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Letters Pull of luterestiug \ew» Notes
From Many Country Points.
Mrs. Carrie Rkv baa a new piano
Mr. Hurlburt of Four Mil* j R hui'ldine
a new house on College addition
Mrs. Com. Retd'a father has'bought
Maccabee hall and is having it fitted for
n residence.
I'here is an 11% pound son at Rev
Win. l'arvin has moved to (Juy that
lm children may attend college. '
A new lumber yard has bepn started
at this place. Wm. Shriver is the local
Tbe M B. parsonage wall is built and
the erection of the house will soon be
A boy bnby came to live with Mr. and
Mr* George Thompson one day last
we- k.
A goodly number from this place took
in tlit* county fair last week, and all
unite in paying it was the beet fair ever
hi Id in Holfax.
Mm. S. S Roberts attended the W C
T I convention at Walla Walla last
*»-k. Siietticn went to Pendleton Ore
to vwit ber sister md daughter.
A boy baby waH born to Mr. and Mrs
BeloiH Ht tlin place a few days ago.
TheC I', college began ita new year
mmon October 2, with the same corps
of teachers an last year. There are
man] Dew students, however.
Wilbur Wallace has gone to Portland
to Btudj lfl W.
F Kpley, a resident of this place for
the part three yearH, has gone to Char
lotte, Michigan.
3ay (lurk of Pullman has opened a
temperance saloon in Hogue's saloon
building here. His family occupies the
Will Sage house. Mr. Clark also has the
livery stable business here. Hogue's
hotel in also occupied and being mau
aged hv a man from St. John. Guy fe
now wHI (quipped with eatinj* house*
fur man and beaut.
September 20 whs the wedding day of
Mi*h Genie K«gley and Hubert (Jilder,
both well liktd young ppople of this
place A good many from Guv attended
flu* wedding. Professor Bafdwin con
duced the ceremony. The wedding sup
per whs elaborate and delicious and
everything else nice The presents were
uiiu-iiall.v tine iv quantity and quality
The young people will be at home to
everybody, on their farm near town.
May life's warmest sunlight ever be
For some time past our genial black
smith, Juliu ()"Kelly baa Deen taking
frequent vacation*, nlraopt always over
Sunday, looking happier after every one,
tili finally, October 1, be came back with
11 bride, Mis* .Jonie (In.ntly of St. John.
His wedding occurred at the home of
flu- bride, Sepu-iuher :{(), at .12 o'clock.
Mr. and Mrs. O'Kelly are going to
boueekeeping soon in the Llendrickson
boom, Guy people arc glad to welcome
this new family, and ye reporter wishes
Jor them m p!e«s'mt journey dowu life's
him: that the niileKtone of their golden
redding may be reached with the same
hopeful, bappy HiiticipationH an char
acterizes these first days of wedded voy
Mr. Barman from uorth of Colfax,
came down with carpenters to buiid a
bourn ami din n well on his land, which
he bought from the railroad. He in
tend? to move down after the election.
The school bout* at La Crosse is
about completed. It is 24x36 feet. Miss
8 wan win, who taught a month in the
new district east of Meeker, will begin
M*hool < October 1 ">
Mr. Martin in hauling material from
I'olfrti to buiid a large fciro-ntory dwell
Jan. Murtin went to Wbitsburg on a
l>\t-* week.
Mr, Hurley of Missouri was looking
over thi* part of the county a few days
ago, with t he view of buying a ranch, as
he Iw-h decided to make Washington hie
A large number attended the fair at
'V.fnx from this vicinity.
Ten Japs, who are working oil the
railroad, recently made Meeker school a
Miss i..'n.i Schreck, who lives in the
new district, is attending Meeker school.
Benner's outfit threebed Geo. McClin
tock'e and Shoeffn wheat the first of the
<wk, which ends the threshing in this
part of the county.
Mr. llMrntsty of Coifax recently made
thiH neighborhood a two days' visit.
(Jeo. Mediutock, .Jr., who has been
working in the upper country, after at
tending rhe fair returned home to at
tend Meeker school.
Guy McChntoek is home from the
upper country on a visit.
Several of the resident* of North Pine
Grove have moved to (ivy recently, lor
the parpoee <.f giving their children bet
ter educational advantages- For this
reason the families of VV. A. I'arvin and
Joseph Hodge are now citizens of Guy.
Girard Clark returned Saturday from
his viMt to Ohio.
A H. Lynch has rented the old Ilar
dfHty place and expects to farm on a
large Kale for the next few years He
was hauling lumber from Phlouse City
list week to repair the out buildings.
