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Mathews Declares the Truth is
Not in Judge Mack.
Former Prosecuting Attorney Lets
Some Light in On a Few
Judicial Acts.
In reference to the serious criminal
charge made by Judge McDonald against
.1. E. Neesly, which is published on the
third page of The Gazette today, J. W.
Matbews, former prosecuting attorney,
has given out the following statement!
Says Judge is Not Veracious.
"It is untrue," said Mr. Matbewe,
"that I ever told Judge McDonald that
Newly had been guilty of any crime.
Judge McDonald told me that eucb an
affair had occurred, and that H. K.
James, a convict, who hud been Bent to
the peniteutiary at Walla Walla, had
made the statement to 11. A. Sims, then
sheriff .while the latter was conducting
James to the . penitentiary. 1 went
with Sims and James as a guard, and
was never absent from him during the
journey, and I never heard any such
statement. However, I told Judge
McDonald that if he, or anybody, would
swear to a complaint, I would prosecute
the case. No complaint was ever sworn
to by McDonald, or anyone else. I
believed then, as I believe now, that the
whole thiDg was part of a scheme to
blacken Nessly's character-other schemes
having failed.
"When the grand jury was in session,
I called the matter to the attention of
the jury, and had Judge McDonald sum
moned as a witness. Judge McDonald,
when asked by the grand jurors regard
ing the matter, said:
"Gentlemen, I have heard this charge,
and I have investigated it. I tound the
only evidence that such a thing had oc
curred was the unsupported statement
of II K. James, a notorious criminal
mikl ex convict, who had nerved two
terms in the penitentiary at San Quen
tiu, California, and whom I sentenced to
the penitentiary at Walla Walla, where
he dow in. 1 advise you not to attempt
to investigate it, for there is no evidence
upon which to bane tLe charge.
Continuing, Ifr.&tatbews said: "Those
grand jurors ore not dead and their
affidavits to this statement can be ob
tained. I put Judge McDonald on
record in this cane, and »he record can
be sustained.''
Nessly's Statement.
.1. E. Xesply submit< the following
"The chaise made by .JudgeMcDonald
is as fal*e as it is absurd. The jail
record shows that 11. K. James, who, it
is alleged, made these charges, wan pent
to the penitentiary at Valla Walla,
April 21, 1897, and that is he time it is
alleged he made the charge to Sheriff
Sims against me. Yet I remained in
the sheriff's office as office deputy and
jailer until August 12 of the same jear.
The record al6o shows that Mary Mc-
Donald, the woman referred to in the
case, was confined in the Whitman
county jail from April 9 to April 19 on
a charge of horse stealing. As far as
the statement that I forced her into
Leonard's cell, and locked the door, is
concerned, it is a physical impossibility.
She was too large and powerful for me
to have handled.
'The only ground that I can imagine
for such a story is the fact that, at her
special request, I placed her in the cor
ridor of the main cage in the mens' ward
of the jail, so that she could have access
to the hot water for the purpose of
washing some of her clothing. This
wns one day after the men had done
their regular weekly washing. It was
in broad daylight, and a number of
prisouers were in the jail at the time.
"I am securing some affidavits from
people who have neither been in the
asylum or penitentiary to substantiate
thtse statements; and these will be
made public when I get them."
Judge and Hie Bailift* Tell Bad
Stories On Him.
In answer to the statement made by
Mathews, Judge xMcDonald has said that
MathcwH told him of Neasly'a alleged
offense after he returned from Walla
Walla, and that he was present when the
judge told Sime to discharge Nessly.
That when he was called before the
grand jury Mathews aaked him if Neesly
could b« convicted of rape without testi
mony showing Leonards assault upon
the woman. The judge says he could
not, of course, and that he so stated
then; that .Mathews never intimated
that he thought Nessly innocent, and
that in fact he made the remark before
the grand jury that there was no doubt
of his guilt, but there was a question
as to the conviction. The judge says he
called Mathews' attention many times
to the matter and urged him to prose
cute; that he stated it ought to be
done, but was afraid he could not con
vict. The judge further says that Sims
often urged prosecution. Further the
judge avers that a few days before the
last election Mathews said he would
prosecute if re-elected.
