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No Harmony in Their Whitman
County Camp
A special correspondent of the Seattle
Post Intelligencer writs rbiv- of democ
racy iv Whitman eouDtj Bttder date of
Colfax, September 20:
"All is not harmony in the eatnp of
the democracy o? Whitman eoonty. In
fact, harmony in an unknown quantity
in tin tuaioa Ibid, and Ma result the
ticket is prreatly weakened. Although
the campaign is iiot .\et fairly opened
there is jealousy and bickerings among
the party leaders and candidates that
bodes ill for the success of the ticket.
If the executive commit tee has its way
there will be no active and aggressive
campaign in thin eoonty for the demo
cratic ticket.
At least that in what some of the
democnuic candidates and their friends
nre claiming. They are not at all satis
fied with the prospect of a halfhearted
campaign. They charge that S ,1. Thnd
wick, democratic aomiaee for superior
judge, has control of the executive com
mittee and will not allow an aggressive
campaign because it will hurt his chances
of election. A promin"nt democrat to
day stated this fact and said:
"Mr. Chadwiek expects to poll a large
number of republican votes. Iv fact, he
expects to be elected by th« votes of re
publicans. He fears that if the demo
crate make an aggressive campaign and
give the republicans hot. shot, ac they
naturally would, it will estrange repub
licanfi who are friendly to him and be
will lose their votes.
"Consequently he is opposed to an ac
tive campaign and wants to prevent
anything that will cau.<-e the republicans
to fight the ticket and lessen his chances
of election. He controls the executive
committee and bis wishes are respected
in this matter. If something is not
done to make a change in the plans al
ready laid the democratic campaign will
be mild aud non-aggressive. Other can
didates on the ticket are complaining
and declare their interests are being sac
rificed in the interest of Mr. Chadwick.
That causes ill feeling and there is a
noticeable lack of enthusiasm and har
mony. If this continues there may be
an open disruption lefore election, in
which event the democratic ticket will
suffer and the republicans will gain a
decided advantage.''
This state of affairs and the open fight
between the Rogers and anti Rogers fac
tions if! the democratic party make a
great lack of harmony and little enthu
siasm. The campaign is well ad
vanced, and the executive committee has
made no announcement of meetings and
has arranged for no public speakers.
The apathy which prevails in the demo
cratic ranks is earprising.
All the leaders, when talking of the
prospects in this county, ch>im they will
carry the county by a big majority for
Bryan aad the state and county tickets.
Yet they are doing nothing to bring
about this result, and some of the small
fry candidates for county offices are de
claring that their interests are being
sacrificed in an effort to advance the
interests of others.
It is hard to conceive BOW a party so
divided and apathetic inn hope to win,
and the beliel is gaining ground that the
leaders have no hop of electing the en
tire ticket, bin are devotiug their time
and efforts to trying to elect a few can
On the other hand the republicans are
active, confident and harmonious.
The republicans elected every county
officer in 1898, and d#rlf»r*» their ability
to do the sam'> this fall, but with iu
creasr<: majorities. They are anxious
that the democrats should get to work
and make ■ fifffat, for, as one of the
leaders expressed it recently, "It is hard
to make a fight against a foe who will
not 'ti^JT back" "
Talks Interestingly On the Political
J. W. Arrasniith, of Colfax, secretary
of the republican state central com
mittee, arrived in this city yesterday
and ai once assumed the duties of his
office at state headquarters in the Starr-
Boyd block, nays the Seattle Popt-Intel
ligencer of Saturday. Mr. Arrasmith,
who is one of the largest wheat farmers
of the Palouae country, brings encourag
ing reports from Whitman county. He
regards the county, once a hotbed of
populism, hs safe for the republican
"The situation," he said yesterday, "is
improving in Whitman county, ' and
there is no doubt of republican success.
The entire county ticket cannot but be
elected, as the fusionists have two tick
ets, a democratic and a populist, 10 the
field. With a divided opposition the
republicans feel sure of victory.
"The state ticket will also be success
ful in Whitman county, I believe, al
though there is some mistaken opposi
tion to Senator Prink for' governor by
the people who lmve been deceived in re
gard to his attitude toward the rail
roads while in the legislature.
