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Nessly Nays Judge McDonald
Must Defend Himself.
Declares There Are Groundu For
Criminal Charges Against
His Dignify.
J. E. Neaslv has furnished his 82000 bond
imposed upon him by Judge MeDona.ld, for
appearance before Judge Thomas Brenta May
5 Judge Brents will preside over the jury
term opening April "JX Nesaly's bond is
Higned by H. W. Livingstone and J. D.
Ellin of Colfax.
On the charge of ]>erjury. for which Judge
Mcl )<>nal<i ordered him under $ir>oo additional,
no notice has been taken and no bond tiled.
This charge was made by the judge because
Net-sly, in his motion for a change of venue,
plainly charged McDonald, who sat as a
magistrate and heard his case, with four dif
ferent couiits of subornation of perjury ia at
ttmpting to pomade and force prisoners and
others to give evidence against Newly. No
complaint has ever been filed or warrant
imiort against Nessly on the charge of perjury,
•Judge McDonald, in his imperialistic way,
■imply ordered the sheriff to gobble him up
and hold him for bonds. The sheriff ia not in
that, kind of business.
In the Spokesman-Review, of which Xewsly
is correspondent, that gentleman says Mc-
Donald will be criminally prosecuted on the
chorges set forth in his affidavit for a change
of venue, which was published in full in The
(lazette last week.
'I he odor is rising from more than one popu
list skunk hole.
Some of the Schemes Which Have
Been Used to Get Him
Judge McDonald baa Ik en unpg all
bin varied accomplishments and the
powers of his high and honorable posi
tion to get the body of one William
Brooka before him. He confesses over
his own signature that he wants him
only an a witness airaiust J. E. Measly.
Three years ago Brooks pleaded guilty
to h grand larceny charge before Judge
McDonald. Thin subjected him to a
penitentiary sentence of not longer than
14 yearn, in the discretion of the court;
but the judge Haw (it to suspend the
sentence and its execution and Her the
youth at liberty.
Now. and for some time pant, the wise
man on the bench has wanted Ilrooks
for tine in the Needy cane, averting that
he wan an eye-witness to Nensly's alleged
misdeed. Bat the boy has refused to
cross over from Idaho to appear as a
witness for the judge, because he fears
the power behind a possible sentence.
Jlizzoner is extremely hostile toward
the sheriff because he has refused to
croHH the Idaho boundary and kidnap
the wanted witness into his jurisdiction,
and in saying sarcastic things about the
sheriffs office. Failing to hoodwink
Sheriff Canutt into the kidnaping game,
an application for a requisition for
llrooks was made to Governor Rogers.
Hut the governor seemed to be familiar
with the conduct of public affairs in
Whitman county since the great popu
list landslide in 18DU and refused a
requisition unless it was shown him that
Brooka was not wanted to serve a per
sonal end. This was nevir done.
Then a new lack wan taken. Ah the
Bheriff obstinately refused to be turned
into a kidnaper and the governor "'smelt
a mice," Judge McDonald hind his
friend 0. M. Sparks, conetableat Tekoa,
to decoy the boy over the Hue and bring
him into the august presence. For this
piece of work the judge promised to him
self pay Sparks.
Sparks got the boy over the state line
into Tekoa, but while waiting for a
train he took advantage of an oppor
tunity, gave the judge's hired ruau the
Blip and again took refuge in Idaho.
Thin would argue that there was little
free will connected with bis corning.
The refusal of Sheriff Canott to be
come a kidnaper incited the occupant of
the honorable superior bench to write
the following:
Offered to Pay Sparks.
Colfax, WttL, Feb. 17, WOO.-O. M.
Sparks, Tekoa, Wash.—Dear Sir: Some time
ago a bench warrant was issued for the arrest
Of William Brocks, who is a relative of
lluimii, near Tekoa. Brooks was charged
with grand larceny and was in jail when
Newly put the insane woman in the cell with
Leonard, and was, as I am informed, an eye
witness to the whole affair.
■'.Mathews and Nettly, knowing thin, per
suaded him to plead guilty and then Mathews
insisted that sentence be suspended, the ob
ject no doubt being to pet Brooks out of the
way as a witness. When I learned that
Brooks saw all this I vacated the order sus
pending sentence and ordered Brooks brought
before me for the purpose of setting aside this
judgment and using him as a witness. A
deputy sheriff went to Tekoa and Nettly went
on the same train and either went or sent
some one to Brooks ahead of the sheriff and
had him hide out. Now, I want you to get
Brooks and bring: him down, and I will pay
you for your trouble.