I. I Hurton in preparing to keep
l( lniois hall in Guy this winter, while
unending the U. B. college at that
Ed Nagle and family are enjoying the
wights at the Spokane fruit fair this
The cool nights lately make the far
mer think of "When the frost is on the
pumpkin and the fodder** in the shock."
and ttlso causes him to . bestir himself
nn<l grttlu r in his late vegetables and see
'hat his supply of winters wood is safely
in the died!
Mat Etagan, who has bpen in this vicin
ii.v (hiring tbp harvest seasou, as mana
ger <if Lynch «k Ragan's threshing out
fit, left last week for his winter quarters
on the Ntz IWce reservation.
'Fur three days and nights I suffered
■Con; untold from an attack of cholera
norbua brought gb by eating cucum
bers," Ray* If. E. Lowtber, clerk of the
district court, Centerville, lowa. "I
thought I nhould surely die. and tried a
dosen different medicines but all to no
parpoee. I sent for a bottle of Cham
berlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea
Remedy and three doses relieved me en
tirely." This remedy is for sale by all
druggists 0
Insure with H. W. Goff.
Secretary WiU, m on thft SJde Qf
lionent Butter.
There is uo comparison between gen
clZ*T r<r d olwni« g ariiie, and all
(hums to tbe contrary are easily dig-
STSm" 11 Becretary Wil «o«- When
the millionaire and the laborer either
Ko to market to buy tbe cheapest fata
or tallow from tbe rteer or the sheep,
thej have.no difficulty in getting them
at the prevailing market prices. If
they deaire, however, to purchase the
will 'in- 1T °°W ' tlu'>' *™ ™*
* ith different considerations. The but
ter of tbe cow, which is composed of
Cat and casein, sells ou Its flavor. Ml
other fats are different from this The
fat or tallow of the ox or the sheep
■nay be had for 4/5 or ti cents a pound
while that of the dairy cow command..
in its best condition at present over 30
cents a pound. Whenever the manipu
lation of a cow's milk is conducted un
der cleanly conditions and at a proper
temperature, a flavoring clement enters
it by reason of microscopic fat
growths, which are bacteria. These
bacteria make the fine flavor for which
we pay 80 cents a pound and more and
also add to the digestibility and health
fulness of the product, other fats do
not contain these germs, for the reason
that there is nothing in them upon
which they may live and multiply.
Now, when the millionaire and the
laborer either go to the market and arc
led into purchasing these cheaper fats,
rigged and jockeyed in such a way as
to imitate butter, they are not only
deceived and robbed, but they are
made to Introduce into their stomachs
and the stomachs of their families sub
stances that are injurious to their
health beyond any question. The del
eterious qualities of body fat and tal
low, such as are largely used in the
production of imitation butter, cannot
be eliminated by deodorizing processes
or such things. Let any one take a
piece of bread and butter, weighing
the butter, and eat it and then take ;i
piece of bread and tallow, weighing
that, and eat the fu-st one day and the
second the next, and he'll flnd the dif
ference quickly.
Doable Purpose Cows.
Some have said that there cannot be
a general purpose or double purpose
breed of cattle, says a corresponent of
The Prairie Fanner. Now, a moment's
thought will convince us that to a cer
tain extent, every cow is a double pur
pose cow. The dairy cow to be kept in
milk must produce a calf at stated in
tervals, and do breed has yet been de
veloped that will produce only heifer
calves or ten heifers to one bull, so she
is producing some, beef besides what
she puts on her back. Again, the beef
animal produces milk usually in excess
of the needs of her young and is there
fore a dairy cow. On the grass ranges
it may be most profitable to select a
breed of cattle that has exhibited a
tendency to put on llesh rather than to
produce an excess of milk. The exclu
sive dairyman would prefer an animal
that secretes large quantities of milk
rich in butter fat. The general farmer,
however, who has land upon which to
feed will profit most from the breeds
and individuals that combine these two
tendencies in the largest degree. If he
does not wish to feed beef animals, the
calves can be fitted for the block with
out loss of cream and with but a short
period of feeding. The large, blocky
calf commands the best price from the
first day of its life. If then there is a
breed which while counted a beef
breed has made high records at the
pail, that breed is most protitable for
the farmer. We cannot change back
and forth from dairy to beef, as the
market changes, and so should be pre
pared to gain an advantage from those
changes by our regular method or to
make a profit in spite of fluctuations
that might be discouraging to the spe
cialist. The same reasons which make
general farming preferable to special
farming apply to the selection of a
herd of cattle—viz, the bringing in of
returns from several sources and the
conserving of the fertility of the farm
Grain ami Milk.
