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Dates of Whitman County's Fair
Are Fixed.
Some of the Attractions Determined
On—Premium List Soon be Sent
to Kvery Voter of County.
At a meeting (if the directors of the
Whitman County Fair held Saturday it
was decided to bold the fair two weeks
earlier than last year and the dates were
fixed for Sept. 25 to Sept. 20 inclusive.
Everything pertaining to the full meet
ing in progressing smoothly ami there
jh cv ry project ff>r a successful exhibi
tion. The premium! on live stock, at
the suggestion of the directory, nan
been raised about 200 per cent and a
good exhibit in assured in thin depart
ment an v lurge number of fine stock
have been imported into the county
during the lust year.
It whh found pcecconry to reduce the
purses for horse races somewhat over
those of last year aH the grounds require
a large amount of repairs, particularly
the live stock stalls, which will be en
tin-Iy remodeled, so stock will bp per
fectly safe and also comfortable while on
A balloon ascension as usual will be
one of the many attractions this year
and if everything is favorable one will
be given on two different days of the
fair. Other features of entertainment
will be trick acrobats, match races,
entertainers and a big free dance at the
armory every night. The free dance
was one of the successful issues of last
year's fair, and its pleasing features will
be duplicated this fall. The Colfax
orchestra will furnish music, as will the
band for the fair.
The premium list is vow in the hands
of the printer and will soon Le ready for
distribution, and will be mailed to every
voter in the county.
While the pui>es for horse races have
been reduced somewhat over last year
quite a good sum has been hung up for
the events each day, reaching a total of
$700. As the LewistOD fair follows
Whitman county's, it is believed there
will be a number of horses drop in here
to com.iete in the races and then later
in the Vineland meeting.
All the management asks this year to
make the fair an enjoyable event to
every man, woman and child in the
county is their cordial assistance in
attendance, and if just one exhibit could
come from each home it would make the
largest exposition ever seen in the
The Knelish School Will Open
September 12.
Prof. English intends to again open
up his school this year. The fall term
will begin September 12. It is the ex
pectation of Prof. English to have a
new building for his work this year. The
place selected for the building is on the
two lots on Wall street, just above
Herford'a, This makes a centrally
located school.convenient for both cuds
of the city and removed far enough from
the business streets so that the nou-e
need not interfere with the work of the
At the beginning Prof, and Mrs.
English will do the teaching, putting in
other forces as the demands increase.
They have been identified with educa
tional work many years, both in the
east and went. Since they began their
work in Colfax they have had over 600
young men and women under their care
and direction. The greater part of
these are today holding important posi
tions throughout the state. The work
of Professor and Mr*. English has proved
their worth in the educational field and
should tie a guarantee of their patrou
age and success in the future.
It is the intention to put in a full
busim He department under the care and
supervision of a man thoroughly pre
pared fur the work. For the present it
is their purpose to do the work natur
ally dove in the various preparatory
Hchools.both in the English and classical
Hues, fitting their students to occupy
positions of worth and trust in the busi
ness and social world.
Hanna Forces Carried the Demo-
cratic Primaries.
Tbe democrats held another session
last Saturday. To play the populists
this was probably necessary. The occa
sion was to elect a few fusionists to at
tend a county convention Saturday,
which will choose 27 delegates to a state
convention. The primaries were cocked
and primed, with the friends of Judge
Hanna in the ascendancy. Nominee
Chadwick took ruther a shade the worut
of it.
The Ward Votes.
In the First Colfax ward the factional
democratic story was told thuslv:
Thos. Neill 2,' i. H. W. Canfield2s, Wrn.
Goodyear 24, Zell M. Beebe 8, E. K.
Hanna 24, Frank Bakala 5, A. J
Easum 2, Clark Brown 5, F. J. Stone 3,
L. Lonimaeson 4, M. L. Skidmore 21
B. W. McPhee li, Geo. Brooks 18.
Second ward-F. W. Brickner :JO, C.N.
