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What the Commissioners Did
to the Assessments.
Thoro Were Not Many Complaints.
ami AH Were Satiefnciorily
I roceedingu of tbe board of equaliza
tion io and for Whitman county Wash
ington, August G, 7, 8,9, 10, 13 14 15
16. 17,18, 20, 21 and 22; mo! * '
In accordance with law, the board of
equalization of Whitman county Wash
ington, met August 6, l.too.with (bounty
Commiasiooera A. B. Willard and
William Huntley present. The board
organised hy election of William Hunt
ley Bfl chairman. After taking the oath
of office prescribed by law, the following
business wan transacted:
The application of II .1 Welty, attor
ney fur X A Hryan, asking tor the reduc
tion of aMesament on lots '.), 10 and 11,
block •"{, Reaney's 2d addition to Pull
mimii, from 91850 toslsoo, was granted.
1 lv- application of Charles Swartz tax
agent of tbe N. P. K. R Co., asking that
the asseHsmeut on right of way tract-t,
Snake River branch, be stricken from the
rolls for the reaHon that it is a double
assessment, wan granted.
The application of W Vangorden, ask
ing that iiiH personal assessment be re
doced from $165 to $100 and that the
assessment on the w hf of the se qr and
the ehf of hw () r of 1 15 42 be reduced
From 11320 to $720, was granted.
The application of H Burgunder, ask
ing for a reduction of his assessment on
a mortgage from $1000 to SUM), was
granted for the reason that all of said
mortgage except $1O« had been paid
prior to said asHessment.
The application of .1 W Steams, agent
of the IfcNaoght Land and Investment
Co., asking fora redaction of assessment
on 15 acres in sw qr of 19 20 4G fcom
•*44(l to £240, was granted.
The application of R H Lacey, agent
of the estate of M S burrell, asking for
a reduction of assessments on the se qr
of 13 20 4.-> from $2350 to $2100 and on
the nw qr of G I<> 44 from $2440 to
$1820, was granted.
The application of C M Mecklem, ask
ing for a reduction of assessment on
stock of merchandise in Palouse from
12300 to $1100, was granted.
The application of F W Oaines, ask
ing for a reduction of assessment on wh
of lot 3, block 2, Fitch's addition to Pa
louse, was rejected.
The application of I N Xye, asking for
the reduction of assessment on the nh
of ne of 9 l.~> 45 and improvements on
same from $825 to $50, was granted for
the reason that said land is lieu land.
The application of A P Johnson, man
ager of the (iarfield Hardware & Mercan
tile Co., asking for a reduction of assess
nient on tbe nh of lot 1, block 8, (Jar
field, from $2250 to $2000 and on the
nh of lot 2, block 8, Uarfield, from
$225(t to $2000, was granted.
The application of YV V W'indus, ask
ing for a cancellation of assessment of
perttonal property consisting of Pullman
State Hank stock amounting to $.*IBO,
for the reason that at the time of said
assessment be whh indebted for more
than that hum, was granted.
The application of A T Fariss, member
of the timi of Fariss Bros., asking for
the cancellation of assessment on 30
Bbarea of l'ullmau State Bank stock
valued by assessor at $G7<), for the rea
son that when saui wMwwßincnt was
made, Haid Farias Bros, were indebted
lor the amount of said stock, was
The affidavit of S 15 Kiler states that
fortbejear 1900 he assessed A B Wil
lard with notes and accouuts to the
v«lae of $1000. That said A B Willard
wan entitled to an offset for the reason
an shown b,y his affidavit filed in the
aftoeacor'a office that he was indebted to
another party for the value of the note,
but through an error of the assessor
said offset was not allowed and said
affiant asks the board of equalization to
cornet said assessment by striking from
the 101 l (1000 from "notes and ac
counts." The application was granted.
The application of Aaron Kuhn, ask
ing for the cancellation of assessment of
personal property consisting of wheat,
was granted for the reason that at the
time said assessment was made the
wheat was uot his property.
Hie application of C L Waken'eld, ask
ing for the reduction of assessment on
stock of merchandise in Endicott from
|5500 to |3000, was granted.
