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Councilman (Jood Submitted
Figures As To Cost.
City Tax liovy For the Year Placed
at Twelve Millg On
I lie Dollar.
The matter of a new and purer water
sapplv for Colfax haH peen a most vexa
Houh problem to the city council for
several month*. At a discussion of the
mbject Monday evening Councilman
(i i, who, with two other members
has all along been favorable to the
proposition made by Jacob Arrasmith
submitted some figures which he con
tends show that on a basis of ten years'
time wi I save to the city nearly $,'{o
into il the Arrasmith proposition is ac
cepted. This proposition is that Mr
Arriismith will sink an artesian well on
hi* farm east of town, and if he furnishes
150,000 gallons of water each 24 hours
the city is to pay him $5000 for the
well: otherwise, the city is to be out
To pipe Huh water to the reservoir hv
gravity BjStea, on v full of 2M2 feet it h
estimated will cost $1(5,ooo to #18,000
but for piirpoHi-H of illustratiou' Mr'
Good lined $20,000 as the I'ost. He
figured that the coHt of the proposed
well on the Hat noar the pump houHe
which Home of the cotinciltnen fuvor!
would coat ijfHOOO, and the raising of
watt i from thin to the nwrvoir vwuld
hiI.I ul least $800 yearly expense to the
operation of the pumping plant; that
tbie, in connection with the present
n\B!< in. will cowt in ten years at iea-tt
138,500 for operating expenses, i^elud
in^ in w machinery which it will beneces
wry t«> bay before the expiration of tlmt
time. To be added to thin in $22,800
interest for ten yean, making a total
cont for the time of #GI,.'JOO.
Under the Arrasmith proposal, if
water in found, he tigiiren that the coat
of tin' well on the Hat, ijfHOOO, operating
expenses <>f $18,000, a new pump at
|5000, and |500 additional would be
Bared, making $31,000 in all, aud that
$29,300 would be saved in ten years by
the gravity system, besides securing
pure water.
The net earnings of the water system
are now about $.1000 a year, says Mr.
Good. Warrants for the $5000 for pur
chase of the well, if sufficient water is
obtained, could be drawn against this
fund, and all the warrants retired with
in two years, without additional tax
levies, lie also thought the water
revenue* would easily be swelled $100 a
month, or $12,000 for the ten years, be
came of the pure supply. He was of the
opinion, however, that 150,000 gallons
daily might not be sulllcieut during one
or two i.f the hottest summer months,
Mr. Arriismith reports that he has re
cently had an expert inspect his ground.
whose opinion is that such a supply can
easily be obtained.
Another point made by Mr. Good was
thai the long pipe line would add from
■sil.(too to loo,0(j0 gallons to the stor
age capacity without additional reser
voir construction. No definite action
has yet been taken.
City Tax Levy.
City ( lerk McCord has certified the
followiag to the auditor as the tax
levnd by the council upon each dollar's
worth of city property, a total of 12
For current expense . 2
t"r u ineral fuud warrants 2
For water porpom 2
For bond interest, except in that portion an
nexed to the city in 1893 (i
Total 12
The bond of J. D. 1 lagan for a liquor
license was approved and the license
ordered issued.
In the matter of the confirmation of
the cli cted officers of the fire department
for the ensuing year, the case of First
Assistant Engineer W. M. Colvin was re
ferred to Chief White for his recommend
Councilman Baker addressed the coun
cil in the matter of II S Holliugsworths
claim to l>e the owner of certain vacant
lots near the residence of Marshal Mac
kay. and his claim to a right to fence
the same against their use as hitching
ground for teams, anil soliciting the
council to purchase them for hitching
Judge DeMattos of Wbatcom Holds
Him I |) to the liight.
Whatcom, Sept. 10 —Hon. J. P. De
Mattos, now of Republic*, but for six
teen years a resident of this city, and
four terms its mayor, is calling on his
friends here ana as he nnively puts it,
"recovering from the depressing scenes
ol Ihe late fusion state convention.'"
The judge speaks with authority as well
hs with tlie keen-edged sarcasm for
which he is famous, for he was a very
prumineut character at the late conven
tion at Seattle, coming there with the
prestige of a man who had been a silver
republican repn sensitive in the fusion
legislature of L 897; chairman of the
stale silver republican convention in
ls'.>-\ and a state delegate to the silver
republican national convention at Kan
sas City in July.
