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Thiri beautiful administration building, the gift of Dr. I). X, Pearsons of
Chicago, is fait nearing completion and will be opened for public infection, it is
hopel on the 16th of February, which in always celebrated in Whitman College as
Founder's I> iy, the anniversary of the birth and of the death of Cushing Eells, the
founder of the college. Thin building, like the dormitory, is built of cream colored
brick and Tenioo stone. The architect is to be greatly congratulated on the pro
duction of a building combining dignity with grace, and simplicity with beauty.
The building is 174 feet long by 70 feet deep with a clock tower 11-4 feet high. The
basement floor in given up to the biological and chemical laboratories and class
rooms, the cloak rooms and heating apparatus. Ou the main Hoor of the build
ing at the west end, is the library, a fine room occupying the whole of that end.
The rest of that floor in devoted to the various class rooms, with the adjoining
offices of the professors. On the floor above are other classrooms and the chapel,
another room seating 750 people, occupying the whole of the eastern half of that
floor. Thi' tower is tali enough to be seen from all over the city and will be
furnished with a tine clock, which will strike the hours. The cost ot the building
will be $50,000.
'^Ifo'fyt-i'wtlk f'x^ft^/^MiJl^i'i *'-^^!^*iw«L"»^s'*.^rsfi''™ r-;" - •■ '■^~tt^-
The new boys' dormitory of Whitman College, shown in accompanying cut,
was opened to the public .January 19, and proved to oe as satisfactory and couitort
able in its interior arrangements as the simple, but substantial, exterior had
promised. After a brief program by the students and a short violin recital by
l'mf. Edgur S. Fischer, the new teacher in that department, the guests were shown
all over the building by the boys, who are very proud, and justly so, of their new
quarters. The building is 125 feet long by 50 feet deep, built of cream colored
brick, trimmed with Tenino sandstone. It contains, beside 48 rooms, single sleep
ing rooms and studies, a parlor, dining room, steward's office and matron's room,
with convenient pantries, etc., on the main fioor. The large kitchen is directly
underneath the dining room and connected with it by a dumb waiter. The re
mainder of the basement is given up to the heating plant and electric motor pump,
by which the water is forced into tanks placed on the top floor and then easily
distributed over th? whole building, which is also thoroughly heated by steam
tind lighted throughout with electricity. Each sleeping room is furnished by the
college with the necessary furniture consisting of a bed, bureau, washstand, table
and bookcase; but the boys have taken great pride in displaying their individual
tastrs in the decoration and extra adornment of their own rooms, and have been
very successful. Hillings Hall is probably the most attractive aud costly dormi
tory in the northwest, if not on the Pacific Coast, nearly $MO,OOO having been
put into it.
France Forces Submission to Her
Tacotna, Jan. 21.—The steamer Mou
mouihhhire brings news from Shanghai
that China haH acquiesced in French de
mands for territory at Kwang Chan
Wan bay after two more Chinese defeats.
China has dismissed the viceroy of two
Kwang provinces, appointing Li Hung
Chang to succeed him. China also
agrees to decapitate the prefect who be
gan the warfare against the French and
to pay 200 taels indemnity to the fami
lies of Frenchmen who were killed. The
French leaders in Tonkin are greatly
elatfd and declare that while England is
busy in Africa France should extend her
sphere of iniluence over Kwang Tung,
Kwang Si and Yuuan and demand equal
ity with England in Szeehuan.
On December 20, SO French soldiers
were sent into the interior to make a
demonstration and prevent further na
tive uprisings. They engaged a body of
Chinese troops and fought their way
through. A mob then surrounded them
but was driven back. One hundred na
tives were killed or wounded. The same
week three companies of marine infantry
charged Chinese regulars, killing 22.
French warships then threatened to go
up the river and bombard Cunton,where
upon Chiua yielded.
Wheeler. Soldiers' Ideal.
Muncie, lud., Juu. 21.—8. F. Whallev,
an Indiana volunteer, writes from Pana
qui, Philippine islands, making the fol
■owißg reference to den. Joseph Wheeler:
''How could a single man in our ranks
be he veteran or 'rookie,' make even a
wry lace at their trials of war when the
inspiring sight of that venerable 'cotton
headed southern war horse and hero of
W taney and San Juan, General Joseph
Wheeler, is at the front of our column,
leading the way through the swamps
across rivers and into the dense jungles
ot thiß island, and now and then dis
mounting from his horse and bidding
some | exhausted soldier to get into the
saddle, while he, taking the gun of the
Lay in a stock of
while it is
When the weather gets cold,
prices will advance.
