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George Parks Brought Him To
Earth With a Neat Cast.
His Partner Wat) Captured Later
and Both Are Now In Jail
Awaiting a Trial.
Sheriff Canutt returned Tuesday from
Colton, where he went to bring a pair of
burglars to the county jail. Their
names are Charles K. Wilson and Harry
Haven, and both are young men. They
are unable to furnish $">()() bonds placed
upon each by Justice Flowers for burg
lary of a farmers barn near Colton Sat
urday night, when they are alleged to
h:.\:> stolen two good saddles.
It is charged that VViison and Raven
were at the farm Saturday afternoon
and attempted to trade for the saddles.
Jn this they were unsuccessful. Thenext
morning, however, the saddles were both
missing and the young men were at
once suspected of the theft. The owner
went to Colton and enlisted the services
of Constable l>. \V. Potter and son
Harry. The younger man, who preceded
his father, overtook the thieves in Step
toe canyon. They ran and young Pot
ter called Ueorge Parks, who captured
Wm. Herbert at the time of his escape
from jttil two years ago, to aid him. On
a swift horse, Parks soon overtook the
flyinir fugitives. When they refused to
stop Parks uncoiled his riata from his
saddle and deftly lassoed Wilson and
dragged him from his horse. The captor
then drove his victim back up the road
with the rope around bis neck until Pot
ter was met. Harry Potter captured
The Brave Man Who Suppressed
Coeur d'Alene Anarchy.
Governor Frank Steunenberg of Idaho
spent Tuesday afternoon in Colfax on
his way to Moscow. The governor is a
democrat, elected by the fusiouists of
bin state in the great uprisiug of all the
breeds opposed to republicanism and
good government; but he is a typical
westerner of massive frame and courage
corresponding. Last spring when Con
gressmen Lentz of Ohio and Sulzer of
New York were attempting to manufac
ture democratic campaign material
through a congressional investigation of
tiie Coeur d'Alene anarchy. Governor
Steunenberg, as a democrat, elected by
the fusionists of Idaho, took the stand
and shouldered from President McKinley
to himself all blame, if any there was,
for calling in soldiers and suppressing
the ranting anarchists. This manly act
of the governor killed that democratic
issue, and wherever he travels and is
recognized he is warmly taken by the
baud and admonished that he has too
many republican symptoms to be-aught
in a funo-demoeratic camp. His medi
cine for Lentz and Sulzer and the Coeur
d'Alene anarchists they were defending
is a matter of history not in the Bryan
campaign books, but it was effectual.
The governor said he was taking a
little trip for his health and incidentally
to look after some mysterious mining
property on Swamp creek. The redoubt
able Major Hall accompanies him.
Never Gave an Interview Antagon-
istic to Republican Ticket.
Colfax, Aug. 30.—Editor (Jazette: I
desire the u*e of sufficient of your space
in which to answer a certain article
which appeared in the Review of Mon
day last. The article referred to pur
ported to be an interview between a
Review correspondent and myself. No
such interview was ever had, and I was
the most surprised man in Whitman
county when my attention was called to
it. One usually knows when he is inter
viewed, and I certainly was not. I re
nounce all claim to the language quoted
in the article as mine. No sane man can
for a moment conceive of my using such
language, knowing the effect it would
have upon myself personally, to say
nothing of its effect upon the party
which I have always supported loyally,
and in the interests of which I have been
giving my best efforts.
My position as chairman of the county
central committee would preclude the
possibility of the use of such language
by me. No man could on sober thought
conceive of any motive which would
prompt me or any one in my position to
give utterance to language antagonistic
to his personal and political interests.
The idea is so absurd that no denial
should be required. Did the author of
the article in question have the same
published in my interest, or was it in
tended to do me harm? Certainly the
latter, which is proof positive that I had
nothing to do with it, as no man would
consent to au interview which would be
to his own detriment.
W. j. Davknpokt.
Hopkins Climbs the Ladder.
