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Whitman County's Income and
Where it Was Spent.

« m.min«ll the Joy of the Treas
urer's Heart Because Her
Ta\e« Are Paid.
The office of Treasurer Wind us shows
in systematic detail the financial trans
actions of Whitman county for the year
lfl'.H). These run into hundreds of thous- j
andsof dollurs in the aggregate, and the
labor involved in keeping straight the
thousands of large and small accounts
has been immense. But it has been cor
rectly done, and the treasurer and his
painstaking force deserve the praise of
those whom they have so efficiently
Starting the year with $92,984 80 on
hand, the treasurer received from all
sources during the year $.'543,754.61 as
the county's income. Ending the year
with $71,401.07 ou hand, he disbursed
Where The Money Came From.
The total received for taxes is shown
by the following table, and also the
years for which it was paid in:
For year 181)8 $211,244 8G
For year 181)7 47,540 99
For year IS% . 5.1G5 14
For year 18U5 " 4,586 38
For year 1894 2.326 54
For year 1893 3,447 90
For years 1892 and 1891 1.401 80
Total tax receipts $275,718 91
Received for fees and incidentals . U5,035 70
Total receipts all sourcßs §343,754 01
Cash on hand Jan. 1, 1899 92,984 86
Grand total. $4.%,739 47
Where the Money Went.
The following shows the disbursements
in detail from the various funds:
General state fund.. $ 29,943 94
Military 2,470 79
Interest 2,440 88
School. . 31,394 79
Total state fund* S G0.250 40
School district fund S 79,569 63
Special school 58,658 13
R-iad district 24,082 47
Current expense 94,554 21
Road 17 00
Road and bridge 15,585 67
Bridge 1 25
Indebtedness . .. ... 665 77
Indigent soldiers 296 50
Total county fund ... $272,830 63
Colfax § 9,787 48
Colton 441 68
Kiberton 250 42
Fariuington . .. . . . 319 44
Gartie'.d . 1,996 70
Oakesdale 1,366 13
Palouse .. 4,245 34
Pullman 4,873 72
Rosalia .. 746 97
Tekoa 1,873 62
I'niontown . . .. 355 87
Total paid towns § 26,257 37
Stat* . 66,250 40
County 272,830 63
Total disbursements . .§365,338 40
Cash on hand Jan. 1, 1900 71,401 07
Balance 8436,739 47
Taxes Still Delinquent
Taxes are delinquent for the year 185)8
to the amount of $37,134 88, divided
among the vasioos funds as follows. In
the lint of towns I'niontown is not
found, for the reason that there is no
delinquency there. Her t°xes are all
piid, a record which others might emu
late with propriety:
General fund ... § 3.G73 61
Interest 311 11
Military . . 311 12
School .. 3,981 07
Total.. $ 8,276 91
Current expense $ 8,073 24
General school 3,110 50
Indigent poldiers 76 23
Road and bridge 1,555 72
Total § 12.515 G9
Colfax § 1,660 97
Colton 78 46
Kiberton.. 47 76
Farminßton . 27 56
Garfield 445 54
Oakesdale . 320 48
Palouse 2,090 21
Pullman 1,931 45
HoHolia 86 43
Tekoa , 489 92
Total $ 7,178 78
Road district § 3,075 07
School district 5,788 43
T°ta> •• I 8,863 50
State funds 8 276 91
County funds 12,815 69
Clty fun<*B 7,178 78
Grand total delinquencies $ 37,134 88
Dr. Carper Sent to Hospital.
Farmington Time?: Dr. Carper was
removed to Deacouess hospital Thurs
day, being transferred from his sick bed
to the evening train upon a stretcher.
He was carried by six men, and the doc
tor at the depot expressed himself as
fe?hng rtheshed by getting out in
the fresh air. His physicians advised
the change, and certainly the doctor will
get the best popsible attention. Hie
chances for rapid improvement are
doubtful, end those in a position to
know express doubts as to his recovery
at all. He in suffering with a chrouic
catarrh affection and other complica
tions. *
Branch Association Organized.
A branch of the Equitable Savings &
Loan Association, of Portland, has been
organized in Colfax. with the following
officers: J. A. Perkins, president: Geo
H. Lennox, vice president; W. J. Daven
port, secretary and treasurer Chas E
Scriber, Geo. H. Lennox, J. A. Byrw,
Thomas Oliver and J. A. Perkins com
pose the board of directors. The branch
starts out with a good list of share
holders. Besides the savings feature the
association loans inouey on city prop
erty at a low rate and on easy terms of
Warrant for Brooks.
