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Republieaus Name Strong Men
For Candidates.
Warm Fight Made On the Nomina
tion for Judge of the Su
perior Court.
Fur President WILUAM McKINLKT.
For Vice President. . THEODOBI KoOskvelt
For Superior Judge WnAIAM J. BRYAST
For Treasurer William J. Win in s
For Sheriff JOSEPH E. CaHOTT
For Auditor Johh F. Counts
For County Clerk William W. B knfrew
Kor Prosecuting Attorney A. A. Wilson
For Assessor S. B. SILBR
For Superintendent of Schools S. C. Roberts
Tor Surveyor K. C. Murray
For Coroner D. RCkawfobd
Sixth Legislative District.
Fur Stetfl Senator BRTAN WWTACOTT
l;H[,rpsentative Ethan E. Smith
For Rsprewatative A. W. Pebut
Seventh L»yi*lative District.
For Representative WILFOBD ALLEN
For Representative. E. J. Durham
Second I >intrict.
For Coiimiishioner [. K. Luce
Third District.
For Commissioner William Hlnti.f.y
The republican county convention
opened Wednesday, at It)o'clock, under
favorable skies, booming wheat prices
and bumper crop prospects. The calam
ity howler and down-in-the month citi
/.• n had no place among the happy,
shrewd and prosperous looking gentle
men present from the kiiihll t: us and
country districts of the rejuvenated Pa
louee. A few old-time democrats—who
are democrats no more —were circulating
about declaring themselves for the op
timistic and against the pessimistic,
gloom-following, dark predictioniets
who make up the democratic popuhet
The convention was harmonious as v
whole. There were no bitter contests,
the hard fought buttle for the judge
hhip developing no rancor and ending
with entire good feeling. The promised
open tight for the state delegation was
smothered by placing upon the ticket
friends of both candidates for state
treasurer and then submitting the list
to the convention to be voted upon by
secret ballot. A pleasing feature was
the hearty and unanimous endorsement
of the old county officers.
While waiting for committee reports,
Hod. S. G. Cosgrove of l'oraeroy, repub
lican candidate for governor, made a
good party speech.
The convention was opened by J. X.
Tickrell, chairman of the county central
committee, who stated the published
objects of the convention.
F. W. Bier of Farmington named
J. C. Lawrence of (Jarfield for tempor
ary chairman in an eulogistic speech.
(i. A. Chapman of Coif ax named A.
\V. I'erley of of Tekoa, but be declined.
It was then moved that ,1. ('. Law
rence be elected by acclamation for tem
porary chairman, and it was done with
a whoop and hurrah. He made a
felicitous speech nnd then H. M. Boone
of Palouse named VV. .1. Davenport of
Colfax as secretary. He was unani
mously chosen.
The Chan nun's Speech.
i^u. itihing il. t i.«v:^ <>.» (...■,,,., (ll ,
organization J. (.'. Lawrence of Uarfield
said and was cheered for it:
This ia a republican convention. I
thank you for the honor of having been
selected as its temporary chairman.
May 1 be permitted to say that this is
the third time I have been so honored.
1 recall the convention of twelve years
ago. of which 1 was chairman, and its
harmonious action. 1 recall the conven
tion of two years ago and its harmoni
ous action, and with pleasure 1 add that
the harmonious action of the two con
ventions was ratified at the polls by the
unanimous election of the tickets nom
inated. 1 btlieve this convention will
be equally harmonious in its action, and
that the nominations here made will be
ratified at the polls.
The republican party of this county is
united. Whatever of the past differences
there may have been are obliterated.
We stand together in this convention to
promote the interest of the republican
party, and in so doing to advance the
material interest of the entire county.