"The sheriff's ittice is too slow for me, and
I would as soon trust a pig with a hymn book
as the sheriff with a warrant. Every criminal
who tries to escape can do so as easily as a
wolf could from a band of sheep. You get
Brooks and bring him down to me. Yours
truly. William McDonald."
Such work as this is what this $3000
a year official has spent most of hie time
at for many months.
N.> More Routing Out for Trains at
3 in the Morning.
The Oregon Railway & Navigation
Company in preparing to shorten its
time from the const country to Chicago
la' s bourn. In doing so, there will be a
time card change which will bring the
morning train from Portland throoeh
Colfax about 6;45 or 7 in the morning
instead of 4, as now. The train to
Portland will al*o probably pass Colfax
about half an hour earlier than at pres
ent. The change in the early morning
train will be a great accommodation to
the people of Colfax, who at present
must arise at 3 o'clock in the mornincr
<o go up the line.
The New Train Service.
The news of this charge is given out
in an interview with the Spokane Chron
icle by H. If. Adams, the treneral agent
for the 0. R. ft N. at Spokane. Mr
Adams said:
"We will put on a new strvice on the
22d of April," said Mr. Adams. "The
id* a is to have a double service to the
east, whereas now we have only a single
service. Not only that, but we will
shorten the runninc time between here
and Chicago just 1")'^ hours. A person
then will be able to leave here at 8 o'clock
in the morning and get to Chicago at
precisely the same time as ii he had
started at 4:' M) the prevkras afternoon.
"To do this our traiiiH will have to
run much tauter an<l a number or the
ntnaller stops will be cut out. Then we
will have a daylight run from here to
Pendleton, with the best up-to-date
chair ears and every modern convenience.
"The time cards are not yet ipsued,but
the trains will run about aH follows: The
Chicago and Portland limited will leave
Portland at !) a. m ; now it ih leaving at
9p. m. The train from Spokane to con
nect with this will leave at 8 a. m., arriv
ing at l'endlcton at 4:-'iO p. m. Thin
same train now leaven at 4:."{0 p. m. and
arrives in l'endleton at ~>:2o. Oa ac
count of the daylight run we will take
off the sleepern and put on the modern
chair earn which I fcpoke of.
"The other train to the cant, the over
land limited, will leave Portland at 0 p.
m. Connections with this will be made
from Spokane by the afternoon train,
which leaven at 4 o'clock for Portland.
This train will connect at Umatilla.
"The service between here and Port
land will remain the fame with the ex
ception that the train will leave about a
half hour earlier and arrive in Portland
earlier. It will Htill make direct connec
tions with the Southern Pacific.
"The Chicago and Portland limited,
which will be the fant train, will arrive
in Spokane at 5 p. m. The train from
Portland will arrive at 10 a. m. instead
of 7;15, an it now does.
"The only transfer between here and
Chicago will be at Pendleton. Our time
will be -so nhortened that we will make
the trip in the name time that the Great
Northern and Northern Pacific now do,
three dayn. The through train from
Portland will be one of the bent modem
trainn. It will have the combination
smoker and library and every other con
venience which modern trains have."
Prosperous Eastern People Pouring
Into the Northwest.
The I'alouse country is securing a
large share of the immigrants now nock
ing westward from the middle west and
southern states. Over every line of
travel, and even on the old overland
routes used by the pioneers of 50 years
ago, new settlers are streaming to the
sunset slope. The majority of these are
seeking the great northwest as the land
of promise. As a rule, they come well
provided with worldly goods. Many
are bringing not only their money, but
their household goods, implements and
stock. Hundreds of curloads of such
needed possessions are rolling over the
steel highways across the continent.
The newcomers are generally the in
dustrious and well-to-do people who will
add greatest value to the citizenship of
this land of opportunity. Almost every
community is reporting the arrival of
these homeseekers, and the news they
bring is that their neighbors will follow.
They are from many states, and the
northwest is wide enough for all who
carry the self-reliance and pioneer in
stinct to care for themselves.
