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Letters Full of Interesting News Notes
From Many Country Points.
Mrs. Jennie Thompson has gone east
on a visit to her father and other rela
Nearly |40 were taken in at the Mac
cabee ice cream and strawberry festival
Saturday night.
Mta Ollie Downs of Pullman will sing
two sojos at the entertainment here Fri
day night. This alone will be worth
price of admission.
Mr*. Alice Keith has a peony Btalk
which has borne at one time this spring
over sixty full grows blooms.
Cutworms are getting in their work
in good Bhape on the cabbage plants.
Ortha Downs was elected delegate for
the coming U. 15. conference at the
quarterly meeting Sunday, with Mrs.
Sarah Marquis alternate. Conference
will be held at Dayton this year, begin
ning June 20.
W. C. T. D. will meet at the church
thin coming Friday, at 3 p. m. Business
and general matters are to be discussed.
0. J. Loving is having his boose new
ly painted.
College students are full of business,
preparing for commencement exercises'
which will occur .June 15.
Stone masons are building a rock
cellar and pantry for Mrs. 1). A. Downs
this week.
Weather continues cold and stormy,
yet vegetation pushes ahead with usual
Mrs. Mina Thompson is having the in
terior of her pretty home very much im
proved with paper, paint and uewlv
arranged rooms.
Prof. Baldwin is liomenow to stay till
college closes for this season.
Lester Bryan left this place on Sun
day evening's train for Antelope, Oregon.
Lew Morrison and family are here
from their reservation home, on v visit
to relatives.
Mrs. Alice Keith iuveeted $12 in stock
two years ago. Last week she Bold five
h.ad of stock for $122 and has nine
more tine animals; all direct proceeds of
the $12 invested. This is another illus
tration of what a woman can do.
-I. 11.I 1. K'nney of Sprague wan in town
last week on business.
Victor Wilson and Claude Harper
have been to Spokane selling horses.
Mr. and Mrs. Paschal Jennings have
gone to visit relatives at Colfax.
Mr. B. R. Oatrander of Spokane was
in our vicinity last week looking after
his funning interests.
Miss Edna Rice of Pomeroy, who has
been visiting relatives near here returned
to her home Friday.
Miss Elsie Conaway and Miss Bertha
(low made a trip to Thornton this week.
Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Kreps of Riparia
have been visiting their daughter, Mrs.
Ada Sbawgo of this place.
The Saints dosed their meetings last
week. Rev. Peterman conducted the
Miss Grace Henderson hns returned
home to spend vacation. She has been
teaching in the Oakesdale school.
Quite a number of the citizens of this
place attended the baptizing at Rock
creek last Sunday. Eight persons were
immersed by the bishop of the V. B.
St.* .John is still booming. The
Christian Science people have begun
work on their hall. The front part will
be used for services, while the rear will
be lifted for the occupancy of Mr. and
Mrs. Marshall of Spokane.
A very successful term of school closed
here last Friday. In the evening the
scholars rendered an excellent program
to an appreciative audience. An ad
mission of 10 cents was charged. The
proceeds of the entertainment will be
used for the school library.
The last rain has caused vegetation
to grow with great rapidity.
For some reason the cherries of thin
vicinity are falling from the trees, and
there will not be aw large a crop as was
Protect the birds and you will not
have to spray your orchard*; for it is
said, ';ti stitch in time saves nine."
Miss L. Lenenberger's Bchool closes
Jane 1. There is a tine program in
preparation for the last day exercises.
The Kaniiac housewives have been re
ceiving calls from a book agent, who is
canvassing for the life of D. L. Moody.
Grandmother Robinson is visiting her
daughter this week.
Ira Trimble spent part of last week on
Rebel Hat.
E. E. Brannonand Miss Vina Slonaker
wore married the 19th, and spent a few
days of their honeymoon with Kamiae
Cass Crow gave a dinner to the many
ftienda of Grandfather McQueen', to cele
brate his B<>th birthday, on the 17th.
Hey. R. H. Parker of Palouse, lectured
on the benefits of life insurance. He will
be lure next Tuesday evening and de
liver his regular lecture.
The Gnptill boys are plowing 6ummer
Fallow for their brother Arnold, who lives
on Deep creek.
The liieeea (ioldie Roberts ami Amy
Whetael, of Guy, were visiting tha Misses
Vera and Laura Pearson the fore part
of last week.
Met MeArthor, a former resident of
this community, l>ut vow living on
Camaa prairie, Idaho, visited with hie
family, at the home of hi* father-in law.
<i. (lark, a few day 8 lant week.
