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Letters Kiill of Interesting News Notes
From Mirny Country Palate.
Plowing, harrowing, medlng, garden
planting and cleaning door yards in the
present pressing business of (hiy and
Mrs. 8. S. Roberts and John Hire have
M sister visiting them from Pendleton
Oregon. '
Carpenters arc building liert Rice's
house. Work was begun Tuesday.
I'rof. Baldwin in away, traveling in
the interests of the D. B. college at thin
The funeral of Miae Nichols, whose
death wan briefly recorded last week was
tbe largest by far, of any ever held in
thin place It was held in the I. H
church, Dr. Keooyer officiating. Tbe
remains were interred in Gay cemetery
The parents have our heartfelt Bvtn
Mrs. Mary Marlett and daughter, Mis*
Msie, <.f the Buffalo Hump country
visit, d relatives at thin place last week'
Coming Men of America reorganised a
lodge here last wick. Thin order in
rapidly gaining ground, with solid or
ganizations throughout the United
Easter services will be held in the C
B. church Sunday night, under the
auspices of the W. <:. t. D. A short
program will be rendered by Guy little
folks, followed by a utirrinji; lecture on
temperance issues by Dr. Kenoyer. Free
for everybody, and we hope you all will
J, T. Wdl l, -ice and Bona arc excavation
ground under their new Btore for h rock
cellar. K. M. Bachua & Sons will do
the masonry work.
Jerome Gninn in rapidly finishing bis
neat two-story cottage in College addi
t i<m.
John Stover is recovering from a ne
v- re illness, caused by an abscess on the
back of liis neck.
Masons are getting out rock for the
Foundation of John Huffman's new farm
Christian L. A. S. have issued some
unique invitations for a birthday party,
to lie given in Maecabee hall Saturday
night, April 14. A musical program
wili be givi r! and refreshments served.
An order of United Artisans was or
ganized here Wednesday night. This
makes seven orders that hold secret
m-smoij locally, weekly and semi-weekly.
Downs ft Loving sold Harry Dennis
18 acres of land in this place last week.
Mr. D intend-, to build a bouse thereon
soon and make this town his permanent
Members of the Christian church com
mittee wtn- in town Monday to see
about having their annual camp meet
ing in this place. It is hoped they will
locate the meeting lure. It will 'be in
session in June.
Mrs. Josie Downs has moved to her
farm home near Riverside, to personally
attend her poultry raising and her
apiary. Mr^. D. is mi rely proving what
a woman can do in these lines of busi
iir.-s and «c wish her abundant success
in the undertaking.
Carpenters are making out a bill of
lumber to build the Christian church, to
be erected here in the early summer. We
bear that eleven hundred dollars have
been Bubecribed for this building.
Sunshine and rain.
Fruit trees are in bloom.
Early gardens are all planted.
Farmers are busy seeding.
A large acreage is being sown.
The time o'the year has come when
the busy housewife gives everything a
general Rhaking up, and perfect cleanli
ness is observed in every part and process.
A Bock of wild geese winging their way
northward was noticed the forepart of
the week. The peculiar feature noted
was the large number in the Hock and
their flyiiur so low, nearly touching tree
tops as they passed over.
A good many fowls, more particularly
chickens, are dying at this place. No
cause has been ascertained as yet.
Mr. and Mrs. George Pickle visited in
Garfield last week.
The Carter family are on t!>e uck list.
Mumps has victimised them.
The infant son of Mr. and Mrs. J. S.
Beard in quite ill with whooping cough.
Rev. Smyth, of Garfield, held services
at Cult on school house recently.
A. C. Short was recently appointed to
fill the place of Deputy Assessor George
Koss, who resigned because of illne.-a in
hi* family.
Harry Barnes is recovering from tin
illness caused from heart trouble.
Charlie Corvell Ims rented his farm and
w ill move to Colfax.
Mrs. T. B. Hampton has received word
that her mother, who resides in lowa, is
dangerously ill.
Mrs. Mollie Claus Short was called to
(ivy last week because of the serious ill
ness of her sinter, Mrs. Genie A. Bachus.
The Clear Creek Sunday school held its
quarterly election March 25th. The fol
lowing officers were elected: Superintend
ent, Mollie Clans-Short; assistant super
intendent, Susie M. Pickle: secretary,
Nora Hampton; treasurer, Mrs. T.
Hampton; librarian, Beta Wilson.
1* EN AW AW A.
Garden Ram is up, and it won't be
long till it will be in abandonee.
Mr. and Mrs. C. 0. Cram wer^ down
Tuesday, trading at the store.
A. C. Smith and family of Uiparia were
visiting relatives one day last week.
K. L. Fincher, James I*. Harper, John
Majors, Fay Templeton and E. Fincher
have gone to Hock lake fishing.