H. J. Imler and J. (J. Hare, with their
families, a carload of household goods,
farming implements, teams and five
head of shorthorn cattle, are the latest
arrivals at Coif ax. They are from Star
City, Indiana. They are well-to-do farm
ers, who still own their Indiana far^s.
They will farm in the I'alouse country
this year, then, if suited, will sell their
eastern homes and become permanent
residents of the Palouse.
Oliver Hall left Friday for Wyoming
to inspect arid lands.
M. A. Corner, a Garfield merchant,was
in towu Wednesday.
L. W. Carson of Garfield was a Satur
day visitor at Colfaz.
J. W. Cox, a (iartield grain buyer, was
a Colfaz visitor Tuesday.
Miss Scott Montgomery left Wednes
day for a week's visit at Spokane.
Dr. S. B. Nelson of Pullman, state
veterinarian, was in town Saturday.
Mrs. 11. P. James went to Walla
Walia Thursday to visit her daughter,
Miss Laura.
W. A. Innian left Sunday for Seattle
to attend the meeting of the A. U. I\ W.
grand lodge.
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Frew went to
Seattle Monday, Mr. Frew as a dele-ate
to the A. O. U. W. grand lodge.
John I). Eaton, former county com
missioner, and N. I?. Gilliaru, both of
Alki, were in town Saturday paying
Prof, and Mrs. W. J. Roberta of Pull
man spent Saturday and Sunday at
Colfax, as guests of Rev. and Mrs. 11. I.
John Lloyd, superintendent of the
Best Chance mine, left Sunday for the
Tend d'Oreille to begin spring' work on
the ledge.
Frank Boswell of Drain, Oregon, is at
Colfax to spend the summer and prob
ably to permanently locate. He in a
nephew of Dr. Cal. M. Boswell.
E. K. Hanna went to Walla Walla
Wednesday to represent Wm. Shirk in a
timber culture contest before the land
office, in the case of Staley va. Shirk.
Miss Josephine Chase came down from
Spokane Thursday, called here by the
illness of her sister, Miss Bessie Chase,
whose condition is considered critical.
Ben Johnson, who came up from Walla
Walla to attend the funeral of his nephew,
Harry Miller, who was killed last week
by a train,returned to that city Tuesday.
Aaron Kuhn and Mrs. H. Kaminski
returned Saturday from their California
trip. Mrs. Kuhn returned Monday, hav
ing stopped over at Portland to visit
her daughter Kena at St. Helen's hall.
Mrs. Julian Howard and daughter Iva
are expected home this week from I'r
bana, Ohio, where they have been for
more than a year. The family will re
side in the C. H. Erwin house in North
C. I. Roberts, brother of Deputy Prose
cuting Attorney Roberts, accompanied
that gentleman home on hie wedding
trip and will visit here several weeks and
possibly remain permanently. He is
from Klamath Falln, Oregon.
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Lusher were at
Colfax this week packing up their house
hold goods for removal to Warduer,
where their future home will be. Mrs.
Lusher had just returned from a lengthy
visit at Pendleton, Oregon. They left
Thursday for their new home.
Blooded Cattle Shipped In.
J. 11. Wicks and Henry Larkin shipped in
a carload of blooded cattle from Baker City
Oregon, this week. They were Herefurds and
shorthorns and were distributed among a num
ber of farmers, as follows: Mr. Wicks took
six Hereford*, Mr. Larkin eeven fchorthorns
J. L. btrevy two shorthorns, Champlin Bros,
two shorthorns and J. Stevig one shorthorn
None co nice, at twice the price—as the
Brunswick" cigar. Sold by all dealers.
Taxable Where Railroad Has
Sold To Individuals.
Opinions Ry Assistant Attorney
General Vance On Several
Disputed Points.
_ In reply to questions by Assessor Siler, As
sistant Attorney General Vance has rendered
an opinion that lieu lands are assessable where
the railroad company has Bold same to individ
uals, but where the company is unable to give
title because it has no title from the govern
ment. He says he believes the railroad com
pany will be estopped from denying this by
reason of the fact that their lieu land selec
tions have_ been app.oved and that they have
asserted title and dominion over the lands by
selling and conveying title, use and possession.
He also says a tax title acquired against lieu
lands nhould be as good as against other lands.
