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We are proud of our showing of handsome
iron beds and if you will look them over we
think you will be proud too—proud that your
city has as fine a selection to choose from as
any city many times as large. We have cater
ed to your trade now for over twelve years
and know by actual experience what you
like the best. This year we have bought our
iron beds direct from the factory in car lots,
thereby receiving the factory's lowest price.
As you may know there are many, many
lines of iron beds; we have handled several
lines in the past years and examined many
others so that this year we were able to select
the very best line on the market.
We have not quoted prices in this ad on iron
beds for we want you to come in and see the
surprisingly low prices we have placed on
them. Every bed is guaranteed to give per
fect satisfaction or money refunded.
jpSSjgli; ,
No 578 —This is a very high-grade white
Bed; large brass vase; 1%-inch posts; 1-
inch cross bars; extension foot; drapery
design center; 94-width.
No. 30® —This Bed comes la Dark Green and
White, has %-inch tube iron top insfead of
small rod; strong? angle irons at each end.
% and full-size widths.
■ :J
No. 570 —Is entirely new in design, having
large brass rail at top which fastens into
pretty and heavy chill instead of common
brass knobs. There are seven upright fil
Unprecedented activity
a, I continues in the Carpet
C ill Department. Never in
KUIJO wA 'A. the past have our cus-
AND LPWIIMTOIII tomers bought more
rARPETS Pli'-MiMPln willingly or freely. This
is largely due to care
in selecting the best
/ 6«I'" v. ;s J 2jH/f /fi\ conservative buying.
be ' ng l^ e ', ar&< ' S St' t
have been longing for:
\^P|pPIR?' v - and than, too, at the
We now have a complete line of "Philadelphia
Lawn Mowers —the kind you have been wait
ing for. These Mowers havf long and large
journals, insuring light draft and great dura
bility: nothing but the best crucible steel is
used in the knives, and all are oil-tempered.
The workmanship is as perfect as the best
skilled mechanics and improved machinery can
No. 242, Extra Heavy Continuous Posts, curved to a beautifully shap
ed top. Heavy Verins Martin and Brass Scroll Filling. Extra
Pine Chills in Vernis Martin Finish. Artistically Designed Exten
sion Foit. Angle Irons and Body Posts are a bright shade of
No. 272 —This Bed comes In full Vernis
Martin, and Cream with Vernis Chills.
This heart-shaped Bed with the scroll dec
orated fillers is one of our prettiest num
No. 577% —A tasty design, %-inch bow foot,
heavy posts, handsome brass vases, exten
sion foot, in Vernis Martin and White.
miii I
s ;
No. 562—This is a %-bed in Vernis Mar
tin; IVz-inch continuous posts, heavy fillers
with scroll design. A very pretty and sub
stantial Bed.
Stop to think now of everything you may
need on the trip. One thing a fisherman
can never forgive himself for is to find
that he has ovelooked something when he
gets to "the spot." You ought to come to
the store and look through the depart
ment —then you won't miss anything.
Davis ■ Kaser
Crockery Dept. News
Among the new arrivals In the Crockery Department last week,
are the following: A fine line of English Jet Tea Pots, New Hanging
Lamps, New Hall Lamps, New Lamp Globes, More Haviland China in
white, white and gold, and the popular pansy pattern. More Table
Glassware, Many New Things in the 10-Cent Section. New Goods in
the 5 Cent Section.
Two patterns of decorated Dinnerware are being closed out at ONE
The Rest Rooms
We believe its a good idea, every once in a while, to remind you
of our comfort and rest rooms that are here for your benefit. You
need not buy in order to use them. Tired and warmed up shoppers
find them to be just exactly the right thing these days. Always wel
No. 572 —Extra heavy posts; deep cut and
fancy designed chills; four double and one
single upright filler. Extension foot. This
Bed stands 56 inches high and comes in
beautiful combinations of colors. Cream and
Vernis Martin, Sage Green, Blue and White.
Three-quarter and full size.
No. 13 —Has five filling rods running at an
gles, which makes it unusually well filled
for a cheap Bed. Has full angle irons at head
and foot. Colors, White and Dark Green.
No. 225 —This Bed has seven upright fillers,
heavy brass rail at top, extension foot, sub
stantial angle irons at head and foot. Comes
in White, Blue and Green.
When you buy a Hammock you, of course, ex
pect it to give you good service, but most kinds
give out before the season is over. This is
why we handle the "Eclat" line, which is known
for its durability. These goods are made of
ixtra good quality material, and are guaranteed
to give perfect satisfaction. fc>ee the elegant
line in Carpet Department in all the newest and
best designs and styles.
Missionaries Defeated W.ILC. Team
For First Time In History.
