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Only «Ii«- Handout Stoiic Should Be
I aril lor Top I ;i % !-i-.
The advantages to bo derived from
good stcne roads are co manifold that
all other materials should be discarded
where tough road etono is available for
their construction and maintenance.
Hut it is greater economy to use earth
or gravel than to go to the expense of
macadamizing roads with too soft, too
Irittle or rotten material. Many use
this because it is easily prepared. A
road should never be surfaced with
imything short of trap rock cr serpen
tine. Inferior material may often be
used with impunity for the first layer,
or foundation, but even this should be
■elected with great care.
The evils resulting from improper
.(instruction of stone roads are even
greater than those from the nae of im
proper material. Macadam never in
tended that a heterogeneous conglomera
tion of stone and mud should be called
•i macadam road. Neither did he in
tend that the name should be applied
to roads constructed of large and small
■tones mixed together and BpreacTupon
the ratface. The surface of a road built
in this manner is constantly disturbed
by the larger stones, which work to the
surface and which are knocked hither
and thither by the wheels of vehicles
and the feet of animals. Such methods
of construction cannot be too severely
Tht> first course of foundation of the
macadam road can be made of the
coarsest stones from the crusher, pro
vided that they are of nniform size and
that each stone shall weigh not over
six ounces and will pass through a M}£
inch ring. Where the road is to be
eight inches thick this foundation
should be four inches after rolling. If
the road is to be of greater thickness
than eight inches, the foundation
should bo composed of two courses
separately rolled.
After having thoroughly rolled this
foundation apply enough ground stone
or coarse sand to till the interstices.
This should be wetted and thoroughly
rolled until a hard and uniform surface
is obtained.
Upon this foundation the surface
material afaoold be placed, wetted and
thoroughly rolled. The stones of which
this surface material is composed
should be if possible crushed to a size
of one inch in diameter; but if that is
Dot possible they should never be lar
ger in diameter than X% inches.
Ground stone screenings should then be
spread upon the surface, wetted and
rolled as before, until a hard smooth
surface is the result.
What the System Ha* Done For the
Karmt-rs of Now Jersey.
Road building by state aid in steadi
ly increasing in New Jersey, says En
gineering News. The principal con-
Btraction has been in the direction of
reads four, six and eight inches deep,
as experience lias shown that properly
drained earth is a sufficiently good
foundation for any road superstneture,
and all that is wanted is enough
"metal" on the eurface to etand up
under the wear nntil the roads have to
be resurfaced. This happens when the
roads are subjected to two or three
inches of wear. To cheaply maintain
the surface an application of coarse
Band or gravel and loam containing
oxide of iron will keep the surface in
guild condition and make a soft cushion
for the feet of horses.
The authorities of New Jersey have
decided on roads 10, 1:2 and 14 feet
wide in the country and 16 feet wide
iji'fflw/ ' \ N
[From L. A. W. Bulletin.]
in the towns as the limits for state aid.
If the citizens wish wider reads, they
must do the remaining work at their
own cost. The roads are now costing
from 20 to 70 cents per square yard,
depending on the locality, availability
of stone, etc.
Before the advent of stone roads the
leading highways, not graveled, were
almost a bed of sand, and teams carried
40 or 50 baskets of produce to Philadel
phia markets with difficulty. Farmers
shipped produce mainly by railways
and boats as being the cheaper method.
The farmers now cart to market
instead of tending by boat and return
with from throe to five tons of manure,
Vini thus effect v large saving. n upii
carting an average load of ISO b&ekete,
the farmer saves by the use of his own
team about $10 per day. He also saves
a commission of 10 per cent, or about
$0 on 150 baskets, by marketing his
own produce.
Some Kalians Street*.
"We don't tl*ink we have ever known
the roads to be quite so bad on this part
of the Lord's footstool, as they were
last spring. An empty wagon is a load
for a team on any of the unpaved
streets," says the Quenemo (Kan.) Re
Road Briefa.