Bishop Barclay of the V. B. church
delivered two very aided if courses at the
lit. Olivet church, Sunday, May -0.
11. L. Ruruham of Guy, stopped in thin
neighborhood last week on hie way to
Medical Lake. He was going to visit
his brother.
The fishermen who departed last wetk
with visions of bushels of carp and
wagon loads of suckers floating before
their minds eye, have returned and re
port that they had to be satisfied with
the visions, as the real articles were very
John Lynch and wife, from near Ken
drick, Idaho, are visiting bin brother*,
Aleck and Mike, this weefc.
H. W. Gpff and EL F. Smith of Colfax
were looking over tbie country last
Uurkley & Conway have moved their
grading outtit back to Hay and will
begin filling in trestles on the 0. It. & N.
railway during the week.
Crops continue to look well and a
miiiSiS^^B^ corn r)roduct
oatJff'ba 8 bu; the oato ppodQCt ' 3»-
I 8!?) c .rtate f ! iop 10* flared the
m thiß "^e at about
n l^ffJ iDKtO? in 1897 hftd 14 'r>-r, acres
planted id potatoes, the yield beine 162
bu per acre the largest iv the United
Mutes, or 2,354,670 bu. in all.
Washington in 1897 had 292 O'>~>
acres in hay, averaging 2.2.", tons' mr
aere ' |° d aggregating 657,050 tons,
worth f9 per ton, or $5,913,504.
Receipts in the office of the state com
missioner of public lands from Nov 1
1898, to Nov. 1, 1899, from all sources!
including f184,096.92 from wile and
lease of tide lands, were f 486,233 49.
Edward Gay, aged 20, was cut by a
naw in Kerry's mill at Seattle, last week.
and dud in an hour. lie joined the
Woodmen of the World the night before,
and by his death $2000 goes to the
parents from that order.
In 181),'} 11,301 lbs <if cheese were sent
from Puget Sound to foreign ports- in
1898, 12,623 lbs. In 1893 0,116 lbs. of
butter were sent, and in 1898 93,740
lbs. The value of both butter and cheese
exports in ISO, 1} was |2841, in 1898
George W. Subbard, the hop buyer,
left North Yakima Wednesday for Cali
fornia. While in Yakima be made con
tracts for about GOO bales of 1900 hopp,
at prices ranging from <J to 10 cents,
most of the contracts being made at
the latter figure.
The largest single cargo of flour ever
sent abroad from the Pacific northwest
and with possibly one exception the
greatest ever exported from the United
States, wan that of the steamship Good
win, which cleared from Tacoma on May
3. The Goodwin took 58,845 barrels of
Washington Hour, valued at $167,634.
At Tacoma last Friday Frank Reed, a
logger, ehot and killed his wife
and then shot himself. Reed is prob
ably fatally wounded. Mrs. Reed wan
lyiug on the bed in a friend's room at
the Cleveland bonne, and sent for her
husband, complaining that she was Bick.
Reed came into the room, and after a
few words of pleasant conversation,
whipped out a revolver and shot his
wife and then tried to kill himself. The
couple have been frequently arrested for
E. B. Morrison shot and killed his
brother, M. B. Morrison, at their home
nrar Edmonds a few days ago. The
trouble giew out of a tame of cards.
M. li. used some bad language to his
brother, lie raised a chair to strike
E. 8.. when men interfered and separated
them. E. 15. went out of doors. M. B.
followed him with a gun and tired at
E. B. Then began a duel at 100 feet.
Eight shots were tired. Only one took
effect, that striking M. B. in the abdo
men and killing him. The prisoner is in
the Everett jail.
State Dairy Commissioner McDonald
informs the Trade Register that at date
there are 159 registered creameries and
33 registered cheese factories in the
state, against a total shown in his re
port for 1898 of 58 creameries and 17
cheese factories. The large gain shown
thin year in the official records in due to
issuance of licenses to all farmers having
separators and manufacturing butter
and cheese scientifically. Large num
bers of new small separators have been
put in by fanners who have hitherto
manufactured in the old way, and the
increase of product will not, therefore,
correspond closely to the increased num
ber of registered dairymen.
Hubbard School Closed.
The Hubbard school, just north of
Colfax, closed last Friday evening with
appropriate exercises. There were four
graduates from the Eighth grade—
Misses Ethel Ravens, Frankie Morgan,
Addie Morgan and Anna Smith. At the
close of the program, rendered by the
school, a very instructive address was
made by County Superintendent Rob
erts, at the close of which he preseuted
the diplomas to the class. The teacher,
W. O. MeCaw, is to be congratulated on
the success of his work and the rapid
advance of the school under his charge.