Hinchliff 28, B F Harvey 36, Herman
kennell X\, Harry Cornwell 35. C. F
Stuart 37.
\eteran democrats like Pat Codd,
Herbert Warner, W. H. Mitchell, Ortis
Hamilton, E. W. Weinberg, Arthur
Marion, J. W. Herford and R P Hill
suspected of a leaning toward Chadwick'
were turned down with only their own
Third ward—J. K. Eacho 14, H. H.
nice Z?%S- h ilacKenzie 14, Thos.
Oliverl,l, 1 hos. Hughes 1. Wm. Mastin 1
In North Colfax precinct G. W. Larue,
Mart Newhall, W F. Kennedy and W.
ii. Uolding were chosen.
Stole a Few Knives.
A gentleman of the hobo breed lifted
a case of knives at Hermann Ktnnell's
Cigar store Monday evening and made
his escape He deliberately walked in
while he clerks were in the back room
and lifted the tray of knives valued a*
fli. He was seen in the operation, but
it was thought he intended to put the
tray on the counter to select a knife
Before he could be stopped he left the
i££rS h hjß b°Oty aDd hae not -^
Houee Burned Down
fax, burned Saturday morning ;.t 8
o'clock. Mr. Stinson was absent at the
time and Mrs. Stinson was a short dis
tance from the house when the fire broke
out. She was unable to cave anything
from the house, and the family only
escaped with the clothing worn. The
loss was about $1600 on house and con
tents. The house was insured in the
Pennsylvania Insurance Co. of Phila
delphia for $500. The contents were in
sured for $300, making a total insurance
of $800. Besides this, Mr. Stinson lost
$1200 in subscriptions and notes for his
new book on the county, besides data,
picturep, engravings, etc., for the same.
This loss is almost irreparable and will
delay, if not entirely prevent, its publi
Chinaman in a Runaway.
Yung Soy, driver of the Chinese veget
able wagon, met with a serious accident
Wednesday morning. His horse ran
away while descending the long grade
from Colfaz college and he was thrown
out near the high school. His right hip
was dislocated and one or two ribs were
Taxes Have Beeu Coming In Freely All
the Year.
Receipts of the County During
Seven Months Nearly Doubles
Treasurer Windus and his efficient
force have been making money fur the
people this year, if a large balance re
maining after all expenses have been
paid is indicative of money making.
The treasurer's books show that during
the first seven months of 1900, the re
ceipts from all sources have been $290,
--277.62; while disbursements for all pur
poses including interest on bonded in
debtedness and payment to the state of
its quota of ta* collections were but
$162,330.99 —leaving a cash balance on
hand for the seven months of $127,
--94 C GB.
July Rusiness.
Receipts for the month of July were:
Taxes for 180!) $ 13,526 46
Taxes for IX9B 526.08
Taxes for 1897 117.60
Taxes for 189f. :.... 178 41
Taxes for 1895 39 96
Taxes for 1894 185 66
Taxes for 1891, 1892, 1893 2,329.80
Fees for July 559! 60
Miscellaneous receipts 395.62
Total income for July § 17,859.19
Previously received since Jan. 1... 272,418.43
Total county income since Jan. 1. §290,277. ti'2
Expenses of Government.
Disbursements from the county treas
ury during the month were considerably
lees than in June and not counting the
money paid into the state treasury hs
taxes collected on account of state funds,
is the smallest of any month of the cur
rent year. For purely county purposes
the following were the disbursements:
From school district fund $3,917.2:5
Special school fund 5,304.73
Road district fund 3,639 58
Current expense fund 4,7-7 26
Road and bridge fund 1,195 90
Indigent soldier fund 20.00
Total for all county purposes $18,704.70
Paid to state treasurer 7,273.50
Total disbursements for July ...$ 25,978.20
Disbursements since Jan. 1, previ
ously rep orted 136,352.79
Tutal disbursements sinca Jan. 1 $162,330.99
Rev. W. J. Wright, former rector of
Good Samaritan church at Colfax, writ en
to friends here that he spent hiH vaca
tion at Carlisle, Pa., Atluntic City, and
Neversink Highlands, N. J. All i* well
with him.