F. U. Schmidt, lVnawawa's merchant,
has rmived a wind mill to place in his
Herbert Smith has purchased a flue
Jersey cow and calf of 11. Ackerman of
Alkali flat.
J. \V. Richards is repairing his stone
reservoir, which has sprung a leak in the
F. H. Schmidt has built a new barn.
Mr. and Mrs. E. Fincher and Mrs. N.
N. (ota of Penawawa visited relatives
at Wilcox Thursday afternoon.
A goodly number of people from this
vicinity attended the funeral services at
Oneeho of Mr. Miller, who was killed at
Lee Siding Thursday, March 29.
As Fmmett Horton was driving from
Hurt Gray's to N. E. Daggett's last
Sunday morning, his team became
frightened and ran away. After run
ning a short distance they disconnected
themselves from the buggy by breaking
the double trees nnd left Mr. Horton
andtbe young lady sitting in the buggy
in the middle of a field, unharmed
Horn, March 29, to Mr. and Mrs
lnoman Sanders, n won.
One of the severest wind and rain storms
that has Tiaited this section of the country for
a long time passed over here late Friday after
We wish to corre t th<- following mistake
which appeared in our last batch of news- In
stead of Mis* Annie Rudolph it should have
read Mihs Amie Rudolph. We thought best
to correct this name as the young lady might
object to having her tirst name changed with
out her consent. Speaking of the situation of
La Crowe it should have read: La Cmukj is
situated on a lovely Hat, instead of lonely Hat.
One letter oft times makes quite a chacpe in
T. B. Turner, after .several months' absence
at Walla Walla, where he has been under
medical treatment, returned to his old home
last Friday, much improved in health. We
are very glad to welcome Mr. Turner back, as
he is one of the old, highly respected pioneers
of this section of the country.
Mr. Carman, our jovial section foreman,
informs us that the Chinamen who have been
working on this division have been tranferred
on the Walla Walla-Wallula line and that
tlve Japanese will take their place here.
Xever mind, I'ampa c Jrrespoudent of th»-
Colfax Commoner. We can still send our
small regiment (?) of school children, which is
fast receiving new recruits, from three to six
miles to the Meeker, Willow Creek, Union
Flat and perhaps l'ampa schools for a while
longer as it is nice weather and good traveling;
but we have great confidence in our county
school superintendent and by the time the
roads are bad we will have a good school run
ning in full blast. 0
Five well-to-do families from Minnesota
will soon take up their residences within a
mile and a half of this place. They have pur
chased a section and a quarter of land east of
Oliver Cornwell of Walla Walla arrived
here on Friday's train, on his way to J'ampa
to look after his largo farm near there.
Mr. Billups, our agent, left on the
afternoon train Saturday for Colfax, but re
turned on Monday's train.
Miss Lena Shreck was in town Motidar.
The 0. Bowman homestead place at Meeker
Siding has been leased by J. M. Camp.
A tine orpan was received at this point for
Archie Mc<iregor.
Say! do you know who the export horse
shoe pitchers of this place are. No? I do.
They are Messrs. Shobe, Billups, Thorpe and
Carman, and they can out pitch any single
manor team that comes to town.
John Chandler and his mother are going to
have a new house. Mr. F. 11. Cary is to be
the architect and builder.
Do not forget the Easter concert, to be held
at the Pampa school house next I-'unday at ten
o'clock a. m., to be p\eu by the Pampa Sun
day school. Preaching immediately after.
Mr. Thorpe, our blacksmith and wagon
maker, is on the sick list, we are s >rry to
chronicle. He left Monday afternoou for
Colfax to consult a physician.
Mr. Carman is building his wile a poultry
La Crosse will in the near future have her
much needed and talked of county road.
Ernest Hooper of Palouse river was in town
transacting business Tuesday.
Mr. Wingett drove up from Pampa< in his
bu{,'gy Tuesday.
Crops are all planted in this end of the Pa
louse country. Fall sown wheat is the best
ever seen in this part of the country. A tre
mendous yield is looked for. The prospects
for a large fruit crop are also excellent. Grass
is extra good and all classes of stock are in the
pink of condition. The sheep men say they
are securing an extra large crop of lambs and
the best of lack in saving them. The Bheep
industry is in a mwt prosper, ua condition.
Newcomers are Keen in this vicinity every
few days locating homesteads and exhibiting
eood intentions toward making this their
_ Mrs. Allan Mercor is among the new ar
rivals. She has located a homestead and went
to Colfax Monday to n'le on the tract.
A family from lowa are camped here look
ing fora homestead to take up. There are
some homesteads here yet to be taken and
some good tracts of deeded land for Mile.
A. L. l>ird, O. R. & N. section foreman at
Hay, met with a painful accident a few days
ago. While en^a^ed in cutting a railroad rail
a piece of the metal Hew and struck him in
an eye. He went first to Colfax and then to
Portland for treatment. It is feared ho will
1 >se the eye. Johnny White of Colfax has
charge of the section during Mr. Bird's ab
W. A. Sparks is recovering from an attack
of la^rippe.
