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Jim and mm
Justice of Peace Nittine; on
Trial ot (he Judge.
BfoftonaM i« Charted With the
Crime of Solicitation of
The dM populist crowd in again airing
itself in court at public expense. Former
Deputy Sheriff Nessly on Tuesday swore
out a warrant for the arrent of Judge
Win. McDonald, charging bim with a
few ccuntH ni subordination ol perjury.
The chances are old, dating lurk to the
lovely days of populism, in the spring
and wußmer of 1898. There in a dispo
sition in certain quarters to charge the
judge's arrest to republican*; but the
people will observe that the dates show
thin to be pun h a tight among the love
|\ croud of popuitets and useat "re
formers" elected in 1896. They charge
each otlh r i very day with • rookedness
which would put ;i worm fi»nce to shame.
It i* probable that truth Ijhh been
told, i.r tint* it Will l>t'
The w;irr,.ni For the arrest of Judge
McDonald wan secured from Justice
Kirkl.'ind. For two yean Mr. N ne'.y
has been i ndeavoring to interest n law
yer suffirieotlj to prosecute McDjnald.
M. 0 Reed recently took up the case
through the authority of the board of
county commissioners. The commis
sioners gave thi* authority upon a btini-s
of the evidence which was before the
board in the Keecb pardon case two
years ago, all of which the Gazette pub
lished at the lime, and which it; not DOW
ncc't-s.ifv to repeat.
The diief witnesses now brought
■gainst McDonald are M. T. Goffman, a
detutive in the service of Sheriff Sims
und Judge McDonald in the spring of
1898; Dr. 11. I*. Harrington, who was
held by the populist administration for
eleven months in juil im charges of cat
tle Btealiog and bank robbery, and who
in dl! that tim>> was never brought to
trial, and N. \V. Durham, editor of the
Spokane Spokesman-Review, who a year
or two ago enjoyed a good ({inner with
McDonald and probubiy heard some
thing the judge said.
The case went to trial Wednesday,
with .1. T. Brown, <'. \l. Wyman, Thos.
Neill and John I'attison defending Mc-
Donald and M. (>. Heed prosecuting.
Justice Kirkland presides. The case is
being hard fought, and the time is being
principally taken up with objectiuna
from the crowd of legal gentlemen und
arguments upon the objections.
First Complaint.
•I. E. Nessly being first duly sworn ac
cording to law complains of and accuses
William McDonald of the crime of at
tempting to suborn perjury committed
a« follows, to-wit:
That William McDonald in the county
of Whitman, state of Washington, on
the 21st day of February, 181)8, then
and i htre being the judge of the superior
court of Whitman county,state of Wash
ington, and one John H. Rogers being
then and there, and having been for
more than one year, the duly elected,
qualified and acting governor of the
state of Washington, and .lohn 1!. Rog
ers having delivered to William McDon
ald a certain pardon, unconditionally
issued and delivered the same to William
McDonald delivered upon demand to one
I . W. Keeeh, in whose favor said pardon
had been issued.
That on the 21st day of February.
1898, WilliHm McDonald, by use of said
pardon attempted to incite, coerce and
procure V. W. Keech to commit the
crime a perjury, by then and there
threatening 0. W. Keech to return said
pardon, hereinbefore mentioned, back to
the said Johu B. Rogers, governor of the
Htate of Washington, a 8 aforesaid and
to Hcnd I". W. Keech to the penitentiary
ut Walla Walla, unless he, I". VV. Keech,
would then and there promise William
McDonald, and would, when called upon
by William McDonald, go upon the wit
ness stand and testify that he, of his
own knowledge, knew that Needy had
been guilty of the crimp of burglary in
attempting to rob the Bank of Rosalia;
or to the effect that he, Keech, had at
one time been a member of a baud of
cattle and horse thieves and that Nessly
was a member of that organization, and
that Keech kuew that Newly had been
guilty of the crime of cattle stealing in
W hitman county and in Spokane county.
Although William McDonald then and
there knew that eaid things? were false
and untrue, find was so iuformed theu
and there by Keech, and that thereafter
William McDonald refused to deliver
said pardon to Keech, by reason of
Ketch refusing to give testimony against
Needy, and but for the fact thab the
prosecuting attorney of Whitman coun
ty, John W. Mathews, interfered and
would not permit Keech to testify to
what Keech h«d slated was false and
untrue in relation to Newly, Keech might
have been influenced and induced by
reason of his desire to obtain a pardon
to testify against Newly, in such man
ner as William McDonald might dictate
although Keech well knew that he could
give no testimony against Xesslv in
either of the matters hereinbefore stated,
wherein William McDonald had attempt
ed to influence Keech to commit the
mine o» perjury against Neesly? con
trary to the statute in euch cases made
and provided and contrary to the peace
and dignity of the state of
.1 . „ , J. E. Nessly.
tbiH 15th day of October. A. 1). ]9,)0.