"When the few republican farmers who
have- been iiliudly au-eptiug as true
groundless falsehoods put into circula
tion by Senator Frink's political ene
mies, have ha<! time to investigate they
will soon bud their error and rally to
the rapport of the entire state ticket.
"Another error ti.e voters of eastern
Washington have fallen into is thinking
that became the administration of QoV.
RogerH h«s been prosperous, Gov. Rog
ers is therefore entitled to re-election.
As a matter of fact, in my estimation^
Gov. Rogers is only benefiting like the
peopli- of the state generally, by the
prosperity following the election of Pres-
that-winter is coming
and that by buying
your fuel in large
quantities you can
get better rates.
The Leading
Fuel Dealers.
ident McKinley four year ago.
"At that time thp nation w.-sr but
barely emerging from the throes of a
panic. Naturally QoT. VcGraw'fl ad
uiiuistratioij bad been seriously ham
pered by tbe hard times When Presi
dent IfcKinley was elected the whole
country immediately revived fruui the
effect of democratic maladministration.
Washington, in spite of her populist
governor, obtained n substantial share
of republican prosperity.
"People, taught a leason in economy,
mode money, became contented, paid
their taxes und thereby replenished the
state treasury. Now Gov. Rogers and
his followers point <o evidences of repub
lican prosperity as the blessings of a
populist administration. Nothing could
be more absurd.
"I am considerably interested in the
middle-of-the-road populist convention
called to meet at Spokane next month.
How the matter may be looked upon
this side of the mountains I do not
kuow, but, in Whitman county it is cer
tainly a popular move. There are in
the Palouse country many populists
who are honest and who care more for
the principles of their party than for
"They will welcome a ticket that they
can consistently vote and also keep alive
their party organization and their partj
name. The fact that they have a county
ticket in the field in Whitman county
will add to the popularity of the state
ticket move meat.
"The silver issue, as most people on
this side of the Cascades know, is dead
in Kastern Washington. The majority
of the republicans who four years ago
were hypnotized by Bryan into voting
tl>e democratic ticket, are coming back
quietly to their old political associations
and will vote for the entire republican
ticket this fall."
State Pays For His Telegrams To
Goodyear and Others.
If is believed by some of the state
officers that the state has paid for some
of Governor Rogers' private telt-grarus.
and after perusing the executive's last
statement of hie official account with
the local telegraph office, almost anyone
would be forced to believe that such is
the case, says the Olympian.
The bill was presented to State Audi
tor Cheetham, and that gentleman at
once made up his mind that the state's
business did uot require nearly so much
upo of the wires during last month. The
auditor did not at once audit the ac
counr, and started to ascertain the na
ture of the telegrams. Calling at the
local telegraph office Mr. Cheetham
mace inquiries, but the agent of the
company is strictly forbidden to give
any information as to the narure of
telegrams transmitted and would give
the auditor no information. After seek
ing elsewhere for something to substan
tiate his belief Mr. Cheetham finally de
cided that there was but one way to set
tle the question, nud that wouli be to
formally subpoena the recipients of the
telegrams ami force them to testify.
Tui* would, of course, necessitate a legal
scrap, and as the amount was not very
much it. wns thought better to allow the
account, which Mr. Cueetaam finally did,
aud the bill was paid.
The governor's official account with
tbe telegraph company usually does not
exceed five or six dollars per mouth.