The application of E N Beach, asking
for the cancellation of assessment on
one mortgage of $1500 and one mort
gage nnnrnnrd for $400, was granted for
the reason that said mortgagee were
given as part of the purchase price for
The application of A J Davis, asking
for the cancellation of assessment on im
provement* on lot 1», Perkins 2d addi
tiou to Colfax, assessed at $100, was
The application of C E Frederick,
senior member of the C E Frederick A
Co.. asking for the reduction of assess
ment on a stock of merchandise from
$8800 to $7000, was granted.
The application of U E Cronk, asking
foi a redaction of assessment on the sw
of HIT 44 from $2185 to f 1600, was
granted in part, said assessment being
reduced to $1900.
The application of Eleanor Inmin,
asking lor a reduction of assessment on
notes and accounts from $2340 to
$1900, for the reason that part of said
notes were paid, was granted.
The application of Q. W. Peddycord,
manager of the Palouse Hiver Lumber
Co., asking fora reduction of assessment
on tract of 14 acres in the city of Pa
louse from $1900 to $450, was granted
in part, said assessment being reduced
m ?700.
The application of J W Johnson, agent
for J C Nicholson, asking for a reduction
of assessment on the sw of 29 19 44
from $1860 to $1600, was granted in
part, said assessment being reduced to
The application of W VV VVaite, asking
for a nduction of assessment on lot 2,
block 19, aud lot 11, block 19, city of
Colfax, from $3400 to $3250, was
The application of 0 M Sparks, asking
for a reduction of assessment on the
east 44 feet of lot 5, block 6, and the
met 8 feet of lot 9, block 6, Wiley's ad
to Palouse, from $5300 to $2500, was
granted in part, said assessment being
reduced to $2750.
The application of G W Sutherland,
asking for a reduction of assessment on
the north 20 ft of lot 2, block 2, Cotfas
from $8000 to $2500, was granted
The application of Theo Reed, agent
for the Northwestern and Pacific Hypo
tbeekbauk, asking for a reduction of
assessment on improvements on the nh
of ne of 10 1G 45, from f 1000 to $800
was granted.
The application of P F Chadwick
agent for Jane A Cuadwick, asking for
a reduction of assessment on the ne of
19 19 44 from $2300 to $14o<>, was
granted in part, said assessment being
reduced to $IGOO.
The application of P W Lawrence
agent for the Puget Sound Warehouse
( 0., asking for the cancellation of assess
ment on the warehouse at Fallons
assessed to Hiestand, Warner ft Co
with the valuation of $500, for the rea
son that said warehouse is also assessed
to Puget Sound Warehouse Co., be re
duced from $950 to $.",00, was granted
The application of J C Lloyd, asking
for a reduction of assessment on the sw
of .'lO 1G 4.M from $1280 to $040, was
granted in part, said assessment beine
reduced to fS^GO.
The application of Fred Timm, asking
that the improvements on the nw of
12 17 4"> be reduced from $10. rjo to $650,
was granted in part, said assessment
being reduced to $800.
The application of A 15 WL'lard, mem
ber of the firm of Kay i Willard, ask
ing for the cancellation of assessment
on a warehouse at Tekoa, valued at
$500, was granted for the reason that
at the time assessment was made they
were not the owner of the warehouse.
The application of L J. Lindley, one
of the firm of Toimte, Rose & Co., ask
ing for a reduction of assessment on
personal property consisting of merchan
dise from f;*2oo to $2240, was granted
in part, said assessment being reduced
to $2500.
On application of S B Siler, the sw of
nw of G 13 45, assessed at |4GO, was
ordered stricken from the rolls, for the
reason that it is doubly assessed.
The application of Mrs. J G Potter,
asking for a reduction of assessment on
the south hf of lot 5, block 7, (Jolfux
from |1260 to $GOO was granted in partj
said assessment being reduced to $7oo!
The application of William Huutleyl
asking for the reduction of assessment
on the nh of uw of 30 17 41 from $1980
to $1000, was granted.
The application of William Iluntley
member of the tirm of Huntley Bros.,'
asking for the reduction of assessment
on stock of merchandise at Endicott
from $5500 to $4000, was granted.
The application of W I) Hunton, ask
ing that the assessment of 5 acres in the
se of 10 17 43, assessed to C W Hunton"
be cancelled, was granted.
The assessment of S W Gage, on per
sonal property consisting of library
valued at $100, was ordered cancelled.
The assessment of B Burgnnder on
lot G, block 7, Colfax, amounting to
$2800, was reduced to $2300.
