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Plain Statements Which Show
Up the Opposition.
It is Not in the Interests of the
Ii usis and (lie Hryau
Howlers Know It.
New t York Mail and Express: The
ease is a ?ery simple one. The presi
dent nade his recoaftnendatioo laHt De
cember to give Puerto Rica's products
fret' access to our markets because he be
lieved it iras right and bent, considering
the condition of that island, and tint be
cause it wan required by the constitution.
He has not changed that view. If that
were the Bole principle involved, we are
authorized to nay, lie would insist upon
it though he atood alone. Since hin rec
ommendation, however, another principle
has been invoked involving the most
vital question connected with the whole
matter of our new territorial posses
sions. The president belives that con
gress haH the constitutional power to
levy duties upon the productH of the
new territorial acquisitions.
Thin is denied, especially by democrats.
If they can prevent its assertion; still
more, if they can have BOCta action by
congress an denies its existence, then
they' can t;o to the country with the
argument that the administration hap,
by ith policy, acquired new populations
unfitted for Btatehood, yet claiming the
rights of full citizenship and the right to
inundate our markets with their pro
ducts free from customs duty, thus im
pairing the value of our own labor by
competition with the cheapest labor in
the world.
The question, therefore,is not between
a principle and an expediency. It in a
question between two principles, one of
them Fundamental. It is between assert
ing one of them in the interest of Puerto
Rico alone, or the other in the interest
of the whole country now and hereafter.
In the latter cane any departure from
the riirht constitutional principle cannot
be rectified, and the damage done will be
irremediable. Not a single step, once
taken, can be retraced. In the former
case, it will work no injury to the inter
ests of Puerto Rico.
That inland jh today without revenue
and the people are suffering. It has no
government except a military one. It
will be some time before any machinery
for raising revenue can be put in opera
tion. Meantime, Puerto Rico must be
taken care of and enabled as rapidly as
possible to famish the revenues for its
own expenses. By the bill which the
house has passed it is relieved from every
other form of tax except this 15 per
cent, of the existing tariff laid upon its
products coming into the United States
and the products of the I'nited States
entering Puerto EUcao ports. Every
dollar of this is turned back to its own
use. The measure is for revenue, and
only temporary at that, and can be fol
lowed by free trade as soon as the great
principle which recognizes the power of
congress to legislate for these new terri
tories is vindicated. The necessity of
this interpretation of the constitution,
after tbe debate in the house, is para
mount, and is considered important to
our success in the Philippines.
The principle of free trade recommend- j
ed for Puerto Rico, and which the presi- j
dent evidently hopes in due time to see
prevail, has, therefore, yielded only for
the time being to a more important
principle. The necessity of the case and
the honest difference of opinion which
led to the new issue are frankly recog
nized. The president appreciates that
he must to a large extent rely upon his
own party in the administration of pub
lic affairs. He is bound to weigh against
any personal triumph the demoralization
and disorganisation of his party.in the
legislative branch of the government,
upon which he must depend. No greater
calamity could happen than to have his
party majority tall down on the very
threshold of their consideration of these
island questions, Under these circum
stances, the president did what he
thought was right, and we believe that
time will vindicate the wisdom of his
Against, Not for, (lie Trusts.
Another exampleof democratic perfidy
is the attempt to charge that the re
publican party is surrendering to the
trusts in asking for the Puerto Rican
tariff. Congressman Page Morris ex
plained the situation fully in a recent
speech at Duluth, Minn. He said:
"Another objection was that this bill
was prompted by and is in the interest
of the sugar and tobacco trusts. It
would seem that the smallest acquaint
ance with the facts would show the utter
groundlessness of this assertion. The
business of the sugar trnst is the refin
ing of sugar, and its raw material is
raw sugar. The business of the tobacco
trust is the manufacture of chewing to
bacco, cigars aud cigarettes, and its raw
material is leaf tobacco. All of the
sugar that comes from Puerto Rico is
raw sugar, and all the tobacco that
comes from Puerto Rico is leaf tobacco,
ibe sugar trust has to get most of its
raw sugar from outside the United
States, only about one-tenth of what
they retine being produced in the United
states It must then be to the interest
of both these trusts to have both of
these raw materials come into the United
States free of any duty.