Arnold Gerber came down from the
mineß at Cedar Canyon Saturday and
left Thursday for his native heath fit
Aarwangen, Kt. Berne, Switzerland, for
a visit of six or eight months.
H. H. Halsey and Miss Anna Halsey,
who have been visiting friends in the
east for the past few months, returned
to their home near Diamond Tuesday.
The trip was made from Detroit in less
than three days.
Miles M. Miller, cashier of the Coltoo
bank, was in town Saturday to meet
his daughter Edith, who had been visit
ing in Oregon for a couple of months.
Sam A. Mitchell has returned from
Winona, to permanently remain at Col
Fred Waite spent Friday la*t with
Colfax relatives and friends.
David Shiesser, of Johnson, has spent
the week in town under treatment for his
eyes with Dr. Johnston.
M. Hart, proprietor of the hotel at
Winona, was in town Thursday of last
week on a business trip.
Mrs. Minnie Sargent, editress of the
Pullman Tribune, spent Sunday at |
G. I). Hodge, court stenographer in
the Second judicial district of Idaho,
spent several days of the week with
Colfax friends.
Albert Hoeppner iB at Nome, Alaska,
and writes that he ie doing well in the }
drug business, with 35 drug stores in
A. C. Warner came down from Spo
kane Wednesday to spend a day or two I
with Colfax friends.
F. P. Wegstein, clerk in the treasur
er's office, left Wednesday for Medical j
Lake on an outing of a couple of weeks. j
W. E. McCroskey and Jos. Davis of!
Palouse were in town Wednesday.
T. J. Detuorest, the Garfield photo- >
grapher, spent Wednesday at Colfax.
Frank Higgins of Pampa spent the '
week with his father, J. W. Higgins.
Misses Osie Ringer and Nellie Palmer
ton, of Pullman, passed through Colfax,
Thursday on their way to Palo Alto,
Calif, where they will attend Stanford i
Professor and Mrs. W. E. Ransom are
home from a summer vacation spent on
the sound.
L. M. Ringer was a Wednesday visitor ;
at Colfax.
W. P. Gale and W. U. Fisher were
Oakesdale visitors at Colfax, Wednes
John F. Fuller has returned from a
trip to San Francisco and other coast
towns. i
Assessor Siler Tells What He
Some Horses. Sheep and Cows and
t^uite a Shake Down of Town
Aeeeesor Siler has worked hard and
long, often at night to complete his
booke within the time prescribed by law
—August 1. He has them done. This in
the showing of Whitman county's wealth
aw aeeesi-ed:
Town and City Property.
Towns. Value oi Improve- Total
Lots. ments. Valuation.
Aurora % 455.00 J $ 655 00
Belmont i,670 00 640.00 3 "lu'uO
Unmham .... 4-JO.OO 175.00 'ft&OO
Chambers — :?io.o<j 7»'.ooo l lOii'tyi
Uolfax 272,565.00 264,350.00 "vJ-l'yi.Voo
Colton 1J040.00 14,505.00 26 5t0'.00
Diamond 4"k}.00 775 00 1 '»o it)
Elberton 8,425.00 15,895.00 24*820.00
Endicott 3,520.00 6,S0o.()0 i0'325!00
Farmington.. 15,660.00 28,350.00 44'oio*00
Garfield — 36,580.00 55,960.00 92,540!00
Guy 5,795.00 11,805.00 17'(iOO'oO
Jolinson 4,005.00 o.tiSO.OO 9,66500
Oakesdale.. 38,775.00 84,850.00 123,625.00
Palouse 01,515.00 135,185.00 iyo'7oo'oo
I'ampa 105.00 215.00 320 00
Penawawa... 335.00 730.00 1005 00
Pine City.... :!50.00 4 070.00 4,320.00
I'ullman. . 1:10,690.00 165,780.00 'J.hi 470 00
Rosalia .... 11,040.00 2<;,4H0.00 37'470'd0
Bunset 4iH)OO 1,445.00 1,845.00
,-taU-y 215.00 1,055.00 1,270 00
st. John 3,795.00 8,700.00 12 495 00
Jekoa 38,23000 57,770.00 96,000.00
Texas City.. M.OO 795.00 1,17500
Thornton ... 1,170.00 5,500.1)0 ti ,70 00
Uniontown.. 10,840.00 21,300.00 xi'itooo
v luomi 485.00 1, 1 M.OO 1,945.00
Personal Poeessions.