Chauncey Smith of Ponawawa passed
thr.nigh Hay Tuesday morning.
Mrs. P. A. Wilkie of Hay has changed her
name to Mrs. Chas. Rector. We all extend
to her our best wishes.
The new blacksmith shop will toou be in
operation here.
The proprietor of the p >^toftice store is add
ing to his stock of groceries and intends to
erect a new store budding booh and put in a
line of general merchandise. Ho is up early
and late, and there is no reason why he frhonld
not make a success.
Isie Horton of Diamond called Tuesday.
Mr. und Mrs. K. H. Vermilye of Culfax
passed through town Thursday. John Mor
gan aud wife visited in Colfax the tii>t of the
Mr. and Mrs. Docks Fry visited friends in
Coltax. Sunday.
W. P. Grover left Monday to engage in
carpenter w,«rk near Almota,
H. J. Ackerman will U-ave for Illinois in a
few days for a two month*" visit.
J. M. Luther came up from his homestead
near Hay and made a short visit, returning-
Mr. Fowler and Miss Wilkie of Hay made
a short call at this place, while on their way
to Colfax, the past week.
The squirrels are more numerous than was
expected in this vicinity, hut we look for no
great damage to crops by them.
The cold nights of the past week came as a
surprise. Two niyhts there was considerable
freezing, with heavy frosts; but no damage is
The Best in the World.
We believe Chamberlain's Cough Rem
edy is the best in the world. A few
weeks ago we suffered with a sever*?
cold and a troublesome cough, and hav
ing read their advertisements in our
own and other papers we purchased a
bottle to see if it would aff-:ct us. It
cured us before the bottle was more than
half need. It is the best medicine out
for colds and coughs—The Herald,
Andersonville, Ind. For sale by all
Miss Lillian E. Grodjineky, state man
nger for the Viavi Co., gave an iaterest
ing tnlk to a large and appreciative
audience of ladies last Thursday at the
Congregational church. Her subject
was, "The Higher Physical Life of Wo
man," and was rendered in an able and
pleasing manner.
Shaw's Pike Malt has a marvelous
dietetic value. While refreshing and
pleasant to take, it helps assimilation
of food. Sold by F. J. Stone, Xolfax,
If you would have the best liniment,
get Stone's Pain-Not. Good for colic,
i sprains, bruises and all sorts of pain.
I 50 cents only at The Eik Drug Store c
Cheapest and best photographs in
town at Donovan's studio, for 99c per
Pbe anniversary of the Lord's resur
rection will be observed as follows lit St.
Patrick's ebprcb: Communion mam at
•s a. m : hij^h inasn at 1»i:.'50. Ber.
Father J»e La Motte, rector of (ionzaga
college, Spokane, will officiate and de
liver the address of the day. The choir
wil! render "Bordeae'a Mass" in F.
Offertory, "Regina Coeli." A cordial
welcome will be extended to those who
desire to nttend.
At the Haptist church Pastor Collins
will preach next Sabbath at 11 a. in.
and 7:,'{o p. m. Morning theme, "The
Resurrection of Christ." Evening theme,
"Ihe First Resurrection." The Sabbath
school purposes to have Borne Bpecial
Faster services. The church will be
decorated and special attention is being
given to have appropriate music.
The Bubject for the Christian Science
lesson for April 8 is "Doctrine
of Atonement." (Jolden text: But now
in Christ Jesus ye who sometimes were
far off are made nitrh by the blood of
Christ. * * * Fur through him we
both have access by one spirit unto the
Father.—Eph. 2, 13, IS.
The Methodise Episcopal church, Fas
ter services: Preaching by the pastor on
"The Meaning of the Resurrection." Miss
(irace Carter will read a choice selection.
Children's missionary program will be
rendered at the evening hour, 7:30. A
cordial welcome to ail. Jno. Webster
Fleeher, pastor.
Knster will be celebrated at the Con
gregational church with special music
and sermons appropriate to the day.
The special offering will be devoted to
the Home Missionary Society. The
Uniform Rank Knights of Pythias will
attend the morning service in a body.
Lanrant, the Magician.
Hermann, the Great, in his palmiest
days need not have been ashamed of a
performance, such as was witnessed at
the opera house last night by a large
and delighted audience. Laurant lias
stamped himself in the minds of the pub
lic as being a magician of the first water.
His tricks are novel, and the way things
appear and disappear at Ms will would
almost lead one to suppose that he was
in league with the "old gentleman" him
self. Of the many startling and be
wildering feats and illusions performed
last evening perhaps the ring trick was
the most intricate and puzzling, al
though the Columbian illusion pleased
the eye and delighted everyone. If some
of the so-called magicians who are now
touring the country could see this won
derful performance, the public at large
would undoubtedly be the gainers.