Fuel Dealers.
Office Phone 55. Yard Phone 2.
I private and slinging it over his shoulder,
marches along with us,chatting with the
men about him in a gleeful, familiar
I way, causing them to forget every sensa
tion of hunger and fatigue and to re
member only they were the defenders of
the flag?"'
San Juan Pensions.
Washington, Jan. 18.—A large num
ber af claims for pensions are being re
ceived by the pension office as the result
of the Spanish war. Statistics prepared
by the bureau show that the percentage
of applications from volunteers is much
larger than from the regulars. The
battle of San Juan was selected by the
bureau us a basis for calculations, ac
the greatest number of casualties occurred
there. There 192 regulars were killed.
1097 wounded and 55 missing. Claims
for pensions from regular army number
2193. At that battle 14 volunteers were
killed, 177 wounded and 45 missing.
The claims for pensions from volunteers
number :?555. There were 23 regular
regiments and three regular batteries
engaged in this fight, as against nine
regiments of volunteers. One regiment
lost none killed, wounded or missing.but
has 419 claims for pensions pending.
Wanted Another's Wife.
Chicago, Jan. 21.—Because he loved
Bartoiema Pietas' wife, John Staeech, a
farmer, tried today to hang the man
who stood in his way. In the little cot
tage of his rival, out near Rose Hill
cemetery, the self-appointed executioner
partially carried out the murder. He
would have succeeded had not his victim
fought so hard for life that he escaped
with the noose about hie neck and the
rope dragging behind him. While the
hanging was not a complete success, it
may yet result in murder, for the victim
is in a critical condition.
Small Silver Wanted.
Washington, Jan. 20.—Secretary Gage
was before the house committee on
weights and measures, and spoke in
favor of the adoption of the metric
system. Mr. Gage also referred to the
need of fractional silver currency. He
pointed out that at present the demand
for fractional coin was so urgent that
issue ran considerably beyond the $550,
--000,000 authorized by law, and he
recommended that this'legal restriction
be repealed, leaving the treasury to de
termine the proportion of fractional coin
Tidal waves higher than known for
some time have been sweeping the
Lnilean coast, doing immense damage.
in Topn!{U9BianJrOnelad Poltava, of
10900 tons, is dangerously ashore near
L;bau. on the Baltic. The vessel was
constructed at St. Petersburg in 1894
at a cost of $5,495,000
The German bundesrath has abrogat
ed previous regulations and granted oer
miaaion for the importation of dried
American rultg and also fresh fruits, on
the condition of their examination at
the Bastle custom house.
Insure with H. W. Goff,
History of the Transactions in Whit
man Connty Lands.
United States to John Rockhill, b hf ne or
thfnwqrS4ls 38, $4.
U S to Willard Crippen. ne qr 24 10 41.
U S to Lyman Chopin, s hf a hf 15 1645,96.
1 S t.i James II Lindley, c hf nw or, w hf
ne qr 28 LS 42.
U S to Oren P McXall, n hf sw qr, s hf nw
qr 28 20 40.
D S to Frances Huntley, w hf se qr a hf
sw qr 2H 20 40. '
0 S to Oren P McXall, ne qr 2S 20 40.
U S to Frank E White ne qr 28 18 42.