In the way of personal property the
assessor found this:
Horses 2('.,245, valuation. $ 527,800 00
Cattle 24.270, valuation . 361,605 00
Sheep 29,426, valuation . r>5,080 00
Hogs 11,261, valuation 30,010 00
Wagons 5,010, valuation 131,890 00
Sewing machines 2,114, valuation 21,620 CO
Watches, etc., 2,224, valuation.. 17,2«5 00
Musical mat's 1,047, valuation... 47,260 00
Household goods 225,795 00
Agricultural tools, etc IS9^kSO 00
Fire arms, etc 4,155 00
Goods and merchandise 430,605 00
MaaufHcturfis, etc 70,470 00
Money in baok . M3.WJS 00
Corporation stock 845 00
Sample rooms 15,46"0 00
Farm products 147,315 00
Elevators 389,121 00
Imp ts on tfovneiTmieut land 5'J 140 00
Notes, etc 229,735 00
Other items 89,955 00
Total personal roll $3,352,920 00
Farm realty $ 7,888,095 00
Town realty 1,582,515 00
Railroad realty 1,547,741 00
Personal 3,352,920 00
, T"tal -• §14,371,277 00
Assessments 1899 12,078,103 00
Increase $ 1,093,114 00
Concluded to Bore a Well Near
the Pump Station.
The city council met Monday night,
but The low stage of water was not a
Bobjeet oi discussion to any great extent.
All members were there except Council
men Baker and Van Schoick.
The principal cause of the meeting
seemed to be a ratification of bills pay
able, and §780.37 was disbursed.
Marshal Mackay reported fines collect
ed for July at $101.50.
Chief White made application for 500
feet of new fire hose, and it was referred
to the committee on fire asd water.
The appointment of K. W. Weinberg
as npecial policeman was ratified by the
votes of Councilmen Lippitt, Dumdi,
Barroll ana Mastin, Good not voting.
Talked About Water.
The matter of city water was talked
over, and by the votes of Councilmen
Lippitt, Harroll and Mastin, Good and
Dumdi voting nay, it was resolved to
bore an 8-inch well somewhere convenient
to the pump station. The proposal of
Jncob Arrasmith to bore an artesian
well on his farm was not entertained.
Commissioners Had Their Say.
The county commissioners took a
hand in the proceedings and cent in a
communication like this:
"The county commissioners, at their
meeting now in session serve this notice
on the city authorities:
"At a meeting of the board of county
commissioners, August G.it was directed
that the city authorities of Colfax be
notified that hereafter any person dump
ing rubbish or garbage on any oi the
public highways leading into Colfax, or
in any of the streams, in the vicinity of
Colfax, will be prosecuted to the full
extent of the law."
J. I). Hagan filed a treasurer's receipt
for $600 and asked for a liquor license,
and it was properly referred, with a
recommendation that the city attorney
prepare a new set of bonds and applica
tion for license.
Ijost in Barn Fire.