Chas. B. Hopkins, for a number of
years manager of the Inland Telephone
<k Telegraph Company, has been de
servedly promoted to the higher posi
tion of general tram 1* manager of the
Sunset Company of which the Inland is
but a division, and has its headquarters
at San Francisco, where Mr. Hopkins
has now gone to take his orders. Mr.
Hopkins' new position will compel him
to travel over a large eeopc of country.
Mr. Hopkins" record in extension of tele
phone lines throughout the inland em
pire has beeu an enviable one—hustle
and rustle and rare good judgment be
ing used. He is the father of the tele
phone throughout the inland empire
having strung the first wire from The
Colfax Gazette office of what is now a
great system of quick communication.
Winona Voting Precinct.
Mouth of Rock Creek voting precinct
is no longer to ho known pflioiaHy Here
after the name is to be Winona with
considerable territory added to the old
Mouth of Rock Creek precinct from the
west side of Endicott precinct, reaching
within nve or six miles of Endicott town
lbe commissioners made the following
order at their late session- "\ uew
voting precinct wan established with the
Rol°kT 8 t b°UD<? ary: All of Mouth of
o Oc^ l tr^ k Prmnct and sections 28, 29,
farther ordered that the voting place of
eaid precinct be changed from Mouth of
Hock Creek to Winona, and that the
name of the precinct be changed from
"Mouth of Rock Creek" to "Winona."
Best Chance in the World.
W. W. Waite, secretary of. the Best
Chance Mining Company, with property
in the Pend d'Oreille country, received a
letter Saturday from John Lloyd, super
intendent of the works, which appreci
ably raised the hopes of the owners, all
of whom are Colfax people. They have
always felt that fortune was in eight
aud now they feel it in their grasp. Mr.
Lloyd reports that 80 feet from the
mouth of the tunnel on the 450-foot
level the ledge of the Best Chance was
again struck, K> feet wide and carrying
mineral which those with interests are
pardonable in feeling rich over. It is
not known how much larger the ledge
is, as it has not been fully explored.
Hairy Palmer Terribly Roasted in a
New Fancied Concern.
Alcohol fjnmp Took Fire and Cook
ed the Flesh on His Arms
and lii'us.
Harry Palmer, a young man employed
in the livery stable of his brother, (ieo.
W. Palmer, at Colfax, met with a pecu
liar and what may prove to be a fatal
accident at 8:30 o'clock Mondny evening.
He was taking a vapor bath, prior to
retiring for the night, when the alcohol
lamp which is a part of the contrivance,
took tire. It blazed fiercely, and before
aid came to tear the cabinet in which
Palmer was enclosed from about his
body he was frightfully burned. The
flesh of his left arm was cooked almost
to the bone from the elbow down and
his thighs and left leg were also cooked.
Drs. Btnht and Johnston, who attended
the suffering man, were compelled to re
move a large amount of burned skiu
and flesh from the injured parts. They
are not sanguine of his recovery, but
believe he will survive unless pneumonia,
which they greatly fear, attacks him.
Palmer was in his room at the stable
at the time of the accident. The bath
ing apparatus was a cahinet vapor con
cern, in which his body whs encased, and
it was fastened about, the neck. C. E.
White, chief of the fire department, was
fortunately across the street. The cries
of Palmer attracted him aud he ran in
and tore the cabinet from the burning
man by main strength, thus saving hiH
life and probably a disastrous fire. The
room did not take fire.
George T. Smith of Penewawa wan a
Colfax visitor Friday and Saturday.
He reports the Snake Itiver peach crop
as satisfactory this year.
A. L. Bird, section foreman at Hay,
came up Saturday and returned home
with his wife and new-born daughter,
who have been stopping with Mrs. L E.
Miss Anna Schibliug, who has been
visiting friends at Starbuck and rusti
catifig in the Blue mountains for the
past ten weeks, arrived home Tuesday.
