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Outraged Court Orders the
Sheriff Into Irons.
1 !»rre Will Be More Fun Than a
Box of Monkeys When Ihe
Tap <'omes off.
After three weeks of t»tudy over it,
Judge Mcl>onnld has cooeladed that
Sheriff Canott amailed the "honor and
dignity" of the court when be told the
occupant of the bench that he consider
ed the fiction in the Bugh Boyle cane
the "d—dest rotteneet thing he bad ever
Keen in a no-called court of justice," and
that the court itself «hn "standing in'"
with the peopk who broke (be jail and
let Clifford out.
William Larkin, who serves hh body
guard for the judge, at an expense of -ivi
a day to the county, "iih persuaded to
pur hiniH" If in front ami subscribe to an
affidavit charging Sheriff Oanutt when
he cussed the court with lining the fol
lowing disrespectful and contemptuous
lnni»nag>' on the occasion when the court
nent for Hugh Boyle and appointed Tom
Neill mid Shorty Brown aw attorneys
and then Kent him into a private room
with "Shorty:"
"He (meaning Bugh Boyle) has made
partial confession, ami 1 whs in a fair
way to get information which would
convict several men in Colfax who are
criminals, but yon. who have sworn to
enforce the law and administer justice,
are standing in with these men and
helping them thwart justice. I want to
tell yon that [consider this the damndest
roitene«t proceeding I ever naw in a so
calkd court of justice."
Sheriff Canntt does not deny the
words with which he is charged He
naid them, he meant them, and he in
tend* to back them, even if the court
doeH totter on its throne.
There in a prospect of some contribn
ti■ > n -s to the gaiety of the county etui-
I >mijzn which will educate the people in
the way their affairs have been con
ducted. The court orders the sheriff to
show cause September 14 why he should
not be Brreated and punished for con
Coroner Crawford did his duty ana
courageous republican official nerved the
terrifying court order on the Beared
sheriff at a late hour Thursday after
noon. The sheriff will answer.
Judge McDonald Advertised His
lin maculate Whiteness.
Judge McDonald in a speech at the
court boom Monday night, attempted
to justify bis course in shielding the
saloon people. He rambled on and on
for the better part of two hours, making
the same old talk which ran bin) 1000
votes behind his ticket in 1896. The
only difference in his harangue was that
he forgot to blubber.
The principal part of his spiel was de
voted to telling the 73 people present
what a great and good man McDonald
is and what an "honest" judge be has
made. To the assembled saloon men,
whom he had industriously drummed
out, lie pave a grain of comfort by an
nouncing that no anti-saloon league
could run his court, aud that in future
when arrests are made for Sunday open
ing that ii must be proven a house was
"opt-n for sale and profit."
The judge cited figures of court ex
penses to prove that be bad been cheaper
thau others, but, as in other matters
where he attempted to justify himself, he
told but part of the story. The court
expenses of a few years ago were largely
made by justice courts, which are now
practically put out of existence by legis
lative enactment. He read one letter to
prove a conspiracy on the part of cer
t am people, including former Prosecuting
Attorney Mathews, to catch him pro
tecting gamblers As with all other
thing*, he was extremely careful to not
tell the whole Btory. The newspapers
came in for a fair share of denunciation
for presuming to affront so wise and
just a judge.
Not a word was said about the Boyle
habeas corpus find perjury case, the
sheriffs arraignment of the judge, the
sentence of John Ryder, the McGutre
cattle stealing and several other inter
esting happenings, but the loan com
panies, bankers and "Sheeny merchants"
were viciously stabbed.
Thanks the Workmen.
Grand Master Workman (>. S. Jonps
of the A. O. I. W., who leetared last
week at Colfax for the good of the
order, and who whs given a warm and
brotherly reception by the Workmen,
their wires and daughters, and a friend
ly greeting by the citizens in general,haH
written Secretary Doolittle fronj Wnlla
Wnlla, asking an expression to the
members and citizens of his apprecia
tion of the generous reception and en
tertainment given on the occasion of
his visit. He adds that the hearty
generosity and devotion to the Ancient
Order of Doited Workmen evinced by
the Colfax people makes plain the rea
son for the great success of Colfax
Lodge No. 14.