The rule with cows at pasture should
be to continue feeding grain so long as
it increases the milk flow. When the
milk decreases and the animal begins
to fatten, the grain ration should be
decrease*! or cut off altogether. There
is a time early in June in most years
when a good pasture /urnishes to the
cow all the material for making all
the milk that she can produce and then
the giving of grain as a part of her ra
tion, is a waste even if it does not prove
to be an injury.—American Cultivator
Dairy Points.
At the Dairy Institute at Springfield,
Mass., Professor Cooley said:
The feed does not affect the richness
of the milk. You cannot toll by the
looks of milk how rich it is.
We cannot afford to run cows on half
To get high grade milk brush the
cows before milking, and it is advised
by many tl*at the adders be clipped.
Manage to have the cows come fresh,
bo as to maintain a uniform supply
throughout the year.
It is claimed that summer silage will
stop summer shrinkage.
Overalls should be clean. Don't have
them stiffened with dairy starch.
Don't make a strainer do too much
work. Have a fresh one for every ten
or a dozen cows.
Cool the milk and keep it at a given
Care, cleanliness and cold are the
three "c's" of milk production. .
The German dairymen have a stall
which seems nearly perfect. The plat
form is just the right length for the
cow, and behind it is a deep ditch of
six or eight inches, with a ledge part
way down, so that the cow in slipping
off does not slip clear to the bottom.
The cows soon learn to stand out of
the ditcb and keep perfectly clean.
How About Hogs, Colonel Bryan?
Mr. Bryan has been r?-,** ki ijjjc speeches
in Nebraska thi« w<-ek. At Blair on
Thurt-.i^;, afternoon he ttiike.l f«. i!,e
farmers about trusts arid imperialism,
spv-i the Xscoma Ledger. While he was
talking about the price of oats some one
in the crowd asked biiu about the price
of ho^-s. and he replied:
" Fhn gentleman h(4;h about hogs. I
had expected such a question. The re
publicans claim the eredil for every rise
iv price, no matter what the cause, and
shirk the responsibility for every reduc
tion, no matter how directly it may be
traced to the republican party a instru
mentality. If wheat in up they point to
wheat. If corn, then corn is the object
of comment. So it in with hogs. The
republicans claim all the credit for the
rise as one of the bltsainirs of a republi
can administration, when, in the very
nature of things, il could have nothing
to do witu Kuch an advance."'
Mr. Bryan's ariHwer in not very lucid.
He in evidently stumped when it cornee
to such qui'dtiouK as thiH. Four years
ago be preached the 1(> to 1 doctrine
and asserted that the p>ld standard
meant a ncarce dollar; that a pcanre dol
lar meant lower prices, and that lower
prices meant hard tiraea. Now he ie
confronted with the fact that the prices
of farm products have gone up instead
of down, notwithstanding the mainten
ance of the froid ntandard and the defeat
of fret- nilver coinage. This fact, proves
one tiling h\ any rate, and that is that
Mr. Bryan was entirely wrong four
years ago. What haw he to say about
it? Simply that "in the very nature of
thiutfH the republican party could have
nothing to do with such an advance.''
That in simply heir^ing the question. If
the republican party could have no'hing
to do v irh the rine ia the price of hogs,
what ground baa Mr. Bryan for claim
ing that ir is responsible for every reduc
tion in price that lih* occurred which, as
be insinuates, can be directly traced to
the republican party's instrumentality?
It id iaiporfnible for Mr. Bryan to
answer the Nebraska farmer's question
about the price of hogs, without ad
mittititr hie own error, no he does not
answer the question at ail. "How about
the price of hogs, Mr. Bryan?" asks a
farmer in search of truth. "The republi
cans have nothing to do with ir. <!
answers the would-be president. Well,
who (lid have anything to u\> with it,
Mr. H,-, an? Nil answer. The oracle is
If Mr. Bryan thinks the republican
party, in tue very nntire of things, hae
had nothing to do with all this pros
perity that has come to the farmers dur
ing »\ republican administration he
o ight to tell the people what, in the
very nature of things, !ms caused the
advance. Free silver, the remedy he pre
scribed for n very sick patient four years
ago, li/ih not caused it, U,r the country
refused to take a dose of that quack
Theeoanty ticket ou the republican
sii'i' i« clear oi the woods. No demo
crat out to fool populists can touch
them. Everjbody knows that McDonald
is not banking <m h\t* assailable record
to be re-elected »* judge. He expects to
befool the people by making an occas
ional preach and by daily promising all
the saloon element that hn will protect
them. So far as the judge is concerned,
the water on the left shoulder has be
come too heavy for him to bear. Fie
has been known for months—for some
years—as a friend of the element agninet
which iie now only dares to preach at
Pine Ciry.
