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New League Will Elect President
In Lynden Friday Night; Adopt
Election of a president, treas
urer and hoard of control of the
Whatcom County Tax Limit
League, will be held at the Lyn
den High School Friday evening
at eight o'clock. The league was
formally organized Saturday at
Hawley's Hall hero.
Henry Shagren of Lynden was
elected vice-president of the org
anization, and Thomas Cole of j
Hellingham secretary. The fol
lowing constitution was adopted:
Article 1
Tho name of this organization
shall bo the "Whatcom County
Tax Limit Leagle."
Article ii
Declaration of Principles
\ We believe- that the cost of
government should be shared by
ail who enjoy its protection and
We believe it to be the duty
of every citizen or person to pay
his jusi share of the cost of gov
ernment according to its benefits, i
We favor a taxing system
Which will encourage the owner- !
ship of land for farms and homes,
ratlin- than for speculation; a
system which will encourage the
improvement of land rather than
penalize those who make it pro- j
ductive; a system which will en
courage investments iv develop
ing our many resources, rather
than investing in outside secur- j
The history of real property
in the State of Washington dur
ing recent years proves conclu
sively that it has suffered and is
suffering from excessive and mi
just burdens of taxation, which
have greatly depreciated it, val-|
ue, and in thousand* of instances i
resulted In its confiscation.
As a continuation Of the pres- j
ent policy or the sUite In regard
to taxation will inevitably result
in the confiscation of so much
property that a change will be
necessary in order that sufficient
revenue may be raised to support
and sustain government, we deem
It a duty both to ourselves and j
the state to bring about a change
before it is forced by confiscation
to the property now carrying the
bulk of the burden.
. We believe that a forty mill
r levy on a 50 per cent valuation \
h the limit of taxation which real
property can bear and retain its;
legitimate value. We therefore j
declare that the forty mill limit
of taxation on property for all
purposes shall be fixed by act of
legislature, and that such ad
dttlonal revenues as may be need
ed for the support of government
bo derived from other sources,
and that an amendment to con
stitution if necessary be made,
provided, however, that any sub
division of the state may by a
majority vote of its tax payers
make additional tax levies.
Article B—League Objects
Section 1. to demand such leg
islation as shall bring into effect
the principles expressed in these
Section 2, to advise property
owners of Whatcom county con
concerning our unjust taxing sys- ■
tern, and stimulate a desire to
force such legislation as shall
bring relief. —
Sec tion 3, to elect members to
the legislature who are unqual
ifiedly pledged to give diligent
support, to such legislation as
will give early relief to property j
and bring about the objects as
set forth in these declaration of;
Article 4—Politics
The league shall be non-parti- |
san, its efforts shall in no case
he used to further the interests
of any political party.
Hero From Los Angeles
Mr. and Mrs. S. B. Filling of
Los Angeles are visiting at the
M. A. Hickey home.
Leave for YakiaJS
Mr. Oeo. Boeringa and son
Kenneth accompanied by Mr. Wm.
Zuidmeer left for Yakima this
morning by auto. They expect
to be gone a week.
Motor From Seattle
Mr. and Mrs. Martin W. Smith
end baby motored up from Seat
tle to spend the Fourth in Lyn
Miss Hazel Smith Bern
Miss Hazel Smit'i of Seattle is
spending a few weeks with the
Jackman and Kelly families.
Daughter at Fowler Home
Mr and Mra. Fred Fowler of
Dellinßham »M happy over the
arrival of a baby girl born July
9 The baby has beer, named
F.-ances Wil.nn. Mra. Powloi
•w<H be remember* 1 as Miss Ma
mie Wellhouse, formerly of Lyn
Mr. and Mrs. O. W. Frick, Mr.
and Mrs. Wilt Roberts, George
Frick and Mrs. N. ,f. Frick of
Los Angeles motored to Vancou
ver Tuesday.
Bradford Knapn left Monday
fot Seattle where he will spend
a few weeks.
Mr and Mrs. G Sch lyle c.an
erd family s-vr.t the 4th «<
Cbuckanut Bay.
