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Letters Full of Interesting .Nona Notes
From Many Country Point*.
Mr. Quinn, of Riverside, bae moved to
College and public school began last
week, with many additional pupils.
Ninety-two dollars was taken in at the
rvcent Ifaecabea entertainment. Bd.
Hryant held the ticket that, drew the
Mainline quilt.
Dr. Kenoyer returned from Kendrick
last week. He has been attending a
patient there.
Rev.Gallagher of Walla Walla is con
ducting a series of meetings here.
S. <>. Cray has moved his family to
the reservation.
Mm. Mnud Hoyer returned to her res
ervation home TueHday.
C. B. Kegtej has Bold bin farm for $.'5,.
600. Gfrea possession the first of April!
E. Tower, a former barber of this
place, in upending a few weeks with rela
tives here.
Mrs. Annie McAllister returned last
week from a visit t« h<>r parents near
( orvallis, Oregon.
Mesdames McKeynolds and Hallowny
are spending a few days with relatives
in Moscow.
Mrs. James Fair and children enjoyed
the holiday season with her brother in
Base ball games and bicyle riding are
much enjoyed as daily exercises here.
Last Thursday night a mass meeting
was called at the church. It was re
sponded^to by a house full of earnest
people. The object was to see how many
were on the side of temperance who
would be willing to unite forces to eradi
cate the -aloon and its adjuncts forever
from this town, which we want to be a
college town. The result of this meeting
was the organization of a society called
a "Citizens' League." Fifty-nine names
were enrolled to membership. Four offi
cers were then elected by these members,
and three members chosen to act with
these officers as an executive committee.
There had been several excellent speeches,
and some discussion, so at this point
the meeting adjourned. The committee
is to meet and formulate a constitution
and by-laws in the meantime, ready for
ratification at next regular meeting.
Tbia ia too nice weather for the time
of the winter. The fruit buds are swell
ing and v severe cold snap will undoubt
edly com*' und do a great deal of dam
age, not only to the fruit, but the trees
as well.
There in a series of meeting in pro
gress at the M. E. church, under the
care of Elder Geo. W. Stivers of Gartield,
assisted by Mr. and Mrs. Webb as vocal
ists, representing the Christian denom
There was a box social at the hall last
Thursday evening, the proceeds to be
applied oa the fund to build a Christian
church at this place. One box wuh sold
for £4.2r>—quite an expensive supper.
Dr. WiJby has his store and office
about finished. It is quite nice and a
credit to the town.
-John Burger of the hardware and im
plement tinn has gone to Spokane on a
business trip. His wife accompanied
him as far as Rosalia, where she will
visit her parents and friends while he is
S. 11. Thompson, of the firm of
Thompson. Holt & Co., has moved to
Thornton and is living in the house
vacated by Mr. Wheat.
The bo^s of town are wishing fora
cold snap, as they have a dam across
the creek which makes a pond a quarter
of a mile long and expect fine sport
when they get the ice thick
George Mason has treated himself to a
brand new top buge&- Heware, George;
the marrying epidemic might be con
Miss Jnlia Vandorn of Sunset is in
Thornton stopping with the family of
Mr. Kuhl.
The New Year was like spring time
and the weather still continues so. The
nights arc somewhat frosty, but the
fruit trees are in good condition so far.
Otto Menig, teacher of the Penawawa
school, has returned from Cheney, where
he spent the holidays.
N. P. K. R. surveyors moved their
camp across to the south side of Snake
river and went down the stream.
Chauncey Smith and his sister Kdith
were visiting W. B. Gram one day last
Mr. and Mrs. ('. M. Chamberlin were
guests of Mr. and Mrs. E. Fiueher one
day last week.
Cal. MeCrucken of Alkali tlat and Mrs.
Grace (iaines of t'olfux were down to the
burg on business the other day.
N. N. Carrol of Alkali flat was down
one day of last week.
Master Colby Harper of Union tlat was
down visiting with Leon Cota last week.
Volney Simpson, of Ping, was over
visiting relatives here.
('. P. Simpson is back from Colfax,
where he has been spending the holidays.
Mr. and Mrs. Thos. 11. Simpson went
up to Colfax on business last week.
J. W. Kiehards went up to Colfax last
Steamer Spokane ran aground last
Thursday morning below Penawawa,
and was several hours getting away.
William Cannott was out hunting last
week and shot a wild cat in the hills
close to Peuawawa.
Donnie Lee was down to the burg one
day last week.
The Penawawa mail carrier was behind
time la6t Thursday—broke his buggy on
his way down.