Laurant is justly entitled to rank with
Hermann and Keller, who are perhaps
most prominently associated in the
minds of the theatre going public as first
in the realm of magic. The sale of seats
for tonight is large and Lnurant can
rest assured that should he ever return
to this city he will be greeted by the
many admirers of his marvelous work,
lie announces a chauge of program for
this evening. It is Pafe to say that the
house will again be crowded.
Declared Unconstitutional.
Olympia, April 7.—The judgment of
the superior court of King county was
affirmed by the supreme court today in
the ease of the City of Seattle, appellant,
vs. Sidney Smith et al, respondents. Re
spondents were charged with the viola
tion of an ordinance of the city of Se
attle which makes it unlawful for any
contractor or subcontractor upon any
public work of the city to require or
permit any day laborer to work more
than eight hours in any one calendar
day. The superior court sustained a
demurrer to the complaint, and the city
appealed. The supreme court decisiou
ie by the entire court, and the ordinance
is held to be unconstitutional.
Kemarkable Cure of Rheumatism.
Kk.nna, Jackson Co., W. Va.
About three years ago ray wife had an*
attack of rheumatism which confined her
to her bed for over a monthand rendered
her unable to walk a step without assis
tance, her limbs being swollen to double
their normal size. Mr. S. Maddox in
sisted on my using Chamberlain's Pain
Balm. I purchased a fifty-cent bottle
and used it according to the directions
and the next morning she walked to
breakfast without assistance in any
manner, and she has not had a similar
attack since.—A. B. Parsons. For sale
by all druggists.
The Whisky Withoul a Headache.
Win. Schlutiug, proprietor of the New
Castle, has just received direct from the
J. W. McCulloch distillery, Owensboro,
Ivy., a shipment of the celebrated Green
Hiver whisky, the whisky without a
headache. Selected for its purity and
superior quality by the government for
exclusive use in the U. 8, army and navy
hospitals. This goods is put up fnil
measure and is recommended for family
For Sale.
Fifteen or twenty head of high grade
Percheron horses, suitable for heavy
work. Call on or address James Wood
ley, Coifax,
Call on H. W. Goff for Insurance.
There is more disability and
helplessness from
than any other muscular ail
ment, but
St. Jacobs Oil
has found it the easiest and
promptest to cure of any form
Best School Bond Sale.
The best sale of school district bonds
ever made in Whitman county waseffecf
ed by Count? Treasurer Windus and the
directors of Flberton school district at
the office of the treasurer last Saturday
Ihe bonds were (how of Fiberton school
district No. LOS, for $1500, for the pur
pose of erecting an addition to the
school building. They were taken by W.
b. .ell of Spokane, whose bid was "par
with*, percent interest and a premium
ot >->4, which is equivalent to :.', per
cent interest and $11 premium. The
•w l?"; miun» heretofore obtained was
?«• I his shows the bettered financial
condition of Whitman count; Behool
districts as no stump speech ever could
I he next best bid was made by Sheldon
ft Lacey of Colfax. who offered par 6
cent interest and $45 premium.
At the Opera House.
(>ae of the best concert entertainment* ever
gven m Colfax is promised l.y the Louise
I un 7, Gran<3 ()l>era Concert Company,
which Manager Lennox has secured for cue
performance Wednesday evening, April 25.
->™ Ll9t.' nox has ftuarauteed this compaty
S>~UU, and baa so far about 190 tickets sub
scribed for at SI each. The first half of the
program will be high grade concert work, and
the last half will bo the second act of the
grand opera of "Martha." The opera will be
beautifully costumed, and Miss Brehany wiil
assume the character of 'Lady Harriet"
(Martha). Mr. Lennox has listed the town,
but has not seen all. Those who wish to sub
scribe can do so by calling up Hamilton's
drug store, or Mr. Lennox, whose phone num
ber is Main 59. Subscribers will have first
choice of seats.
C. E. Flowers of Colton recently sold a
carload of horses at Seattle.
Spreads Like Wildfire.
When things are "the best" they
become "the best selling." Abraham
Hare, a leading druggist of Belleville,
(>., writes: "Electric Hitters are the best
selling bitters 1 have handled in 20
years. You know why? Most diseases
begins in disorders of stomach, liver,
kidneys, bowels, blood and nerves!
Electric Bitters tones up the stomach,
regulates liver, kidneys and bowels, puri
fies blood, strengthens the nerves, hence
cures multitudes of maladies. It builds
up the entire system. Tuts new life and
vigor into any weak, sickly, run-down
man or woman." Price 50 cents. Sold
by The Elk drug store, J. p. Stone,
Unequaleil Service
between Portland and Chicago on the "Port
land-rhicago ( Special." Sunday, April 22, the
O. K. & N. will put on a new fast train be
tween Portland and Chicago, via Huutinirton.