®fje Hpitben tribune
Conanltosttou nf Bh* farffU Mllnt —> ffht Cgnbrn tnm
A gentleman, accompanied
by a young culf, sailed his
Ford sedan into the ditch at
the Tonsorial Corner on the
Glendale road at six o'clock
last evening, a short distance
from the A. E. Henry man
The calf tried to lick off
a spot on the windshield just
as the car was making the
Nobody was injured.
W. C. T. I. Contention Crises
Making Examination for Tu
berculosis C>>mpulsory
A recommendation that Wash
. ington make it compulsory that
. every cow In the state be tested
for tuberculosis, was made at the
' | annual county convention of the
iW. C. T. U., which concluded at
j Bellingham Saturday,
i The following is the resolution:
j "Whereas, scientific investiga
tion of the dairy stock of the
! county has proven that many
cows are afflicted with tubercu
! losis and the milk sold to fam
ilies and manufactured into dairy
products, and when condemned
i and killed, some of the meat sold
|to butchers for the public con
j "Resolved, that we ask the
Dairymen's Association of the
i County on behalf of health, to
| urge legislation requiring every
; cow iv the state to be tested and
' when found diseased, destroyed
I and the owners reimbursed with
a just remuneration from the
Other resolutions condemned
I city officials of Bellingham for
i permitting widespread drunken
' ness during the Eagles' Conven
! tion, and pledged the organiza
-1 tion to a continued fight against
liquor. The United States was
urged to stop the sale of liquor
lon shipping board boats.
| Attempts of the liquor inter- j
ests under the name of the San- j
ity League to elect members of
| the legislature in this state to
; aid iv ami tiling the work of the
Volsfcgd law, were given notice
Iby the convention, with a reso
lution to battle these efforts to
: the limit.
The Epworth League of the M.
E. Church on Friday evening
; gave a play and program before
a well filled auditorium, and
scored a distinct success with the
i entertainment. The program was
as follows:
Piano solo. Bernice Craig;
: Reading. Susie Hickey; Vocal
| solo. Merle Brown; Reading, Hel
jon Ranton; Reading, Gertrude
Wolfe; Piano solo, Mildred Foun
tain; Trio, Bernice Craig, Mary
i Worthen and Lois Whited.
The Play, "Thanksgiving Ann"
was exceptionally well acted, each
1 part being portrayed In a realistic
i manner. The cast was composed
of Mrs. E. O. Grimes. Mr. F. L.
Bostwick, Elmer White, Lois
I Whited. Leslie White, Grace
Grimes, and Otho Bostwick.
Home made candy and ice
cream were also sold during the
evening. The affair netted the
i League $23, which will be used
to send some of the members to
the Institute which will be held
at Redondo, from the 17th to the
Monday morning, July 3, at tho
parsonage of the First Reformed
Church occurred the marriage of
Miss Mary Magadalena Weeda
,and Mr. John Sluys. Only the
immediate friends and relatives
of the young people wore pres
The bride is a daughter of Mr.
r.nd Mrs. C. Weeda of Worthen
Station. Mr. Sluys is employed
at the Imperial Fir Lumber Co.
Mr. and Mrs. Sluys left for v
trip to Seattle, after which they
villi bo at home to their friends
The bride is a daughter of Mr.
r.nd Mrs. C. Weeda of Worthen
Station. Mr. Sluys is employed
at the Imperial Fir Lumber Co.
Mr. and Mrs. Sluys left for v
trip to Seattle, after which they
Will bo at home to their friends
at Worthen Station.
Mrs. Vnndcknmp Recovering
Mrs. John Vandekamp who has
been in the hospital in Belling
ham is rapidly recovering.
Charles Kumm Leaves
Charles Kamm left Friday
morning for Seattle where he has
taken a position.
Baby Girl at Farley Home
A baby daughter was born to
Dr. and Mrs. O. N. Farley, Sat
Br. Mounter in Spokane
Dr. B. V. Mounter left Tues
day for Spokane where he is at
tending a meeting of physicians
of the five northwestern states.
Mrs. Craig Moves
Mrs. Craig has moved to the
new house on Fifth Street, next
to the Meenk home.
Mr. and Mrs. F. M. King of Ta
coma are visiting at the M. H.
'King home.