Fred Wayruire, Jr., met with a severe
accident Friday. While dismounting
from his horse, in front of the yard pate
at home, a 44 cix shooter, which he had
put in the top of his leggings, was dis
charged and the bullet went through his
foot. He was taken to Colfax, and on
examination it was found just a small
piece of boue was shot away. On re
quest of the doctor he was taken to the
hospital, and will be there a week or so.
Everett I. Wilson returned from Grass
Creek, Ind , Saturday evening, with his
It. L. Fincher of Penawawa spent Sun
day in this vicinity.
j. P. Harper went up to his sister's,
Mrs. J. H. Stover, near Guy, Saturday,
and will remain all week.
A good many horses were taken to
Colfax, Friday and Saturday from this
neighborhood to be sold for cavalry use,
but only a few filled the measurement
that did not have some scar or blemish.
I-red Reed was up from La Crosse Sun
Sam McNeilly took a spin on the hills
around Pampa, Sunday, looking for
Harry Shearer of Leland, Idaho, vie
wed Lis sister, Mrs. Wm. Phillips, the
fore part of the week.
The holidays are past and all is quiet
at St. John.
Key. .1. W. Adams and family are here
from Huntsville, for a few days' visit.
The first Appel of 1900 arrived at the
home of Mr. Appel last week—an eleven
pound boy.
A aeries of meetings will begin at the
Christian church next Thursday night,
Revs. Peck and Kirkland conducting.
Vick Wilson baa gone to Wardner to
clerk in the Wardner errocery store.
Miss Ethel Jacobs, who has been
seriously ill, is some better at this writ
The Lee Theatrical Troupe, which
showed here last Thursday night, was a
grand failure. The hearty laugh which
they promised was enjoyed by those who
did not attend. St. John people were
afraid that Leonard McKinley would ac
cept a position with them as musician.
Ernest Ross and Misses Mattie and
Annetta Ross have returned to Cheney
to resume their studies at the normal
after two weeks' vacation.
The Odd Fellows gave a dance at their
hall New Years night, which was a sue
c ■>„ both financially and socially.
Miss Mollie Huffman has been visiting
relatives here the past week.
Peter Jacobson has been quite ill this
week, but is on fair way to recovery. It
is hoped he will soon be in his place at
school again.
The lectures given by Rev. H. J\
James this week have been interesting
and instructive.
The program for Friday evening is as
Kong Glee Club
Recitation Mr. Johnson
Piano Solo Miss Chambers
Recitation Ernest Hooper
Weekly Journal Ed. Warmouth
Recitation W. Shin How
Instrumental Solo Ralph McKee
Reading C. Chesnut
Recitation Mr. Reynolds
Debate: Affirmative, Misses Daisy
Knight and Nevada Moore; negative,
Misses Mabel Boyd and Martha Schrei
ber. Subject, "Woman's Rights."
Instrumental Solo...Miss Mary Hramblet
All are invited to attend.
To the editor of the Gazette: I wish
to rectify a statement made in your pa
per in the issue of January 5. It must
be said that your local correspondent at
Clear Creek has been wrongly informed.
The "serenade" which was spoken of in
regard to a young married couple, was
not such as should be practiced by a
sensible and civilized lot of people; but
rather an act which heathen would scorn
to perform. In regard to a wagon spoke
being thrown by some occupant of the
house, that is a mistake. If any one
was ir jured that night, it was done by
come one other than the occupauts of
the house. Had the boys kept in the
bounds of reason, nothing would have
been said, and they would have had
their expected treat. Boys, take the
advice of one who loves peace and
abhors trouble, and be careful what you
Frank Tempero and family spent New
Year's at the home of his brother (ieorge.
Lewis Guptil returned Thursday from
Fletcher, Idaho, where he has been sew
ing sacks at Wright's flouring mill. He
reports good sleighing at Genesee.
Dave Whitney is again running for
supervisor of road district number 12^.
Frank Darling is visiting relatives in
Charles Dewees and Ralph Whitney
were hunting on Kamiac last Saturday.
Shelby Stevens and Gage Whitney were
at Gold Hill last Thurday, getting crooks
for a pair of bobs. They report snow
two feet deep on Gold Hill.
A good many of the neighbors' chick
ens are dying with what is supposed to
be cholera.
Stock is doing well.
Farmers are plowing.
The best weather ever known at this
time of year.
Mr. Simpson of Spokane shipped a car
of fat cattle from here Saturday.
Geo. Brooks of Colfax is buying cattle
here now.
The squirrels have made their appear
ance here, but are very poor.
Mrs. J. VV. Srjlator went to Dayton
J. W. Wagoner will move his family
from Colfax to Hay this week.