Close of School at Diamond.
Closing exercises were held at the Dia
mond school house Saturday evening at
which a large crowd were present. C. B.
Hamilton won the Demorest medal,
after a spirited contest. It was the in
tention to hold a grand picnic and many
came from a distance for that purpose,
but it was unavoidably postponed on
account of the rain.
Mr. \V. B. Whedon.cashier of the First
National Bank of Winterset, lowa, in a
recent letter gives some experience with
a carpenter in his employ, that will be of
value to other mechanics. He cays: "I
had a carpenter working for me who
was obliged to stop work for several
days on account of being troubled with
diarrhoea. I mentioned to him that I
had been similarly troubled and that
Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Di
arrhoea Remedy had cured me. He
bought a bottle of it from the druggist
here and informed me that one doee
cured him, and he is agaiu at his work."
For sale by all druggists,,
Second-Hand Threshing Outfits.
I have for sale in Colfax: 1 "Pride of
Washington" .'52-inch separator; 1 J. I.
Case .'52-inch "Agitator: 2 cook houses:
2 tanks and stackers and feeders. Any
part of the said property will be sold
for cash, or part cash and approved
security. Any one wishing to examine
this property, call at sheriffs office, Col
fax. John L. Siiaki'stklv
Thousands of strawberries and cher
ries in the reach of all, at The Economy.
See Games o
Mise Maud Anderson, eve specialist,at
the jewelry store of T. Lommasson.
Eyes tested free o
Arm and Hammer coda 5c a pound at
Economy, opposite Bennett's. See
(;a/ettk ; (wax. \VA>mx ( nv,x, june i, iooo.
Oom Paul Loir Pretoria to Fall Into
llritish Hands
London, May 31.—The Daily Mail pub
»Bhes the following from the earl of
Roslyn, who was a prisoner at Pretoria,
but who as a civilian appears to have
been released:
"Pretoria, Wednesday, May :!().—Pre
toria will be occupied in about two hours
without resistance. The president has
gone to Watervalboyen.
'"Burgomaster De Souza is authorized
to receive the British. He, witn an in
fluential committee of citizens, including
Chief Justice (iregorowski, has been ap
pointed to preserve life and property
during the interregnum.
"Everything is quiet, but crowds are
waiting expectantly in Church Square
for the arrival of the British. Fearing;
a possible disturbance and bloodshed
among the prisoners of war at Water
yal, United States Consul Hay and
Leigh wood insisted upon 20 officers
being liberated on parole to go to the
men. Their action can not be too high
ly praised. I was permitted to accom
pany the officers. Everything is quiet.''
Surrender of Johannesburg.
Pretoria, Wednesday May 30.—Brit
ish officers are now at Johannesburg
dictating terms of surrender. The Brit
ish advance guard is half way between
Johannesburg and Pretoria.
It is reported that there in a force also
at Hatherly.
All the forces have been dismissed
from the forts around Pretoria.
President Kruger is now at Waterfall
At a public meeting called this morn
ing by the burgomaster of Pretoria a
committee was appointed to keep pub
lic order.
Return of Confederate Flags
Chicago, May 27.—A special to the
Times-Herald from Washington says:
During the (i. A. H. encampment in Chi
cago President McKinley may have the
pleasure of returning to the southern
states the 400 or 500 confederate battle
flags now in the war department. Prom
inent members of the (i. A. U. have in
hand a plan to secure the authorization
of congress for the return of these flags
and it in hoped that both houses will
pass the necessary joint resolution be
fore adjournment. During the coming
week it is expected the military com
mittee will take the necessary prelimin
ary action. If the consent of congress
can be obtained the flags will be turned
over to the (I. A. 8., the representatives
of confederate military organizations
will be invited to Chicago and with
beautiful ceremonies President Mc-
Kinley. assisted by the veterans of the
blue and the grey, will hand the torn
arid blood-stained banners back to the
valiant hands which once carried and
defended them.
Glorious News.
Comes from Dr. D. B. Cargile, of
Washita, 1. T. He writes: "Electric
Bitters has. cured Mrs. Brewer of scrof
ula, which had caused her great suffer
ing For years. Terrible sores would
break out on her head and face, and the
besl doctors could give no help: but now
her health is excellent." Electric Hitters
is the best blood purifier known. It's
the supreme remedy for eczema, tetter,
salt rheum, ulcers, boils and running
sores. It stimulates liver, kidneys and
bowels, expels poisons, helps digestion,
builds up the strength. Only ."iO cts.
Sold by The Klk Drugstore, F\. I. Stone,
First lii« Show of tbe Season.