GEAlN—Wheat, Club, per bu, sacked, 40c
in warehouse, ll^c on board.
blujstem, 38c. Oats, per cwt, 85c. Barley,
per ewt, 57 he.
Hay—Timothy, baled, per ton, §10; loose,
S8; grain, baled, $8; loose, SO.
FBOITB- Apples, per Ib, |o; dried fruits
per lb, 3hc(g 8a
Bcttkr Creamery, cash, per lb, 26c; ranch,
cash, 18c. Cheeae, per lb, 12Ac.
Vegetables. — Potatoes, "per cwt., 50c;
Onions.per cwt.,6oc. Cabbuge.per cwt., §1.00.
Beans, per lb , 4c.
Poultry—Chickenp, live, per lb., Be. Tur
koys, live, per lb., B^c.
Eggs.—Per duzen, cash, 15c.
Groceries.—Ciranul&tecl sugar, per 100 lb.
sack, $7.40.
Butter—Creamery, 30c; ranch, 20c.
Cheese, per lb. 20c.
Eggs.— Per dozen, 20c.
Meats.—Beet, fresh, per lb., [email protected];lsc; pork,
fre-ih, 10c(5 12^c; mutton, fresh, 12Jc(a ir>e.
Bacon, breakfast, I'jc; salt, 10c: hams, 15c;
shoulders, 12^c. Lard, 3 lb. bucket, 40c; 5 lb.
bucket, 65c; 10 lh. bucket:, -SI 25.
Mill Feed. — I3ran, per ton, $9; shorts, per
ton, 811. Chopped barley, per ton, §20.
Chicken feed, per cwt., §1.
Flocb. —Wholesale, per bh!., $2.80; retail,
per 50 lb sack. 80c;
Ilobbed the Graye.
A startling incident is narrated by
John Oliver of Philadelphia, as follows:
"I was in au awful condition. My skin
was almost yellow, eyes sunken, tongue
coated, pain continually in back and
Hides, no appetite, growing weaker day
hy day. Three physicians had given me
up. Then I wan advised to use Eiectric
Bitters; to my great joy, the first bottle
made a decided improvement. I con
tinued their ueo for three weeks, and am
now a well man. I know they robbed
the grave of another victim.'? No one
should fail to try them. Only 50c,
guaranteed, at. The Elk Drug Store, F.
J. Stone, Propr.
Several good specialties will be seen
"Under Sealed Orders," at the Opera
House next Tuesday evening*
if you want Insurance, or a collection
promptly made, call on Eacho, Larue &
Co., the real estate hustlers*
Eight-room hou«-e in south end for
pale cheap Edwin T. Coraan.
It pays to buy at Averill'e store, El
bertOD o
A Dry Smoke.
If you see a man with an QnUghted
cigar between his lips, it is not be
cause he is looking for a light, bui be
cause he is indulging in the pleasure of
a "dry smoke." How there can be any
enjoyment in this to a smoker la not
readily apparent but the fact remains
that there is much satisfaction in the
habit, and, besides, there are no bane
ful effects.
For inveterate smokers the dry smoke
is a good habit to cultivate. It enables
many slave-. «,f the weed to decrease
the number of cigars actually smoked
.in a day without causing much Incon
venience. Of course an Inveterate
smoker would find no pleasure In the
habit at the start, but perseverance is
necessary, and after awhile he will en
joy his dry smoke almost as much as
the real one. It is a good way to be
gin if you desire to stop smoking. Try
it and see. New York Herald.
He Grubbed the Offer.
Ex-Governor George W. Pock of
Wisconsin, author of "Peck's Bad
Boy." was running a little country
weekly in the pineries in the early six
ties. It was an unimportant sheet
save for one column of Jokes which
Peck wrote each week. This depart
ment caught the eye of "Brick" Poin
eroy, who was then printing his P< m
ocrat in Lacrosse, Wis., and one day
be wrote to Peck asking him whether
he would be willing to go down to La
crosse and work for The Democrat at
$25 a week.
Three days later Mr. Pomeroy got
this telegram: "I accept your offer
quicker than instantly. For heaven'a
sake don't withdraw it!"
