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Loiters Full of Interestlng'.News Notes
From Many Country Points.
Miss .Gertrude Hope and Miss Clara
Stewart of Pullman are visiting with
Mend* in thiw vicinity this week.
A. E. Fonts was down to La Crosse,
It. .1. Wiicex was down to Joe Heed's,
Sunday and Monday.
Dick Snead of Cotfai was in our vicin
ity Tuesday.
Fred Reed, from the vicinity of La
Croaae, was at Wileoz, Monday.
Last Saturday night about 12 o'clock
hi Hue one broke into Moses Saxon's
douse, and entered the room where Mrs
Saxon was sleeping and said, ".Now I've
got you ' and caught her by the throat.
A. straggle ensued that awoke her pon
St. (lair who was sleeping upstairs. He
in an instant understood that something
was wrong, grabbed the gun and ran
downstairs. Tliis alarmed the villain,
who made his way out of the house just
us Sr. (lair came into the room, and
made good bin escape out into the dark
ling of the night. Mrs. Saxon is under
the doctor's care, and the last report
was thai she was growing worse.
F. M. Sever ami family visited Mrs.
Alirams at her home at Colfax Saturday
and Sunday.
Minn Maud Gray has been ill with a
severe cold the past week; but was able
to be out Tuesday again.
School Notes.
The school is still increasing in num
ber. Vina and Elma Slnncker started
last Monday. We are always glad to
add more to our school, itis a place
where some of the young boys should
be instead of spending their time idly
roaming about.
The entertainment is under good head
way; the committee Mrs. J. Lyons, Miss
Alice Ham and 15. Witham, are doing all
tlnycanjto make the entertainment ra
success, that the school may have'a
library. They ask the support of the
neighborhood. The program will be
principally dialogues, stump speeches
ami songs. One dialogue consists of
four characters—Miss Alice Ham. Mins
\ma Slancker, Mr. Wm. Ham and E'zie
Brannan, are the characters; length of
play forty-live minutes. The characters
are to represent two Germans and two
Irishmen. It is a side splitter from be
ginning to end. One of the three won
ders will !„. performed. Songs by the
school. Mins Lucy Stevens and' Miss
Carter of Colfax will sing a duet. There
will be some baskets containing delicate
lunches, with a lady's name in same.sold
to the highest bidder. Any one wishing
to bring baskets will please notify either
of the committee, if convenient, as they
are anxious to know the number of bas
kets to be brought.
The young people of Peuawawa have
organized a literary to he called the
"Washingtonian Literary Society." The
meetings to be held ever; Saturday
night. Everybody invited to come.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Dirk of South
Dakota have arrived here. They are
brother and sister to F. R. Schmidt,
Mr*. E. I). Smith of Colfaz was down
to her orchard here on business a few
dnvs ago.
Mr. and Mr*. ,1. 11. Stover of Guy
were down visiting and were guests of E.
(i. T. Smith has had a fine work horse
cut on barb wire fence and nearly ruined.
A. Fonts, merchant at Wileox was
down on a visit, and was the guest of
Mr. and Mrs. E. Fincher.
Mr and Mrs. L. Schmuck and Mrs.
Beoner of Willow creek were down to
the prayer meeting last Wednesday night.
Rev. B. H. Alburts and family have
returned from Diamond, where they
have been holding revival meetings.
.lenks Bros, have arrived here with a
cedar raft from Clearwater. They re
port very little snow in the mountains.
Mrs. J. W. EUchardfl and son arrived
here on steamer Spokane last Friday
Snake river had a sudden rise of about
nix feet last Saturday, and lots of ties,
bridge timbers, loirs and lumber came
down. Everybody here caught what
they could.
Mr. and Mrs. (i. W. Smith were up to
Colfax on business last week.
K. Fincher has built a fine feed rack
for his stock.
Fay Templeton was down one day
last week.
,). B. Cram and wife were down shop
ping one day last week.
(i. U. Dodtf- was down after post tim
ber the other day.
Twenty-two head of cavalry horses
passed through here last Sunday, on
their way to Walla Walla.
Mi^e llcster O'Dell of Long hollow
called on IVnawawa friends one day last
The robins and squirrels have made
tkeir appearance here.
Miss Eva Jumes of Hay is down
spending a few days with friends.
Mies Jennie Young of Piug was over
shopping one day last week.
Quite an interest was manifested in
the debate of last Friday evening. The
question was decided in favor of the
The hctures cf Rev. Wilcox are both
interesting nud instructive and are
highly appreciated by those interested in
bible study.
Miss Lommasson was enrolled as a
Ptudent thin w^ek.
Miss Mable Boyd left 6ebool this week
to accept a position in the telephone
The program for Friday evening is as
Son* •• Glee Club
Instrumental duet by htnma Good and
Frankie Knifontf.
