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Farms for Sale
40 acres fine clay, all cleared, good house, barn,
orchard and outbuildings; on good road *r rAfl
dose in. Price with crop pOpOUU
66 acres river bottom, new house, barn, ill Ann
and orchard—a fine place. Price i/jUUU
40 acres clay,all cleared.gocd buildings, *n AAA
close in—fine place. Price QD|UUU
40 acres unimproved clay land. Price $550
Houses in town from $550 up to $2,500
Town lots from $60 up.
t3F~We have a long list of farms for sale.
W. I. Baker (EL Company
Items from Wiser
Mr. Marquart sold his place for
$4,500 last week.
W. H. Dorr Is back from the East
He says he saw some fine farming
land but there Is no place that suits
him like Whatcom County.
Messrs. Shoups, Frost, Farwell, and
Charlie Bartlett spent Friday and Sat
urday at Birch Bay. As the tide was
wrong the supply of clams was lim
Mr. De Jong attended to business
in Lynden one day last week.
Mr. aud Mrs. Paul Belcoe were bus
iness callers in Lynden, Friday.
Mr. and Mrs. P. A. Brooks enjoyed
a very pleasant day at the mountains
Mr. A. Thell received a carload of
tiling and is very busy hauling it to
his place.
Miss Bertha Boeringer from Green
wood called on Miss Hannah Ulauk
eufoith, Sunday.
A party of young folks called on
Krouse's Saturday evening and passed
a very pleasant evening in playing
games. Those present were: Misses
Myrtle Davis, Mattie Fullner, Lola
liavis, Fae Krouse, and Fern Krouse;
and Messrs. Russet, Ross Davis, and
Karl Brooks.
Delta and Sunny Side
C. R. Axllng and family visited at
ibe A. E. Baldwin home, Sunday.
Mabel Plank visited at the C. Eric
son home, Saturday and Sunday.
P. A. Axllng went to Bellingham
last Friday to visit several days.
Clarence Freden of Bellingham,
spent Sunday at the Wheeler home.
Mr. and Mrs. A. G. Freden spent
Saturday aud Sunday In Bellingham.
The Busy Bee Sewing Society met!
•vita Mrs. C. P. Nelson, last Thurs- 1
"ay. j
Joe Axllng and Miss Currie, of
Kerndale, visited in this neighborhood
Thiirnfl&v and Fririav. I
There will be a Sunday School In
stitute held at the Delta church next
Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. All
are cordially invited to attend.
The bear hunters returned home last
Saturday very tame. They have no
thrilling adventures to relate; but if
they had seen a bear, my, what would
have happened. That is all right boys
you did well for the fust time and
Mr. Randall can give you all tbe in
formation you with about fishing.
Mr. G. W. Whipple is also cutting
wood for himself, this week and last.
Mr. Joe Whipple is cutting wood for
C. L. Hamilton on the Worth place
this week.
Mr. L. E. Whipple and family of
Rotton Row were visitors at G. W.
Whipple's of Northwoud, Sunday.
The people of this vicinity started
up tbe literary last week. The first
meeting was held in tbe old school
house, Friday night.
The Boerlnger threshing machine
did the threshing at Northwood last
week. The largest setting was 1200
bushels at William Moffat's.
FOR SALE—Good cow, giving milk,
Inquire of T. H. Smith. 3tpd.
Billle Peters spent Sunday with hla
Christie Boerlnger called on Lena
Klsner, Sunduy afternoon.
Edward Peters was a business visit
or in Bellingham Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. Freudenberg spent
Sunday with friends in Bellingham.
Greenwood was well represented at
the Concert in Lynden, Saturday night
Elsie Oltmans entertained a few of
her little friends Sunday In honor of
tier birthday.
Boys! get your old saws and guns
ready for the charivari. The wedding
bells will ring soon.
Mr. and Mrs. Eisner went to Bell-
Mlh'.alll .-I'.ir'lfiy to i.'i>'!)'l Mr. aud
Mrs. Broken's silver wedding.
An entertainment and box social
will be given at the Greenwood school
house, Friday evening, Oct. 16. The
boys are requested to bring their
purses, and the ladies to bring boxes.
Ron's Mill had a close call, Sunday
morning. One of (he men was awak
ened by tbe noise and upon arising
found tbe mill on fire. After an hour's
bard fight the flames were extinguish
ed but not until some damage hud
been done.
A. C. Palmer was a Ferndale, vis-,
itor, Monday.
Mr. Anderson and Miss Palmer took
a pleasant drive to Blame, Sunday.
Mrs. Nellie Nace of Custer, was a
Saturday visitor in this neighborhood.