Would you be willing to have the
public judge you by the character of
the road in front of your hovtse?
Call'your neighbors together and de
vice some way for making the roads
good in«your vicinity.
Repairing a road saves rebuilding.
Beefy Beauties.
"In Turkey the most beautiful and
desirable woman Is the one who
weighs the most," writes an American
who has been sojourning in the sul
tan's domain. "A thin and willowy
creature would have no social standing
in Turkey and would be a total failure
on the stage in Constantinople. Un
less a woman is fat she cannot secure
an engagement In a musical hall, and
the fatter she is the more enthusiasm
she arouses and the larger is her sal
'•On the evening after my arrival in
Constantinople 1 went to the Concordia
Music hall, and there I saw more fem
inine breadth, depth, thickness, heft
and circumference than I had ever be
fore seen under one roof. The first
woman who sang was fat; the second
was fatter; [he third was—no, not fat
test, although she was much heavier
than No. 2. She was merely the prom
ise of what was yet to come. They
were holding back the really big art
ists for the finale.
"At last these two came on. They
were 'sisters' and they made a large
family by themselves. The house arose
in joy as the two vast, egg shaped ob
jects appeared on the stage. The
Turks, who had been sitting stolidly
in the boxes looking with dull uncon
cern at the frail vocalists who weighed
less than 300, now straightened up and
clapped their hands."
Railroad Ties.
A fact of some interest in railroad
construction is the great diversity in
the number of ties used to the mile on
different lines, as well as In the size
and quality of timber. Thus, accord
ing to the construction details of the
New York, New Haven and Hartford
railway, the number of ties used on
that line is 2,800 to the mile, three
quarters of these being chestnut and
one-quarter oak, while some roads use
2,000 only, or 2,500 to the mile. More
than GO per cent of the ties are cut 8
feet long, 12 per cent 9 feet and the
rest S!£ feet long; the nine foot ties are
'.scd chiefly by the southern and gulf
group of railroads, where pine timber
Is very abundant and cheap. The New
England roads have their ties cut from
five to sis Inches in thickness, while
the southern roads seem to prefer sev
en inch ties; the width of the ties like
wise varies from live to six inches in
New England to eight inches in the
central northern and the southern
roads.—New York Sun.
Fashion Noto.
W "* Myt^voA>W>>^^^|
A suggestion for the ladies if their
capo collars get much higher.—Punch.
A lUd Outlook For Old Kick.
(, IRISH )
"Ye're not goin into that public
bouse, are ye, Tim? '
"Sure Oi am, yer riverinee!"
"Then, do ye know, the divil is goin
m wid ye?"
"Faith, thin, he'll have to pay for
his otvu dhrink, for Oi've only got the
price of wau."-Phil May's Winter
History of the Transact ions in Whit
man County Lands.
V ,S. to Anu)s ° HeatherJy, Us 34,ehf «w
qr / lo 44.
U"S to John Baltrne ge ijr 34 19 44.
U S to Riley Knight sw qr «c qr 19 15 40.
US to Henry (J Wolcotts hf cc qr 20 13 44.
©i™ y J Ta>lor whfneqr 35 1". 44,
Sheriff to Joseph M Baker h hf nw qr
n hf bw qr 5 se qr nw qr its 3 4 5 6
nl!^ T • •; $10,080.00
D P Thompson to J M Stinson lease
part ne qr ge <ir 14 part nw qr sw qr
13 10 43 2 years
Improvenitnt Co of Guy to Mary F
Stover Its 4 5 0 7 b 37 2d Syndicate
add Guy 40 00
James Cairns to C M Hitching* ne qr
11 18 42 -r,Q qq
Ch. a v o8 Gre?e to VV L Gregg' Its 7
■Sb 34 Farmington 10 00
J R Lee to Public plat Penawawa
N P Ky Co to Jeremiah M Camp sw
qr 1515 39 r )GO 00
N P Ry Co to Ist Nat Bank/Pullman
a hf ne qr 29 15 43 ... 000 00
Mary Stetfeu to C H Steffen, Its i' :>
part It 3, 20 18 4G ]0 00
0 R & N Co to Gorman & Ralph.finai
receipt for payment on sw qr 17 17
43 j2*>2 "7">
Mary C Spalding to Snake River Val
ley R R Co, extension of contract
on right of way Its 12 3 4, 13 14 42
Ist Nat Bank, Colton to S X V R 1!