Recitation Martha Schreiber
Vocal solo Mary Bramblet
Declamation .Archie Camp
Instrumental so^o Isa Collins
Recitation Maud Crabtree
Weekly Journal.
Waltz Edna Kennedy
Declamation Daisy Knight
Vocal duet Misseß Schreiber and Boyd
Instrumental sc lo .. .Miss Chambers
Marching sonp by seven children
Lewis Guptiil was visiting friends here
last week. He expects to go to Fletcher,
Idaho, the last of this month.
Jake Deweese has rented George Tem
pero's place for next year.
Hank Poeey, Sunday before last, was
riding a bucking horse a*t Charley Robin
son's. The horM> threw him about
fifteen feet in the air, but did not injure
Gage Whitney h on the sick list this
Mr. and Mrs. Sailor and Mr. and Mrs.
Blachley and son were visiting Mrs. E.
B. McCowan a few days ago.
Mrs. George Tempero is ill, but is im
proving under the care of Dr. Hall of
Jake Deweese is working for Harry
The dance at Columbus Stevens' was
well attended by the young people of the
I. H. Trimble was at Colfax last week
He reports the roads drying up nicely.
Died. Sunday, January 14, seven miles
above Palouee, at her home, Ada, wife
of Arnold Guptill. Deceased was in her
eiuhteenth year. She left a seven months'
old baby, a husband and many friends
to mourn her lose. The funeral services
were at the First Presbyterian church of
Palouse, Rev. R. H. Parker officiating.
The weather here is too nice for the
time of year. Fruit buds are swelling;
Bhade trees and rose bushes are leaving
out; and if a severe cold snap comes it
will undoubtedly do a great deal of
damage to both fruit and trees.
Our I'ampa boys are wishing for cold
weather, as they have a dam made
across Willow creek ard expect fine sport
skating when the ice gets thick enough.
Gilbert Pierce attended the dance at
La Crosse Friday evening and reports a
big crowd, a tip top time and a fine sup
Miss Eunice Phillips entertained a
small party of friends at the home of her
brother Friday evening. (James, danc
ing and refreshments were indulged in
and a happy evening spent.
Mr. and Mrs. Curtis of Hay and Mr.
and Mrs. J. M. Camp of Happy hollow,
were callers at L. Plowman's last Friday.
.Misses Olive and Amy Winget spent
Thursday evening with their Grandpa
and (Jrandma Winget.
Mirs Allie Bowman has gone to Walla
Walla on a visit.
Mrs. H. J. Winget was unable to at
tend church Sundiy on account of sick
Mrs. Ernest Hooper and daughter
Edna were visiting with Mrs. Plowman
Saturday little Charlie Plowman had
the misfortune to have his leg broken
just above the ankle by a kick from a
horee. He went to the field where his
papa was plowing. It being time to un
hitch for dinner, he began to help. He
unhitched the outside tug and stepped
ahead to hitch up to the back band,
when the horse kicked forward and
struck him on the leg breaking the bone
above the ankle. A telegram was quick
ly sent to Dr. Boswell, who instantly re
sponded, coming down on the evening
train. The little sufferer grated his
teeth and stood the operation like a man.
At the present writing he is doing as
well as could be expected.
(ieorge Pierce came down Sunday to
see his little brother, Charlie Plowman.
Laurance Tippee of Spokane is visit
ing with his uncle, L. Plowman.
H. P. Manning recently sold a Huff
Cochin rooster for $~>.
Miss Alpha Hodgen, of Edwards col
lege, has been very ill with the grippe.
Her mother from St. John h caring for
Mrp. Lizzie Beekwith is spending «i few
weeks with a friend in Dayton.
Mrs. Peter Peterson is recovering from
a severe illness of stomach trouble.
Vocal musicians of this place are prac
ticing for a concert to be given February
(j, which promises to be immense.
Mrs. Josie Downs gave a party for her
son last Thursday that was the social
event of the winter. Refreshments were
served and the guests participated in a
picture contest, among the other features
of entertainment for the evening. Bert.
Whetsel was the successful contestant
and received the prize of a book.
Nine ladies sewed 18 pounds of carpet
rags in two hourß at the C. L. A. S.,
w-hich met at Mrs. Mary Standard's last
Thursday. Rags were sewed by hand,
wound into light balls and full w< ight
given. Can this be I eaten?
A way up game of base ball was
played Saturday, on the college grounds,
between public school "and college stud
ents. Score stood 16 to 18 in favor of
public school at end of game.
At the regular rhetorical exercises of
the Lee school Friday, January 11), the
pupils decided to form a society for their
especial benefit.
Fnder the direction of the teacher an
organization was effected. The name
adopted is the ''Columbian Society."