I must refer to the fact that we are
better citizens today than we were four
years ago. We have more confidence in
each other, more confidence in our gov
ernment and in the perpetuity of its in
So long had we heard of dishonesty,
rotteuess and corruption in the adminis
tration of public affairs that almost we
had come to believe them. The charge
was so directly made that defective
armor plate had been furnished for the
construction of our naval vessels, and
so much jobbery in their construction,
that we feared the effect of an engage
ment with any enemy, a fear that our
expensive floating lighting machines
would collapse] under the shot of the
Scarcely more than two years ago,
whpn the Spanish warship Vizcaya was
hingofftbe harbor of New York and
the Oregon was just beginning that
wonderful voyage, I listened to the
statement of one of the prominent busi
ness men of the northwest. Me said:
"Spain has a war vesstl off the harbor
of New York that can in a few hours de
stroy the city, and we have no vessels
to send against her. She could with
stand the attack of our entire navy.
Look at the Oregon! On the docks half
the time since in commission, so unsea
worthy that it is difficult to secure men
to ship for a voyage from Puget Sound
to San Francisco.'* And we feared it
might be true; yet, when that vessel
made the most wonderful voyage known
in naval history, the captain cabling
en route "Don't hamper mr; I am not
afraid of the whole Spanish fleet;" and
on the dayof the memorable battle of
Santiago the whole Spanish fleet went
down with the Vizcaya, and by the
noble part taken by the Oregon 'then,
we knew that there was not a defective
piece of armor in any vessel of the
navy, that there were no faults in the
construction of any vessel, that all the
charges were false. Then we knew the
other charges of corruption and rotten
proud o that man who, reared in luxury
and wealth, went out into the west and
with the garb of a laboring man took
his place on the range with the cowboys,
in the camp, corral aud mountain*, and
when, after a term of honorable service
for the government he went again to
the plains and mountains and gathering
together that brave band of "rough
riders" went to the front and fought bo
bravely, proudly do we add the name of
Theodore Roosevelt. For the first time
within the memory of the men of today,
have we nominated for vice president a
man big enough to fill n>pt place. No
stronger ticket could have been named
and we know next November will record
the verdict for McKinley and Roosevelt.
U. W. Case, Jr., of St. John moved
appointment of five on committee of
T. U. Logsdou of Endicott moved the
appointment of live on order of business.
This was carried, and then motions tor
committees of five on resolutions and
permanent organization were carried.
Committees Appointed.
The chair was desirous of recognizing
all parts of the county and being as fair
as it was possible to be within the limit
ed time allowed. The following com
mittees were appointed:
Credentials- (*. W. Case Jr., Henry Arra
smith, J. T. Wallace, Robert Bruce. 11. S.
Order of Business S. S. King, chairman;
Dr. J. N. Clark, O. X, Hailey, WUfoni Allen,
Milan Still.
Resolutions—F. W. Bier, chair in an; Ethan
Smith, John L. Flowers, Geo. N. Ltniphere,
Gen. S. Allen.
l'ennanent organization—Tims. Amos,
chairman; T. H. Lop-scion, I. W. Shearer,
E. E. Sherfey, H. M. Boone.
On motion it was then ordered that
the central committee meet in the office
of the superintendent of schools at 1
o'clock, at which time the chairman of
the county central committee should be
After providing for a caucus of the
Sixth senatorial and representative dis
trict, with A. W. Perley of Tekoa as
chairman, the convention adjourned to
the jury room for dinner, and incident
ally to wait for committee reports.
The convention was recalled by Tem
porary Chairman Lawrence a few min
utes before 2 in the afternoon. Delegates
from the various precincts were given a
few minutes in which to seat themselves
conveniently together.
Chairman Davenport.
The side meeting of the central com
mittee members, held at dinner time,and
therefore not so well attended as it
might have been, resulted in the election
of W. J. Davenport as chairman of the
republican county central committee for
the coming campaign and the following
two years. There were but two aspir
ants, Dr. John Benson and Mr. Daven
port. The vote was 20 for Davenport
and 11 for Benson. Mr. Davenport is
an active worker and entered the lists
fully understanding chat it was not
only a most responsible position, but
one which will absorb all his time for
two or three months prior to the No
vember election. He has expressed en
tire willingness to lay aside all other
business considerations and devote his
time to the election of the complete re
publican ticket, with malice toward
none and best efforts toward all.
.Secretary Case of the credentials com
mittee read the report and announced
that i'enawawa was the only precinct
not represented.