"So far as I have been able to ascer
tain the facts, the sugar trust and the
tobacco trust have both been moving
heaven and earth to have no duties at
Best in town.
qpi. — per hundred.
Coal and Wood. I
Col.'ax Hardware Bldg.
all, and the beet BOgar industry, repre
sented by Mr. Oxnard, haH been* equally
diligent in trying to have the full Ding
ley rate retained on sugar.
"From the best information attain
able it appears that there in now held in
Puerto Rico, awaiting the action of con
gress on thin measure, about 3,000,000
pounds of tobacco and about l. r»,()()0
tons of sugar. Mont of this tobacco
and sugar has panned out of the hands
of the producers and is now held by
speculators or by these trusts. At 15
per cent of the Dingley rate this tobacco
and sugar when brought to this country
would have to pay duties amounting to
between $249,000 and $250,000. If no
duty is charged it will pay nothing. So
that under the bill as it panned the peo
ple of Puerto Rico would get this money,
and these speculators and trusts would
have to pay it, while under free trade
the people of Puerto Rico would get
nothing and these speculators and
trusts would be released from having
to pay this large amount.
"In other words, the removing of the
15 per cent of the Dingley rate would
make a present to these speculators and
trusts of nearly $250,000 and would de
prive the people of Puerto Rico af that
amount of revenue. Now, gentlemen,
where does the interest of theee trusts
come in. Is not this simple statement
sufficient to dispose of this cry about
the trusts'' <)f course, we all understand
in Washington their tactics. It is the
same old cry of 'Stop thief!' and as
usual they have got their democratic
friends and dupes and the enemies of the
administration's policy to do the loudest
Weather Bureau Puts the Bar Upon
the Little Killers.
Washington, March Chief Willis
Moore, of the Weather Bureau, has
issued an order prohibiting persons con
nected with the service from smoking
cigarettes during office hours, and stat
ing further that those who smoked ciga
rettes at any time would be mentioned
in the confidential reports which are
made quarterly to him by chiefs of the
several offices aud divisions throughout
the entire service. Chief Moore said to-
day :
"The order wss issued after careful
consideration and a thorough investiga
tion of the evils resulting from cigarette
smoking. It will stand. In this service
we are compelled to maintain a very
strict discipline, in order to secure satis
factory service. Some of our men who
are regarded as the most thorough
and competent, doing every detail of
their work with the utmost promptness
and accuracy, gradually became careless
and lax. I sent inspectors to investi
gate, and in a number of cases it was
found to be directly attributable to the
use of cigarettes. I am not prudish,
nor do I wish to assume any authority
whatever over any privilege which the
employes of the service should have,
but, as a public servant, I feel that it is
my duty to correct any evil that may
i exist even if in attempting to make this
claim I am overstepping my authority.
I The order applies to the entire force of
the bureau throughout the entire ser
vice. Cigarette smoking must cease.
Cigars and pipes are not barred.'
General Joubert is Dead.
Pretoria, March 2.S.—General Joubert
died last night at 1,1:30 o'clock. He
j had been suffering from stomach com
: plaint. The town is plunged in mourn
; inz for the true patriot, gallant general
: and upright and honorable gentleman.
History of the Transactions in Whit-
man County I.aiKiH.
U S to Win A Forney se qr 12 15 10.
US to Geo H Phelps se qr 15 17 15.- .>(!.
V S to Myron Sheldon nw qr se qr 11 14 45.
U S to John R Crawford n hf ne qr 25 16
US to John X Crawford n hf ne qr 25 16
45, $3.00.
U S to Sarah M Black,, se qr 30 19 45.