j Win Wyer to Mr- Ella E Settleniier,
i 1*? V 5 14 bU. Rosalia 881 8.5
; I biUdelphi i Securities Co to Hannah
M CammiDd, «w qr 26 19 41 NOO 00
\v m Simpson to Sallie Simpson sw qr
h hf nw qr sw qr no qr nw qr se qr
| 218 42 etc .. ]00
C L Mknrinn 11 C A Taylor its 34b
. Mannnu'd imJ Garfield 550 00
Geo 8 Hall to Charles S Smith nw qr
D *2 15 46 4000 00
X Mcßae to H Tiarka, b hf nw qr, n
nW^ Q qrl?irl? 1S«0 00
Geo W Smith to Frt-a M E church, t ,t
t» 14 41 1 QQ
S W Crnmbaker to E F Fcantlin, Its
_13 J*nd 14, b36P k P add to Coif ax 250 00
Las h ( rippen to W Crippen, sw qr
se qr, se qr sw qr, and Its 3 & 4, 18
19 42 i 200 00
G Sehuler to W F Spores, lease nw
qr 20 20 45
Geo Gabbert to N W McGee, U 6 b 17~
Pullman 1 qq
N P Ey Co to P A McConnelX'ew'qr
lit! 45.. ggQ 0q
W Willoughby to F WilloughbyVs hf
swqr24ls 44 . 1 qq
E P AtchinHon to G W Smith, It 7 b
4, McCroskey's add, Garfield 800 00
Jno L Calhern to L T Brockway, n hf
se iir, ne qr sw qr and It 3, 3o 20 44 3300 00
X P Ity Co to Auguest Mueller, ne qr
172043 ;.. q. 28000
H Hun-Rate et al to X M Seaman, cc
qr 32 20 42 1400 <»o
John Eell to Sarah J Montroae, bond
its 3 4 b 1 Bell & Bailey's add, Its 1
2b 2 Kednour's add Oakesdale .. 250 00
Sheriff to Frank W Dean, cert sale
Its 8 9 10 b 25, McKenzie'a add Pull
man 1398 31
Sheriff to W J Richardson, a hf nwqr
nhf sw qr 28 20 40 ] 770 15
Sarah E Berry, Ex to M E Benton,
agreement and leasts n 26 ft It 3 and
s 12 ft It 2 b 2, Colfax, 2 years....
Alice M Pittwjod to U X Treff agmt
Its 3 4 13 14 b 25 Sheehpu'oadd
Farmington ... SO O 00
Wellington Clark, Mas'tr in Chanory
to Northern Counties luv Tr LI s
hf neqr, Its 12, 1 14 41 . ' . 427616
Howard Liramweli.aduis to E 1) Lake
Ite 1112 b 4 avenue add Colfax . 37 50
II W Livingstone to E D Lake, Its 11
12 b 4 Avenue add Colfax 112 50
S M Riggs to X P Turnley 1 1 b C Ro
salia cemetery _ 25 00
Frank Golf to Boone Doisey n hf se
qr 27 16 45 150 00
Frank Goff to Boone Doraey 1 1 It) 19
W 432 00
Thoß Ulmer to Chas J Kelsey Its 1 2
b 2 Muinm's 2d ad Rosalia 500 00
Lillis F Smith to George Repp et al 1
8 b 10 Endicott 125 00
Cora L Sumner to A P Anderson ne
qr 12 15 40 se qr 1 15 40 500 00
H VV Kiddle to J C Andrews nw qr
neqr ne qr nw qr 1214 38 400 00
Holland Bank to T 1) Ferguson part
ne qr 3 16 43 42<»5 00
Win Canutt to Henry Dirks Its 1 2 3
4b 17 Penawawa excp right of way 100 00
Sheriff to N W McGee sw qr h hf ne
qr n If cc qr (cxc 2 acres in n hf ac
qr) 32 16 45 7950 00
Real Mortgages.
W M Svveany to W 11 Gillis, se qr nw
qr, s hf ne qr, c hf sw qr, se qr sec
30; n hf 31 1« 42 4954 9G
John F Rockhill to H Cornwell, s hf
ne qr, s hf nw qr, w hf sw qr, ne qr
»w qr, nw qr se qr 34 15 38 304 50
A D P Keith to Ist Nat Bank Colton
n hf nw qr sw qr nw qr nw qr sw ur
2313 44 L »2100
Oscar F Snodgrass to Rufua Fullerton
Its 4 5 0 b 10 McDonald's 2nd ad
Tekoa ci 00
Lyman Chapin to Edson Rich s hf se
qr s hf sw qr 15 16 45 1000 00
Lyman Chapin to Bryan Westacott a
hf se qr s hf sw qr 15 16 45 l(!0 00
Daniel Leifer to J \V Skelton n hf ne
qr c hf nw qr 8 19 44 510 85
B L Winner to Bank of Rosalia ne qr
30 20 43 400 00
J R Lee to Lucinda Smith, n hf nw
qr etc, 33 17 44 1500 00
E F Scantlin to S W Crumbaker Its 13
and 14 b 3(5, P & P add to Colfax.. 150 00
A D P Keith to Balfour-Guthrie Inv
Co, ne iir, v hf se qr, sw qr se qr, n
hf nw qr, se qr nw qr and c hf sw
qr 22 13 44 5000 00
Jno F Whealen to Balfour-Guthrie Inv
Co. se qr sec 19, n hf se qr, se qr se
qr 2016 42 1000 00
H E Davia to Alliance Trust Co, s hf
sw qr 18 17 43 COO 00
L T Brockway to Balfour-Guthrie Inv
Co, n hf se qr, ne qr sw qr and It 3,
30 20 44 IGOOOO
G W Smith to E P Atchinson, It 7 b
4, McCroskey's add, Garfield 400 00
X M Seaman to M E and H H Hun
gate, ac qr 32 20 42 700 00
Thomas Hovchin to Alfred Drew, ne
qr7 17 45 800 00
Isaac M Curtis to J H McCall w hf 2
13 39 700 CO
Frank E White to Alliance Trust Co
Ld ne qr 28 18 42 700 00
Win B Blackburn to James Richards
seqr se qr 21 17 44 100 00
W J Maxwell to B Lombard Jr se qr
7 Its 3 4 8 19 4G , 1700 00
Chattel Mortgages.
