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Kepublieans Were Careful In
th« County Nominations.
Severa, Were Cho-en To BuC eeed
Ihemselves Because of Their
Known Kfficiency.
assutnpt.ons of authority and odorous
J™ 1"'? have freighted {he « P ony n
f that othee. The election of a clean and
competent man like W. .1 Hrvanr th*
republican candidate, Jill jJJ^
to which the people are entitled
In frantic endeavor to injure Mr
Hr.VHnt'H candidacy, anti-republican
bedera hnve swarmed over the co S
peddling the untruth that Mr. Bryant is
a youthful lawyer, without theTbUity
or training necessary to fit him for so
responsible a position. Mr. Bryant is
not a youth , n either age or experience
He is a few months the senior of his
democratic opponent, he is thoroughly
read in the law and grounded in justice
His judgment is good and his temper
Mutable for the bench. Me is not an
intriguer, and would be fully capable of
meting out justice impartially, as the
law and the facts should demand.
The anti-republicans have also been so
kind & h to publish by word of mouth in
the quiet byways and political lanes
that Mr. Bryant is not to be seriously
thought of in the race; that it all lays
between Chad wick and Judge McDonald
1 hiH is very kind of them, indeed. Wm
.1. Bryant has the large republican vote
at dm back, and it will not desert him.
On the contrary, he n adding to it every
day from the ranks of liin opponents by
acting the dignified ways of a gentleman
and a fit juriHt instead of peddling false
hood and flimflammery over the fields.
Those Itenominated.
Every "republican nominee on the
county ticket outside of Mr. Kryant and
\. A. Wilson tor prosecuting attorney,
has now served in official capacities
which have tested their fitness for the
places for which they are now renomina
ted without a dissenting voice in a fully
represented republican convention.
Each has been again honored because
they have deserved well at the hands of
the party. Their respective offices have
been efficiently and honestly conducted.
Not a smoke puff of scandal has touched
them, because there has not been the
hidden fire to make the smoke.
Sheriff' Canutt's Backbone.
Whitman county now has a sheriff
who is not only acting in that capacity,
but who actually is sheriff. His back
bone is as stiff and straight as his judg
ment is sound and his executive ability
thorough. When others have attempted
to meddle with the affairs and adminis
tration of his office, with attempts at
such dictation as that from which other
sheriffs have suffered and to which some
huve so often bowed because of fear of a
power above them, the meddlers have
found that Joe Cannutt is sheriff, aud
not they. They have been sent about
their business. His administration of
the sheriff's office has been a clean and
conservative one, untainted with unholy
HlfiHwces with any element in the habit
of "fixing"' peace officers. His election
whs accomplished against a combina
tion of the snloon element, in favor of
the same opponent he has today;and
that element is bitterly fighting him
from many quarters now as then.
A. A. Wilson of Palouse, whom the re
publicans have chosen to stand for
prosecuting attorney, is an attorney of
prominence before the Whitman county
bur, aDd he has a wide acquaintance in
nl! quarters of the county. That ac
quaintauee is favorable ad touching up
on Mr. Wilson as a clean and honorable
man, while his ability as an advocate
aud attorney at law is recognized as
fully sufficient for the place for which he
has been nominated. His opponent
carries no advantage in these regards
over Mr. Wilson, and there is more than
strong suspicion that be fails as an
equal in the latter.
William ,1. Windus has made a record
as treasurer of which his party and
friends are-proud, and upon this record
be received the unanimous endorsement
of the county convention for re-nomina
tion. His administration of this diffi
cult office baa been systematic and busi
ness like, and his books are in the best
condition in the history of the county.
Mr. Wiudus has made an excellent treas
urer and deserves the support of not
only his own party, but of all citizens
who desire faithfulness and efficiency in
the handling of the county funds.
In the auditor's office John F. Corner
has demonstrated what honesty .coupled
with capability, is in a public office re
quiring the care and hard work found in
tin-duties of the auditor. Mr. Corners
work has been well done, faithfully done,
honestly done. There have been no
grabs, no fiugers in the public purse. He
was renominated unanimously because
til these things, and the people will mi«s ,
it if they fail to pile up the votes for his ,
re elect iou. , , ..
W W. Renfrew has conducted the
office of county clerk as it should be
conducted. His *ork has been done in
Che efficient manner characteristic of tbe
man His friends are legion, and he is
entitled to lead the ticket in votes, as
he did two years ago.