l °J W ' ltß 2 3- !3 12 44 200 00
N P Ry Co to Jamea M Martin, n hf
* T n« ST' ?, hf nw v 2:! 15 41 wo oo
JN P Ry Co to James M Martin, sw qr
13 15 41 400 00
J P T McCroskey to Fred H McCroa
key tract in 0 & 7 17 44 5900 00
Fred H McCroskey to J P T McCros
key, tract in 0 & 7 17 44 30J 00
Chambers Land Co to J S Culler, tret
5 14 45 270 00
Geo 1) Brown to E J Towii&end, Its 1
aV 2045 - 1500 00
Anderson Wait to Ida M Gage, lt 4 b
5, Elberton 40 00
J E Curtis to G B Earl, lt 9 b 4?,Hoi
lingsworth add Colfax 550 00
J X MoCornack to J E Curtis, lt 9 b
43, Colfox 275 00
Emma E Culler to State of Waehing'
ton lt "B" lt 1 b 2 Mount View add
T £^ lman r'° 00
J S Culler to state of Washington, tret
5 14 45 275 00
T Dnscoll to Win Greer, nw qr 12 18
_43- •••■ ■• 3200 00
\V esley b?ephenson to J C Farr, b 43,
Pullman 400 CO
Sparks Bro3 to Wm Collard leases
ground floor of building on c 44 ft 1
5 w 7i ft 1 9 b 6 Wiley's ad Palouse
12 months
Thomas Uluaer to ( has I KeLsey Its 1
2 b 2 Mumm's ad Rosalia 500 00
Anderson Wait to Henry C Eitel 1 -1
b 1 2d ad Elberton 60 HO
J L Liudley to James H Lindley c hf
neqr'JO 18 42 1500 CO
Andrew E Powell to Lizzie Currina w
hf 112 b 8 Colton 20 00
Greenville Holbrook to (I race X Sell*
Its 3 4 1) 41 Holbrook & Gill's ad
Gartield \ qq
Jacob M Hodtren to Charles E Rut
tract in 410 42 100 00
C S Bennett to Town ftf Farmington
s hf s hf Its 1 2 b 52 Railroad addi
tion to Farmington 1 00
F W Hattrup et al to Barney Jacobs
tract se qr ne qr 7 12 40 110 00
Alex Muir to S G Leach leases se qr
30 ehfne qr 3119 46
Sheriff to Wm Service certificate of
sale Its 7 8 b 7 Farmington 1000 00
Spokane ft Palouse Land Co to Mattie
I Johnson, It 9 b 17, Beach's add
Palouse ............ 150 00
Mattie I Johnson to S W Gage, It 9 b
17, Beach's add Palouse 000 00
Mattie Howar 1 to R J Howar.l, ne
qr, dw qr, w hf sw qr 15, se qr 10
20 42 3000 00
A B Chat-man to J C Schumaker, Its
18, 4 10 45 125 00
Geo M Neill to Wm Fagan, w hf Re
qr, c hf sw qr 10 10 45 SOO 00
M A Ferguson to Wenzel Schwuzbach
Its 12 3 4 b 2. Ferguson's 3d add
Colton ICO 00
James S Klemgard to John M Hub
bard, part c hf ew qr, se qr dw qr
3 14 44 . 3000 00
George Stevens to Andrew Stevens, b
4 Kobard's add Palouse 150 00
Andrew Stevens to George Stevens, b
3 Robard's add Palouse 150 00
Jacob A Kenoyer to The Public—Affi
Real Mortgages.
