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Vol. l
FARM LOANS. Swim and Aldrieh.
Get your aale dates at the State
TAKE your job printing to The Tri
bune office.
WE DEAL principally In snaps. Swim
and Aldrieh.
INSURE In a reliable company with
Swim and Aldrieh.
SEE GRANT, the Tailor, before
you buy your fall suit G tf
Trade In Lynden the busiest berg
In the Nooksack Valley.
Good Pears wanted —Plngrey Pro
duce Company, Bellingham, Wash.
For sale or trade for cattle —My herd
of Shropshire sheep. Geo. Bostwick.
FOR A perfect fit ault go to Grant
the tailor 8 tf
Y. H. Tromp was In Bellingham,
over Sunday.
Mrs. Worth of Bellingham is vlsltlnt
Mrs. J. R. Vail this week.
Ed. Swanson and wife of Ferndale, 1
visited in Lynden over Sunday. *
We want a correspondent from ev
ery neighborhood in the county. 1
The new pastor, Rev. J. M. Wilder
will preach at the M. E. church next
Sunday. "
If you fail to get your Tribune don't
fail to let us know and we wil send you
Mr. and Mrs. Horton left yes
terday for a trip to Westminister and
Vancouver. n
Did you see the fine line of Sta
tionery and calling cards at the Trib-
une office.
LOST—GoId locket aud chain
Kinder please leave at WM. Carr' and m
receive reward. H-2t
The Chink season opened yesterday
and woe unto the pretty feathers tor
Ihe next three months. V|
FOR SALE—No. 1 Cow, will be
fresh in October. Inquire of S(
Walter Elder, m
FOR SALE—A good frame house
with two lots, well located. Will sell
on easy terms. John Nlpges. 13-."t X
*• at
Mr. Procter Pierce and daughter,
Myrtle, of Maple Falls, attended the
funeral of Rev. Alexander LeClalro,
Tuesday. „,
IF you buy furniture at Knapp Bros
you can promenade the main streets
In broad daylight with your arm a
round her. v
Al Simpler left the first of the week ™
for Great Bend. Henry Lapidas will
take care *»f his shoeshop while Mr.
Simpler Is gone. m
Mrs. N. Boerhave will open her
millinery department In the Eerkou
& Boerhave Store, In the Van Gelder
building, next week. m
The Lynden Department Store an- j*
nounces its opening of fall and win
ter millinery goods. They give a dis
count of 25 per cent. H|
Mrs. B. P. Shoemaker canned over (
twelve quarts of peaches from a young
tree In their garden, and gave away
quite a quantity besides. 31
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Sam Wynn, ~,
of Bellingham, a ten pound boy, to- a|
day at 10 o'clock. Here's congratula- ti|
tlons to the happy parents. fl
Robbie Hamilton, son of Mr. and
Mrs. Lee Hamilton, of Northwood, _.
burned his feet quite badly yesterday,
walking in the hot ashes of a burned h
log heap. m
For sale: flva lots In West Lynden
two fully improved and good fruit, 1
three are partly Improved, all fenced,
and in good condition. Call at resi
dence.— M. A. Carty. "
There will be a Jury term of court
In November, by request of the pros- j
ecutlng attorney. The most Important
rase on tbe docket now Is that of the
self confessed murderer, Thomas. I
WE HAVE employed a first class
horseshoer. Geo. Freeman, who has I
worked In some of the best horseshoe- i
Ing shops In the United States. All
work guarantee!. Come and see us. , I
B t f Nick Duffner. 1
ADVERTISE In The Tribune.
SUBSCRIBE for The 'Tribune and
get the news.
HAVE your conveyancing done by
Swim and Aldrieh.
James O'Nelt, father of Postmaster
P'Neil, is still very sick.
PIGS, six weeks old, for sale.
1) Vander Griend ltf
Mrs. Milan and Mac spent Sunday
with Mrs. Milan's parents at Everson.
Good Pears wanted —Pingrey Pro
duce Company, llellingham, Wash.
Look up the Little Tin Dinner Pa
ml. In ims paper. Us a Hummer!
.Marion Biehler has just gut la a
full line of Bridge Beech heaters.
FOR SALE —Genuine Strad. Violin
75 years old. Call at R. R. Helder'sj
Ray* Slade went to Bellingham Mon
day and took In the "Clansman," at
WE KEEP track of all the anaps In
real estate. See us before buying.
Swim and Aldrieh.
Mrs. John Zurn of Badger was In
Lynden, Monday, looking for a stray
ed horse.
Save your coupons In the American-
Reveille contest for Daisy Stuart, or
vote them for her.