Leaving Spokane at 8:10 a. ni., giving connec
tions from branch lines, will arrive at Pendle
ton in time to make direct connection for all
points east. The schedule has been arranged
so as to reach Chicago in 3 clays, or 12 hours
in advance^ of schedule heretofore in effect.
The "Special" will carry Bret-class and tourist
sleepers, together with a composite car that is
supplied with all the latest Dublicati >na,
library, barber shop, etc. The train leaving
Spokane at 3:10 p. in. will connect at I'ma
tilla as heretofore with through sleeper to
Chicago and Kansas City. Consult the near
est ticket agent for detailed information. W.
H. Hurlburt, General Passenger Agent.
It's a doctor's business to study
health. Doctors confidently recommend
Barper Whiskey. Sold by \V. J. Ham
ilton, Colfax o
Hazelwood ice cream—the synonym
for the choicest quality. Mrs! L. E.
Fuller, agent*
Karl's Clover Root Tea I
Beautifies the Complexion, Purities the 1
Blood, gives a Fresh, Clear Skin. Cures Co- I
stipation, Indigestion, nml all Eruptions of 1
JJjo Skin. An agreeable Laxative Nerve I
lonic. Sold on absolute guarantee by all I
druggists at 25c, 50c. and $1.00.
S. C. WELLS &. CO., LEROY, N. Y. I
For sale by the Elk Drug store, F.J.Stoue, I'ropr
Notice of Settlement of Final Ac
In the superior court of Whitman county,
state of Washington.
In the mutter of the estate of John Trewick,
Jr.. deceased.
Notice is hereby given that Thomns M.
Trewick, administrator de bonis non of the
estate of John Trewick, Jr., deceased, has
rendered and presented for settlement and tiled
in said court his iiual account of his adminis
tration of said estate, and that Friday, the 4th
day of May, 1900, at the hour of 10 o'clock a. m.,
of said day, at the court room of said court, in
the city of Coifax, Whitman county, state of
Washington, has been duly appointed by the
said court for the settlement of said account, at
which time and place any person interested in
said estate may appear and file his exceptions
in writing to said account and contest the same.
Dated, 11th day of April, 1900.
W. \V. RENFREW, County Clerk.
By Ed. Kknnkj., Deputy.
J. X. Pickrell, attorney for estate.
Notice to Creditors.
In the superior court of the state of Washing
ton, in and for Whitman county.
In the matter of the estate of John 11. Carper,
Notice is hereby given to all whom it may
concern that the undersigned has been appoint
ed executor of the last will and testament of
John 11. Carper, deceased. All persons having
claims against said estate are hereby notified to
present them within one year from' the (late of
publication of this notice, accompanied with
proper vouchers, to me at Farmingtou. Wash
Executor of the last will and testament of
John 11. Carper, deceased.
Hated March 29th, 1900.
First publication April 6, 1900
>. J. Chad wick, attorney for estate.
Notice for Publication
George Askins
Land Office at Walla Walla, Wash., March 7th,
1900.—Notice is hereby given that the following
named settler has filud notice of hia intention
to make final proof in support of his claim, and
that said proof will be made before Wm. A. In
man, U. B. commissioner, at Colfax, Wash., on
Friday, April 20, 1900, viz: George Askins. who
made homestead entry No, 5752, for the NE- 4 of
Sec. 27, Tp. 16 N., R. 41 E. W. M. He names the
following witnesses to prove his continuons res
idence upon and cultivation of said land, viz:
George W. Gates, William Parvin, James Parvin
and Alexander H. Lynch, all of Colfax, Wash.
JOHN M. HILL, .Register.
Wild Wiih Eczema
Fire Could Not Havo Been More
11 After spending two years in tak
ing all kinds of medicines that were
suggested for eczema, but without
avail, my mother was induced to take
11 rs Sarsaparilla. The result was
wonderfully gratifying. Her limbs
had been terribly lacerated l>y the dis
ease, and there were times when fire
could not have been more painful.
She was, in fact, almost wild. Two
bottles of Hood's Sarsaparilla com
pletely cured her, and not a trace of
eczema was left." E. \V\ Deckxb.
Gardiner, N. Y.
Eat Well, Sleep Well.
" Hood's Sarsaparilla has been a
great blessing to me. I was weak,
irritable, tired and nervous; had no
appetite and was always sad and des
pondent. One day 1 got hold of a
little book about Hood's Sarsaparilla.
I looked it over and resolved to try a
buttle. I was better before it was
gone, co I kept on until I had taken
live bottles. [ can now t-leep well,
feel cheerful and can do all my work,
including plain sewing, and I can
walk two or three miles a day. lam
55 years old and now feel that life is
worth living.'' Mrs. Emma Smith,
68 E. Mitchell St., Oswego, X. V
Critical Period of Life.