Joseph M Baker to Levi Ankeny, se
qr n hf sw qr s hf nw qr 5 se qr nw
qr Its 3 4 5 6 18 43 sw qr 2!» se qr 30;
c hf cc qr sw qr se qr se qr bw qr 34
19 4? 13,515 10
Mary J Taylor to Scottish American
Mtg Co Ld swqr 26 15 44 1500 00
Hiram Brown to Vermont L & T Co
se qr 34 17 45 1800 00
Thos McNamara to Benj Lombard Jr
sw qr 35 20 45 2000 00
Thos McNamara to Sparks Bros sw qr
34 20 45 400 00
W O Bridges to Ist Nat Bank. Pull
man, s hf se qr, s hf sw qr 2G 15 43. 1600 00
S S Edgemon to Alexander & Hexter,
sw qr 119 43 ... 2500 00
D A Robinson to Alexander &; David-
son, ne qr 3") 19 44 1330 00
John X Lee to Ella Richard 4, se qr 12
17 41 GSO 00
J P T McCroskey to B D Crockeiytrct
t> and 71744 1000 00
Fred H McCroskey to W J Davenport,
tract 0 and 717 44 . 300 00
J P T McCroskey to R L McCroskey,
tract (3 & 7 17 44 341G 00
Fred H McCroskey to R L MeCros
key, tract 6 k 7 17 44 1737 20
Julia R Bridges to Ist Nat Bnk, Pull
man, s hf se qr, s hf sw qr 2(» 15 43,. 1300 00
James M Mashburn to Wm E East
man, ne qr 4 18 44, part se qr 33 19
44 180000
G W Thompson to Thomas S Krutz,
bw qr, s hf se qr 35 16 44 1125 00
J P T McCroskey to B D Crocker.tct
6 & 7 17 44 2400 00
Walter Davis to Balfour-Guthrie Inv
Co, 15 19 42 3500 00
David Klopfenstein to Eleanor Inman,
n hf 17 14 43 500 00
C N Dowhng to Alliance Trust Co Id,
s hf nw qr, n hf sw qr 15 16 45 1600 00
Eleanor J Tcwnsend to Geo D Brown,
Its 1 2, 1 20 45 600 00
Fred H McCroskey to B D Crocker,
tract 6 & 7 17 44 3000 00
Paul Bockmier to J E Trimble, part
It % 616 46. 525 00
L H Collins to Netherlands American
Mtg bank a hf nw qr 5 15 46 800 CO
Jas H Lindley to Balfour-Guthrie Inv
Co se qr 23; c hf ne qr w hf ne qr c
hf nw qr 2G 13 42 3200 00
Jasper L Lindley to Balfour-Guthrie
Inv Co w hf 25 se qr c hf sw qr 26
neqr3slß 42 6000 00
J P Stine to Balfour-Guthrie Inv Co
bw qr sw qr nw qr sw qr ne qr se qr
nw qr Its 3 4 sec 2 ne qr 3 c hf 1114
42 4500 00
J L Linuley to 2d Nat Bank Colfax w
hf 25 se qr c hf sw qr 2G ne qr 35 18
42 54C050
Arthur D Fawver to Vermont L & T
Co ehfaeqr3owhfnw qr 99 16 46 36 00
Arthur D Fawver to Vermont L & T
Co ehfneqr3owhfnw qr 29 16 46 400 00
Lorain S Gano to Oregon Mtg Co Ld
5eqr221443 1000 00
Riley Knight to Oregon Mtg Co Ld
sw qr se qr s hf sw qr 19 nw qr w hf
ne qr 30 15 46 3600 00
Thos Amos to C H Warner tract 14
19 43 2700 00
Charles M Hitchings to Julius Lip
pitt « hf se qr ne qr se qrse qr ne qr
2 ne qr 11 IS 42 667 SO