Chairman Amos of the committee on
permanent organization reported in
favor of the temporary organization lip
mg made permanent. This was second
ed by C. A. Whisler and W. J. Daven
port resigned as secretary of the con
vention. The chair was authorized to
appoint a secretary and assistant, fie
named S. 8. King as secretary and Prof.
H. T. Irion of Elberton as assistant.
Iriou declined and L. V. Corner and J.
11. Kwart did likewise. Then (J. W.
Cape, Jr., was named and accepted.
Order of Business.
The report of the committee on order
of business as to order of nominations
was read by Chairman King, as follows,
and adopted:
Selection of delegates to state convention.
Nomination of candidates for superior judge,
prosecuting attorney, sheriff, treasurer, audit
or, county clerk, assessor, surveyor, superin
tendent of schools, coroner, state senator
from Sixth district, representatives, county
The resolutions and platform were
read by the secretary and heartily ap
plauded section by section—more especi
ally where the enthusing nameH of Mc-
Kinley and Koosevelt were-named. The
adoption was unanimous. The platform
is as follower
Republican Resolutions
The republicans of Whitman county, Wash
ington, through their chosen representatives,
viewing with pride the record and achieve
ments of the party and confidently awaiting
the verdict of the people, make these declara
We approve the facts and principles adopt
ed as the national republican platform at
Philadelphia, June 20, 1900, and hereby
affirm our allegiance to and pledge our support
to the same.
We unreservedly endorse the administration
of William McKinley and point with pride to
the patriotic and able manner with which he
lias discharged every duty and conserved and
preserved every principle dear to the Ameri
can heart, and with confidence look forward
to four years more of his wise leadership. He
has not only conserved peace and prosperity
at home, but compelled the nations of the
world to recognize the United States of
America as a power to be respected abroad,
its friendship to be sought and its enmity to
be teared, and that an American citizen in
any part of the world can feel that the stars
and stripes symbolize respect, honor and pro
tection wherever he may be.
We unqualifiedly endorse the nomination
as vice-president of Governor Theodore Roose
velt, and admire his manly and courageous
attitude in dealing with all public questions.
We challenge the world to produce achieve
ments to compare with that accomplished by
our army and navy at home and abroad dur
ing the past four years, and assert that such
only can be obtained by a free people where
there is no distinction of birth or station, but
where every man may aspire to the highest
positions within the gift of the people.
We call the attention of the people of Whit
man county to the present conditions of our
county today as compared with those of four
years ago when the republican party came
into power in the nation, and ask them in the
light of this comparison to decide where the
influence of their ballots shall be given in
November next.
We commend the careful, business like and
economical administration of our county af
fairs by the present republican county of
We hereby instruct our senators and repre
sentatives in the coming legislature to labor
for such legislation as may secure a reasonable
reduction of the freight rates now existing on
the several railroads in this state.
Superior Judge.
In a neat and well turned speech com
plimenting J. X. Pickrell on hie stead
fast republicanism, W. J Davenport
named him.
T. H. Logsdon of Endicott in a com
plimentary way sprung W. J. Bryant.
(ieo. S. Allen of Endicott named as a
true man E. T. Trimble.
(). E. Young named \V. H. Harvey of
Pullman. He was complimented as a
lawyer and a vote getter.
Nelson Allen of Almota named U. L.
Ettinger as second only to McKinley.
and Roosevelt.
Milan Still seconded PickreH'snomiaa
tion, and others seconded Harvey and
The vote by open ballot for superior
judge was as follows:
First ballot—Pickrell s.'s, Bryant .18,
Trimble 22, Harvey 42, Ettinger G.
Second ballot—Pickrell 51, Bryant 40,
Trimble 20, Harvey 4G, Ettinger 4.
Third ballot—Pickrell 54, Bryant 41,
Trimble 14, Harvey 51, Ettinger 1.
Fourth ballot—Pickrell 52, Bryant 44,
Trimble 6, Harvey 58, Ettinger 1.