The assessment of M M Walsh on the
nw of 1G 10 44 was reduced from $2430
to |2000.
The assessments of J C Lawrence were
reduced as follows: 8 acres in ne of ne
of 5 17 45 was reduced from $IGS to
$110. NE of 9 17 45 was reduced from
£2200 to $1800. SE of 9 17 45 was
reduced from $2300 to $2000.
It was ordered by the board of equal
ization that the assessments of the
following described lands be stricken
from the roll, for tLe reason that they
are school lands:
WH of 24 17 40, valuation $1280.
NW of 36 20 45, valuation $1550.
8E of 36 20 45, valuation $1450.
Nil of 26 17 41, valuation $1920.
NW of se of 26 17 41, valuation $240.
SH of sw of 32 17 41, valuation $420.
SH of se of 32 17 41, valuation $480.
It was ordered by the board of equal
ization that the assessment on the ne of
31 17 41 be stricken from the rolls, for
the reason that said land comprises the
towusite of Endicott and is also assessed
as lots and blocks of said town.
Reductions on Merchandise.
It was ordered by the board of equal
ization that the following assessments
of personal property, consisting of mer
chandise, etc., be reduced as hereinafter
Value. Value.
Adams, JO § 1100 § 1000
Bakala, Frank 315 250
Cohn, A 750 (iSO
Codd. William 5000 3850
Codd Bros 1100 1000
Codd & MacKenzie 240 220
Cottield & Ferbroch 220 200
Collard, William. 3000 2500
Crawford, PL 650 (iOO
Crumbaker, J A 840 800
Davis & Moffatt 2640 2400
Deremiach, UG 3850 3500
Dix, J A 1320 1200
Donnelly & Hailev 770 700
Eitel, H C ltiOO 900
Ellis, W D 200 100
Ellis & Hill 2000 1800
Ellsworth Bros.. 1500 1300
Emery, WE.. 330 300
Faires, E G & Co 3000 2700
FarißS, Bros & Co 6000 5640
Fouts, A E 275 250
Fussy, J H 820 745
Garfield Hardware & Mer Co.. 6600 6000
Giles, J H 550 500
Goddard, R B 440 400
Gordon, Bros 1350 1230
Great Eastern Co, St John .. 2200 2000
Gritman & Co 150 100
Gwinn, Bros 2180 1980
Haizlip, Norman & Co 3300 3000
Hall, Oliver 2200 2000
Hall, J F 275 250
Hamilton, W J 2200 2000
Hardisty & O'Connor 925 840
Harper, JW.. 385 300
Hayfield, Bros 1980 1800
Hensley, PA 550 500
Hill, Otis & Co 5500 5000
Hinchliff. EH 2200 2000
Hoare, William 3300 3000
Hoeppner, Mrs D. 660 600
Hogue, M C 440 400
Holzer, Dr A 165 150
Hooks, C C 165 150
Howard & Lacey 1980 1800
Hub Clothing Co 880 800
Huffman, Joe. 275 250
Irwin, H D 440 400
Janeck, Fred L 1100 1000
Johnson, 0H... 550 500
Johnston, JO 110 100
Johnston, R M 1320 1200
Kay, H D. Hardware Co 2500 2500
King, A E 1100 1000
King, CarL 155 140
Kirkham, H L 930 845
Kopple & Kranz 80 70
Krausse, E 770 700
Kuehl, HO 450 400
Kuhn, A 19,250 17,5(J0
LaFollette, W L 230 200
Lamphere, Geo N 330 300
L»wler, MM 110 100
Leonard, R 1595 1450
Libby.H W, Manufacturing Co 7»>o 690
Lippitt, Julius 18.700 17,000
Livengood, F E 2200 2000
Livingstone, H W 6000 6000
Lyons, EMt Co 8800 8000
I Morrison, John 275 260
I Moore, CH 1100 1000
Moser Bros 880 800
Continued on Fifth Page.
Statistics as Collected by the
County Superintendent.
Values of School Properties and an
Exhibit of the District
County School Superintendent Roberts
has made his annual report to the state
superintendent of public instruction as
to school affairs in Whitman county. It
shows good progress in all school depart
ments. He finds in the county 9209
cbildrt-n of Bcbooi age, between 5 and 21
years. Of these, 4GCI are males and
4."48 females. The enrollment in the
county schools was 790G—male 4123,
females .'s7^o. The average daily attend
ance was 4802—male 2470, female 2."U2.