Nellie V Noble to Bellus & Case pt
aw qr 38 18 46 100
Frank Bakala to Emma A Reid 1 13
b 2 Emily VV Hull's ad Coif ax 850 00
Bellus & Caae to Sarah M Jones pt sw
qr 33 IS 45 1000 00
Mary L Anderson to Ella E Settle
mire 1 2 b 14 Rosalia 40 00
Geo Meister Sr, to John H Leitch
lease n hf se qr c hf aw qr 25 13 44
Joa Greif to Arnold Faerber pt se <ir
6 12 46 150 00
Jos B Culp to Mrs Susan J Wanen
se qrO l'J 46 3200 00
J H McLean to C Lefors 1 19 b 2 Te
koa 25 00
E B Brown to Campbell Lefors Its 11
and 12 b 9 Huffman's ad Tekoa 100 00
John A Dix to Case ft Bellus \ int w
Iti b 8 (Jarfield ." . 125 00
J & P Fischer to Adam Fischer, tract
se qr 25 lit 45 1000 00
Henrietta Burkowaky to Herman Seekt
nw qr 3G 14 43 3000 00
Walter E Leigh to Wm W Tiflin, Ha
2 3 4 1) 3 Garfield 50 00
Home Savings <fe Loan Assn to Wm A
pt Its 3 4b 02, Colfax 900 00
Joseph Canutt, sheriff to Harry Cern
well, se qr 28 18 41 1040 00
Deming Inv Co to Marshall Cassel, se
qr 3119 44 2400 00
Henry Ruhlender to Henry C Flower
pt aw qr 8 14 44 1 00
Jos Greif to Albert Fix 117 b 7 Greif's
ad LTniontown 25 00
Portsmouth Trust & Guar Co to Jack
Stuart lease nw qr sec 31 and 74 sec
30 17 43 for 1-3 crop
August Spuler et al to Thensia Schib
lin 1-2 int Its 17 and 18 b5 C, Colfax 500 00
\ ermont L & T Co to Wm Louder
uiilk w hf se qr n hf sw qr 4 13 45 . 3120 15
A G Hutchinson to Adellia C Savage
It a 3 and 4 b 9 Farmington 5000
Thos J Harris to Bank of Farming
ton nw qr 2619 45 3400
Theodore Straube public waterditch
on sw qr1515 3S
Harry Warren to Sina Sain 2 tracts
one on 18 18 44 and one on c hf
of ne qr 19 18 44 i:,00
Daniel T Baylor to Mrs Mary J Cow
an 2 tracts se qr sec 11 and one tract
sw qr sec 12 17 44 1250 00
B H Venniiye admr to E M Warner
s hf ne qr se qr nw qr ne qrswqrse
qr sw qr and Its 5 6 7 6 10 41 700 00
h. H Warner to J B Good It 5 6 7 and
s hf ne qr ac qr nw qr c hf sw qr 0
*6 4V • ■■■ ■■■■ 500 00
\ lrgima H Rounds et al to J J Brick
ner It 2 3 blk 8 Colfax.
Jan_e Lloyd to Edwd Baker n hf se qr
17 17 44 j 00
Wm T Lloyd to Edwd Baker se hf'se
qr 17 17 44 IQOq 00
W H Leasure to W A Adair It 3 4, 29
15 46 j 250 00
Hiestand-Warner Co to R L Sabin tr
Tcts s hf nw qr 5 14 45 and pt It 3 5
14 45 1 00
Wheeler, Motter & Co to B F Nicho
las It 4 blk 1 Waltors add Colfax... 1 00
E R Hemingway to Essie Hemingway
t^ lt -I, 2 «rnd ehfnw( lr ;!1 20 42 750 00
Daniel W Truax to A J Shanks lt 7
blk 0 Tekoa cemetery 15 00
MCA J W Steams to O H Spark*
agreement Its 1 2 blk 2 Coffins add
Tekoa and pt It '24 20 46.