Last week's barn fire on the farm of
It. L. McCroskey on Tennessee flat,
through which Walter McGuire lost
heavily, was fairly well insured in agen
cies represented by R. R. Rupert. On
the contents of the barn $1750 was car
ried. Horses were insured for $2850,
but there was no loss because Mr. Mc
(iuire was absent with them beading in
the lower country. There was also $400
on the headers which were out and $320
on hay. Eleven hundred sauks of chopped
feed and 1100 or 1200 bushels of wheat
were destroyed, with only $400 of in
surance upon them. Farm machinery
to the value of $1200 was burned, with
but $200 of insurance.
Politician Went Fishing.
The Newport Miner has this to say
about Chairman Davenport of the re
publican county central committee: W.
J. Davenport and son Harry, of Colfaxj
Kpent last week at that famous trout re
port, Sullivan lake. Mr. Davenport is
cashier of the Bank of Colfax and chair
man of the republican central committee
of Whitman county, and we will venture
to say that if the voters of that county
are as pcrsistenly pursued as were the
speckled beauties on Harvey creek, that
there won't be a populist vote cast in
Whitman county this fall.
You assume no risk when you buy
Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarr
hoea Remedy. All druggists will refund
your money if you are not satisfied after
using it. It is everywhere admitted to
be the most successful remedy in use for
bowel complaints and the only one that
never fails. It ie pleasant, safe and re
Has Found.
Col fax Colleeo Will Again Greet
tbe Students
Colfax college will open September 26.
I Rev. F. B. Pace, the new president, is
already on the ground, having removed
hie family from Garfield during the week.
lie ie taking an active interest in the
I welfare of the college and proposes to
make it a school for Colfax people to be
proud of. The entire faculty has not
yet been appointed. The selections so
far made are:
Professor J. \V. Evans, late principal
of the high school at Pasadena, Calif.,
will take the chair of mathematics,
English and Latin. Mrs. Evans, a grad
uate of the Boston Conservatory of
Muhc, will take care of the department
of vocal and instrumental music. Miss
Eva Mhomson, a graduate of the college
and art department of the University of
Utah, will care for the art department
of the college.
The fourth quarterly meeting of the
Methodist Episcopal church will be held
next Sunday. Preaching at 1 1 and 8
p. m. All are invited.
There w ill be no services at St. Patrick's
Catholic church next Sunday, August 1 2,
the pastor, Rev. Louis A. Yerhagen,
attending a meeting of the clergy of Ihis
diocese at Vancouver. The following
Sunday, August l'J, services will b3 held
at the usual hour.
The pubject for the Christian Science
lesson sermon for Aug. 12 is "Mind."
Golden Text: Great is our Lord, and of
great power; hi-* understanding is in
finite. IValra 147.5.
Chairman Davenport, of the republi
can county central committee has called
a committee meeting to be held at Col
fax, August 2f>, at 2 p. m.
The demand for harvest laborers
grows instead of decreasing, and wages
are nothing less than $2 a day and from
that to H-50.
"A meeting of those interested in the
petitions to railways will be held at the
office of Geo. H. Lennox fiis Friday
evening at 7:.'?0. Citizens are expected
to be present.
A gentle rain fell throughout Wednes
day night. Followed by bright weather,
it did no harm to the harvests.
Aarou Kuhn has bought one of the
Farmers' Alliance warehouses at Guy.
Janitor Henry Miller was dangerously
attacked Tuesday with cholera morbus,
but is now recovering.
Hon. J. C. Lawrence of Garfield is quite
a likely candidate for the republican
gubernatorial nomination to be made
August lf>.
Deputy Sheriff G, B. Carter is on the
sick list. He was threatened with appen
dicitis, but it was happily averted.
The Roy Crawford Stock Company's
rendition of "Sauho" at theColfax opera
house Tuesday night far exceeded the ex
pectations of the people. "A True Ken
tuckian" given Wednesday evening was
also well received. The company is far
above the average and is sure of full
houses on its return.