In the fusion legislature he was a
staunch supporter of Go». Rogers, vot
ii'i: fur him sixteen times for United
States senator, something he would
hardly do now. if the scathing remarks
regarding the course of tne governor
(uiil some of his associates are a fair in
dex of his feelings towards them.
Will Support Senator Frink.
Judge De Mattos, being asked by a
reporter of th» Post-Intelligencer as to
the correctness of the statement that he
would support the republican state
ticket, said:
'Yes, 1 shall certainly support Senator
Frink and his associates, for several rea
sons, which appear to me controlling.
First. Frmk and Rogers hold the same
views on what the democratic national
convention declares to be the 'para
mount issue,' Rogers having for months,
with his own tongne and pen, assisted
by the chief of his traveling press bureau,
lUzzard, sought to educate the people
that Bryan, his chief, was mistaken.
"If Bryan is right Rogers is wrong,
and vice versa. I prefer the gentleman,
Frink, to the scribbler, Rogers, who in
his notorious effusion, 'The Irrepressible
Conflict,' which I have just seen for the
first time, and which the principal busi
ness of the democratic committee of '96
was to withdraw as far as possible from
"^honorable profession htataH *>'
theMm, . y govern"r who declined, all
the republicans accepting the invitation.
Great in Small Things.
tilings, ac in refusing to use "cent
?Hn mpß ' m mai,liDK Emissions of no
in»r P« hC> leltiDK th('m
in hi s ott.ce, even under the advice of U
torney General Vance that he was wrong
and was not satisfied till the live jodgS
the supreme court decided against
»m ii t "l "1H" iH to° intiniteNimally
wealth gOVernor of tllirt common
Fourth-He "in small in great things
When State Auditor Cfaeatfaam, who
could not get 20 per cent of the votes of
the late Hfate convention, and to whom
at leant 99 per cent of the credit for thin
if- v ttdmin "Bt.ration is due, and for
which Rogers is trying to take personal
credit refuHed to audit a bill of Rogers'
for dollar meals for himself, wife and
uaughter, while traveling to Kllensbnrg
on a normal school violation, the gov
ernor was ordering warrants issued for
$4,000 to a political trail builder of
Seattle and his contractor, to whom
Rogers turned over the Marcus Btate
road appropriation, despite the warning
r> a meml)erof liiH <>wn staff resident in
Republic, and to the insult of the people
of W-rry and Stevens counties, and on
which it is said by people who have in
vestigated it that only from #r,OO to
#2,<><)() work was done, which was thus
"Fifth -There is not an officer in the
executive branch of the state govern
ment whose relations with the governor
are not strained by his imperious and
boorish manners.
"Sixth—Hie veto of the first and his
nonapproval of the second Whatcom
normal school bills, and his refusal to
have Whatcom's national guard com
pany enrolled in the regiment, do not
diminish the dislike he has striven his
best to earn at the bands of the people
of the fourth city of the state but arc in
line with his weil known policy as an in
grate to those who discovered and ele
vated him.
How Delegates were Changed
"Finally, at the state convention, men
who were selected delegates because of
their hostility to the governor, with
scant pocketbooks in the morning had
money to spend the same evening, and
were shouting themselves hoarse for
Rogers, while gentlemen sustaining the
apparent relation of pardon and parole
brokers to his excellency were leaving
notes at hotels for certain delegates to
come up to a certain room where 'that
matter would be fixed.' Is thiH not
"The trenchant criticisms of Judge De
Mattos are doubly pointed, as they are
a climax to a general dissatisfaction in
this county among till the fasiooists, ex
cept a certain few, and especially among
the populists, who are fast learning that
they were hoodooed, and who was re
sponsible for the elimination of their
party and its name in state politics.
Judging from the statements of other
fusionists of prominence heretofore there
will be a defection from that party of
hundreds of votes in this county, most
of whom like Judge De Mattos, will vote
the republican ticket.
Cards are out announcing the mar
riage September 2G, at G p. m., at the
home of the bride's parent's on Union
fl-it, of Eugenic, daughter of Mr. and
Mr*. C. B. Kegley, to Mr. R. .1. (iilder.
E. K. Ilanna has been designated by
the fusion state central committee as
one of the campaign orators.