State College Instructors Will Ex
plain to Women Methods of
Preparing Exhibits
To give instruction to the
! women of Whatcom County on
j the proper methods of preparing
exhibits for the annual County
I Fair, a Judging school for worn
|en will be held at the Wiser
{ Lake Hall, % mile west of the
| Guide Meridian, at 9:45 a. m. on
Wednesday, July 12. All mem
bers of the various home econom
ics clubs are expected to attend.
The meeting will be addressed
by Miss Maud Wilson and Miss
Mary E. Sutherland of the State
College of Washington. This
meeting is open to all women
who desire to enter exhibits of
sewing, cooking or canning at the
County Fair. Miss Wilson and
Miss Sutherland will be here to
instruct the women in preparing
their materials for exhibition.
The meeting will start prompt
ly at 10 a. m. and close sharply
at 3:30. Women are asked to
bring their own lunch and spend
the day if possible. Each wom
an is requested to bring a note
hook and pencil.
The marriage of Miss Ruby
Morgenthaler, daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. E. Morgenthaler of For
est Grove, and Dr. C. L. Mar
quardt, of Port Angeles, took
place Thursday morning at the
Garden Street Methodist church
in Bellingham. The ceremony was
performed in the immediate fam
ilies of the couple and the at
tendants, who were Miss Beulah
Graham and Mr. Emery Morgen
The bride was attractive in a
three-piece costume of black and
white with a white georgette
hat to match.
Dr. and Mrs. Marquart left
immediately for a two-weeks trip
to California and will be at home
after July 16 at Port Angeles.
Mrs. Marquart has lived in this
community practically all her
life. She is a graduate of the
Harmony High school and of the
Bellingham State Normal. Dr.
Marquart is a rising young den
tist of Port Angeles.
Mr. W. B. Larson of Bremer
ton is a guest for the week at
the home of Mrs. Katherine Lar
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Seidell and
children, Junior and Altce(.damp
ed at Birch Bay from Su""«y till
after the Fourth.
Mrs. Nettle Wright and daugh
ter Averlll of Seattle are guests
for several days at the home of
Mrs. Wright's sister, Mrs. Annie
Mrs. Robert Warren of Vancou
ver B. C. is a house guest at
the home of Mr. and Mrs. David
Mr. and Mrs. Fritz Muenscher,
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Muenscher and
daughters Louise and Eleanor,
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Crabtree
and son Edgar, and Miss Helen
Herre, motored to Glacier to
spend the Fourth.
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur McMillen
spent Sunday picnicking in the
Mr. and Mrs. Jake Kildall and
I daughter Viola were guests Sun
day at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
Reuben Kenoyer.
Mrs. Mary Burgraff and fam
ily visited Sunday at the home of
Mr. and Mrs. Ben Nymeyer of
Mr. 10 mil Li ml spent Monday
at the home of Mrs. Annie John
son, to visit with his daughter,
Helga Lind. He left Tuesday for
Vancouver, B. C. where he will
visit for a week before returning
to the logging camp at Denting
where he is employed.
Mr. Charles Ogren had the
misfortune to have his Ford se
dan stolen one night this week.
Mr. Ogren neglected to remove
the key from his car, and next
morning it was gone. As yet, no
trace has been found of the mis
sing machine.
Mrs. Walter Crabtree and son
Edgar and Miss Helen Herre
spent Saturday afternoon at the
'home of Mrs. Lee Ticknor.
Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Lawrence
and family, Mr. and Mrs. Emil
Joneli and family, John Lamour
eaux and Ralph Shell were among
! the Forest Grove people to cele
i brate the Fourth at Ferndale.
! Mrs. Ed Morgan has with her
; for the summer, her two grand
son, Robert Hendricks and Chad
wick Qualey of Seattle.
Mrs. Mary Burgraff and fam
ily spent the Fourth at Birch
Bay. In the evening they at
tended the celebration at Fern
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Gunder
son of Bellingham were guests
Monday at the home of Mrs. An
nie Johnson.
Miss Mildred Hilton of Belling
ham is spending the summer at
the home of her aunt, Mrs. Ed
ward Cave.
Mrs. Annie Porter and three
children, Mrs. Maria Prouty,
Mrs. Amy Prouty and Clinton
and Lucille Prouty of Belling
ham. and Mrs. Nettle Wright and
daughter Averill of Seattle, were
Sll Weidkamp, Harrison
Morton Mock, and Wlllard
Weidkamp made their usual
rounds in the early hours on
July 4 with dynamite sticks
which they set off ou gate
posts, thereby properly awak
ening the populace to the im
portance of the day.