Win A Gibson to Win B Newhall, pt
Its 3 4 b62 Colfax
Icyphina Barton to Levi Barton, c hf
se qr, Be q» ne qr and It 1, 2 17 43.., 1 00
Masonic Lodge t<> Fannie L Leonard,
It 4b 11 Mountain View Cemetery. 18 00
Eli W Barton et al to Levi Barton, c
hf se qr, Be qr ne qr and It 1, 217 43 100
Masanie Lodge to John L Grimm, It
4 b 21, Mountain View Cemetery... 25 00
Mary H Carper to John H Carper, pt
b '11, Its 5 G b 2, Its 5 G 7 8, b 43,
Farmington 1 00
M X Fish to John F Grimm, pt It 1,
5 18 40 30 00
hmma J Auggins to Levi Barton, c hf
Be qr, se qr ne qr, It 1, 2 17 43 1 00
DB Garrison to Wash Natl Bk and
L Inv Asan, It 9 b G3 and w hf It 8
b G3, Pullman 1 00
Win X nuimhy to Hester A <,»uimby,
8e qr Be qr sec 31, It 4 sec 32 17 46..
John H t^uinn to Bertha M Kay, It 3
b 15 Huffman's 2d add Tekoa 1350 00
Heal Mortgages.
Geo H Phelps to Nannie B Wait se qr
15 17 4.", 500 00
Lourinda M Sheldon et al to Nether
lands Amer Mtg Bank nw qr se qr
11 14 45 400 00
Wm A Gibson to Clarence A Allen,
pt lots 3 4b G2, Colfax 500 00
Marshall Cassel to Deming Inv Co, se
qr 31 19 44 1300 00
Adam Fischer to Wm Redmond, tret
se qr 25 19 45 500 00
Marshall Cassell to Deming Inv Co,
se qr 31 1944 338 50
John R Crawford to Deming Inv Co,
ne hf ne qr 25 1G 45 70 40
John II Crawford to Deming Inv Co,
ne hf ne qr 25 1G 45 7 00
W A Adair to Geo Stewart et al ex
Its 3 and 4 29 15 4G SOO 00
James L Warren to Deming Inv Co
pt s hf Be qr 24 17 45 GSO 00
Edwd Baker to Balfour-Guthrie Inv
Co se qr 17 17 44 1000 00
Mary J Cowan to Daniel L Baylor, 2
tcts se qr sec 11, tract sw qr 12 17 44 250 00
James L Warren to Deming Inv Co.,
pt s hf se qr 24 17 45 05 35
Chattel Mortgages.
R B Steele to Bank of Farmington crp
nw qr sec 8 ac qr sw qr sw qr and
ne qr ue qr sec 7 18 45 911 55
J H Saver to Hayfield Bros farm
mach horses wagon 100 00
F G Barger to T W Ripley 6 horses . 140 00
J E Kissinger to Security State Bk
horses harness plow jj crop nw qr
sec 11 15 45 ' 1500 00
0 D Kenworthy to Ist Bk Tekoa,
horse harness 57 75
W S k G Dickinson to First Bank
Tekoa crop ne qr sec 33 and nw qr
sec 34 2-3 crep n hf aw qr sec 31 and
2-3 crop sw qr sec 25 20 45 1785 50
Robert X Campbell to Palmerton
& Harvey 2 3 crop ne qr 31 15 45. . 28 45
A S <k E C Boone to W J Davis
horses wagon farm mach 100 00
W T Shirrod to Vollmer & Scott 2-3
crop I 3 6 11 46 125 10
A D White to Vollmer & Sett horses
harness buggy plow GSO 00
Thos F Connolly to A Cohn horses
harness wapon 41 50
Maudly Whitney to W F Chalenor
horses narness farm mach 103 05
B B Rrown to Ladd & Bush crop n hf
11 IS 44 120 00
W B /err to Ist Natl Bank, Pullman,
2-3 crop se qr se qr 17 14 44 . 40 00
J M Copenhauer to Ist Natl Bank,
I'ullman, 2 3 crop ne qr sec 28; pt
n hf sec 27 14 44 150 00
W H Englert to P W Chapman, house
hold furn arid fixts and supplies in
barber shop 178 00
J li and L M Johnson to Gartield
Hard and Merc Co, horses, harness,
cows, farm mach 114 25
John Sinclain to Garfield Hard and
Mer Co. 2 3 crop nw qr 19 17 45 45 00
L E and E H Clark jr to Gartield Hd '
and Merc Co, crop w hf sw qr 14 18
45 . G7 50
1) F H Scott to Sparks Bros, cows,
horses, harness 38 40
John Harder to Cash N Gaidis.horsee,
harness, wagon, farm mach 250 00
1 N Nye to Ist Natl bk, Pullman, nw
qr sec 10, se xr 4 15 45 050 00
A J Sherrod to Ist bk, Tekoa, crops
He qr and c hf sw qr 33 20 45 573 00
A J Sherrod to Ist bk Tekoa, harness",
horses, farm mach 573 00
Geo P Challis to Chas Freeman horses
wagon harness 100 00
Bryce B Parker to Alexander &. Da
vidson, crop nhfßeqr27 19 44 75 00
S S Edgnion to Alexander & David
son, crop sw qr 1 19 43 1000 CO
J B Hunter to Barroll & Mohtsey,
blacksmith outfit, Colfax 145 89
J B Glunk to Julius Lippitt, crop ne
qr sec 30, ne qr sec 31 15 44 . 250 00
Releases of Mortgages.