C. B. Scott one of the court bailiffs,
fl-" .he °ften hear<* J"dge McDonald
urge Mathers to prosecute Nessly; that
his reply waa tb t k ht tQ J»
bnth£«"araid he could not convict.
Sim- o« L Ckf dePUt'V UHder She»ff
nS P ?f\! . C T" Present when Sime
accused Neeely of putting the woman in
S22r*Tß a. Dd that W™£ ™
did it and Need, replied that he did so
hrough sympathy for Leonard Mat
present when the judgeaS vV 18
why he did not irSSu^xJf^d
that his reply was that there was
doubt of Nessly c guilt «„,! a! ?°
should be prosecutfd bu? nl ? at f £ c
should proceed at that S e Vh |
defeat at the polls, a* Ne-sfi -»! e&red
pondent of a % o kanepa^ aVdTart I
been supporting him, but that ilh o
re-elected, he would pr OB ecu t ' hi W&8
he believed it shonld be done &ÜBe |
What Prosecutor Says
Prosecuting Attorney I nmHn ' „,,
asked what he would do inThe mS 6" !
of these charges, said they had nnt l
been brought to his official attention !
and all he knew of them was hea«L v !
"But," eaid he, "if the charges a " & |
serious »h I have heard, anJ there is
any evidence to substantiate them after
I have made a careful investigation, I
shall certainly not be slow to tile infor
mations. The evidence is all I want.''
Marriage Licenses.
Jamee E. Romioe and Hattie R. Morri
son, Farmington; Chas. M. Follis, Fal
lon, and Nellie Hoskins, Colfax; H. W.
Peden, Beeman, Idaho, and Beesie J.
Locke, Garfield; G. F. Pickell and Susan
M. Buffington, Colfax; Philip i.Kinzer.
I'niontown, and Gertrude Bosse, Keuter
ville, Idaho.
Poultry Show in February.
Arrangements are being made for a
big poultry show, to be held in thia city
February 7 to 10, under the manage
ment of the Whitman County Poultry
Association. It will be in every way
better than that of last year, which was
a highly successful one.
Will Be of Interest to Whitman
County Orchardists.
Whitman county fruit growers should
feel a deep interest in the Seventh An
nual Convention of Northwest Fruit
Growers' Association, which convenes at
Tacoma January 10, continuing three
A cordial invitation is extended to all
fruit growers, shippers, representatives
of transportation companies, fruit com
mission merchants and all interested, to
be present and take part in the pro
ceedings of the convention.
The different problems which confront
fruit growers can best be studied and
solved to the mutual benefit of all by
the combined wisdom and counsel of
the growers, those in charge of trans
portation and by the merchants all
working in harmony.
The subjects of co-operation and or
ganization with a view of securing uni
form packs are urgently of paramount
importance, Essays and addresses by
the eastern and the local fruit mer
chants, by the representatives oi trans
portation companies and by station
horticulturalist and leading orchardists
will be given during the sessions which
are deemed of utmost importance to our
fruit interests. Growers are requested
to take samples of fruits. One and one
fifth fare will be granted.
A poultry Bhow will be held in Taco
ma at the same time.
Defied the Judge.
The commissioners met WVduesdnv
for the flrst session of the new year. Mr.
Willard was absent on account of illnesa.
The records were again "mutilated" by
the board by cutting the fees of four
physicians, Dre. Stuht, Benson, Harvey
auJ Pocock, in two insanity cases from
$5 each to $2.20 each, contrary to the
orders of Judge McDonald. At press
hour the names of 300 citizens were be
ing drawn from the tax rolls to serve as
jurors for the year.
To Argue Damage Cases.
M. O. Reed leaves Sunday for Olympia
to argue the Doremus damage case
against the O. It. & N. before the supreme
court. Judgment in favor of Doremus
was secured by Mr. Reed in the suoerior
court for $15,100. Prosecutor Imnan
and ,T. T. Brown also go to argue the
Ensidler damage case agr:nst the coun
ty, and 8. J. Chadwick goes to appear
in the same case for Mrs. Ensidler, who
secured judgment-for $2GOO.
Tax Money.
