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Monday, February 3, 1913.
The Board of County Commissioners
met pursuant to adjournment taken
on January 23d, 1913. Present, C. B.
Legoe, chairman; J. G. Kemper and
Henry Shagren, Commissioners; Will
D. Wallace, clerk of the board, in at
tendance. The following claims were
allowed and proceedings had:
Current Expense Fund.
Salaries of auditor and assist
ants $601.00
Salaries of prosecuting attorney
and assistants 323.33
Salaries of county clerk and
assistants .. 358.33
Salaries of treasurer and assist
ants 4fi6.00
Salaries of sheriff and assist
ants 337.12
Salaries of assessor and assist
ants 193.25
Salaries of engineer and assist
ants 185.50
Salaries of Supt. of County
schools and assistant 240.00
Salaries of Supt. county home
and assistants 195.75
Ed. E. Hardin, salary as- su
perior judge 125.00
W. H. Pemberton, do., IS days 72.55
C. B. Legoe, salary as county
commissioner, 3-5 month 90.00
J. G. Kemper, do 150.00
Henry Shagren, do., 3-5 month 90.00
D. W. Featherkile, salary as
justice of peace 100.00
Henry C. Beach, do 100.00
Harrison Cowden, salary as
constable 60.00
Fred V. Shute, salary as county
physician 83.33
H. C. Thompson, Balary as cor
oner, 3-5 month 50.00
D. P. Day, salary as Supt. char
ities 25.00
M. E. White, salary as Prob.
officer 6C.GO
Chas. E. Thomas, salary as jan
itor 75.00
Margaret Davis, transc. exam.
report on Blame 12.25
Mr 3. Freda Hansen, scrubbing
courthouse 10,00
G. H. Abers, tending Femdale
bridge 5.00
Hugh Eldridge, postage stamps
for county offices 60.00
Eagnn Ridenour, court report
ing 75.00
Puget Sd. T., L. & P. Co.. gas
and electric light for Jan
uary 135.50
Henry Shagren, expense as
county commissioner 6.45
H. D. McArthur, expense as as
sessor 20.9:>
M. E. White, expense as proba
tion officer 2.05
Delia L. Keeler, expense as
Supt. of Schools 12.40
L. A. Thomas, expense as
sheriff 99- 56
L. A. Thomas, board of prison
oners 213.60
Roland G. Gnmwoll. balance
due on hall rent, prim, elec,
4w 2p 2.00
W. B, Hutchinson Co., silk robe
for Judge Pemberton 55.00
Senate Cafe, meals for jurors.... 136.10
Senate Cafe, meals for jurors,
ac. Skagit Bank case 148.80
Seth A. Atwood, glass for Co.
engineer 6.53
Miss M. L. llesancon, wit., State
vs. Wm. Shetler 3.00
Miss Jennie Deichman, do 3.00
Miss Edna Cook, do 3.00
J. F. Clendonen, do 3.00
B, P. Shoemaker, J. P., State
vs. John Snider 2.00
John Tebrink, do., const 2.70
L. D. Wilmot, J. P., State vs.
C. D. Hilton 8.00
S. B Hughes, J. P., do 2.75
B. N. Kingsley, const., do 3.20
George Yeager, wit., do 3.00
Lester Hilton, wit, do 3.00
1,. D. Wilmot, J. P., State vs.
Albert Roberts S.BO
B, N. Kingsley. const., do 3.75
Geo. Calne, wit., do 2.10
J. B. Hardeman, wit, do 2.10
Mahalath Roberts, wit, do 2.10
John P. Knuehmann, J. P. State
vs. C. J. Wells 8.00
H. Slneß, const., do 2.20
John P. Knuehmann, J. P. State
vs. A. Pickering jj' 2 '"'
H. Sines, const., do 7.95
QUI Norstrom, scalp bounty on
1 wild cat ».Q0
W. R. Goodwin, do 6..00
J. Johnson, do »M
E. Goodwin, do • ' on
G. W. Read, do r >- 00
Milo Gay, scalp bounty on 2
wild cats 10 00
W. T. Hatton, do 1° 00
Harry Carlson, do I°- 00
Chas Denson. do JO.OO
Albert Leckvold, do 10.00
A M. Burnside, scalp bounty on
8 wild cats 40.00
Fred Everett, Int. on CD. 11582
General Bridge Fund.