" I took Hood's Sarsaparilla daring
the critical period ol my life, and now,
at the age of GO years, I am strong
and healthy. It is a great medicine
for the blood. 1 find Hood's to be the
best.'' Mrs. H. Pomkot, 22 Lansing
Street, Auburn, X. Y.
You can buy Hood's Sarsaparilla of
any druggist. Be sure to ask for Hood'a
and do not accept any substitute.
Bounty I'or Coyote Scalps.
In accordance with an order ot the board of
county commissioners of Whitman county,
Washington, notice is hereby given that said
county will pay a bounty of :M for each and
every scalp of coyotes that arc killed within the
boundary of said county since the 6th day of
December, 1898.
Any person securing coyote scalps and desir
ing to receive the bounty for the same Will de
liver said scalps to the county auditor of said
county at his office in the court house in Colfax,
Washington, the county seat Of said county, and
thereupon make affidavit that the coyotes from
winch said scalps were taken, were killed with
in the boundaries of said county and were killed
since the 6th day <>f December, 1898. The affi
davit so made will be presented to the board of
county commissioners at the following meeting
of said board, or at the present meeting of said
board, if it be then in session, and the claim for
said bounty, if the same be found by said board
to be correct ami just, will be allowed ami paid
by warrant in the same manner as other chains
against the county are paid.
All persons presenting scalps to the county
auditor will please take notice, that the law pro
vides that no bounty shall be paid on any sculp
unless both ears are attached to the scalp and
are presented in that manner with the scalp
when the same is delivered to the county
In testimony whereof I hnve hereunto set my
hand and affixed my official seal as clerk of said
board this Ist day of July, IMW.
Auditor of Whitman County, Washington, and
Clerk of the Hoard of County Commissioners
of said county.
Notice lor Publication.
Tate E. Broyles.
Land Office at Walla Walla. Wash., March
21st, 1900.—Notice is hereby given that the fol
lowing named settler has filed notice of hia
intention to make final proof in support of his
claim and that said proof will be made before
VVm. A. Inman, I. 8. Commissioner, at rolfux
Wash,on Saturday, May sth, I'.kju, viz: Tate K.
Broyles, who made homestead entry No 5525
for*the NEJ , of s<c 32, T. 15 N, R. 41 E. \V. M.
He names the following witnesses to prove his
continuous residence upon and cultivation of
Bald land, viz: John R Lee and John Milroy,
of Penawawa, Wash-; otto JSrink, of Dusty-
Wash.; James Atkins, of t olfaz, Wash
JOHN M. hill. Register
Notice for Publication.
Robert B. Ewing.
Land Office at Spokane Falls, Wash., April
9, 1900. -Notice Is hereby given that the fol
lowing-named settler has filed notice of his in
tention to make final proof in support r.f his
claim, and that said proof will lie made be
fore Wm. A. Ininnn, V. s. commissioner for
district of Washington, at Colfax, Washington
on June 11, l'.KiU, viz: Robert B. Ewing, who
made Hd. entry No 9783, for the c 2 se 1 and
sl^, lie 1,. Sec. 25, Tp. 17 N, R. UK.W. M. He
names the following witnesses to prove his con
tinuous resilience upon, and cultivation of
said land, viz: Henry s. Hunt and Robert I
Evans of Elberton, Wash., Francis H. Brown
and Henry C. Hunt, of Colfax, Wash
WILLIAM 11. LDDDKN, Register
Notice of First Meeting of Creditors
In the district court of the I'nited
States, southern division, district of
In the matter of If. T. Jackson, bank
In bankruptcy.
To the creditors of M. T. Jackson, of
Garfleld, in the county of Whitman, and
district aforesaid, a bankrupt: Notice
is hereby given, that on the Oth day of
April, A. 1). 1900, the said M. T. Jack
son was duly adjudicated bankrupt; and
that the first meeting of his creditors
will be held at the office of the under
signed referee, in Colfax,on the .'lOtb day
of April, A. 1). 1900, at 11 o'clock in the
forenoon, at which time the said creditors
may attend, prove their claims, appoint
a trustee, examine the bankrupt, and
transact such other business as may
properly come before said meeting.
Referee in Bankruptcy.
Coifax, April 6th, 1000.
Notice of First Meeting of Creditors
In the district court of the United
States, southern division, district of
In the matter of R. J. Park, bankrupt.
In bankruptcy.
To the creditors of K. J. Park, of
Winona, in the county of Whitman, and
district aforesaid, a bankrupt: Notice in
hereby given, that on the Gth day of
April, A. D. 1900, the said R. J. Park
was duly adjudicated bankrupt; and that
the first meeting of his creditors will be
held at the office of the undersigned ref
eree, in Colfax, on the 27th day of April,
A. D. 1900, at two o'clock in the after
noon, at which time the said creditors
may attend, prove their claims, appoint
a Trustee, examine the bankrupt, and
transact such other business as may
properly come before said meeting.