The Hay postoffice is now running
and so ie the postmaster's store.
How Is Your Wife?
lias she lost her beauty? If co, Con
stipatioo, Indigestion, Sick Headache are
the principal causes. Karl's Clover Root
Tea has cured these ills for half a cen
tury. Price 25 cte. and 50 cts. Money
refunded if results are not satisfactory.
For sale by The Elk Drug Store, F. J.
Stone, proprietor.
Don't fail to visit the Bee Hive when
in Colfax.
Estray Notice.
Taken up by the undersigned, residing 3%
miles north of Colfax, the following described
One gray mare colt, coming 2 years old,
very small star in forehead, no brand visible.
One bay mare colt, coming 1 year old, no
brand or other marks.
Unless claimed by owners and charges paid,
said animals will be Bold accordirg to law.
Dated January 10, WOO.
P. O. Colfax, Wash.
iSj Kureka Harness Oil is the best HI
ISI preservative of new leather H!
HI :iud the !n'>t renovator of old HI
I Eureka 1
1 Harness Oil I
[HI on your best harness, your old har- jn!
[HI ness, and your carriage"toi>, ami they fSi
HI will not only look better but wear EML
H looser. Bold everywhere In cans—«ll HS
|Bj| sizes from half pints to live gallons. ]J
* il»de by STiMIAKU OIL CO. Rl
Continued from Third l'ng«>.
Beeaon, MH Elbarton
Beguelin, — Pullman
Beightol. HL Palouse
Bell.FL Garfield
Bell, John J Winona
Bell, GG Tekoa
Bellus, RC Garfiold
Belshaw, M W Farmington
Bellinghaußer, J . Colton
Benedict, B A Oakesdale
Benedict, John ... . . . . Colton
Benn, B T Colfax
Benfield, Abner M la Crosee
Bennett, J R (iarfield
Bennett, JE Colfax
Bennett, Kiell St. John
Benton, T H Colfax
Benton, Henry M .... Pullrcan
Benton, Jameß .. Colfax
Bentz, Henry .Pullman
Bently, C H Garfield
Bently, J D ..Tekoa
Berquibt, Charles ... Thornton
Berquist, John .Rosalia
Berger, John Thornton
Bergman, John Pullman
Berkstresser, Frank Klberton
Bernard. W F Oakesdale
Beete, Frank Pine City
Betta, Stephen Colfax
Beveridge, JM Rosalia
Bic':nell, David Garfield
Bicknell, Charles Palouse
Bidle, A .Colfax
Biggs, John C Pine City
Billups, F M Colfax
Billup?, HP Colfax
BiUland J C.. Colfax
Bilyeu, JS.. Alki
Bishop, J E Colton
Bishop, Jessie .. Garfield
Bishop, WC Garfield
Bishop, J S Garfield
Bishop, John .Elberton
Bishop, J D Elberton
Bishop, Henry Colfax
Bishop, Jack Colton
Bernard, Lew Palouse
Binnard B .. Colfax
Bingham, LM.. .Garfield
Birdsell, Marion .St. John
Birdsell JP Latah
Bittinger, DE Garfield
Bittinger, E D... Garfield
Bisler, D A Colfax
Black, James W Garfield
Black, Price . .. Winon »
Black, JW ... Garfeld
Blachley, S Colton
Blachley, W B Colfax
Blackstone, F A Oakesdale
Blackburn, W B Elberton
Blain, WS Rosalia
Blancatt, George .. .. ..Endicott
Blonquist. Frank Tekoa
Blair, WH .Rosalia
Blakemore, L C. .. .. Oakesdale
Blank, Jacob Thornton
Blanchet, George Uniontown
Blevins, AD.. Oakesdale
Bhckenderfer, J .... .Farmingtou
Blickenderfer, HA . Tekoa
Blinzler, Andrew Rosalia
Bloom, J H Colfax
Bloomfield, George. Pullman
Boatright, WJ Johnson
Boardman, Frank Johnson
Bockmier, Paul. Pa'ou;e
Bodine, S A .Elberton
Bohle, Joseph . Colton
Bohle, Fred Colton
Bohn, Jack Palouse
Bohn John Palouse
Boies, Geo V Oakesdale
Bolton, John . .. .Tekoa
Bolton, WE Thornton
Borrette, JS.. Endicott
Boswell, W A Oakesdale
Bottcher W F Rosali*
Bousman J H . . . .. .Garfield
Bourbonnais, N Pullman
Bowerman, B Rosalia
Bowman, Frank Coltax
Bowman, David S. Pampa
Bowen, (JKJr . Tekoa
Bowen, WT St. John