At the A. McDaniel river
bottom farm, the fence got
too hot, and burned.
Mock, Weidkamp and Weid
kamp spent the sth setting
out new fence-posts under
Mi Daniel's eagle eye.
Wins Close Game from Lynden;
Local Team Will Play Kulshan
at Kulshan
While Dean succeeded in hold
{ing the Marietta Sluggers to sev
en scattered hits in Sunday's
game, the Lynden hitters were
also held helpless by Garon, and
Marietta won a close fast game
3 to 2.
For five innings neither side
scored, but in the sixth after two
were out, a walk and another
hit scored two runs for Marietta.
They also scored one more run
on an error and a hit In the
eighth inning.
Lynden made their only scores
in their half of the eighth Inning
when Olson and Beeman scored
on hits by Olson and Bateman
and two errors by James.
In the third inning the first
two Lynden men up hit safely
but the next three men were easy
outs and no scores were made.
Summary—two base hits, Gar
ripe; first base on balls off Dean,
1, Garon 2; struck out by Dean
6, by Garon 7; left on bases Lyn
den 7, Marietta 2; first base on
errors Lynden 2, Marietta 3;
double plays Dean to Meurer to
Meurer; Dean to B. Meurer to
Next Sunday Lynden will go
to Kulshan to play. As the last
game played here between these
two teams was very close and ex
citing many fans are looking for
ward to another good game Sun
Miss Ruth Ranton and Mr. Ray
Cole were united in marriage
Tuesday, July 4, at the home of
the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs.
W. J. Ranton, of Lynden.
The ceremony was performed
by KeV. Charles Baker, with only
the immediate relatives present.
Mr. Cole is the son of Mr. and
Mrs. W. H. Cole, who operate the
Miller Hotel.
The young couple will make
their home in Lynden, where Mr.
Cole is employed at the Whatcom
County Dairymen's Association
W. H. M. 8. Meets
The Womans Home Missionary
Society met Wednesday afternoon
at the home of Mrs. Win. Lauck
Mrs. Stuurmans Returns
Mrs. Al Stuurmans who has
been under the doctor's care In
Seattle returned to Lynden Fri
day, and is rapidly recovering.
Frank Alexander Here
Frank Alexander, who is at
tending summer school at the
University, spent the week-end
at home.
a party who enjoyed the Fourth
at Birch Bay.
The Book and Thimble club
met last Thursday at the home
of Mrs. Walter Crabtree. Various
forms of needlework were the
diversion of the afternoon, and
the usual business meeting held.
It was decided that the annual
club picnic will be held July 27,
at Birch Bay. Following this, a
lunch of salad, sandwiches, cake
and lemonade was served to the
following ladles: Mrs. J. P. Law
rence, Mrs. Annie Porter, Mrs.
Arthur McMillen, Mrs. Harry Sei
dell, Mrs. Harry Ouckert, Miss
Edna Lawrence, Mrs. Lee Tick
nor, Mrs. Fritz Muenscher, Mrs.
Carl Muenscher, Mra. David Cor
bett. Miss Helen Herre, Mrs.
Mary Burgraff and the hostess.
The next meeting will be held
July 13, at the home of Mrs. J.
P. Lawrence.
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Johnson
and son Bert, Mr. Carl Johnson,
Frank and Emma Johnson, and
Miss Thelma Vanessen of Stran
dell, picnicked at Birch Bay the
Mr. and Mrs. Claude Manley
and two children of Olympla,
and Mrs. Barney Klander and
daughter Kathleen called at the
Carl Muenscher home Tuesday
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Rainford and
family picnicked in the hills the
Mrs. Walter Crabtree and son
Edgar and Miss Helen Herre
spent Thursday in Bellingham at
the home of their sister, Mrs.
Lawrence Keplinger.
Frances Ingram, Opie Road and
Other Stars on Program for
Week; Tickets 52.75 and St.oo
Lynden's big Chautauqua will
open Monday, with many features
of more than usual Interest in
cluded in the program. Season
tickets for the entire week are
now on sale at $2.75 for adults
and $1.00 for children.