The amount of taxes receipted for by
the treasurer during December was #15,
--7G2 48 from 1893 up, v.nd $G8G.25 back
of 1893. This latter goes into the cur
rent expense fund of the county. The
total tax paid in for the year reaches
|276,875 38, exclusive of several thous
ands paid in for purchase of delinquency
certificates. Money paid out for the
month was $23,638.56.
Gold on His Farm.
The Palouse Republic tells this chick
en story: J. R. Cunningham, who lives
on Dufield creek, a mile or so north of
town, showed us this week a nugget of
gold weighing over one dollar, taken
from ths crop of a chicken which he ate
for Christmas dinner. He says a year
ago a neiffhbor of his found a" nugget in
the same mmner weighing over two dol
Daniel Frew visited Oakesdale Friday.
A. Cohen of Tekoa was in the city Fri
Hon. Wilford Allen of Pullman was in
the city Tnursday.
Elmer Hall returned to bis home on
the Pend d'Oreille river, Friday.
Mrs. Anderson Wait of Elberton was
a visitor in the city Wednesday.
Dr. G. W. Sutherland returned Friday
to Boundary, after a holiday visit in
the city.
M. 0. Reed returned Friday from a
visit to his mining property in tho
Seven Devils region.
Mr. and Mrs. Hobart Vermilye and
son of Tacoma are visiting in the city,
the guests of R. H. Termilye and family.
Dr. and Mrs. C. S. Dwire of Oakesdale
spent New Years with Mrs. Dwire's par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Curry, in this
«I. J. Humphrey, the well known bank
er, has been choeen as one of the direct
ors of the Exchange National bank at
P. B. Stravens and sister Miss Rena,
were called to Portland Friday by a
telegram announcing the serious illness
of their father.
Dr. B. W. McPhee left Friday evening
for Cincinnati on a business trip of a
mining nature. He expects to be ab
eent about a month.
A. G. Marion of the Second National
Bank went to Spokane Sunday to meet
his brother, who is a member of a North
ern Pacific surveying crew.
Miss Mabel Stunt of Omaha, Neb., ar
rived in Colfax Sunday evening, and will
visit for several weeks with the family of
her brother, Dr. A. E. Stuht.
Mrs. R. L. McCroskey went to Port
land Sunday evening. She will be joined
at Portland next Sunday by Mr. Mc-
Croskey, when both will go to California
for a stay of two months.
J. H. MeTier and Misses Eliza and
Anna MeTier, who spent the holiday va
cation with their parents, Mr. and Mrs.
J. H. MeTier near Colfax, have returned
to their studies at the Cheney normal
Go to the Bee Hive for hosiery, gloves,
handkerchiefs, etc.
, ..
Two Masonic Lodges and the Eastern
Star Installed Their Officers.
Odd Fellows and Daughters of Re
bekah Will Do the Same To
night-Circle Social.
Both the Masonic lodges of the city,
Amos and Hiram, and Washington
Chapter, Order of the Kaetern Star in
stalled their new officers for the year
Thursday night of last week. The' in
stallation was a joint one and the occa
sion one of note in fraternal circles
Deputy Grand Master B. J. Chadwick
was the installing officer for both Hiram
and Amos lodges, while Mrs. Chadwick,
grand matron of the^Order of the East
ern Star, acted in the same capacity for
the chapter. The ceremonies were con
ducted with more than the usual im
preseivenees and were witnessed by a
large number of the members of 'the
orders and their families. The usual
satisfying banquet was given at the hall
at the conclusion of the ceremonies.
The officers of Amos lodge, No. 85,
installed were: Julris Lippitt, worship
ful master: I-], W. Weinberg, senior war
den; It. L. MeCronkey, junior wardeu; P.
F. Chadwick, secretary; Leon Kuhn,
treasurer; Sam Boyer, senior deacon; W.
M. Taylor, junior deacon; I). 11. Shaw,
Officers of Hiram lodge, No 21, were:
E. C. Murray, worshipful master; D.
Millgard. senior warden; E. H. Kirkland,
junior warden; R. F. Banker, secretary;
J. W. Hereford, treasurer; John Patti
son, senior deacon; It. H. Reid, junior
deacon; D. H. Shaw, Sr., tyler.