\ssessor Siler has not disappointed .
the friends who urged him for assessor
io 1898 He has labored indefatigably
to bring order out of chaos in the assess
or's office and has succeeded remarkably
well in placing it upon a business like
basis and injecting some system into. tne
methods of assessment. A vote for feller
is a vote in the right place.
School Superintendent Roberts has
done great work for the schools of Whit
man county. He has been active and
earnest in bis endeavors to improve the
wbool system and prompt and aecura :e
in his reports to the state office, reteiv
ng many compliments from that source
for his efficiency. He is entitled to re
election and will surely win.
Surveyor B. C. Murray has discharged
his duties with a competency which few
civil engineers could equal and none^sur
pass. Hie work has been of that accur
ate and painstaking character from
which no complaints can arise. Mr.
Murray should and will succeed himselt.
Coroner D. B. Crawford naa well at-
Kent »n 2v ""PleaHant *■««• and has
cSiitJ D ey£ out to e«ve expense to the
cunwL whe l T ever u POBHible. Where eir
tKn" nee«h«ve been such a« to show
I save*? ° dt>ath he haM iv man > •'«"-«
TZlts \*\*"T bV* f ™"* to call in
tde trURt and is wanted again.
For the legislature.
n»rt°j]eßirla,tive timber fhe ""publican
party took due ddiberatioii and selected
only good and true men.
In the Sixth district no better choice
?omhT H°', ind and h<»"»-Hble a citizen,'
could have been chosen for state senator
than Bryan VVestacott. He is a man of
character, of ideas, of soundness of judg
ment and the mental and moral stamina
to back what is right and condemn what
is wrong. Mr. Westacott should receive
tne votes of men of every party.
.. A- r ■ I'erley, for representative from
tne Sixth, ih of the laboring element a
man of broad physique and still broader
intelligence. His heart is in the right
place. He has the will and the ability
*° "o the people good in legislative halls.
Mr. lerley has arranged to spend some
time in addressing the voters of his dis
tnct at various points before election
day, when he will explain his position
upon the important questions affecting
Ethan E. Smith of St. John bears the
respect and confidence of those among
whom he has done business for several
years. They know his capabilities and
worth and urged his nomination upon
these grounds.
In the Seventh district Hon. Wilford
Allen of Pullman was renominated be
cause of the excellent record he made as
a representative at the last session of
the legislature. His zeal in every cause
contributing to the welfare of the people
of the state, and especially of his own
section was marked, and marked him
for re-election.
E. J. Durham also nominated for rep
resentative in the Seventh, is a well-to
do farmer near I'niontown. He is a man
of broad ideas and the courage of his
convictions. His place is on the right
side of questions affecting the welfare of
the farmer and business man, and he
keeps his place, Mr. Durham's election
will be the choice of a good man and the
right man.
Forcounty commissioner in the Second
district I. K. Luce of Fallou was a most
excellent choice. He is a pioneer farmer
with the large business training so neces
sary for proper care of the large business
of the county, and is honeßt and upright
in every inch of his tall form.
In the Third commissioner district
Wm. Huntiey, rancher and business man
of Endicott, is thejrepublican nominee.
He is now tilling the office b> appoint
ment to a vacancy and making a most
excellent record. He is a keen financier
whohas^nadea notable success of his
own business affairs and who is capable
of doing the same with the county's—
just the man for the place.
Judge McDonald Assessed This To
Sheriff Canuit.
In the celebrated case of Judge Mc-
Donald vs. Sheriff Canutt, the judge last
Friday placed a tine of $."}() upon the
sheriff for contempt of court in telling
him that his actions in the Hugh Boyle
case were rotten. The sheriff has not
paid it, nor does he propose to until the
supreme court says for it to be done,and
has appealed the case. Sheriff Canutt
has never denied what he suid, and is
perfectly satisfied to pay the fine if the
supreme court says co, just for the priv
ilege of saying it.
At the close of this case. Judge Mc-
Donald announced that he would call a
jury to try Hugh Boyle, who is accused
of assisting Clifford to break jail, and
that on short time. He ordered the trial
for uext Monday, September 24, against
the protest of the prosecuting attorney
on such short notice, though but a little
while back he refused to call a jury for
the trials of Dan Binnard and P. Le
francis, charged with Sunday opening of
saloons. However, when he found it
necessary to try Boyle right quick he
ordered these cases advanced on the
docket and set for trial before the same
jury, but as yet it has not been done,
only the Boyle case being set down.