John Daubert to Davis & Moffatt. drill ICO 00
Henry Sevier to Pullman State Bank,
wagon, horse 50 00
John S Adams to 2d National Bank,
Colfax, qr crop nw qr 21 15 42 75 00
Charles Schroder to Colfax Implement
Co drill plow wagon 77 CO
J H St Lawrence to C E Willoughby
show cases chairs tables etc 70 00
H W Schultz to Amelia Gooch horses
harness farm machinery etc BC7 75
H G Fritz to Harriet Fritz, stock gen
merchandise, Colton . . 675 40
A II Woody to Buffolo Pitt's Co, crop
B hf nw qr, n hf sw br, sw qr sw qr,
n hf se qr sec 3, se qr sec 4, ne qr
and c hf se Jr of sec 9, tp 12, r 45. . 1724 00
O VV & L Wallace to Wm Collard,
horses, farm machinery 405 CO
J P Matlock to 2nd Nat'l Bk Colfax,
5 cows ICS 00
C A Hagen to Stook & Amery cattle
horses farm machinery 134 00
D DePencier to J Grier Long, mgr
crop sw qr 4, se qr 8 18 40 1000 00
Adam Luft to Colfax Implement 00,
drill, harrow, hack 175 40
J P & Cries A Stine to 2J Nat Bank,
Colfax. crop sw qr, s hf nw qr 2, s
hf ne qr 3 14 42 1000 00
John Appel to Dan Morgan, 2 cows . CO 00
J L Richards to John A Newberry,
mules, horses, harness, farm mach,
300 sax wht 1900 on se qr 24 18 43 . 830 00
Henry Gerlitz to Davis & Moffatt har
row 55 00
S J Hodgeß to Hirschel Hodges et al
3 crop se qr 8 14 44 341 00
J ¥ Wilder to Buffalo Pitts Co crop
sw qr 32 14 44 307 41 i
H M Pendry to A D P Keith 2 3 crop
c hf se qr se qr ne qr 9 w hf sw qr
sw qr nw qr se qr sw qr 10 13 45.... 2212 05
R R Richardson to Davis & Moffatt
wagon buggy horses 85 00
Philip Schierman to Alex Smith crop
ne qr 14 ne qr 12 17 40 1700 00
Releases of Mortgages.
Jas II Tallman to Henry Hiokman 1200 00
Canadian & American M i T Co Ld
to Bertha Brassell
Harry Cornwell to Wm M Sells ... 165 00
F Spacek to J Urban 450 00
Helen A Francis to J R Lee.. . 1733 00
H Cody to H E Davis 300 00
Land Mortgage Bk to B L Winier... 1350 00
H ByrnstoßH Hill
Vermont L & T Co to C W Lyron.. l!>00 00
Pennsylvania M ICo to John VV Hull 750 00
Alfred Drew to Thomaa Houchin ... 500 00
Thomaa S Krutz to James R Wicks.. 2500 00
Jas H Tallman to Wm A Gill . 800 00
Tnited Trust ld to John V Goas
G Glancv Wilson to J F Larkin 200 00
Netherlands American Mtg Bank to
Arthur Goßselim
C A Leighton to II L Schreiber 90 00
C A Leighton to H L Schreiber 150 00
Vermont L&TCo to A D Fawver.. 400 00
Vermont L & 1 Co to AJonzo D P
Keith 3000 00
Vermont L <fe T Co to Alor,zi D P
Keith k;oo 00
E G Pierce to Gorman & Ralph chat
int.? 165 50
Jaa H Tallman to JP T McCroekey. 700 00
Jas H Tallman to J P T McOroskey 3800 CO
Bills of Sale.