Bower, L J Garfield
Boyd, Albert Palouse
Boyd, Azroe Pullman
Boyd, LM Colfax
Buyer, A Guy
Boylan, T J Elberton
Boyles, John W Colton
Bouiie, H M Palouse
Boone, S J Palou=e
Boone, Austin S Johnson
Boone, Daniel Pullman
Boozsr, T J Rosalia
Boozer, H J Rosalia
Booker, D E .Oakesdale
Booth, W D Colfax
Booth, R S. Pullman
Brabyn, W H Pullman
Brace, John E Pullman
Bragg, R B Pullman
Bragg, LI Colfax
Bradley, EL Colfax
Braillard, H E Colfax
Bradon, August Colton
Bramwell, H Oolfax
Bramel, T E Pullman
Branham, Chaß A . Pullman
Branham. Sherman Pullman
Brann, L H. Colfax
Brand, R M Colfax
Branch, Wm t Oakesdale
Bratsel, F Tekoa
Bratton, GL Oakesdale
Brewrink, N E Pullman
Brewrink, C L , Pullman
Breed, Wm J Palouse
Breeding, J E Palouse
Breeding, J W Palouee
Breeding, C P Farraington
Breeze, S H Pullman
Brewster, E C Oakeedale
Brickner, J J Colfax
Bridgets, W O Colfax
Briggs, Adolph Johnson
Briggs, G M Tekta
Brink, Hiram Penawawa
Brink, John Penawawa
Brink, H S Farmington
Brink, Levi Farmington
Bridgeman, D W Latah
Bridgewater, W W Palouee
Bright, Alex Sprague
Bright, W H St. John
Brittan, A Rosalia
Briston, J O Palouee
Brockway, L F Rosalia
Brockway. L A Rosalia
Brown, J E Garfield
Brown, J B Colfax
Brown, Francis H Colfax
Brown, Eugene Colfax
Brown, A L Colfax
Brown, G D Tekoa
Brown, John W Pullman
Brown, Frank E Oakesdale
Brown, Samuel Oakesdale
Brown, R S Oakeedale
Brown, Henry Palouee
Brown, Leon Palouse
Brown, Clark Diamond
Brown, G D Elberton
Brown, E S Uniontown
Brown, J J Garfield
Brown, C H Belmont
Brown, Lewis Elberton
Brown, Wm Hooper
Brown, C A Palouse
Brown, B B Oakesdale
Brown, Alex Endicott
Brown, S S Pullman
Brown, Myron Winona
Brooner. W A Guy
Irownlee, G H Palouse
Broer, John Uniontown
Broenreke, Fred Dniontown
Brooke, George W Colfax
Brooke, John Pullman
Brouillard, N Palouee
Broyles, T E Penewawa
Broylee, 0 A La Crosse
Bruraptten J E Falcone
Broenreke Henry Uniontown
Bruner, E C Tekoa
Bmihl, Chae LJkkmam
I «ryan> £ A; Pullman
I Bryan, L H Guv
gwwp ::::p"uiiman
Bryan, Edward H Guy
Bryant, Eugene Pullman
Tant T P Pullman
ryeon.OV Garfield
Bryson, () M Garfield
Buchman, Christ Colfax
Buckley, Wm Pullman
g*J4 H Pullman
Buff, Lafayette Hay
| QIJ; Charles Pullman
Bulhngton, J Palouse
Bumgardner, W Colfax
Burbank, W St. John
Burhngame, A M Colfax
Burgunder, B Colfax
Burgees 8 M Rosalia
Burgan, h S Pullman
Burch, Eugene Colfax
Burkhart, J W Paradise
Burkoweky, H Pullman
Burrow, H C St. John
Burrow, A I) St. John
Burk, Alfred Guy
Buri, Chris Colfax
Clinch, H Palouae
Bunch, James Palouse
Bunnell, A C Farmington
Burn man, Albert Dusty
Buruham, W G Palous'e
Burnham, E L St. John
Burnam, Oran Guy
Burnam, Charles Guy
Burns, Dan G Pullman
Burns, Jacob Sunset
Burns, R E Elberton
Burns, J C Oakesdale
Burns, M J Pine City
Burns, Enos Pullman
Burns, Thomas Alki
Busby, F M Fallon
Busby. Thos W „.:. . .Pullman
Bueby, G H Colfax
Burke, Thomas Oakeedale
Busman, Joseph Uniontown
Bush, John P Oakeedale
Bush, Henry LaCrosee
Bueh, D N Pullman
Bosch, Peter Colton
Bunch, Matt Johneon
Butcher. AC Pullman
Butler, KB Palouse
Butler,.! D Pine City
Butler, UV Farmington
Butcher, J X Colfax
Button, Geo M Tekoa
Burton, Wm Fallon
Butts, Geo W Pine City
Byere, M V Johnson
Byere, E ... "
Byrne, E J ' '.Garfield
Byrne, M "
Byrd, Wm '.'.'.'.'. .7. .Colfax
Baker, J M "
Cadwell, J H Pullman
Cady, R P Palouse
Cairns. JW .Colfax
Cain, Lafayette Pine City
State of Washington, county of Whitman—s?.