Don't fail to see The (Jreat Syndicate
English-American Shows, which will be
in Colfax, June 12. They have a me
nagerie of rare and costly' wild animals;
a congress of novelties and the best
troupe of trained horses and ponies in
the world, besides having artists from
all parts of the Rlobe c
For many years science has studied
liquors. Result, the whole world uses
whiskey. It has proven the best stimu
lant and does not injure nerves and
tissues like cocoa wines and other drugged
compounds. And Hahpeb Whiskey is
the ideal whiskey. Sold by W. J. Ham
ilton, Colfax, Wash,
Dyspepsia can be cure<l by using
Acker's Dyspepsia Tablets. One little
Tablet will give immediate relief or
money refunded. Sold in handsome tin
boxes at 1'". cts. The Elk Drugstore.
To Cure a Cold in One Day.
Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tab
lets. All druggists refund the money if
it fails to cure. E. W. Grove's signa
ture is on each box. 25c,
Royal Baking Powder, 50c size, only
39c at Economy, opposite Bennett's.
See Games,
Package coffee 13c or 8 for %l 00, at
Cconomy, opposite Bennet's. See
Games o
Best flour 70c, at Economy, opposite
Bennett's. See Games #
11. \V. Goff Apt. Phknix Ins. Co.
Payable in advance. Colfax Gazette and—
American Economist, New York 82.55
American Gardening-, New York 2.30
Argonaut, San Francisco 4.~>»
Bulletin, Sunday, San Francisco 2.30
Call, Weekly, San Francisco 2.20
Cosmopolitan Magazine, New York 2 35
Century Magazine, New York 5.05
Chronicle, Weekly, San Francisco 2.65
Enquirer, Weekly, Cincinnati 2.05
Examiner, Weekly, San Francisco 2.(15
Farm and Fireside, Springfield, O 1.80
Globe-Democrat,Twice-a-Week.St. Louia 2.30
Harper's Magazine, New York 4.15
Harper's Weekly 4.75
Harper's Bazar 4.75
Inter Ocean, Weekly Chicago 1.90
Leslie's Illustrated Weekly, Xew York.. 3.55
Lippincott's Magazine, Philadelphia 3.55
Ledger, Weekly, Tacoma 2.30
Munsey'u Magazine, New York 2.40
McClare'a Magazine, New York 2 35
McCali's Magazine, New York 1.85
Northwest Horticulturist, Tacoma 1.85
National Tribune, Washington 2 45
Northwest Magazine, St. Paul 2.55
Oregonian, Weekly, Portland 2.55
Orange Judd Farmer, Chicago 2.30
Public Opinion, New York 3.55
Post Intelligencer, Weekly, Seattle 2 30
Review of Reviews Magazine, New York 3.55
Ranch and Range, Seattle 2.05
Scribner'B Magazine, New York 4.05
St. Nicholas Magazine, New York 4:05
Scientific American, New York 4.0",
Tribune, Weekly, New York 2.20
Tribune, Semi-Weekly 2.85
The Forum, New York 4 05
Toledo Blade, Toledo O ... 1.80
The Housekeeper, Minneapolis L 95
Traveler, Weekly, Boston 1.95
The Queen of Fashion, New York. 1.85
Womankind, Springfield, O 1.65
World, Thrice-aWeek, New York 2.20
Woman's Home Companion, Springfield 2.05
Youth's Companion, Boston (new subs) . 2.50
If the periodical desired is not in above list,
apply to The Gazette for rates.
h]!,V"t UN”). Vheat ' Club- 'ier bu- «acked, 36c;
■&oSttS&s tOD '810: *»->
caS, 1 Vrf; R~nr amery ' CMh ' Per lb- 22c= ranch.
casb, joe. Cheese, per lb, 14c.
\eg etablks. - Potatoes, per cwt. 35c;
Un.ons.per cwt.,r,sc. Cabbage.per cwt,B2 50c
Beans, per lb., 4 C .
Podxtbt—ChickMM, live, per lb., B}c. Tur
keys, hve, per lb., <t c .
Eoos.— Pet dozen, cash, 124 c
Ba f^'. Kl»KS.-Granulated su^ar, per 100 lb.
Bitter.— Creamery, 25c; ranch, 25c.
Cheese, per lb. 20c.
E<j<;h.— Per dozen, 15e.
Meats.—Beef, tresh, per lb., [email protected]; pork,
fresh, [email protected]; mutton, fresh, [email protected]&
Baconi, breakfast, 14c; salt, 10c: hanfs, 12Ac;
shoulders, 10c. Lard, 3 lb. bucket, 40c;5 lb.
bucket, 60c; 101b. bucket, 51.15.