Fifth ballot—Pickrell 48, Bryant 4G,
Trimble 2, Harvey 04, Ettinger* li
Sixth ballot—Pickrell 42, Bryant 55,
Trimble 1, Harvey G2, Ettinger 1.
Seventh ballot—Pickrell 21),Bryant 61,
Trimble 1, Harvey 70.
Eighth ballot—Pickrell 8, Bryant 7G.
Harvey 77.
Ninth ballot—Bryant 85, Harvey 76.
In the sixth ballot the delegations be
gan to break up their solid formations,
Piekrell losing to both Harvey and
Bryant, the latter the heavy gainer by
nine votes and Harvey falling from 64
to 02, but regaining to 70 and Bryant
crawling to Gl in the seventh. In the
eighth Pickrell fell to 8. Bryant crawl
ed to 7G and Harvey to 77, with 81
necessary for a choice.
On the ninth ballot Billy Bryant took
85 to 76 for Harvey, and was nomi
It was a hard fought battle, honestly
won, and when the result was announced
an uproar went up which nearly raised
the roof and Bryant was loudly called
for. He responded in a happy and
taking speech, which met with great ap
plause at every well turned period.
Mr. Harvey, called for,arose to the oc
casion and said he only wished he had
been permitted to make that acceptance
speech himself. He said he had fought
an honest tight, and Mr. Bryant had
honestly won. He asked the unanimous
endorsement of Mr. Bryant and was
loudly cheered. The endorsement was
heartily given, and then the friends and
supporters of Mr. Harvey responded
with a will to a call for three cheers
for Bryant. It was a happy ending to
the hard fought battle of nine exciting
Prosecuting Attorney Wilson.
For prosecuting attorney F. W. Bier
of Farmington named R. W. Roberts,
EL M. Boone put up A. A. Wilson of Pa
louse, and A. W. Perley of Tekoa nom
inated M. O. Reed of Colfax.
The first ballot showed 161 votes—94
for Wilson, Reed 41, Roberts 20. Mr.
Wilson was declared the nominee and
accepted the honor with a promise to
impartially discharge the duties of the
Treasurer Windus.
W. J. Windus was named for treasurer,
and twice seconded, the last time by M.
A. Corner of (Jarfield, who moved unani
mous selection, and it was done without
a murmur.
Sheriff Canntt.
S. S. King of Tekoa named J. E.
Canutt for renomination for sheriff. It
was seconded by Thos. Amos, who said
Canutt has been the best sheriff Whit
man county ever had. The RpWtinn
wae unanimous and in quick order.
Auditor Corner.
Prof. 11. T. Irion named John F.
Corner for re-election as auditor, and
was loudly applauded. There were a
score of seconds, and the choice went
through without a bi Hot and with
County Clerk Renfrew
W. \V. Renfrew was named, with
numerous seconds, for renomination as
county clerk, and he went through like a
streak of grease, without a ballot.
School Superintendent Roberts.
M. A. Corner of Garfleld nominated
S. C. Roberts, the present county super
intendent of schools, for renomination.
Like all the rest, a ballot was unnecep
Assessor Siler.
Assessor S. B. Siler was renominated
by acclamation. It was quick and easy.
Coroner Crawford.
Coroner I). B. Crawford went through
in the same way.
Surveyor Murray.
E, C. Murray was put through in less
than a minute,by acclamation.
State Delegation.
The informal ballot for 28 state dele
gates was read as follows, and then I. W.
Shearer-of Pullman moved that choice
of the 2.'5 highest be made by a rising
vote. The following carried:
L. F. Brockway, H. P. York, John
Lathrum, F. W. Bier, J. K. McCornack,
J. C. Lawrence, W. L. LaFollette, John
Arrasmith, A. Coolidge, T. 11. Logsdoa,
W. N. Divine, Cash. Gaddis, I. W.
Shearer, John Gibson, W. 11. Thomas,
Geo. Chapman, 11. M. Boone, S. S. King
G. M. Witter, W. 11. Struppler, G. W
Nye, G. W. Case, J. 11. Ewart.