Following are the jurors subpoenaed
to appear Monday: W S Blair, J M
Beveridge, L A Brockway, A Britton, L
T 3rockwav, Rosalia; J E Brown, 0 M
Bryson, David Bfeknoll, Garfield; C H
Buell. Amos I) Baum, H C Baxter, Pull
man; W F Bernard, W L Batterson,
Oakesdale; J G Baurngartner, (J B
Brown, H Baumgartner, Elberton;<John
Bohn, Jack Bohn, Palouse; Joseph Bohle
Colton; Alex Bright, Sprague; W II
Bright, St John; John Brink, IVnawawa;
II S Brink, Farmington: G D Brown,
Engine Kolled Over a Grade.
A Uniontown letter of Sunday says:
Yesterday the threshing engine of Weiber
Bros., with stub tank and trap wagon
attached, went off the grade just above
the saddle on the Lewiston hill and rolled
several hundred feet down the canyon.
The engineer, Conrad Weiber, not being
able to get off, went over with it and
was quite badly hurt, having two ribs
broken, a terrible gash cut on the fore
head and part of a hand taken off, be
sides internal injuries, the extent of which
are not yet known. He was brought to
his home in this city. It is thought
that the accident was caused by the
breaking of the guide chain.
Wedding Announcement.
Announcement is made of the coming
marriage, Wednesday, October 3, at
noon, of Miss Adah Grace Carter, eldest
daughter of Deputy Sheriff and Mrs. G.
B. Carter, to George L. Corner of Gar
field, brother of Auditor John F.Corner.
The ceremony will be performed at the
home of the bride's parents at Colfax.
Rev. J. W. Flesher of tlie M. E. church
will be the officinting clergyman.
Colfax College. Opening Exercises.
The formal opeuing exercises of the
college will be held in the college chapel
next Wednesday morning at 10 o'clock.
President Pace will deliver a brief inaug
ural address and others will speak. All
intending students are urged to be
present at the opening exercises, arid a
cordial invitation is extended to all to
be present. Mies Abbie Stites, accom
panied by her sister Josephine, arrived
Tuesday morning from Grant's Pass»,
Oregon. Miss Eva K. Thompson ar
rived Wednesday morning.
State Equalization.
The state board of equalization made
i no change in land valuation for Whit
; man county, leaving it the same as in
i 1899, |480 an acre; but the improve-
S ment valuation on the lands was raised
' from $2 to 12.50 an acre.
Call for a Convention to Be
Held At Spokane.
Full State Ticket, Two Congress
men and Four Presidential
Klectors To Be Nominated.
The genuine, middle-of-the-road popu
lists of Washington do not propose to
lie quietly down and submit to the bar
gain and sale by their party leaders,
from Governor Rogers down to ward
heelers, ot their party to the democracy.
They are still fighting and are up in
arms Hiniinst the treachery and deceit
which betrayed the party and are pre
paring to administer a few knockout
drops to the trail ors.
A few days ago J. B. Osborne of
Georgia, representing the national com
mittee of the peoples' party, appeared
in Whitman county in the interest of
the party. He had previously visited
other portions of the state, and after a
thorough canvass of Whitman county
conditions and consultation with lead
ing populists determined upon calling a
state convention h>r the purpose of
nominating a full state ticket, two con
gressmeu and four presidential electors
with which to fight the old parties and
struggle for party life.
Mr. Osborne appointed as state or
ganizerJ. H. St. Lawrence of Colfax,
chairman of the populist county central
The following official call was issued
Tuesday evening:
Colfax, Wash., Sept. 18, WOO.— To the
lopulists of Washington, Greeting-In bo
much as the former leaders of the peoples
party in this state have absolutely surrender
ed our party organization to the democratic
party, leaving our party in great danger of
total disruption, we hereby call a mass state
convention, of the peoples party, to meet in
Spokane, at 10 o'clock a. m., October 2nd,
IWO, for the purpose of nominating a full
state ticket, two congressmen and four presi
dential electors.
AH populists who favor such action are in
vited to be present and participate in the de
liberations of this convention.
J. B. Osbokne,
Of Georgia, Representing the National
Committee of the People's Party.
J. H. St. Lawrence,
State Organizer for State of Washington.
All who anticipate coming to said conven
tion will kindly write J. B. Osborne,Spokane,
Washington, care Grand Hotel.
Mr. Osborne has represented the na
tional committee in a number of states,
notably in Oregon, where he labored
hard for the defeat of fusion and the
preservation of the party before the
state election in June, lie' left Tuesday
night for Lewtetoo to attend a conven
tion there, but will return to Colfax and
make a speech at some date next week
not yet decided upon.
Mexican Money at Palouse.