Mm. Feed.— Bran, per ton, 80; shorts, per
ton, ??11. Chopped barley, per ton, 820.
Chicken feed, per cwt., $1.
Floi-u.—Wholesale, per Lbl., $2.C0; retail
per 50 lb sack, 75c;
Lawyers and Kditors.
A neighboring editor who places his
profession a little ahead of that of the
legal light, says: A lawyer may, in a
court room, call a man a liar, a Villain,
a scoundrel, or a thief, and no one makes
a complaint when court adjourns. U a
newspaper prints such a reflection on a
man's character there is a libel suit or a
dead editor. This is owing to the fact
that the people believe what an editor
f-ays; what a lawyer says cuts no figure.
Railway Magnates.
A special Northern Pacific train, bear
ing President Melleu of the Northern
Pacific; J. W. Kendrick, second vice
president: W. (.}. Pearce, issistant super
intendent; F. YV\ Gilbert, division super
intendent: E. C. Henry, chief engineer:
H. C. ( pham, president of the First
National Hank of St. Paul, and T. C.
Born up, passed through Colfax over the
0. It. Jc N. Saturday. The party was
enroute to the Clearwater to inspect
Northern Pacific lines.
Near Pullman, May 21, to Mr. nnd
Mrs. H. G. Foster, a daughter.
Spokane, May 2G, (Jeorge T. Easte of
Spokane and Miss Jessie Farnsworth,
formerly of Palouße.
Palouse. May 28, Lorclla, wife of Chap.
Farns worth.
Sewing machine needles and repairs,
all kinds, at I>onom\. See Gaineo*
Subscribe for your periodicals through
The Gazette and save money.
Best eastern soap, 7 bars for i2f>c, at
Kconomy. See (iainep o
Spraying outfit at Economy. See
Gamep o
In the Spring
When we would like to
feel strong-, vigorous and
ambitious, we are weak,
tired and dull; appetite
is poor, food is not relished,
sleep does not seem to
refresh, we go to bed tired
and get up tired. This
condition is because of
thin, impure, sluggish
blood which is unequal to
the demands of the body
for more life, vigor, energy,
strength. Nature cries for
help, and it is to be found
in Hood's Sarsaparilla, the
great blood purifier, blood
tnricher, blood vitalizer.
Be sure to get Hood's,
because it is Peculiar to
Itself —and remember,also,
Restore Vitality, Lost Vigor and Manhood
Cure Impotency, Night Emissions, Loss of Mem
fory, all wasting diseases, i ■ i
all effects of self-abuse or ft {%
excess and indiscretion. w\#
[A nerve tonic and p||_LS
Mblood builder. Brings
the- pink clow to pale J>f\
cheeks and restores the %J\J
.fire of youth. By mail CTS»
*sOc per box. 6 boxes for' ■■ ■«— '
$2.50, with our bankable gaurantee to cure
or refund the money paid. Send for circular
and copy of our bankable guarantee bond.
NprvitaTahlpkEXTßA strenoth
Positively pnaranteeJ cure for Loss of Power,
Varicocele, Undeveloped or Shrunken Organs,
Paresis, Locomotor Ataxia, Nervous Prostra
tion, Hysteria, Fits, Insanity, Paralysis and the
Results of Excessive Use of Tobacco, Opium or
Liquor. By mail in plain package. $1.00 a
box, 6 for $5.00 with our bankable guar
antee bond to cure in 30 days or refund
money paid. Address
Clinton & Jackson Sts., CHICAGO, ILL.
For Sale by W. J.Hamilton. Drnggist, Colfax, Wash
Hiram Mitchell
Will pay prompt attention to advertising
and posting bills for all sales put in my hand*.
Free corrals at Coif ax for stock brought to me
to cell. Parties at a distance will find it to
their advantage to communicate with me be
fore fixing dates or making final arrangements
for sales. CaU on or address me at Colfax,
and your sale will receive prompt and careful
Bay, Mr. Fanner:
If you have a No. 3, or Chain Drive Hodge
Header, 12- or 14-foot cut, and need a new
Platform Draper, we will offer you one at a
greatly reduced price, owing to the fact that we
are overstocked on these sizes.
Farm Imply nu-nts. Collax, Washington
Order Fixing Time For Hearing of
Final Account of Administrator.
In t£e superior court of the state of Washing
ton, m and for Whitman county
In (jhe matter of the estate of John Hodgson
deceasi i.
