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Speaks From Court House Steps
if Weather iH Fair.
Opens His Addri'NN at Nine O'clock
and Leaves lor <»;nflcl<l al
Hall' I'.-tNi Ten.
Hon. William J. Bryan will appear on the
court house steps at Colfax this morning at '.•
o'clock The length of his speech has been
trimmed down from two boon, as announced
last week, to about one and one-half hours.
He leaves at 10:30 o'clock for (Jarheld, where
a IT) minute talk will be made from the car
lilatform, at about 11 o'clock. Farmington
las been cut out entirely, it is now said by
thnil in control, and no ppeecb will be made
there. IHnner will be taken at Tekoa and an
address made to the crowd.
Mr. Bryan will arrive at Colfax, according
to present information, on a special car at
tached t<> the regular train at 4 o'clock in the
morning, though this program may be changed
and a special car utilized. If a dining car is
attached, Mr. Kryan and his escort of prominent
democrats along the line of his route will
breakfast there. Otherwise a spread will be
laid up town.
The long standing presidential candidate
will be smothered in the embraces of a dis
tinguished aggregation of fnaionista if all
named to sarve on the local committee of
reception report for duty. They are : E. K.
Hanna, S. J. Chadwiok, H. W. Cantield. W.
J. Hamilton, Harry Cornwell, Frank Stone
and ('. N. Hinchliff of Colfax ; John Squires
and J. W. Mathews of Pullman; \V. E
McCm^key, l'alouse ; R. J. Keergaard and
It. L. Nottingham, Oakesnlale ; Thos. A.
White, St. John; I). F. Anderson, Rosalia ;
Henry Esner and L, F. 1 >arr, Uniontown ;
i; C McCnskey ar,d S. T. Laird, (lartield ;
(leo. P. Libby, Johnson; E. E Paddock,
Farmirtgton ; W. A. Motsier aud John W.
Steams, Tekoa ; 11. H. Duff, Colton; C. A.
Price, Elberton.
As a stepping stone to his candidacy for
state senator, to fill the vacancy in the Sixth
district caused by the death of Senator Car
per, K. C. McCro-key of Garfield is to be
granted the honor of introducing Mr. Bryan.
Special trains and rates will be given people
from surrounding towns, and an immense
crowd is expected.
Six hundred or XOO people with a band of
18 pieces are expected on the train from Mos
cow, Pullman and Guy, which will arrive at
Met Friday Evening and Organized
a Small Club.
A knot of democrats met last Friday
evening at the office of Justice Kirk laud
for the purpose of organising a demo
cratic club and devising waysand means
to inveigle the populists beneath the
democratic mistletoe, where they could
be kissed without violating the proprie
ties. The club huh orgauized, and
after a week has about 85 members.
There was no contest for the permanent
chairmanship of the dub. Boss Good
year is so busy overseeing the digestive
apparatus of the party at large, which
h;is been badly demoralized in the mas
tication of the populist carcass, that he
had no time to tritle with the manage
ment of so insignificant a body and
declined when he was pitted against C.
L. Mackenzie for the office. Mr. Mac
kenzie was therefore unanimously
chosen and A. G. Marion was elected
As a committee on constitution and
by-laws Win. Goodyear, F. P. Magtiirp,
E K. Hanna, -I. W. Hereford and S. J.
Chad wick were appointed.
J. K. Eacho, Ortis Hamilton, R. W.
Weinberg, P. G. Laugdon and (Jeo. M.
Chapman Tere appointed on member
J. K. E-icho, Ortia Hamilton and E.
W. Weinberg were chosen as a commit
tee on general arrangements for the
Bryan reception today, with power to
appoint a committee to receive their
leader when he arrives this morning.
New Regulations Now in Force Are
No longer need the holder of a postal
money order wait for the receipt of ad
vice at the postofiice before lie can cash
it, nor need he travel to the office upon
which it is drawn, if he can reach an
office of the first or second class.
Hereafter the holders of postal money
orders will be enabled to cash them at
the Colfax postofiice, no matter upon
what office they may be drawn, i'ost
master Ewart has received the following
circular notification from the first as
sistant postmaster general:
"Postmasters at offices of the first
and second classes are authorized to
cnsh all money orders, irrespective of
their places of payment, and to cash
orders drawn on their respective offices
the advices of which have not been re
ceived, it being understood that the
identity of the owner be established as
Coyotes and Cats.