For the past few days Palouse has
been Sooted to a greater or lees extent
with Mexican half dollars from some
source unknown, frays the Republic. It
is Supposed, however, that they were
shipped in by some enterprising party
or parties at an approximate cost of 50
cents ots the dollar, in U. S, currency.
According to New York quotations the
currency value of Mexican dollars is 40
cents. The only value of the coin in
this country is the bullion value, and
that can only be obtained after the
money is taken to the mint. There may
be several hundred dollars of this money
in town, and if one should inadvertently
get too much of it on hand he might
have to trade it cord for cord for his
winter's wood.
Killed By Lightning.
It is seldom that deaths from thunder
bolts are reported from Eastern Wash
ington, but there was one a few nights
ago near Scott, in Adams county,
Clarence Paman, aged 24, a recent ar
rival from Ottumwa, lowa, was killed
by lightning. He was working with a
threshing outfit and was asleep near the
machinery when the fatal bolt struck
Cuts and Bruises Quickly Healed.
Chamberlain's Pain Balm applied to a
cat, bruise, burn, scald or like injury
will instantly allay the pain and will
heal the parts in less time than any
other treatment. Unless the injury is
very severe it will not leave a scar.
Tain Halm also cures rheumatism,
sprains, swellings and lameness. For
sale by all druggists.
1 am now prepared to do all kinds of
land business, homestead entries and
proofs, contests, etc. Have had 13 years
experience in land cases. W. A. Inman,
D. S. Commissioner. Celfax, Wash.
Averill A Co., Elberton, have put in a
new stock of groceries, dry goods and
tinware. Get their prices before buying o
Organs for sale at cost at the Hoepner
drug store o
Call on H. W. Goff for Insurance,
Dutch Ranch Butter
Home Made Bread
Full Cream 10-Pound Cheese
Hrme Made Jellies
Telephone Main 481. Main St., Colfax, Wash.
You and your Horse
will be treated right at
Finest Turnouts in the city.
Teams and saddle horses by the hour,
day or week. Stock boarded at reason
able rates.
Pumps and Windmills
A Call Issued.
H. M. LIDDLE, Propr.
Sells the Best
in the Palouae Country.
See him before buying.
! Observations ol a Traveling News
paper Man.
i AD. Burnett, representing the Poet
, Intelligencer, and who has been travel
-1 mg quite extensively throughout east
ern Washington and Idaho, in answer to
an inquiry by The Gazette as to bow he
found politics in his travels, said: "Oh,
everything is going one way. Every,
thing is leaning towards the repflblican
standard, and 1 am satisfied the state
w'll give us a tremendous majority. One
reason why 1 am so encouraged is the
•act that every town and village now
has a flourishing republican club, where
four years ago they could not raise a
corporal's guard. This great change
has been brought about through the sil
ver republicans coming back to their
first love, and who have been joined in
a great many instances by old time
democrats, who believe in law and order
or are perfectly satisfied with the pros
perous state of affairs now existing.
"I was greatly amused one Saturday
afternoou a short while ago at Edwall,
in Lincoln county. A number of farm
ers had congregated in the postotllce,
which is also a general store, and of
course politics was uppermost. I could
see at a glance that they were about
equally divided between republicans and
populists, and when they had all got
pretty well warmed up an old gentleman
threw a bomb shell into their midst by
saying Bryan would not have the ghost
of a show. 'Hello!' said half a dozen in
chorus, 'have you Hopped over too?'
'No,' he said. 'Well, are you going to
vote for McKinley?' No; I am going to
vote for Bryan; but I still say he will
not have the ghost of a show.'
"Well boys, the stillness after that
remark was so oppressive I left."
One of the eventful weddings of the
season was the marriage of Leslie J.
Smith and Miss Minnie Storment, which
occurred at the home of the latter's par
ents near Endicott, at 5 o'clock last
Sunday afternoon, September IG. Rev.
J. M. Preiss was the officiating clergy
man, who solemnized the ceremony in
the presence of many relatives and
friends. L. J. Smith is a son of Mr. and
Mrs. Lillis Smith of Endicott. Many
friends extend congratulations.
Wanted—A bright office boy; good
penmanship. Apply by letter in own
handwriting; state age. The Deming
Investment Co., Colfax. Wash,,
Eacho, Larue «fe Co. have bargains in
fruit farms, wheat lands, stock ranches
and town property in Colfax, Pullman
and Garfield o
Ladies of the Baptist church will con
duct a dining room at the fair grounds
during the fair season.