E M Pierce to E B Brown GO 15
J I Case Threshing Mac Co to Conrad
Denrirg Inv Co to .fames A Mattoon 2000 00
Jas H Tallman to Edwin T Trimble 1300 00
Edmund Robertson to Sebastian
Dahm 1600 00
Jas H Tallii.an to Sarah M 81ack.... 800 00
Eunice A Ives to Fred King 350 00
Bryan Westacott to Lyman Chapin . 160 00
(! A Leighton to Harry Warren 45 00
C A Leighton to Philip L Sain SCO 00
C A Leighton to Philip L Sain 75 00
Jas H Tallman to Frank W Milne . 1000 00
F N Gilbert to Nancy I Leasure partial.
Harry Corn well to Sarah M Black .. 120 00
Durant & O'Leary to John H Quinn.. 657 00
Bills of Sale.
Studebaker Bros Mfg Co te F E Hun
gate hack 40 00
Sesse E Muck to Hayfield Bros 400
bu wheat se qr 9 19 45
Natl Cash Register Co to Henry Lem
on, cash register 100 00
B W Stevens to P Lefrancis buggy
harness 30 00
Alice V and J D Hubbard,guardian vs Geo
BlootnfiVld —Lie Pendens.
John Terry—Will.
Alic3 V & J D Hubbard, guardian vs
Geo Bloomfield —Lis Pendenß.
Still More Counterfeiting.
The Secret Service has unearthed an
other band of counterfeiters and secured
a large quantity of bogus bills, which
are so cleverly executed that the average
person would never suspect them of be
ing spurious. Things of great value
are always selected by counterfeiters for
imitation, notably the celebrated Hoe
tetter's Stomach Bitters, which has
many imitators but no equals for indi
gestion, dyspepsia, constipation, ner
vousness and general debility. The Bit
ters sets things right in the stomach,
and when the stomach is in good order
it makes good blood and plenty of it.
In this manner the Bitters get at the
seat of strength and vitality,and restore
vigor to the weak and debilitated. Be
ware of counterfeits when buying.
1 am now prepared to do all kinds of
land business, homestead entries and
proofs, contests, etc. Have had 13 years
experience in land cases. W. A. Inman,
D. S. Commissioner. Celfax, Wash,
Dr. Buck's Celery, Sarsaparilla and
Dandelion removes pimples, restores loss
of sleep and makes one feel good gener
ally. Sold only at The Elk Drug Store*
Cheapest and best photographs in
town at Donovan's studio, for 99c per
Stone's Cough Not will stop that
cough. 25 and 50c at The Elk Drug
Notice is hereby given that Whitman coun
ty school district warrants as per district Dum
ber, fund, and warrant numbers given below,
will be paid on presentation at the office of the
treasurer of said Whitman county, in Colfax,
Washington. Interest on said warrants will
cease March 29. 1900.
No. of T-. „! Clerk Treas. Face
Dist. *und< No. No. Value.