M Lewalkn to M B Centers 400 bu
wheat 100 00
J L Lindley to O G Devcnish stock in
Puliman 9701 03
H G Futz to C B Kogly stock mer
chandise Colton 325 00
J W Maxey to W J Gray cattle 58 00
E F Thayer to Scott Bros & C 0,200 bu
wheat 80 00
W A Wyer to John G llordesty and
James O'Conner, stock merchandise
Rosalia . 1500 00
Spencer P Gragg to G W Nye horses
saddle bridle household furniture
hay in barn etc 400 00
Wm Codd vs The C D Fleming Co,
material man's lien (!1 28
Oregon Mtg Co Ld vs Henry H Baker
et al. Lis pendens.
N W & P Hypotheek bank vs W B Ste
phenson et al. Lis pendens.
First Nat Bk Colfax vs Thomas Rowe et al
— Lis Pendens.
The Latest X Ray Invention
Is the Endoecope, which is for the pur
pose of examining the interior of the
stomach. It is claimed, that with this
instrument, the treatment of stomach
troubles will be revolutionized, as it lo
cates tne eauee of disease, With due
respect to science, however, would state
that the cauwßof stomach troubles have
been known f.ir the past n'frv years,
and likewise tht ir cure, which is Bostet
ter's Stomach Bitters, v medicine that
has dqudj imitators, but no equals. It
cures dyspepsia, indigestion, biliousness,
coubtipation, nervousness, insomnia. It
filso prevents malaria, fever and ngue,
and keeps the bowels regular. When
not feeling right, take a dose. It is the
standard medicine of the American
people. Look for Private Revenue
Stamp over neck of bottle.
The Whisky Without a Headache.
Wm. Sehlating, proprietor of the New
Castle, haw just received direct from the
J. W. McColloch distillery, thvensboro,
Ky., a shipment of the celebrated Gieen
HEADACHE. Selected for itH purity and
superior quality by the government for
exclusive use in the V. S, army and navy
hospitals. This goods is put up full
measure and is recommended for furnily
Estray Notice.
Taken up by the undersigned, residing on
the Ed, Armstrong place, 5 miles southwest
of Diamond, the following described estrays:
One bay mare, about 5 years old, branded
JR connected, small star in forehead, three
white feet, weight about 1100 pounds.
One bay mare, snip in forehead, hind feet
white, weight about 1050 pounds, no brand
One sorrel mare, right hind foot white,
weight about 900 pounds, no brand visible.
One brown mare, wire cut on left fore leg,
branded S on right shoulder.weight about 1100
pound.-*. GO
One cream colored horse colt coming 2 years
old, wire cut under side of neck, no brand
One brown mare, weight about 900 pounds,
no brand visible; mouse colored suckling colt
by her side.
Unless claimed by owners and charges paid,
said animals will be sold according to law.
Dated January G, 1900.
P. O. Diamond, Wash.
Estray Notice.
Taken up by the undersigned, residing 13
miles southwest of Pullman, near the head of
the Wawawai canyon, the following described
One sorrel horse branded X on left shoulder,
white strip in face, hind feet white, weight
about 700 pounds, about 12 years old.
One gray horse, branded with row lock on
left stifle and on neck, weight about 900 pounds,
about 9 years old.
One bay horse branded 3 with bar beneath
on right shoulder, weight about 1100 pounds,
left hind foot white, spot in forehead, about 4
years old.
Unless owner claims property and pays
charges, same will be sold according to law.
Dated, January 24, 1900.
P. O. Pullman, Wash.
Estray Notice.
Taken up by the undersigned, residing 3i
miles north of Colfax, the following described
One gray mare colt, coming 2 years old,
very small star in forehead, no brand visible.
One bay mare colt, coming 1 year old, no
brand or other marks.
Unless claimed by owners and charges paid,
Baid animals will be sold according to law.