G. W. Case Jr. announced that the
delegation was friendly to both John
Lathrum and C. N. Gaddis for state
treasurer, and asked a vote by secret
ballot to determine which of the gentle
men should be supported for that place
before the state convention. The result
was: Lathrum 78, Gaddis 70. Lathrum
was declared the choice.
Want Kailroad Commission.
The following resolution was introduc
ed and unanimously adopted:
Moved, that it is the sense of this conven
tion that the delegates elected to the state
convention support the candidate here selected
for state treasurer; and further, that the dele
gation is instructed to. put forth every legiti
mate effort to secure the nomination of a
governor and lieutenant-governor who will be
favorable tc the appointment of a railroad
commission, looking toward securing equitable
freight rates in behalf of the farmers ot east
ern Washington.
District Conventions.
With the completion of the comity
ticket the legislative district convention's
were organized for the purpose of select
ing candidates for the legislative ticket.
For the Sixth district Dr. J. R. Rich
ardson of Tekoa was made chairman
and H. M. Boone of Palouse secretary.
For state senator, to succeed the late
Dr. Carper, a lively contest came up be
tween Bryan Westacott and Chas. E.
Whisler, both of Garfield. Mr. Wbisler
was named by G. W. Case, Jr., while J.
C. Lawrence stood sponsor for Mr
i Westacott.
Brockway of Rosalia said the contest
appeared to be in the nature of a fac
tional fight and called for expressions
from the rival candidates as to whether
or not each would abide by the result
and support the winner. Whisler tirst
responded and said he was too good a
republican to do otherwise than support
Mr. Westacott in event of his nomina
tion. Mr. Westacott said he had never
been known to do otherwise than sup
port the ticket and would freely stand
by Mr. Whisler if he was successful.
The vote was by ballot and each pre
cinct delegation, where some were ab
sent, was empowered to cast the full
strength of the delegation.
But one ballot was taken. 74 votes
being cast. Westacott 4:5, Whisler3l.
Westacott was declared the nominee,
and Whisler asked that the choice be
made unanimous. It was done with a
For representative in the Sixth dis
trict S. S. King nominated A. W. Perley
of Tekoa, a well known railroad en
gineer. He said Mr. Perley represents
the laboring and labor union, and not
the corporation classes. J. C. Lawrence
seconded, with the same assurance. .1.
L. (iriswold of Diamond put up L. F.
Reed of Diamond, (i. VV. Case, Jr.,
named Ethan E. Smith of St. John and
0. E. Hailey of Oakesdale nominated
Thog. Secrest of Oakesdale.
A majority of all votes cast were
necessary to a choice. On first ballot
there was but one choice, Mr. Smith.
The vote was: Perley 34, Reed 10,
Smith GO, Secrest 32.
On second ballot it was decided that
the highest one of the three remaining
should be the choice. The vote was:
Perley 30, Reed 6, Secrest 24. Perley
was successful.
The Seventh district convention wan
organized by selection of F. N. English
chairman and W. J. Davenport eeere-
O. E. Young nominated Wilford Allen
of Pullman to succeed himself as repre
sentative and W. A. Struppler proposed
E. J. Durham of I'niontown. Both
nominated by acclamation.
County Commissioners.
Through the resignation of 0. N.
Hinchliff commissioners were to be
nominated in both the Second and
Third districts. Separate conventions
were organized in both.
O. E. Young was chairman and H. M.
Boone secretary in the Second.
G. C. Kenoyer named I. K. Luce of
Fallons for commissioner. It was sec
onded by H. M. Boone, and then I. W.
Shearer of Pullman moved that Mr.
Luce be chosen by acclamation. It was
In the Third F. N. English was chair
man and W. O. McCaw secretary.
T. H. Logedoa proposed Wm. Hunt
ley of Endicott for the commissioner
ship, and he was chosen by acclamation.
After ratification by the convention^
whole of the nominations made anda
vote of thanks to the officers, the work
was done and one of the most interest
ing and harmonious republican conven
tions ever held in Whitman county
passed into history.
Daniel H. Farley Ordered to Mcdi-
cal Lake Asylum.