BOY wants work on farm; is goo
milker, milking preferi cd.-Phone Line
411 Custer, Farmers Phone.
DR. ERB, specialist, Eye, Ear, Nose
and Throat. Glasses fitted. Phone
A 941, Daylight block, Bellingham 2-9
Correspondents of the Tribune should
have their copy in to this office not later
than Tuesday evening.
Two furnished rooms for rent. —Mrs
■Andrew Smith, West Grover Street
-11-4t. pd.
WANTED—Work by day, week, or
lonth, by Deena Dyksterhois. .Calll
t A Gromwers. M-2t|
The firm of Eerkes & Boerhave will
open up a general store in the old
Van gelder building next week.
The home of Mr. and Mrs. Chester
Scott was brightened last Thursday
morning by the arrival of a little
Mrs. R. W. Green' entertained the
Kensington Club hist Friday evening
at Five Hundred. Refreshments were
Jim Inks and John Kelnast came
up yesterday to help Jack Gale cele
brate the opening of the Chink sea
The Farmers Mercantile Co. take
v full page tn this issue to tell of the
merits of the far famed Round Oak
DR. VAN KIRK. Specialist In dis
eases of the EYE, EAR, NOSE.and
THROAT. Glasses accurately fitted..
Bellingham, Wash.
The team belonging to Mr. H. El
snhaaa ran away Tuesduy and threw
him out of the rig. breaking his aroi
Dr. Mulder reduced the fracture.
Lynden hud an example of pure, un
adulterated love the first of the week.'
Stolen honey and cream wouldn't be
half so delicious us a case like this, j
STRAYED —1 red and white bull
2% years old, dehorned, and 1 part
Jersey bull, 1% years old, with horns,
tUiyonj finding either, please take up
and notify at once the Valley Home
office, at Everßon, and receive pay
for services.
The Shady Brook Shingle Mill west
of town, which was damaged by fire
in August Is now rebuilt and running
It started up last Thursday, and to
morrow they expect to begin running
tub a duy and night crew. The own
i and manager, m. w. stone is well
pleased with the future prospects, and
expects to erect a saw mill within the
next year.
The season for public sales Is at
hand. The Tribune Invites your pat
ronage nnd assures you of first-class
work. The value of the Tribune as
an advertising medium is easily rec-
it covers a large territory
In the best part of Whatcom Co.,
at prices that are as low as the low
est. If you contemplate holding a
public sale, bear these facts In mind
and spend your money where it will
bring results.
LYNDEN, OCT. /, 1908
immmmwmmmm — ■■ .urfig* - 1
• ? IF
If all who hate would love us,
And »U our loves were true,
A better world than this is
Would bright.,.,, in the blue;
If cruel words were kisses,
And every scowl a smile, .
A better world than this is
Would hardly be worth while;
If purses would nntighten
To meet a brothers need,
The load we bear would lighten
Above thegrav of greed.
If tho*e who whine would whistle,
And those who languish laugh,
Tbe rose would the thistle,
The grain outrun the chaff;
If hearts were only jolly;
If grieving were forgot,
And tear and melancholy
Were things that now are not-
Then Love- woul I kneel to Duty,
And all the wotl 1 seem
A bridle bower of beauty,
A dream within a dream.
If men would ctese to worry,
And women cease to high,
And all be glad to bury
Whatever has to die—
If neighbor spake to neighbor
As love demands of all,
The rust would (at the saber,
The spear stay on the wall;
Then every day would glisten,
Ana every eye would shine,
And God would pause to listen,
And life would be divine.
\ I —Exchange.
Last week a wireless tekgraphy
station waa established on toe top
ot Byron hotel, In Bellinghsu
LOST—A darkbrown bull whit* " lot
and star in forehead. Flndet i>l »se
notify John C. Anderson and rec Ive
suitable reward. >l Itp
The Lynden Social Club will I ye
their first dance for thla seasuQ at
the Odd Fellows' Hall next Frj ay
evening. All members take nolle*
Mrs. L. A. Wheeler of Arlington,
who has been visiting her daughter,
Mrs. C. B. White and her nHtfra,
Mrs. H. Dillon and Mrs. W. U Ba
ton returned to her home yestenjay.
Miss Audrey Edwards, daugMef of
Mr. J. W. Edwards, has
Holmes Business College of i'oidsnd,
Oregon, where she will take s c< f rmi
In bookkeeping, shorthand nui Q/pe
wrltlng. •
Did you see the loving cuaM on
the street? Did you notice ilie lujppy
attitude they were in? Their reason fo
this, was that they had Jubi bought
a bill of goods at Knapp 1H"» f»rui
ture store.
If you come Into tbe Tribune (|flce
and subscribe for, or pay for a year's
subscription to the dally American or
Reveille, we will send you the Tribune
free for one year, and you will be
helping the Lynden contestant. Miaa
Daisy Stuart.