This certifies that the foregoing is a true
and correct summary of the proceedings of the
board of county commissioners of Whitman
county, Washington, for the meeting of said
board which was held on January 2, 3 and 4.
In testimony whereof, I have hereunto set
my hand and affixed my official seal as clerk of
said board, this 9th day of January. 1900.
[seal] JOHN F. CORNER,
Auditor of the aforesaid county and clerk of
the aforesaid board.
Help the Orphans.
How to help in the great work of res
cuing and training Armenian children
left destitute orphans by the Turkish
massacre. There are 40,000 orphans to
care for. Think of it! Only GOOO of
these have been brought into Christian
homes and Orphan Homes during the
four years since the Turks slaughtered
their fathers, and often their mothers
also. Christ goes out to seek the one
lost sheep, but who is seeking these un
cared for thousands who are perching
on the mountains of Armenia? As
children we sang, "Happy New Year to
all," but are you doing your beet to
make that true? How about those
orphans? Shall they be happy in the
Homes, or shall they be slaves in a
hartim, or wander from house to house?
Only $25 sent to Brown Bros. & Co., 59
Wall street, New York, will make some
orphan boy or girl happy a whole year.
If you cannot do it alone, get others to
help you. Have an Orphan club.—Help
ing Hand Series. Barre, Macs.
It has been demonstrated repeatedly
in every state in the Union and in many
foreign countries that Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy is a certain preventive
and cure for croup. It has become the
universal remedy for that disease. M.
V. Fisher of Liberty, W. Va., only re
peats what has been said around the
globe when he writes: "I have used
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy in my
family for several years and always
with perfect success. We believe that it
is not only the best cough remedy, but
that it is a cure cure for croup. It has
saved the lives 6f our children a number
of times." This remedy is for sale by
all druggists.
To Cure a Cold in One Day.
Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tab
lets. All druggists refund the money if
it faile to cure. E. W. Grove's signa
ture is on each box. 25c #
Call on H. W. Goff for Insubance.
\*A —".-— J>^^^^y\
f Di:Shilohstj
(\ Cough and 111
! Consumption %
fl " — '—*-ure (m
Fl This is beyond question the \\K%
|l most successful Couffh Mcdi- 1.1 f
cine ever known to science: a IIbI
■ few doses invariably cure the \\V|
IP worst cases of Cough, Croup VCIM
1L and Bronchitis, while its won- \\V
11 | derful success in the cure of \\«
|{j Consumption is without a par- !%■
Vml allelin the history of medicine. 11l
■t^ Since its first discovery it lias iBl
■\ been sold on a g-uarantce, a 61'
■\ test which no other medicine It
PL j can stand. If you have a (w
■lAi Coußh, we earnestly ask you (gWi
K^A totryit. In United States and v2b
Canada 25c., 50c. and $1.00, and
in England Is. ~d., '-is. 3d. and
m\ ' J ! /^i
Wl J-EROY.^N.Y. /fl
For sale by the Elk Drug Store, F.J.Stone, Propr
"A Little Spark May
Make Much Work/
The little "sparks" of bad blood lurkiny
in the system should be quenched nvith
Hood's Sarsaparilh. America's great blood
purifier. It purifies, vitalizes and enriches
the blood of both sexes and all ages. Cure*
scrofula, salt rheum, dyspepsia, catarrh.
Bankrupts Petition for Discharge.
In the district court of the Tinted states
enidivii? (lis!ri<t of Washington. South-
In the matter of Leonard Crawford and Mary
A. Crawford, his wife, bankrupts
To the Honorable C. H. Hauford, judge of he
above entitled court:
Leonard Crawford and Mary A. Crawford, his
wife.of the county of Whitman and state of Wash
ington, in said district, respectfully represent
that on the 28th day „f October last past they
were duly adjudged bankrupts under the acts o"f
congress relating to bankruptcy; that be baa
duly surrendered all his property and rights to
property, and has fully complied with all re
quirements of said acts mid of the orders of the
court touching his bankruptcy
Wherefore he prays that he may be decreed by
the court to have a full discharge from all debts
provable against his estate under said bankrupt
acts, except such debts as are exeepted by law
from such discharge.