Last mouth, however, the account raD
up to ovpr twenty dollars. Even this
mijiht uot have attracted so much at
tention, but for the fact that most oJ
the telegrams were sent or received on
August 23, just prior to the fusion crate
convention, and they were almost with
out exception, to the executive's lieuten
ants, members of the "cabinet" and
others. A perusal of the bill in question
is quite interesting, and the items are
herewith presented:
July 1!< To mes to Bryan, Pullman §1 30
Pauihamus, Sumner . 25
Au^r. 3. From Catmu, Toppenish .. . . 50
" 5. To Spike, Tacoma 65
" 7. To Spike, Tacoina 25
" 7. To Wright, Tacoma '25
" 7. To Ledger, Tacoma 1 ,'{s
" 7. To Ledger, Tacoma 55
" 8. To Coie, Spokane 05
" 17. To Snively, North Yakima... 25
" 18. From Wright, Tacoma 35
Aug. 23. To Tucker, Port Townsend .. 35
To Goodyear, Colfax 50
" To Goodyear, Colfax.... 75
To Slater, Colville 75
To Turner, Spokane 1 10
To Miller, Walla Walla 75
To Evans, Walla Walla 75
To Mays, Pomeroy 75
To Goodman, Dayton 75
To Caton, Davenport 75
To Holcomb, liitzvilie 75
To Warner, Elleusburg . 40
To Judson, Tacon.a 50
To Abel, Montesano 40
To ltowan, Castle H0ck...... 40
To Patton, Everett 40
To Snively, North Yakima.. 65
To Heed, Everett 40
To Neterer, New Whatcom... # 40
To Lanfcford, Chehalia 25
From Langtord, Chehalis 40
From Holcomb, Ritzville 50
" To Hotel Northern, Seattle 2<>
To Blackman, Seattle 35
To Holcomb, Ritzville 66
To Holcomb, Ritzville 40
Sept. 1. To Snively, Seattle 30
Total §21 50
Unclaimed Letters.
List of letter* remaining: uncoiled for
in the Colfax postoffiee. Sept. 21. 1900:
Baker, E L McGinnes, X W
Beattie, John Me Irviu, L J
Bowerman, Amos Mutcb, I)r L R
Duwson, Henry E Swegle, Miss Mary
Bailey, Mike Staford, C
Frazer,MissLowetta Smith, Wm II
Galligar, Miss Ida Wood, Jessie I).
Homos, Miss Mollie Weston, M L
Kortcamp, Harry Watson, Claud
Kelley, James Waymire, Mrs A L
September 28.
Anthony, Sherman Long, Ed G
Armstrong. J A Lnpate, James
Beacherg. Jay Lerye, John
Binns, P H 2 Kelly, E P
Boom. Arthur 2 Mogan, J 0
Caddock, Delton Manning, Ed
Cunninjihjim, Q N Xesbitt, M L
Fold, \V A Perrington, Jessie
Hamlin, It J Rhodes, Lewis
Samilton. II Rosenweig. Carl
Hicks, J B Stephenson, VV A
Hoo[>er,MrsAlieeM2 Shannon, Frank
Hokonson, Erick Smith, Cory don C
Kees, R«as Vail, Elva'
Kribanon, Chas Wiseman, W W
Knight, Mrs Lottie White, James
One cent postage will be collected.
Jamks Ewart. P. M.
Shaw's Perk Malt—Perfect as a bev
erage or medicine. It prevents chills and
tones up the system. It exhilarates and
does not poison. Sold by F. J. Stone
Coif a*, Wasbo
H» W. Qoff writes reliable Insurance.
. The Absolutely Pure
is the baking powder of general
use, its sale exceeding that of all
other baking powders combined.
Royal Baking Powder has not
its counterpart at home or abroad.
Its qualities, which make the bread
more healthful and the cake of liner
appearance and flavor, are peculiar
to itself and are not constituent
in other leavening agents.
Great efforts are made to sell alum baking
powders under the plea that they are so many
cents a pound cheaper than Royal. The admis
sion that they are cheaper made is an admis
sion that they are interior, lint atutn pow
ders contain a corrosive poison and should
not be used in food, no matter how cheap.
History of the Transactions in Whit
man County Lands.
Patents and Receipts.
U 8 to J W Hodgen 1 1 4 1G 42.
U S to Alexander Howry sw qr ne qr se qr
nw qr and Its 2 3 4 18 41.
U 8 to Bobt B Ewing, c hf se qr and s hf
ne qr, 25 17 44, 86.
IT S to N P Ry Co, lands Whitman Co
U S to Win R Pitt, s hf se qr 32 16 45.