Early in 1897 Wm. Brooks, a not
over bright lad, pleaded guilty ol grand
larceny in haviDg stolen money from hie
aunt, Mrs. Martha Hill, near Garfield.
Judge McDonald suspended sentence!
•He was in jail at the time Neesly is al
leged to have committed his great crime,
and the judge is after Brooks with a
b?nch warrant. Looks like he wanted
him as a witness.
Big Time Among Workmen.
Twelve new members will be initiated
into Colfax Lodge No. 14, Ancient Or
der of United Workmen, at the meeting
Tuesday evening, January 10. It is
proposed by the officers and members to
make the occasion an interesting one.
All members and all brethren are asked
to be present. After the ceremonies of
initiation are over a general social
time will be had.
No Danger Whatever.
Judge McDonald has announced to J.
W. Mathews, former prosecuting at
torney, that he will make him sizzle for
giving away grand jury secrets, and al
so that the jail yawns for other enemies.
The judge has announced bo many
things he would do that he has not
done, that no one believes he will set the
world on fire.
Small Burglary at Johnson.
The general merchandise store of Ells
worth Bros, at Johnson was burglarized
of a pair of shoes last Friday night. An
attempt was also made to blow the safe,
but this was unsuccessful. Three or four
small burglaries have recently been com
mitted in the town, and it is*believed to
be the work of local parties.
Marriage Licenses.
Edward S. Harding, Pullman, and
Cora E. Bartlett, Whelan; J. F. Reed
and Bertha Carroll, Wilcox; James
Y. Waller and Bessie May Snapp, Oakes
dale; John N. Fuchsand Annie Striebich,
I'niontown; Clarence A. Sherman and
Clara Allison, Garfield.
A Seasonable Recipe.
To keep apples in winter wrap them in
old newspapers so as to exclude the air.
The newspaper, however, must be one
on which the subscription has been paid,
otherwise dampness resulting from what
is "dew" may epoil the fruit.—Deposit
Big Wheat Sale.
The largest sale of wheat made for
some time was made Wednesday when
Ben Manchester sold 11,700 bushels
sacked, in the warehouse at Mockonema,
to Chas. De France, the Colfax buyer,
for 38 cents a bushel—s4,44o.
The annual roll call and business
meeting of Plymouth Congregational
church was held last Wednesday even
ing. Ihere was present a large repre
sentation of the church and congrega
tion. Reports of the various depart
ments of work showed them to be in a
healthy condition. The sum of $2180
has been raised and expended during the
year. In addition to this sum $208
were given for benevolence. The present
membership is 151. The following of
ficers were elected for the ensuing year:
Judge E. K. Hanna, president board of
trustees; R. H. Reid, secretary; J. A.
Perkins, Judge Inman and Dr. Coffey,
trustees; Robt. Hanna, treasurer: E. K.
Sheldon, Mrs. Bramwell and Miss Lusher,
finance committee; Prof. W. E. Ransom,
Sunday echool superintendent and R. C.
Canfield, assistant superintendent.
Preaching both morning and evening,
Sunday, at the Inited Presbyterian
church, Rev. Win. W. Reid, pastor.
Morning service at 11 a. m. Subject:
"The Mission of the Baptist," preceded
by children's sermon, "The Homesick
Boy—at Home." Evening service at
7:30. Special music.
Dr. George F. Hall, who has twice be
fore delighted Colfax audiences with bin
lectures will be in the city January 25th
and deliver his lecture. 'Happy Homes
and How to Have Them," under the
auspices of the Y. P. S. C. E. of the
Christian church.
The Mission Circle of the First Baptist
church will hold its monthly meeting
Thursday, January IS, at 2:30 p. m.
Program: Duet, Mesdames McKee and
Boyd; address, "Mormonism,"' Mrs. T.
J, Collins; trio, Mesdames Cairns, Yelle
and Schlauch.
Regular services will be held Sunday
at the Baptist church by Pastor Collins.
Rev. Mr. Collins is holding a series of
meetings at Diamond this week, and
will probably continue them through
next week.
Theodore Kratzer is in Spokane on
John S. Beall of Portland waa in the
city Monday.
Green Holbrook was down from Spo
kane Tuesday.