1 S 907 3G6 $ 45 00
908 367 65 00
906 3GB 45 00
909 369 85 00
910 370 ...... 55 00
911 371 45 00
912 372 45 00
913 373 45 00
914 374 45 00
915 375 45 00
916 376 45 00
917 377 45 00
918 378 45 00
919 379 45 00
920 380 65 00
921 381 t; ::,
922 382 85 00
923 383 55 00
924 384 45 00
925 385 45 00
926 386 45 00
927 387 45 00
928 388 45 00
.929 389 45 00
930 390 45 00
931 391 45 00
932 392 45 00
933 393 65 00
934.......394 16 10
935 395 85 00
936 390 55 00
937 397 45 00
938 398 45 00
939 399 45 00
940 400 45 00
941 401 45 00
942 402 45 00
943 403 45 00
944 404 45 00
945 405 45 00
946 406 65 00
947 407 9 00
.948 408 2 50
949 409 1 25
950 410 5 85
951 411 7 45
952 412 1 25
953 413 13 80
954 414 50
955 415 2 85
956 416 53 00
957 417 6 00
9 S* 538 1267 2100
528 1268 2 00
529 1269 2 00
532 1270 50 00
537 1271 10 00
....■ 539 1272 .... 2 00
G* 548 1273 350 25
S* 527 1274 5 00
530 1275 2 00
531 1276 2 00
536 1277 2 50
535 1280 1 25
G* 553 1284 100 00
559 1285 . . 60 00
S* 534 1293 5 00
G* 546 1294 11 26
570 1302 37 60
567 1304... . 55 00
568 1305 55 00
572 .... 1306 55 (10
S* 419 .... 1307 1 65
G* 575 1308 08 50
584 1311 20 00
S* 587 1312 19 30
G* . .578 1313 80 00
S* 585 1320 60 00
586 1321 50 00
593 1322.. 6 00
G*.... 579 1325 55 00
S\.. 590 1327 1 50
598 1328 ... 55 00
000 1329... 55 00
602 1330 55 00
....599 1331 55 00
.... 601 1332.. 55 00
603 1333.. 00 00
597 1335 80 00
604 1336 50 00
594 1337 5 50
..605 133S 0 00
117 1339 1 50
616 1340 116 00
615 1341 50 00
607 1342 100 00
608 1343 80 00
.012 1344 55 00
Gl4 1345 60 00
609 1346.. . 55 00
613 1347 55 00
010 1348.. 55 00
617 1349 . . 100 00
524 1350 55 00
528 1351 47 00
522 1352 55 00
611 1353 55 00
525 1354... 60 00
523 1355 25 00
529 1356 30 00
621 1357 55 00
Gl9 1358 ... SO 00
620 .1359 55 00
618 1360 65 00
526 1361 50 00
031 1302 7 00
032 1363 18 10
033 1364 10 00
035 1365 80 00
G46 1300 15 00
034 1367 100 00
640 1368 15 00
642 1369 60 00
639 1370 40 00
636 1371 55 00
637 1372 55 00
641 1373 45 00
644 1373.$ 2 25
645 1374 10 00
638 1375 55 00
647 1370 14 80
G43 1377 50 00
627 1378 1 50
657 1379 4 25
050 1380 50 00
649 1381 80 00
658 1382 45 00
659 1383 10 00
652 1384 55 00
630 1385 28 00
G—General fund.
S—Special fund.
* —Old warrant fund.
County Treasurer.
Estray Notice.
Taken up by the undersigned,residing 3 miles
east of St. John, one light sorrel horse, about
0 years old,weight about 1100 pounds.branded
Bon left shoulder. I'nless claimed by
owner and charges paid, said animal will
be sold according to law.
Dated March 10, 1900.
P. 0. St. John, Wash.
Are You Alive
To your own interests?
Then serve them beet by
buying your
Hardware, Stoves,
Tinware, Sash,
Doors, Paint and
Farm Implements
List your Farm Lands im <i
City Property
wm. (JEO. 11. LENNOX.
Of Colfax, Washington.
oapitajl,, - - 900,000.00.
"The strength of a bank lies in the conservative
management of its assets."
J. A. Perkins & Co. »} ™>«
C 1 f\(\ (\(\(\ to loan on improved farms in the Paloose
giuv,v;uv country. .-. No delay in closing loans.