Mrs. Chan. Lusher, who has been visit
ing Colfax relatives, returned Thursday
morning to her home at Wardner.
J. H. Ewart, who has been spending a
few days in the hunting fields of western
Whitman since his return from thr re
publican state convention, is again at
his post of duty at the pnetoffiee.
Mr. and Mrs. X. N. Cota of Penawawa
were Colfax visitor* Wednesday.
Bertie Kuhn went to Spokane Thurs
Mrs. Erford and son, Roy, have re
turned from the B. Y. I. I*. Assembly at
Cbautauqua, Wasn.
Earl Hill of Pullman stopped over in
Colfax the first of the week, on his wav
to Walla Walla.
Misses Violet mid Virginia Howard of
Moccow were visiting friends in Colfax
this week.
Mrs. Chas. A. Underwood left Tuesday
for Spokane to visit her Hieter, Miss
Josephine Chase.
Miss Dora Wiseman returned Thurs
day from a six weeks' visit with friends
at Harrison, Idaho.
R. M. Johnston left Tuesday for the
Camas prairie country to buy beef and
Mr. and Mrs. M. A. Rose are on a
three weeks' trip to Chicago.
C. H. Warner came down from Spo
kane Monday to remain a few days.
Mrs. Thos. Cromwell and daughter
Leona are visitiDg Colfax friends.
Mrs. H. P. James returned Friday
from a trip to Middlebury, Vt. She was
accompanied home by Mr. and Mrs.
Samuel James, parents of Rev. H. P.
James. They will remain two or three
Harold Doolittle, who has been mak
ing his headquarters at Wallace, Idaho,
for a numbrr of months, iv theemi!oy
of the Northern Pacific civil engine* nng
department, has been ordered to report
for duty at the head office at Taorna.
He was in town Sunday, visiting his
parents and left Monday for Tacoma.
Jos. Livengood of Seattle was in town
Saturday, visiting his brother, F. E.
Supreme Judge Mark A. fullerton
spent Sunday among old Colfax friends.
Ben Binnard came down from Spokane
Wednesday, returning Thursday.
M. 0. Reed returned Wednesday from
a trip to the Seven Devils, where he went
to look after mining property.
Separator on Fire.
It ia reported that George Howell of
Spring fiat, who last season lost a
threshing outfit and a large amount of
grain by tire, came near losing his sepa
rator from tbe came cause Monday after
noon, while threshing at McTierney'e
ranch on Spriug flat. The separator
took fire from some unknown cause, but
the flame was smothered by heaping un
threshed grain deeply over the machine.
Across the Plains.
David Kerns and E. Phelps arrived at
Colfax Tuesday from Moreno, Oklahoma,
four months out with a mule team.
They spent about three months in actual
travel. They are well pleased with the
Palouse country, after" crossing a great
scope of barren country, and expect to
settle here.
Highest cash price paid for second i
hand furniture at W. G. Busee'e.
Young Man in Love Tried to
End Miserable Existence.
Doctors Took Him in Hand and
PaOdled the Life Spark Back
With a Board.
Fred Barr, a young man who has been
out from Chicago long enough to'fall in
love with a western girl where it was not
reciprocated, attempted to travel the
morphine route to the other world at (5
o'clock Thursday evening of last week.
Owing to the knowledge of two or three
doctors and the industry of several help
ers with rather thick boards bin attempt
was a failure. He has already left the
hospital, probably not wiper, but cer
taiuly sore some place besides his heart
The young man had been working on
farms for the past few weeks and came
to town that evening with Will McGif
ford, a young friend. In a t-aloon he
remarked to McGifford that he proposed
to end his jealous troubles and swal
lowed a heavy dose of morphine. In a
Few minutes he was stretched on the
floor, but the crowd knew uothintr of his
having taken poison. When finally car
ried to the office of Drs. Boswell and Po
cock there was k but a'sinah spark of life
left and struggled breaths came but
twice in a minute and a quarter. Strych
nine and manganese of potash were dosed
into him, and within half an hour he was
ready for the heroic treatment with a
board, which was liberally and regularly
applied far into the night. He was then
sent to the hospital and the next morn
ing was over the worst effects of the
dose. The young man came from Chi
cago about four years ago and has no
relatives in this country.