Reception to Teachers.
The Ladies' Union of Colfax will ex
tend to the faculties of the public schools
and Colfax college a reception, Thurs
dap evening, St-ptember 20, at the opera
house. This date has been chosen, as
some of the teachers of the college will
not arrive as early as was at first ex
pected. A cordial invitation is extend
ed to all the friends of the^e institutions
to be present. Mrs. E. T. Trimble is
president of the union and Mrs. C. M.
Hoswell secretary.
W. C. T. L. Officers
The officers of th* W. C. T. 1.*., recently
elected for the ensuing year, are as fol
lows: President, Mrs. L. E. Mechling;
vice presideut, Mrs. \V. W. Heid; cor
responding secretary, Mrs. M. E. Carley;
iecording secretary, Mrs. W. If. Colvhr
treasurer, Mrs. E. C. Coply. Member
ship board, Mrs. Roland Reid, Mrs. Asa
White, M.ss Laura Beaton, Mrs. N.
At the Opera House.
Beach & Bowers minwtreln, a company
that ranks among the best, will make
their first appearauee in Colfax on
Thursday evening, September 13th. The
Tacoma Daily Ledger has the following:
"The theater-going public were agree
ably surprised last evening at the miu
strel she* by Beach & Bowers' aggrega
tion of burnt cork artiste. The Port-
laii.i train was over mi hour late yester
day, and the company di ! not arrhe
until 6:15, so the street band did not
give the regular concert until after 7
o'clock. It wan 8:30 when the curtain
rose, introducing the c< mp my iv a
catchy overture. Every member of the
company took hit* part with a suap and
vim that wan relreshing, and many of
the songs and jokes were new The
vaudeville afterpart incladed a novel I. I
IV l). E. drill, arranged by Bobby Beach,
that was well received, and the acrobatic
work of the Kenno-l.a-I'arre trio was
better than the average. The best spe- !
cialty of the evening whh introduced by
Don Gordon, who proved to be a won
der on the bicjcle. Bis trick and fancy
riding was of the highest order, and bis |
work on the Bingle wheel was better than :
ever wen at either theater. The Van
brotherw showed themselves *o be versa
tile musicians with np-to date specialties
in their line. The show concluded with
a performance by Bobby Beach's troupe |
of well trained dogs." The company
wifl arrive from Spokane ou the ld:4r>
a. m. train, and the parade will take
place at 11::{(). It in said that their
parade in well worth seeing Prices for
this engagement will be 50c, 75c and $1.
Money Pai«l in and Then Passed
Out Over Counters.
The tax collections for August were
fair and Hwelled the income of the coun
ty since January 1 to over §300,000.
For the different yearn the .Vugnnt col
lections were:
1899 § 11,944.98
1898 184.61
1897 93 88
1896 100.4S
lS'.to , NX -4!)
IW»4 123 33
1893 ami prior 104 17
Accrued interest 192.04
Total tax collections S 12,831 98
Official fees 559.60
Total county income § 13,391.58
Previou*ly received nince Jan. 1... 290,277.62
Total since Jan. 1 (303,669.20
The disbursements lor August were:
School district fund $ 4,fi45 34
Special school fund 6,019 02
Koad district fund . 470 "28
Current expense li,4:W (>'2
Road and bridge 1,873.59
Indigent soldiers 45 00
Institute fund 235 SO
T«.tal % 19,724.65
Since Jan 1 1(52,330 <ty
Total J182.055.64
P X RSO N Alt ME N 1110I 110 N.
Bell M Beebe visited Wall i Walla early
in the week, on business connected with
the Odd Fellows home, of which he is
secretary of the board of trustees.
Sana Hemstpr, left Tuesday for Seattle,
where he expects to remain.
Broadua W'iofree, an attorney at
Baker (Sty, Orcgou, and brother of W.