Mrs. E. N. Beach of Palouse was in the
city Friday visiting friends.
Major Hall, claim agent for the 0. R.
& N., spent Tuesday at Colfax.
E. J. Burns was in the city Saturday
from Spokane on mining business.
John Lathrum of Oakesdale epent
Tuesday and Wednesday in the city.
Mrs. C. W. Stone of Los Angeles is
Tisiting her sister, Mre. A. E. Abell, at
this city.
Mr. and Mrs. R. A. F. Smyth returned
Friday from Sumpter, Oregon, where
they had been a few months.
W. R. Dobson has removed to King
man, Arizona. The change was made
for the benefit of Mrs. Dobson's health.
Prof. Samuel Aughey, a mining expert
of Lineville, Alabama, spent Tuesday in
Colfax. the guest of Mr. and Mre. W. H.
Max Miller of the Second National
Bank is seriously ill with typhoid fever.
Ralph Newcomer is also dewn with the
Mrs. Amelia Miller of Salem, Oregon,
arrived in the city Wednesday evening
to care for her son Max, who is pros
trate with typhoid fever.
Misses Laura James and Emma
Davenport and Melancthon Walters re
turned Sunday to Whitman college.after
spending the holidays at home.
Dyßpepsia can be cured by using
Acker's Dyspepsia Tablets. One little
Tablet will give immediate relief or
money refunded. Sold in handsome tin
boxes at 25 cts. The Elk Drugstore
Money to loan on city property at 7
per cent, repayable in easy monthly iu
stallments. J. a. Perkins & Co o
Go to the Bee Hive for hosiery, gloves,
handkerchiefs, etc.
Subscribe for your periodicals through
lne Gazette and save tnonev.
Chambermaid wanted at Hotel Colfax,
Physicians and Lawyers Dis-
cussed the Matter.
liawyer Hanna Said the Doctors
Were Entitled to No More
than the Ordinary.
The legal fraternity were invited to be
present at the regular quarterly meeting
of the Whitman County Medical Society,
held Monday evening at the offices of
Drs. Coffey &: Johnston in this city. This
was done for the purpose of discussing
the law in the matter of expert fees in
the courts for physicians. The latter
feel somewhat aggrieved at the recent
actions of the commissioners in refusing
to respect the orders of the superior
court allowing each physician in ex
amination of insanity cases $5, and cut
ting it down to f 2 20. There is also
some dissatisfaction among the men of
medicine over the trimming cf bills in
smallpox cases. The attendance of
lawyers was small, only E. K. Hannn,
Robert Hanna and J.* N. Pickrell ap
"Legal Aspects Concerning Physic
ians" was discussed in an able paper by
Dr. W. W. Watkins of Moscow. This
touched extensively upon the law of
various states regarding the bond of
secresy between physician und patient,
and urged the passage of laws in all
states preventing physicians from com
municating them, on or off the witness
stand. Expert witness fees was also re
ferred to and a law advocated creating
a medical board of three in each county
to settle all questions under the head of
expert medical testimony, instead of the
present system.
Judge E. K. Hanna, from the lawyer's
standpoint, opposed the allowance of
expert fees to physicians. He said every
man owed certain duties to the state,
and tbe physician had privileges, such
as exemption from jury duty, not en
joyed by other citizens. He said the
present law prohibiting expert tees was
right. Dr. Dreucel of Palouse was the
only physician favoring Mr. Hannah
Practicing of unlicensed doctors was
discussed and $40 raised to prosecute
Thoee present were Drs. Stuht, Coffey
and Johnston of Colfax; Holzier of
I'niontown, Watkins of Moscow, Hall of
Guy, James of Tekoa, Page of Pullman,
Widby of Thornton, Clough of Eudicott,
Devine of Elberton, Thompson of Spo
kane, Preucel of Palouse.
The next meeting will be at Garfield,
the second Monday in April, when diph
theria will be discussed.
