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Eetablished IMI.
Official Paper of Walla Walla County
Published by
R. C. MacLEOD, Advertising Mgr.
Entcrtd at ths PoetofHce at Walla
V ilia, Washington as Secend-class
Ivi Ysar in advance, by mai1....9640
vjc months, in advance, by mail 13.00
One Month, by oarrier 80 cento
One Week, by Carrier 15 cento
Okj Yuur, in advance, by mail |IJO
Six tenths, in advanoe, by mail....
50 cento
•He complete telegraphic news ser
vice printed in these columns is
furnished by
•nd is by far the best report p«lb*
liahcd in Walla Walla.
A dispatch from Sioux Falls, lowa,
states that two hundred farmers with
their families will leave there about
June 1 to seek homes in the state of
Washington. Their objective point Is
Yakima, but as they have not yet pur
chased homes, there is no reason why
some of them could not be switched off
for the Walla Walla valley if proper in
ducements were held out. Perhaps
most of them are looking for irrigated
tracts, but as they know nothing of ir
rigation in lowa, the state from which
these homeseekers are to come, they
would readily purchase land not re
quiring irrigation to produce profitable
crops. Any who have their hearts set
on irrigated land could be accommo
dated at Gerdena or in the Wallula dis
The Commercial club and the Fifty
Thousand club should appoint a joint
committee to meet these immigrants at
Spokane or at some point farther east
and point out to them the advantages
of the Walla Walla valley as a place
of residence and for the successful pur
suit of agriculture and horticulture.
Land in Walla Walla county is no
higher in price than in the Yakima val
ley. and the lowa farmer can take his
Choice of farming in his accustomed
way without irrigation or with it, ac
cording to the part of the county in
which he may locate.
If the population of Walla Walla
county is to be increased to any con
siderable extent in the next few years,
such opportunities to get a share of
the desirable immigration from east
ern states should not be neglected by
our booster organizations. Farmers
who locate here now will be rich
enough to retire by 1910, and they will
then come to Walla Walla and help
swell our population to fifty thousand.
Much of the discussion over the rail
road rate bills has revolved around the
question of procedure. Opponents of
the Esch-Townsend and the Hepburn
bills have protested against having the
same commission do the investigating
and decide the case. This has been an
swered pretty well by the record of the
present interstate commerce commis
sion. which has shown that it is pos
sible to act as both grand and petit
jury in the adjudication of rates.
This matter of procedure needs some
clearing up, however. Hearings before
a commission are conducted at the
pleasure of the commissioners without
any fixed rules. In last year's
hearing of the merchandise rate case
before the Washington commission, a
clash arose from a misunderstanding
as to the procedure. Shippers who ap
peared to testify in favor of rate re
duction were cross-examined by the at
torney for the railroads and they pro
tested against it. They had no attor
ney to protect them, and made the
point that railroad witnesses had not
been cross-examined.
That is not the function of the at
torney general, however. He is attor
ney for the railroad commission, and
not for complainants who may appear
before it. His duty is to advise the
commission and to appear for it in any
litigation it brings. After the com
mission has made an order it the rail
roads resists, he will prosecute, but be
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fore, the order is made tne commission
is supposed to give both sides an Im
partial hearing, not to espouse the
cause of either.
The interstate commerce commission
allows witnesses for both sides to be
cross-examined, just as a court does,
but that Is not necessary, and should
not be required unless both sides are
represented by attorneys. A hearing
before the commission is an inquiry,
and not a trial. Both sides have a
right to be heard in protection of their
rights, but'if any further testimony is
wanted the commission should ask the
questions. What the commission wants
is a full statement of facts, without
prejudice. That ought to be secured
without the necessity of putting wit
nesses under a Are of cross-examina
tion by hostile attorneys. Commis
sioners ought to be able to get at the
essential facts without such assistance.
It is a recognized fact that shippers
hesitate to put themselves in opposi
tion to a railroad, and they will cer
tainly be backward about acting if they
know that the railroad's counsel is go
ing to force them to tell all about their
private affairs.
However much it may be disguised
or denied, the fact remains that the
railroads have won the fight in the
senate of the United States over the
regulation of freight rates, says the
Colfax Commoner. Senator Aldrich
and the other representatives of spe
cial interests have succeeded in draw
ing the teeth from the Hepburn bill and
In amending it to such an extent that
their masters are' satisfied. The most
pitiable feature of the whole business
is that President Roosevelt, instead of
admitting his defeat and calling upon
the people to elect a senate which will
do their bidding, has preferred to com
promise with his opponents for the sake
of winning a sham victory and has
given his approval to an emasculated
measure. He has sacrificed the inter
ests of the people and betrayed the real
friends of the measure in order to
gratify his vanity and to make capital
for his party. He has \vabbled and re
peatedly changed ground, but has at
tempted to conceal his movements from
the people by a rapid fire of blank cart
ridges and rhetorical pyrotechnics.