Now on this day tin's matter romim; on to be
heard upon the petition of Fred G. Hodgson the
administrator of the estate ol John Hodgson
deceased, ami it appearing to the court that the
said Fred G. Hodgson has filed bis final account
ay administrator of said estate with the clerk of
this court, it is ihereforeordered.thatSaturdav
the 2d day of June, 1900, be fixed as the .lav for
tieanng said account, ami that notice ol the fil
ing ol said account and tho time foi hearing
thereof be given by publication in Colfax Ga
zette newspaper,,a weekly newspaper printed,
published and of general circulation in Whit
\veeks('" UUty ' W"slli "Rt"11' ''"' tour successive
Done in ppencourt this 3d day of May 1900
VN U.1.1A.M M.i)(>N.\i.]) t Superior Judge.
Notice for Publication (Isolated
Tract).- Public Land Sale.
Notice is hereby given that in pursuance of
instructions from the Commissioner of the Gen
eral Land office, under authority vested in him
by section 2455 U. 8. Rev. Stat, as amended by
the act of congress approved February 26 <-'>''
we win proceed to offer at public sa!eo'nthe'
11th day of July next, at this office, at the hour
of 100 clock a. m., the following tract of land
to-wit: then .ofse't <>f Sec. 11, T. UN X II
h. w. M., containing 80 acres.
Any and all persons claiming adversely the
above described lands are advihed toflletheir
claims in this office on or before the day above
designated for the commencement of said Bale
otherwise their rights will be forfeited
Dated at the U. s. Land Office, Walla WalU
Wash., this 23d day of May Tumi
JOHN M. HILL, Register
Notice for Publication.
Edward B. Miller.
Land Office at W«Ua Walla. Wash May
Huh ivoO. Notice is hereby given that the fol
lowing named settler has filed notice of his
intention to make final proof in support of his
claim and that said proof will bo made before
the county clerk and clerk of the superior court
ot Whitman county, Washington, lit Colfas
Washington,on Saturday, June 30th, 1900 viz-
Edward n. Miller, who made homestead entry
No. 5768, for the neV4 section 23, Tp. 16 N R v
E. W. M. lie names the following witnesses to
prove his continuous residence upon and
cultivation of said land, viz: A. 11. Lynch M
C. Lynch. J. K. Hodge and David Hull all of
Colfax, Wash.
JOHN" M. HILL, Register.
Notice for Publication.
Robert B. Ewing.
Land Oilice at Spokane Falls, Wash., April
9, 1900.—Notice is hereby given that the fol
lowing-named settler has filed notice of his In
tention to make final proof in support of his
claim, and that said proof will be made be
fore Win. A. Inman, 0. 8. commissioner for
district of Washington, at Colfax, Washington
on June .">, lyoo, viz: Robert 1!. Ewing who
made Hd. entry No 9783, ior the e% se 1 nnd
s> 2 m" 4 . Sic. 25, Tp. 17 N, R. 44 E. W M He
names the following witnesses to prove his con
tinuous residence upon, and cultivation of
said land, viz: Henry s. Hunt and Robert I
Evans of Elberton, Wash., Francis H. Brown
and Henry ('. Hunt, of Colfax, Wash
Notice for Publication.
Mrs. Harrison S. Eldredge.
Land oilice at Walla K'alla, Wash., May 16th
1900. Notne is hereby given that the follow
ing-named settler has filed notice of her inten
tion to make iinal proof in support of her claim
and that said proof will be made before
Wm. A. Inman, I. s. Comissioner at
Colfax, Washington, on July 12 h, r.«o, viz-
Mrs. Harrison fcj. Eldredge, who made home
stead application No. 5.")71, for the BVI \i of Sec
20, Township 14 N., R. 38 K. \V. M. She
names the following witnesses to prove her con
tinuous residence upon, and cultivation of said
land, viz: Jacob Scnwiter, L. I'lowman, John
C. Andrews and Oscar M. Beargent, all of
I'ampa, \\ ash.
JOHN M. HILL, Register.
Notice for Publication.
Jonathan Luther.
Land Office at Walla Walla Wash , May 29,
1900.—Notice is hereby given that the following
named settler has filed notice of his intention
to make final proof in support of his claim, and
that said proof will be made before Wm. A.
Inimm, C S. commissioner, at his office in Col
fax, Washington, on July 14, 1900, viz: Jonathan
Luther, who made homestead application No.
5462, farthest NWJ^and E} . 2 SW',, Sec. 32,Tp. 11
N, R. 39, K. \V. M. He names the following
wituesses to prove his continuous resilience up
on and cultivation of said land, viz; John
Splater, of Hay, Wash., John Luther, of Dusty,
Wash , Nicholas Nibler, of Hay, Wash., Robert
Shurts, of Huy, Wash.
