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HOW time flies! Soon it will be Nov. 11—and the World
War will have been over for four years._lt seems like
Trouble has followed trouble in the wake of the war. And
these troubles probably will be followed by similar troubles
for many generations. The war was a great surgical opera
tion in which various diseased organs of civilization were re
moved. Now the pajient is convalescing. In adapting itself
to the changes, it has occasional relapses, known as crises.
Some of the permanent changes, born of the war. already
ore in evidence. Russia, having thrown off czarism. gropes
its way toward true democracy, which will come
Germany, the same. Either of these countries might sud
denly have a return to monarchical form of government,
but that would be short-lived, as the history of France dem
onstrates. People who have once tasted the sweets of
democracy do not for long return to the sours of king rule
A brotherhood of man, a sense of obligation to our lel
lows, has come from the war and is growing steadily. It will
lead to a "live and let live" policy toward foreign nations by
all countries/
A reader with vision suggests that eventually the war v-fil
doom the ruling of any people against their wtt!.
Another reader, contemplating the upset condition of the'
world's system of economics, suggests that we may be head
ed for the day when the man who doesn't work will not eat.
• Terrible as the war was. it wfll lead to incalculably grea»
good of many kinds. prtncipaDy iii the form of an interna*
tionol determination that "it happen jtgairj."
Bolshevik Commander Reviews
NOT much reliable news and almost no pictures at all have come out of
Rusaia since the beginning of the soviet regime there. Recently,
however, there was a big review of the Red army at Moscow, and of
;ltla the authorities permitted some photographs to be taken. General
i> c.Mnihow, as personal representative of Minister of War Trotsky,
ncpeeted the troOps. in the picture the Bolshevik colors are seen passing
the reviewing stand.
British Troops Ready for Battle With Turks
Near Constantinople
BRITISH troops ar« pictured here, prepared to resist an advance by Kemal Pasha's Turkish forces upon
Constantinople. Thin city, once the Turks' capital, was Internationalized by the allies after the war
But after Kemal had beaten the Greeks in Asia Minor, he demanded Constantinople back, too* France
md Italy Inclined to sympathize with his demand, but the English declared they .would fight first _JThe
•cene ts near the city , a.," -'«'... „■•'» -~ ■.■ .* - —• -
Word was received here this
week that Miss Ellen Olson was
married on Saturday evening,
October 2S at the home of her
parents, Rev. and Mrs. E. 0, Ol
son, in Ferndale. Miss Olson
made Delta her home for sever-
al years, and is well known here.
Her many friends wish her a
happy journey through life
Mr. and Mrs. E. Markstrom
entertained at dinner on Sunday
Mr. and Mrs. John Axling and
Mr. and Mrs. Ji, tt. Wostluml.
Mrs. Theodore Weldkamp vis
ited Saturday with her sister,
Mrs. C. Cameron of Bellingham
Mr. and Mrs. A. Youngedyko
of Lynden spent Tuesday at the
Andrew Vander Yacht honv\
Mrs. Lena Maranda of Sno
homish is visiting at the hOttn ot
Mr. and Mrs. P. o. Berthuson,
Harold Weldkamp returned
homo last week from Wenn tehee
and brought back with him a
fine team of horses purchased
Mr. and Mrs. 0. Ericson spent
Friday evening at the Eizo Golms
Mr. and Mrs. Herman Vander
Mi y and sons attended the fare
well reception given for Hey. and
Mrs. H. K. Pasma at the I. O. O.
F. Hall Thursday evening.
Among the Bellingham visitors
this week were Mrs. E. Qelma,
Mr. and Mrs. T. Weldkamp, Mr.
and Mrs. Otto Knittle, Mr. and
Mrs. E. Markstrom.
Mrs. J. F. Helgath and Mrs.
Henry Vander Yacht spent one
day last week with Mrs. Henry
Edgar Olson has purchased a
new Chevrolet touring car.
Mrs. J. F. Froberg returned
last week from Seattle, where
she remained to visit for a few
Mrs. Ella Nordang spent a few
days last week at her home in
Seattle, returning to her parents'
home here last Friday, where she
will remain for the winter.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Johnson,
of Seattle, have been spending a
few days with Mr. and Mrs. Ole
Larson and family.
Andrew Harlander has pur
chased a gord touring car.
Mrs. Andrew on
Friday evening entertained the
members of the senior li. Y. P.