The following officers were elected:
President, John Oche; vice-president,
Arthur Quigly; secretary, Rosa Lee.
The school expects to give an enter
tainment early in February for the bene
fit of the district library fund.
An excellent interest is shown by the
pupils in the idea of a school society,
and it is expected that they will gain
much real benefit in debating, as well as
in parliamentary usage.
This winter is like 1877 8 so far, but
there is plenty of time to have a month
of winter weather yet.
The revival meetings are still in pro
gress. There were four immersions last
Sunday and more to follow soon.
The tirui of Hodgson & Rich has been
dissolved by mutual consent, P. H.
Hodgson retiring.
There is a rumor in the air that a
gentleman from Cooe bay, Oregon, will
erect a chop and begin blacksmithing on
Spencer's addition.
There are indications of quite a boom
in this burg in the spring.
Go to the Bee Hive for tin and granite
81 Eureka Harness Oil is the best Bjl
HI preservative of new leather hi
91 and thf best renovator ol old HI
I Eureka 1
I Harness Oil I
II on your t*9Bl harness, your old har- IB!
IB b«?ss. and your carriage top. and tliey
19 will not only look better but wear jjMBI
« longer. Soldeverywhere in cans—all WB
Uj Bizus from half jiints to live gallons. \'f
Dr. Griswold, a woman physician late
ly from Philadelphia, has" located at
James Hiuehliff of Elberton exhibited
ten fine birds at the Spokane poultry
show last week.
J. F. Ailor and Crutnpton Flowers
shipped a car of horses from Colton to
Seattle last week.
Wra. Pagan has purchased the George
Neill farm of 1(50 acres, three miles south
of Palouee for $3000.
The W 7hitman County Horticultural
Society will hold a meeting at Garfield
January 31 to February 2.
A farmers' institute, under the
auspices of the Agricultural college, will
be held at Garfield January 31 and Feb
ruary 1.
W. F. Williams of Pullman is rejoicing
over a legacy of several hundred dol
lars, left him by an uncle, from whom he
expected nothing.
J. E. Keyes has resigned as police jus
tice at Palouse because of contemplated
removal to Seattle. Watt Johnson has
been elected to the vacancy.
The Hypotheekbank sold 13,700
bushels of wheat last week to the Pa
cific Coast Elevator Company at Pa
louee for 35) aud 40 cents, on board cars.
Gen. T. R. Tannatt of Farmington,
president of the Whitman County Hor
ticultural Association, attended the re
cent convention of fruit growers at Ta
The Oakesdale Sun, notwithstanding
its own announcement of impending
death, is still in the land of the living
and is a better paper than for many
Tekoa business men are preparing for
a farmers' institute, to be held there
January 25) and 30. The citizens pro
pose to give a banquet to the visiting
farmers and their families.
Farmington Times: As we go to
press Dr. Carper's condition is gradually
growing worse. His death is not far off;
all hope of his recovery is given up. He
settled up his business affairs Tuesday.
He is suffering great pain and cannot
last many days more.
Travel to Lewiston and the mails pass
through I'niontown as of yore, since the
crippling of the railroad by the Potlatch
flood. The Tuiontown Gazette says:
"It looks like olden times to see Mr.
Meuli's stage loaded with passengers
Lewiston bound. After dinner they de
part through oceans of mud, the stage
pulled by four and six horses."
It bae been demonstrated repeatedly
in every state in the Union and in many
foreign countries that Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy is a certain preventive
and cure for croup. It has become the
universal remedy for that disease. M.
V. Fisher of Liberty, W. Va., only re
peats what has been said around the
globe when he writes: "I have used
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy in my
family for several years and always
with perfect success. We believe that it
is not only the best cough remedy, but
that it is a pure cure for croup. It has
saved the lives of our children a number
of times." This remedy is for sale by
all druggists.
To Cure a Cold in One Day.
Take Laxative Bhomo Quinine Tah-
LETS. All druggists refund the money if
it fails to cure. E. W. Grove's signa
ture is on each box. 25c.
Wanted—Situation as housekeeper or
to do general housework, by a woman
with young child. Town or country.
Apply at I'uion lodging house, North
Colfax 0
(io to the I'>ee Hive for hosiery, gloves,
handkerchiefs, etc.
Don't fail to visit the Jsee Hive when
in Col fax*
W Dk Bhilohs~|
» Cough and J
l^nsumpiion \j
fc: ' —■* — ■ Cure (,
Tliis is beyond question tie jij
I most successful Cou^h Mcdi- | ll
cine ever known to science: a ill
■ few doses invariably cure the ll
P worst cases •>£ Couijh, Croup 11*"
JL and Bronchitis, while its won- V
!■ derful \
If Consumption is without a par- 1
lw/ allei in the history of medicine.