A Competent Faculty Awaits the
leathering of Students.
The new management of Colfax col
lege is receiving much greater encourage
ment in every respect than even the
most sanguine friends of the institution
dared to expect, so that, as far as
present indications go, there is every
promise for a good school, both in point
of attendance and otherwise. It is con
fidently expected that the ground lost
last year by the combination of unfor
tunate circumstances will be more than
Iv addition to the teachers already
secured, Miss Abbie Stites, a teacher of
several years successful experience in
Southern Oregon, has been engaged.
Assisted by Miss Thomson and Mrs.
Pace, she will have charge of the pupils
of the elementary and intermediate de
Prof, and Mrs. Evans are expected to
arrive from Pasadena, Cal., today. Miss
Stites and Miss Thomson will come
about the Lstb, and all will be ready to
begin work September 26, asanuounced.
Woodmen at Salt Lake.
•Jacob Orecta, who accompanied John
I'attiHon to Salt Lake City to attend
the meetiug of the head camp of the
Woodmen of the World, two weeks ago,
returned home Saturday, well pleased
with his trip to the Mormon land. Mr.
Pattison followed him Monday. Mr.
Pattison was the regularly elected dele
gate to the annual meeting "of the head
camp. The camp of Woodmen reported
53,000 members in good stan ling. The
per capita tax was reduced from $1.80
annually to f 1 50, and after a hard
fight, iv which Delegate Paftisou was iv
opposition, the annual salary of Head
Conoul Falkenberg was raised from
■$:\r,(H) to f.'iuou.
Company L will begin regular drill
a«aiu Monday, September 17, according
to an order issued by Captain Humilton
The Ladies I'nion of Colfax will ex
tend to the teachers of the public school
and of Colfax college a reception in the
near future, in one of the halls of the
city. Time and place will be announced
in the next Gazette.
Colfax Lodge No. 14, I. (). O. P., will
do work in the initiatory degree tonight.
Byron Champlin of Almota was badly
hurt near the McCroskey place on Tenn
essee flat Monday in a runaway. Hie
shoulder was dislocated.
C: W. Tracy, the grain buyer, who
formerly operated extensively in the Pa
li'UHe country, and who recently failed,
died suddenly from heart disease at
Portland Tuesday night. G. W. Ford
left Wednesday for Portland to attend
the funeral.
Anton Gustarson, the insane man
who so viciously fought Deputy Sheriff
Steward last week, was landed in the
Medical Lake asylum by that officer
On complaint of Marshal Eihrich of
Rosalia, Florent Meyer and Jos. Schul
th^rs, saloon keepers of that town, have
been bound over by Justice Sehurra for
selling liquor on Sunday. J. P. Hull of
Pullman is also under a like charge.
It. H. Vermilye has received the sad
news of the death of his mother, which
occurred Sunday evening in Massachu
A farm team hitched on Mill street
was knocked down Saturday evening by
a yhoek from an electric light wire. The
wagon pole and neckyoke were broken,
but the horses were not badly hurt.
The current was switched off on a guy
wire, which one of the horse* touched.
When the habeas corpus case of Hugh
Boyle tame up Friday before Judge Mc-
Donald it was postponed for the second
That Throbbing Headache
Would quickly leave you, if you used
Dr King's New Life Pills. Thousands
of sufferers have proved their matchless
merit for nick and nervous headaches.
They tneke pure blood and build up
your health. Only 25 cents. Money
buck if not cured. Sold by The Elk
drug store, F. ■>. Stone, Propr.
Lost—Friday, August 24, between the
Wall street bridge and residence of Thos.
Amos, a silver chain bracelet, with pad
lock. Finder will please leave at Gazette
Wanted—Girl for general housework.