While exploring a coyote den Wednes
day evening on his 'farm in the Dry
creek country, Frank Billups brought
to light an interesting family. Nine
coyote pups were dug out, and in the
den were three young kittens-houee
cats—two of which were living and one
dead. \\ betber they were a part of the
coyote litter or not is a puzzler to all
tlie Dry creek scientists.
Behalf of the Homeless.
Mr. J.W. Williams of Spokane, gen
eral superintendent of the Northwestern
Home Finding Association, will speak
upon the work in the Colfax churches
Sunday, April 8, both morning and even
ing. Attend one of these mtetings and
learn how the homeless of Whitman
county are cared tor by this work. No
tice of place of meeting will be eiven
next week.
National Bank at Tckna
Tekoa is to have « national bank,
« SriviJ eJ° a from
nell, who asked to make tsL \" Con"
under the new law. the Cuan6e
Blgftest Fee On Record
New York, March 2G.-(W ' ■„.
dollars is said to have been the L °n
by James B. Hill, corporaTion ? w c£ r Md f
thi« city, for work performedl by Jin
in bringing about the great Car, ■
Krick combine just tffected Dill h Rle"
his career not so many years ago »! an
reporter in Chicago. His fee in this c *
18 by far the largest sum ever earnediu
a lawyer for one case. It i 8 probably
the largest sum ever paid for the per
formance of a single definite piece of
legal work, no matter of what nature.
Dill is as full of business aw he is of en
ergy, and hie success before this time in j
hendling big cases made him of value of
a million dollars to Carregie and Prick
and their associates when the great
$160,000,000 steel combination was to
be built up on the ruiDS of a law suit
and the broken friendship of two of the
manufacturing kings of the age.
Degree of Honor.
Mrs. Lena Allen of Waitsburg, chief
of honor, will lecture for Colfax members
aud wives of the A. 0. I . \V. at the
lodge room of that order thin evening.
The object jh the organization of a
Degree of Honor lodge, au auxiliary
of theA.O. ('. W. The project is well
worked up and will certainly be success
Kd Ellin Will Break Hock for
Nearly a Year.
Ed Ellis, a young man of unsavory reputa
tion about town, will have an opportunity to
develop his muscle on the county roada for
the next year, instead of upon the jaws of
unoffending men. Last Saturday evening he
struck and seriously injured Robert Crabtree,
a fanner, on Main street. Urabtree was
knocked down and was insensible for some
time. Among other injuries an ankle was
badly sprained.
The assault was entirely unprovoked. The
men had been in no trouble, and but a few
minutes before Ellis had a»ked Crabtree for a
loan of a half a dollar. The request was
granted, and in a short time Ellis walked to
whore Crabtree was standing and struck him.
Ellis has often beaten unoffending and help
less men within the last year, but has never
before been arrested. He is a powerful
young man, aud in the opinion of many fully
deserves all the punishment received.
Ellis was captured by Marshal Mackay a
half hour after the assault while preparing to
flee. Before Justice Kirkland Monday he
pleaded guilty. The justice thought his
powers of punishment, TOdays in jail and $100
fine.inadequate to the offense and held him to
the superior court, where the limit is one
year in jail and $1000 fine. Judge McDonald
gave him him half of this—six months impris
onment and s. r,OO tine. This will keep him a
prisoner 11 months and sixteen days.
Dr. John A. Dix of Garfleld was on
Colfax streets Wednesday.
Judge John L. Flowers of Colton was
a Monday visitor at Colfax.
James Gorman left Friday for Spokane,
w here he has engaged in the feed business.
Hon. John L. Shirpatein, a leading
Walla Walla lawyer, was in the city
Tuesday on business.
Misses Lizzie Faires and Edna Tipton
of Garh'eld are guests of Auditor and
Mrs. J. F. Corner.
Mrs. E. T. Coman left Saturday for
Chicago and other eastern points on a
visit of six weeks' duration.
Mrs. Foster Hall of Moscow, Idaho,
spent a portion of the week with her
sister, Mrs. H. J. Wileox, at Colfax.
Clark Brown left Friday night for
Nebraska, being called to the bedside of
his father, George Brown, who was
thought to be dying.