Mt" Since its fust discovery it has
■V been sold on a guarantee, a (• '
test which no other medicine it
J can stand. If you have a 'JL
jt*f Couph, we earnestly ask ynu {^Wi
bA totryit. In United States and y^d
Canada 25c., Me. and $1.00, and
rL in England Is. ~d., ~s. 3d. and \%
W% Al
Mil S.C Wells & Co]
For sale by the Elk Drug store, F.J.Stone, Fropr
iltell I! E Hand MANHOOD
Cures Impotency, Night Emissions and
wasting diseases, all effects of self
jSS&6 abuse, or excess and. indis
wjhrfme cretion< A nerve tonic and
W^rf blood builder. Brings the
'?%***] pink glow to pale cheeks and
wfi^KL^ restores the fire of youth.
TO^Wx By mail 50c per box; 6 boxes
for $2.50; with a written guaran
tee to cure or refund trie money.
Clinton & Jackson Sts. t CHICAGO, ILL
For Sale by W. J.Hamilton, Druggist, Colfax, Wash
Public Land Sale.—lsolated Tract.
Notice is hereby given that in pursuance of
instructions from the Commissioner of the
General Land Office, under authority vested in
him by section 24C>5, United States Revised Stat
utes, as amended by the act of congress ap
proved February 'JCth, 1895, we will proceed to
offer at public sale on Thursday, the 15th day of
March, r.>oo, at the hour of 10 o'clock of said
day. at this office, the following tract of land,
to-wit: E 1.., SE", and the SE'.j NK I.^1.^ Sec. 22, T.
14 N., R. 40 E. W. M.
Any and all persons claiming adversely the
above described lands are advised to filetheir
claims in this office on or before the day above
designated for the commencement of said sale,
otherwise their rights will be forfeited.
Done at the United States Land Office, Walla
Walla, Washington, this 2'2d day of January,
WOO. JOH. M. HILL, Register.
Johnson, January 13, to Mr. and Mrs.
» hi. \N arfield, a son.
Pullman, January 13, to Mr. and
Mrs. rred Strickler, a son.
Rosalia, January 15, to Mr. and Mrs.
•I. N. Janeway, aeon.
Rosalia, January 19, to Mr. and Mrs.
Ldgar Calhoun, a daughter.
Near Colfax, January 20, to Mr. and
Airs. Jud Brannan, a daughter.
Tekoa, January 20, to Mr. and Mrs.
Hoy Murphy, a daughter.
Fniontown, January 15, to Mr. and
Mrs. Robert Foster, a son.
Fniontown, January 17, to Mr. and
Mrs. L. Lundere, a daughter.
Colton, January 10, Dr. J. L. Harris
of Colton, aud Olive I. Thompson, of
Near Steptoe, January 23, James
Jones, aged 22, from tonsilitia.
Moki Tea positively cures sick
headache, indigestion and constipation.
A delightful herb drink. Removes all
eruptions of the skin, producing a per
fect complexion, or money refunded. 25
cts. and 50 cts. The Elk Drug Store.
Tickets sold to all points in the United
States and Canada, over the Northern
Pacific. Call on Geo. 11. Lennox for full
information, tickets, etc.
Call on H. W. Goff for Insurance.
County Treasurer's Notice of Taxes
for the Yeai- 1899.
The tax rolls of Whitman county state of
Washington, for the year ISiMI are now in
my hands for the collection of the taxes there
on; said taxes cannot be paid or receipted for,
however, before the first Monday in February
(February 5), l'.)oo,and will become delinquent
June Ist., T.KX). Half payment of the real
estate taxes may be made on or before May
31, I'JOO, when the remaining half will not be
come delinquent nor be subject to interest
until after November 30, I'JOO. Interest at
the rate of 15 per cent per annum will be
charged from date of delinquency on all taxes.
To all who pay the tax on real property before
March 15th, 1900, in full, and in one pay
ment, there will be a rebate of three per cent.
It is held that the bs-netit of a half payment
goes only with the descriptions of property on
which such payment is noted. For example,
A owns two quarter sections of land separate
ly assessed on which the taxes are equal.
The payment of one in full, although half the
total tax, would not relieve him of interest on
the other, as no record of any payment on the
one would be n.ade on the other.
It will be the duty of the treasurer to issue
certificates of delinquency, to any person that
may apply therefor, on any real estate that
may become delinquent. On tracts that are
not half paid by May 31, I'JOO, certificates of
delinquency may be issued immediately there
On tracts that are halt paid by May 31st no
certificates of delinquency can be lssiud until
after November 30th, i'JOO. When applica
tion is made for a certificate of delinquency
interest is figured to date of application and
added to the original tax. The whole amount
then bears interest at the rate of 15 per cent
per annum. The state attorney holds that
the person who redeems a certificate of de
linquency must reimburse the purchaser of
said certificate for the fee of 50c charged him
for itß issuance.