Mrs. Scrimger and daughter, Evelyn,
spent Thursday with Mrs. Giles in
Mr. and Mrs. C. H. King and Leon
spent Sunday at the W. W. Palmer
home at Falrvlew.
Mr. M. F. Palmer, Mr. and Mrs. G. A.
Palmer took dinner Sunday with Mr.
and Mrs. J. H. Swope.
A few friends gathered at the Free
man home Friday evening and enjoyet
a very pleasant evening.
Mr. and Mrs. Litton are entertain
ing their eldest son, who has been
living east of the mountains.
Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Vaughn and
daughters, Bert Nace and George Krle
der are upending a few days In Cus
Mr. Freeman, who has spent the
I ast two years in this neighborhood,
moved his family to Feindale, Mon
An Ancient Joke of Which There Are *
Many Modern Versions. *
The following tale was translated
from a very old Chinese book for Col- w(
Iter's Weekly: I
A certain magistrate upon opening f
his court observed oue of bis llctors
whose face was covered with wounds j}
and SSked him what was the matter.
Replied tbe lietor. "Yesterday evening Jjj
I was reclining and enjoying the fresh .
air under my grape arbor, which was
suddenly upset by v gust of wind and
fell ou me and caused these injuries."
But the Judge was skeptical and
said: "That is too tblu. It is easy to
ace that tbe marks on your face are wl
from Scratches from nails. It must be, ™
that you have had a row with your
wife aud gjt a clawing from her. Is
this not so?" _
The lictor crimsoned all over and re .
piled. "Your honor bus truly guessed f
Then said the Judge: "Why is your #
wife so fierce lis this? Walt till I sum- S
mon her and give her a beating and •
you your revenge." •
While he was yet speaking tbe Judge's 9
own wife suddenly came out from tbe X
bouse and fiercely said. "Who Is this *
you are going to lieat?" •
Tbe magistrate hastily announced to •
the llctors and tTng cb'nl tPsi "This Z
court stands adjourned. Disperse in- •
stantly. it seems as though the court*a 1
grape arbor is also about to collapse!" '
"" crossing the line.
Old N.ptun. and th. Anci.nt Ore*
of the De«p. „
Th. ccmnony of "crossing tte im«
to • rery much more elaborate, sßs
nowadays than it ever bas been despn
the fact that Neptune lay H * • a
celebration that Its origin la
history. hT
When old Neptune, impersonated W
a sailor, makes his appearance on a
American battleship oowadaya wue
the vessel reaches latitude 0 degrse.
0 minute. 0 second, to Initiate tw
tackles who have ne'er crossed w>
fine before into the mysteries sad
membership of the Ancient Order m
the Deep be Is accompanied DM"
wlf«. Amphltrlte. another sailor iD«
are both dressed fantastically '»
clothes which have been designed auu
worked upon ever since the ftmw
sailed. How they get on board Is un
known, at least to the captain, wao
meets theni and gives them permis
sion to go ahead. An Immense taa*
made of canvas Is rigged up. aud bore
the Initiation of sll the candidates
tskes place. Devices for getting «•
candidate Into the tank vary on dif
ferent ships snd on different OfiCS
slons. Often he Is simply picked up
and thrown in. Frequently be Is
made to sit down la a "barbers
chair close to the edge of the tank,
and wbeu as much soap as pOSSiNS
has been put Into his moutb and eye'
be is tipped over backward. General)?
the soup has been mixed with tar,
coal oil and many other Ingredients
and is impartially applied from tbe
waist up, ao that tbe bath la needed.
In tbe tank tbe csndldste la attend
ed, sometimes by "bears" with sbaggy
coats made of unraveled rope aud
sometimes by "cops" who set as tae
king's assistants and see tbat tbe can
dldate is held under water longenougb
to know It.
It Is a great frolic, prepared for days
In advance, and when It la over tbe
certificate is Issued and tbe candidates
are free to get themselves aa clean as
tbey can before tbe nest roll call.-
Pblladelphla Record.
The Effect Upon the World's Cropt
Would Be Disastrous.
If all tbe condensed moisture of tbe
atmosphere were to fall as rain sod ,
none of it waa anow hundreds of tbou- |
sands of square miles of tbe earth
surface now yielding bountiful crept
would be little better than a desert
Tbe tremendous economic gain for tbe
world at large which results from tbe
difference between snow and rain U I
seldom realised by the Inhabitants or
fertile and well watered lowlands.
It la in the extensive regions where
Irrigation Is a, prime necessity In sg- j
rlculture tbst tbe special uses of snow
come chiefly Into view. All throngs
the winter tbe snow Is falling upon the
mountains and packing; Itself firmly erf
the ravines. Thus in nature's great j
Icehouse a supply of moisture is stored '
up' for the following summer.