'"Bryn Mawr," the elegant home of
Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Davis, was the scene
of a very pretty social event last Thurs
day evening, when Mrs. Davis enter
tained her young friends with a fagot
party. She was assisted in receiving by
Miss Joh'innest-en and Miss Terry, and
the handsome parlors were well filled,
about sixty guests being present. I'nrier
soft red lights and by the glow of the
fagots in the grate the following pro
gram was effectively rendered:
Piano Solo Miss Pocock
Sony Miss Van Loon
Piano Solo. Miss Carter
Song Mr. M. Walters
Reading Miss Perkins
Whistling Solo Mhs Johanessen
Reading Miss Fretz
Souk Miss Amos
Keadin;; Mies Terry
Piano Solo Miss Dv Vail
After the program delicious refresh
ments were served, Misses Lena Hamil
ton, Grace White and Lucille James as
sisting the hostess. Luncheon was fol
lowed by dancing, which continued until
even the most enthusiastic were satisfied
and weary, but happy, they departed
for their respective homes, having spent
a merry and enjoyable evening.
Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Bryant entertain
ed a party of friends Tuesday evening
with a novel game—a gum modeling
contest Miss Baxter took the prize for
beet model fashioned irom a stick of
gum. Then followed progressive euchre,
prizes being won by Mrs. I'nderwood and
Mr. Yearsley. Instrumental and vocal
music and refreshments were indulged iv
and a happy evening spent.
Master Harry Davenport entertained
a party of young friends at his home in
North Colfax, Saturday evening. Games
and dancing were the amusements. Re
freshments were served and a happy
evening epent.
Johu McDonald has been displaced as
bailiff in the superior court by C. 15.
The auditor completed the extension
of the tax roll Thursday. Tt balances to
a cent.
The new council met and organized
Tuesday night. It is composed of the
same men as the old, and the same com
mittees were reappointed by Mayor
Bert Coons, bound over at Pullman
for running a blind pig at Guy, appear
ed in the superior court Monday,pleaded
guilty, was fined §100 and tvent to jail
to pay it.
Pat Lyons pleaded guilty to theft of
a mackinaw coat from Adam Kleveno,
near Matlock bridge, before Justice Kirk
land, Friday. He was fined §25 and is
serving it out in jail.
Jack Doyle, the Prescott saloon
keeper accused of pelting liquor without
a license, pleaded guilty before Judge
Brents and was sentenced to pay a fine
of $80 and to serve GO days in the coun
ty jail.
Experience is the best teacher, use
Acker's English Remedy in any case of
coughs, colds or croup. Should it fail
to give immediate relief money refunded.
25 cts and 60 cts. The Elk Drugstore.
Lost—About December 20, a proniis
sory note for $91.00, drawn iv ffvor
of A. Kubn by W. 11. Lee, dated about
May 20, 1599. Finder will please return
same to Charles Torrance, Diamond,
Wa6h., or leave at Gazette office*.
Picture framing a specialty at Sher
man's Art Store. Prices lower than
anywhere elae in the city»
Miss Maud Anderson, eye epecialist.at
the jewelry store of T. Louimasson.
Eyes tested free o
Go to the Bee Hive for tin and granite
Colfax, January 5. to Mr. and Mrs. EL \
8. HollingHwortb, a son.
Colfax, January 0, to Mr. and Mrs. J.
j J. Brickner, a son.
Spokane, January 7, Paschel Jennings \
j and Bertha M. Henderson, both of St.
Women of Woodcraft.
Whitman Circle No. 102, Women of
Woodcraft, installed the following offi
cers January Bth: Past guardian, Mary
C. Pattison; guardian, Emma Carins;
adviser, Jennie Fisher; clerk, Albert
Powell; banker, Jacob I'rech; attend
ant, Mary Freeh; magician, Etta Smith;
inner sentinel, Martha J. Fetter; outer
sentinel, Caroline Powell; musician, Ella
Foland; captain of guards, Nettie Balie;
managers, John Pattison, Thomas Mat
"Bill" Foster, who had been employed
on the farm of l'att Russell, near Walla
Walla, is alleged to have robbed a fellow
workman of $118 Tuesday night and
mounting a horse he got out of the
neighborhood. Officers are on his trail.
Judge Davidson of Ellensburg, fined
Louie Peterson $100 for tearing an ear
ring out of a Chinawoman's ear one day
last week.
Unclaimed Letters.
List of letters remaining uncalled for
in the Colfax postofiice. Jan. 12,1900:
Anderson,MissCarrie Dodd. Geo
Emmel, Jesse Garwood, G W
Henderson, F G Hubbard, Jessie
Kennedy, F W Messinger.Migs R
Mires, Mr Clyde Mrs Morris, L L
Thomson, Geo W White, W J
Yallops, Arthur
One cent postage will bo collected.
James Ewabt, P. M.