11., of Lynden, at a Hallowe'en
party at her homo. The evening
was spent very delightfully in
games and music. The rooms
were very attractively decorated
in keeping with the season. The
hostess served dainty refresh
ments of sandwiches, cake, pump
kin pie and chocolate to about
Mr. and Mrs. Herman Keller
spent Tuesday at the home of
Mrs Mary Gutknocht, in Lynden.
A line program and pie social
was given at the Glendale school,
Friday evening. Proceeds amount
ed to $07.25. Mr. Ed. Host wick
acted as auctioneer. One pie
sold for as high as f 5.00,
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Har
lander and family spent Sunday
' with Mr. and Mis Peter Bye. of
The Me tsri Paul Hetgath, Bert
in.id Earl Ohntarl and Rldon Hi
son Were gUOStS al a chicken din
ncr given at Hie home Of Mf*j
N. McGlnness, on Monday even
ing in Bellingham.
The Bellingham vlsltore* this
week in. Lud< d Mr, and Mrs. it.
Van Mersbergeu, Mr. B Qelma
and daughters, Mrs, h Vander
Mi y and sun.;, George mid Rett,
Mrs, Joe Helgath ami Mrs. Van
! Wyhe.
•Mr. and Mr:;. 11. Keller Hpent
I Tuesday with her sisteri Mrs.
Gutknet ht.
Mr. and Mrs. .las. De llruyn
anil Mr. and Mm. .las. Vander
Yacht, of CUSter, were the din
ner guests at the Andrew Vender
I Yacht I omo, Sunday.
George Vander Mey Is spend
ling the week end Willi his bro
ther, Mr. Harry vander Mey, al
i Riverside,
A splendid Hallowe'en pro
j gram was given b) the Delta
I school pupils on Saturday even*
ling. Atter the program a social
hour was enjoyed, after Which
refreshments were served. Many
games were played. The program
given follows:
"The Goblin Song." Six Girls
Hallowe'en Playlet by eight BtU
"Good Boys' Reward," Sixlb
Recitation Edith Bollen
"Looking Forward," Laverne Ax
j lund and Hubert Nelson.
"Mr. Pet ney'a Turnip," Gordon
Vocal Duet, Reva and Howard
"Three Jolly Pumpkins," Edith
"My Kitty." by Margaret Vander i
"The Witches' Prank." Helmer
Axling, Reuben \ under Yacht,
Mildred Anderson, .Mabel Kel
ler, Laverne Axlund, Elmer
Uav'is and ErVin Vander Any.
Organ Duet. Howard and Reva
"Hallowe'en Surprise," Orville
Tlay, "Black on One Side," Fred
Helgath anil John Norrls.
"Things 1011 Do," Heva Bollett.
y,'..;.zti by the School, "Jolly Hal
lowe'en, "Goodnight, Ladies."
Return from Alaska
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Rinehart
returned from their Alaska trip
Monday cvi nine.
Ots Blectric Lights
Cliff Barnes had electric lights
installed in his new home at 200
East Grover street this week.
Baldwin Family .Moves
Ralph Baldwin moved this
week from 1306 West Front bt.
to 124 Hast Grover Street.
Mis. Fredricksen 111
Mrs. 11. Fiedricksen is ill this
Mrs. Charles Alb.ida ot Bel
lingham is visiting her parents,
Mr. and Mis. John McSorley. this
Miss Alice Tinney is ill this
Mrs. Ida Blow expects to move
back into her homo this week.
Football Foes,
'Yet Brothers,
WEST against East! Brother
against brother!. Howard
Jones (above) is coach of the
lowa State football team. Last year
it won the Big Ten gridiron cham
pionship. Tad Jones is tho Tale
roach. Everybody's heard of tho Eli
eleven's prowess. The two forces
flashed on Oct. 14, at New Haven.
'.Tie Joneses are brothers and very
r.ffectlonate ones, but this didn't pre
vent each from doing his best to
>c.it the other. You've seen the re
sult. It was a great encounter.
BIG NEWS -The Seattle Star at j
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Hold 'Em! Hold 'Em!
Did you ever attend a football game and hear that cry? Did you?
Well, dear reader, that is what the Lynden Department Store was
Up against on Wednesday, November Ist, the opening day of our 25th
Anniversary Silver Jubilee, with our Thousands of feet of Floor Space
on all three floors packed, jammed full of jolly good natured friends and
customers, and still more coming in. Our problem was, how are we go
ing to HOLD 'EM.
Just to give you an idea of the enormous gathering, our banquet ta
ble seated around six hundred at one time. From eleven in the morning
until after four p. m., the tables were filled to the limit. My, but we
had a good time.