All through the warm months tbe I
hardened snow banks are melting j
gradually. In trickling streams they ,
steadily feed tbe riven which as they |'
flow through the valleys are utilised ■
for Irrigation. If this moisture fell as ,
rain it would almost Immediately wash
down through the rivers, which would
hardly be fed at all In tbe summer
when the crops most needed water.
These facta are so well known as to
be commonplace In tbe Salt Lake val
ley and In tbe subarhl regions of tbe
west generally. They are not so well
understood In New Jersey or Ohio,
where snow is sometimes a pictur
esque, sometimes a disagreeable, fea
ture of winter.
In all parts of the country the notion
prevails that the snow la of great value
as a fertilizer. Scientists, however, are
Inclined to attach less imports noe to
Its service In soil nutrition—for soma
regions that have no snow are exceed
ingly fertile—than to lta worth as a
blanket during tbe months of blgb
winds. It prevents tbe blowing off of
tbe finely pulverized richness of tbe
top soli. Tbts, although little per
ceived, would often be « great loss-
Chicago Tribune.
Tims Reminders Unpopular.
A west side woman who wished to
entertain v grent deal one day won
dered why her guests always seemed
so uncomfortable.
"It Is because of your clocks." said
a cuudld frleud. "There are three
within bearing distance of your draw
ing room that strike. I don't know
of anything that makes company feel
quite so uncomfortable as to bear S
clock strike. Somehow It Is bound to
give the Impression that we have out
stayed our welcome and tbe hostess
Is anxious to get rid of us. Of course
that Is purely a matter of fancy, ye*
somehow a striking clock always seems
to say, 'You'd better be going.' Tbe
wise hostess knows that, and If fibs
wants her callers to be thoroughly
comfortable she shuns a clock tbat
atrlkes."-New York Times.
City Drug Store
E. Ed son. Prop.
Prescriptions a Specialty
R p M DR - K OCH'S
»ol« agency for genuine Im
ported Harlem Oil
Price 25 cents.
JOHN P. PILON, agent.
For sale at
Dr. Jacob Smith
o'seasec of Moo
Rooms 203-4-5-6, Sunset Block
Telephone Main 300
Solon Richard Boynton, M.D.
Lighthouse Block, Bellingham, Wash
Phout: Office. 2231 ana 8102
Residence, Mud snd AI4I
Suroeon and Physician
Bed Front Block. Bellingham
DR. S. 8. Howe,
c Physician and Surgeon,
Office over Bank.
Lynden - - Washington
Dr. O. H. Whales
Offlc* OT*r Bank
Lynden, W»lh.
Fresh Bread, Pies and I
Cakes Always On Hand.
Physician and Surgeon,
llldl' '— tirm to dUMoaei of tha
«y«, now anil threat
Uadaa • ■ WMk "
Prices Moderate
Sitting of Stamps with each
dozen Cabinet Photos
Taking Residences a Specialty
to Al Simpiers* Hospital
and get them doctored.
All work neatly and
promptly dune
Al. A. Simmer, Prop.
A Dainty Combination.
"Yen can't tell," said uncle to us;
"you can't tell Feller I know that's
a aesthetic artist-know whst be does 7
He smokes thewln' terbaccer In s
pipe thafs made o' rubber. Honest
he does. An' be claims his health M
dtiicut!"-Cleveland Leader.
Builders' Hardware. Mill Supplies. The Famous
Brand of "Champion" Stump Powder.
Thm 1
The First National Banki
of Bellingham, Waah.
Capital $200,000.00
In Our Savings Department
We Pay 4 per oont Vim Pay
Interest Compounded Semi-Annually
A Savings Account is the stepping stone to future in
Every class of business entrusted to our oare receives
the personal attention of both President and Cashier.
when In Bellingham
Call on
for Dry Goods
Motion*, ladle*' mod Men* Uaderwear
mod Other FurnHHlmmym
Oomlort; Blanket*, Cto., Eto.
Is always in the market for Seef, Hogs, Mutton,
Veal and Toultry, and Pays the Highest Market Price.
Eggs taken in Exchange for Meat at all times.
Fish every Friday.
Give us your Trade and w will guarantee you
Satisfaction. Vhone 60.
Cures Sand Cracks, Quarter Cracks and Contracted
Feet. All Work Guaranteed.
Professional Funeral Directors
Licensed Embalmers
CalU From All Parts of Whatcom County Promptly Answered
We Carry the Lar«eii Stock of Funeral Furnishings in the Northwest.
Our Modernly Equipped Funeral Parlors are Situated In t»ie Maple
Block, 1055 Elk Strket. Bellingham, Wash. Both Pnones.
General Blacksmithing and
Repair Shop
Horseshoeing a Specialty

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