I want to let the people who suffer
from rheumatism and sciatica know that
Chamberlain's Pain Balm relieved me
after a number of other medicines and a
doctor had failed. It is the best lini
ment I have ever known of—J. A. Dou
gen,, Alpharetta, Ga. Thousands have
been cured of rheumatism by this remedy.
One application relieves the pain. For
sale by all drutrgistH.
Centennial Celebration.
Since it has been decided to give the
name of Clnrkston to the new town that
has grown up in Vineland, Washington,
opposite Lfnvinton, additional interest
is shown in a celebration to be given in
1903. It is proposed to celebrate the
one hundredth anniversary of the visit
of Lewis and Clark to the Snake river
valley. Both Lewiston and Clarkston
will join in the centennial demonstra
tion, it haw been suggested that a
statue of each of the famous explorers
be erected at either end of the big steel
bridge that spans Snake river. If the
idea is carried out the statues might be
cat from native marble and the bases of
native granite, both of which are found
in abundance within a few miles of the
two towns
The Whisky Without a Headache.
Win. Schlnting, proprietor of the New
Castle, has just received direct from the
J. W. McCulloeh distillery, Owensboro,
Ky., a shipment of the celebrated Gieen
River whisky, THE WHISKY WITHOUT a
headache. Selected for its purity and
superior quality by the government for
exclusive u^e in the D. S, army and navy
hospitals. This goods is put up full
measure and is reeauimended for family
For Sale.
Fifteen or twenty head of high g-ade
Percheron horses, suitable for heavy
work. Call on or address James Wood
ley, Colfax,
Tickets sold to all points in the United
States and Canada, over the Northern
Pacific. Call on Geo. 11. Lennox for full
information, tickets, etc.
Owing to dissolution
of partnership, all per
sons indebted to
are requested to call
and settle at ouce.
Mills & Stuart, Props.
Jan. 2, 1«>OO.
Cattle and Hogs.
Pays highest market price.
Office with Chaß. DeFrance, Colfax, Wash.
Marble and Granite Works
D. MILLGARD & CO. Proprietors.
Monuments, Headstones, Tablets
All Kinds of Cemetery Work.
Call and see samples. Wall Street
SherifTs Sale.
State of Washington, comity of Whitman—ss.
In the superior court of the st.-ue of Washing
ton, in and for Whitman county.
Lydla I>. Atwood, plaintiff vs. Sarah J. Boyes,
Gussie SI. Boyes, a minor under fourteen years
of age, D. P. Thompson, and Sarah J. Boyes,
administratrix of the estate of Walter W. Boyes,
deceased, defendants.
Decree of foreclosure and order of sale.
By virtue of a decree and order of gale, made
and entered in the above entitled cause and
court, on the 10th day of November, A. D. 1899, a
copy of which has been iasne 1 and certified to
me by the clerk of the saic! <■■ 'irt. under the seal
thereof .bearing date thel'itii i <y of I>ecember,A.
D. 1599, for the sum of $1,;:71..., «old coin, with
interest on the sum of $1,135.20 at the rate of 12
per cent per annum from the 1-th day of De
cember, A. D. 1899, and the further sum of $34.45,
costs, and the further sum of 1150.00, attorney's
fees, and also the increased costs thereon, and
interest on the sum of f235.54 at the rate of 15
per cent per annum, from the 12th day of De
cember, 1899, I. Joseph Caniut, sheriff of Whit
man county, Washington, will on the 13th day
of January, A. D. I'JOO. at the hour of 2 o'clock
p. m. of said day. at the south front door of the
Whitman county court house, at Colfax, Whit
man county state of Washington, sell at public
auction to "the highe?t bidder, for cash, the fol
lowing described rea] estate, situated, lying and
being in Whitman county.Washington, and par
ticularly described as follows, to-wit: Thesouth
west quarter of section thirty-five (35), township
eighteen (18;, north, of range forty-two(42),E. W.
M.. containing 100 acres, more or'less, according
to the government survey. Together with all
ami singular tae tenements, hereditaments and
appurtenances thereunto belonging or in any
wise appertaining. Said property is taken and
sold as the property of sarah J. Boyes and others,
Dated at Colfax, Whitman county, Washing
ton, this 12th day of December, A. D. 1899.
Sheriff of Whitman County, Washington.
By C A. Elmer, Deputy.
Domer & Estep, attorneys for plaintiil'.