Hated this 7th day of December, 1891
United States of America, District of wStainic
I, Leonard Crawford and Mary A.Crawford
the petitioners, in the above petition named do
hereby make solemn oath that the statements
contained therein are true according to my best
knowledge, information and belief.
Subscribed and sworn to before me this 7th
day of December, 18<»9. THOS NEILL
Notary Public, rcsidingat Colfax,Washington.
District of Washington—ss.
On this 15th day of December, A. D. on
reading the foregoing petition, it is
Ordered by the court, that a hearing lie had
UK! n uthe Sftnle on the 17th da >' oi January, a. D
1900. before H. W. Cantield, at Colfax. in said
district, at 10o'clock in the forenoon; and that
notice thereof be published in the Colfax (ia
zette, a newspaper printed in said district, and
that all known creditors and other persons in
interest may appear at the said time and place
and *how cause, if any they have, why the
prayer of the said petitioners should not be
And it is further ordered by the court that the
Clerk shall send by mail to all known creditors
copies of said petition and this order, addressed
to them at their pUces of residence as stated
Witness the Honorable C. H. Hanford, judge
of the said court, and the seal thereof, at Walla
Walla, in Baid district, on the l.'itli day of Decem
ber, A. ]). 1899.
R. M. HOPKINS, Clerk.
By H. B. STROM;, Deputy Clerk.
Enter: C. H. HANFORD, Judge
(Seal United States District Court.)
I hereby certify that I have on this L'lth day of
December, A. I). 1899, sent by mail copies of "the
above order as therein directed
R. M. HOPKINS, Clerk.
By H. B. STRONG, Deputy Clerk.
Bounty For Coyote Scalps.
In accordance with an order ol the board of
county commissioners of Whitman county
Washington, notice is hereby given that said
county will pay a bounty oi $] for each and
every scalp of coyotes that are killed within the
boundary oi said county since the Oth day of
December, IS'JB.
Any porson securing coyote scalps aud desir
ing to receive the bounty /or the same will de
liver said scalps to the county auditor of said
county at liis office in the court house in Colfax,
Washington, the county seat of said county, and
thereupon make affidavit that the coyotes from
which said scalps were taken, were kUled with
in tne boundaries of said county and were killed
since the Oth day of December, 1898. The affi
davit so made will be presented to the board of
county commissioners at the following meeting
of said board, or at the present meeting of said
board, if it be then in session, and the claim for
said bounty, if the same be found by said board
to be correct and just, HI be allowed and paid
by warrant in the same manner as other claims
against the county are paid.
All persons presenting scalps to the county
auditor will please take notice, that the law pro"
vides that no bounty shall be paid on any scalp
unless both ears are attached to the scalp and
are presented in that manner with the scalp
when the same is delivered to the county
In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my
hand and affixed my official seal as clerk of said
board this Ist day of July, 1N99.
rsKAl..l J, F. CORNER.
Auditor of Whitman County. Washington, and
Clerk of the Board of County Commissioners
of said county.
Order to Show Cause.
In the superior court of Whitman county,
state of Washington.
In the matter of the estate of Susannah Steen,
Order to show cause why order of sale of real
estate should not bo made.
It appearing to the said court, by the petition
heretofore presented and filed by W. B. Hilk
worth, the administratorof the es"tate of Susan
nah Steen. deceased, praying for an order to
gell certain real estate; that it is necessary to
sell the whole of the real estate of said deceased,
to pay the outstanding debts agaiust said estate
and the expense of administration.
It is therefore ordered by the said court that
all persons interested in the estate of said de
ceased, appear before the said superior court on
the 23rd day of January, r.too. at 11 o'clock a. m.,
of said day, at the court room of said superior
court, at Colfax, in said county and state, to
show cause why an order should not be grant
ed to the said administrator to sell so much of
the real estate of said deceases as shall I c
necessary to pay such debts and expenses; anil
that a copy of this order be published at least
four successive weeks in the Coifax Gazette, a
newspaper printed nnd published in Whitman
county state of Washington.
Done in open court, th;s I'.lth day of Decem
ber, 1899.
Judge of said Superior Court.
State of Washington, county of Whitman—sb.
I, W. W. Renfrew, clerk of the superior court
of Whitman county state of Washington,
do hereby certify that the foregoing is a
true, full and correct copy of an order duly
made and entered upon the minutes of the said
superior court.
Witness my hand and the seal of said su
perior court hereto affixed, this r.'th day of De
cember, lb'.ty.