Jas A Gwinu to W F Baley Its 12 13
2 3 b 11 Johnson $ 400 00
Ja3 T Logan to Richard Alderson
leases se qr a 9 sw qr s 10 w hf a 15
I.* 45 3000 bu wheat each year
2nd Nat Bk Colfax to Chas Aiken
w hf sw qr 10 15 42 500 (JO
Geo D Brown to A P Mesterman Its 1
13 420 2046 1135 00
A T Hay/.lett to A P Mestennan Its 1
2 S 4 20 20 46 2335 00
Albert Phillips to H W Bonne sw qr
14 19 39 750 00
Jos Franzen to Louis Nelson 1 19 b 1
Perkins 2d ad Colfax HO 00
Ruth M Wells to publ.c affidavit as to
property in Oakesdale sold to E E
Geo T Huffman to Martha Hinton Its
7Sb 5G T Huffman's ad Tekoa... 55 00
W R Eisenhour to Wm J Wynn pt
_ sw qr se qr 12 ID 44 375 00
E E Murphy to W R Eisenhour pt sw
qr Feqr 22 19 44 400 00
Thos S Krutz to Herry Krutz 1 1 se
qr ne qr (se qr s 1 sw qr cc qr s 11 w
lit ne qr s 12 w hf nw qr s 13 c hf nit
qr nw qr ne qr 514134417 Gl3 4* 100
S M DaviH to Ist State Bk Uuiontown
It* i 2 23 24 b 4 SS ad Pullman....
W S Grinseelder to Alex Kindness 1 2
pt 1 1 b 5 Colfax .• 500 00
Alex Kindness to Eva Noble 1 2 pt 1 1
b 5 Colfax 800 00
Dora James to Wm J Roberta 1 0 b 4
Rosalia .. 300 00
H W Hall to Martha Schultheis 1 3
pts 1 2 and 4 h 14 Rosalia 1350 00
2d Natl Bk Colfax to E H Letterman
pt ISb 47 Pullman 1000 00
H H Warner et al to Chas C Hull pt
Its G 7 b 04 Colfax GOO 00
G W Roberts to G W Louudagic tret
b 3G Oakesdale Itfi c hf 1 G b 4 W C
McCoy's Ist ad Oakesdale 1500 00
Eln.er E Plough to H W Hall Its 4 5
G b 33 Pullman 1100 00
Geo A Russell to C M Russell pts w
hf so qr c hf sw qr 1 14 45 1 00
F M Young to E H Letterman c hf
nw qr c hf ne qr 17 14 44 . . 3000 00
E H Letterman to E Jennie Young c
hf nw qr b hf ne qr 17 14 44 3200 00
Phoenix Mut Life Ins Co to August
Hulbner ne qr ne qr 2G 17 40 375 00
Wm Wil'teraon to W Kichman, leases
nbfswqrls 15 42 . 100 00
Chas H Torrance to Lottie I Needham
Its 1 2 b 37 Perkins & Prescott's Riv
erside- add Colfax 300 00
Real Mortgages.
Chan Aiken to 2nd Nat Bk Colfax w
hf sw qr 10 15 42 400 00
W J Wynn to W R Eisenhour pt sw '
qr«eqr22l9 44 200 00
i I* Mesterman to F M Hi«lop Its 1 2
3 4 20 20 46 1200 00
Carrie I Dimick to Aoam & Son Its 1
2 b 4 Geo 'J' Huffman's al Tekoa... 500 00
H A Smith et al to Deming lnv Co c
hf rw qr 8 20 45 500 00
H A Smith et al to Deming lnv Co c
hf sw qr 8 20 45 75 00
E J Youug to E H Letttrman c hf nw
qi- s hf ne nr 17 14 44 2152 75
Harry Krinz to Thos Krutz 11 se qr
ne qr se qr sec 1 bw qr se qr sec 11
w hf ne qr sec 12 w hf nw qr eec 13
c hf ne qr nw qr ne qr sec 14 13 44.
Releases of Mortgages.
A R Milne to B N Lindley chattel... 50 00
C W Hackett Hardware Co to G W
Roberts 600 00
Jacob t g!e to G W Roberts 1000 00
Davis & Moffatt to W E & J W
Strevy chattel 60 75
Jas Cairns to E I Wilson chattel
Jaa Cairns to P A Mason chattel .
Acme Harvester Co to L E Fountain
chattel 140 00
John Berger to Geo C Grant chattel 32 00
J W Ciark to J F Hill chattel 350 00
Davis & Moffatt to R R Richardson,
chattel 85 00
Davis & Moffatt to P Schirenian.chat
tel 50 00
B H Letterman to F M Young 863 00
E H Letterman to John Reese 1200 00
Chattel Mortgages.