Double Death.
Death visited double in the family of
Wm. Warfield at Johnson last week.
First the infant child of Mr. and Mrs.
Warfield died after a few hours of sick
ness contracted from the mother. Three
days later the wife of two years died at
the home of her father, P. W. Bartel,
after an illness of three or four weeks.
Palouse Country Wheat.
Reports from crops now being threshed
are that the yield falls from 25 to 40
per cent below the prospect while stand
ing. Few pieces of good looking grain
reach 40 bushels to the acre, and not
all reach 30 bushels. Red Russian wheat
is proving a disappointment.
That Boer War.
Pretoria, Aug. 6.—lt is stated posi
tively that President Kruger is willing
and anxious to surrender, providing a
satisfactory promise is given as to his
ultimate destination. Harrismith sur
rendered August 4. The neighboring
country is quiet.
Equalizing Taxes.
The commissioners met Monday to sit
as a board of equalization. There are
practically no complaints and it is not
probable that.the session will hold
longer than this week.
Two Chinese Beheaded.
Washington, Aug. 3.—The state de
partment makes public the following
telegrams received today, Aug. 3, from
the consul general at Shanghai and the
consul at Chefoo:
"Shanghai, Aug. 3.—Secretary of
State, Washington: Americans left
Chuokin yesterday. Li told French con
sul today no messages will be delivered
ministers because foreigners are advanc
ing on Pekin. Two pro-foreign members
of the tsung li yamen beheaded 27th for
urging preservation ministers, by Li
Ping Han, now commanding tioops
Pekin. He ordered Pao Ting massacre.
Seats, August 1, Mrs. Mary Ryan,
aged 53.
Johnson, August 1. infant child of Mr.
and Mrs. Matt Busch.
Pullman. August 8, Mrs. S. S. Goff of
Independence, Oregon, aged 74.
Palouse, Augußt 8, \V. H. Gilliam and
Miss Belle Fisher.
It's a doctor's business to study
health. Doctors confidently recommend
Hahper Whiskey. Sold by W. J. Ham
ilton, Colfax, \Vash c
For Sale.
Several Jshn F. Fuller Whitman coun
ty atlases Never been used. Will sell
cheap. Address Geo. H. Lennox, Colfax,
Wanted—Girl for general housework.
Apply to Mrs. W. H. Winfree, South
Wanted—Dressmaker to take charge of
sewing. Apply to Mrs. Thos. Baker,
Wanted—Girl to do general house
work. Apply at my store. Julius
Go to Hotel Hart, Winona, for good
treatment. First class house o
H. W. Goff writes reliable Insurance.
Try Armstrong for groceries.
If we please you, tell others.
If we don't, tell us.
Colfax's Greatest Store.
Helpful Shopping Hints
Tell you only a few of the
many bargains that Kuhn's
store is overflowing with. Sea
sonable goods which have the
prices cut to half or less, mostly
less. These are grand shop
ping times for those who like
DUTY—And who does not?
Colfax's Greatest Store,
Coltiix, Washington.
Largest, moat reliable and quickest mail I A postal mailed to us will secure you a line
order house in the State of Washington. | of samples.
Our stock is most complete and prices to miit the times.
Here are a few articles we carry:
Groceries, Crockery,
Tinware, Graniteware,
Tubs, Washing Machines,
Baskets, Water Kegs,
Fruit Jars and Tops,
Crocks, Jugs and Pots,
Eggs and Poultry wanted in large or small quantities, for which we pay cash
or merchandise. Bring us all you have.
Phone Main 1$ 1. Free Delivery. Colfax, Washington.
Why Not Paint New 28£?