Mrs. M. M. Donnelly, manager for the
Viavi remedies. Will mail a Health
Book on application o
F. A. Blackstone sells Mason & Hain
lin pianos r.nd organs. The best is the
Wanted —Girl for general housework.
Apply to Mrs^Jl M. Boswell, Colfax,
Wanted—Girl for general housework.
Apply to Mrs. Leon Kuhn, Colfax*
Highest caeh price paid for second
hand furniture at W. G. Buese's,
H. W. Qnvr Ajrt. Fhemx Ins. Co.
Blair Business College
Is tbe Leading Business Educational
Institution in the Northwest..
It has the largest attendance, the
most thorough equipment, and its grad
uates are holding the leading positions.
Our catalogue is the most handsome
and artistic ever printed in the Northwest
and will be mailed upon application.
H. U. Blair, Principal,
Cor. First and Post. Spokane, Wash.
y English
r. Collegiate
A School
Fall Term Opens
September 19, 1900.
Prepares for College; Trains for Busi
ness and Social Life; Helps those who
have not had early opportunities to get
started in the educational line.
The teaching is by practical teachers
and thorough.
For any further information apply to
F. N. ENGLISH, Principal,
Colfax College
Term Opens Sept. 26.
A High Grade Christian Home
School for Both Sexes. . . .
Preparatory Academic Normal and
Junior College Courses
Music and Art Departments
Able and Efficient Teachers
Terms moderate. For full information, call
on or address the president,
Rev. F. B. PACE,
Colfax, Wash.
ht V incenfs Academy
A select Boarding School for young girls.
Gives a thorough education in all English
branches. Music, Fancy Work, Languages,
etc. No compulsion with regard to religious
Correspondence solicited.
Stylish Clothes
Don't Send Away for Your Fall Supplies Before Calliftg on
Groceries, Fruits and Produce
Hay, Grain and Poultry.
We carry only the best goods and sell at most moderate prices. We buy farm produce
and keep a neneral line of farmers' supplies, such as Willow Picking Basket*, Tuba and Waeh
ere, lin and Granite Cooking Utensils, Rope, Lanterns, Axle (JreaHe, Etc. We will pay you
and take them when delivered, any time in the year.
Groceries, Hay and Grain Delivered Free.
Phone Main Zl ±. Main Street. Colfax, Washington
Just Came to Town
«iaEgSregwg3 Sfe^* ()L" NEVV IINK oi
Jpßgfy Fall and Winter Ladies Wrappers
'' Guarantee a Fit.
Don't forget us when you need Hats, Caps, or Shoes. Our line io complete.
Hotel Colfai, J-D-Hagan-Pruprieiur-
The Leading Hotel in the City.
All Modern Conveniences. Free Sample Rooms for
Lighted by Electrricity. Commercial Men.
Hotel Cafe and First Class Bar in connection.
Modern Warehouse Elevator Co. gtRM'-
And is agent for a number of standard gasoline engines, from one to twenty botM power. Can
put in a one-horse power pump that will pump TiOU gallons of water an hour. The cost of running
the engine is from 15 to 20 cents per full day. Why buy a windmill." Manufactory and Oflice,
Main Street, Opposite School House. COLiFAX, WASHINGTON.
A.hi Warehouse
Braimvell Bros,
Colfax, Wash.
Our work will please you.
Washington Market
L B. HARRIS, Propr.
Fresh and Cured Meats,
Fish and Game in season.
There is no doubt about the quality of the
meats so!d from the blocks of this market—
it is the BEST.
The highest market price paid for cattle
and hides.
South Main Street, Colfai.
You've heard a great
deal about the fit of and
fashion of our clothes,
come in and try on some
of the new stylus, see how
becoming they are, how
elegantly tailored and fin
They fit, keep their
shape, wear longer than
other clothes ;ind you will
find we have prices to suit
every purse.
Suits, Overcoats and
Trousers, of the latest de
sign anil guaranteed qual
ity, for less than inferior
goods cost elsewhere.
"Count It Good
If We Sell It."
Going to Build?
If so, you will save money
by visiting
Codd's Sawmill
before placing any orders
for building material.
Sash, Boor's, Blinds,
Moulding, Window Glass,
and building material of all kinds kept
constantly on band. Kiln I Lied Lumber
a specialty. Estimates promptly fur
nished and money saved for you in
building operations.
Marble and Granite Works
D. MILLGARD A CO. Proprietor!.
Monuments, Headstones, Tablets
All Kinds of Cemetery Work.
Call and nee samples. Wall Street
Dealers it.
General Merchandise
Highest market price paid for country pro
duce of all kind*.

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