
turned by the county grand Jury this
afternoon aginst Mrs. Chdwick who
is charged with forging the name of
Andrew Carnegie on a half million and
a quarter million dollar note held by
the Oberlin bank. One indictment
charges forgery and the other uttering
forged papers. The penalty is from
five to twenty years for each offense.
Carnegie is Subpoenaed.
CHICAGO, Dec. 12. —A subpoena waa
served on Carnegie here today.
Mrs. Chadwick's Husbnd is in Paris.
PARIS, Dec. 12.—Dr. Percy S. Chad,
wick arrived at the hotel Continental
today. He refused to be interviewed.
SALT LAKE. Ftah, Dec. 12.—Mrs.
Jay Douglas, wife of the former city
passenger agent of the Union Pacific
here, this morning pursued Mrs. Fan
nie Martin through the street firing a
revolver. One shot took effect in Mrs.
Martin's back inflicting a slight wound.
When arrested Mrs. Douglass asserted
that she had come down from Boise,
Idaho, for the purpose of killing the
Martin woman. Mr. Douglass was re
cently discharged on account of a
scandal connecting his name with that
of Mrs. Martin.
Messenger Boys Come Out In Gay
Togs Today.
The Western Union messenger boys
blossomed out today in pretty new
uniforms. The boys all bought these
of their own accord, sending back to
Cincinnati, Ohio, for them. They are
very pretty, being dark blue and
trimmed in gold braid in a tasteful
manner. The lads look pretty swell
in their new finery.

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