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0 H
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cr I I O
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s Monday, Tuesday and Wed-;
i nesday We Are Going to j
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Spotting News
In the opinion of Charley White, the
old-time referee and pugilistic expert,
the coming battle between James Ed
ward Britt and Jabez White, England's
best lightweight, will be one of the
best ring engagements seen in years,
and, on his own ground, the American
should win after the hardest engage
ment of his career. Here is what
White has to say:
By Charley White.
NEW YORK, April 16.—When Ja
bez White fights Jimmy Britt it will
be virtually for the lightweight cham
pionship of the World.
A thousand men have asked me to
p ! ck the winner, but lam free to con
fess the task is too much for me.
Fighting on his native soil will give
Britt a shade of advantage, but only
a shade, and the men who talk about
Britt looking for easy money in tak
ing on the champion of England had
better study the public form of the
Both Fierce Fighters.
Britt's record and his abilit'es are
well known to American fighters. Ja
bez White is recognized at his weight,
as one of the best men that England
ever produced. I saw him beat our
own "Spike" Sullivan, one of the
strongest, gamest, fiercest men in the
business, and I must say that I have
great respect for this pale young Eng
Looks Like McCoy.
When Jabez White strips in the ring
the people of San Francisco will be
surprised. He looks like a small Kid
McCoy, but very much paler. His
skin is dead white, his hair l'ght
brown, his eyes large and prominent
and very blue. In fact, they look like
the eyes of a fashionable tenor until
be begins to fight. Then they blaze
all right. In buiid White has the same
coffin-chest and long, lanky limbs as
McCoy. You can't see any muscles
to speak of on either arms or legs;
yet somewhere in that long body he
has the power to hit a fellow that will
drop any man it lands on.
Has Studied the Game.
Like all boxers not of the slugging
type, Jabez White has always been a
hard student of the game. His great
specialty is a rattling good defense.
Between fights he doesn't spend his
time drinking and telling people how
great he is. Instead of that he takes
Develops Ten Personalities in Twenty
Months—All Entirely Separate.
LONDON, April 17.—An astonishing
case of a girl possessing ten separate
and distinct personalities within twen
ty months is being much discussed in
medical circles.
The girl was the patient of Doctor
Albert Wilson, and so remarkable was
the case that Doctor Wilson laid it be
fore the committee of the Medico-
Psychological association. Many of the
members of the body were at first skep
tical, agreeing that the manifestations
were undoubtedly genuine, but they
were unable to offer any explanation
of the occurrence.
Doctor Wilson also reported the case
to the Phychical Research society, who
have now published its deta ! ls in their
Girl's History.
In April, 1895, the girl who was then
under 13 years of age, and indifferent
ly educated, had an attack of influen
za. After remaining in bed for ten
days, she went out into the cold air
and suffered a relapse. Within the
Text two days she was on the point
of death, but gradually recovered her
strength. There then began to appear
in succession ten personalities, the
le.st one of which occurred a year and
e;ght months after the first, and took
the form of blindness and imbecility.
Now, at the age of 22, she is in good
health, the best of her personalities
that showed itself having been edu
cated and developed.
The personalities manifested them
selves as follows: First personality
April, 1895, acute mania, intense fear,
with blindness and illusions as to the
presence of snakes and craving for
oranges and lemonade.
Second personality, about a month
later, a simple child with reversed ideas
as to writing and speaking. She re
pudiated her name, but would respond
on being referred to as "a thing."
Third persolanity, July, 1895, physi
cal health improved. She now became
\ery passionate, attempting to eat her
clothes. She could read and write,
though unable to do so when possessed
of personality No. 2.
Fourth personality, in August, 1895,
she became a deaf-mute, and failed to
hear loud noises close to her ears,
tut could speak in deaf-and-dumb
Things Reversed.
In her fiifth personality, December,
1895, she again reversed things, called
fciack white and thin people fat. She
spelled backwards, but wrote forwards.
She believed she was 3 days old, but
care of his health and keeps looking
out for chances to improve his style.
Therefore, he went out of his way to
box with all the best Americans who
visited England, such as Kid Lavigne.
Eddie Connolly, Dick O'Brien, Mike
Seers, "Mysterious BMly" Smith and
little Eddy Curry.
Has Fast Gait.
From these men White learned
about tbe fast, rushing, slugging
American style of fighting. He worked
up his defense so that he could do his
share of the punishing. The result
of his careful study appeared when he
fought "Spike" Sulivan at 132 pounds
before the National Sporting club, in
London, in coronation week, 1902. I
saw that fight.
"Spike" Sullivan was not champion
of America, of course, but he was one
of our strongest, ruggedest men, fast
and aggressive, and as plucky as you'll
find in all the world. Sullivan went
at White from the start. He rushed
him all over the ring, but the nearest
he could get to the pale Englishman
was to meet his left fist. Once in a
while that staggered "Spike," but he
always rallied in a moment and went
after White as fast as ever.
Britt Is Good Man.
It may seem unnecessary to recall
the abilities of Britt, yet after show
ing what s formidable fellow the Eng
lishman is I want to go on record as
saying that Jimmy Britt is one of the
best lightweights since Jack McAuliffe
was champion. Jack was his superior
only in generalship, coolness and the
matter of timing his punches so as to
meet the enemy coming in, which, of
course, made the blows hurt twice as
But in this battle with Jabez White
Britt will meet new conditions. Frank
Erne, Eddie Hanlon, Young Corbett
and Battling Nelson all carried the
battle to him. White won't.
Britt will find White away back be
hind taht long defense of his, always
alert, cool, ready to pounce on an
opening the moment it shows, yet ro
good at blocking and so fast on his
feet that it is almost impossible to hit
him effectively.