Wheat, the assistant attorney general says,
is assessable in the jurisdiction in which it
lies. Therefore, wheat stored in Idaho is as
sessable in Idaho and wheat stored in Wash
ington is assessable in Washington, no matter
where it may have been grown.
The following question was asked by the
assessor: "If a merchant of the county receives
a consignment of merchandise after March 1
of, say, §3,000, and adds it to his regular stock,
is this last invoice assessable in this assessment
Mr. Vance replies: "I do not think that the
revenue law contemplates that merchandise
bought by merchants after the first day of
April should be added to the tax rolls. The
provision of the revenue law permitting this
in certain cases I am inclined to believe ap
plies only to itinerant merchants and to mer
chants moving into a couuty after April 1 and
bringing a stock of goods with them, when
there ia reason to believe that the location is
not a permanent one, and that the merchant
and his merchandise will have left the county
before the beginning of the next tax year. If
the merchant remains in the county, he may
be credited with taxes paid."
The opinion is atao rendered that a dentist's,
surgeon's or physician's instruments and tools
should be considered as "tools of trade" and
subject to exemption within the limits fixed
by law; but the libraries of such persons are
not "tools of trade," and are not exempt.
A few of the held deputy assessors have
completed their work in the territories aligned
them and have reported to the assessor. These
are: J. W. Cox, Gaifield; W. K. Simpson,
Colton; F. M. Hooper, Johnson; Geo. H.
Ross, outside of Palouae, and Geo. W. Cisc,
Sr., R, >ck Lake. Mr. Case has been sent to
W. A. Wyer's territory outside of Kosaiia to
complete the assessment. Air. Wyer resigned
early in the season.
H. H. McCord, city clerk of Coifax, has
been assigned the duty of assessing the rail
road and warehouse property of the entire
Cod<Ts Drive Safely Boomed Satur-
day Morning.
(.'odd's drive of sawlogß was safely
landed in the boom above the mill Sat
urday morning at 10 o'clock. Because
of the lack of nnuw in the woods upon
which to haul, Mr. (odd succeeded in
potting but about 1,700,000 feet of his
proposed drive of 4,000,000 feet into
the water. Hut on the way down about
LBOO unsealed logs were picked up be
low Elberton which were left from last
year's drive. This brought the total
run for this year up to about 2,200,000
feet. With the large amount of lumbtr
already on the yards, the deniaud must
be heavy to bring on a lumber famine.
The force of river drivers numbered
21, in addition to boatmen and camp
keepers. The run was made in 28 days.
The stage of water was about a foot
and a half too low for easy work; yet
the time has seldom been beaten from
the source of supply to Cojfax. V. S.
Pelton was again foreman of the outfit.
Hotel Changed Hands,
Ihe Hotel Biunard and cafe has been pur
chased by C. L. MacKenzie and Fred Cole
man, who took possession on the 10th inst.,
under the firm name of MacKenzie & Cole
man. The house will be under the manage
ment of Mr. Coleman and will be known in
future as the Hotel Coleman. Both of the
new proprietors of the house are energetic
young men of rustling proclivities and will
certainly make a success of this handsome and
well appointed house. Mr. Coleman is well
known in hotel connection at Colfax and is
capable of making things pleasant to all
comers. It is proposed by the new manage
ment to greatly improve the service of this al
ready excellent house. Mr, Binnard retains
the bar.
Married at Portland.
The wedding of Eva Lebold Hamilton of
Four Mile, this county, to Gordon L. School
ing of Dawson, N. W. T., was solemnized at
Portland, Oregon, Monday, April 2. The
happy couple will leave in about a month for
Dawson, in the Klondike, their future home.
They will be accompanied to the far north
land by the bride's sister, Miss Nita Lebold.
The ladies left for Portland several weeks ago
to prepare for the wedding and their trip to
the gold fields. May good luck and prosperity
ho theirs.
Artistic Photography.
A. S. Corey, recently of St. Louis, an
artint of long experience, has located in
Colfaz and formed a partnership with C.
M. DuVall, the well known photograph
er. The new tirm promise the people o\
Whitman county a quality and variety
of photographic work not heretofore ob
tainable here.
Attention! Knights Loyal.