The averuge number of months of school
maintained in all of the 152 districts
was 0' 2 Total days of actual attend
ance was 71G.438. and toUl days ac
credited «03,75 G. There were 215 rooms
or departments maintained. Teachers
employed were 2G7—male 113, female
1 54. Average monthly salary paid male
teachers was $52 BG, and female $49.72.
The number of children over G years of
age not enrolled in any school" during
the year reached 954, and those between
the ages of 8 and 15 attending school
less than three months were 324. Pupils
in first year course were 1422, second
year 1020, third 114G, fourth 1082,
fifth 90G, feixth 7G7, seventh 630, eighth
490, advanced grades 29G. Graduated
from common schools during the year
on state questions—males 52, females 7G.
Average number of daily recitations,
21. Private schools taught, 12; aver
age mouths of private schools, 5 1-3.
Teachers employed in private schools
males 9, females 21. Resident pupils
attending private schools—males 115,
females 125. School houses built dur
ing the year, 7 frames. School houses
in county—log 1, frame 151, brick 9,
total 161. Total seatinc capacity,
10,263. Estimated value of school
houses and grounds, $252,798; value of
school furniture, $11,707; library values,
ij-2420; total of all school property,
$297,242. Insurance on school houses
and furniture, $137,831. School dis
tricts supplied with libraries, 56; with
unabridged dictionaries, 149. districts
organized during the year, 2; total in
county, 152; maintaining school at least
three months of the year, 152. Graded
schools employing more than one
teacher, 18. Districts not supplied with
school houses, none. Districts having
bonded indebtedness, 42. Schools visited
by superintendent, 172. Defective youth
in the county, 8. Teachers' associa
tions are maintained in the county and
meet in each town; approximate attend
ance, 53. Teachers required to conduct
all schools, 215. Teachers registered as
engaged in reading circle work, 36.
Temporary certificates issued during the
year—males 9, females 19. Teachers
employed holding state or territorial
certificates or diplomas—males 11,
females 19. Teachers employed holding
first grade certificates—males 19, female
35; second grades—nudes 55, females 72;
third grades—males 19, females 34.
Balance on hand July 1, 1809 $ 43,400 3(1
Apportioned— state funds 07,094 00
Apportioned- county funds 80,182 20
Received from special levies 04,477 79
Received from bond sales 13,878 07
Received from all other sources 1,990 28
T°tal $235,523 73
Teachers' wages $ 86,083 10
Rents, repairs, fuel, etc 23,768 51
Sites, buildings, furniture, etc. ... 22,058 58
Interest on bonds 11,503 55
Interest on warrants 9,080 21
Redemption of bonds 8*23155
Transferred to other districts 0,508 19
Total §109,953 85
Balance on hand 06,651 08
Bond* and Warrants.
Assessed valuation districts' §12,033,028 00
Bonds outstanding 189,030 00
Warrants out July 1, 1899 95,700 00
Warrants registered during year 79,302 83
Decrease of warrant indebtedness,
$1(5,409.77. Average rate of interest
on bonds, Cr\ per cent. Total expenee
of superintendent's oth'ce for the year
In 1899 there were 904G school chil
dren in the county, and the decrease
in warrant indebtedness last year wae
Assessor Board
According to a report brought to this
office Wednesday, Frank English, a
farmer, seems to be playing in hard luck
lately with his utock, says the Farming
ton News. Last week one of his most
valuable horees was found to be suffer
ing from a dose of some kind of poison,
and the animal though better, has not
yet fully recovered. The day after the
finding of the horse, a 4 months old
heifer was found to be suffering from a
similar cause and on Wednesday the
animal died. A few days ago a second
horue was found to be poisoned, and the
worst is Mr. English is entirely at a loss
as to the cause of this wholesale poison
"Through the months of June and
July our baby was teething and took a
running off of the bowels and sickness of
the stomach," says O. P. M. Holiday,
of Deming, Ind. "His bowels would
move from five to eight times a day. I
had a bottle of Chamberlain's Colic,
Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy in the
house and gave him four drops in a tea
spoonful of water and he got better at
once. Sold by all druggiste 0
I intend to open a school for small
children early in September, in the build
ing formerly occupied by the kinder
garten. Will be glad to consult with
interested parties. Mrs. J. M. Stinson.