October 27 the Lynden Graii«» will
have a supper and It la hoi>ed that
all grangers will be present. The
meeting will open with a literary pro
gram, and then will follow the supper.
Menu—Pumpkin pie, doughnuts, sand
wiches and coffee.^jn^
Mrs. J. H. Miller and Mrs. c < K.
Cllne of Lynden and Mrs. Vlctur Roe
der of Bellingham are three »t the
delegates from this county v/no will
attend the Womam's Suffrage stats
convention to be held at Seattle. Fri
day and Saturday of tbla week.
At the Grocers Annual State Con
vention held last week in Beilinghara
two Important measures were adopted.
First they took a firm stand against
the Parcels Post System, and second,
ihey pledged themselves to do all i n
their power to get the Stats to enact
v law forcing employera to puV their
lHborerß weekly.
Little Cordellla Holderman, the two
'and one half year old daughter of
'Mr. and Mrs. C. Holderman passed!
awsy at nine o'clock Tuesday evening,
after nine months of terrible misery
as a result of drinking, aceldently, a
quantity of concentrated lye. Since
the time of the fatal accident, every
thing haa been done to relieve the
terrible pain In which she has been
'II the time, and to cure her, but In
vain. She has been at St. Luke's hos
pital in Bellingham the greater part
of the time. The funeral will take
place at 11 o'clock today at the home
en the road to Everson, and her re
mains will be laid to rest In Lyndon
i Cemetery.
The A. Y. P. Exposition
Fifteen to twenty car loads of ma-
Jterlal are used dally in preparing the
' grounds and buildings for tbe A.V.P.
Exposition at Seattle In 1909.
A feature of the Alaska exhibit will
> be a display of $1,200,000 In real gold
i coln, bullion, dust, nuggets and other
': forma of tbe native state.
I The one-hundredth anniversary of tt
1 discovery of bte Fraser river will com
1 next year. It la proposed to celebrate
the event by propajr observances at tbe
I A.P.Y. fair next year.
• The postponement of the great ex
> position planned at Toklo, Japan, for
■ :!ve years will enable the Japanese to
• devote their time and energy to a
■ greater display.
Canada baa officially accepted tbe
Invitation to Join in the A. P. V
' Invitation to Join lntheA.Y.P. fair next
' summer. She will make an extensive
| exhibit of minerals, ttmber;.ftnita, fish
' and agricultural products.
Five hundred thousand dollars is
being spent on new construction work
extensions and Improvements for the
. street car lines of Seattle to accomo
i date the crowds.
Fifty natives for the Eskimo village
: arrived In Seattle recently. The na
, Uvea brought with them their huts,
i sleds, reindeer, ivory carving tools and
everything that goes to make up al
• complete reproduction of their native
habits. I
J. R. Simonson of the Valley Home
Is the man who ha<J nerve enough to
stand for an unpopular candidate In
this section or the state and thru his
paper do much .towards changing this
sentiment into one of high regard and
esteem for tbe present Republican
Candidate for Qovernor.
Rev. Whitfield leaves
The Epworth league gave a fare
well reception In honor of Rev. and
Mrs. A. J. Whitfield, in the League
room of the M. E. church, Tuesday
evening. It was quite Informal and
the guests spent the time visiting and
playing games. Light refreshments
were served near the close of the ev
ening. A very pleasant time was en
joyed by all.
Judge Tackles big game
Judge Neterer and Assessor Brown.]
of Bellingham, and the Bradley boys 1
opened the game season yesterday with 1
flying colors. The first thing the
Judge did was to tackle a bear in the
woods near Northwood. He shot the
hear two or three times but the orner
beast got away from htm and Brown
before the Bradley boys arrived with
the' doga. |
Celebrate Thirtieth Anniversary
As Wednesday, Sept.. 23 was tbe
thirtieth anniversary of our esteemed
friends and neighbors," Mr. snd Mrs,
A. H. Frasler. a number of the Corps
ladies with well filled baskets gather
ed at the beautiful home of the couple
to help them celebrate their thirtieth
wedding anniversary In a beautiful
manner. Although they, have passed
these thirty years of wedded bliss to
gether lime has not robbed them of
their love or desire for pleasure. Mr.
Frasler seemed for a time at a loss
as to what would be the best plan
for him to pursue, but after collecting
his thoughts decided lo make merry
with the rest of the party. Dlnuer
being announced the goesls together
with the bride und groom of thirty
years were seated at a tuhle groaning
under the weight of good things to
eat. Mrs. P. A. Clarke made the
presentation to the bride of a very
pretty pearl stick pin. ' After dinner
the time was spent very pleasantly in
visiting. Mrs Ada Bruce entertained
with a few fine selections ou the
piano. Mr. Frusler's sister and sou ],
from Tacoma also a sister of Mrs.!