He Explained.
At a school one day a teacher, hay
ing asked most of his pupils the dif
ference between an island and a penfn
sula without receiving a satisfactory
answer, came to the last boy.
"I can explain it, sir," said the brighi
youth. "Firstf get two glasses. Fill
one with water and the other with
milk. Then catch a fly and place it
in the glass of water. That ay is an
island, because it is entirely surround
ed by water. But now place the rly in
the glass of milk, and it will be a
peninsula, beeauso it is nearly sur
rounded by- water."
The boy went to the top of the class.
There are many people who make it
a point when they receive a goldpiece
to withdraw it from circulation by
hiding it in some secret place, and the
amount of t. rold thus hoarded is prob
ably very large. .
In Portugal married women retain
their maiden names.
It Happened in a Drujj Store.
"One day last winter 8 lady came to
my drug srore and asked for a brand of
cough medicine that I did not have in
stock," aaya Mr. C. It. (irandin, the pop
ular ilru«:gi«t of Ontario, N. Y. "She
was disappointed and wanted to know
what cough preparation 1 could recom
mend. I said to her that I could freely
recommend Clinniberlain's Cough Rem
edy and (hut she could take a bottle of
the rornefiy and after giving it a fair
trial if she did not n'nd it wurth the
mouey to bring back the bottle and I
would refund the price paid. In the
course of a day or two the lady came
back in company with c friend in need
of a cough medicine and advised her to
buy a bottle of Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy. I consider that a very good
recommendation for the remedy." It ip
for naie by all drujjeint!^
Horsew for Sale.
We have for sale at prices to suit
everybody, 50 head of grad»> Clyde work
horses, ranging from 1200 to 1000
pounds, 4 to 7 years old. Mansfield
Bros., 3% miles south of Winona*
I am now prepured to do all kinds o!
land huKinesß, homestead entries and
proofs, contests, etc. Have had 18 years
experience in land cases. W. A. Inman,
D. S. Commissioner, Colfax, Wash,
Pure Whiskey Habpek Perfect VVhin
key Harper Every bottle guaranteed
Harper Hold by VV. J. Hamilton, Col
fax, Wash,
For .Sale Cheap—A number of John F.
Fuller Whitman County Atlasis; new.
Apply or Hddresß, Mrs. J. F. Fuller,
Subscribe for Newspapers and Magazines
through The Gazette and save money.
H. W. Gokk writer reliable Insurance.
'' A pood looking
bone and poor look- ■■f/'.^^g: k
ing harness is the .i^^ijfc
worst kinJ of » com- f>
Harness Oil
not only mak^s the h.irnfs and the <,WL
horse Imik better, but makPS tb« 'j]|A
leuther soft and pliabl'*, puts it in con- |li%
illliy _J/ 'Won to last—twice as long jlw
.'[liw&fli!" iIS it ordinarily would. If*
ilffllttSmwitli s"!il <"very"here ia c»ni—»n (jlik
*J^^^W(l ,1 j. size^. Made by /■'/rak
ST O^ co RD wit
Dissolution of Co-partnership.
Notice is hereby given that the co-partnership
composed of Thomas Amos and C. H. Warner,
doing a general blaeksr.iithing business under
the firm name and style of Thomas Amos & Co.,
has been this day dissolved by mutual consent
The business will be continued as at present at
the corner of Wall and Mill streets by A W.
MechliDg, who has succeeded to the sii 1 busi
ness. All notes and accounts of said firm are
due and payable to Thomas Amos, and all par
ties indebted to said firm are re>^iested to call
at the place of business of said A. W. Mechling,
formerly occupied by Thomas Amos & I'O , and
settle the same. All claims against said firm
should be presented to Thos. Amos for settle
Dated at Colfax, Washington, September 18th,
On retiring from business after a period of 17
years we thank the public for their liberal
patronage, and hope our successor may receive
the same. THOMAS AMOS & Co.
are i! am- Hme« th« cause of various
<l w>aseg Ninety per oeol o* the
Americi people :ir- said to U>
foul .• nth liver as I stomach
comjj an ts such ■ constipation
dtzzint-sH. Indigestion, biliouraea*.
SluKKlsh liver, t-tc.
No. 25
overcome and cur« these Ills.