Stone's Pain-Not Liniment is becom
ing the favorite household remedy. Cures
all pains. Sold only at The Elk Drug
Store o
Wanted —Girl to do general house
work. Apply at my store. Julius
Wanted—Girl for general housework.
Apply to Mrs. W. H. Winfree, South
Wanted—Girl for general housework.
Apply to Mrs. Ivan Chase. South Colfax 0
Wanted—Woman to do general house
work; small family. Apply sheriff's office.
Wanted—Girl for general housework.
Apply to Mrs. B. Burgunder, Colfax o
Financial Exhibit.
Poisoned Stock,
favors the Appointment of a Hall-
way Commission.
! The charge is being advanced by
opposing politicians that Hon. J. M.
brink, republican nominee for governor
ie unfriendly to the interests of the farm
jng t-ommuuitieeof Eastern Washington
Ihese reiterations led Hon. John W*
Arrasmith to address the following letter
v• . • Knnk« un(l h'B reP'y follows. Mr.
rnnk s reputation as a man of his word
is unsurpassed, and all who know him
have implicit faith in what he may say
upon any question, public or private:
Colfax Wash., Aug. 1, l'.KX>.-Hon. J. M.
*nnk, .Seattle, Wash.—My Dear Sir: The
farmers of Eastern Washington have been for
years, and are now, anxious to secure some
reasonable adjustment of freight rates upon
farra products. They have in the past sought
relief in urging the legislative enactment of
maximum rate lawe, but the poor result of
these efforts have convinced many of us that
the real remedy lies in an appointive railroad
Your nomination by the recent republican
state convention for the office of governor has
naturally aroused much interest, and occa
sioned some discussion as to your views of
that question.
Having served with you in the legislature
oi this state, and there learned to rely upon
your word, I take it upon myself to address
you this letter and ask you to define in your
reply your attitude upon that subject. I
know that when you and I were together in
the legislative session of 18H3, you supported
the freight rate measure known as the Ander
son bill, but I am anxious to know your pres
ent attitude as bearing upon your present
action in the premises if elected governor. I
am, respectfully yours,
Mr. Frink's Heply.
Seattle, Washington, August 23, I!KK) —
»?' i\ V,Arrasmith. Colfax, Washington.
—My Dear bir: lam in receipt of your letter
ot the 18th mst. In reply I would Bay: lam
heartily in sympathy with you and your peo
ple in Eastern Washington in your desire for
a just and equitable reduction of the present
freight rates. It is my judgment after mature
deliberation, and watching the effects of rail
way legislation in other states, that the best
way to arrive at a proper solution of this
matter, which will do justice to all parties
and sections concerned, is through a railway
commission. Every legislature convened has
had this matter under consideration, and with
the exception of the freight rate bill known as
theAndersoQ bill, passed by the legislature of
IB.W, no railway legislation has been passed.
I his is owing largely to local and conflicting
interests. The creation of a railway com
mission, to whom all these matters could be
referred, wauld, in my opinion, bring about a
freight rate reduction satisfactory to all par
ties concerned,
If I am elected governor of this state and
the legislature, in its wisdom, ehould pass an
act creating such a commission, it will have
my immediate approval, and if the duty of
appointment devolve upon me, I promise you
that such appointments would be made solely
on the basis of merit and qualification. No
appointment would be made for the purpose
of compensating political workers or paying
campaign debts.
Hoping that I have made myself clear in
this matter, I remain, Sincerely yours,
J. M. Frink.
Adolph Anderson, 12 years old, was
badly burned and disfigured for life by
carbolic acid thrown in his face at Port
land Sunday by a playmate named Pye.
At Heppner, Oregon, a man claims to
be raffling "the old Kentucky rifle that
was used by Davy Crockett at the battle
of the Alamo, and with which he
whacked Santa Ana over the head,
cracking the stock." The owner is said
to be a granddaughter of Crockett.
P. 0. Smith of Scio, Oregon, before
his death, asked that $2000," due from
the A. O. U. W., be used iv buying a
home for his daughter, Mrs. Mack. His
wish was respected by his agents, who
last week purchoHed an SO acre farm in
Marion county for Mrs. Mack and
stocked it.