By the narrow margin of 61 to 59
points, the Missionaries yesterday af
ternoon won tho track meet from the
Washington State college athletes in
one of the best meets ever held in
Walla Walla and last night Whitman
college and its friends celebrated a
well earned victory over their ancient
enemy. The happiest man in the Whit
man bunch was Coach Smith, who
bent every energy to get his team in
shape to win from the Farmer college
athletes, jfrom the first event to the
last the final outcome was in doubt
and when the score at the end was an
nounced Whitman friends surged
across Ankeny field yelling, tossing
hats in the air and showering con
gratulations on the sturdy Missionaries'
Cox and Philbrook were the stars of
the Whitman team, Philbrook winning
the running high jump, 120 yard hurdles,
220 yard hurdles and Cox the 10-yard
sprint, 220 yard dash and the running
broad jump when a first meant victory
to the Missionaries. Dutcher beat his
own record of 110 feet by one foot in
the discus throw, winning that event
with ease. Philbrook's fine hurdling
was the sensational event of the day,
the boy from up north smashing nearly
every northwest college record in both
the hurdles and in the high jump. The
summary of events is as follows:
Summary of Events.
100 ward dash—Cox, first; Coe, sec
ond; James Lyman, third. Time,
10 2-5 seconds.
Hammer throw —Thayer, W., S. C.,
first; Preston, W. S. C., second; Dim
ick. Whitman, third; distance 113 feet
2 inches.
Running high jump—Philbrook,
Whitman, first; Cox, W hi t m & n . sec "
ond; Moulton, W. S. C., third; height
5 feet 10 inches.
Quarter mile run—Cowgill, W. S. C..
first; Ackerman, W. S. C., second;
53.2-5. Thomle who made first place
and Graham fourth were disqualified
for fouling.
Mile" run—Huxtable, W. S. C., first;
Risden, W. S. C., second; Coates, W.
S. C., third. Time 5:53.
880 yard run—Thomle, W. S. C.,
first; Coates, W. S. C., second; Hux
table, W. S. C., third; time, 2:09 1-2.
120 yard hurdles —Philbrook, Whit
man, first; Lyman, Whitman, second;
Hammer, W. S. C., disqualified. Time
17 flat.
Pale vault —Cowgill, W. S. C., first;
Graham, Whitman, second; Felthouse,
Whitman, third. Height, 9 feet 11'
220 dash—Cox, Whitman, first; Coe,
W. S. C., second; Lyman, Whitman,
third; time 22 2-5.
Shot put—James Lyman, Whitman,
first; Philbrook, Whitman, second;
Dimick, Whitman, third; distance, 35
feet 10% inches.
Discus throw —T. Dutcher, first;
Love, W. S. C., second; Cox, Whit
man, third. Distance 111 feet.
220 hurdles —Philbrook, Whitman,
first; Lyman, Whitman, second; Coe,
W. S. C., third; time 27 2-5.
Running broad jump—Cox, Whitman,
first; Coates, W. S. C., second; Cow
gill, W. S. C., third. Distance, 19 feet
10 Inches.
Relay race—Whitman: Lyman, Gra
ham, Cox, Oldright; W. S. C.: Cowgill,
Coe, Coates, Thomle. Time 3:34.'
Officials of the Oregon Railroad A Nav-
igation Company Deny the
Through the fact that men and mate
rial have been sent to the north bank
of the Columbia above the Cascades for
repair on the old portage road, owned
by the O. R- & N., a rumor started that
the Harriman interests intended con
verting the line into a standard guage
road to use in connection with the line
of the Columbia Valley down the
stream. Division Superintendent Camp-
bell denies that this Is the case, says
the Portland Telegram.
"The portage road Is under lease
to the Warren cannery Interests, and
is operated to haul salmon from three
fish wheels above the rapids to the
lower cascades." he said. "Under the
terms of the lease, the O. R. & N. keeps
the road in repair. Only a few ties and
a small amount of steel were sent
Recently damage was .done both ends
of the road by high water, and some
work was necessary to restore the
track at those points. The O. R. & N.
used the portage road when its steam
ers plied the stream between Portland
and The Dalles. It being impossible to
ascend the rapids or escape them be
cause the locks were not finished, the
eight miles of road was operated to
transport freight and passengers over
the Impassable stretch. Since then the
company has had no further use for the
property, but it is held for emergency.
Over One Hundred and Twelve Million
Dollars Carried By Societies in
Fraternal societies are carrying
more than $112,000,000 of life insurance
in the state, according to the report of
State Insurance Commissioner Sam H.