H. Winfree, who has Rpent two weeks in
the city, left Monday for his home.
Miss Laura James ih spending the
week at Hillyard with her friend, Mi^s
Delma Former.
MrR. H. P. James and daughter Lu
cile left Wednesday for Walla Walla for
a short visit.
Mies Scott Montgomery, clerk in the
poatoffiee, left Wednesday evening for
Portland and Salem, Oregon, to spend a
short vacation with friends and rela
Miss Margaret Davis returned Satur
day from Spokane, where she visited her
nstor, Mrs. E. C. Warner.
W. E. McCroekey of Palom-e, nomine
for lieutenant governor on the Roger ■<-
Turner fusion ticket, was in town Tup*
day looking after his fences.
Justin Baird, now proprietor of one
of Northporfs best hotels atid saloon,
spent several days in town this we^k.
C. N. Qaddia and P. W. Chapman of
Pullman were Colfax visitors during the
Perry Crowed, formerly manager of
the Nectar saloon, was iti town Friday
from Pullman.
.1. J. Stoddard, an attorney of Star
buck and former editor and publisher of
the Starbuck Signal, was in the city Fri
day night on his way to Juliaetta on
professional business.
Mrs. C. F. Stuart, who spent the
winter in Michigan, returned home Fri
R. O. Demiug, manager of the Demiog
Investment Company, whs in town this
week from Kansas City.
Frank Bowman came up from Pampa
and spent the week at Colfax.
It. (i. Har£rave returned Friday from
an outing of several weeks ou the IVnl
d'Oreille river.
Pound It Here.
Shelton Becbtel, representing R.
Bechtel & Co., of Agatha, Jdnho. spent a
few days of the week in town. The firm
is opening a new mercantile house at
Agatha, and Mr. Bechttl was on his way
to the wholesale centers to lay in n up
ply of goods, but found prices rig lit at
Colfax and bought from Julius Lippitt
$1100 worth of shoes and iurni.-hing
goods and shipped tb< m to Agatha.
The Bravery of Woman.
Was grandly shown by Mrs. John
Dowling of Butler, Pa , in a three year's
struggle with a malignant stomach
trouble that caused distressing attacks
of nausea and indigestion. Ail remedies
failed to relieve her until she tried Elec
tric Bitters. After taking it two months,
she wrote: "1 am now wholly cured and
can eat anything. It is truly a grand
tonic for the whole system as I gained
in weight and feel much stronger since
using it." It aids digestion, cures dvs
pepwia. improves appetite, gives new life.
Only 50c. Guaranteed, at The Elk drug
etore, F. J. Stone, Prop'r,
Shaw's Purk Malt—Perfect as a bev
erage or medicine. It prevents chills and
tones up the system. It exhilarates and
does not poison. Sold by F. .1. Stone,
Colfax, \Vash o
Wanted—A bright office boy; good
penmanship. Apply by letter 'in owu
handwriting; state age. The Demiug
Investment Co., Colfax. Wash o
If you have lands to sell of any de
scription, list them with Eicho, Liru;
Co., who will advertise and find you
if you want Insurance, or a collection
promptly made, call on Eocho, Larue £
Co., the real estate bustlers*
H. W. Gofp Agt. Phknix Ins. Co.
Human Fish Who Will Prob
ably Be at the Fair.
Everything in Readiness for the
Hits Opening on the 25th of
Thf Fair Association officers, with the
assistance of C. A. Ross, have been busy
the past week decorating the ware
houses, billboards, and roadside farms
with hai.drome lithograph advertising
of tbe fall meeting, which begins Tues
ii'iy, September 25, and ends September
21*. Many inquiries are being received
from the numerous side-show attrac
tions now iv Portland, Oregon, partici
pating in the carnival there, and it ie
presumed a number of them will drop
in and visit Coliax while the fair is in
progress and then proceed to Spokane
to exhibit during the fruit fair in Oc
tober. Among them is "Mrs. Murphy,"
the monkey aeronaut, who goes up 5000
feet in a balloon .uid then comes down
by the parachute route; also the "Fish
Man," who lives, eats and smokes en
tirely submerged in a glass tank filled
with water.