Washington Chapter No. IG, Order of
the Eastern Star, are: S. J. Chadwick,
worthy patron; Mrs. S. Privett, associ
ate matron; Mrs. H. Michaelson, con
ductress; Mrs. Mcßae, associate con
ductress. The five points of the star
were: Mrs. Moore, Ada; Mrs. Chadwick.
Ruth: Mrs. J. W. Cairns, Esther; Mrs.
Erwin, Martha. Mrs. A. J. Davis is tiie
matron-elect, but was not present for
Colfax Lodge No. 14, I. O. 0. F., and
the Daughters of Rebekah will hold a
joint installation tonight, followed by a
social and oyster cupper.
Woodmen Circle held an ice cream and
cake social Monday evening, at which a
large number of members aiid their
families thoroughly enjoyed themselves.
Nathaniel Lyon Post No. 19, G. A. R.
and the Women's Relief Corps will hold
a joint installation of new officers Sat
urduy night. A departure will be taken
from the usual order by 6erviug supper
at G o'clock and having it cleared away
before the installation ceremonies begin.
Members of the G. A. R. and families,
all old soldiers and inembtrs of the Re
lief Corps and families are expected to be
Officers of Athanean Assembly No. 73,
United Artisans, were installed Thursday
evening by District Deputy James P.
Rogers of Spokane.
Coeur d'Alene Lodge No. 12, Knights
of Pythias, will install new officers next
Wednesday nigh^t. Last Wednesday
night a big initiation time was had by
the Knights. A large number of visitors
were down from Garfield. A royal spread
was devoured at the Colfax hotel.
lieutenant McParlane.
John McFarlane of Colfax, who enlist
ed last summer in the Thirty-fifth in
fantry, it is reported, has won his way
to a second lieutenancy. Young Mc-
Farlane was a sergeant of Co. B at the
time of his enlistment and is proving
bin soldier blood.
Smallpox- at Moscow.
Several smallpox cases are reported
from the vicinity of Mot-cow. But one
of these is malignant, that of Abraham
Mdthes. All the eases are quarantined
ami every precaution possible is being
taken to prevent a spread.
Bow.'ing and Skating.
The bowling alley has been sold to
Rutherford Bros and will be removed to
Republic. As an attraction to fill the
void, Ortis Hamilton and John House
keeper will open a roller skating rink
soon at the armory.
The Whitman County Medical Society
meets at Colfax next Monday.
C. E. Willougbby baa vacated his po
sition as clerk for Treasurer Windus.
Pat Lyons is in the toil*, accused of
the theft of a coat from Adam Kleveno
near Matlock bridge.
A man named Coon has been bound
over before a Pullman justice for com
plicitvin the conduct of a "blind pig"' at
J. S. Fuller of Texas City has applied
to the commissioners for a saloon license
at that place and deposited the necessary
$•^OO and bonds.
The circus to have been given Wednes
day by the ladies of the Episcopal
church, was postponed and will be given
Thursday, January 11.
Diphtheria is again eradicated from
Colfax. All cases were cured during the
holidays, and the schools again opened
in every department Wednesday morn
Hon. Chas. E. Cline, former speaker of
the house of representatives during pop
ulistic days, will lecture tonight at the
courthouse and organize a direct legisla
tion club.
George Boone, a carpenter of Pullman
was relieved of a large cancer on the
bowels at the hospital Sunday by Dr.
Coffey of this city and Dr. Wilson of
Two tars ot hogs were shipped late last
week from Colfax to Seattle. Farmers
were paid four cents a pound for them.
They were gathered up by Fred Brown
and George Brooks.
Cbas. Pierce was badly hurt by a fall
ing horse while chasing a coyote in the
Downing gulch country Monday. At
last reports he was unconscious. He is
about 60 years of age.
M. Smith, a former engineer at Codd's
sawmill, died Monday from diabetes.
His daughter, Miss Bessie Smith of
Minneapolis, was wired, and she is ex
pected here today to take the remains
Lest, Strayed or Stolen.
A black Cocker Spaniel dog, answering
to the name of "Sport." Any informa
tion leading to his recovery will be liber
ally rewarded. Any one keeping said
dog after the publication of this notice
will be prosecuted. Jack McVeigh, at
Ed. Harpole's saloon.