Colfax Company No. 10 will assemble
at Castle Hall at 10 o'clock Sunday,
April 15, to attend Congregational
church service in full uniform. Isy order
of R llph W. Roberts, captain command
ing company. Official: Geo. H. Lennox,
Wheat Hacks for Sale.
The best wheat rack offered to the
farmers of the Palouse country is made
by T. EL Palmer, Colfax. Call and ex
#r>OO Wanted.
Will give first mortgage on 238 acres
of improved land for loan of $500. Ap
ply to Geo. H. Lennox, Colfax.
Dr. Buck's Celery, Sr.rsapariila and
Dandelion Compound, for that lazy feel
ing. Purifies the blood; makes one feel
good. Sold only at The Elk Drug Store o
The Woman's Guild will have a sale
of useful articles and an exchange table,
at the Davis building, Wednesday after
noon next, at 2 o'clock.
Dr. King of the King Optical Co., Spo
kane, will be at Rose's jewelry store
May 11th and 12th. Have your eyes
examined o
Don't miss the "Eggletaire"—Satur
day afternoon and evening, at the Davis
building, by ladies of the Baptist church,.
Hazelwood ice cream in individual
moulds. Any form, all flavors. Mrs. L
E. Fuller, agent.
There was some frost Friday and Sat
urday nights, but no damage to fruit
| was done.
Alex Endsley shipped a car of hogs to
j Spokane Tuesday, for which he paid 5
cents a pound.
The Woman's Christian Temperance
Inion will meet at the home of Mrs. I).
A. Boardman, Tuesday afternoon, April
17, at 12:.'H). A cordial welcome given to
all who come.
Krwin I>. Eldredge of LaCrosse is an
applicant for a position as one of the
census enumerators for Whitman county.
He is a thoroughly competent man and
is strongly endorsed.
Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Roberts
went to Pullman Thursday to look after
a case of assault with a deadly weapon
charged against Constable J. F. Hill by
his brother-in-law, Frank Clark.
C. 11. Warner of Spokane and William
Goodyear of Colfax are among the list
of delegates named by Governor Rogers
to attend the trans-mississippi commer
cial congress, to be held at Houston,
Texas, April 17 to 21.
Will Grow Suf*ar Beets.
The cultivation of the sugar beet is
attracting the attention of land owners
of the I'alouse country within the radius
tributary to the sugar factory at
Waverly. Quite a number who did not
grow beets last year are preparing to do
so in at least ten-acre tracts this season.
Win. Scheave intends to plant I'M acres
on one of the Hurrell estate farms two
miles northeast of Gartield. This land
was summer fallowed last year and pre
pared especially for a beet crop. If the
new industry is a prosperous one this
year, the following seasons will pee a
great expansion iv the business and lead
to the erection of at least another sugar
factory at some point in the Palouse
country. Sugar growing and manufac
ture is destined to become one of the
great industries of the Palouee within a
very few years.
Wedded On the Sly.
K. W. Roberts, deputy prosecuting attor
ney, was married Sunday looming at the resi
dence of the bridb's parents at 442 East Sher
man street, Portland, Oregon, to Miss Ethel
G. Hattield. Rev. Rockwell of Centenary
Methodist church officiated. After a wedding
dinner and congratulations of friends, the
happy couple left the city for their home at
Colfax. They will reside in the W. A. Inman
residence in South Colfax. The wedding was
a great surprise to all but one or two of Mr.
Roberts' friends here, but congratulation* fell
in a shower when it became known.
Millions Given Away.
It is certainly gratifying to the public
to knovv of one concern which is not
afraid to be generous. The proprietors
of Dr. King's New Discovery for Con
sumption, Toughs and Colds, have
given away over ten million trial bot
tles and have the satisfaction of know
ing it has cured thousands of hopeless
cases. Asthma, Bronchitis, La Grippe
and all Throat, Chest and Lung diseases
are surely cured by it. Call at The Elk
drug store, F. J. Stone, proprietor, and
get a free trial bottle. Regular size 50c
|1.00. Every bottle guaranteed.
Acker's English Remedy will stop
a cough at any time, and will cure the
worst cold in twelve hours, or money re
funded. 25 cts. and 50 cts. The* Elk
Drug Store.