Miss Carrie Bfnnard returned Thurs
day morning from a gear's stay at Port
land. She was accompanied by Miss
Phoebe Rinnan], who went to the city
several weeks ago.
Wilford Allen, Geo. W. Ford, M. J.
Chapman, W. L. Lyons, Wm. Chamber?,
B. W. Price and C. N. Gaddis were in
the city Tuesday attending the hearing
of the H. W. Price bankruptcy case.
Rev. Wm. Davies, pastor of the second
Congregational church of Spok-me, has
been assisting Rev. 11. P. James in a
series of meetings at the Colfax Congre
gational church during the week. He
will return to Spokane Saturday
H. L. Segraves has leased and is now
conducting the Buck livery stable on
South Main street.
Hut one permit to marry has been
issued by the auditor this week, James
M. Kane and Dollie J. (iroves of Garfield.
Ira Frazier, who stole a saddle from
Charley Maynard, was conducted to the
penitentiary Saturday by Sheriff Canutt
to serve his sentence of one year.
The high railroad trestles on the hill
west of Colfax are being filled in with
earth by the 0. 11. &N. Co. A steam
shovel and work train are b<Mng used.
Friday, April 6, is named as Arbor
day by Governor Rogers, who recom
mends that the people of the state plant
trees, shrubs anil vines, in conformity
with custom. This is not a legal holi
Grandma Boardmau narrowly escaped
serious injury in a horse and cart run
away on Main street Saturday after
noon. She was thrown from the cart on
the turn into Wall street, but was for
tunately little hurt.
The Woman's Christian Temperance
I'nion will hold a mothers" meeting at
the home of Mrs. M. E. Carley, Tuesday
afternoon, April 3, at 2:30. An appro
priate program is being prepared, and
everyone, mothers especially, are cor
dially invited to be present.
Miss Alice Matloek entertained her
little friends Saturday afternoon, that
being her eleventh birthday anniversary.
Luncheon was served and every one had
a jolly time.
Whitman Circle Women of Woodcraft
gave a farewell reception Monday even
ing, at the lodge room, to Mesdames
Nettie and Belle Bales, who leave Mon
day for Tacoma.
The leading social function of the sea
son was the cotillion given at the opera
house Thursday evening of last week by
Air. and Mrs. Julius Lippitt. About ob
couples were present to enjoy the brilliant
event. The hall was beautifully deco
rated with flowers and plants. Many
elegant costumes were worn. Dancing
occupied the time until 11. Refreshments
followed and then came the german, the
party dispersing at 12:30 after an even
ing of great enjoyment.
A gentleman's smoke, without an
equal—the "Brunswick" cigar. At all
W. P. Cool, D. 1)., of Spokane, will
lecture in the x\l. E. church, Tuesday
evening, April ,3, at 8 o'clock, on "I'ncfe
Sam and his Colored Children." Dr.
Cool i 8 a KOO( ] speaker, well enjoyed by
all who hear him. Do not mim the
treat. Admission, 25.*
Mrs. Bratton will have an opening of '
new millinery Monday. These goods are l
the very latest und hest styles.
' What Happeued to Jones."
Refuse to Pass on Insanity Cases
Unless Better Paid.
Crazy Man Shipped In from British
Columbia May Be Sent
Back There.
The_ doctors are in revolt. Ever since the
commissioners refused to allow them more
than $2.20 for their eeiTicts in examii
ations of insanity cases -the same, as ordinary
witnesses-they have been grumbling and
talking it over among themselves. Now they
refuse to make examinations unless allowed
$5 each for their services.
This stand wag taken Thursday by Dr?.
Benson, Stuht, Pocock and Mitchell, when
called upon by the court to pa^s upon the
sanity of one John Carton, brought in Wed
nesday from Winona. They appeared, but
refqsed to work. Unless the matter of fees
can be adjusted and the doctors put to work,
no one can be committed to the asylum. Sher
iff Canutt is therefore in a quandary, as Mrs.
Myers, a (lerman woman of 30 years, was
also brought in Thursday from Uniontown,
charged with insanity, and he has a white ele
phant on his hands.
Carton was shipped in from Rossland, 13.
C. He was given a pass to Endicott, near
where his brother lives, ana but recently ar
rived. He is a Canadian, born near Toronto,
and was never outside the British possessions
until he went crazy and was conveniently
shipped to us. It is probable that he will be
returned with a demand that the Canadians
care tor their own crazy people.