Apply to Mrs. Ivan Chase. South Colfiix.
Wanted—Girl for general housework.
Apply to Mrs. Leon Kuhn, Colfax»
Insure with H. W. Gorr.
J. T. Galloway is recovering from a
severe illnt hh.
Johu Marquis an<l wife have spent a
wpek with their purents Dear Julietta,
Willar and Chester Glasby are in town
a few days in the interest of educational
Rev. Mrs. Hull is having a neat cot
tage erected on her lots in College ad
M. E. members are requested to attend
a special meeting to be held in I. B.
cfrureh Sunday, September 2, at il
o'clock. Everyone is invited.
D. B. Quarterly meeting was in session
here Saturday aud Sunday. Uev.
Lowdy, recently from Walla Walla, is
presiding elder and Rev. Wilson is the
local preacher for this circuit.
The M. E. Aid Society met with Mrs.
Susan Loving Wednesday to quilt, and
the Christian L. A. S. met with Mrs.
Dunnigan for the same purpose. Both
of these societies convene every week,
and-have done a great deal of work this
Miss Ruthie Wright has been playing
good music on a bran new piano ol her
very own for several weeks past.
Mr. and Mrs. George Howell are enter
taining a new boy baby, a recent arrival.
James Armstrong's brother and
nephew from Pomeroy visited him last
Guy is again without a hotel, restaur
ant or public boarding house.
H. P. Manning and wife entertained
relatives from La Grande, Oregon, last
The W. C. T, D. meetings were post
poned at last meeting because of the ill
ness of the president. There will be a
meeting at church this Friday afternoon.
Every member is urgently requested to
be present.-
Joseph Roberts, R. M. Bachus and
R. P. Whetsel are in the St. Joe river
country prospecting.
Rev. Wilson and wife, who is also a
minister, have taken rooms in Mrs. Dun
nigan's house and will soon be "at
home" in Guy.
Ralph McCracken's four-horse team
ran away near the Bruner ranch last
Sunday, throwing Mrs. McCracken and
infant from a high wugon seat to the
rocky ground; and the marvelous part
of it is that no one was hurt, nor any
damage done.
Bert SimpHon and family are moving
back to Oregon this week.
Mrs. Cora Murray and little daughter
Audrey, of Spokane, have been spending
several weeks with her parents near Guy.
George Thatcher has been entertain
ing a sister from Portland, who returned
to her home last week. Saturday new_s
came that her husband had been killed
the day after her arrival in Portland.
The particulars of the tragedy have not
been learned.
We have just received a premium list
of our coming county fair. We wish
every reader of this paper would try to
get some one or all of the premiums. Of
course all will not succeed, but just the
trying will make such a fair as our east
ern brothers and sisters never even
dreamed of. The resources of this county
are wonderful and the ability of the peo
ple unsurpassed. Every individual who
takes an exhibit or otherwise helps in
the county fair "builds much better than
they know" for themselves, the home
and general good.
The subject for the Christian Science
lesson-sermon for Sept. lid is "Sub
stance." Golden text: "My flesh and
my heart faileth: but God is the strength
of my heart, and my portion forever." —
Psalm 73:2 G.
Services will be held next Sunday at
Good Samaritan church as follows: Sun
day school at 10, holy communion at
11, evening prayer at 7:30. Because of
the shortening days, the evening hour
has beec made half an hour earlier than
during the summer months.
Vacation is ended with the Congrega
tioualists and regular services, morning
and evening, will be resumed next Sun
Miss Ethyle Good entertained a party
of young lady friends at a quotation
party Wednesday afternoon. Miss
Emma Davenport received a prize for
guessing the most quotations. Refresh
ments were served. Miss Good expects
to leave soon for Walla Walla, where
she will enter school.