A contract haß been closed with Prof.
Richard Earlston of Portland, who will
give two balloon ascensions during the
fair. He is said to be very good.
Work on the buildings and track be
gins this week and a force of men will be
kept employed until after thi: fair.
The restaurant privileges have been
sold to the ladies of the Baptist church,
who will serve meals on the grounds dur
ing the entire fnir week.
All developments point to a most suc
cessful meeting this year. The people
who have enjoyed the county fair in
past years ore all coming, and they will
bring their friends and neighbors with
them. The greatest crowd in the history
of Whitman county fairs is almost cer
tain to be on the grounds. Every form
of entertainment heretofore provided,
with many new and [(leasing features,
will be before the people, while the ex
hibit* will certainly be the best ever
Known, especially in the live-stock de
Held Up For Money.
The holdup men have been operating
in Colfax the last few days. Thursday
night of last week Emory Hammond,
driver of Cairns' wagons and the Great
Northern express, was sandbagged on
Railroad street and relieved of #18.
Saturday night .John Stump, with $120
in his pocket, was persuaded by a friend
of a week's acquaintance, giving his
name as (ieo. Williams, to take a walk
after dark up the railroad. Near the
stockyards Stump was persuaded to
take a drink. Unconscious from the
kno -k-out drops, he was hit a side-head
blow which cut his ear in two, and then
robbed of $118.50. He was uot found
until the following morning aud in now
in a precarious condition, though ex
pected to live.
The barn of Joseph (iroom, eight
milles northwest of Coif ax, was burned
to the ground Monday of last week.
Playing children may have been the
cause, but it is not known how the blaze
originated. The loss was $300. Mr.
Groom had only §100 insurance. This
was on baj and grain. His loss would
have been much heavier, but ho had ail
his outfits of teams and harness at work
in the lields and saved them. The insur
ance was carried in the H. W. (7off
agencies, and everything has been satis
factorily adjusted.
The won! "Osteopathy," which was
coined by Dr, Still aud applied to his
science as a name, is un versally criti
cised as a misnomer by those who make
only a superficial investigation of the
subject, but deeper researches into the
new philosophy show the name to be
very appropriate. Oue of the great
fundamental principles of the science is
that when the human body is in perfect
mechanical order, when every tissue is
enabled to do its work without mechani
cal interference, health will result. The
bony framework is that part of the
body upon which order most depends.
The Osteopath uses the bones as fixed
points from which to explore for dis
order, and as levers to assist him in re
storing order to the body. In fact very
little Osteopathic work would be pos
sible without using the bones, and it is
the Osteopathic use of the bones in this
wurk, rather than the treatment of bone
troubles, that makes the won! "Oste
opathy" an appropriate name for this
With the exception of antiseptics and
antidotes for poisons, this new school of
practice totally discards medicines in
the treatment of diseases, and adopts in
their stead a system of intelligent man
ual operations by which the inherent
! recuperative forces of the body are con
j trolled aud directed to the restoration
\ of harmony and health. By this method,
: all mechanical obstructions to the circu
: lation of vital fluids are removed, and
nut tire is allowed to regain her equilib
-1 rium without the introduction of drugs
| or other agencies than the good, whole
| some food prescribed by the normal ap
! petite. The new school embraces in its
! curriculum all that is known of the hu
man body in health and disease. The
; principles of the new treatment can
neither be comprehended nor applied by
one who is not thoroughly acquainted
; with anatomy, physiology, pathology
j and symptomatology. In addition to
! these branches the Osteopath requires
! special training in the development of
I a roost delicate sense of touch and a
knowledge of special nerve centres uu
kuown to other schools. Osteopathy is
a complete system of treating diseases
and deformities without drugs or ap
pliances. It differs from other schools
of medicine principally in the remedial
agencies applied; and while using only
the hands to do its work, this system
also differs from massage and all other
forms of so-called "manual therapeutics' 1
in that no Osteopathic diagnosis or
treatment is possible without a most
exact aud practical knowledge of all the
partß and processes of the physiological
and pathological man. The special
nerve centres and principles by which
remedial effects are secured in this prac
tice were discovered by Dr. Still, and are
neither recognized nor understood by
any other school
Dr. Patterson makes no charge for
consultation or examination and will be
plt-ased to explain more fully her system
of treatment to any who call to investi
ISam Burned Down.