Dora V. Halsted, operating the
Marietta ferry 55 00
Game Protection Fund.
R. H. Bonney, Salary as Supt.
trout hatchery 70.00
H Slater, work on trout hatch
ery :! "
Lester Wycoff, do > r ..00
J. D. Custer, supplies for trout
hatchery 14,n
J. M. Aitken. exp. as game war
den 8 ™
Towner Ptg. Co.. printing hun
ters' licenses 9 "°
Morse Hdw. Co.. return of hun
ters' licenses 7.00
Geo. Minick, refund of dupl.
hunters' license 1-00
Lynden Co-Operative Co., wheat
"for game birds Wt oo
Soldiers' Relief Fund.
Wm. Hi Pinckney, relief for
Jacob Worthington 12.00
T. J. Spobn, hall rent for Rey
nolds Post No. 32 (3 m 0.).... 24.00
Marriage Certificate Fund.
Samuel E. Leltch, recording
marriage ctfs 35.00
Claim of J. M. Jones for reward In
re liquor case was refused by the
Orders were made canceling 1906-7
tax on Lot 11, blk 11, Nooksack City
.church property), and cancelling the
1909-10-11 tax on lot 1, blk. 27, Lynden
(church property.
Board adjourned to meet on Tues
day, Feb. 4, 1913.
February 4, 1913.
The noard met pursuant to adjourn
ment taken on Monday, February 3,
1913. Present, all members of the
Board and the clerk In attendance.
The following claims were allowed and
proceedings had:
Current Expense Fund.
Nellie C. Rogers, expense as
county treasurer $ 2.55
Charles E. Phoenix, expense as
deputy county engineer 5.60
U. P. Day, expense as Supt. of
charities . 9.50
Fred V. Sftute, livery expense
for January 45.00
Fred V. Shute, R. R. tickets for
county patients 41.00
Dr. Wm. C. Keyes, assisting
county physician 60.00
Dr. W. W. Ballaine, do 10.00
Dr. L. It. Sims, reg. births and
deaths for Blame 8.25
St. Luke's Hospital, care of
county patients 110.00
St. Joseph s Hospital, do 136.00
Graham & Munch, medicine for
county patients 81.0 ft
U, D. P. Collins, do 22.98
Fngberg's Pharmacy, do 15.50
Red Cross Pharmacy, do 114.15
A. G. Wickman, burial of county
charge 25.00
Mock & Hill, do 25.00
H. B. Potter, do 37..00
B. B, Grocery Co., groceries for
indigents 7.60
Holly Grocery, do 26.85
Mt. Baker Grocery, do 5.00
R. H. Diezman, do 3.90
J. A. Worthington, do 13.60
Ennen, Goodman & Co., do 18.00
East End Grocery, do 20.00
Ireland & Pancoast, do 11.85
Brown & Cole, Inc., do 11.95
Columbia Grocery, do 5.00
Short Merc. Co., do 19.10
Fischer & Isaacs, do 6.70
Central Groc. & Meat Mkt., do. 10.00
Custer Merct. Co, do 10.00
Wilson & Brawn, do 7.50
Golden Rule Merct. Co 32.00
J. F. Drake, do 10.00
Danielson & Runolfson, do 5.00
Cain Bros., do 5.90
The Leader, do 10.00
Farmers' Merct. Co., do 5.00
Mrs. M. A. Long, care of indi
gent 8.00
Olof Glad, do 8.00
Una Frederkson, do 10.00
Mrs. M. L. Mayfield. do 18.00
S. G. Mather, clothing for indi
gent 10.05
I. ynden Co-Operative Co., do 14.34
Nooksack River Mill Co.,
house rent for Indigent 10.00
T. F. Bevans, agt., do 10.50
F. J. Mouso, tubs for indigent.... 1.50
Morse Hdw. Co., stove for indi
gent 10.00
A. E. Long, agt., S. S. tickets
for indigent family 72.95
P. S. T., L. & P. Co., tickets for
purors 40.00
Dlehl & Simpson, rep. and sup.
for county auto 54.05
W. D. McLeod, carpenter work
in treasurer's office 1.45
Trunkey & Sons, fuel for court
house 72.50
Franklin Haworth, J, P. State
vs. W. H. Harrison, et al 13.00
J. M. Stinnett, const., do 19.20
llurbert Tinker, wit., do 2.20
Edward Allen, wit, do 2.20
Belmont Henderkson, wit., do. .. 2.20
Clifford Marcy, wit., do 2.20
H. Mosher, wit, do 2.20
E. A. Mohler, wit, do 2.20
Walter McR. Miller, scalp boun
ty on 3 wild cats 15.00
General Bridge Fund.