P. A. Clarke, added to the list of
guests. At an early hour each took]
his departure wishing ,Mr. aud Mrs. I
Frasler many happy returns of the
day. and all wishing they might be !
present at their anniversary thirty ,
years hence.
--By one who was Igiere
Editor Nell of Nya % Varlden mad*
this office a visit last Saturday.
John Lemming Is having his home
repapered this week by > A. J. Brown.
Have you seen that Ellington Piano
at Knapp Bros, furniture store? It
is a peach!
DR. TOURNEY—Eyi Ear, Nose,
and Throat, returns toY Bellingham,
October 10.
Last Saturday afternoon, Mrs. A. J.
i Brown lost a $20 bill in the dry-goods
■ department of the Farmers' store but
it was found later by Mrs. Mulder, a
, <derk in that department, and carrlid
to tbe office. Mrs. Brown did not no
nce her loss until after supper in the
I evening, when she told Mr. Brown
land he hurried to town to look for
'the lost money. He was greatly pleas
ed to find it.
Miss Ruth Frasler entertained about
thirty guests last Tuesday evening, in
honor of her cousin, Mr. Alex. Rabbet
of Tacoma. Tbe evening was spent
very pleasantly with games, at the
close of which ice cream and cake
were served and the young people
went home feeling that the Frasler
home was the place to have a royal
good time. Those invited were —
Messrs. Owen Hadley, George Barn
hart, Carl Johnson, Will Fritz, John
Fritz, Raymond Fisher, Bob Ritten
berg, Ray Slade, Roy Clark, Herbert
Oabtree, Irvln Thayer, Cliff Slade,
V. Joyce, Wilder Jones, and Clarenco
I'arnhart, aud Misses Gertrude Barn
hart, Madge McKinnon, Ellen Johnson
Eva Mulder, Lee Bangs, Hilda Br*,
I eten Staight, Cecile Watson, Muttie
Stelnhauer, Lena Daly, Irene Sain,
May Milan, Winifred Ireland, aud
Edna Peahody.
While Mrs. Phiena Moler was in
Sumas last week, she met with quite
a serious accident. She was about ,10
get out of the rig and had stepped on
the ground when the team sturted up
and she was knocked down by JTih
rear wheel. In the fall she broke a
thigh bone aud both bones In Ahe
right forearm. Br. S. S. Howe %us
called to reduce the fracture. Utrs.
Moler was brought to her home in
Lynden and at last accounts seethed
to be doing very nicely.
Basket Social
The Royal Neighbors will Rive a
basket social at Fraterntl Hull, Oc
tober 24th! All are invited. ,
lv the month ot October, the twenty
fourth day,
To Fraternal Hall just wend s/our
Where the Royal Neighbors .will
, have some futi.
And, Incident tally, raise some "mun"
A box for each man will there be
Ita owner you must buy by the
Fourth of a cent for each pound
she weighs
Is what each lady's partner must
If she tips the scale at one hundred
'Twill cost you twenty-nine cents,
I ween.
But If your supply of cash is great
We'll try lo give you a heavyweight.
Mill Makes Record Run
Last Friday Waples shlugle mill
sawed more shingles than it has done
In any one day since its present man
ager, C. E. Holmes, took charge of
It three years ago. The total cut
was 121,000 and two of the saws cut
42,000 apiece. The other is a smaller
saw and did not do quite us well.
Manager Holmes says this mill has
not shut down for over two weeks at
a lime since he has hud charge of it
[•nd that a large part of the Un. <
has run day add night. The average
<<Hily cut of the mill during that lira*
' has been over 70,000 per duy. The
Waples shingle mill Is local ed on the
| Fish Trap creek near the public school
| building, within the city limits. It
iis interesting to know that the mill
was built there some five yeurs ago,
that two thirds of the crew then em
ployed are still working there and
that It has pounded right along, rain
or shine, good times or bad, during
the whole time.
Mrs. Beckstroni bas built a new
kitchen on her home at the corner of
Mh and Orover street a.
KNAPP ItKUS. hnve taken the a
gency for tbe lialdwin Pianos. Talk
with them about planus.
D. Crulkshank moved his family in
to their elegant new bungalow cottage
on east Front street, Monday.
A. J. Drown has Just finished paint
ing the John Edwurda residence a
light gray with white trimmings.
The old home of Jerome Austin
Is being remodeled by Us new owner
C. E. Barnes, Into an up-to-date res
idence with many of the latest im
provements. It will be a beautiful
place when finished, surrounded as
H is by lush m Has orchard.
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