A.K. KntKi.ANM,
Justice of the peace.
Second Charge.
•I. H. NesKly beiug fi rst duly sworn
there being" the h/d -'c nf,i theD and
court of Whitman coun t J fT" 0'
Washington, and on/l ',' k Btate of
then and there bdw.J Har nngton, !
in the county jasN n P[S er l"Onflned
(•barge of burglary Will" {, V n the
did enter
tempted to persuade, procure L?
coerce B. P. Harringt!miS£ SSS^
against one J. E. N«d? and n V? tl!yillß
ro persuade, coerce, inrit* and mpt'"d
H. P. Harrington to esH? v XT?
knew of facts that would dJovp y V
pilty of either the crime ofcauie^f
ing or bank robbery—or j n hot
crime which would enable William i? y
Donald to procure the cony ?t?nn "'«
Newly, and told Harrington that U he
lid BOtttini upeomothing that would
-how that N.ssly had committed come
•rime that he would cause him to be
neut to the state penitentiary at Walla
U alia for the fprm of twenty yeare- that
Harrington then and there'told and
had previously told and afterwardetold
William McDonald, and William Mr
Donald well knew that Harrington did
not know anything againuL Nessly and
had no knowledge whatever that he had
ever committed any crime. Notwith-
Htanding all of theae facts, William Mc-
Donald did on the 11th day of \pril
1898, by reason of his position as ku'
perior judge and of the fact that Har
rington wan in jail under a charge of
burglary, attempt to incite, procure, iu
duce and coerce Harrington into testi
fy inu anything that would secure the
conviction of Nessly of any felony, ami
particularly of cattle stealing or bank
robbery; and as an inducement to Har
rington to commit the crime of perjury
William McDonald offered, if Harrington
would so testify agauMt£Neesly, that he
would see that he was not convicted; or,
in the event that he was convicted, he
would suspend execution of any sentence
that the law might iujpose upon him;
and notwithstanding the fact, that Har
riagton had told William McDonald
that he knew nothing whatever agakim;
N'esfly, and thut the uttempt of William
McDonald to procure, incite, coerce and
induce ilairiugtou into committing the
crime of perjury was done knowingly,
willfully and feloniously, with the intent
then and there to commit the crime of
attempt to suborn perjury, contrary to
the Htatuten in such cases made and pro
vided and contrary to the peace "and
dignity of tlje state of Washington.
Hecause of smallpox in the vicinity of
Thornton all datee for republican
speeches there have been cancelled.
New assignments for republican tweak
ers art:
Judge T. J. Humes and lion. T. ]'.
I'isk of Seattle:
Rosalia, October 22.
tiarfteld, October 2',\.
Tekoa, October 24.
Colfax, October 2r>.
Hon. (seo. L. McKay and Henry Mc-
Lean oi Tacouia:
l'alouse, October 22.
Colton, October 23.
The date of Mr. l'erley at Elberton,
October 18, was cancelled because
of iuterftTence. with others; but he will
speak there October 24. At Eden val
ley Mr. l'erley'H appointment for Oc
tober 23 will be tilled by C. C. Reams.
Ex-Senator John ]?. Allen as follows:
Colfax, Friday, October 10, 7:110.
Pullman, Saturday, October 20, 7:.'JO.
A. W. l'erley, nominee for representa
tive in the Sixth district, and M. O.
Keed as follows. All evening meetings:
Eudicott, Saturday, October 27.
Farmington, Monday, October 2!>.
Oakendale, Tuesday, October ."!().
A. W. Ferity and C. C. Kearns, as fol
lows. All evening meetings:
Kelmont, Friday, October 19.
Uartield, Saturday, October 20.
Silver Creek schoolhouse, Monday. Oc
tober 22.
Eden valley echoolhouse, Tuesday, Oc
tober 23.
Tennessee Hat school house, Wednes
day, October 24.
Sunset, Thursday, October 2"».
John N. Pickrell, as follows. All even
ing meetings:
Farmiugton, Friday, October I.*.
Oakesdale, Saturday, October 20.
C. W. Swfiasou, as follows. All even
ing meetings:
Dusty, Friday, October 19.