E. 1). Luke lu.s been nominated by
petition as a candidate for justice of the
peace in precincts 36, 46 and S3, em
bracing the city of Colfax.
Marry Palmer, who wan badly burned
recently by a vapor bathing apparatus,
is again on the streets.
The fruit shipping season ih drawing
to a close on Snake river.
The stores of A Kuhu, Julius Lippttt
and the Red Front Clothing Co. will be
closed Monday, September 21, on ac
count of Jewish New Year.
Mrs A. E Abel! is seriously ill at the
hospital. Dr. H. C. Coffey of Portland
was wired for asd arrived Thursday
morning. A surgical operation was
found incessary, and this was performed
Thursday; it is thought successfully.
Moscow, Idaho, September 18, Harl J.
Williams of KalUpel, Montana, formerly of
Colfax, ami Miss Kate O. Miller of Moscow.
Union flat, September IS. Mrs. Geo. Smith.
Funeral services were held Wednesday from
Coif ax M. E church.
Chamberlain's Coujjh Remedy a
Great Favorite.
The Boothiug and healing properties
of this remedy, its pleasant taste and
prompt and permanent cures have made
it a great favorite with people every
where. It is especially prized by moth
ers of Hinall children for colds, croup
and whooping cough, as it always af
fords quick relief, and as it contains no
opium or other harmful drug, it may be
given as confidently to a baby as to an
adult. For sale by all druggist^
Horses for Sale.
We have for sale flt prices to suit
everybody, 50 head of grade Clyde work
horses, rangiDg: fron 1200 to 1000
pounds, i to 7 years old. Mansfield
Bros., 3\, miles south of Wioona*
A fair will ha held for the benefit of
St. Ignatius hospital some time next
month. Many handsome articles have
been donated already by friends of the
Sisters. No pains will be spared to
make the fair a brilliant success o
For Kent.
400 acres of buncbgrass pasture on
«teptoe butte; plenty of water. Inquire
of W. A. Davis, Steptoe P. 0., or Ed.
Davis, Colfax^
Go to W. G. Busse'e for crockery,
glass and granite ware.
Mr. and Mrs. L. T. Bragg retained
iriuav from Portland, where they went
t<- attend the carnival.
A M. Mecklem, once a Whitman coun
ty democrat, now a popnlist and single
t'i\»r, hah been chosen necretary of the
democratic state central committee.
.Fame* A. IVrkina riaitod Spokane
MiHH Claudin Da Tall returned Satur
day from a visit to Portland and lie-
Minnyille, Oregon, and Tacoma and
Harry H. Nathan, a former well-known
citizen of Collax, ham returned to the
city to permanently locate and haw
opened a public accountants ottice at
room H, Fraternity block.
Fred Biekso! Paioaee, a member of
the Dayton company of the First Wash
ington volunteers, was in the city Wed
nesday on business.
John Hanak, an old-timer in Colfax,
has returned to the city as manager of
Binnard'a Klite saloon.
.1. M. Camp, the republican warhoree
of Pampa, was in the city Tuesday and
Oliver Hall returned Friday from I)e
--tioit. Michigan, where he represented
the state as a delegate to the supreme
lodge Knights of Pythias.
Louie Millgard of Spokane is visiting
the family of his brother, I). Millgard.
Dr. Harvey J. Felch expects to locate
at F.llensburg.
On account of ill health, Prof. E. R.
McCorey has resigned his position as
principal of the schools at Bouner's
Ferry, Idaho, and has returned to Whit
man county.
Dolpfa Coolidge returned Friday to his
school at the Portland academy.
11. <J. Mcßride, republican nominee for
lieutenant governor of the state, spent
Saturday in the city, forming new ac
quaintencesbips and greeting older
friends, lie is a most pleasant gentle
man and made a good impression upon
Dr. McSwords, an old-time friend of
Rev. J. W. Flesher, was a visitor at the
parsonage Wednesday. The doctor is
on his way to the Paris exposition.
Grain—Wheat, Club, per bu, sacked, 42c
in warehouse, 42Ac on board,
b'.ujstem, 38c. Uata, per cwt, 85c. Barley,
per cwt, 57^0,
Hay—Timothy, baled, per ton, §10; loose,
98; grain, baled, $8; loose, ?•>.