Real estate upon which a certificate of de
linquency is issued may be redeemed at any
time before the expiration of three years
from date of delinquency of the taxes, repre
sented by said certHcate, by payment to the
county treasurer of the amount for which it
was issued, together with accrued interest and
amount of fee as above stated.
Personal property tax does not come under
the same rule as realty. No half payment can
be made as in the case of the latter. The law
governing its collection reads as follows: "On
and after the fiist Monday of February suc
ceeding the levy of taxes the oounty treasurer
shall proceed to collect all personal property
taxes. '
The 18Hi) laws require that the treasurer
shall notify all personal tax payers, by mail,
of the amount of tax due, and interest at
taches oO days after the date of such notice, at
the rate of 15 per cent, and not after the Ist
day of June, as heretofore held: and if such
taxes are not paid on thirty days notice, unless
secured by real estate, he Bhall distrain suf
ficient goods and chattels belonging t^ the
person charged with such taxes to pay the
same, etc., sec. 71, chap. 71, laws '!<7. It
will thus be seen that personal property tax
must be paid immediately after the first Mon
day in February, 1900.
There is this year an exemption of $300 on
certain specified articles of personal property.
Receipts for road property tax worked out
during the year 1900 will be taken in payment
of the road district or segregated road tax
charged upon the tax rolls of 1899, and must
be handed to the treasurer either at the time
of payment of first half or when full payment
is made. It often occurs that the tax payer
works out and is receipted for more road tax
than is charged against his property, or,
works out the amounc charged against all his
property and payß the taxes on part of it only.
In no case can the treasurer credit such re-,
ceipt for more than the road tax charged
against the property on which payment is
made, but, on taking them up must note on
them the amount for which they are credited
and in his next quarterly settlement there
after with the ccunty must turn them over
with other vouchers, and at any time af t< r
that, by applying to the county auditor, the
tax payer may obtain a deficiency certificate
for the amount not credited which will apply
in payment of road tax for any subsequent
year. The holder of a deficiency certificate
may deduct the amount thereof from the total
amount against him on the road supervisor's
books and work out the balance when the de
ficiency certificate and the receipt worked for
will cover the amount of his road property
tax. As the personal tax must be paid in full
at the earliest possible date after it becomes
due, separate receipts should be given by the
road supervisors for the amount of road prop
erty tax against personal property. In this
way, if the tax payer does not pay his real
estate when he pays his personal tax, the ne
cessity for surrendering his whole receipt and
then getting a deficiency certificate from the
auditor would be avoided.
There is always a great rush at the treas
urer's office during the two or three weeks
preceding any date of delinquency and mail
matter accumulates to such an extent that it
usually takes two months to work it off.
This cannot be expected to be otherwise, but
I desire to suggest that those who intend to
have the treasurer make out a list of their
taxes before paying send in for such Hit early
after February first. MaDy wait until the
treasurer's force is busy with the rush of peo
ple paying their taxes in person, and expect a
statement by return mail. Some wait until
the last day before delinquency. It requires
but little time to write the treasurer for a
statement and a postal card is sufficient. The
numbers of the real estate should be given
plainly. If country property the section or
subdivision of section, township and range,
and if town property the name of town, num
ber of lot and block and name of addition, if
in an addition. Thus if any error is found in
descriptionb ample time will be had for cor
rections before delinquency.
The safest way to remit money is by postal
money order or registered mail. Exchange is
always charged on checks and drafts collectible
at points o*her than Coif ax. The fees for
money orders and for registering letters do not
exceed the charges usually made for collecting
checks or drafts that must be put through the
banks. Wm. J. Windus,
Trfasurer of Whitman County.
"Woman's Work
is Never Done/
Tfie constant care causes sleeplessness,
loss of appetite, extreme ner%>ousness, and
that tired feeling. But a <wonderful
change comes <when Hixxi's SarsaparilU
is taken. It gives pure, rich blood, good
appetite, steady ner^ues.
dio^i SaUufmTiifii
Bounty For Coyote Scalps.