Twenty-three ocean sailing vessels
were in Tacoma harbor Tuesday after
noon, representing a combined aggregate
vet registered tonnage of 27 871 tons,
and a carrying capacity of over 50,000
tons. Of these 19 were sailing vessels
find four ocean steamers. No fuch fleet
was ever assembled in any other Pacific
coast port with the possible exception of
San Francisco.
The Oregon tviilway & Navigation
company has purchased the Ilwaco Rail
way & Navigation company's property
i» Pacific county, this state, taking pos
session September 1. The road runs
from Ilwaco to Nahcotta, a distance of
sixteen miles, and is largely used for
summer resort travel to the ocean beacl>.
How's This?
We offer One Hundred Dollars Reward for
any case of Catarrh that cannot be cured by
Hall's Catarrh Cure.
F. J. Cheney, & Co., Props., Toledo, O.
We the undersigned, have known F. J.
Cheney for the last 15 years, and believe him
perfectly honorable in all business transac
tions and financially able to carry out any
obligation made by their firm.
West & Truax, Wholesale Druggists, To
ledo, O.
Walding, Kinnan & Marvin, Wholesale
Druggists, Toledo, Ohio.
Hall's Catarrh Cure in taken internally,
acting directly upon the blood and mucous
surfaces of the system. Price, 75c. per bottle.
Sold by all druggists. Testimonials free.
Hall's Family Pills ar9 the best.
Certificates Nos. 38 and 39 for stock
of the Surapter Free Gold Mining Co ,
having been stolen froiu tbe (stock hook,
all persons are warned against purchas
ing the same as they have been cancelled
on the books of the company.
C. F. Stlaht, Secy.
Colfax, Wash , Aug. 13, 1900.
For Rent.
A well-furnished 5 room house, 3 blocks
from business center. Tenant must
have no small children. Apply to Geo.
H. Lennox, Colfax.
For Sale.
Several Jshn F. Fuller Whitman coun
ty atlases Never been used. Will sell
cheap. Address Geo. H. Lennox, Colfax.
If you would have the best liniment,
get Stone's Pain-Not. Good for colic,
sprains, bruises and all sorts of pain.
50 cents only at The Elk Drug Store o
It's a doctor's business to study
health. Doctors confidently recommend
Harper Whiskey. Sold by W. J. Ham
ilton, Colfax, Wash o
Averill & Co., Elberton, have put in a
new stock of groceries, dry goods and
tinware. Get their prices before buying 0
Mrs. M. M. Donnelly, manager for the
Viavi remedies. Will mail a Health
Book on application,,
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Co.'c, successors to McDonald Bros,
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Averill's store, Elberton.
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Xliiss Year's Models 0f....
Cleveland, Rambler and Ideal
Bicycles, with U. & J. Clincher Tires,
Are BeautieH. Drop in and examine them and learn prices. Bicycle Stin<lrie»
of all kindH. Bicycle and Gun Repairing of every description.
Oflborne's Old Stand, opposite City Hall.
Hotel ColfaX, J- P- Hagan, Proprietor.
The Leading Hotel in the City.
All Modern Conveniences. Free Sample Rooms for
Lighted by Electrricity. Commercial Men.
Hotel Cafe and First Class Bar in connection.
Modern Warehouse Elevator Co. »&
the engine us from 15 to 20 cents per full -lay. Wl,y buy a wtadmS? Mannfactory and Oflit'e X
Main Street, Opposite School House. COLFAX, WASHINGTON
Can fill all orders for Wood on short notice.
Beat Grade $2.25, Buckskin $2.00 per cord, by carload
Help Yourself
From a box of our superb candies and you are
getting the purest and best combination of can
dy materials that any candy maker knows how
to put together. More kinds of candy than you
kuew were made. Come in and see.
We abo carry a mil telected stock of Station
ery and Books.
CHAS. KENNEL, P. O. Store.
You and your Horse
will be treated right at
Finest Turnouts in the city.
Teams and saddle horses by the hour,
day or week. Stock boarded at reason
able rates.
H. M. LIDDLE, Propr.
Leave orders at Barroll k
Mohney's Hardware Store.
Colfax College
Term Opens Sept. 26.
A High Grade Christian Home
School for Both Sexeat . . .
Preparatory Academic Normal and
Juuior College Courses
Music and Art Departments
Able and Efficient Teachers
Terms moderate. For full information, call
on or address the president,
Rev. F. B. PACE,
Col fax. Wash.

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