Theae tablets act as :i gentle l<ixa
tiv«« ! hry miik.- the liver and
stomad do their duty as th.-v
bhouia. rhe mosi ol»itinat« c.
peld t these little tablets. Tlicy
Ocmx. a6r uud .au bo procured at
Restore Vitality, Lost Vigor arid Manhood
Cure Impotency, Night Emi><io:i.-:, Lo.~s of Mom
>****fe?s» °r.Vi all wasting diseases,! —
rf^^W^ a effects of self-atm ■<• or >£%{\
mut^*?* and iu«li civtion. \2^J
Wsf"<y»A nerve tonic and PIM c:
\i b!ood fcuHier. Brings lr!1-l-=>
jp pink slow to pale fS^TI
if <fv <?^*r cheefes and restores the Qr\Jr
S2.SO, with our bankable g-aurantea to cure
or refund the money paid. Send for circular
and copy of our bankable guarantee bond.
MonnhTahlcto extra strenoth
Positively is'narnntood enro for Loss of Power,
Varicocelo, Undeveloped or Slirusiken Organs,
Paresis, Locomotor Ataxia, Nervous Prostra
tion, Hysteria, Fits, Insanity, Paralysis and tl;<>
Results of Excessive Use of Tobacco, Opium or
Liquor. By mail in plain package, $1.00 a
box, 6 t'iii- $5.G0 with our bankable Ruar
antee bond to cure in '60 days or refund
nioney paid. Address
Clinton &, Jackson Sts., CHfCACO. ILL.
For Sale by W.J.Hamilton, Druggist, Colfax, Wash
visit DR. JORDAN'S om.-rf
C% ia;: iirret ax., tin msnsco, cil. ?
Ef Tiic largest A natomleaf Museum In the A
"•■' '- Weaknesses »r uy contracted v
fl£g jgfls a-.^r; .? pmliln,!, cnrwliy the oije.t x
/fej iSI ih» Coast. Ell. 3« years 0
R W 8 •■>«■»■«■ fitted by »n Kujjert. Maidl- A
F H Ift CIII cor» for H»ptnrr. a quick and f
I If ItTS radirai cure for Plln. firs-re tn I \
n It Fistulae. tiy Dr. Jordan 1* special parn- S
** -•* lets aiethrdr T
Consultation free and itricttjr priTate. Trnrmem p»r- i
■onally or by lctc*r. A Poritivt Curt In every case 7
ludertakem. Write fin B >ok. PRiiosci'HV s f i
■ tBiIMGE, mailed Frbb. (A »aiuaU« book #
for mm ) tall or wnt? \
DR. JCKOAN & CO., 1051 Marttat St. 8. P. $
Marble and Granite Works
T). MILLGABD A CO. Proprietors.
Monuments, Headstones, Tablets
All Kinds of Cemetery Work.
Gall Rnii see scmplfts. Wnll
Is read by people whom
the advertiser desires to
reach with his announce-
Sheriff's Sale
stnte of VVnshiuetu!i, conoty of Whitman ss.
lv the superior court oi the state of Wash
ington, in ami for the county of Whitman.
William S. SibSOO find Peter Kerr, partners in
business as Sibson & Kerr. plain tins, vs. ihe
Hannlton & Konrkc Company, a corporation
The Hamilton it Kourke Warehouse system, a
corporation, Charles Hamilton, Thomas F.
Rourke and Charles El am il ton and Thomas F.
Ronrke, partners as Hamilton & Kourke. W. J.
Furnish and C. W. Bloomfield, defendants.
Decree of foreclosure and order of sale.
By virtue of a decree and order of sale, made
and entered in the above entitled cause and
court, on the 2-~>Lh day of September, 1900, a
copy of which has been issued and certified to
me by the clerk of the said court, under theseal
thereof, bearing date the J~>th day of September
1900, for the sum of fJ4,S_'7.3-J gold coin, with in
terest at the rate of eii?ht per cent per annum from
the 25th day of September l'.»00, and the further
sum of $1,83945 costs, and the further sum of
$1,500.00 attorney's fees, and also the increased
costs thereon, I. Joseph Canutt. sheritr of Whit
man county, Washington, will on the ::d day
of November, 1900, at the hour of two o'clock
p. m. of said day, at the south front door of the
Whitman county court house, in Colfax, Whit
man county, state of Washington, sell at public
auction to the highest bidder, for cash, the
following described real estate, situate, lying
and being in Whitman county. Washington,
and particularly described as follows, to-wit:
The warehouse situate upon the following de
scribed lands at Oakesdaie. together with the in
terest in and to the land, beginning at a point
536 feet north 49 dtgrees 15 minutes west from a
point 652 feet north of the southeast corner < i
section 22, in township 19 north of range 44 F
\V. M , and runnirik 1 thence north 49 degrc-s 16
minims east 70 feet, thei:c 19 degrees and 15
minutes east 245 feet, thence i-outh 40 d grees 10
minutes west. 70 feet to the place of beginning
containing :;s-luo acres more or less, the above
mentioned laud being mure particularly and ac
curately described as tollows,to-wlt: Beginning
at ■ point ")o6 feet north 19 degrt es 13 minutt a
we-t of a point 652 feel north of the southeast
corner of seetiou 22 in township 19 north oi
range 44 E. W. M., and running tnence north li
degrees 15 miuutes west. 245 feet thence north
40 degrees 45 minutes east 70 feet, thence south
49 degrees 15 minutes east 245 feet, thence Routh
40 degrees 4"> minutes wesi 70 feet to the place of
beginning,cout*iniug3>.-lUO acres, together with
all and singular the tenements and heredita
ments and appurtenances thereunto appertain
ing or in any wise belonging. Said property is
taken and sold as the p-operty of the above
named defendants.