Willow Creek, Saturday, October 20.
Diamond, Monday, October 22
Endieott, Tuesday, October 23.
Winoua, Wednesday, October 24.
Downing, Thursday, October 2"».
Eatoa school houee, Friday, October
St. John, Saturday, October 27.
I'ine City, Monday, October 21).
Sunset, Tuesday, October 30.
Matlock, Thursday, November 1.
Steptoe, Friday, November 2.
Hubbard school house, Saturday, No
vember 3.
Mrs. Wallace Williams left Saturday
for a three weeks' visit with relatives in
J. W. Snyder and family of Endicott
were in Colfax Wednesday, en route to
Fulton, Illinois, where they will spend
the winter.
Samuel 8. Wolffsohn, a special com
missioner of the Pan-American exposi
tion, which opens at Buffalo next May,
visited Colfax this week.
Mrs. J. T. riickey of To com a is visit
ing her cousin, Mrs. J. 1). Hagan. Mrs.
A. W. Smith of Spokane is also a guest
of Mrs. Hagan.
Miss Lena Schmidt returned last Fri
day from a visit to the Spokane fruit
J. S. Beall of Portland spent several
days of the week among Coltax friends.
Mrs. J. U. Good came up from Walla
Walla Saturday for a visit of a few days.
H. C. Fisher of Endicott was a Wed
nesday visitor in town.
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. W 7iseman were
called to Portland last week by the ill
ness of their daughter, Mißs Edith. They
returned with her Friday. She is conva
lescent now.
Young Men's Heading lioom.
A meeting of citizens was held Tuesday
evening at the Methodist church, in the
interest of a free reading room for young
men. There was a large attendance and
an active interest and spirit shown. Ad
dresses were made by Prof. Ransom,
Harry Nathan and Rev. Geo. H. New
man. Solos were rendered by Miss Jean
Goldie Amos, Mrs. Newman and Mrs.
Evans. Harry Wilcox, Harry Nathan
and Roland Reid were appointed as a
committee to look after the affairs of
the organization.
For sprains, swellings and lameness
there is nothing so good as Chamber
lain's Pain Balm. Try it. For sale by
all druggists*
Election I.hikli.
An all-night lunch, including hot coffee,
doughnuts and sandwiches, will be served
ftt the bowling alley building on the
night of election day by the ladies of the
Episcopal church.
Two good wood heating stoves for
sale cheap. Call mornings before nine
o clock. Mrs. L. E. Fuller.
Write Dan Morgan for cheap farm '
'oanß, Oakefcdale, Waßhington o
H« W. Qoff writes reliable Insurance. I
Passing Away of a Venerated and
Well Known Man.
L>r John BoHwell, who died Thureduv
M^loh?r aT? c homeof biß dau«bte^
Mrs. John C. Turiier, near Colfax was
a; venornble and respected man Ah «
ChrirtMin .-haracter he wa ß widely
known, ana S h a Mason since 18. r>» hi
was v well known. Dr. Boswell w"a« h
man venerated and admired by every
acquaintance. At nearly the a£e of 90
yean he dropped quietly to the death
*eep Hih request of several years'
Ktand.ngthat if D. F. Shaw, Sr. f out
.vedhnn.Mr.Shaw act as marshal of
the Masonic burial was obeyed Church
Bervicee weiv hdd over the 'remains Sat
urday, at the home of Mr. and Mrs
lurrier l\ u . body waß thrn brought to
the hall of Hiram Mabonic lodge where
the remains laid iv state until Sunday
noon. The burial wan then conducted
by the lodge, and the funeral services
were atteuded by several hundreds of
Friends of the aj^ed man.
The last moments of ]> r . BosweU were
attended by his *on, Dr. Cal M. Uoswell,
and others of his immediate family. He
passed peacefully away and was in n o
apparent pain.
The following ia taken from a biog
raphy of I*:-. BofiweU read J0ue24,1893,
it a Masouie jubilee in honor of
Father John Boawell:
Dr. John Bosweil was born iv Ohio,
April 2(5, 1<S11; v.a« raised a Quaker, but
nan been a member of the Methodist
church for over fifty years. At the age
of 14 he moved with his parents to
Richmond, Indiana, a lew .\ears after
moving to Dublin, Indiana. He worked
in his father's store. At, the age of 18
he began utmh iug medicine.