Meetings still in progress at the Christ
ian church, with growing interest. Dr.
J. M. Allen of Spokane in doing the
preaching. Audiences are large and
frequent conversions. The bible lessons
proceeding the preaching are quice a fea
ture of these meetings and great interest
is taken in this bible work. The ser
vices begin at 7:30 sharp.
There will be the reception of new mem
l»ere at the Congregational church next
Sunday morning, and the sacrament of
the Lord's supper will be celebrated.
Wednesday, evening, January 10, the
annual roll call and election of officers
will b? held. At this meeting reports of
all departments of church work will be
Tnited Presbyterian church.—Services
as follows next Sabbath: At 11 a. m.,
•'A Progressive Christian," preceded by
sermon to children, "The Homesick Boy
— Homesick". 7:,'{() p. m. "Tht> World's
Wisdom Searching After God " Special
music in the evening. All are invited.
The annual congregational meeting of
the members and adherents will be held
at the United Presbyterian Church, on
Monday, January Bth, at 1:30 p. m.
Lunch wifl be served at half after twelve.
Members will brine their own lunch, but
coffee will be provided.
Rev. H. P. James of the Colfax Con
gregational church was present at the
Forefathers' Day meeting of the Spo
kane Congregational Club, held at Spo
kane last evening. He responded to the
toast: "Worldwide Congregationalism.''
At the Baptist church President
Schlauch of Colfax college will preach
next Sunday at 11 a. m., and the pas
tor will preach at 7:30 p. m. The sub
ject in the evening will be: "Who is on
the Lord's Side?"
Methodist Episcopal Church.—Revival!
Revival! Rev. Fred St. Clair of Oregon
is here. Hear him! Services every even
ing at 7:30. Special evangelistic services
Sunday. Bring your friends. All wel
Mr. and Mrs. L. D. Woodward cele
brated the twenty-fifth anniversary of
their marriage on last Thursday evening
by entertaining n large party of their
friends. Drive whiat was played nnd the
evening passfd wry pleasantly. Mrs. II
F. Banker and Mr. ('has A. Underwood
had the hir^f-*!^ scores and were awarded
prizes, while the consolation prize went
to Miss Johanuettfea. Refreshments were
served and the lufter part of the evening
spent in conversation. All heartily
wished Mr. nnd Mrs. Woodward many
happy ieturns of the daj.
Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Da Vail gave a
musicale at their home Saturday even
ing, at which a number of friends were
handsomely entertained. Among those
present was Prof. Cogswell, instructor in
music at the I'm versify of Idaho.
Miss Lena Hamilton entertained a
large party of her young friends and
schoolmates New Years night with a
progressive croconow party. Music and
dancing were blho on the list, and a gen
era 1 good time was experienced.
Oakesdale. December 28, to Mr. and
Mrs. I). B. Talley, a son.
Thornton, December 27, to Mr. and
Mrs. H. C. Kuehl, a daughter.
Colton, December 27, Henry Fagan
and Annie Keck of Palouse.
Genesee, Idaho, December 28, Walter
Savage of Iniontown and Gertrude Mc-
Unclaimed Letters.
List of letters remaining uncalled for
in the Colfax postoffice. January 5,1900:
Burns, Jack Laurence, Nick
Brown, Mrs M Meder, Mrs E M
Bratton, Will n Myers, L M
Beale, W B McCullough, Lizzie
Combs, Mr Peters, Robt
Couelly, G C Rimer. J W
Colvin, G Rice, Fred
Cole, CC Ross, E C
Chandler, Jay (3) St Clair, Robt
Hughs, J M Hughes, Tbos
Hunler, Arthur E Waymer, C L
King, 0 B Willie, Frank
One cent postage will bo collected.
James Ewakt, P. M.
Coal Famine in England.
The British government is threatened
with a coal famine, the most serious de
velopment of recent weeks. Unless the
situation improves, many industrial
concerns depending on the coal supply
may have to suspend operations before
February, as their margin of profit is
rapidly being wiped out. The root of
the trouble appears-to be the withdraw
al of so many colliers to take their
places in the service. Wages have gone
up, but labor is hard to find.