Referee in Bankruptcy.
Colfax, April Gth, 1900.
$10 Reward
for the return to me of one bay horse, weight
about 1250 pounds, white striu in face, one
hind foot white, branded HK connected, on
left shoulder, which strayed from my place, 8
miles west of Pullman, April Ist. When last
sepn was headed down Snake river. Will pay
?5 for information leading to recovery.
P. O. Pullman, Wash.
Ilankriipt k Petition f..r l>i H < har K f
. '", llil' ■ irt ol the i nitcd Ktatca few
the tllstrii t ol Washington, noutln m dlvUioD
.'"!"' 1'""! l eS.John*on,.bankrupl
To the Honorable CornellnaH. Hanrord.Ju.h™
of the district c«)tirt of tl . states, It
■ li-trict oi Washington.
'ri'l%, •"!• ■'• I •■ m Pullman, In th
couuty of Wliifiiiim an. „„ ln
■aid diNtrit-i, respectfully represents that on the
lUndayol hect-inber, A. 1) lXi», lust „ H vt („.
*«dulj ■ : bauknipt linger the acts ol
i';!f'" s [ el? Ull§ '" bankruptcy; that be >.hn
dnlj surrendered all hix proi>ertj and rluht* „f
property, and ba« fully complied with all the
- ■■•in-lit-of >aM acu and ol the orders oi
tne en.in touching his bankruptcy
When [ore he prays thai he may be decreed bf
'■•''".V 1 !" have a full diwhar K e from all debta
provable againsl his estate under said bankrupt
";;•■•■ Rhdebta as are excepted by la«
trom such discharge
Dated this 10th day of Man b A D 1900
GEORQK 8. JOHNSON, ItHiiknij.t
ORDEB OF NOTICE 111 Ki:i:< >N.
Dnited■ states Court, District of Washington
southern division la
. Onthia i".tii .lay ol March. A D 1900 on read
the/ongoing petition, i. is ord.red by the
court thai a hearing be had upon the im
..n i:.o i.-'i' '»'i;- ol Vpril \. D I uu. before II \\
.uiiu.l,l referee, at Coifai, in Raid dhuritt ai
1 o'clock m the afternoon; and that notice
tlurt<" '"• !"■ In rhe I nlfax Ca/ette
a newspapei printed tn »aid district, and that
all known creditors and other persona in inter
<s! mft>'appeal al the said tli le and place anil
•now cause if an) they have, why thepwtto
Baid petition! r should not be«raiited
And it la further ordered by the court that
the clerk shall semi by mail to all known
'■"■;' 1"ir7"l-^.>f sai.l |»etiti tnithtaonler
Witncas the Honorable c. 11. Banford. Jndn
of the^said court, and the seal thereof, at
„ By 11. B. >l KONU Deputy
Enter: c. n. lIASFORIi. Judge.
i,SI "1 I. >. J>is!iict Court).
Order to Show Cause.
In the superior court of Whitman count!
stale ol \\ oshington
„,':',:i;:;,' :i:il'' : "; ' ■ ol Mvin EL Crow,
Order to show cause why order of i
mortgage of real estate should not be made
it appearing to the said court, by the petition
hisday presented and filed by' Clara ifcrow
the administratrix of the date of Alvin i;'
u row, deceased, praying for an order to *ell or
mortgage certain real .state; that it to necessary
tosel or mortgage certain real estate in said
petition described of the real estate of wid de
ceased to pay ,!„■ indebtedness against said
estate; it is therefore ordered by the said cour
that all persona Interested in the estate of said
deceased, appear before the said superior court
on the •-Hstaay of April, 1900, at 10 o'clock a m
of xiidday at the co,:rt room of said superior'
court, ai i olfax, In said co mty and state to
show cause w by an order should not be granted
to the said administratrix to sell or mortgage so
nueii ol the real estate ol said deceased as shall
be necessary to pay such indebtedness; and
that a copy of this order be published at least
four successive weeks in the Uolfax Gazette ii
newspaper printed and published lv Whitman
county, state ol Washington
ig Done in open conn, tins 21d day of March,
Judge of said Superior Court
Btateof Washington, county of Whitman ■
f «ri ■• ' Kenfrew i r]vrk <>f the superior court
of Whitman county, state of Washington do
hereby certify that the foregoing is a true, full
and correct copy of an order duly made and
entered upon the minutes oi the .-aid superior
Witness my band and the seal of said superior
court hereto affixed this 21st day of March 1900
[Seal W.W. RENFREW, County Clerk. '
By Ed. Kennel, Deputy.
Wm. A. Inman, attorney for petitioner.
Notice to Creditors.