Il>; was married March IG, 1832, and
was admitted to practice medicine under
'he lawn of Indiana the same year. Iv
1840 he removed to Ohio, obtained a
degree of Doctor «>f Medicine at the Star
ling: Medical College of Columbus. Iv
185f> he moved with his family to lowa,
remuiuiog there until 18(J2, when he
crossed the plaiiiH, arriving at Walla
Walla live months and ti\e days alter
wards. Three yearn later he moved with
hid family to Salem, Oregon, when- he
was shortly afterwards elected one of the
professors in the medical department of
the Willamette luivernity, a position
which he occupied for some time. For
forty years of his life he has occupied a
place as local preacher iv the M. E.
church. Mr. and Mrs. Boswell came to
Colfax in 1882, where they have resided
alternately with their youngest
daughter, Mrs. .1. C. Turner, ami sou,
Dr. Cal M. BosweU.
Booth Presided Over By Ladies of
The ladies of St. Patrick's church met
last Sunday for the purpose of complet
ing arrangements relative to a fair to
be conducted in the bowling alley from
October ."51 till November 3, for the ben
efit of the Sinter's hospital. The meet
ing was well attended and the greatest
enthusiasm was prevalent. No efforts
will be spared to make this fair one of
the most successful ever given under sim
ilar auspices. The following ladies have
been assigned to the various booths:
Chance booth No. 1 will be presided over
by Mrs. I. Codd, Mrs. J. Egan and Mrs.
1). Frew. Chance booth No. 2 by Mrs.
Greene, Mrs. I. C. Maguire and Mrs.
Meunt-y. Sales booth by Mrs. W. Codd,
Mr* .1. Codd, Mrs. Schmidt and Mrs.
Vollendorf. Refreshment tables by Mes
danies Casaerly, Lyons and Shiblen. The
grub table and candy booth will be pre
sided over by the young ladies. Special
features of the fair will be two voting
contests: One for the most popular
girl, who will receive a handsome doll,
the personal donation of Mrs. W. J.
Bryan, the wife of the democratic presi
dential nominee. The other voting con
test will be for the most popular young
lady, who will receive a diamond ring
valued at $4-0. Both contests are open
to all. Instrumental and vocal music
will be in attendance every evening. The
choice artielee donated to the fair are on
exhibition at the Davis block.
California All Bight.
In a letter to a Coifax friend Chas. B.
Newman of San Francisco, formerly a
well known business man of Coifax,
writes: "California is all right this year
—big crops of everything; big majority
for MeKinley."
Bought a Business.
A. C. Warner, who has spent several
mouths at Spokane, has returned to
Coifax to remain. lie has purchased
the implement business of Howard *
Lacey and will conduct it in future.
Bismarck's Iron Nerye
Was the result of his splendid health.
Indomitable will and tremendous energy
are not found where stomach, liver, kid
neys and boweis are out of order. If
you want these qualities and the success
they bring, use Dr. King's New Life
Pills. Only 25 cents at the Elk Drug
store, F, J. Stone, Propr,
Bargains in Real Estate.
Five wheat ranch, 160 acres, 90 in
cultivation, good frame house, place
watered by well and tine spring, average
yield past 5 years 35 bushels.
9-room house, lot 75x208, in good lo
cation, beet built frame bouse in Coifax,
everything convenient. Price $2,700.
5-room house on Meadow street, near
High School. Price $750.
6 room house near hospital, one of the
most, convenient houses in Coifax, newly
built, cost $1,600, my price $1,050.
Also a large number of other proper
If you want bargains, call on Geo. H.
Lennox, Colfax, Wash o
Mr. R. H. Hutcheson of St. John has
bought the remaining McDonald inter
est in the grocery business of Armstrong
& ('o. With increased capital and fa
cilities for business: the new firm expects
to greatly enlarge the growing business
of the firm established by Mr. Arm
strong. The firm will retain the name
of Armstrong & Co c
fJood single driving horse, about 1200
in weight, well broke and good traveler.
Inquire Gazette offir'e 0
Write Dan Morgan for cheap farm
loans, Oakeedale, Washington.
Mrs. M. M. Donnelly, manager for the
Viavi remedies. Will mail a Health
! Book on application
If you want to buy a stock ranch,
fruit farm or choice wheat lands, see
Eacbo, Larue & Co o
the Church.
0 5
0 r— .m -. >'—5 r^rrp « — —- ——
/A* , . *<*; ■•
8 ' 8£ £N TRI£D BY A", URY t or Tw
ft MA^ —. U-Vr
¥ *
1 -,: ■ ; the vErtmmi s . - |
X We are Sole A.gents for the above line.