At the First Baptist church Mrs.
T. J. Collins will speak next Sabbath at
11a.m. Theme, "The Mysteries of
Mormonism." The pastor will preach
in the evening at 7:30. Subject, " The
Eternal God Our Refuge."
The subject for the Christian science
lesson sermon for April 1 is : " Are Sin,
Disease and Death Real?"' Golden text:
" Forasmuch then as the children are
partakers of flesh and blood he also
himself likewise took part of the same:
that through death he might destroy
him that had the power of death, that
is, the devil; and deliver them who
through fear of death were all their life
time subject to bondage.'"—Hebrews
2:14-15. All are welcome.
Rev. Geo. E. Atkinson of Tekoa will
conduct services at Furmington Congre
gational church next Sunday evening,
instead of Rev. T. W. Walters, who has
been called to Dayton over the Sabbath.
The quarterly institute of the Baptist
Young Peoples' Union, held at the Bap
tist church Saturday and Sunday, was
well attended and the published pro
gram carried out. It was a most suc
cessful convention.
Regular services will be held next Sun
day at the United Presbyterian church.
At the evening service the pastor will de
liver the fourth of the series of esehato
logical lectures, the subject being "Hell."
liaw Strictly Complied With.
Kevenue Agent Towne was around shaking
up Auditor Corner's oflice a few days ago.
He gave orders that where chattel mortgages'
contained a power of attorney clause this
clause should bear an additional 25-cent reve
nue stamp. The auditor appealed from this
decision to the commissioner of internal reve
nue and has received a revc cation of the
order. No tax accrues on the power of attor
ney, or power of sale, contained in the chattel
mortgage forma in use in Whitman
county. Had the first order held it
would have meant a stack of work
for the auditor and much trouble to every
person who has filed a chattel mortgage, as
this stamp has never been required, and the
whole of them would have had to be stamped.
Mr. Towne found no fault with anything else
in the office, and he was overruled on this.
He complimented the auditor highly on the
perfect compliance with the law.
''What Happened to Jones."
"Laugh and the world laughs with you,"
must have been the motto which Geo. H.
liroadhurst had in mind when he turned his
attention from editing a country newspaper to
the field of play-writing, for certain it is that
his first and best comedy, " What Hap
pened to Jones,"' has been one of the most
successful laugh promoters of any comedy
produced in years. " What Happened to
Jones " was first prr.duced in New York city
some three years ago and enjoyed a run of
four months, after which the entire company
were transferred to London, where for one
solid year the happy farce was the attraction
at the Strand theatre. In the hands of Harry
Clarke, one of the cleverest young comedians
before the footlights, and a magnificent com
pany, " What Happened to Jones " will be
the attraction at the Colfax Opera House
Wednesday evening, April 4. Prices 50c 75c
and SI. Seats at Hamilton's.
Unclaimed Letters.
List of letters remaining uncalled for
in theColfax postoffice. March 23, 1900:
Barington, Wm Barr, Mrs H
Benn'eld, A M Bristle, Geo
Burton, Miss Minnie Charss, Frank
Crosby, .1 II Green, Pierce (pkg)
Hislop.M'si'rArthurMomson, W T
Reiss, Warren » Wilson, Mies Fera
March HO,
Cooneon, L C Carpenter, M C
Gentry, Roleigh 2 Hudson, Mrs Mary
Jones, Mrs Mary E Miller, Geo 0
Roberts, A R Turner, Em.
One cent postage will be collected.
Jamks Evvart, P. M.
We have saved many doctor bills since
we began using Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy in our home. We keep a bottle
open all the time and whenever any of
my family or myself begin to catch 'cold
we begin to use the Cough Remedy, and
as a result we never have to Bend*away
for a doctor and incur a large doctor
bill, for Chamberlain's Cough Remedy
never fails to cure. It is certainly a
medicine of great merit and worth. D.
8. Mearkle, General Merchant and Farm
er, Mattie, Bedford eouuty, Pa. p'or
sale by all druggists.
Sick Headache absolutely and per
manently cured by using Moki Tea. A
pleasant herb driuk. Cures constipation
and indigestion, makes you eat, sleep,
work and happy. Satisfaction guaran
teed or money back. 25 cts and 50 cte.