In the superior court of the state of Washing
ton, m jui.l for Whitman county
In the matter ol Uie estate of Jared K. Hoghey
and Mary Hughey, decea
Notice la hereby given by the undersigned.
executor of the last will and testament of Jareil
K. Hughey, deceased, and administrator of the
estate of Mary Hughey, deceased, to the cred
itors of ana ail persons baring claims against
the said deceased persons, t<> exhibit them with
the necessary vouchers within one year after
the Brst publication of this notice, to \\ it within
one year after the 16th day of March, 1900, to the
said executor and administrator,al the law office
of Urn. J. Bryant, in Colfax, Whitman county
Washington, the same being the place for the
transaction of tin- business of saidi Mates
Dated, March 15th, 1900.
Jixecutor Of .the last will and testament of
.bind k. Hughey, deceased, and administrator
oi the estate of Mary Hughey, deceased.
J'iist publication March 16th, 1900.
Notice of Sett lenient of Final Air-
In the superior c,) Ur t „f Whitman county
Mate oi Washington.
In the matter of the estate of Jolm Tren ick
-•■■l. '
Notice Is hereby given that Thomas Hatbew
I rewick, executorol the estate i f John Trewlck
'leased, has rendered and presented for settle
ment and tiled in said court his final accounto(
his administration of said estate, and that Fri
day, the 27th day of April, 1900, at the hour of
1" o dock it. m.. of said day, at the court .
ot (said court, in the city of Colfax, Whitman
county, state of Washington, has bee,, duly ap
pointed by the said court for the settlement of
said account, at which time and place any per
son interested in said estate may appear and
file his exceptions m writing to said account
and contest the same
Dated April 2d, 1900.
W. w. RENFREW, Counts Cierk.
J. v Pickrell, attorney for estate.
Contest Notice
Headlee vs. Muir.
Department of the Interior, United -tates
Land Office, Walla Walla, Wash., March i:
1900.—A sufficient contest affidavit haying been
filed in this office by William C. Headlee
testant. against John Muir and his heirs entry
No. 3396, made April 25, 1889, for North Kast !,'
Bection 18, Township la N , EUnge 10 E. W. ML
by John Muir, contestee, 1h which it is alleged
that: Jolm Muir norhii heirs have cultivated to
crop or Otherwise any part of said tract during
the second, third or fourth year after making
said entry, or at all: that said John Muir and
his heirs have failed to plant ten acres of mud
tract to tr.-. g, g, eda or cuttings daring the third
and fourth years alter making said entry, or at
all; that said John Muir and his heirs have.
abandoned said tract since the year 1800 and up
to tiie present time; said parties* are hereby noti
fied to appear, respond and ofler evidence touch
ing said allegation at 10 o clock a. in. on May „,
1900, before Wrn. A. Inman, r..~. Commissioner,
at uolfax. Wash., and that final hearing will be
held at 10 o'clock a. m. on May 12, 1900, before
the Register and Receiver at the United States
Land Otliee in Walla Walla, Washington. The
.said contestant having, in a proper affidavit,
filed March 19th, 1900, set forth facts which show
that after due diligence, personal service of this
notice can not be made, it i- hereby ordered and
directed that such notice be given by due ami
pr >]>er publication.
JOHN M. HILL, Ilegi.-tcr.
Public Land Sale.—lsolated Tract.
Notice Is hereby giren that in pursuance of
instructions from the commissioner of the gen
eral land office, under authority vested in him
by section 2105, United .Stales Revised Statutes,
a- amended by the act of congress approved
February 26th, 1896, we will proceed to offer at
public sale on the 14th day of April, 1900, at the
hour of 10 o'clock, at thi , the folloi
tract of laud, to-wit: the sw 1. nu-',. and nu ' .
nr] „ Bee. li. T. v, N., k. v k. W.m,
Any and all persons claiming adversely the
above-described lands are advised to file their
claims in this office on or before the day above
designated for the commencement of said sale,
otherwise their rights h ill be forfeit* d.
Done at the United State* land office at Walla
Walla, Washington, this 27th day of Fubruarv,
JOHN M. HILL. Register,
Notice for Publication.
George V. Hume.
Land Office at Spokane F»tl!s. Wash., March
7th, 1900.—Notice is hereby given that the fol
lowing named settler has filed notice of his in
tention to make final proof in rapport of his
claim, and that said proof will be made before
Win. A. Inman, U. B. commissioner for the dis
trictof Washington, at Colfax, Washington, on
April 21st, 1900, viz: George V. Hume, who made
homestead entry No. 11778.f0r the \\ % NE 1. Sec.
27, Tp. 17 N , It 41 K. W. M. He names the fol
lowing witnesses to prove his continuous resi
lience npon.and cultivation of,said land, viz:
William 11. Hill and George A. Draper, of Elber
ton, Wash.; Samuel H. Dole and Doctor Frank
lin Hunt, of Colfax.
WILLIAM 11. LCDDE.V, Register.

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