Daniel 11. Farley, a well known farm
er, who has lived for a number of years
a few miles southwest of Palouse, was
declared insane Monday morning by
Drs. Stunt and Benson, and was taken
to Medical Lake. His wife, son and
son-in-law were the witnesses examined.
Ilia sad condition pieemn dup to alcohol
ism, financial difficulties and heredity.
His mother was insane.
For several years Mr. Farley had been
carrying a heavy load of debt and was
a hard worker, but of late years has
drank liquor excessively at times. A
few days ago his financial difficulties
culminated in entire loss of his prop
erty, and though he had drank but
little, if any, for several months, he then
began once more. To still further ag
gravate his mental condition his team
ran away in the outskirts of Palouse a
week ago Sunday and so badly injured
P. Quint, father of his son-in-law, that
the old gentleman died Friday evening.
This piled one trouble upon another and
that night Mr. Farley's mind became so
far unbalanced that he tore off his cloth
ing in the street. He was taken in
charge by Marshal Woodward and
brought to Colfax Saturday by Sheriff
Before his examination he raved wild
ly and was tortured with an hallucina
tion that people were and had been
seeking his life, and that Whitman
county was attempting to hang him
without a trial.
The physicians are of the opinion that
a few weeks' treatment at the hospital
will bring him out of the present trouble.
Mail Box I tents Reduced.
There rany be a trust or monopoly in
postoffice mail boxes, but the price is
coming down as the American people
progress. Postmaster Fwart has re
ceived instructions io reduce the price of
call and small lock boxes from 33 1 «'$ to
50 per cant and has put the new rule in
operation. Heretofore the price of a
call box, such as the generality of peo
ple use, was C>o cents a quarter, or $2 a
ypar. The new rate is 25 cents, or $1 a
year. Small lock boxes have formerly
been charged for at 75 cents a quarter,
$.'i a year, but are now reduced to 50
cents a quarter, $2 a year. Medium
sized lock boxes will cost 85 cents a
quarter, $8,40 a year and lock drawers
$ 1 a quarter, $4 a year.
Crushed to Death.
While D. M. Coonce, a well known
pioneer.was trying to ride his horse in
to the livery 6table at Rosalia, Thurs
day of last week, the animal became
frightened and reared backward, falling
on its rider, the pommel of the saddle
crushing Mr. Coonce's breast. He re
gained consciousness PunViently to ex
press a wish to see his wife and children,
but death was almost instant. Deceased
resided six miles' northeast of Rosalia
and leaves a wife and six daughters to
mourn his demise.
Good Sheep Range.
A. McGregor of McGregor Bros., the
big sheepmen of western Whitman, was
in the city Monday on his way home
from the summer range in the mount
ains of the upper Palouse, where they
have 4000 of their 15,000 head of sheep\
He reports the mountain ranges much
further advanced this season than is
usual at this time of year.
A Wealth of Beauty
Is often hidden by unsightly pimples,
eczema, tetter, erysipelas, salt rheum,
etc. Bucklen's Arnica Salve will glorify
the face by curing all skin eruptions, also
cuts, bruises, burns, boils, felons, ulcers,
and worst forms of piles. Only 25c a
box. Cure guaranteed. Sold by The
Elk Drug Store, F. J. Stone, Prop.
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Hotel Cafe ami First Class liar in eoum-Hion.
Tryt,. COLFAX DRUG STOKE wi1 ,,. v1 , 11P
PPITQfiPT'PTTfkAT^ aiUl "''<' " -V°" l"i'"t BAVE somi;
IJI Fjyj\J JA 11 111 f±S H JUJJV. Ogjjto V»r»«t .Irugs, BC
Next Door to PostofHce. Telephone, Main 1. C. P. STUABT, Propr.
Twenty-four Men Drawn for Mid-
summer Service.
The following jurors have been drawn
for service at the term of the superior
court opening July 0: J. J. Brickner,
Chris Buri, Stephen Betts, Clark Brown,
F. M. Biilups, A. M. Burlingame and W.
Bumgardner of Colfax; George Bloom
field, E. A. Bryan, Cbas. Bull and Walter
Beach of Pullman: A. I). Blevins, E. C.