JOHN M. HILL, Register.
Estrav Notice.
Taken up by the undersigned, residing two
miles west of Thornton, the following de
scribed animal, the same being breachy: One
light gray filly, 3 years old, weight about 1000
pounds, no brand visible. Unless claimed by
owner and charges paid, said animal will be
sold according to law.
Dated, May 29, 11 KM).
P. O. Thornton, Wash.
Bay horße, four white legs and white strip
in tace, barbed wire scar in muscle of fore leg,
12 or 15 years old, branded Z with bar above
on left shoulder. Last seen at Alex Hick
man's place. Any information or return to
Pacific Coast Elevator Co., Pullman or Colfax,
will be rewarded.
Sells the Best
Pumps and Windmills
in the Palouse Country.
See him before baying.
Cattle and Hogs.
Pays hiK'hest market price.
Office with Chaa. DeFrance, Culfax, With.
Buy Your Groceries
A^. E. Fonts,
All goods first class. Highest prices paid
for farm produce.
1 am now prepared to do all kinds of
land business, homestead entries and
proofs, contests, etc. Have had 1 3 years
experience in land cases. W. A. Inman,
D. S. Commissioner. Colfax, Wash.
Call on H. W. Goff for Insurance.
Bankrupt* Petition for Discharge
f .lu. lh>\' listr' ■ of the United State* foi
the district of Washington, southern division
lathe matter of John M Dunlap and Ida M
Dunlap, his wifi , t . ' ™ ""
In bankruptcy.
r \\' u"' H":"■' elius H. Ranford.Judze
SfJSS.? 1*, 11 tilted SUtes. for the
distrietoi Washington, southeru <Hvt«l»ii
J-.in 11. Dunlapand Idn M. Uunlap, hia v if,-
I'. 1 .' '" '»•"•■. " "'■ of Whitman, and
"i Washington in said distrl-.t, rospectfulh
represent that on the i;:th day of .\,.nl. A.
1900, lag , , st thoyand .m, ti „t them were
duly adjudicated bankrupts under the aetsof
congressreltttiijK to bankruptcy; atl)
••'"»"■' them have duly surrendered all'theii
property and righUof property, and have fully
complied with all the re-iuirements of^ld .ols
bankraptey" °":" touchin «5 tnelr
Wherefore they and each of ihem pray that
he may be decreed by tl have a full
«l«;hHrKe from all .lebtH proval IK | his
estate under such bankrupt act, excepi xnch
deWf"»reexi'eptedbylaw fromsiichdischarge.
Dated this 1 «th day <>t May \ i> 1900
■I' »HN 11. [>l m v.1 1
... „ „ \OA M- I'lM \r. Bankrupts.
U. 11. Harvey, 11. J. Welty, attorneys.
District of Washington
On thiß 18th day of May, A. D. 1900 on read
ing the foregoing petition, it i- ordered by the
court, that a hearing be had upon the same
on the Isthdayof June, A. D. nmo before II \\
l.anneld referee, at Colfax, in Raid district at
11 o clock in the forenoon: and that notice there
fore be published two weeks in TheC'olfai (to
a weekly newspaper printed In Raid distrii i and
that all known creditors and other persons in
interest may appear at the said time and place
and slum caiise.il anj they have.v hy theprayei
ol said petitioners should not be granted
And it is further ordered by the court that
the clerk shall send by mail to all known
creditors i opies of said petition and this order
addressed i<> them at their pin i residence
a^ slated.
Witness the Honorable Cornelius H Hanford
.lv."cot the said court, and the seal thereof, at
Walla \\ aim. in s rt i<l district, on the l>th daj of
-May, A I>. 1900
R. M. HOPKINS, Clerk.
By 11. !; .-1 KONU. Deputy
Enter: c 11. HANFORD. Judge.
(Seal V. S. J)istrict Court).
Sheriff*! Sale.
State of Washington, county of w hitman h
In the superior court of the state of Washing
ton, hi and foi w hitman county.
Jacob Ogle, trustee, plainUH, vs. T. A Bran
nan and A. B. Brannan, Ins wife 1 M Bran
nan, Robert Murphy, The Pirsl National Hank
of Pullman, Washington, a corporation W c
McCoy tiini Elizabeth .1. McCoy, liis wife de
Decree "f foreclosure and order of §ale.