CITY PROPERTY FOR BALE. Office in 1> 4 \Tir £W iUM I■< 1 X'
HARRY EATON, President. J\<). i\ FULLER, Manager
Abstracts furnished to all the lands and town lots in Whitman County. A complete and
reliable set of books, up to data
Notary Public in office. R „,],,-. 15 and Hi, KHis Block, Colfaa
R. G. HAKGRAVE, Manager.
Abstracters and Conveyancers. Only Complete pet of abstract books in Whitman County
Alfred Coolldge, President. Aaron Kului, Vice President elms. 1:. Scriber, Cashier.
That the Board of Counly Commis
sioners Will Consider and De-
termine the Necessity of Build
ing a Bridge Across Cache Creek
Whereas, A. J. Stone and many other citi
zens of Whitman county have petitioned the
Board of County Commissioners of Whitman
county, Washington, to build a bridge across
Cache creek where the Horlacher road crosses
said creek, and
Whereas, there is now in the road and
bridge fund of said county sufficient funds to
build said bridge without incurring any war
rant indebtedness upon said county, now
Therefore, in accordance with law, notice is
hereby given that the said Board will, on the
2d day of April, 1900, at the hour of 2:80
o'clock p. m. of said day, at the office of said
board, at the courthouse, in Colfax, the county
seat of said county, consider and determine
the necessity for building said bridge. Said
bridge to be a combination or wooden bridge,
to be at least 18 feet* in width, and to be of
such length as may be necessary to span said
creek at said place.
All persons who are iuterested in the build
ing of said bridge may appear before said
Board at said place at said hour on said day,
and then and there show cause, if any there
be, why said bridge should not be built.
Done by order of the said Board of County
In testimony whereof, I have hereunto set
my hand and affixed my official seal as clerk
of said board, this 22d day of March, 1900.
Auditor of the aforesaid county and ex
officio clerk of the aforesaid board.
By Makk E. Tant, Deputy.
That the Board of County Commis
sioners Will Consider and De-
termine the Necessity of Build
ing a Bridge Across Union Creek
Whereas, S. S. Miller and many other citi
zens of Whitman county have petitioned the
Board of County Commissioners of said coun
ty to build a bridge across a branch of Union
Hat at the foot of the Hamilton grade, and
Whereas, there is now in the road and
bridge fund of said county sufficient funds to
build said bridge without incurring any war
rant indebtedness upon said county, now
Therefore, in accordance with law, notice is
hereby given that the said Board will, on the
3d day of April, IHOO. at the hour of 2 o'clock
p. m. of said day, at the office of said Board
of County Commissioners at the courthouse,
in Colfax, the county seat of said county,
consider and determine the necessity of build
ing said bridge. Said bridge to be a woodrn
or combination bridge, and at least 18 feet in
width, and of such length as may be necessary
to span said creek at said place.
All persons who are interested in the build
ing of gaid bridge may appear before said
board at said hour of said day and show cause
why said bridge should be built, and all per
sons who are opposed to the building of said
bridge are hereby notified to appear before
said Board at said place at said hour of (said
day, and then and there show cause, if any
there be, why said bridge should not be built.
Done by order of the said Board of County
In testimony whereof I have hereunto set
my hand and affixed my official seal as clerk
of said board, this 22d day of March, 11(00.
Auditor of the aforesaid county and ex
officio clerk of said board.
By Mark E. Tant, Deputy.
Estray Notice.
Taken up by the undersigned, residing 2h
miles west of Winona, the following described
One roan mare, about 10 years old, branded
Hon left stitle and |HH on left f-titie.weight
about '.hjo pounds ll\M blazed face, left
hind foot white. IBM
1 >ne roan mare, about H years old, branded
Eon left shoulder, left hind foot white,
blazed face, weight about 850
Both mares having colts by their side, de
scribed as follows: One bay colt, coming 1
year old, no brand visible; one roan colt, com
ing 1 year old, no brand visible.
Unless claimed by owners and charges paid,
eaid animals will be sold according to law.
Dated February 28,1900.
P. O. Winona, Wash.
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Tracts in all Variety.
Sum.- were taken under mortgage
and must be sold.