Each Succeeding Day
of the Cash System
brings more forcibly to mind the idee* of force of
habit. Have you ever noticed that when the ther
mometer registers 101 degrees in July, a party of
persons entering a room gather instinctively around
the fireplace? Or when you have no butter on the
table, how often the force of habit will cause you to
reach for butter?
Every day in the week and every hour in the day finds
men and women in HinchlitTs C. O. D. Store who have been
under the force of habit of paying Credit prices for goods—
throwing down dollars where cents buy the same articles under
the C. O. D. system.
Only the other day this was forcibly illustrated when two
prominent citizens, one v business man, the other a newspaper
man as usual(?) loaded with "dough," each ordering goods.
The force of our prices astonished them so that it forced them
to remark, "There is a noticeable difference between Cash and
Credit buying."
C. O. D. House.
Pioneer Block. Telephone 73.
Remember, (1 JJ MOOKE
Chase & Sanborn's Coffee and Teas
Doil't Splifl AwAT for S^Pri We will sell you fresh Gar
-1/1)11 L OCIIU A'>d> lUI lOt?t?U. den Scad, 'bulk," in any
quuntity, for lees than you pay elsewhere. Besides buying at home, you take no
risk. We also have in any quantity Hrome Grass, Alfalfa, Timothy, Clover and
Lawn Grass Seed. (Jet our prices before ordering elsewhere.
Low Trices and Good Goods our motto.
I'honp ;M. Colfax, Washington.
/s^s^ We are Headquarters for
AH makes and styles, and our prices
j^o^: i^k. cannot be beaten anywhere.
/ jzSlt* m ''ewehy> Kings, Clocks, &c.
fe ■2& 5£ s*f 2fk $3 U the 'argest in the Palousp Country
t'^^Z'w '^'A^'k-UU^vT''J^ffi fln(1 our Pric^ s are the lowest.
**• J*>'».# Id v iW J (I II t* flt \j 1 *
Are You Alive
To your own intereate?
Then serve them best by
buying your
Hardware, Stoves,
Tinware, Sash,
Doors, Paint and
Farm Implements
Leave orders at Barroll &
Mohney's Hardware Store.
Confectionery, Nuts
Stationery, Books
Postoffice Store
Cigars, Tobacco
Pipes, Notions, Toys
Sells the Best
Pumps and Windmills
in the Palouse Country-
See him before baying.
THE BUILDING is up-to-date, having
new seats, new furniture, electric lights.
THE TEACHERS are up-to-date in
their methods of instruction.
are up-to date, as every one can judge
for himself by examining our circular of
information. The President will be glad
to send one to all who desire to investi
tat. V incent's Academy
A select Boarding School for young girK
Gives a thorough education in all English
branches. Munic, Fancy Work, Languages
etc. No compulsion with regard to religious
Correspondence solicited.
Buy Your Groceries
E. Fonts,
All goods firat class. Highest prices paid
for farm produce. X
Express and Drayman
Will haul your freight or move your
goods and chattel*
Notice for Publication.
John Keating.
I-and Office at Walla Walla Wash Dw™hor
19th, 1809 -Nonce „ herebytwen th«? ttfe toll
lowing named settler has filed notice of his in
tention to make final proof In support f his
claim and that .aid proof will be made before
\\m. A.lninan,-L. 8. commissioner, at his of
fice in tolfax, \Va*h.. on February M, 1900, viz-
John Keating, who made pre-emption Declara
tory Statement No 74Of>. for the SW«: NKi hpo
27. Tp. ION., R. 43 E. W. M. He names th*e Joll
lowing witnesses to prove his continuous resi
dence upon, and cultivation of said land viz-
John McTierney, Frank Dowling. Greenberry
Busby and Daniel Nolan, all of Colfax Wash
JOHN M. HILL. Register!
Estray Notice
Taken up at my place known aa the J. M.
Baker place, 2\ miles west of Sunset, the (oil
lowing described estrays:
One gray mare, about 7 years old, weight
about 900 pounds, undistinguiohable brand on
left shoulder and a wire cut on right shoulder.
One bay yearling colt with a white strip io
face, no brand visible.
One mouse colored spring colt, had tail
bushsd when it came.
Unless claimed by owner and charges paid,
said animals will be sold according to law.
Dated, January 9, 1900.
«m . W. E. HARDISTY,
P. 0. Sunset, Waah.

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