Tickets may be obtained from
any of the 111 guarantors, or at
any of the Lynden stores, or The
Tribune office.
Paul Fleming, noted magician,
will give the opening program on
Monday evening. He will be
seen in a lively exhibition of mys
terious acts.
Tuesday afternoon the Steams
Hellekson musicians will open
the program as a prelude to the
lecture by Edna Eugenic Lowe,
noted author and educator, on
"Danger Signals on the Road to
In the evening, Frances In
gram, Metropolitan Opera con
tralto, will give a recital, one of
the biggest numbers of the week.
Wednesday's program includes
a musical entertainment by the
Patton Brothers' Trio in the
afternoon, and a lecture, "Work
ing Together for Billions," in
the evening by Norman Allan Im
rie, a captain iv the Canadian
Opie Read is the bead-liner for
next Thursday, with a concert by
the Oceanic Quintet in the af
The Junior Chautauqua will be
held each morning during the
week, under the direction of a
special instructor.
Mr. John Eisner who is learn
ing the barber's trade in Seattle
spent the 4th with his parents,
Mr. and Mrs. C. Eisner.
Dingman Bajema, son of Mr.
and Mrs. John Bajema received
rewards during the past month
for writing a Temperance essay.
He received $2 from the Lynden
district, $5 from the county and
$15 from the State. This com
munity heartily congratulates
him on his good work.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hinchey
and children Jack and Billy of
Seattle spent from Saturday ev
ening until Tuesday with Mrs.
Hinchy's father, Mr. J. R. Court-
Miss Genevieve Wolfe of Seat
tle spent the first of the week
with her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
A. A. Wolfe V as Wolfe spent
the 4th in Blah—- with friends,
and from there left for Seattle.
Mrs. Bert Bostwick and son
Lovell, Mrs. Will Hannon from
Colorado and Mrs. Andey Goff
of Spokane spent Sunday at Cot
tonwood Beach.
Miss France Oltman spent Sun
day afternoon with Miss Delia
Raymond, Dingeman and Chas.
Bajema are working at a logging
camp in Skagit County.
Mr. John Bajema and son Sam
are employed at the Washington
Egg and Poultry Association
Plant in Lynden.
The guests of- Mr. and Mrs.
Bert Landaal Sunday evening
were Mr. and Mrs. Gerrit Lan
daal of Lynden, Mr. and Mrs.
Frank Landaal of Bellingham.
Mr. Henry Feenhouse and Miss
Henrietta Feenhouse of Lynden.
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Elenbaas
have named their baby Serena
Mrs. Jacob Meenk and Mrs.
Leonard Lenssen spent Friday
afternoon with Mrs. John Bajema
Mrs. Will Harmon of Colorado
and Mrs. Andey Goff of Spokane
are spending a few days with
their sister Mrs. Bert Bostwick.
J. R. Courtney and family en
tertained at dinnei Sunday for
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hinchey,
Jack and Billy Hindi/ of Seattle.
Mr. and Mra. Arthur Vifer and
children, Mr. and Mrs. James
Roddel, Mr. Wright Courtney
and Mr. Frank Bwelt/.er of Fern
Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Meenk and
son Ernest, Albert Meenk and
Myron and Harold Morical spent
Thursday evening with Mr. and
Mrs. C. M. Hulsman.
Mr. and Mrs. Dick Bailey, Ruth
and Bobbie Bailey and Mrs. Han
non, all of Bellingham visited
Saturday evening at the Fred
Rose home.
Mrs. Fred Rose and daughter
Katherine spent Saturday with
Mrs. Rose's parents, Mr. and
Mrs. Stanley Robinson of Lynden.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hinchey
and children Jack and Billy of
Seattle spent Monday with Mrs:
Hinchy's sister, Mrs. Arthur Ur
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Dean and
baby of Lynden and Mr. G. P.
Dean of Bellingham were enter
tained at the J. R. Courtney resi
dence Sunday evening.
Wright Courtney who is work
ing near the Canadian Line spent
the week-end with home folks.
Mr. and Mra. Joe Elenbaas and
little daughter Serena spent Sun
day with Mrs. Elenbaas parents,
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Burns.