[Seal] W. W. RENFREW,
County Clerk.
Wm. A. Ininnn, attorney for petitioner.
Contest Notice.
Department of the Interior, United States
Land Office, Walla Walla, Wash., Dec. 19,1*99.—
A sufficient contest affidavit having been filed
in this office by Leonard G. Zumwalt, contest
ant, against homestead entry No. M7B, made
September 11, IS!>4, for the SE'i NE'i Section ti
Township 16 N, Range 42 E. by Charley E. Carl
son, contestee, in which it is alleged "that: The
entryman hiis changed his residence therefrom
for more than six months since making said
entry and next preceding the date hereof; that
said abandonment is not because of the employ
ment of Carlson in the army or navy of trie
United States in time of war; said parties are
hereby notified to appear, respond and otter
evidence touching said allegation at 10 o'clock
a m. on February 10,1900, before W. A. Inman,
United States Commissioner at his office in Col
fax. Wash., and that final hearing will be held
at 10 o'clock a. m. on February 17,1900, before
the Register and Receiver at the United States
Land Office in Walla Walla, Wash.
The said contestant having, in a proper affida
vit, filed December 19. 1899, set forth facts which
show that alter due diligence, personal service
of this notice can not be made, it is hereby ord
ered and directed that such notice be given by
due and proper publication.
JOHN M. HILL, Register.
Estray Notice.
Taken up by the undersigned, residing on
the Charles Seeber place, 8 miles northeast of
Colfax, on Dry Creek, one iron gray horse,
coming 2 years old, white strip in face, four
white feet, no brand visible. Unless claimed
by owner and charges paid, said animal will
be sold according to law.
Dated, December 22, 1899.
P. O. Elberton, Wash.
Betray Notion
Taken up by tbe nwforvlgnecl, renidiri^ . ■„•
mile .-axt of Kodicott, W»Khii>Kt»n, t.l lt . f,,|
lowing deHcril>€(J estray«:
One strawberry roan mare, 1 year old. Htrip
in face, bind l*g ß white, hrandnl WS
One bay yearlinff mare, ri^ht hirid loot
white, no brand visible
One bay mare, about .*» yearn old, weight
about 1100 pound*, no brand visible.
One roan yearling mare, Htar in (orebead m>
brand visible.
One (-orrel roan hots*, white face, saddle
marked, weight about 700|.-,uivlh branded T
on ri_-ht hip. -L
One hay mare, »bout 8 years old, white fac
nulit hind foot white, weight about 1000 \\>*
One sorrel yearling man, white fare, three
white feet, no brand vi«tik>U>.
One Kray (reUing, about 10 yeaw old, weight
alH.ut lioo pennde, no brand visible.
One blue roan mare, about 10 yearn old
Bias* eye. strip in face, weight about 1160 lbs '
branded y on left itifle.
One bay marc, about 6 years old, weight
about IKX) pound*, no brand visible.
One bay mare, about 6 yean old, left hmd
foot white, weight about l»00 pounds, no brand
Odp eorrel mare, about 12 yean old, left mi
lopped, saddle marked, wei jit about SOO Iha
no brand visible, sorrel colt by her li
One yearling bncksktn mare, »trip in face
riK'ht foro foot white, do hran-1 visible.
One gray yearling mare, no brand visible
One bay mare, 2 years old, no brand visible
Ono strawbsrrv roan lUllinn, ab int 2^ean
old, weight about 700 pounds.
One qrav mare, ! yearn old, F^|
weight about 700 ponnda. branded
One black maro, about t> year-, old, strip in
face, left hmd foot white, weight ub mt '.mjo
pounds, no brand visible, i olt by her li le.
One bay mare, 3 years old, strip in f«c
hind feet wliitf, wp^h: al.dut R
700 pounds, brande !
One bay mare, about 10 years old, strii. in
fact', four white fctt, w-i^lit nl. mt. ITS
'.100 pounds, branded on left nhouh.'er j^,Jjf
and I I on left stiSe.
One bay gelding, 4 years old, strip in f:ic.\
loft fore foot wire iut, large blotch brand on
ri^'ht shoulder.
Unless claimed by owners and charges pan),
said animals will be nold according to law.
Dated December 27, 1899.
P. (). Endicott, Wash.
Estray Notice.
Taken up by the undersigned, residing s1
Endicott, Washington, the following described
One bay m: 4 re, about 7 years old, htar i;i
forehead, hind feet white, weight abont
1200 poundn, branded PT*l on top of
right hip; black sucking colt ImJ by tier Hide.