FBDITS- Apples, per lb, |c; dried fruit*,
l>er lb, 'Mc(a Be.
Butteb t'reaniery. cash, per lb, 2Gc; ranch,
cash, LSc. Cheese, per lb, Vlhc.
Vegetables. — Potatoes, "per cwt., 50c;
Onious.per uwt.,t;oc. Cabbage.per cwt., §1.00.
Boan«, per lb , 4e.
PoutTßY—Chicken*, live, per lb., Be. Tur
keys, live, perlb., S£c.
Egos.—Per dozen, cash, 15c.
Groceries.—Granulated sugar, per 100 lb.
sack. 87.40.
Butter.— Creamery, 30c; ranch, 20c.
Cheese, per lb. 2()c.
Ecus.— Per dozen, 20c.
Meats. -P.eef, fresh, per Ik, [email protected]; pork,
frosh, [email protected]£c; mutton, fresh, [email protected]
Bacon, breakfast, 15c; salt, 10c: haina, loc;
shoulders, 12£ c. Lard, o lb. bucket, 40c; 5 lb.
bucket, (15c; 10 lb. bucket, $1.25.
MILL Fked. —Brau, per ton, §0; shorts, per
ton, $11. Chopped barley, per ton, $20.
Chicken feed, per cwt., SI.
Floi-r.—Wholesale, per bbl., §2.80; retail,
per ~>o lb sack, SOc;
A Powder Mill Explosion
RemovPH everything in sight; bo do
drastic mineral pills, but both are
mighty dangerous. No need to dyna
mite your body when Dr. King's New
Life l'ills do the work bo easily and per
fectly. Cures headache, constipation.
Only 12.") cents at The Elk Drug Store, F.
.J. Stt.ne, I'ropr*
The ladies of the M. E. church will
serve dinner at The old bowling alley
buiiding on the last day of the fair,from
11 to 2 o'clock*
Shaw's Ii m; Malt—Perfect as a bev
<»ra«e or medicine. It preventH chills and
tonen up the By stem. It exhilarate* and
does not poison. Sold by V..]. Stone,
Colfax, \V.TBh o
Bring poultry and t'gg* to Averill Si
("0., Blberton,
boras and poor look- '"^v -^—~^|W
Ing harness i^ th(*
worst kind of a com- rp^r^^A
S"^ 11 "s*^ I* ft
Harness Oil^ljV
not only makes Oio harness an! the 1.1&
iior-ii* look better, but makes tba 'IKI
K'utlitT soft and ]»]iuMt\ puts it in con- l'l|^
iII / -A! / ditton t.) lust— twice aa long wfc
:\j,wmtlj/' !ta >l cniiiKirily would. JNk
STolu cS RD wwk
Horse a X^mmW
You and your Horse
will be treated right at
Finest Turnouts in the city.
Teams and saddle horses by the hour,
day or week. Stock boarded at reason
able rates.
Buy Your Groceries
A^. E. Fonts,
All e^oods first class. Highest price* paid
for farm producn.
Cattle and Hogs.
Pays highest market price.
H. M. LIDDLE, Propr.
Colfax, Washington
Celery Soda
Mires a headache ut once. It is ■ pleas
ft"., sparkling, effervescent drink that
actsimm. lately It deans and pur flies
tiie Btom h. K'-ntly quiets tho nerves
and relic . all pain It curea si«;k and
perronsli .idaehes. Bea«ickne?s and m.-n
--tal fntim., |Oc, 25c. SOc. $!.OO
Restore Vitality, Lost Vigor and Manhood
Jure Impotoncy, Night Emissions, Loss of Mom
§ory, all wasting diseases,;
all clTccts of Belf-abose or
it'xces3 aud indiscretion. \9^J
A. nerve tonic aud Dll I Q
|,blood builder. Brings rIL-"-;a
the pink glow to pale ffkA^fc
cheeks and restores tho %9\J
$2.50, with our bankable graurantee to cure
or refund the money paid. Send for circular
and copy of our baukablo guarantee bond.
Positively guaranteed euro for Lo?3 of Power,
Varicocolo, Undeveloped or Shrunken Organs,
Paresis, Locomotor Ataxia, Nervous Prostra
tion, Hysteria, Fits, Insanity. Paralysis and tho
iJesults of Exces-ive Use of Tobacco, Opium or
Liquor. By mail in plain packacp, $1.00 a
box, 6 for $5.00 with our bankable guar
antee bond to cure in 30 days or refund
money paid. Address
Clinton &. Jackson Sts., CHICAGO, ILL.