W M Earley to Marion Freeman
cattle 413 00
A W Meclding to C H Warner ma
chinery etc blacksmith shop 500 00
R J Wilson to Robert Coutts 3 horses
harness w»gon etc 300 00
J C Corfield to M D Henry 2 horses
buggy j
Charley Bottgor to Davis k, Moffatt
farm mach horses etc 109 00
J R Clark to J M Cockran 2 3 crop w
hf whf 24 16 45.... 257 00
C C Isaacson horses plow wagon har
ness 350 50
Robt McCall to Buffalo Pitts Co farm
mach 3400 00
R Cornwell to Burgan Stough Go 1000
telegraph poles cook wagon etc.. .. 218 90
Dollarhide & Jordan to J W Clark
horses furniture etc Palace livery
barn (150 00
J M Cooenhauer to S Manning hordes
wagons plows etc 800 00
Jeffreys & Woody to W L Fn eman
farm mach 101 45
I W Fields to Chas Fields, horses.cat
tle, wheat, hay 800 00
Wrn H Meyers to J H Walker.horsee,
harness, plow 250 00
Edward Watts to Geo W Hill, horse 3,
wegon, buggy, harness 125 00
Bills of Sale.
Geo Adler to C S Bennett heifer har
ness 20 00
Martha Worley to W S Durland
slaughter house and meat market
house 400 00
Archie White to J F Naffziger 2 horses
buggy harness 55 20
J H Bunch to F J Cornirh 2 horses
harness 20 00
J H Lavin to 0 G Devenish range 45 70
J L McDonald S P Johnston 5 tons
hay 20 00
Henrietta Bicknell to M Preffer et al
cattle horse 300 00
Cushman's Kecihot Retort.
Tn a public speech to the republicans
at Wilbur on the evening of September
14 Congressman Francis Cushman was
interrupted in the course of his remarks
by 8 miner recently from Wardner,
Idaho. While Cufbman was talking on
the labor question this man walked up
the center aisle, and, holding a paper
aloft over his bead, exclaimed:
"I'll tell you what this republican ad
ministration did to me. This is one of
those permits issued to miners in Ward
ner. They made me hold up my hand
and take an oath before they wouid per
mit me to go to work."
Quick as a fll'ish Cusbraati replied:
"Yes, my friend, that is exactly what
that samp republican administration did
to me. Before they would let me go to
work as a congressman they made me
hold up my hand and take an oath to
support the constitution of the United
States and the laws of my country.''
At this point the applause was so
great that the miner fled from the ball.
Still More Counterfeiting. -
The secret service bns unearthed an
other band of counterfeiters and secured
a large quantity of bogus bills, which
are so cleverly executed that the average
person would never suspect them of be
ing spurious. Things of great, value are
always selected by counterfeiters for im
itation, notably the celebrated Hostet
ter's Stomach Bitters, which has many
imitators but no equals for indigestion,
dyspepsia, constipation, nervousness
and general debility. The bitters seta
things right in the stomach, and when
the stomach is in good order it makes
good blood and plenty of it. In this
manner the bitters get at the seat of
strength and vitality, and restore vigor
to the weak and debilitated. Beware of
counterfeits when buyiner o
Harper Whiskey Received Gold
(Special dispatch ) Paris, Aug. 25.—
American whiskies received the official
approval of the exposition today, wheu
gold medal was awarded to Bernheim
Bros., Louisville, Ky., on their I. W.
Harper whiskey. Sold in Colfax, Wash.,
by W. J. Hamilton 0
1 am now prepared to do all kinds of
land business, homestead entries and
proofs, contests, etc. Have had 13 years
experience in land cases. W, A. Inman,
D. S. Commissioner, Colfax, Wash #
For Sale.