.Toe Jones, removing log jam in
Nooksack River 100.00
The January report of F. V. Shute,
county physician, was endorsed ap
proved by the Board.
The County Engineer was directed
to make an examination of the ditch
petitioned for by W. J. Deem, et al.
Commissioners Legoe and Shagren
signed a resolution offering a reward
of $50.00 for furnishing of evidence
to prosecuting attorney leading to ar
rest and conviction of any person, etc.,
tor violating liquor law.
On motion the Board adjourned to
meet on Wednesday, February 5, 1913.
February 5, 1913.
The Board mot pursuant to adjourn
ment taken on February 4, 1913.
Present, all members of the Board
and the clerk in attendance. The
following claims were allowed and
proceedings had:
Current Expense Fund.
Will D. Wallace express on sui>-
plies for office $ 1.35
Harrison Cowden, expehse as
constable 6.36
P. A. Miller, expense as Supt.
county home 19.00
Grand Union Tea Co., supplies
for county home 17.00
W. J. Pynor, feed and supplies
for county home 26.30
H. Smith, beef for county home 38.80
A. W. Bell, do 18.30
J. W. Austin, stock for county
home 35.00
Dr. M. B. Rice, vet. services act.
stock county home 5.50
F. E. Wyman. services to pros- '
ecuting attorney 44.00
Union P., B. & S. Co., supplies
for J. P., $15.00; Aud., $15-
--.55; Treas., $266.25; Asses
sor, $158.50; Supt., $41.70 545.00
Towner Ptg. Co., ptg. and sups,
for Aud., $84.60; Treas., $21
.25; Comrs., $4.75; Assessor,
$5.50 116.10
Griggs Sta. & Prtg. Co., prtg.
& supp. for Aud., $28.60; At
ty.. $91.70; Eng.. $19.50; Co. \
Supt, $9.35 149.15
Selby Harrlß Co, supplies to
Aud., $28.30; Atty., $14.18 37.98
The Irwin Hodson Co., station
cry tor sheriff, $6.75, and
pudges, $43.00 49.75
Heck & McElfatrick. carbon for
Treas, $42.41, and Atty., $7
.50 49.91
Anstett Ptg. Co., 2 court dock
ets 52.00
O. C. Armstrong, rubber stamps
etc., for Treas., $5.80, and
Aud., $19.25 25.05
B. B. Furniture Co., bed and
bedding for jury room 23.65
N. W. Hdw. Co., varnish for
court house 2.95
Rives & Clark, elect, supps.
for court house 19.75
Graham & Munch, supps. for
jail 6.25
New Method Cascade Laundry,
laundry for Jail 11.90
Pacific Steam Laundry, do 6.95
The January report of P. A. Miller,
Sujt. of county home, was endorsed
approved by the Board.
The Board made an order approv
ing the plat of Maple Beach Addition.
Commissioners Legoe and Shagren
signed a resolution permitting Frank
W. Bixby, prosecuting attorney, to
associate with him as counsel for the
State In trial of State vs. Frank I. Se
frit, the firm of Hadley, Hadley & Ab
bott; said members of the Board en
tered into a contract with said law
firm whereby said Hadley, Hadley &
Abbott shall receive no compensation
from said Whatcom County for ser
On motion the Board adjourned to
meet on Thursday, February 6, 1913.
Thursday, February 6, 1913.
The Board met pursuant to adjourn
ment taken on February 5, 1913.
Present, all members of the Board and
the clerk in attendance. The follow
ing claims were allowed.
Current Expense Fund.