No doubt the masses of the people
will be fooled into believing that
Roosevelt has brought Aldrich and his
followers to terms, but Senator
Follette, the leading champion of the
measure on the republican side,
knows that the compromise amend
ments are a victory for the railroads
and has been making his protest by
voting with the democrats.
Mr. Roosevelt will continue to pose
as the invincible and unyielding cham
pion of the people, but in reality he
has followed the example of the fickle
Donna Julia, who
"Whispering, 'I will ne'er consent,'
Only the president did not whisper,
but shouted his defiance from the
housetops with characteristic strenu
osity. Senators Aldrich and Crane and
the other champions of special inter
ests are not doing any shouting. It is
not their way, but they are smiling
quietly, because they have carried their
point, and watching with complacent
amusement the celebration by the
Roosevelt admirers of l)is great sham
However desirable it was to defeat
the free silver agitation in 1896, did the
end justify the means employed to ac
complish that defeat? asks the Wall
Street News. It is not too much to
say that the money spent in 1896 to
prevent the election of Bryan resulted
In political debauchery, such as Tvas
never before experienced in the U »ited
States, and from which the politics and
business of this country have not even
yet recovered. It is not far from the
truth to say that the country has suf
fered more by reason of the political
corruption of the 1896 campaign than
it would have suffered from the tri
umph of free silver, lamentable as that
would have been. Bryan's triumph of
free silver would have given the mar
kets a terrible shock, but Bryan could
not have really done much harm in a
practical way, and the country would
have made a speedy recovery from the
disaster, but it will take many years to
recover from the effects of the political
debauchery which has been brought
about by the abuse of millions of dol
lars in political campaigns.
The Kansas City Journal asks Mr.
Shonts to go ahead and build two ca
nals. one a lock and the other a sea
level. and let congress take its choice.
One of these might be located at Nic
aragua to keep Senator Morgan quiet.
The Sal&vatlon Army appears to be
subject to the criticism that it does
not talk enough about what it does.
But some other charitable organiza
tions talk enough about what they
never do to balance the account.
On Saturday Dowie was dying, but
on Sunday he bounded from his bed
and made a speech which started an
Incipient riot in Zion. The only way
to quiet Dowie, living or dead, is to
give him what he wants.
Boston's mayor proposes to spend
$50,000 advertising that city. This
puts Bostons in direct competition with
Spokane, but we trust no bitter feel
ing will crop out between these two
growing towns..
A New York clergyman on trial for
arson admits that it may have been
his other self which committed the
deed, his real self being merely an
"innocent bystander."
As far as Joe Letter can see, he
would have been six weeks' salary
ahead If the Chicago Board of Trade
had suspended him eight years ago.
Miss Mary E. Byrd, who has resigned
from the faculty of Smith college be
cause it accepted gifts from Rocke
feller, will probably have no difficulty
in getting her resignation accepted.
Bailey says Roosevelt is made of
clay, and "common clay at that." Well,
isn't it the plain common people whose
welfare the democrats have at heart?
Secretary Shaw's address at Balti
more appears to have concealed some
deep thought under an opaque humor,
but we do not know what it is.
Senators Tillman and Bailey are
abusing President Roosevelt just as
if they took it for granted that he was
going to run for a third term.
Chicago's gain in building permits in
April was larger than any other city.
Just wait till San Francisco gets its
finances straightened out.
Considering the fact that Paris has
gained only 70,000 people in five years,
a little race suicide agitation there
might not come amiss.
A London dispatch says that rich
Americans are "doing" England and
Scotland this year in two weeks. Yes,
and being "done."
The price of pictures in London has
fallen off half. If they get cheap
American millionaires will stop found
ing galleries.
Maxim Gorky's wife, back in Russia,
says she is indignant at the reception
accorded him in America. She is a
"Well," said the czar, thoughtfully,
"they didn't get me with dynamie, but
I don't know but what the douma
The man who never made a success
of anything in his life always wonders
why other men do not heed his ad
Tom.Lawson has not told his rem
edy yet. If he does not hurry the sen
ate will get out its remedy first.
When the government officials ask
those drug trust officials for the truth
they should "beware of imitations."
If the republicans Succeed in getting
away with the anti-trust issue it will
not be the fault of the democrats.
Fine Range at Guantanamo.
WASHINGTON, D. C., May 22.—Re
ports received of the small arms tar
get practice at the naval station at
Guantanamo indicate that the navy
possesses admirable facilities for such
work. There are means of conducting
practice with field pieces and boat
guns. No matter how large the fleet
visiting at Guantanamo, all the boat
guns could be fired in practice at one
time. Practice with revolvers can be
conducted at the same time while other
work is going on. There Is a line of
110 targets at various distances and
unsurpassed means of taking care of
a large body of men and keeping up
the records of the work. This effect
iveness is in strong contrast to any of
the ranges in the United States.
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Sum Hands, Cloths* and Later
Temporary Structures Springing Up
SAN FRANCISCO, Cal., May 22.—
The action of the board of supervisors
in granting the United Railroads the
privilege of using overhead trolleys on
all lines on the representation of the
company that cable lines cannot be re
habilitated, meets general approval,
since it means the speedy restoration
of transportation facilities. The com
pany has agreed to spend a large sum
and employ thousands of men in im
proving its system.