Benjamin L Winner to Oregon Mtg
Co Ld ne qr 30 30 43 . 1100 00
Rodney R Hunton to B D Crocker
sw qr 3 17 43 1300 00
Frank Engellend to PS Stanley and F
M I ,)uinn ne qr 27 20 45 1000 00
('has X Evans to Wm Redmond w hf
1 4 b 3 Farmington 200 03
Lizzie Currins to M E Fitzgerald s hf
112 b 8 Colton 50 00
Howard Shriver to F N Gilbert sw qr
se qr 7 n hf ne qr 18 14 40 750 00
T G Cooper to J 1) Finley 1 12 b 15
Elberton 825 00
Mrs M J Murphy to Julia A Sloat, lt
4 b 12, Huffman's 2d add Tekoa . 300 00
D M Cave to Balfour-Guthrie Inv Co
se qr 34 18 44 1700 00
D Leifer to Balfour-Guthrie Inv Co,
n hf ne qr, c hf nw qr b 19 44 1700 00
Henry Utz to Western & Hawaiian
Inv Co ld. Its 910 15 10, 51045 . 1200 00
G E Holbrook to Deming Inv Co, s hf
nw qr, ehfnwqrnwqr 34 18 45 1000 00
G E Holbrook to Deming Inv Co, s hf
nw qr, ehfneqr nw qr 100 00
Joseph F Hodge to Balfour-Guthrie
Inv Cv, r.e qr 14 10 44 1150 00
Chattel Mortgages.
Jaa H McCroskey to Second Nat Bk
Colfax crop 1900 sw qr 31 18 44 jj
crop l'.»00 se qr I.'! 18 4:i n hf 11 17 43 2330 00
Thos.J Hunt to S E Hunt 2 horses
cow wagon harness 139 00
Shattuck & Hughes to Second Nat Bk
Colfax band cattle 1000 00
E F Powers to E M Stewart, horses,
cows 105 00
T L Hair to T B Conover, horses 101 85
Percy Klepper to Carley Bros, feed
mill 110 00
Bert Bailej to A J Reser, 2 horses (!0 00
O E Young to Ist Nat Bk, Pullman,
3 crop n hf, n hf se qr 8 14 44 all crp
sw qr 30 14 44 1111 00
Chas Cole to Ist Nat Bk, Colfax, jj crp
s hf 23 17 43, c hf, Its 3 4, 18 10 45,
all crop se qr 19 16 44, farm niachin-
cry, cows 668 T. 7
A R Mclnturff to J It Standley, crop
ne qr s qr, s hf se qr 17 13 45 300 00
G W Rhoads to W F Chalenor plow
binder wagon hack horses 142 00
C M Hitching to Julius Lippitt crop
WOO a hf se qr 2 18 42 557 50
Fred Campbell to W F Chalenor i
crop Scott ranch farm machinery
horse etc 485 75
T & D Singleton to T J Maynard 2
horses harness wagon 92 30
L 1) Cioder.to Dan Morgan cow 14 !)4
S V Meek to Pullman State Bank 2 3
crop nw qr se qr ne qr sw qr 32 14
45 537 55
S V Mtek to Pullman Stats Bank '.•
horses .".'l7 55
W E Calhhan to J L Lindley, crop
part nhfneqr3o 14 45 ..... 241 00
Julius Cherpillod to Ist Nat Bk. crop
nlf r.w qr, whfneqrl2 14 45 ... HO 00
Releases of Mortgages.
Mosier Bros to Chaa A Snider, chat
tel mortage 11l 40
A Coolidge to Julia A Bur^e. 378 00
Ist Nat Bk, Cotton to .fulia A Burge. 378 00
Vermont L&TCo to Hiram Brown LSOO 00
Vermont L & T C«» to Charles V.'