The Elk Drugstore.
If you want to know "What Happened
t) Jones," go to the opera house next
Wednesday evening.
Stone's Cough-Not cures coughs and
colds. 25 and 50c, only at The Elk
Drug Store,
F. A. Blackstone sells Mason & Ham
lin pianos and organs. The best is the
Mrs. W~. ST Colvin, dressmaking.
Prices reasonable.*
The doctor knows •* What Happened
to Jones."
Jailed an Editor.
Manila, March 26.—La Patria and El
Liberal, Spanish organs of the extreme
Filipino party, have recently reen pub
lishing articles inimical to the American
government. General Otis has sup
pressed the former journal for sedition
and imprisoned the editor, at the same
time issuing a warning to the members
of the extreme party that they should
observe greater moderation." Senor
Paterno, at one time president of the
so-called Filipino cabinet, having
received permission from the authorities
to come to Manila, is expected to be
present himself this week at San Fer
nando, province of union. The rebels in
General Young's district are becoming
aggressive. The American battalion
garrisoning the town of Xamagpacun
was attacked on four consecutive nights
recently. Reinforcements are now ar
riving there. General Young proposes
to pursue the rebels aggressively before
the rainy season sets in.
Hanna Used Strong Language.
Washington, March 120.—1n the senate
this morning, Senator Hanna, who is
chairman of the republican national
committee, rose to a question of personal
privilege. He directed the attention of
the senate to an article published in a
Washington newspaper to the effect that
a member of the house of representa
tives had said to a representative of the
paper that the Puerto Kican tariff bill
had been agreed upon as a part of a
"deal," by which the republican party
was to receive a large campaign contri
bution. "1 don't^believe," said Hanna,
"that any republican member of the
house ever made the statement attrib
uted to him." He said the statement
carried on its face the evidence that it
was false. "I hope measures will be
taken to investigate this statement. I
brand it as a malicious lie."
Social Amalgamation.
New York, March 25.—A movement
was started today in this city to unite
the socialist labor party and the social
democrats. The delegates discussed a
proposed platform for amalgamation
and various committees were appointed.
The delegates will be in session for
several days and Thursday evening a
mass meeting will be held. Several of
the delegates visited the Central Federal
union and asked for the co-operation of
that body in the grand combined eight
hour demonstration on May day. The
union complied.
Miss Chambers, graduate conserva
tory of Music Liberty Ladies' College,
Liberty, Mo., and Fort Scott Normal
College, Fort Scott, Ivans., formerly in
charge of musical department of Colfax
college, will continue music classes and
give private lessons. Address, Box 358,
The ladies of the M. E. church will
serve a dinner at noon on the .'JOth of
March, in the vacant building two doors
north of the Tennessee restaurant.
At Hulin Bros, box factory you can
get the beet bee hive ever manufactured,
at a reasonable figure. Also a full line
of bee eupplies o
Money to loan on city property at 7
per cent, repayable in easy monthly in
stallments. J. a. Perkins & Co o
Price on wheat in still down and you
can get cabinet photographs for 99c, at
Donovan's studio*
Wanted—Girl for general housework.
Apply to Mrs. Ivan Chase. South Colfax.
Girl wanted for general housework.
Apply to Mrs. Julius Lippitt, Colfax.
Wanted—(Jirl for general housework.
Apply to Mrs. B. Burgunder, Colfax.
See Harry Carson Clarke in " What
Happened to Jones."
McDonald Squirrel Gun
Improved over last year. No more
rubber hose to bum out Found at
all leading Hardware stores.
Cheapest and Surest way
to get Kid of Squirrels.
If directions are followed money refunded if
it does not do the work. GREAT SELLER. Any
hardware company wishing to investigate, write
for terms. G. E. HICKEY,
Box 426, Walla Walla, Washington
H. L. SEGRAVES, Propr.
Stock Boarded by the Day or Week.
Location, South Main Street,
North end of Bridge.
" Tlie Bee Hive"
Ribbons, Laces, Dry Goods
and Notions.
Main Street, Colfax, Washington
Have your Spectacles fitted by
J. W. Sever, Optician
Graduate of the Chicago Opthalmic College. All
errors of refraction fully corrected by properly
eround glasses. Eyes tested free. At Severs
Jewelry Store. Main Street, Colfax.