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Lenssen
and sons Theodore and Cornel
ius, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph De Motts
land sons Henry and Theodore
Paul Breeu made a record
automobile crawl from Lyn
den to Everett July 4. He
left at four a. m., and arriv
ed at four p. m.
He only had eleven blow
outs on the way.
Otherwise the trip was a
big success.
Herman Vander Griend. and |
the Misses Elizabeth l.ouws j
aud Tena Vander Griend en
joyed it with him.
Poultry Association Will Hold
Open House at Lynden Build
lug Saturday
The Lynden plant of the Wash
ington Co-operative Egg and
Poultry Association will hold
"Open House" Saturday, and has
issued the public a cordial in
vitation to inspect the buildings.
The cold storage plants, feed
building, and fattening and dress
ing station will be in operation,
so that Lynden people will have
an opportunity to see the way
Lynden eggs and Lynden poultry
are prepared for shipment to the
Eastern markets.
Iv the evening, the Whatcom
County Egg Producers Association
will hold their monthly meeting
in Bellingham at the Dairymen's
Hall. Mr. Frank Imhoff will be
presented with a cockerel that
was offered as a prize in a culling
demonstration held by the Assoc
iation. The cockerel is from a
294 egg dam and a 288 egg av
erage sire, with no dams on the
sire's side with less than 280
The Whatcom County Taxpay
ers League will address the mem
bers. Trustees of the State As
sociation will be present.
Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Palmer
received word Sunday of the
death of their young grandson.
Wilfred Langdale, of Vancouver,
B. C.
The Eastern Star delightfully
entertained Thursday evening at
the Masonic Hall. About seventy
enjoyed the evening, spent with
five hundred.
Prizes were given to the win
ners, the highest scorer for the
ladies being Miss Pearl Nessen,
and for the gentlemen. Dr. D.
Mulder. Consolation prizes were
given to Mrs. M. Biehler for the
ladles, and Mr. Biehler for the
At a late hour a dainty lunch
eon was served. Hosts and host
esses were Mr. and Mrs. C. B.
Bay, Mildred and Marlon Bay,
Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Jackman,
Florence King and Louise and
Orel Jackman.
Another successful affair was
staged by the Lynden Athletic
Association Friday evening, when
they were hosts at a dance at
Hawley's Hall.
The hall was tastefully decor
ated with ferns showered with
tiny streamers of lavender. Huge
bowls of daisies banked the stage
and the pretty glow given by the
lavender shaded lights gave the
place a delightful appearance.
The Imperial Five of Yakima
made their first appearance in-
Lynden, and delighted the large
crowd with their music. Besides
being a great success socially, the
affair netted the boys a good
sum to place In their treasury.
"Nice Kind of Weather" Here
Mr. and Mrs. Si Holmes and
son of South Bend spent the
week-end in Lynden. Mr. and
Mrs. Holmes are old Lynden res
were entertained at the home of
of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Clendenen
of North Bellingham Sunday ev
j Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Meenk and
son Ernest were Sunday dinner
guests of Mr. and Mrs. John Col
enbrander of Lynden.
Those who spent an enjoyable
evening at the Leonard Lenssen
home Wednesday evening were
Mr. and Mrs. Gerrit Noteboom
and children of Riverside, Mr.
and Mrs. Ralph Do Motts and
sons Henry and Theodore of
Lynden, Mr. and Mrs. Henry
Landaal of Lynden, and Mr. and
Mrs. Frank Clendenen of North
Mrs. Bert Landaal and little
daughter Imogene visited Thurs
day afternoon with Mrs. Fred
Fowler and little daughter Mar
garet of Bellingham.
Those who were at Whatcom
Falls Park the 4th were Mr. and
Mrs. Roy Mutchler and son Ralph
Mr. and Mrs. Harley Johnson
and family, Mr. and Mrs. Jacob
Meenk and son Ernest, Mr. and
Mrs. C. M. Huffman and baby
and Mrs. Ben Oltman.
Dlngeninn Bajema Writes Best
Paper in Washington W. C. T.
I. Contest
Dingeman Bajema led the en
tire State of Washington in the
annual essay contest conducted
hy the W. C. T. U. Bajema com
peted in the senior-junior class,
and in addition to being awarded
honors in tlr? county, captured
the state first prize.