In accordance with an order ot the board ol
county commissioners ol Whitman county
Washington, notice Is hereby given that said
county will pay a bounty ol $1 for each'nd
every scalp pi coyotes that are killed within the
Decembe yr. O189& eOant7 >im'e tht- ** ilh-v '""
Any person securing coyote scalps and desir
ing to receive the bounty for the slime will de
liver said scalps to the county auditor of said
comity at his office In the court house in Colfax
Washington, the county s, ai of Ba id county, and
make affida> ,t that the coyotes rom
Whichsaid sculps were taken, were killed with-
In the boundaries of said county and were killed
since the 6th day of December, IS9B The affi
davit so made will be presented to the board o
county commissioners at the following meetine
of said board, prat the present meeting of sas
board, uit be then in session, and the claim >r
said bounty, v th ( . same be found by said board
to be correct and just, will be allowed and paid
by warrant In the same manner as other claims
against the county are paid
J^ 1 Pereons presenting scalps to theeonnty
auditor will ,'iease take notice, that the law p,n-
Vides that no bounty si,all be paid on any scalp
unless both ears are attached to thescalpand
arepresented in that manner win, the scald
when the same is delivered to the county
In testimony whereof I have hereuntoset my
hand and alhxed my official seal as clerk of said
board tins Ist day of July, 1899.
Auditor of Whitman County, Washington, and
Clerk of the liourd of County Commissioners
of said county.
Nolice to Creditors.
In the District Court of the United States, for
the District of Washington, Southern Division
In Bankruptcy.
In the matter of Oliver h. Kennedy Bankrupt
Fo the creditors of Oliver L. Kennedy, of
Colfax, in the county of Whitman and district
aforesaid, bankrupt:
Notice is hereby given that on the 15th day of
January, A. D 1900. the said Oliver I Kennedy
was duly adjudicated bankrupt, and that the
first meeting of his creditors will be held at the
office of the undersigned, referee, in Colfax
whitman county, Washington, in said di-trict
on Tuesd ay. the 6th day til February, A, D 1900
at the hour of two o'clock in the afternoon of
said day, at whirl, time the said creditors may
attend, prove their claims,appoint a trustee
examine the bankrupt, and transact such other
business as may properly come before said
Dated this 15th day of January A D Mum
ii. w. canfield;
Referee in Bankruptcy,
Notice to Creditors.
In the District Court of the United States for
the District of Washington, Southern Division
In Bankruptcy.
Jn the matter of Albrecht Mesterman and
Auguste Mesterman, bis wife, Bankrupts.
To the creditors of Albrechi Mesterman and
Auguste Mesterman, his wife, of Tekoa In the
County of Whitman and District aforesaid,
Notice is hereby given that on the 15th day of
January, A. D. 1900, the said Albrecht Mester
man and Auguste Mesterman, his wife, were
duly adjudicated bankrupts, and that the first
meeting of their creditors will be held at the
office of the undersigned, referee, in Colfax,
Whitman County, Washington, in said district
on Tuesday, the 6th day of February, A. D. 1900,
at the hour of one o'clock in the afternoon of
said day, at which time the said creditors may
attend, prove their claims, appoint a trustee,
examine the bankrupts, and transact such other
business as may properly come before said
Dated this r>[h day of January, A. I). 1900
H. W.CANFI Kl.ii,
Referee i" Bankruptcy.
Sherifl-s Sale.
State of Washington, county of Whitman v.
In the superior court of the state of Washing
ton, in anil for Whitman county.
I. M. Sneahan, plaintiff, vs. Myron 8. Taylor
Mary Taylor, wife of the said Myron 8. Taylor!
Maxie C. Morse, as administratrix of the estate
of Pauline P Taylor, deceased, Maxie C. Horse
Hyrd Taylor and Nellie Taylor and C. A. Biovvn
Decree of foreclosure and order of sale.
By virtue of a decree and order of sale, mud
andenterel in the above entitled cause and
court, on the 22nd day of December. A. D. 1899 a
copy of which has been Issued and certified to
me by the clerk of the said court, under the seal
thereof, bearing date the 26th day of December,
A. 1> 1899, for thesumof |4,788.52,g01d coin, with
Interest at the rate of 10 per cent per annum
from the 22nd day of December.A. D. 1899 and the
further sum of $42.60, costs, and the further sum
of $350.00, attorney's fees, and also the
increased costs therCbn. I, Joseph Canutt
Sheriff of Whitman county, Washington
will on the 27th day of January, A. D
I'M), at the hour of 2 o'clock p. m. of said
day, at the south front door of the Whit
man county court house, at Colfax, Whitman
county, state of Washington, sell at public auc
tion to the highest bidder, for cash, the follow
ing described real estate, situated, lying and be
ing in Whitman county, Washington, and par
ticularly described as follows, to-wit: The
west one half (w 1.,) of section twenty-seven CH),
in township nineteen (19) north, of range forty
three (43), east of Willamette meridian, to
gether with all and singular the tenements,
hereditaments and appurtenances thereunto
belonging or in anywise appertaining. Bald
property is taken and sold as the property of
said defendants.
Dated at Colfax, Whitman county, Washing
ton, this 28th day of December, A. 1) 1899
SherifTof Whitman County, Washington.
Trimble it Pattison, attorneys for plaintiff.