Grand Master Jones of the A.O. U. W.,
who lectured at Colfax Tuesday evening
in the interest of the order, whs also
given a public reception, at which lunch
was served by the ladies of the Degree of
Honor. Stereoptican illustrations of
scenes from the lodge manual were also
You assume no risk when you buy
Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarr
hoea Remedy. All druggists will refund
your money if you are not satisfied after
using it. It is everywhere admitted to
be the most successful remedy in use for
bowel complaints and the only one that
never fails. It is pleasant, safe and re
The notice in this paper that certifi
cates numbered 38 and ,'l9 of The Sump
ter Free Gold Mining Co., had been
stolen, is false and malicious. C. F.
Stuart is not secretary of the above
company. M. E. Galumoue,
President Sumpter Free Gold Mining
Lost—Wednesday, August 29, on the
Lyons ferry road, west of Colfax, the
commissary book of the A. D. Davis
threshing outfit. Finder will be suitably
rewarded upon forwarding book to A.D.
Davis, Farmington. Wash,
The Prof. English School.
The English school will open its fall
term in the G. A. R. Hall, Wednesday,
Sept. 19, 1900. For particulars write
or inquire of F. N. English, Colfax, Wash.
Ladies of the Baptist church will con
duct a dining room at the fair grounds
during the fair season.
For rent —A pleasant furnished room,
directly back of the Congregational
Go to Hotel Hart, Winona, for good
treatment. First class house o
Go to W. G. Busses for crockery,
glass and granite ware.
Bring poultry and egge to Averill &
Co., Elberton,
Empty barrels for sale by J. J. Hoepp
Vigorous Blows at Prices
Now comes the gr.md final effort to clean out the last of all
summer goods, broken lines, oddrt and ends, remnants—all
rushed to the front. Profit forsaken; costs ignored; nothing
reserved in our scramble to unload to make room for our In
mense stock of fall and winter goods which are arriving daily.
Ladies' Wash Waist.
All our ladies' wash waists have been di
vided into three lots for this sale.
LOT 1. Ladies' waists former prices 50c
ti">c and 75c. For thk sale. 25c
LOT 2. Ladies' waists, former price Ssc
and $1.00. For this sale. 40c
LOT 3 Ladies' waists, former price $1.25
and $1.50. For this sale C»:h:
Ladies* Sleeveless Vest.
A fine quality Egyptian Comb Balbrigßan
Vest. For this sale tic
Colfax's Greatest Store,
Colfax, Washington.
Largest, most reliable and quickest mail I A postal mailed to us will secure you a hue
order house in the State of Washington. | of samples.
are new and stylish and
at the——
Our School Supplies are the Best in Town for the Money.
Remember the Place.
One door north of Hamilton's Drug Store.
SCHOOT "ROOKS Prescriptions filled by Pharmacy Uradnate.
W. I*. Btisse, formerly with
B.l>. Loiiiiiiasson has opened
a New and Second Hand Fur
niture Store, iv the oid Flem
niing building. Being the
only upholsterer in Colfax,
will be pleased to repair your
old lounge or will trade it in
on a new one. 4 complete
stock of" Furniture, Crockery
and <»raniteware on hand.
Highest price paid lor second
hand goods, cash or trade.
Lacey & Sheldon,
(Successors to Bennett & Turbet)
High Grade Goods at Low Prices
Headquarters for
Fruit and Vegetables*
Telephone Main 481. Main St., <'olf.ax, Wash.
Buy Your Groceries
...OF ...
A.. E. Fonts,
All {,'oodn first class. Highest prices paid
for farm produce.
If you wish to Advertise
In Newspapers . ..
call on or write
E.C.Dake's Advertising Agcy.
64-G5 Merchant's Exchange,
San Francisco, Calif.
Dealers m
General Merchandise
Higheßt market price paid for country pro
duce of ali kinds.
$500 REWARD!
We will pay the above reward for any case of
Liver Complaint, Dyspepsia, Sick Headache.