Dated at Colfax, Whitman county, Washing
ton, this 4th day of October, A. D 1900
Sheriff of Whitman county, Washington
By C. A. Elmer, Deputy.
Williams, Wood A. Linthicum anil 11. W- Can
field, attorneys for plaiutifls.
Notice for Publication
Axel Holm.
Land Office at Walla Walla, Wash., Sept 29th
190U.—Notice is hereby given that the following
named settler has riled notice of his intention
to make final proof In support of his claim and
that said prouf will t> e made before the coun
ty clerk and clerk of the superior court of Whit
man county, Washington, at Colfax, Washing
ton, on Saturday, November 17th, 190U, viz: Axel
Holm, who made honies'eml entry No. iiJTo for
the E)» NWJi and SK 2 sw; 4l Sec. '14, Tp. 15 N..
R.BB, E. W. M' He names the following wit
nesses to prove his continuous residence upon,
and cultivation of said laud, viz; Albert Hooper,
Theodore strobe, Warden liordon, and William
Millage, all of Fampa, Wash.
JOHN M. HILL, Register.
Itankrupif. Petition Tor Dl«. harge.
tn«dl»trictof Waahti gtoa. ■outturn diriaton
In Vht i matter of FredC. Voting, bankrupt
In bankruptcy No US
f 'V !h,': H'. i;i v. Hanfi n, j, a •
'IVr ,"T!; ' nited«utei terlK
dUtriotol v asbin •■ . „„,„
„ ' ■ '■■''■* ol Pullmanjn it,.- ronnty of
¥■' ; ■ Mid
dUtrict. reiperttahV re ? r«enta thai
v 10th.t«y „(.!,,U Ai, 19M lHfct ttu .
' baukrnpji voder the aeti of
relating to bankruptcy thnt ho
has duly .urrendered lin hls
and rlghta of property, and bu mil ■
. ,P.H-I wni, all the reunlremenU of »atd h. ii
.mnUnlpt'";.'. '"'" "' *« l""rt *«"»« ''^
Wherefore he prayi thnt be ihhv t )( . .Ict.-.-.I
by Om.court to have a full dSch^gTK
all debu provable againti hir. estate under
hih-Ii bankrupt act, except lut-h debu ai
«r,. ■ ...x,-,,,,,^ i,v lan from H m-h dCharge.
Dated tbli Istn .!»-. «,f sepi , \ i> i-hio .
„• „ „ ! " p Yt>rNo, Bankrupt
w 11 Harrey, n .1 VTelty.aUor
District „! Washington ■
Oni thislßth flay of September. A. D NBO on
reading the foregoing petition, it I ord. red by
"';' ,' !>'•" a hiring be had upon the „*,,.
\\ i w\' iliy •" "''• '>-'■. a. D. Koo. before U.
\\ i an u-i.i referee, at Colfax, in Mid district a
tuft tepabliihrd two tlm«la rheC,»llax(Ja"etTe
a weekly newapaper printed in >ald dintrirl and
i l,'.',." 1. k, 'ncred[tor» and other p^, D J"n
in. T.-sr may appearai ihenaid time and place
.. d allow eauae ii any Lh, > hai c «by the prayei
of the said petitioner ihonld nol be granted
And II is further ordered l>\ tho o»urt that
the clerk s.mll yend by mJI to aTMnoTn
Bald petition and thtaorder,
l" tllL'"1 « 'Iht placet of reaidence
Winuss the Honorable CoraeUna 11. Banford
waf- \v "" s'l UU' »i»dO»e«e*l thereof, at
.. . "ft H- I! 81 KON(j Dei.utv
Kntcr: .' 11. HaNFORD, Judge ll"ll>
CBeal V. s. District Court).