For Sale by W.J.Hamilton. Druggist, Colfax, Wa»b
visit DR. JORDAN'S cheat
f~» 1051 URKBT ST., 11l PIUCISCO, ML.
{^T The I argest Anatomic* Mwcuin In the
World. WaakneasM or Mr «omr»c«»d
KSSSan "' r «>"»'««»»>r c»r«J l.jrthe oldest
IS»J 55 1 specialist on the Cuait Kit 36 yean.
F&Sfi&R STPHIIII trlorouyhly eradicated
I jGrayfi '"'"' the use of Oirnr;.
r// Ift «■' =«■••• ft" «■?«■'«- Aquiekand
if I™ "u'cal cur* for Piles, Fluur* and
Ffxtulm. by Dr. Jordan's ipecial pain
•• •*• less meihoda.
CnnTOltatlcn free and Urlctly print*. Trutraeiit on
jonaliy or by letter. A fojitrtj Our* Ik rrerr else
undertaken. Write for B.ok. rniLOKOPBV of
aiRHUGE, mailed nsi. TA »aluabl* book
for men. ) Call or writ*
DR. JORDAN & CO., 1061 Mir** St. 8. P.
W. O. Busse, formerly with
S. D. liOinniasson hits opened
a Kew :iud .Second Hand Fur
niture Store, iv the oid Flem
rning building. Being the
oniy upholsterer iv Colfax,
will he pleased to repair your
old louuge or will trade it in
on a new one. A complete
stock of Furniture, Crockery
and Graniteware on hand.
Highest price paid for second
hand goods, cash or trade.
. I.U. and EXTRAS.
Our Extras, which are first clasa, sell at about
one-half the prices charged by other houses.
Header and Jackson Extras.
150 ft. S-inch 4 ply Gandy Belt $38.50
Myers' Tank Pump, complete 15.00
Cylinder Teeth, each C> cts
Next d«>or to Gunshop, Main Street, Colfax
Squirrels Squirrels
Farmers, why let the squinela
eat up your crop when you can
kill them with a
McDonald Squirrel Gun?
References—Washington Agricultural Col
lege, Pullmau; University of Idaho, Moscow;
B. T. Byrns. Moscow; Reed, Moscow; First
National Bank, Moscow; G. Horn, Oakesdale;
J R. Lee, Colfax.
Warranted, if directions are followed, or
money refunded, and §25 on the aide to any
one proving differently.
(Jr. E. HRJKEY. Genl. Agent
Box 426, Walla Walla, Wash.
Livery, Feed and Sale
Fine Turnouts of All Kinds
Best attention given to transient stock.
Horseß fed by the day or week.
Telephone Main 12.
Lock and Sewing Machines
.. . , • Guns and
Gunsmith. $ Ammunition.
All Kinds of Repairing.
Bring your chickenß and egge to
Averill's store, Elberton.
Call on H. W. Gofp for Insurance.
When You Want Supplies
Why Goto Outside Cities?
Becaaw the country dealer let* it gotbert
not aak your patronage v a right; we art you to come £r! ImV/i,,™ '
It Pays You to Buy in Colfax.
lorn prim, ■« wh,,t tatdHgent buyer. » tooktag „,r . ' «-,■ k,,:,/,,."!','ih,."
It will pay you to examine
Kefon> investing your money in a Chop Mill.
Some ;>f itH fentim>N:
No Burrs to Wear Out. No Gears. Only six Bearings
Milln specially adapted to wind mill power.
All Hizes up to 3% tons capacity per hour.
Manufactured hy CAKLKY IRQX WOKKS, C.lfax. Whhl..
Grocery for Fine Groceries. Goods and prices guaranteed.
New stock being added daily.
Free Delivery. Phone Hlnck 174. A RAIC rn?n \T kV n/\
M,ln Strce,. CO..FAX. A "^l'M.^.^.. ££ O>
No. 3076.
First National Bank of Colfax,
At Colfax, In the state of Washington, al the
close o( business, September sOi, lUM).