Palmer 1000 00
Sparkw Bros to Thos McNamam 2COO CO
Pennt-jlvama M I Co to Joseph L
Green 1250 00
Milton PMc( roskeytoJ PTMcCros
key 1100 00
Harry Corn well t>K II Martin ... 315 00
N W & P Hvputlieek bank to H I
Hughes 2500 00
Security St.ute Bank to Harry Hughes
iteming Inv Co to Grant S Palmer 240 00
Geo D Brown to Grant S Palmer 360 00
H Ccrnwell t > Jrweph 1' Stine 337 50
Perm M I Co to Jas A < L >nesenberry . 1425 00
Second Isat Bk Colfsux to J L Lindley 1700 00
Second Nat Bk C"!f;ix to J I, Lindley 5000 00
Second Nat 15k Colfax to J H Lindley 1200 00
Alliance Trust Co LI to A M Fletcher 4000 00
Mitchell & Lewis Co Ld to Jas Car
hery 2000 00
B T Byrns to Oliver H Crow
E(I Selden to Fritz Friecke 700 00
E G Seldon to Fritz Friecke 700 00
C A Leightcn to j ritz Friecke 105 00
C A Leighton to Henry V Friecke . 157 50
Loan & Trust Savings Bank to Henry
F Friecke
Vermont L&TCo to li H Campbell 950 00
Vermont L & T Co to C M Hitchings 1700 00
John Ogilvy to John J Hoback 1375 00
J X McCornack to George M Neill. 250 00
W F Chalenor to George M Neill 114 00
Vermont L&TCo to John Boyles... 1350 00
Napoleon Haynes to Mathias Kaupt 300 00
Vermont L&TCo to John Boyles . 1250 00
Board of trustees, Beloit College to
George W Lowry
Bunnell <fc Eno to Geo Stevens 240 00
Bunnell & Eno to Geo Stevens 1200 00
Bills of Sale.
C M HitchiDgs to Geo & J A Ander
son 700 bu wheat 270 00
T J Sills to J X McCornack, 300 bu
wheat 180 00
E Yahr to J H Pierce bakery stock
Pullman 100 00
H F Nordherst to Carrie Ailor, horses,
harness, cattle, farm machinery,
wagon, hack, etc 500 00
N W McGee vs E W Downen et al- Lis
Second Nat Bk Colfax n A E Sever et al
—Lis Pendens.
The Latest X Kay Invention
Is the Endoscope, which is for the pur
pose of examining the interior of the
stomach. It is claimed, that with this
instrument, the treatment of stomach
troubles will be revolutionized, as it lo
cates the cause of disease, With due
respect to science, however, would state
that the causes of stomach troubles have
been known for the past fifty years,
and likewise their cure, which is Hostet
ter'fl Stomach Bitters, a medicine that
has many imitators, but no equals. It
cures dyspepsia, indigestion, biliousness,
constipation, nervousness, insomnia. It
also prevents malaria, fever and ague,
and keeps the bowels regular. When
not feeling right, take a dose. It is the
standard medicine of the American
people. Look for Private Revenue
Stamp over neck of bottle.
$50 Reward.
Strayed or stolen from the under
signed, 14 head of horses, mostly bays,
one or two grays and sorrels, ranging in
age from 2 to 5 years, and branded V on
right hip. Were last s^"n in the lane be
tween Endicott and \\ iuooa. $50 re
ward will be paid to a; vone who will
find them or part of them, or furnish in
formation leading to their recovery.
Address, Alex Smith, Hay, Wasb o
Insure with H. W. Goff.
HlPfllflYA Restores VITALITY,
Cures Impotency, Night Emissions and
wasting 1 diseases, all effects of self-
abuse, or excess and indis
gj^J cretion. A nerve tonic and
W*3Pw blood builder. Brings the
lV^^T pink glow to pale cheeks and
iJf^w/ restores the fire of youth.