To sum up—these men are the
greatest lightweights of England and
America, and the one who is fighting
at home has a slight advantage. But,
oh, what a battle it will be!
understood everything that was going
on around her.
She was paralyzed in the legs at this
stage, but her condition changed. In
an instant she leaped from her bed,
ran upstairs, where she threw herself
to the floor and revolved on her back
and shoulders. She also rested on her
head and attempted to walk up the
walls. A few days later she was normal
again. ' '
The sixth personality was in May,
1896, when she appeared as a sweet
child, but totally Ignorant of spelling,
reading and writing. This is the per
sonality that is now being developed
In the seventh personality that of
June, 1896, she remembered clearly
her early childhood, but not her illness,
and subsequent period. This stage
lasted a fortnight.
The eighth personality in June, 1896,
came with a fit of conoubions and a
complete loss of memory. The patient
said she had been born the day be
lore. She called her father Tom and
her mother Mary. It lasted three days.
In the ninth personality, October.
1596, the transition came gradually.
Fits of temper were noticed; she talked
like a young infant and could not walk,
tut she could speak a little French, of
which language she was quite ignorant
in the normal period.
The tenth personality, December,
1596, was a blind and imbecile stage.
Sealed proposals will be received up
to Saturday, April 22, at 5 o'clock p. m.
by School District No. 1, County of
Walla Walla, Wash., for furnishing all
the Steel I Beams complete with Sepa
rators and Bolts, for the new Green
Park School Building, according to
plans and specifications which may be
seen at the office of Henry Osterman,
Bids must be marked "Bid for Steel
I Beams," and addressed to the un
dersigned. The School Board reserves
the right to reject any or all bids.
$150,000 Crown for Image of Virgin.
MADRID, April 17.—A magnificent
jeweled crown for the famous image
of the Virgin, in the Saragossa cathe
dral, has been placed on public view
in a store here. The crown is valued
at $150,000. There are 10,000 brilliants,
emeralds, pearls, sapphires and rubies
in the diadem, and 5000 gems, includ
ing an enormous central diamond, in
tbe surrounding nimbus. The cost was
defrayed oy ex-Queen Christina and
the ladles of Madrid.
15 Per Cent Discount
$1.00 Waists or Suit
$2.00 Waists or Suit .sl7
$2.50 Waists or Suit S2iS
$3.00 Waists or Suit $2
$3.50 Waists or Suit .. co'^o
We Are Money-Savers f or
the People.
Blackmail Bros. & Go.
3. 5 and 7 MAIN STREET'
Next to Baker-Boyer Bank
Eighteen to two was the way the
score stood Sunday afternoon after the
Fruit Pickers and the Barley Growers
finished the ball game at the new ball
park, with the largest number standing
to the credit of the Walla Walla team.
There was a good sized crowd present
and notwithstanding the game was one
sided from the start there was enough
heavy hitting done by the Fruit Pick
ers to keep the fans enthusiastic.
Bivens, the colored man who pitched
for the Ninth Cavalry team last year,
was in the box for the Dayton team
and when he was forced to retire at
the end of the sixth inning 15 safe ones
had been made off his delivery. He
gave way to Leonard who was
touched up for four hits. McGucken
did the twirling for Walla Walla and
held his opponents down to four safe
ones. To "Curley" Thompson fell the
credit of getting the first home run of
ihe season, but before the game was
over Fisher had rapped out one that
went over the left field fence for four
hags. The score of the game tells the
siory as follows:
Marion, If 6 3 5 0 0 0
Gray, cf 5 3 2 1 0 0
Currigan, c 5 1 1 6 2 0
McGucken, p 5 0 1 0 5 0
Tempany, lb 4 3 1 14 10
Crocker, ss 4 3 3 1 3 - I
Fisher, 3b 4 2 2 0 4 Q-=
McAllister, 2b 5 1 3 5 0 1
Lankard, rf 4 2 1 0 0 0
Totals 42 18 19 27 15 3
Dayton AB R BH PO A E
Mcintosh, c 4 0 1 4 10
Black, lb 4 0 0 9 3 0
Thompson, 2b 3 1 1 6 2 1
Bivens, p&rf 4 0 0 0 5 0
Godrran, ss 2 0 0 0 3 0
Leonard, rf&p 4 1 0 102
Benbow, 3b 2 0 1 2 2 1
Lowe, If 2 0 1 2 0 0
Swank, cf 3 0 0 1 0 2
Totals 28 2 4 24 16 6
Score by Innings.
Walla Walla ... 2 3 0 0 0 10 3 0 V*
Dayton 0 0 0 1 0 0 1 00- 1
Earned runs, Walla Walla 9, Dayton
1; 2-base hits, Gray, McAllister; home
runs, Fisher, Thompson; double plays.
Tempany, unassisted, Godman, Thomp
son and Black; base on bails, by Mc-
Gucken 4, Bivens 3, Leonard 1; struck
out by McGucken 5, Bivens 1, Leonard
2; passed balls, Currigan, Mcintosh;
sacrifice hit, Currigan; hits off Mc-
Gucken 4, Bivens 15, Leonard 4; time of
game, 1:35; umpire, Breed.
Won Saturday's Game.
The Fruit Pickers won the Saturday
game from the Barley Growers by a
score of 12 to 4.
Whitman and Fruit Pickers.
Tomorrow afternoon the Whitman
college team and the Fruit Pickers
will meet for the second time on the
diamond. In the first game the Ft"' 1
Tickers won the game by a narrow
margin and a good contest may be ex
pected tomorrow. The game will t> e
played on the Whitman college
Playing the High School.
This afternoon the High School and
Whitman teams crossed bats at tl
college grounds and there was a large
attendance of fans to witness the con
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used by Shady Nook Dairy. They are
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Always fresh and clean.

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