For Sale Cheap
if taken soon—a fine dairy and garden
truck tract of 20 acres, with bouse of
G rooms and other improvements, ad
joining Colfax. Apply to Geo. H. Len
The Whisky Without a Headache.
Wm. Schluting, proprietor of the New
Castle, has just received direct from the
J. W. McCulloch distillery, Owensboro,
Ky., a shipment of the celebrated Green
River whisky, the whisky without a
headache. Selected for its purity and
superior quality by the government for
exclusive use in the U. S, army and navy
hospitals. This goods is put up full
measure and is recommended for family
use #
$100,000. (tO
To loan on improved farads in the Pa
louse country. Get our terms. We can
save you money.
J. A. Perkins & Co., Colfax.
Picture framing a specialty at Sher
man's Art Store. Prices lower than
anywhere else in the citj.
Owing to dissolution
of partnership, all per
sons indebted to
are requested to call
and settle at once.
Mills & Stuart, Props.
J; ii. 2, 1900.
Each Succeeding Day
of the Cash System
brings more forcibly to mind the idea of force of
habit. Have you ever noticed that when the ther
mometer registers 101 degrees in July, a party of
persons entering a room gather instinctively around
the fireplace? Or when you have no butter on the
table, how often the force of habit will cause you to
reach for butter?
Every day in the week and every hour in the day finds
men and women in HinchlirT's C. O. D. Store who have been
under the force of habit of paying Credit prices for goods—
throwing down dollars where cents buy the same articles under
the C. O. D. system.
Only the other day (his was forcibly illustrated when two
prominent citizens, one a business man, the other a newspaper
man as usual(?) loaded with "dough," each ordering goods
J he .orce of our prices astonished them so that it foreecf them
to remark, "There is a noticeable difference between Cash and
Credit buying."
Pioneer Block.
I * 'si Ml
Are You Alive
To your own interests?
Then serve them best by
buying your
Hardware, Stoves,
Tinware, Sash,
Doors, Paint and
Farm Implements
Leave orders at Barroll &
Mohney's Hardware Store.
Confectionery, Nuts
Stationery, Books
Postoflice Store
Cigars, Tobacco
Pipes, Notions, Toys
Sells the Best
Pumps and Windmills
in the Palouse Country.
See him before buying.
Marble and Granite Works
D. MILLGARD & CO. Proprietors.
Monuments, Headstones, Tablets
All Kinds of Cemetery Work.
Call and see samples. Wall Street
Dealers in
General Merchandise
Highest market price paid for country pro
duce of all kinds.
C. O. D. House.
Send your friends or
relatives .1 nice
Photo <»r
Family Group.
For Best Photographs
There is no scarcity of
Lumber now at
The yard in stacked high, the stock of
logs is larger than ever before, and lum
ber ib corning from the Haw at the rate
of 40,000 feet a day, insuring the prompt
tilling of all orders.
A complete stock of
Sash, Doors, Blinds,
Moulding, Window Glass,
and building material of all kinds kept
constantly on hand. Kiln Dried Lumber
a specialty. Estimate* promptly fur
nished and money saved for you in
building operations.
Hiram Mitchell
Will pay prompt attention to advertising
and poeting bills for all gales put in my handi.
Free corral* at Colfax for stock brought to nn
to Bell. Parties at a distance will find it to
tneir advantage to communicate with me be
fore fixing dates or making final arrangements
lor sales. Calj on or address me at Colfax
and your sale will receive prompt and carefui
If you wish to Advertise
In Newspapers . . .
call on or write
E.C.Dake's Advertising Agcy.
64-65 Merchant's Exchange,
San Francisco, Calif.
Is read by people whom
the advertiser desires to
reach with his announce
Cattle and Hogs.
Pays highest market price.
Office with Chaa. DePraoce, Colfax. Wa«h.
Buy Your Groceries
. ...0F....
A^. E. Fouts,
Express and Drayman
Wni haul your frefcht or move your
goods and chattel*
Put into a year's subscription to the WeeldT
Oregoman and the Colfax Gazette cWotte
better inverted. Address orden tc <WtL
Telephone 73.

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