Several John F. Fuller Whitman coun
ty atlases Never been used. Will sell
cheap. Address Geo. H. Lennox, Colfax,
If you have lands to sell of any de
scription, list them with Eacho, Larva
& Co., who will advertise and find you
Averill & Co., Elberton, want eggs and
cbickeus in exchange for groceries, dry
goods, etc*
It pays to buy at Averill's store, El
berton o
Empty barrels for sale by J. J. Hoepp
ner #
■^ ' (Cfi akoot hardware. We have the htfgMt M
jS>^sft /'r*''fcr' s^*yr «ortrn>'iit of nwrhiiriies' tools, Ihiililith'
>/^?/?2s^f-£ V hardware, crockery, etc , at rhe lowest
*?/ i s prices for superior quality'md mannfmture,
d I \f^>v. '^^" /fr'*- '■ l^^E tO *H' 'onn<' '" Hll.v ti-Mis" (li-alini; in thin line
li i^^^4Pi^b'^' '''' ol good* ill the state. BuililfrH and con
"i, ,J^T :i h-'JUj^r'' &T trut>torH w>ll Wlit their inter.-stH hy looking
\\j !n^ M Ht our st<H>k liefon' iMirrh'it<ir|K ♦'!*'"•*•"••'•?•
m^P VV JKTAIIW Company. We want to doae them
JL llVk)lj T T tIW \J I Ik> ont at once, and have made the fol
(_) lowini; reduced prices while they Winf:
Call at our Store and examine them.
Corner Main and Spring Streets, COLFAX, WASHINGTON
„* /^^% Ladies' Watches
J\w,v\ / \AjLiL '' /I Ladies of taste admire oor stock of
TO / rNI / watches. We have some delicate, at
,VM / vjiir{)^ J*J£?Ss? tractive cases that contain reliable
|W ly^^^/^l\\ workH- These watches nre not only
\w A\\ n^) jlL\ beautiful—they are perfect time keepers,
W s/^J Sr^^rr I to°' l>he-v are madP for good senr ice,
y mJ\^*^ I am} we Xt'" them at a smfll' price We
C\ j/ A \ / believe we have the one you want.
\/\ / A V*. / Also the latest
jO. \ J jr / Novelties in Jewelry.
V^%^r^ /Jk City Jewelry Store,
It will pay you to examine
Before investing your money in a ("hop Mill.
Some of its features:
No Burrs to Wear Out. No Gears. Only Six Bearings.
Mills specially adapted to wind mill power.
All sizes up to 3% tone capacity per hour.
Manufactured by CABLEY IKON WORKS, Colfax, Wash.
-^nite ust r^ vi J*"*6B
On Hats, Caps and Shoes
■^gi^&^sife and see how you SAVE by it
Grocery for Fine Groceries. Goods and prices guaranteed.
New stock being added daily.
Free Delivery. Phone Black 174. ARMSTRONG & CO.
3laill Street, COLFAX. (Successors to McDONALI) BROS.)
Hotel Colfax, J-D h****. p^^r.
The Leading Hotel in the City.
All Modern Conveniences* Free Sample I too ma for
Lighted by Electricity. Commercial Men.
Hotel Cafe and First Class Bar in connection.
Can fill all orders for Wood on short notice.
Best Grade $2.25, Buckskin $3.00 per cord, by carload
SCHOOL BOOTHS Prescription filled by IMmrma, y «,ru<luate.
S«llll"ICf>ril"»P for y°nr Magazines and Newspapers through The
UUUSIIIUC Gazette and save money.
Livery, Feed and Sale
Fine Turnouts of All Kinds
B«st attention given to transient stock.
Horses fed by the day or week.
Telephone Main 12.
You and your Horse
will be treated right at
Fin eat. Turnouts in the city.
TeainN and paddle homes by the hour,
day or week Stock boarded at reason
able rate«.
H. M. LIDDLE, Propr.
Squirrels Squirrels
Farmers, why let the Hquinel*
eat up your crop when you can
kill them with a
McDonald Squirrel Gun?
References -Washington Agricultural Col
v% PaUman; University of Idaho, Moscow;
H. 1. Byron Moscow; Reed, Moscow; First
National Bank, Moscow; Q Horn, Oakeadale;
J K. Lee, Colfax.
Warranted, if directions are followed or
money refunded, and $25 on the side to any
one proving differently.
&. E HICKEY, Genl. Agent.
Box 420. Walla WalU, Waah.
Buy Your Groceries
-A.. E. Fouts,
Inbubb with H. W. Qofk.

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