■ IIYTII Si^PT 1 We will sell all kinds of PnintH, \m /i/uir|i
Ui> LJ.IJ nEil 1, 1 Oils. Lead au<l varnishes . . . Al \ Un I
DeVoe'a mixed paint (guaranteed) tfal $1 50 DeVoe white lead (none better) per cwt. ?.S 00
Acme mixed paiut, per gal .. 140 Boiled oil, per gal <K)c
Carter white lead per cwt 865 Wagon and carriage paints included iii sale.
■ Positively No Goods Charged at These Prices.
Next Door to Postotfice. Telephone. Main 1. C. F. STUART, Propl*.
Hotel Colfax, J-D-Hagan 'fropriet0*
The Leading Hotel in the City.
All Modern Conveniences. Free Sample Rooms for
Lighted by Electrricity. Commercial Men.
Hotel Cafe and First Class Bar in connection.
Unclaimed lietters.
Lint of letters remaining uncalled for
in the Colfax powtofh'ce. Aug. 10, 1900:
Charert, Mrs L A Jones, Miss Maggie
Carter, B F Newman, Franklinß
Carlson, Franz Stein, Tom
ttourna, V I' Sweasinger, l)r F B
Breezs, Sain Wordworth,Mr&Mrs
One cent postage will be collected.
James Ewabt, P. M.
Call for Committee Meeting.
A meeting of the republican central
committee of Whitman county i 8 hereby
called, to convene at republican head
quarters in Colfax. on Saturday, Aug.
25, at 2 o'clock p. m. A full attendance
ie desired as busicesß of importance is
to come before the committee. All mem
bers who can possibly do so are urged
to be present.
W. J. Davenport, Chairman.
Buy Your Groceries
-A.. E. Fonts, I
All goods first class. Highest prices paid
for farm produce.
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Helpful Shopping IlintA
Imported Mad ran and zephyr RinKhams.
This ia the greatest opportunity the
ladies of Colfax and vicinity ever had.
Former prices of these erode, 12Jc, 20c,
25c and 3oc a yard. Kuhn's sale price,
per yard t'ici
All remnants of lawns and dimities, best
quality, first class, now per yard .. . 7Jc 1
Imported organdies, former price, BSI
and 35c per yard, now 12Jc
Ladies' fine quality linen cra«h w.inh
skirts, now 2"» c
Ladies' tine quality percale wrapper with
ruttle over shoulder around yokt;, raffle,
yoke, back hand and eoni trfmiaod
with braid, dc*p Spanish rafle at li^t
torn, now f 1.00
Ladiea' of fine muslin with V ibapfl
or f-quare yoke, trimmeil with lace nr
embroidery, now 46c
I Ladies'^ownH of tine cud brie, trin.me 1
with tort-hon lace, etnpire Ht}l«, nt.w. 7'
Ladies' drawers, full rulll\ otnbrella
trimmed with torchan Imm iioo
Ladies' drawers of tine mnslin, with nice
wide embroidery bemstitehed on wide
cambric rntHa .... f>9c
I Ladies' pumn.or corsets, the kind you
have always paid 60j tj 7">c f"r, now. . ISi
Jelly Glasses, Machine Oil,
Hay and Grain,
Fruit, Vegetables,
Confectionery, Nuts.
Cigars, Tobacco,
Tropical Fruits, etc., etc.
A Delightful Glass.
Our soda water customers approve what w«
sell them. They like the pure water we dm
and the pure fruit flavors. Our ice creaiu, too,
is of the very best quality We combine
purity of material and cleanliness of service
to the attractive beverages we sell. A
fine assortment of candieß always on haud.
CHAS. KENNEL. I. O. Store.
Lacey & Sheldon.
(Successors to Bennett ,t Tarbet)
High Grade Goods at Low Prices
HrartquartPrß for
Fruit and Vegetable*
Telephone Main 4*. Main St., Collaz, Wanh.
Loon Lake Ice
Carload Just Received
Best quality. Deliveries <!aily to co mwn at
lie per pound.
Prompt and Satisfact' ry.
Is read by people whom
the advertiser desires to
reach with his announce

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