I -o^JTSTSS 1. .„ TTTfi" FATR TllEm(l|!™ 2
ak not satisfactory ■«• "AiJaaJftßMia JBm JLIIJIJL % SAVE MONEY.
Unclaimed .Letters.
List of letters remaining uncalled for
in (heColfax postoffice. Oct. 11), 19(10:
Beach, M J Leipe, Mrs Fred
Bernham, A Lincoln, Aherbam
Brown, Miss Sadie Mills, John M
Bruns, Miss Katie Miller, H A
Curr, C L Morrison, Wm L
Clark, Frank Neily, M A
Cornelious, Frank Ostrander. Miles
Cunningham, Mrs Page, W
Davis, Mrs Mary E Pearce, .los W
Drake, Mrs V Rideout, Clarence
Fellows, Bert Ryan, T A
Gragg, Mis M A Toland, P
Hanum, Miss Alice Walker, R S
Hallow ay, J C War Held, J S
Hopkins, Elijah Wilson, N G
Horton, G W Wilson, N
Jayue, Geo E Wright, L
Kaufman, M L Yonka, Wm
Keiler, C M
One cent postage will bo collected.
James Ewabt, P. M.
Election Ijaw.
The law on elections says that where
there have been less than 100 voters in
a precinct at the last election the judges
must act as their own clerks. They are
not entitled to appoint clerks were there
were less than 100 votes at the last
Take Laxative lironio Quinine Tablets.
All druggists refund the money if it fails
to cure. E. W. Grove's signature is on
each box. Price 25 cents.
For Sale.
A 7-room bouse and lot 100 feet
square, ;u South Coifax, on flat. Will
be sold cheap if taken at once. W. 0.
Carley, at Carley Bros. Foundry.
Undeliverert Laundry.
Persons having goods at the Coifax
Steam Laundry, South Main Street, are
requested to call for same before No
vember lst o
Strayed—From near Coifax, one red
calf, about 2 months old, branded circle
with center horizontal bar on left side.
Suitable reward for iuformatiion leading
to recovery. J. D. Hagan, Colfnx o
For Sale Cheap—A number of John P.
Fuller Whitman County Atlases, new.
Apply or address, Mrs. J. F. Fulle..
For rent—One furnished and two un
furnished rooms, in South Coifax. In
quire Mrs. Matzger, at laundry.
New dressmaking parlor opened first
house south of 0. R. & N. freight depot.
Also plain sewing done a
Go to W. G. Busses for crockery,
glass and granite ware*
Bring poultry and eggs to Averill &
Co., Elberton,
ter to deliver and collect in Washington for old
established manufacturing wholesale house.
$900 a year, sure pay. Honesty more than ex
perience required. Our reference, any bank in
any city. Enclose self-addressed stamped en
velope. Manufacturers, Third Floor. 3;i4 Dear
born St., Chicago*
Office boy; must 'write
a good hand. Apply by
letter in own hand-writ
Doming Investment Co.
The Price is Always the Lowest. n „ Cl , irn ,_ „
Next Door to Postoftice. Telephone, Main 11. t.D.SSIIAKI, Fl*opi\
Our White Pine and Spruce Expectorant is the Best Cmigh Medicine Made
Why pay a high rate of interest when you can renew
your mortgage with me at a better rate ? We do not sell our
mortgages, and charge no commission. Call or write,
.'J&B&S: Just Try Our Prices
.jjlHr ii 11^ week
Sp|§|f On Hats, Caps and Shoes
and see how you SAVE by it.
You and your Horse
will be treated right at
Finest Turnouts iv the city.
Teams and saddle horses by the hour
day or week. Stock boarded at reason
able rales.
H. M. LIDDLE, Propr.
Sells the Best
Pumps and Windmills
in the Paloune Country.
See him before buying.
Is read by people whom
the advertiser desires to
reach with his announce
Representing Balfonr, Guthrie & Co.
Pioneer Drug Store,
W. J. HAMILTON, Propr.
Prescription Work a Specialty.
A complete stock of
Dru^s, Medicine*, Chemicals,
Soaps, Brushes, Perfumeries,
Paints, Oils, (lIaM
Notions, Books, Stationery.
Telephone No. 37- Main Street, Colf»x
Washington Market
I. B. HARRIS, Propr.
Fresh and Cured Meats,
Fish and Game in season.
She BBEST a the bloCkß °f tLi' market"
andhhide^ h6Bt market prke Paid •« •**»■
Sonth Mem Street, Oolfax.
Insure with H. W. Uoff.

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