Marble and Granite Works
D. MILLGARD & CO. Proprietors.
Monuments, Headstones, Tablets
All Kinds of Cemetery Work.
Call and see samples. Wall Street
Sells the Best
Pumps and Windmills
in the Palouse Country.
See him before buying.
The best Step-Ladder ever invented for the I
use of Orchardiats, Nurserymen, or any one
having anything to do with trees, is made by
J. R. GOOD, Colfax.
The lndder is strongly built and is so con
structed that it can ba instantly adjusted to
stand on a side hill, no matter how steep, or
on level ground, equally well.
It must be seen to be appreciated, its all
around usefulness being apparent at a glance.
Call and examine at shop on Main street.
dt^Mmfc, ' ' DOING A LITTLE
llimkT '''ifflllf' 0 ' ('iat IS s'ml'lv <'<i''«';tt;il>l«' I'ui ill,
iiMtf iH This suit in of nuperior merit ami ntvle
Hill fir/ll '""' "'"">' '"i^t'l to be Hold hy iih for
mwwi I $lU. r»O, for that in t lie price for hitnil.ir
Baits at other store*. Hut our well eatab
■llM linht'd reputation for giving valuen,
D|w |jBJ an.l our [iride in doinK n little better than
other stores, eaoses as to make this great
Jtß BsV l>uy buck iiTiythinp we trade there in no
fccF Bold it If it ian't v name that staadt
9^^ rei>resente«l. for more than ourn
11. KAMINSKY, Propr.
Exclusive Mens' and Boys' Clothiers and Furnishers.
Our Spring Opening of Ladies' Hals,
Bonnets and Millinery Garniture
Thursday and Friday, March 29th and 30th
when Mrs. J. Fisher will take pleasure in receiving and attending
to the calls of her many lady patrons. The entire line in ■ very
attractive one, selected by her exclusively in the various Eastern
markets, and consists of many new and beautiful styles. Our
Spring and Summer Novelties in Dry* Goods are being daily re
ceived and placed on sale, and when all are delivered will consist ol
Silk Waists, Silk Skirts, Silk Wraps, Summer Silk* for Skirts, Waists and
Suits, Ties, Belts, Buckles, Parasols, Ribbons, Embroideries, Matched Sets of
Embroideries, All Over Embroideries, Laces, All-Over Lures, Nets, Fringes,
Braids, and many other Novelties in Ladies Lingerie.
<>ur many patrons are cordially invited to call and inspect
our extensive lines before making their purchases.
Can fill all orders for Wood on short notice.
Best Grade 52.25, Buckskin $2.00 per cord, by nu loud
A XVJ.XI AO. All kinds of Paints, best in the
market, arid Phosphorous at COST, at the
Colfax, Washington.
Confectionery, Nuts
Stationery, Books
Postoftice Store
Cigars, Tobacco
Pipes, Notions, Toys
Pioneer Drug Store,
W. J. HAMILTON, Propr.
Prescription Work a Specialty.
A complete stock of
Drugs, Medicines, Chemicals,
Soaps, Brushes, Perfumeries,
Paints, Oils, Glass,
Notions, Books, Stationery.
Telephone No. 37. Main Street. Colfax
tat, Vincent's Academy
_ A Belect Boarding School for young girls.
Gives a thorough education in all English
branches. Music, Fancy Work, Languages,
etc. No compulsion with regard to religious
Correspondence solicited.
Dealers in
General Merchandise
Highest market price paid for country pro
duce of all kin X
Insure with H. W. Goff,
Respectfully, CHAS. PLATT.
Farmers' Drug Store
Leave orders at Barroll &
Mohney's Hardware Store.
MJ low prices and fair dealing, we have
earned the title of
I Purveyors to the
People of Oolfax,
which we will hold and defend by the
same prompt and intelligent attention
to the wants of our patrons.
Bennett & Tarbet,
Family Grocers.
Washington Market
I. B. HARRIS, Pn.pr.
Fresh and Cured Meats,
Fish and Game in season.
There is no doubt about the quality of the
meats sold from the blocks of this market -
it is the BhST.
The highest market price paid for cattle
and hides.
South Main Street, Colfai.
Call on H. W. Qoff for Insurance.

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