,<C^Wx By mail 50c per box; 6 boxes
for $2.50; with a written guaran
tee to cure or refund the money.
Clinton & Jackson Sts., CHICAGO, ILL,
For Sale by W.J.Hamilton, Druggist, Colfax, Wasb
Our Grand Animal
Every Article Reduced.
This is the greatest opportunity ever offered for bargains in
Dry Goods, House Furnishings, Underwear,
Clothing, Etc., Etc.
We have taken all our odds and ends and placed them on our
center tables, at about one-half the regular price.
Come in and look them over.
Money back if goods are not satisfactory.
The Place to Save Money.
Hotel Colfax, J-D-h^^-i-^
The Leading Hotel in the City.
All Modern Convenitncee. j Free Sample Rooom for
Light, dby Electmeity. i Commercial Mea.
Hotel Cafe and First Class Bar In connection.
Can fill all orders for Wood on short notice.
Best Grade $3.35, Buckskin $3.00 per cord, by carload
K. G. HARGRAVE, Manager
Abstracters and Conveyancers * Only <;oi»p'<'te set of AbHtract boo*i
' ' 111 Whitman County.
n _ fi 1 # Agent for the Well known Rambler bicycle with O &. J
IT PO I firil P 1111 Q Uui ■ A'SO A" ns ' anmmnition, sewing' machines an^
\K W. \J\JL J ICII Uk% f} 1 klmls °f "cT cl! repairing and Runsmith work. Cor
7 ( anyon and Main sts., Colfax, Wash.
SherifTs Sale.
State of Washington, county of Whitman sh.
In the superior court of the state <>f Washing
ton, in and for Whitman county.
P.M. Sneahan, plaintiff, vs. Myron s. Taylor,
Mary Taylor, wife of the raid Myron S. Taylor!
Maxie •'. Morse, us administratrix of the estate
of Pauline P. Taylor, deceased, Maxie C. Morse
Kynl Taylor and NellieTaylornnd C. A. Brown,
Decree of foreclosure and order of sale.
By virtue of a decree and order of sale, made
and entered in the above entitled cause and
court, on the 22nd day of December. A. D. 1899, a
copy of which Has been issued and certified to
me by the clerk of the said court, under the seal
thereof, bearing date the 26th day of December,
A. D 1899, for the sum of *4,785.r>2,"g01d coin, with
interest at the rate of 10 per rent per annum
from the22nd day of December, A. D. 1899 and the
further sum of *42.<;0, costs, and the further sum
Of $350.00, attorney's fees, and also the
increased costs thereon, ], Joseph Canutt
sheriff of Whitman county, Washington
will on the 27th day of January, A. D
1900, at the hour of 2 o'clock p. n. of Bald
day, at the south front door of the Whit
man county court house, at Colfax, Whitman
comity, state (if Washington, sell at public auc
tion to the highest bidder, for cash, the follow
ing described real estate, situated, lying and be
fog in Whitman county, Washington, and par
ticularly described as follows, to wit: The
west one half (wjfl of section twenty-seven (27),
iv township nineteen (l'J) north, of range forty
three (43), east of Willamette meridian, to
gether with all and singular the tenements,
hereditaments and appurtenances thereunto
belonging or in anywise appertaining. Said
property is taken and sold as the property of
said defendants.
Dated at Colfax, Whitman county, Washing
ton, this 28th day of December, A. D. lS9;t
Sheriffof Whitman County, Washington.
Trimble & I'attison, attorneys for plaintiff.
Estray Notice.
Taken up by the undersigned, residing on
the Ed, Armstrong place, 5 miles southwest
of Diamond, the following described estrays:
One bay mare, about 5 years old, branded
JR connected, small star in forehead, three
white feet, weight about 1100 pounds.
One bay mare, snip in forehead, hind feet
white, weight about 1050 pounds, no brand
One sorrel mare, right hind foot white,
weight about 900 pounds, no brand visible.