Uankiupt'H Petition for IMtu barge
Ini the : district court of the United states for
the district of Washington, southern ,li "si,, M
In the matter ol Richard s Ye,, and Esther
Yeo, his wife, bankrupts.
In bankruptcy No. ni
Tothe Honorable Cornelius l! Hanfordjudee
111- r'rt f'w' Y Mir'," f the r"1"'1 «*tes,ferthe
district ol Washington, southern division:
Richard S. Yeo and Enher Yeo, luh wife of
near I vii.mii!, 1.1 the county of Whitman and
oi w ashingtoi., In amid district.respectfully
represenl that on the 10th da; of July a i
astpast they and each of '.hem werediily
adjudged bankrupts under the actn of ( gnws
n-l.un. ) -'.01, 1 ,nkn 1 i.,,,v: th.t they and ,mho
them have duly surrendered all their property
and rights ol property, and have fully complied
with Mil the requirements of said acts and ..f the
orders of the court touching their bankruptcy
Wherefore tbev and each of them praj thai he
may be decreed by the court to have a full rtis
chargefromaU debts provable against bia es
tate under such bankrnpt act, excep such
chafe" ''ir'' excepted liy IKU fr"ln s>"-'' Sto-
Dated this 15th day of September, ji D IMO
i;l( ti.vHK g. VEO
l-.sl'HKi; YKli
W. H. Harrey. H. J. Wetty, Attor^if 1^
District of Washington v.
On this 19Ui day ol September.A. D. l-yco on
rea Sing the foregoing vctiiion.it Is: Ordered by
»» court thai h hearing be had upon the same
oattM2Mhdu ofOctol)er, A. D 1900, before
H. V, Canfleld. referee Jit Colfar, in said <li
tnct, al three o'clock in the afternoon- ami that
notice therefore be published two times In the
Colfax Gazette, a weekly newspaper printed in
said district and thai all known creAltorsand
other penons In mi.Test may appear at the
said time and place and show cause if an* they
have, why the prayers of said petitioners should
not lie granted
And it is further ord< red by the court, that the
clerk Khali send by mail to all known creditors
copies or »aid petition and this order addressed
to them ut their places oi residence h* stated
\\ itness the Honorable Cornelius 11. Han ford
judge of the Raid pourl and the seal thereof, at
« alia Walla in said district, on the- 19th da; ol
September, A. i>. litoo.
R. M. HOPKINS, clerk
„ , g» H. B. BTRONG, Deputy.
Enter: C. H HAN FORD. Judge.
(Seal U. s. District Court.)
Hum mi.ii.-v
In the Superior Court of i!, e .state of Wash
ington, in and for Whitman County:
Rosa Alice Petty, plaintiff, vs. George Petty
defendant ' '
Btateol Washington, County ol Whitman, us-
Pert d f d Waahln Ktonto U»« "»W <-e<»rKe
Yuu are hereby Bommoned atid required to
appear m the Superior court of the utate of
\\ ashiiiKton. in and for v hitman county withiu
Blxty davH after the .late of the lirwt publication
of this rammons, 10-wit: wlthio aixty days
after the 3l«t day of August, 1900, and defend
the above entitled action in the above entitled
court, and answer the complaint of the i>!ain
titl in said action, mid Ht rv<- a copy of ronr said
answer on Trimble .V PaUison.the undenigned
attorneys ror plaintiff, at their office in Colfax
in the county of Whitman, state of Washington!
and if you fail to appear and defend said action
and answer the complaint of the plaintiff afore
shll, within the tune afoteaald, judgment will
he tendered against you. according to the de
mand of said complaint, which baa been filed
with the clerk of said court The object of the
above entitled action is that plaintiff procure a
divorce from defendant upon tin- grounds of
abandonment of plaintit! by defendant and
the neglect and refusal of defendant t,» make
suitable provision for plaintiff and his family
and that plaintiff be awarded the custody care
and control of the two minor children of plain
tiff and defendant, aud that plalmln rn-over
from defendant her costs and disbursements in
this action.
Dated, uolfax, Wash., Aug. 29 1900.
„ _ Plaintiirs Attorney!.
1 ostolhce address, Colfax, Whitman County
First publication Aug. 31, l'.tOO.
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