Fanning and Pasture Lands.
Fruit and Gardening Tracts,
Houses and Lots in Colfax, Pull
man, Palouse and Moscow.
Also my residence.
Harry Cornwell.
That the Hoard of County Conmli*
-n.M. is Will Receive r.nis tor
Building A County Bridge,
Notice is hereby given that the Board "f
County Commimioners of Whitman Coonty,
Washington, at it* office in the courthouse in
Colfax, the county seat at s.tid ooonty, will,
on Tuesday, April :;, 1900, at the hour of :;
o'clock p. in. of said day, receive sealed bids
to furnish all material necessary and to con
struct a bridge of the dimensions hereinafter
specified and &t the place hereinafter da
scribed. Bids will at said time also lie re
ceived which shall state the prico per lineal
foot for building the necessary approaches to
.said bridge.
The bridge for which bids are herein invited
is to be of the dimensions bereinafa r specified
and to be built at the place hereinafter de
scribed, to-wit:
Combination bridge, in Pullman, Whitman
county, where Kamiacen street crosses the
South Palouse river in said town. Said bridge
to be a. sixty-live foot span arid to have a
twenty foot roadway. Said bridge will re
fiuire 65 feet of approach.
The piers for said bridge to be of such
height as may be determined by the county
surveyor of said county, or by the member of
the board of county commissioners in whose
district said bridge will be located.
The flooring of said bri Uje shall be four
inches thick, and the main timbers of said
bridge shall project so sidewalks can be built
on each side of the roadway.
Each bidder shall specify the size and
strength of materials to be used and the act
ual strength of said bridge, and the price at
which said bridge will be built, which price
shall include the famishing of ali materials
necessary in the construction of said bridge
and the complete building of said bridge.
All bids shall be .sealed and marked "Hids
for building Pullman bridge," and shall be
addressed to and filed with the clerk ot the
board of county commissioners of Whitman
county, Washington, and not later than '1
o'clock and 45 minutes p. m., on Tueedav
April 3rd, 1900.
All bids will be opened at the hour of :;
o'clock p. m. on Tuesday, April 3, 1900.
The afonsaid hoard reserves the right to re
ject any and all bids.
In testimony whereof, I have hereunto set
my hand and affixed my official seal as clerk
of said board this L'L'l day of March, I'.HXJ
Auditor of Whitman county, Washington,
and ex-officio clerk of the board of county
commissioners of the aforesaid county.
Notice of Settlement of I-'inal Ac
In the superior court oi Whitman county ..state
of Washington.
In the matter of the estate of Btuannafa Bteen
Notice is hereby given thai W B. Bilkworth
administrator of the estate of Susannah Bteen
ised, baa rendered and presented for settle
ment and died in said court his tiiul account of
his administration of said estate, and that
unlay, the 7th day of April, 1900 at the hour of 1
o clock p. m. of said day at tin- court room ot
said court, in the city of Colfax, Whitman coun
ty, state of Washington, baa been duly appoint
ed by the said court for the settlement of said
account, at which Lime ami place any person
interested In said estate may appear and file hi*
exceptions in writing to said account and
tc-t the same.
Dated March 6th, 1900
W. W. RENFREW, County Clerk.
"in. A Imiian, attorney fo
Estray Notice.
Taken up by the underpinned, at the head
of Wawawai canyon, the following described
One flea-bitten gray mare, weight about
1100 pounds, age about '.) yearn, I.!.,tea brand
on right shoulder, looks like B,
One iron gnj, bald face.] colt, coming 2
years old.
Said animals came to my pl:ip«» about eigh
teen months ago, and will be Bold according to
law if not claimed.
Dated March 12, 190 ft
P. O. Pullman, Wash.
Estray Notice.
Taken up by the undersigned, residing 7
miles west of Pullman, on Wilbei Gulch, one
black and white Holstein steer, 2 years old,
weight about GOO pounds, blotch brand on left
hip. CTnleM claimed by "owner, and charges
paid, sail animal will be sold as provided by
Dated March 10, 1900.
P. O. Pullman, Wash. " ' LL *

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