While our banquet party is over, it will not soon be forgotten and
each day during our sale we are going to have lots of get-together good
limes. We will have plenty of merchandise for you at Anniversary
Prices. We have been preparing for months for our 25th. Our Mr.
Boerhave while in New York for about two months had no small task
buying the enormous amount of merchandise required for our sale.
Those who attended our sale on opening day, saw the new snappy mer
chandise which we have to offer at the lowest possible price. Profits al
most forgotten. So come each day. New goods will appear like ma
gic. They come via parcel post, express and freight.
Just think, opening day, SEVEN THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED
bars of White Linen Soap went, with each 27 bars went also a good
strong galvanized water pail, soap and pail for $1.14. Plenty more at
the same price. Next Monday only, Nov. 6th, you get the 75c PAR
LOR BROOMS for ONLY 10c each.
So it will go on the same each day until the end of the sale. In the
Ladies' Coat and Dress department, the few low prices we will quote
will speak for themselves. The Men's and Shoe Departments are full of
fine bargains. Think of buying a man's suit at the low price of $15.75,
with an extra pair of pants.
Almost impossible to tell you of the wonderful bargains that we
have for you. You must come in and see them to appreciate their worth.
If our price is not far lower than city prices or elsewhere, you'll not be
asked to buy. Come in and see the beautiful flowers sent us by whole
sale house, manufacturers, and friends for our 25th Anniversary Silver
Jubilee. It's worth while.
LOT I—A1 —A splendid lino of Ladies' Coats —
these are all sport models, of polo cloth ma
terial —direct from New York. Specially pric-
' Ed for the Anniversary Sale —
PRICE $9.98
LOT 2—Ladles' Coats, wide range of mater
ials and models, In fact no two alike. Coats
like these, l adies, you do not get every day.
Specially purchased for the Anniversary Sale
PRICE $12.75
LOT 3 For $1(1.75 we do not believe it pos
sible to duplicate style, material and prices.
See them — that will prove to you their
worth. Special New York purchase, Anni
vc raary Sale- —
PRICE $13.75
LOT 4- An extra ordinary strong line, but
In they go; modoU correct, material correct,
and all pric. ii . ..> low that it looks like a
mi ti! o all now, right from Broadway,
New York, Aniversary Sale —
i RICE $19.75
Ladicii' i-i.L and Woolen Dresses
LOT ! Bought special, sell special. This
i ndio.i canton crepe and Pal ret twllli,
l the beautiful trimming effects.
Bought specially for the Anniversary Sale —
ONLY 9.75
i " Si-li and Woolen Dresses
LOT 2 We are going to Bell this splendid
Bpo<rial lor 113.75. Tliis Is a real surprise
(r'you, ladles, —come and see; you don't
have (o buy. Hut the price * * * A New
York purlhaae for the Anniversary Sale—
ONLY $13.75
These Coats and Dresses Are All
New Stock
A full size heavyweight
galvanized water pail, with
27 full-sized bars of White
Linen Soap, all for
One to a Customer
The Home of Hart Schaffner & Marx Clothes
Young Men's Suits—Lot 1
Plain and sport models, made from the
latest materials, well-tailored and all new.
A big sperial, men, for the Anniversary Sale
$15.75 SUIT
Sizes up to 36 only
Made from good materials, sport and
plain models, well-tailored right down to
the minute—some with two pairs of pants.
Extra special for the Anniversary Sale —-
$18.75 SUIT
Cther Suits at $24.75 and $29.75
Men's and Young Men's Overcoats
els, belled, single or double-breasted. Spe
cially pricod for tlte Anniversary Sale —
Men's and Young Men's All-Wool
Overcoats —Lot 2
Heavy overcoats, all new, models, sin
gle or double breasted, belted, nice range of
ptttorha—extra special at the Anniversary
Sala —
Men's and Young Men's Virgin
Wool Overcoats—Lot 3
Never before have we been able to of
fer such values as these all new and latest
models, and socially priced for the Anniver
sary Sale—■
Extra large package of Bull
Durham, while they last,
7 % ounce packages,
Men's and Young Men's Suits
Lot 2
Lot 1
TlH'se coat.-, are all wool, all late mod-
$13.75 EACH
$18.75 EACH
$22.75 EACH
75c Brooms for 10c
Extra fine straw, wull-made
Anniversary price
10c EACH
On-s *o a family; on rale
Monday, Nov. 6; no phono
orders; none delivered; and
none sold to children.

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