Pacific Tel. & Tel. Co., rentals
for February $ 35.00
do., long distance for Jan 7.55
Postal Tel-Cable Co., telegrams
for auditor 55
G. L. Morgan, blanks (or the
sheriff 13.75
The Lynden Tribune, publ. for
Aud., $20.96, and Treas, $6.42 27.3S
Larson Livery & Trf., livery for
constable, $12.50, and ambu
lance for county patient,
$3.00 15.50
Pioneer Livery Co., Bvery for
sheriff 6.50
Kverson Livery & Trf., livery
for sheriff, $1.00, and coun
ty supt., $4.00 5.00
Kennedy «s Quirt, livery for
sheriff 4.00
Lynden Livery, livery for con
stable, $3.00, and county
Supt., $15.00. and Eng., $2 20.00
H. G. Steams, groceries for
indigent 6.00
R. E. Kirkham, do 3.05
Klnsey-Stenvig Groc. Co., do 5.00
Edwin Peterson, do 10.00
Stenger Fuel Co., wood for in
digents 5.00
On motion the Board adjourned to
meet on Friday, Feb. 7, 1913.
Friday, February 7, 1913.
The Board met pursuant to adjourn
ment taken on February 6, 191 S.
Present, all members of the Board and
the clerk in attendance. The follow
ing claims were allowed and proceed
ings had:
Current Expense Fund.
Dorothy Wallace, grading ex
am, papers for county Supt. 15.00
Mrs. Herman P. Smith, do 15.00
n. M. Davenport, do 11.25
B. N. Kingsley, 3erv and exp.
Pros. Atty 8.30
J. McClintock, exp. as wit.
from B. C. in Fitzgerald case 31.10
E. R. Rixon, do 31.10
W. J. Ferguson, do 15.C0
Geo. Adlam, J. P., State vs.
D. A. Griffin, et al 4.75
Elwod Warlnner, const., do 10.85
Ira Riarson, wit., do 2.20
J. D. Kline, wit, do 4.20
Clyde Cook, do 4.20
Leroy Doadman, do 4.20
J. D. Perry, do 4.20
Frank Glbony, do 4.20
General Bridge Fund.
Clark & Giblin, material and
tools 4.05
Road and Bridge Fund.
John W. Hardan, labor on
bridge on NW Diag. ltd..
(foreman) 29.25
A. Burnett, do ...... 14.30
Dick Sullivan, do 14.30
Lester Hardan. do 14.30
C. G. Clifton, do 14.30
Oscar Hougan, do 14.30
Loy Hardon, do. (team) 44.00
M. M. Shetler, do. .team) 15.40
Glen Rodenberger, clearing jam
Anderson Creek 1.10
C. A. Rodenberger, labor on cul
vert 1.10
John Smith, do 1.10
Geo. Hllllard, do 2.20
Arthur Dewey, do _.. 2.20
H. B. Lewis, do 2.20
Geo. Loomis, do 1.10
Lewis Beebe, labor on NE Di
ag. Rd. (team) 2.20
C. H. Beebe, do 2.60
Wm. Sarland, labor on McLeod
road • 800
C. Wallace, do 8.00
R. J. Kolb do 8.00
J. Atkins, do 8.00
C. Szymanskl, do 8.00
D. Burch, do 2.00
C. H. Schuett, labor on Road
No. 139 30.00
J. S. Austin, inspector on G. M.
bridge 60.00
Lynden Township, bridge plank 50.00
Morse Hdw. Co., spikes, etc 17.31
Morse Hdw. Co.. cable and
clamps for ferry 18.52
C. J. Burget, repairs for pile
driver 2.30
C. M. Mosher, repairing don
key engine 20.00
Frank Arones, do 5.50
iJno. H. Lyman, do. 5.50
! Whatcom Mach. Depot, do 23.75
Larson Livery ft Trf., freight
and drayage on shaft and
gearing 2.55
The Board signed orders canceling
the 1912 personal tax against Wm. F.
Roehr, M. Brenner, 8. E. Carr (Fair
Dept. Store), Anna Downs, Mattie L.
Mayfield, Prlncllla Needlecraft Shop.
A. A. Rogers, and timber en 23-30-4E,
Green Aldridge, and Wm. Cleary.
these all being double assessments
and exemptions.
The depository bonds of First Na
tional Bank and of Northwestern Na
tional Bank were endorsed approved
by the Board.
The Board adjourned to meet on
Saturday, February 8, 1913.
Saturday, February 8, 1913.
The Board met pursuant to adjourn
ment taken on February 7, 1913.
Present, all members of the Board and
the clerk in attendance. The follow
ing claims were allowed and proceed
ings had:
Current Expense Fund.