Returning From Oakland.
Many San Francisco merchants who
established themselves across the bay
are now making haste to secure quar
ters in this city, realizing that they
must get on the ground or lose their
San Francisco business.
Owing to the fact that liquor is
reaching the city from Oakland to
gether with many drunks, the finance
committee has" offered to contribute
fifty thousand dollars to the Oakland
relief fund providing the Oakland
council closes the saloons there for 30
Banks Open Tomorrow.
When the commercial banks open
their doors at ten tomorrow morning
several savings institutions will also
resume business instead of waiting un
til May 28, the official date fixed by
the Savings Bank Association. These
banks carry commercial accounts and
feel that it would be unfair to pay
commercial depositors and refuse to
pay savings depositors.
Three Looters Caught.
Early this morning after a long
chase and hand-to-hand fight the po
lice arrested George Miller, Thomas
Milton, and C. W. Shaw, daring looters,
who had been operating in the burned
district about Main street for several
weeks past. The trio had just com
pleted taking down two entire blocks
of feed wire on Harrison street, the
property of the United Railroads, to
the value of several hundred dollars.
The wire was confiscated together with
a wagon load of loot which was ready
for shipment across the bay, where
higher prices are paid.
Spokane Trops Go to Alaska.
WASHINGTON, D. C., May 22.—
Secretary Taft today ordered the
headquarters and two battalions of
the Tenth infantry now at Fort Wright
and Fort Lawton to proceed to Alas
ka July 1 to relieve the Third infantry.
The Third will proceed to Forts Wright
and Lawton.
Sentenced for lurder at Jefferson
The supreme court has upheld the
death sentence of Frank Hottman, and
Agnes Meyers, sentenced to hang June
29. The couple killed the woman's
husband two years ago so they could
Arrested in Walla Walla.
Hottman was arrested in Walla Wal
la two years ago while at work on
the John Hoffman Eureka Flat farm.
He had been in the country only a few
weeks when the local officers learned
that he was wanted in Missouri for
murder. He was arrested and locked up
in the county jail. At the time Hott
man declared that he was innocent,
and in an interview claimed that he
had never lived in Missouri. Shortly
after hi# arrest a special officer ar
rived from Missouri. When he went to
the Jail he told Hottman that Mrs.
Meyers, his accomplice, had made a
full confession, detailing how she and
Hottman had killed her husband. Hott
man then broke down and admitted the
murder. He was taken back to Mis
souri and placed on trial and convicted
on his own confession. When the wom
an was placed on trial it developed that
the story told to Hottman by the officer
about the alleged confession of the
woman was untrue. She made a des
perate fight to secure an acquittal, but
the confession made by Hottman was
used and she was also convicted. They
were both sentenced to be hanged, but
appealed the case to the state supreme
court. When arrested in Walla Walla
Hottman was waring the hat of the
man whom he assisted in killing.
Brutal Murder.
The murder was one of the most
brutal in the history of the country.
Hottman had been meeting the woman
unawares to her husband and they de
cided to make way with the man so
they could marry. One night while
Myers was asleep, Mrs. Myers and
Hottman entered the room. The woman
struck her husband on the head sever
al times with a billiard cue, rendering
him helpless, and Hottman then cut his
throat with a razor. After chopping the
body into small pieces they placed it
in a sack and hid it in the brush near
a small stream. Hottman at once
started for the west and landed in
Walla Walla securing employment from
John Hoffman.
When Myers was missed an inves
tigation was begun by the authorities
and his body was found by the offi
cers. At that time Mrs. Meyers
claimed that he had been killed by two
negroes with whom he had trouble sev
eral days previous to the murder. She
stuck to that story during her trial,
but was unable to produce sufficient
proof to convince the jury that she was
innocent of the crime.
Union of Presbyterians.
SPARTANT3BURG, N. C., May 22.—
A majority report recommending a fed
eration of the southern Presbyterian
churches with other branches of the
denomination will be presented to the
general assembly at Greenville.
King Edward Holds a Levee.
LONDON, May 22—King Edward
held a levee at St. James palace this
afternoon. United States Ambassador
Reis and staff were present.
Exodus From Vesuvius.
ROME, May 22. —An exodus from the
vicinity of Mount Vesuvius has been
caused by the recent avalanche. Rains
are washing down the ashes left by the
Under Police Surveillance.
CHICAGO, 111., May 22.—Alexander
Berkman and Emma Goldman are here
visiting local anarchists. The police
are watching them.
Wife Murderer Comimts Suicide.
LOS ANGELES, May 22.—£. C.
Beggs, the ex-convict who attempted to
kill his wife last Friday by shooting
her four times, shot and killed himself
this morning when cornered by detec
tives. Beggs had been in hiding since
the shooting in the country, beyond
East Lake park. Detectives came upon
him unawares. Beggs made no show
of fight, but held a revolver to his
head and sent a bullet into his brain.
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