Indigestion. Constipation or Costiveness we
cannot cure with Liverita. the Up-To-Date
Little Liver Pill, when the directions are strict
ly complied with. They are purely Vegetable,
and never fail to give satisfaction. 25c boxes
contain 100 Pills, I0<; boxes contain 40 Pills 5c
boxes contain 15 Pills. Beware of substitutions
MnT?nV?i lV ltions- Sent by mail- Stamps taken.
NERVITA MEDICAL CO., Cor. Clinton and
Jackson sts., Chicago, 111.
For Sale by W.J.Hamilton. Druggist, Colfai, Wash
|jH^^■Cleanses and beautifies the hair.
Promotes a luxuriant growth.
PSsSSHF 1"- fe^H Never Failß to Restore Gray
PsCnf*fez-^^^H _Hair to its Youthful Color.
&i^SSt&—^HQ Prevents Dandruff aril hair falling.
Call on H. W. Qofp for Insurance,
Wash Goods.
Lawns —Former price* 10c, 12 Ac and 15c
For this sale, per yard '.<•
Organdies and Dimities- Former |>ri
20c, 25c an.l 35c, For this waim, i>er y I
ImjKirted Zephyr Gingham* Pormn
prices 10c, 15c, 250 and 3M',<\ For this
sale, per yard
Import 1 Madras Former prices 12
15c and 25c. For thin sale, per yard BJc
Piquea — A fine assortment of color* and
figures, former prices 15c, 200 and 25c
For this sale, per yard lo<:
My Competitor Has
Tears in His Eyes!
(I don't care for dat) his cus
tomers insist on buying of me
What Else Can I Do?
Tailor Made
Clothing ED. KENNEL
Til Sit TTitu ColfMr, Wash.
Alldt ril& SamplfHat Bee Hive
Payable in advance. Cotfu Gasette and —
American Economist, New York %'l.?>:>
American Gardening, New York 2.'.i0
Argonaut, San Francisco 1.55
Bulletin, Suiiday, San Francisco 2.30
Call, Weekly, San Franciwco 2.25
Cosmopolitan Magazine, New York ... 235
Century Magazine, New York 5.05
Chronicle, Weekly, San Francisco .... 2.f>5
Enquirer, Weekly, Cincinnati 2.05
Examiner, Weekly. San Pranrhon . 2.115
Farm and Fireside, Sprinyfield, O 1.80
Globe-Democrat.Twico-a-Week.St. Louis 2.30
Harper's Magazine, New York 4.15
Har^r's Weekly 47.-,
Harper's Bazar 4.75
Inter Ocean, Weekly Chicago L9O
Leslie's Illustrated Weekly, New York.. 9L56
Lippincott's Magazine, Philadelphia 3 55
Ledger, Weekly, Tacoma •_':«)
Munsey's Magazine, New York 2.40
McClure's Magazine, New York 2.35
McCall's Magazine, New York 1.55
Northwest Horticulturist, Tacoma 1 *".
National Tribune, Washington 246
Northwest Magazine, St. Paul ~1.:,~,
Oregonian, Weekly, Portland 2.66
Orange Judd Farmer, Chicago 2.30
Public Opinion, New York 166
Post Intelligencer, Weekly, Seattle 2'o,">
Review of Review* Magazine, New York 3.55
Ranch and Range, Seattle 2 05
B<;ribner's Magazine, New York 4.05
St, Nicholas Mann/inn, New York 4 05
Scientific American, New York 4.05
Tribune, Weekly, New Y0rk ......... 2.20
Tribune, Semi-Weekly 2.fC»
The Forum, New York .. 4 05
Toledo Blade, Toledo O "...'. 1.80
The Housekeeper, Minneapolis 1.95
Traveler, Weekly, boston 1.95
The i^.aen of Kashion, New York 1.85
World, Thrtce-aWeek, New York 2.20
Woman's Home Companion, Sprint-field 2.05
Youth'u Companion, Boston (new subs) . 2.80
If the periodical desired is not in above list.
apply to The Gazette for rates.

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