One brown mare, wire cut on left fore leg,
branded S on right shoulder, weight about 1100
pounds. CQ
One cream colored horse colt coming 2 years
old. wirf rat under side of neck, no brand
One brown mare, weight about 900 pounds,
no brand visible; mouse colored suckling colt
by her Bide.
Unless claimed by owners and charges paid,
said animals will be sold according to law.
Dated January 6, 1900.
P. O. Diamond, Wash.
Eatray Notice.
Taken up by the undersigned, residing 4
miles north of St. John, the following de
scribed estrays:
One black niare, G years old, star in face,
weight 800 pounds, branded XI on left stifle.
One black yearling horse colt, no brands
L Tnless claimed by owners and charges paid,
said animals will be sold according to law.
Dated January 8, 1900.
P. O. St. John, Wash.
Is read by people whom
the advertiser desires to
reach with his announce
Payable in advance. Colfax Gazette and—
American Economist, New York .. 82 55
American Gardening, New York 2.;<0
Argonaut, San Francisco 4 55
Bulletin, Sunday, Sau Francisco v'-m
Call, Weekly, San Francisco...." ' 2 25
Cosmopolitan Magazine, New York 2***s
Century Magazine, New York . " 505
Chronicle, Weekly, San Francisco 2 65
Enquirer, Weekly, Cincinnati.. ' 2*05
Examiner, Weekly, San Francisco " '• m
I arm and Fireside, Springfield, O ' IVS
Glob -Democrat.Twice-a-Week.St. Louis 2*30
Har|>er s Magazine, New York 4 v
Har^r's Weekly H^
Harper'a Bazar J'i?
Inter Ocean, Weekly. Chicago i'yo
Le«lie'H Ilhistrated Weekly. New York 8*55
Lippincott'o Magazine, Philadelphia B.H
Ledger, Weekly, Tacoma V'-iX
Munsey'H Magazine, New York! 2 40
McClure's Magazine, New York 2V
Northwest Horticulturist, Tacoma i'rs
National Tribune, Washington "2 45
Northwest Magazine, St. Paul o'vi
Oregonian, Weekly. Portland " 9 Kft
Orange Judd Farmer, Chicago o'^ft
Public Opinion, New York 355
Post Intelligencer, Weekly, Seattle!.' 230
Review of Reviews Magazine. New York 3.55
Scribner's Magazine, New York 4 0*
St. Nicholas Magazine, New York " 4*o^
Scientific American, New York d'nr
Tribune, Weekly, New York 9'^
Tribune, Semi-Weekly i'Zi
The Forum, New York f2?
Toledo Blade, Toledo 0 ..'..'.'. {'^
The Housekeeper, Minneapolis I'qi;
Traveler, Weekly, Boston \^
The C,»ueen of Fashion, New York las
Womankind, Springfield, O i pr
World, Thrice-aWeek, New York 220
Youth's Companion, Boston (new subs) ' 2*Bo
If the periochcal desired is not in above list
apply to The Gazette for rates. '
Spokane falls and Northern,
Nelson & Fort Sheppard
and Red mountain
The Only All-Rail Route without chanw of
cars between .Spokane, Rowland and Nehon
Leave. » •
8:50 a- m SPOKANE.... 6 -00 iT"™
11:25 a. m ROSSLAND. " S^"'
9:10 a-m nelson ... :;;;£g JJ £
Close connections at Nelson with Bteamer.
for Kaslo and all Kootenai lake pomta.
Passengers for Kettle river and Boundary
creek connect at Marcus with Rtaee daily
H. A. JACKSON. G. P. & t. A.
Spokane, Washington
Washington Market.
L B. HARRIS, Propr.
Fresh and Cured Meats.
Fish and Game in season.
There is no doubt about the quality of the-
H i:?he 80B dEST° m the °f B %*«?
and hid^ heßt market Price P4id »" ««*
South Main Street, Colfai.

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