Loans and discounts 1204,993 27
Overdrafts, secured and unsecured. . ir.i :;:;
D. 8. bonds to secure circulation , .. 25,000 00
Stocks, securities, etc 5,450 09
Banking house,furniture, and fixtures 10,819 25
Other real estate owned 9.71s n
Due from state banks and bankers . . 1,766 10
Due from approved reserve agents 6,025 ::i
Internal-Revenue stamps. 120 on
Checks and other cash items 2,303 7:;
Notes of other National Banks 30 00
Fract'l paper currency,nickels,aud eta 25 15
Lawful money reserve in bank, viz:
Specie $20187 75 20,187 75
Redemption fund with l\ s. Treas'r
(5 per cent of circulation) 1250 00
Total 1288,453 15
Capital stock paid In $60,000 00
Surplus fund 7 :>OO 00 |
1 nnivid'd profits,less expand taxes pd 6,243 10
National Bank notes outstanding 25,000 00
Due to other National Hunks . •_ >7,">:;t •:;
Due to stiitc banks and hankers 206 71 i
Individual deposits subject to check.. 136,698 11 i
Demand certificates of deposit 25,272 47 j
Total 1288,453 15 i
state of Washington, county of Whitman ss
I, Edwin T.Coman.cashier of the above-named
hank, do solemnly swear that the above stMte
ment is true to the best, of mv knowledge ami
belief. EDWIN T. COMAN. Cashier
Subscribed and sworn to before me this 17th
day of September, IHOO.
[seal] \V. H.Win fkkk.
Notary Public for State of Washington, residing
at Colfax, Washington.
Correct -Attest. Lr.vi Ankkxy. Jti.ns Liim'lTt,
R. L. McCROSKEY, Directors.
Contest Notice
Benner vs. Cody.
Department of the Interior, United states
Landoflice.Walla Walla, Wash., AugUHt29, L9OO
A sufficient contest affidavit having been Bled
in this office by Frank Benner,contestant,agaiust
Hd. entry No. 7172, made June 13, 18W, for Kl^
SWJi. Section 14, Township 15 N, Kange 40 K.
by James Cody contestee, in which it Is alleged
that contestee has wholly abandoned bis claim
and changed his residence therefrom for more
than six months next preceding the initiation
of contest; said parties are hereby notified to
appear, respond and offer evidence touching
said allegation at 1U o'clock a. m. on October
13,1900, before W. A. Inman, V. b. commis
sioner, at his office in Colfax, Wash., and that a
final hearing will be held at 10 o'clock a. m, on
October 'JO, 1900, before the register and receiver
at the United States land office in Walla Walla,
The said contestant having, in a proper affi
davit, filed August 1211. I'.KX), set forth facts which
show that after due diligence, personal service
of this notice can not be made, it is hereby
ordered and directed that .such notice be given
by due and proper publication.
JOHN M. HILL, Register.
Dtßsolntion of Co-partnership.
Notice is hereby given that the co-partnership
composed of Thomas Amos and C. H. Warner,
doing a general blacksmithing business under
the firm name and style of Thomas Amos A Co.,
has been this day dissolve 1 i.y mutual consent
The business will be continued as at present at
the corner of Wall and Mill streets by A W.
Mechlins, who lias succeeded to the said busi
ness. All notes and accounts of said firm are
due and payable to Thomas Amos, and all par
ties indebted to said firm are requested to call
at the place of business of said A. \V. Mechling,
formerly occupied by Thomas Amos & Co , and
settle the same. All claims against said firm
should be presented to Thos. Amos for settle-
Dated at Colfax, Washington, September 18th,
On retiring from business after a period of 17
years we thank the public for their liberal
patronage, and hope oar successor may receive
the same. THOMAS AMOS & Co.
Pioneer Drug Store,
W. J. HAMILTON, Propr.
Prescription Work a Specialty.
A complete stock of
Drugs, Medicines, Chemicals,
Soaps, Brushes, Perfumeries,
Paints, Oils, Glass,
Notions, Books, Stationery.