Dated January 10, 1900.
P. O. Colfax, Wash.
Estray Notice.
Taken up at my place, 2 miles north of
Pullman, one sorrel gelding with white face
and white spot on each side, about 7 years
old, weight about 1000 pounds, branded 7X on
left stifle. Unless claimed by owner and
charges paid, Baid animal will be sold accord
ing to law.
Dated, January 16, 1900
P. O. Pullman, Wash.
Estray Notice.
Taken up by the undersigned, residing 'i\
miles north of Endicott, one brown mare,
about 7 years old, weight about 1200 lbs, branded
Bon right stifle. Unless claimed by the
owner and charges paid, said
animal will be sold according to law.
Dated, January 17, 1900.
P. 0., Endicott, Wash.
Timber Cultnre, Final Proof—Notice
for Pnbllcation.
Amos Morey.
I'nited States Land Office, Walla Walla,
January 24th, 1900.—Notice is hereby
given that Amos Morey has filed notice of in
tention to make final proof before Wm. A. In
man, I". S. Commission or at his office in Colfax,
Wash., on Saturday, the 10th day of March,
I'M), on timber culture application No. ,">6lB, for
the NW quarter of section .No. 12, in Township
No. 16North, Range No. 40 East. He names as
witnesses: Edward O. Martin, William Hunt
ley, Leßtie J. smith and John W. Peer, all of
Endicott, Wash.
JOHN M. HILL, Register.
Laces and
Ei 11 broicLeri es
Our first shipment of Laces and Embroid
eries have just arrived and we will put them
on sale Saturday, January 27th. See our
Window Display.
Be sure and look over our Remnant Tables.
JVEaol iiii.es
Only Seven Days more of our 2O JX'l*
cent Discount Sale on Machines.
Don't let this opportunity pass. Buy a Sew
ing Machine NOW.
Money back if goods are not satisfactory.
The Place to Save Money.
iiifrhlMn*-"i "*-
■ rx/
-^ M Given with every
■■ M d« z. Cabinet Photos
Colfax, Wash.
Estray Notice.
Taken up by the undersigned, at his place
8J miles north of Colfax, at Steptoe Butte,
December 20, 1899, the following described
estray n:
One black bald-face horse, 9 or 10 years old,
branded D with bar above and below, on left
shoulder, hind feet white, weight about 1000
One dark bay mare, 8 or 9 ye:irs old, strip in
face, branded star on right hip, weight about
1000 pounds.
One bright bay mare, 7 or 8 years old, star
in face, weight about 10">0 pounds, rinht fore
foot and right hind foot white.no brand visible.
One black mare, 12 or 14 years old, white
face and tour white feet, branded OO on left
jaw, dim brand on left shoulder.
One black yearling, star in face, three white
feet, no brand visible.
One light bay yearling, star in face, right
ear split, weight about 800 pounds, no brand
One dark roan yearling, weight about 700
pounds. No brand visible.
Owners will please call and pay charges, or
said animals will be sold according to law.
Dated January 13, 1900.
P. O. Elberton, Wash.
Estray Notice.
Taken up by the undersigned, at his place,
."5 miles northeast of Colton, Wa'h , the fol
lowing described estraya, to-wit:
< )ne dark bay mare, 7 years old, branded C
with half circle over on left Hhoulder, saddle
marks on both sides of backbone, weight
about 900 pounds.
One dark bay yearling horse colt, left hind
foot white, no brands, tail has been cropped.
Unless claimed by the owner or owners and
charges paid within the time provided by law,
said estrays will be sold according to the
estray laws of the state of Washington.
Dated January (i, 1900.
P. O. Colton, Wa-h.
Estray Notice.
Taken up at my place i mile south of Bel
mont, the following described estrayf:
One dark sorrel mare, star in forehead, no
brand visible, weight about 800 pounde; ac
companied by colt with white face.
OtiH lay mare, snin "ii im-e branded VSV
on left shoulder I*Wl and on right |*J
shoulder, star in (■! forehead, weigtit
about 900 pounds.
Owner may recover by proving property and
paying charges, otherwise said animals will be
sold according to law.
Dated, January 17,1900.
P. O. Belmont, Wash.
Estrav Notice.
Taken up by the undersigned, at hn place
of residence on the McDowell ranch, f) miles
south of Oakesdale, December 20, 1899, the
following described estray:
One dark bay or brown horse, supposed to
be G years old, branded D D on left shoulder,
left ear tipped.