Alviu R. Fisher of (Jarfield has been
granted a pension of $8 a month, and
Wheelock \V. Carpenter of Pullman au
original pension of flO a month.
D. Millgard & Co., have moved their
marble works to new quarters in the
Hall building, on Mill street, adjoining
the undertaking parlors.
The W. C. T. I', will meet at the home
of Mrs. W. M. Colvin, Tuesday after
noon, September 11, at 2:80. A cordial
invitation is extended to everybody.
The date for a hearing of Whitman
county before the state board of equal
ization, sitting at Olympia, is Septem
ber 13.
A new real estate firm has been formed
under the name of Eacho, Larue & Co ,
with offices iv the I'avis building. Mr.
Eacho has been established in the busi
ness for some time, and the addition of
0. W. Larue to the firm makes a strong
real estate team. Mis reentry into the
business will make things hum in thin
.Ino. F. Fuller has again taken charge
of the Washington Abstract Company
office as manager.
A sneak thief stole a single buggy har
nesß from Tom Amos Monday night.
A meeting of the Colfax republican
club will be held Monday evening next at
republican headquarters in Fraternity
| JThos. Cromwell has sold a house and
two lots in South Colfax to Annie E.
Wilton for $1200 cash.
Services at Good Samaritan church
September !>, as follows: Sunday school
10 a. m.; morning prayer, 11; eveniug
prayer, 7:30. Subject for evening ad
dress is "Purity" or Seventh command
The subject for the Christian Science
lesson sermon for September '.), is
"Matter." Golden text: Shail a man
make gods unto himself and they are no
gods? —Jeremiah 1(5 20. All are wel
Rev. H. P. .James goes to Wardner to
assist in the dedication of the new Con
gregational church next Sunday.
Rev. E. B. Pace, president of Colfax
college, will preach at the Congregation
al church Sunday morning. The even
ing service will be omitted.
At the Baptist church Pastor Collins
will preach Sabbath at 11 a. m, and 8
p. m. Morning theme, ''Abiding in
the Vine." Communion following ser
inon. Evening theme, "Public Wor
ship." Mrs. Evans, instructor of vocal
and instrumental music at Colfax col
lege and a graduate of the Boston Con
servatory of Music, will assist in the
Evangelist Wm. B. Smith will begin
gospel tent meetings Saturday night,
September 8, on the ground where the
merry -go-round was located on Hail
road avenue. All are invited to come.
Over in Montana.
Newton N. Rowe, who returned Tues
day from a trip to Montana, says of the
political situation there: "Montana
people are already getting warmed np
in the scrap between Clark and Daily,
which is growing more bitter with each
succeeding month, (lark naturally feels
sore over bin defeat of last winter and
longs to play even with Marcus Daily.
The people of the Bitter Hoof valley the
peat of Daily's big stock farms, are
largely in favor of Clark. Vnything to
down Daily seems to he their one lone
Lost—Sunday, Sept. '2, in Congrega
tional church block, a purse containing
about $4 2"». Purse was left Iviug on a
fence. Finder will please leav.' at Ga
zette office.
Eacbo, Lame <fc Co. have bargains in
fruit farms, wheat lands, stock rauches
and town property in Colfax, I'ullman
and Garfleid o
The ladies of the 11. E. church will
serve a dinner uptown the last day of
the county fair o
Eight-room noune in south end for
sale cheap. Edwin T. Com an.
Go to Hotel Hart, VVinona, for good
treatment. First class house o
Bring poultry and eggs to Averill A:
Co., Elberton.