Telephone No. 37. Main Street, Colfax
Express and Drayman
Will haul your freight or move your
goods and chattels
11l the Superior Court of the StHte of Wash
ington, in and for Whitman County
Kosa Alice Petty, plaintiff, vs. George Pettj
defendant ''
Btate of Washington, County of Whitman h:
rhe State of Washington, to the said (ieorce
lVtty, defendant:
You are hereby summoned au.l required t..
appear in the superior court of the state of
w ashington, in ami for Whitman county within
sixty days after the .late of the first publication
of this summons, to-wit: within sixty dan
after the 31st day of August, 1900, an<l defend
the above entitled action in the above entitled
court, and answer the complaint of the plain
till in siiid action, and serve a copy of your m.ihl
answer ou Trimble & Pattison, the undersigned
attorneys tor plaintiff, at their office in Col fax'
in the county of Whitman, Mate of Washington
1 and n you fail to appear and defend said action'
and answer the complaint of the plaintiff afore
said, within the time aforesaid, judgment will
he tendered aga'nsl you, according to the de
mand of said complaint, which has been Bled
with the clerk of said court The object of the
above entitled action is that plaintiff procure a
divorce from defendant upon the grounds of
abandonment ol plaintiff l.y defendant and
I the neglect and refusal of defendant i< make
: suitable provmirin for ulaintill and \\\n family
i and thai plaintitr be awarded the custody care
and control oi the two minor children of plain
tiff and defendant, and that plaintiff recover
Jrom defendant her costs and disbursements in
: this action.
Dated,Colfax, Wash.. Aug. 29, 1900.
Plaintitrs Attorneys.
lostolhce address, Colfax, Whitman County,
First publication Aug. SI, l'.<oo.
Notice for Publication.
Erwin I). Eldredge.
Land Office at Walla Walla. Wash., August
20th 1900.- Notice is hereby given that the fol
lowing named tettlei bai Bled notice of his
intention to make final proof in rapport of his
claim ami that sai.l proof will be mude before
the county clerk ami clerk ol the inperioi court
of Whitman counry, Washington, at Colfax
Washington,on Saturday, Sept 29th, I.too, rta:
Erwln D. Eld red cc, v ho made homestead appli
cation No. .r i27f>, for the eK ol nw 1 , ami lotH 1
and 2 of aection 18, Tp. 15, N K. lo K. w. M
He names the following wiineawa to prove his
continuous residence upon and cultivation of
said laini. viz: I II Hampton, of Iji rrosHe
VVaah.J M. Camp, of Pampa, WaFh , w n
Forney, of LaCroate,Wash.,F. »' «.ary <>f i.a
Crosse, WaHh.
John if. him,, Bcdater.
Notice of First Meeting of Creditors
In the District Court of the I'nited
States, for the District ol Washington,
Southern Division.
In the matter o! William Burton and
Mary Burton, bis wife bankrupt.
No. 41 H. In bankruptcy.
To tbe creditors of William Burton and
Mary Burton, bis wife, of Pullman, in
the county of Whitman, and district
aforesaid, a bankrupt.
Notice is hereby Riven,that on the 18th
day of September, A. 1). 1900, the said
William Burton and Mary Burton, hiri
wife.were duly adjudicated bankrupt; and
that the first meeting of their creditor
will be held at rhe office of the under
signed referee, in Colfax, Whitman coun
ty, in said dis'riot on the let day of Oc
tober, A I). 1900. at three o'clock in the
afternoon, of eaid day, at which time
the said creditors may attend, prove
their claims, appoint a trustee, examine
the bankrupt, and transact such other
business as may properly come before
said meeting.
Dated Sept ember 18 th, 1900.
Referee in Bankruptcy.
Notice of First Meeting of Creditors
In the district court of the I'nited
States, for the district of Washington,
southern division.
In the matter of P. S. Paige, bankrupt.
No. 419. In bankruptcy.
To the creditors of I*. S. Paige of near
(ivy, in the couDty oi Whitman, and dis
trict aforesaid,a bankrupt: Notice i«
hereby given, that on the 20th day of
September, A.I). 1900, the said P. S.
Paige was duly adjudicated bankrupt,
and that the first meeting of his
creditors will be held at the office of
the undersigned referee, in Colfax,
Whitman county, in said district, on
the 2nd day of October, A. D. 1900, at 11
o'clock in the forenoon, of said day, at
which time the SHid creditors may attend,
prove their claims, appoint a trustee,
examine the bankrupt.and transact such
other business as may properly come
bf fore said meeting.
Dated, September 20th, 1900.
Referee in Bankruptcy.
Insure with H. W. Gofk.

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