Brewster, Frank E. Brown and W. A.
Boswell of Oakesdale; Andrew Baxter of
Moscow; Henry Brown of Palouse; John
Bishop of Elberton; John J. Bell of
Winona: George Bianchet of Union
town; W. Burbank of St. John; Alfred
Burke of Guy; Frank Best of Pino City
and C. 11. Brown of Belmont.
Killed a Big Cougar.
F. D. Neel and Lee McCutcheon, who
have been in the St. Mariescountry with
Cy. Neel's band of sheep, had an'excit
ing little experience a few mornings ago
with a cougar of tawney hair and cruel
claws. The beast deliberately walked
into the camp of the boys at "daylight
and raised a row with the shepherd
dogs, who were fighting him for blood
when the boys rolled out of their blank
ets. Two shots put an end to him, and
the boys are now wearing his hide and
carrying his claws ns trophies of the
morning, The big cat measured ten
feet and one inch from tip to tip.
A I'opulist Error.
ihe advertisement of the populist
convention call published elsewhere con
tains an error, according to the execu
tive committee which drew it. Instead
of calling for a new set of delegates it
should call for simply a reconvening of
the delegates formerly chosen, and where
the delegates formerly elected bolted to
the democracy gentlemen of better color
and finer instincts of political honesty
are to be chosen. And in precincts
where no delegates were chosen in the
last primaries they are to be elected in
Colfax Girl in Michigan
Tue following is taken from a I'aw
paw, Mich., paper of recent date: Miss
Mabelle CummingH returned from the
university Sunday evening, having
finished her third year. With her came
as a guest for a few weeks, Mies Mac
Baker of Colfax, Washington, also a
student of the U. of M., a young lady of
fine musical ability.
Will Not Accept
Garfield Enterprise: J. I). Bishop.who
was mentioned some time ego as a can
didate for county commissioner to suc
ceed C. X. Hinchliff, who resigned last
April, denies that he is a candidate for
the position. If Mr. Bishop could be
induced to accent the position he would
fill it in a creditable manner.
Mr. W. S. Whedon.caehier of the First
National Bank of Winterset, lowa, in a
recent letter gives some experience with
a carpenter in his employ, that will be of
value to other mechanics. He saye: "I
had a carpenter working for me who
was obliged to stop work for several
days on account of being troubled with
diarrhoea. I mentioned to him that I
had been similarly troubled and that
Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Di
arrhoea Remedy had cured me. He
bought a bottle of it from the druggist
here and informed me that one dope
cured him, and he is again at his work."
For sale by all druggists*
Physicians are the friends of the fam
ily. Harpkb Whiskey is the friend of
the physicians. A most valuable assist
ant and one that can be trusted. Sold
by W. J. Hamilton, Colfax, Wasb o
Call on H. W. Goff for Insurance.
rl umber
Leave orders at Barroll k
Mohney's Hardware Store.
MJ low pricen and fair dealing we have
earned the title of
Purveyors to the
People ofColfax,
which we will hold and defend In the
name prompt and intelligent attention
to the wantH of our patrons.
Bennett & Tarbet,
Family Grocers.
Til E ....
Pioneer Drug Store,
'•V. J. HAMILTON, Propr.
Prescription Work a Specialty.
A complete stock of
Drutfs, Medicine*, Chemicals,
Soapn, Brushes, Perfumeries,
Paints, Oito, Glass,
Notions, Books, Stationery.
Telcph.ng No. 37. Main Stref t. Col fax
•gaga?. Our Isew Line of
Buy Your Groceries
A. EL Fouls,
Ajl gowk first class. Uiuhpst prices paid
for farm produce.
Marble and Granite Works
D. MILLGARD & CO. Proprietors.
Monuments, Headstones, Tablets
All Kinds of f'eTnetfcry Work.
Ca) i ami set- sanuih-K VVall Street
For Sale.
A King harventer, 13-foot vut, and
lbs. binding twine. Apply to Edwin
T. Coman c

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