Contest Notice.
Department of the Interior, United States
Land Office, Walla Walla, Wash.. Dec. 19,1899.
A sufficient contest affidavit having been filed
in this office by Leonard <;. Zumwalt, contest
ant, against homestead entry No. 5478, made
September 11, IS.M, for theSSEt' t XE 1 i Section 6
Township 10 N, Range 42 E, by Charley E. Carl
son, eontesteo, in which it is alleged "that: The
entryman has changed his residence therefrom
for more than six months since making said
entry and next preceding the date hereof: that
said abandonment is not because of the employ
ment of Carlson in the army or navy of the
United States in time of war: said parties are
hereby notified to appear, respond and otl'er
evidence touching said allegation at 10 o'clock
a. m. on February 10, 1900, before W. A. Inmmi.
United States Commissioner at his office in Col
fax, Wash., and that final hearing will be held
at 10 o'clock a. m. on February 17, l'.>oo, before
the Register ami Receiver at the United States
Land Office in Walla Walla, Wash.
The said contestant having, in a proper affida
vit, filed December 19, 1899, set forth facts which
show that after due diligence, personal service
of this notice pan not be made, it is hereby ord
ered and directed that such notice be given by
due and proper publication.
JOHN M. HILL, Register.
Notice for Publication.
John Keating.
Land Office at Walla Walla, Wash., December
19th, 1899.—Notice is hereby given that the fol
lowing named settler has filed notice of his in
tention to make tinal proof in support of his
claim, and that said proof will be made before
Win. A. Inman,;i\ 8. commissioner, at his of
fice in Colfax, Wash., on February 3d, 1900, viz:
John Keating, who made pre-emption Declara
tory .Statement N<> 7406, for the BW^ NK 1, Bee
27, Tp. 15 N., It. 43 K. W. M. He names the fol
lowing witnesses to prove his continuous resi
dence upon, and cultivation of said land, viz:
John McTierney, Frank bowling. Greenberry
Busby and Daniel Nolan, all of Coifax, Wash.
JOHN M. HILL, Register.
Estray Notice.
Taken up by the undersigned. ?.j miles
northeast of Uniontown, January 1, 1900, the
following described estray:
One black mare, about 8 years old, branded
C on right shoulder and hip, shot right hip,
S £ wei^'l-t about 1250 pounds.
Unless claimed by owner and charges paid,
said animal will be sold according to law.
Dated January 1, 1900.
P. O. Uniontown, Wash.
Eatrny Notice.
TakMi up by tho undersigned, residing .".
mile* northwei-t of IVnawawa, the foil.wing
described eatray*:
One bay more, ah ut »l yrars ol I. white njjot
on n k v»t nostril, white in forehead, four white
feet, weight about HOO pounds, blotch brand
<>n left nhoiilder, small dim bran 1 tnnnn—d t<
be 2 on left stifle.
Use small Mack filly, ] year old, white in
fact-, hind feet and one fore foot white, mi
marks or brands risible.
< 'no old brown mare, about 13 years old
saddle marked, white in forehead and „ii
nose, weight about 900 pounds, dim brand
supposed to be CN on left stifle; brown horn*
colt by side.
One bay marc, about B yean old, brand sup
! t,. be diamond C on left shoulder, right
f.-t white, white in forehead, weight about
900 pounds.
One light graj mare, about 8 man old
weight about '.H-u poundi, no mark* or bran.'i
One light gray filly, about 3 jeara old,
weight about 600 pounds, no mirks oc brands
One dark gray filly, about i years ,1,1, white
face, weight about 600 pound*, blotch bran,!
supposed to 1-e 1) on left stiHe.
One buckskin mate, about 6 years old white
face, hind feet whit", weight about 900 poundi
brand rappoeed to be I/.l on left ihoolder
One brown mare, about 3 yean old, left
hind foot white, white face and chin, weight
about SCO pounds, no mark* «.r brand* ritible
One dark bay marc, about 3 years old
weight about 700 pounds, no marks «,r brands
< ne blu° gray bone, 2 yean <>1 1, weight
about '.'OO pound*, branded 1C with bar be
neath on left stifle.
One bay horse, supposed to be I yeira old,
weight about 7"0 pounds, branded O with bar
beneath on left still.>.
One bay hone, about 4 years old, weight
about 7">(> pounds, white stri*p in face, left feet
white, DO marks or brands vitil>!,>.
One dark b:»y mare, brandt d JKS on right
shouldtr.about I years old W*M weight
about *00 pounds.
One bay mare, supposed to be 8 years old
branded diamond on left stifle, left hind foot
white, weight about 850 pounds.
One gray horse, supposed to be 1 year old,
white spot in face, no marks or brands visible!