Empty barrels for sale by .!..!. Hoepp
ner #
H. W.GofF writes reliable Innukancr
V English
•, Collegiate
A School
Fall Term Opens
September 19, 1000.
Prepares for College; Trains for Busi
ness and Social Life; Helps those who
have not had early opportunities to get
started in the educational line.
The teaching is by practical teachers,
and thorough.
For any further information apply to
F. N. ENGLISH, Principal,
i —^————^_________________
Lacey & Sheldon,
(Successors to Bennett & Tarbet)
\ High Grade Goods at Low Prices
Headquarters for
Fruit and Vegetables
; Telephone Main 481. Main St., Colfax, Wash.
Lock and $ Sewing Machines
• Guns and
Gunsmith. Ammunition.
AH Kinds of Repairing.
New Fall and Winter Goods
are now crowding in upon us by almost every
train. Come and see the beautiful things al
ready here and incidentally discover what tin-
Fall Fashions are.
For Fall and Winter 1900-1901 is
almost ready and if you do not secure one by
September lath a postal mailed to us with your
address on will secure you one.
Colfax's Greatest Store,
Colfax, AVashiiigtoii.
Largest, most reliable and quickest mail A postal mailed to us will secure you ■ line
order boose in thn State of Washington. of samplps.
Hfsf *^\ A Watch Wortli Having
That is the Kind We Keep
I) ! i^^ s4rV price* aw reasonable.
I'll (^^jC^^^6\Vr\ I > Rill£s and Jewelry
M w |^*^p^vv^ Bo *er Broß-(iootlH
Pf City Jewelry Store
Lh{ fJ wJ m®~~~* A ml. a. Bow.
It will pay you to examine
Before investing your money in a Chop Mill.
Some of itn feature**:
No Burrs to Wear Out. No (rears. Only Six Bearings.
Mills specially adapted to wind mill power.
All sizes up to 3% tons cupucity per hour.
Manufactured by CABLET IKON WORKS, Collax, W«»b.
Are constantly enlarging their line of grocerim. It in to your interest '<> ituipeel
AYe are Headquarters for Fruit.
Free Delivery. Phone Black 174 A.RMSTRON^G A: CO
Main Street, COLFAX. (SuccessorstoMcDONALDßßOß.)
Hotel Colfax, J- B H'^^"^^-
The Leading Hotel in the City.
All Modern Convenience*!. Free Sample RoonM for
Lighted by Electrricity. Commercial Men.
Hotel Cafe and First Class Bar in connection.
Modern Warehouse Elevator Co, fMsKS
And is aKfiit for ti number of standard gasoline engines, from one t<> twenty hor.se power Can
put in a one-horse power pump that will pump ."XK) gallons of water mi hour. Ibe cost Of running
the engine is from 15 to 20 ceuts per full day. Why buy v windmill? Manufactory and Office,
Main Street, Opposite School House. COlil-AX, WASHINGTON.
SJlllwaro'ilia for >our Magazines and Newspapers through The
IJUUPUI UJV Gazette and save money.
Help Yourself
From a box of our superb candies and you are
getting the purest and best combination of can
dy materials that any candy maker knows how
to put together. More kinds of candy than you
Knew were made. Come in aud see.
We also carry a well tdceted ttock of Station
ery and Books.
CHAS. KENNEL, V. Q, Store.
W. O. Busse, formerly with
8. l>. liominasson has opened
a New and Second Hand Fur
niture Store, in the oid Hem
ming building. Being the
only upholsterer in Colfax,
will be pleas< d to repair your
old lounge or will trade it in
on a new one. A complete
stock of Furniture, Crockery
and diraniteware on hand.
Highest price paid for second
hand goods, ca»h or trade.
Insure with H. W. Gofp.
Leave orders at Barroll &
Mohney's Hardware Store.
Livery, Feed and Sale
Fine Turnouts of All Kinds
KeHt attention pven tn transient rtt<« k.
Horsee fed by the day or week.
Telephone Main 12.
Cattle and Hogs.
Pays higheat market price.
Office with Chaa. DeFrauce, Coif ax, Wash.

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