If not claimed by the owner and charges
paid within the time provided by law, said
estray will be sold according to law.
Dated December 20. 1899.
P. O. Oakesdale, Wash.
Eatray Notice
Taken up by the undersigned, residing near
Endicott. "r.p bay home, about tj years old,
branded BYH on left hip, weight about 1100
pounds ypj wire cut on lefc fore foot
and left hiutl leg.
Owner may recover by proving property and
paying charges, otherwise said animal will be
sold according to law.
Dated, January 23,1900.
P. O. Endicott, Wash.
Estray Notice.
Taken up at my place, \ mile west of
Staley, Washington, one red heifer, about one
year old, small white strip on left Hank,weight
about 350 pounds, no brand visible. Unless
claimed by owner and charges paid, said ani
mal will be sold according to law.
Dated January 19, 1900.
P. O. Pullman, Wash.
Eetray Notice.
Taken up by the undersigned, residing one
mile east of Endicott. Wanhington, the follow,
ui^ described estrays:
One bay gelding, about 9 years old, weight
about 1100 pounds, no brand visible.
HOne black mare, about 6 years old. branded
on right stifle, weight about 900 pounds;
colt by her side.
uue bay mar*, about 6 years old, strip in
face branded MM on left .title, weight about
1000 lb?, Qflcolt by her side,
One gray jinny, 4 years old, no brand visible.
One bay mare, b!.ick points, about U years
old, weight about 105'> pounds, no brand visi
ble; colt by her side.
.Un l e^ Ckniare 'about lS yearfl oW, weight
about 800 pounds, no brand visible: colt by
her mdc. J
HOne bay mare about 10 years old, branded
on left shoulder, strip on no-e, left hind
foot white, weight about 800
pounds: suckling colt by her side.
One black mare, about 7 yearo old branded
m*n on left shoulder, Htar, snip, left ear split
■if weight about 1000 pound*, saddle
mains; colt by her side.
Unless claimed by ownemand charges paid
said animals will be sold according to the pro
visions of the estray law. '
Dated, January 10, 1900.
P. (). Endicott, Wash.
Estray Notice.
Taken up by the undersigned, at his place 5
miles northeast of Colton, Wash., the follow
ing described estrays, to-wit-
One gray gelding, bratdedMß on the right
shoulder, about twelve Wk y »>arß old
weight about 1100 pounds.
One dark bay mare, 7 years old, with roan
scar on the right hip, weight about 1000 lbs
no brands or artificial marks.
One bay mare, 3 years old, no brands or
artificial marks perceiyable, weight about 900
One bay mare, 1 year old, no brands or
marks perceivable, weight about 700 pounds
Tjnless claimed by the owner or owners and
charges paid within the time provided by law
said estrays will be sold according to the estrav
laws of the state of Washington. *
Dated, January 2>, 1!K)3
P. O. Colton, W^h SEPH SEMLER ' J'-
Estray Notice.
Taken up at my place known as the J M
Baker place, 2.J miles west of Sunset, the foil
lowing described estraye:
i,on» eo2f V maf e> about 7 yearß cl(j. w«'ght
about,9oo pound., undmtmguiahable brand on
left shoulder and a wire cut on right shoulder.
One bay yearling colt witn a white strip in
face, no brand visible.
One mouse colored sprintr colt, had tail
bushed when it came.
Unless claimed by owner and charges paid
said animals will be sold according to law '
Dated, January 9, 1900.
t> n « .™.LW> E- HARDISTY,
P. O. Sunset, Wash.
E&tray Notice.
Taken up by the undersigned, residing one
fourth mile from Pampa, Wa*h., the follow
ing described animal: One sorrel horse about
8 years old, weight about HOO pounds, branded
TI on left shoulder. Owner can have same
by proving property and paying chargea
otherwise will be sold according to law.
Dated January 17, 1900.
P. O. Pampa, Wash.
Estray Notice.
Came to my place, at Oakesdale, Washing
ton, on or about January 1, I'JOO, one brown
filly, star in forehead, dim brand on left
shoulder, weight about 900 pounds. Owner
may recover same by paying charges, other
wise said animal will be sold according to law
Dated January 20, 1900.
P. O. Oakesdale, Wash.
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