''"o roan horse, about 8 years old, branded
CIH on left stifle, 2 on right utiHe, dim brand
QB supposed to l)e N on ri-jht ehoul
dcr, saddle marked, weight about UCO pounds.
One brown hone, about VI yean old, saddle
marked, weight about 900 pounds, dim brand
supposed to l>o 111 on right shoulder.
Une bay horse, branded IPSJI on left shoul
der, about G years old |"| weight
about 1050 pounds.
One bay horse, about. 1") yean old, ri k 'ht hind
foot white, spot in forehead, weight ab ,u>.
1000 pounds, no marks or brands visible.
One bay horse, about 6 years old, branded
HL connected on left shoulder, weight about
1050 pounds.
One black horse, about 4 years old, weight
about 1000 pounds, branded CL on right
>'>nr white horse, branded W*M on it-it stifle,
Bon right stifle, |*J about *
years old, weight about 7.j0 pounds,
uue black more, about 12 yean old, Raddle
marked, hind feet white, weight about HOO
pounds, no marks or brain!* \isible: sorrel
horse colt by her tide.
One light gray mare, about 4 years old,
weight about HOO pounds, enlarged navel, no
marks or brands visible.
One bay mate, about 9 years old, weight
about 800 pounds, branded 2 on left nhoulder.
One roan cow, branded p, on right shoulder,
blotch brand on right hip, S with half circln
beneath on left hip, cro;> and under stope off
each ear and split in right ear.
One brown horse.ahouUO yean old, branded
-5 on left shoulder, non left stifle, dim
brand on right Qj stifle, tail hair
cut square and fort-top cut off, weight about
750 pounds, white in forehead and on nose.
Unless claimed by owners and charges paid,
said animals will be sold according to law.
Dated, January 'JO, WOO.
P. O. Penawawa, Wash.
Eatray Notica.
Taken up by the undersigned, 4 miles south
east of Endicott, the following described
One bay mar^, about 8 years old, weight
about '.100 pounds, white in face, left hind foot
white, no brand visible.
One fleabitten (.'ray mare, about !) years old,
weight about 900 pounds, no brand visible.
One brown saddle horse, about 7 yearn old,
strip in face, four white feet, saddle marked,
weight about 1000 pminds, branded N on right
One bay horse, about 15 years old, weight
about 1100 pounds, no brand visible.
One black mare, about 7 years old, weight
about SOO pounds, no brand visible; colt by
One whUfi horse, about 12 years old
branded PJI on right stifle, weight
about 850 ftiJ pounds.
One bay luaie, about 15 yeara old, weight
about GOO poun's, branded :i on right stifle,
blotch brand on left shoulder.
One bay horse, 2 years old, star in face, snip
on nose, right fore and right hind foot white,
blotch brand on left shoulder.
One brown mare, about 7 years old, weight
about SUO pounds, blotch brand on left
One bay mare, about 5 years old, star in
Forehead, snip on no3e, left hind foot white,
weight about 1000 pounds, branded D S on left
One gray mare, about li years old, branded
Son left t-houlder, weight about !tOO
One bay mare, about 4 years old, right bind
foot white, weight about'JiJO pounds, no brand
One bay horse, about .'i years old, Btar in
forehead, snip on nose, weight about GCO
pounds, no brand visible.
One brown hor*e, about 3 years old, star in
forehead, right hind foot and left fore foot
white, weight about 6C€ pounds, no brand
One bay mare, about 4 years old, btar in
forehead, weight about 800 j.ounda.
One bay cayuse mare, hind feet white, ac
companied by colt.
One brown mare, about I~> years old, weight
about 1000 pound?, branded 7- r > on right still*.
I'nlecs claimed by owners and 'charges
paid, said animals will be told according to
Dated January 17, 1900.
P. O. Endicott, Wash.
Estray Notice.
Taken up by the undersigned, residing G
miles northeast of St. John, the following de
scribed estray c;
One gray cayuse mare, about 6 years o) i,
weight about 800 pounda, no brands visible.
One black mare, about 3 years old, weight
about 850 pounds, no brand visible.
One black horae, about 4 years old, weight
about 1100 pounds, no brand visible.
One dark gray mare, about 5 years old,
weight about 1050 pounds, no brand visible,
colt by side.
Unless claimed by owners and charge* pai'\
said animals will be sold according to law.
Dated, January 18, l'J]o.
P. O. St. John, Wash.
Estray Notice.
Taken up by the undersigned, residing 4
miles north of St. John, the following c'e-
Bcribed estrays:
One black mare, li yeais oM, star in face,
weight 800 pounds, brands~l XI on left stifle!
One black yearling horse colt, no brands
Unless claimed by owners and chirges raid,
said animals will be sold according to law.
Dated January 8, 1900.
P. 0. St. John, Wash.

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