Frank I* Mitten, salary and
exp. as state examiner $136.35
H. J. Hunt, do 133.40
Albert Leckvold, scalp bounty
on 1 wild cat I 5.00
Charles Reed, scalp bounty on
3 wild cats 15 00
Senate Cafe, meals for jurors
acct. Skagit County case 152.80
Bellingham Publ. Co., publ. no
tice to taxpayers 3.60
Whatcom County Humane So
ciety, maintenance 15.00
Soldiers' Relief Fund.
Hiram N. Goodell, relief of Hl-
Hlram N. Goodell 15.00
Chas. F. Bond, burial of Mary
E. Bond 50.00
The engineer's preliminary report
on ditch petitioned for by W. J. Deem
et al., was filed with the board and
an order signed directing engineer to
majso soryey, etc.
An order was made allowing C. E.
Flint, district horticultural Inspector,
an assistant for two months.
C. C. King was appointed Buperin
tendant of the county home, and Mrs.
King was appointed matron of said
The 1912 personal tax against D. A.
Hoffman on exemption and the 1912
tax on Lot 1 and W 1-2 NE 1-4
SE 1-4, 27-39-4 E was reduced.
Application of Chas. Wood for pool
table license at Maple Falls was
granted by the Board.
On motion the Board adjourned to
meet on Saturday, February 15, 1913.
Saturday, February 16, 1913.
The Board met pursuant to adjourn
ment taken on February 8, 1913.
Present, all members of the Board and
the clerk in attendance. The follow
ing claim was allowed tnd proceedings
Current Expense Fund.
C. H. Walt, care of juvenile
prlsonera I 4 <IP O
The depository bond of Northwest
ern State Bank for $10,000, and the
depository bond of State Bank of
Blame for $5,000 were endorsed ap
proved by the Board.
The petition of the Goshen Lumber
Co. to construct and maintain a log
ging road across county road No. 83
and county road known as NE Diag
onal road, was granted by the Board
subject only to the consent and ap
proval of the Public Service Commis
sion of the State of Washington.
Monday, February 17, 1913.
The Board met pursuant to ad
journment taken on February 15, 1913.
Present, all members of the Board
and the clerk In attendance. The fol
lowing proceedings were had:
The Board of County Commissioners
canvassed the votes In the Drainage
District No. 2 election and found that
there were cast 21 votes for establish
ment and four votes against said es
tablishment. Claude Maguire, San
ders Schneider and George Cram re
ceived the highest number of votes
for commissioners of said district. The
Hoard then entered an order declaring
said Drainage District No. I establish
ed and declaring said Claude Mc-Ouire,
Sanders Schneider and Geo. Grain
elected as commissioners of said
drainage district.
On motion the Board adjourned to
meet on Monday, March 3, 1913.
Sealed bids will be received up
to and opened on Monday, March
10, 1913. at 4 o'clock P. M. at
the office of Chas. B. Sampley, in
Lynden, for the erection of a con
crete building for the Bauman Im
plement Co. Plans and specifi
cations can be seen at the office
of Chas. B. Sampley. The right
to reject any und all bids is re
served. Five per cent bond to
be furnished with bids.
By A. A. Bauman, Pres't
Notice is hereby given that the
annual meeting of Delta Township
Whatcom County, Washington, foi
the election of town officers, the
establishing of rules and regula
tions, and the transaction of ull
other matters and things that may
come before said meeting, as by
law provided, will be held at Hofr
man Hall, en Tuesday, March 4
1913. In said township. Said meet
ing will be opened at any
time between 9 and 10 o'clock
in the forenoon of said day
and will close at four o'clock in
the afternoon.
Dated this 19th day of Februa
ry. 1913.
Clerk of Delta Township, Whatcom
County. Washington. 2-20-2 L
Notice is hereby given that the
annual meeting of Lynden Town
ship. Whatcom County, State ol
Washington, for the election of town
officers, the establishing of Rules
and Regulations, and the transac
tion of all other matters and things
that may come before such meet
ing, as iy law provided, will be
held Tuesday. March 4th, 1913, at
the Town Hall, In said Township.
Said meeting will be open at nine
o'clock in the forenoon of said day.
Dated this 18th day of Februa
ry. 1913.
Clerk of Lynden Township, What
com County. Washington. 2-20-2t
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