By virtue of a decree and order of sale made
and entered in the above entitled cause and
court, on the >th day of May, isoo. a copy of
which has been issued and certified to me by
the clerk ol the said court, under the seal there'
of, bearing date the sih ■ In\ ol May, 1900, fur the
sum ol J3856, gold coin, with lutereit m the
rate of one per cent per month from the sth day
of February, I'JoO, and the further sum of 110.00
costs, and the further sum of SIOO.OO, attorney i
fees, and also the increased costs thereon I
Joseph Canutt, sheriff of Whitman county'
Washington, will, on the Hitb day of June, v.nio.
at the hour of two o'clock p. m. of said day at'
tin-south front door of the Whitman county
court house, at Colfax, Whitman county, state
of Washington, sell at public auction to the
highest bidder, for cash, the follow ing described
real estate, situated, lying anil being in Whit
man county, Washington, and particularly de
scribed as follows, tc-wlt; The vest Imlf of lot
three (■'>) nn<l the east half of lot four i) In block
numbered three (3), in the town of Oakesdale
together with all and singular the tenement*
hereditaments and appurtenances thereunto
belonging <>r in anywise appertaining .s,n.|
property is taken and sold us the property ol
T. A . Brannan and others, defendants
Dated al Colfax, Whitman county, Washing
ton, this '.h day of Maj, 1900.
Joseph canutt,
Sherifl ol Whitman county, Washington
By C A. KLMER, Deputy.
U. J. Neergaard, attorney for plaintiff.
Bounty I or Cojote ScalpH.
In accordance with an order ol the board of
county commissioners of Whitman county
Washington, notice is hereby given that -aid
county will pay a bounty of H for each aiuj
every scalp of coyotes that arc- killed within the
boundary of said county since the 6th day of
December, lb'JS.
Any person securing coyote scalp* and desir
ing to receive the bounty for the Minn-will de
liver said scalps to the county auditor ol
county at his office in the court house in foifax,
Washington, the county seal of said county, and
thereupon make affidavit that the coyotes from
which said scalps were taken, were killed with
in the boundaries of s»i i<l county and were killed
since the Cth day of December, IN9B. The affi
davit so made will be presented to the board of
county commissioners at the following meeting
■if said board, or at the present meeting ol said
board, if it be then In session, and the claim for
said bounty, if the same be found by *aid board
to be correct and just, will be.allowed and paid
by witrnmt in the Hame manner as other claims
against the county are paid.
All persons presenting scalps to the county
auditor will please take notice, that the law pro
vides that, no bounty shall be paid on any w<-u![,
unless both ears are attached to the scalp and
are presented In that manner with the sculp
when the same i.s delivered to the county
In testimony whereof I have hereunto ret my
hand and affixed my official soil as clerk of Raid
board this Ist day of July, 1899.
seal. J. F. CORNER.
Auditor of Whitman County, Washington, and
Clerk of the Board of County Commiaaionen
of said county.
Notice of Firs! Meeting of Creditors
In the district court of the Doited
States*, for the southern division, district
of Washington.
In the matter of John il. Mat!o< k and
Nora E. Matlock, bia wife, bankrupt*.
No. 411. In hankruptcy.
To the creditor* ol John !I. Bfatlock
and Nora E. Matlock, btawife, of Colfax,
in the county of Whitman, and district
aforesaid, a bankrupt: Notice is berebj
given, that on the 2." ( th day of May,
A. D. 1900, the said John H. Matlock
and Nora K. Matlock, hi* wife, were
duly adjudicated bankrupt*, and
that the tirHt meeting of hin erediton
will be held at the office of the referee
herein, in Colfax, on the 2lHt day
of June, A. I>. 1000, at one o'clock in the
afternoon,at which time the eaidcreditorn
may attend, prove their claim*, appoint
•i trustee, examine the bankrupt, and
transact nuch other business as may
properly come before said meetinir.
Referee iv Baakraptey.
Colfax, Waf-h., May 25th, 1900.
Notice for Publication
Christian I). Lueeken.
I.aril Office at Spokane Palls, Wash., April
24, l'JOO.—>otice is hereby siren that the fol
lowing-named 9ettler a&> Die I notice "f liis In
tention to make BnaJ prool in rapport <>f his
claim, and that said proof wiil be made before
Win. A. Imiiuii. I. B. commissioner for the ilis
trictof Washington,at Colfax. Washington, on
June 6, 1900, nt: <'hri<tiu.n 1). Luecken,who
made hoine-ceii'l entry No. 8773, for the toti -J
and-1. Sec 6, Tp. 17 S\. B. 41. K. W. M. He
names the following witnesses to prore his con
tinuous resilience upon ami mltivatimi of said
land,viz: Christian Christenaen, Peter M. Cole,
John Keller ami Samuel Kilgore, all of Bt.
John, Wash.

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