At Mulin Bros, box factory you can
get the best bee hive ever manufactured,
at a reasonable figure. Also a full line
of bee HupplieH o
Stone's Pain-Not Liniment is becom
ing the favorite household remedy. Cures
all pains. Sold only at The Elk Drug
Store o
Mrs. M. M. Donnelly, manager for the
Viavi remedies. Will mail a Health
Book on application
F. A. Blackstone sells Mason & Hatn
lin pianos and organs. The best is the
Mrs. W. M. Colvin, dresnmuking.
Prices reasonable.*
Hazelwood ice cream. Mrs. L. E.
Fuller, agent.
H. W. Goff writes reliable Inscrance.
.Sj Eureka Harness Oil is the best
Ig preservative of new leather
I Harness Oil I
1 on your f.p-<t harness, your old har- IB I
I ness, and your oarriaeo top, ami they JBBi
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loniter. Sold everywhere in cans—all PM*u
I eizes from hulf pints I" Hve gallons. |'|
Made b}- MAMlAlil) OIL 10. Jlf
Buy Your Groceries
A^. E. Fonts,
All goods first class. Highest prices paid
for farm produce.
Order to Show Cause.
In the superior court of Whitman county.state
of Washington.
In the matter of the estate of Joseph X. Buff
in gton, deceased.
Order to show cause why order of sale or
mortgage of real estate should not be made.
It appearing to the said court by the petition
this day presented and filed by Susie M. f'iekell,
formerly Susie M. Bullington, the administra
trix of the estate of Joseph X. Buffington, de
ceased, praying for an order to sell or mortgage
certain real estate; that it is necessary to sell or
mortgage the whole or some portion of the real
estate of said deceased, to pay the debts of said
deceased and the expenses of administration
ami there is not sufficient personal estate in the
hands of said administratrix for that purpose;
It is therefore ordered by the said court that all
persons interested in the estate of said de
ceased, appear before the said superior court on
the 14th day of May, 1900, at two o'clock p. m.,
of said day", at thecourt room of said superior
court, at Colfax, in said county and state, to
show cause why an order should not be granted
to the said administratrix to sell or mortgage
so much of the real estate of said deceased as
shall be necessary to \>ay such debts and ex
penses; and that a copy of this order be pub
lished at least four successive weeks in the
Colfax Gazette, a newspaper printed and
published in Whitman county, state of Wash
Done in open court, this 12th day of April,
William McDonald,
Judge of Baid Superior Court.
State of Washington, county of Whitman—ss.
I, W. W. Renfrew, clerk of the superior court
of Whitman county, state of Washington, do
hereby certify that the foregoing is a true, full
and correct copy of a order duly made and
entered upon the minutes of the said superior
Witness my hand and the seal of said superior
court hereto affixed, this 12th day of April, 1900.
[seal] \V. W. RENFREW, County Clerk.
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Pl>l?C!r<T>TT>rpTA\TCi and see if you can't savk mh*
LIV JLOljJCllr 11U1> k5 JSS pre'p'aS P~l """^
Next Door to Postoffice. Telephone, Main 1. C. F. STUART, Propr.
is essential in drugs and should be the
first consideration with the purchaser or
user. Poor drugs are worse than none.
My drugs are the best that money can
Drugs, Medicines, Chemicals, Perfumery,
Toilet Articles, Stationery,
Notions, Etc.

(Successors to Sid Lyle)
Carry a full line of
Cigars and Tobacco
and Fruits.
Temperance Drinks in Season
JJ low prices and fair dealing, we have
earned the title of
Purveyors to the
People of Colfax,
which we will hold and defend by the
same prompt and intelligent attention
to the wants of our patrons.
Bennett & Tarbet,
Family Grocers.
Pioneer Drug Store,
W. J. HAMILTON, Propr.
I Prescription Work a Specialty.
A complete stock of
Drugs, Medicine*, Cbemieab,
Soaps, Brushes, Perfumeries,
Paints, Oils, Glass,
Notions, Books, Stationery.
Telephone No. 37. Main Street, Colfax
Livery, Feed and Sale
Fine Turnouts of All Kinds
Beat attention given to transient stock.
Horses fed by the day or week.
Telephone Main 12.
Sells the Best
Pumps ami Windmills
in the Palouse Country.
See him before buying.
Express and Drayman
Will haul your freight or move your
goods and chattels

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