Nichols, advance copies of wfhich have
been received by Deputy Commissioner
J. H. Shlvely.
The report covers last year's business
and shows that during 1905 these fra
ternity companies issued policies in
Washington aggregating nearly $14,-
000,000. During the same period they
collected $916,000 in assessments from
Washington policy holders, and paid
out on an aggregate of $676,880 in
The report also shows the entire
Grand Opening—Garden City House
21 West Poplar Street—Between Second and Third Streets.
SUNDAY, 6, 1900
Opening Sunday Dinner 2 to 4 p. m. Largest and Finest Dining Room in
This City.
Band In Attendance Mrs. Henry Stahl, Proprietor.
Too Much Medicine
The system continually wronged by over-eating and over-drinking, and tha
debilitated condition aggravated by dosing with harsh
nauseous drugs and medicines.
The excessive and indiscriminate
use of medicines, in these days, can
not be too strongly condemned. The
food you eat, if properly digested, is
all the tonic you need.
Only common sense is needed. The
food must be digested and the bowels
must not be allowed to clog. Pre
serve your health by preventing these
Constipation surely leads to Indi
gestion, biliousness, etc., and these
conditions when neglected affect the
condition of the blood, debilitate the
system, rendering it susceptible to
more serious ailments, and less able
to resist such attacks.
If your stomach has been abused by
over-eating, weakened by drugs or
sickness, you won't have to stop eat
ing or diet yourself. All you need la
something that will aid the stomach
in its functions and relieve It from
being constantly Irritated by un
digested food. The purest and sim
plest remedy for this purpose are the
California Prune Wafers, a natural
dissolvent made from the pure, fresh
fruit, a general laxative and sweetener
of the stomach —no other medicine la
When you are Bilious, It is a sign
that your Liver is out of order, and
the poisonous bile, instead of being
excreted from the body through the
intestines. Is taken up in the blood.
As a result of biliousness, the entire
system suffers. There are griping
pains in the Abdomen, Headaches,
California Prune Wafers
Extracted from th# Fruit Swaat ■"d Pur*
Easy to Tako and Warrantad to Curo. •
Biliousness, Constipation, Indigestion and all
Liver Troubles
100 25 CENTS
TOU CAN EAT WHAT YOU PLEASE If you follow each meal with a
CALIFORNIA PRUNE WAFER, which quickly dissolves the most Indi
gestible food, and helps to carry It through and out of the system In •
gentle and healthful manner, without the slightest pain, griping or naUsea.
Sold and Guaranteed by
We have a complete stock of
Jewelry, all new. A fine line of
Silverware for wedding presents
No trouble to snow our goods.
business of these fraternal companies
and contains the rather surprising
statement that they have in force near
ly four billions of insurance. The Mod
ern Woodmen of America lead with
$1,200,000,000 general business, of
which about $2,780,000 is In the state.
The Woodmen of the World lead In the
amount of insurance in force In this
state, with 128,500,000. The Modern
Woodmen are second with more than
121,000,000, the A. O. U. W. has more
than $12,500,000, and the Women of
Woodcraft, with headquarters at Port
land, have more than $8,400,000.
Ooening Next Bunday.
The New Garden City House will bo
opened next Sunday. A good dinner
will be served from 2 to 4 p. m.
Largest dining rooms in the city—2o
West Poplar street, between Second
and Third streets.
All kinds of string Instruments for
summer outings at Stanleys Music
House, 23 Main street.
Katzenjammer tickets now on sale
at the box office.
When wanting hay, call up Phona
Dizziness, Constipation, Pain in the
Right Side, and sometimes the skin
becomes sallow and yellowish, rough
and itchy. Take two or three Cali
fornia Prune Wafers after meals, and
in a short time your liver will be per
forming its proper function, driving
the bile from the system. Use noth
ing but California Prune Wafers —no
other medicine is necessary.
California Prune Wafers, If taken
as directed, will positively cure tha
most obstinate cases of Indigestion,
Torpid Liver, Constipation, Bilious
ness, etc., so aa to stay cured.
do the work without the slightest pain,
gripe or nausea. They produce nat
ural and eaay movement of the bow
els, are easy to take, pure and health
They are nature's own remedy, bet
ter than pill or purge, better than ca
thartic teas that gripe and nauseate,
better than anything for moving tha
bowels, because CALIFORNIA PRUNB
SOLVENT and not a purge, acting
gently and naturally on the content*
of the Boweis, producing easy move
ment. They regulate the Liver and
Stomach, cleanse the System and Pur
ify the blood, cure all Bowel Troubles,
Bad Breath, Bad Blood, Wind on the
Stomach, Foul Mouth, Headache,
Pimples and Dizziness, A Liver Tonic
from Natures Labratory. 10*0 Wafers
for 25cts.

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