One «ray gelding, I.mini, d ITI on
nV-ht stiHe, .S years old, weight ab )ui^Jlo<J()
One sorrel gelding, about G years old, strip
in face, weight about 1100 pounds, branded 10
on right shoulder.
One sorrel gelding, 10 or 12 years old, «tar
in forehead, saddle, and collar marked, n.>
brand visible.
One bay cayuse mare, white face, branded
W on left shoulder; colt by her side.
One brown geldinfr, about Id years old,
weight about 11C0 poim Is, branded I<ll on left
One bay mare, b years old, htiip in face,
left hind foot white, weight about 1000 pounds;
undistinguishable brand on left shoulder;
brown colt by her Hide.
One bay cavuae mare, blotch brand on light
shoulder, colt by her Hide.
One hay inure, Uaiiiled P^ on left
shoulder, "> years old, it ir in l^J forehead
weight about 'JUO pounds.
One white gelding, 12 yearn old, weight
about 700 pounds, branded 16 on left utitle.
Unless claimed by owners and chargo* paid,
said animals will ba Bold according to law.
Dated, December i>o, 1899
P. <). Endicott, Washington.
Estray Notice.
Taken up by the undersigned, at his place,
.'5 miles northeast of (Jolton, Wa-h , the fol
lowing described estrays, to-wit:
One dark bay mare, 7 years old, branded C
with half circle over on left »b wider, saddle
marks on both sides of backbone, weight
about 900 pounds.
One dark bay yearling hor-e c«!t, left hind
foot white, no brands, tail has been cropped.
Unless claimed by the owner or owners and
charges paid within the time provided by law,
said estrays will be sold according to the
estray laws of the state of Washington.
Dated January 6, 1900.
P. O. Cotton, Wa-.li.
Estray Notice
Taken up by the undersigned, at my ranch,
2 miles northeast of Guy, on the 17th day of
December, 1899;
One brown mare, brand eclEJbn It ft
shoulder, left hind foot white, U weight
about 1000 pounds, about 7 years oi<
One mouse colored cayuse, about 7 years old,
three white feet, branded P on left hip,
weight about 800 pounds.
Will be sold according to Jaw uuless taken
Dated, December 29. 1899.
P. O. Guy, Washington.
Estray Notice.
Taken up by the undersigned, reeling 10
miles west of Pullman, Washington, one Jark
red and a little brintlle yearling heifer, right
ear swallow forked and underbitted, no brand
visible. Said animai was taken uj. abut two
weeks ago, and unless claimed by owner and
charges paid, will be sold according to law.
Dated, December 24. 1899.
P. O. Pullman, Wash.
Estray Notice.
Taken up by the undersigned, about four
and one-half miles southwest of ThorDton,one
sorrel mare, about 12 years old, weight about
1050 pounds, branded O on left shoulder, three
white feet. Owner can have same by proving
property and paying charges, otherwi.-e said
animal will be sold according to law.
Dated, December 20, 1899.
P. O. Thornton, Washington.
Notice tor Publication.
John F. Armfield
Land Office at Walla Walla. Wash.. December
.">th, 1899. -Notice is hereby given that the fol
lowing named settler has tiled notice of hiv
intention to make final proof in rapport "f hi*
claim and that said proof will be made before
Win. A. Inman. I*. B. Commissioner, at his office
in Col fax, Washington, on January jjtli, l<oo,
viz: John V. Arm field, who made H. E. No.
5755 for the NK 1 , Sec. 10, Tp. 16 N., R. 4J E W.
M. He names the following witnesses to prove
his continuous residence upon and cultivation
of said land, viz: Richard H. Witrmoth. George
W. llorton, Charles N. Stilson and William P.
Stipe, all of Diamond. Wash.
JOHN M. HILL, Register.
Notice for Publication.
Walter M. Chapman.
Land Office at Walla Walla, Wash., December
11th, lh'Ji*.—Notice is hereby given that the fol
lowing Riinerl settler has filed notice of his in
tention t.j make final proof in support of hi*
claim, and that said proof will be made before
W. W. Renfrew, county clerk and clerk of the
superior court of Whitman county, Washing
ton, at Colfax, Washington, on .Saturday, Janu
ary '-7th, 1900, viz: Walter M. Chapman, who
made Homestead Entry No. 7668, for the bW \
NE' 4 and BE>* NW 1 , aiid Lota 2 and ; Sec. 1 Tp
15 N.. K. 14 E. W. M. He names the follow ing
witnesses to prove his continuous residence
upon, and cultivation of said land, viz: Michel
C. Lynch, Elija V. Cunningham. Benjamin F.
Raines and James F. Lyle, all Of Gut, Wash.
JOHN M. HILL; Register.

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