Gertrude Komen of Lynden
was awarded a gold medal in the
finals of the W. C. T. V. declam
atory contest at the county con
vention held at Bellingham ou
June 27-28-29. and Alvin Weid
kamp received the gold medal In
the violin contest.
Mrs. Ella Clark was re-appoint
ed superintendent of the Depart
ment of Fairs and Open-Air
Meetings, and Mrs. Viola Gustin,
recording secretary for the past
two years, was re-elected.
The following is a report of
the work of the convention:
In attendance at the Whatcom
County W. C. T. V. Convention
held in Bellingham June 27, 28,
and 29 wore Mesdames Janey
Palmer, P. A. Clarke, C. E.
Hitchcock, A. H. Frasier, Geo.
Worthen. W. H. Elder and Miss
Ruth Williams.
The following prizes were won
by Lynden:
Gold Medal, declamatory con
test, Gertrude Komen.
Gold Medal, violin contest, Al
vin Weidkamp.
$5 check, first prize essay
county contest senior-junior class,
Dingeman Bajema.
Gold Medal, second prize essay
in county contest, 6th grade class,
Ruth Williams.
The County banner for the
most medal contest work done
by a local union, was received
by Lynden. Mrs. P. A. Clarke,
superintendent of this department
had charge of the work.
Franklin Swope was married
on June 28 to Miss Theresa Moon
of Bellingham, according to word
received by his-parents, Mr. and
Mrs. John Swope. The marriage
took place in California.
Bryan and Blanche Jordal, Mr.
and Mrs. John Troost and daugh
ters, Mr. and Mrs. L. Vail and
family, Mr. A. R. Palmer and
family, Mrs. Lee, Mr. and Mrs.
J. H. Swope and daughters, Mr.
S. L. Palmer and Mr. and Mrs.
Arze Palmer and family were
among those who spent the 4th
at Birch Bay.
Mre. Roy Allen called on Mrs.
F. A. Pugh Monday afternoon.
Mrs. Dena Troost had as guests
this week Mrs. Gerrit Hulst and
daughter Cornelia and Jeanette
of Oak Harbor, Mrs. Troost and
Mrs. Hulst and daughters cele
brated the Fourth at Whatcom
Falls Park.
Mr. and Mrs. G. N. Heaton
were among those who picnicked
at Semiamoo last Wednesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. McDougal
and children of Glendale and Mr.
and Mrs. Carl Deobald and child
ren of Lynden were guests at the
J. W. Seat home on Independence
Annie Bovendam is ill with
tonsilitis this week.
Mr, James Williams is helping
Mr. Pugh with his haying.
Mr. James Bruee was taken
home Friday quite ill.
Mrs. Anderson who has been
sick is improving.
Mrs. Rose Himes of Belling
ham was a visitor at the T. P.
Jeffers home Monday and Tues
day and attended the Lynden 4th
of July celebration with them.
Misses and Viola Sturman vis
ited at Vancouver B. C. on Sun
Mrs. F. A. Pugh and daughter
Zenna called at the J. Bruce
home Sunday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Dean and
family picnicked with the De
Line family at Berthusen's Park
on Independence Day.
Mr. Rathbone and son Floyd
were Wednesday evening callers
at the R. Allen home.
Mr. and Mrs. Waters and child
ren Leslie and Miss Ellen of
Seattle were week-end guests at
the Bremner home. Mr. and Mrs.
Waters and Mrs. Bremner were
college mates.
Mabel Swope spent Monday at
the Archie Palmer home.
Mrs. Bicker and children of
Bellingham were visitors at tho
Heaton home last Tuesday.
Mrs. Lee and Alton, Edwin and
Leslie Palmer were dinner guests
of Mrs. A. C. Palmer on Wed
Charles Troost autoed to Oak
Harbor on the Fourth of July
with his brother, Jack Troost
and family.
Mr. Wickham and son and Mr.
Byrne were Sunday afternoon
callers at the Pugh home.
Mr. George Bruce of North
Prairie called on his parents,
Mr. and Mrs. J. Bruce Friday
Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Henry and
daughters, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Fish
er and daughter, Mr. and Mrs.
Wickham and Mrs. Chubb were
(Continued on Pago Two)
NO. 3

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