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Letters Full of Interesting News Notes
From Many Country Points.
Will Shrivor is making ready to build
n large addition to bin house yet this
Wo uro enjoying the lovoiiest fall
wiathrr imnninnhle. The sunny dajß
nrc likr a j»oet'n drcHin of Rummer.
Ed. lVnrnon had the end of one finger
on liin right hand taken off in the cogs
<f a fanning mill Monday while cleaning
H'-i'd wheat.
Mth E. V. Cunningham h.iH n Rister
with her two daughtprH visiting her from
S.lvor CSty, Orrgon.
i A. Pittwood of Orifino, Idaho, who
in Gaj last wrek on business.
Mrs Taylor and d might or, Mine Ada,
returned to Nez JVrce City lant week.
i k v bave liern visiting at, Mth. Jennie
'",'■ Radius and wife returned Sunday
fr.i M a short visit to relatives in Mos
. ■ . v. I I a ho.
.\irv S.S. Roberts returned last Tues
.')i> from her visit in Pendlelon, Oregon,
■• lii.lier she went after her duties were
-me ,-iK delegate to the recent W. C. T.
I convention at Walla Walla.
Fall work jh being rushed for all its
(Forth nowadays. Farmers find help
very scarce this fall. The common day
laborer could work in a dosen places at
i)'icc if it were possible.
Mr* Jennie Burke has relatives visit
ing her from Nebraska.
Ilifbie and lieruie Wallace returned
Sard a j from a trip to the Salmon river
country, where they have beeu looking
after some property owned by them
t 'lire.
(has. Reid was elected road supervisor
las) Saturday by one vote majority,
.lames Si over, the retiring supervisor,
has done a high grade of work for the
precinct this \ear.
Artisans rapper last Friduy night was
well attended. Sixteen dollars and Rome
cents were added to the treasury and
v.ill be lised toward buyiug regalias.
The college has 35 students now, all
doing meritorious work.
Howard i.rate with R. M. Bachue and
i on Jurats, left this place Sunday to go
to the mining country beyond St! Maries
river. Hob Thompson also left the first
of the week with two other men for the
K.iniiig district near Elk river. All par
. i- s will be absent home time.
S. 15. Si!.r, .!. P. Comer and C. W.
Swanson of Colfax addressed the people
at the Hay Bcbool house ou theeveaiag
« f the 12lIi. <>n account cf short notice
..,. ciudit'iKT was iiot very large, but
they were all attentive listeners and were
interested in the speeches. Mr. SUef,oar
present assessor, aud candidate for re
election, was Brat to speak. He gave
Home of his two years' experience in his
office and explained a number of points
of law regarding the assessing of proper
ty, which the people were glad to hear.
The second speaker to make his bow was
Auditor Corner. He also explained a
number of points regarding his office,
which were of interest to the people. He
Called the attention of the young people
to the fact that he was the man who
toned marriage licenses, but forgot to
Bay that three coyote Rtalps bring money
enough to pay for a license; the third
Kjiciiker was Mr. SwansoD.who explained
tin- political situation ho plainly that if
any uiim was uudecided as to how to
vote be would t-urely vote the republi
can ticker.
May station ie improving. R. A.
Schurtz has opened a barber shop and
i* doing a fair business. P. VV. Leak has
charge of the Hay section; L. F. Buff
shipped a car of wheat from Hay lest
week and .1. W. Splator and H. N. Clem
mens each shipped a car.
L. F. Buff made a trip to Colfax last
Mrs P. W. Cox has been very ill the
past few d«VH, but she is getting better
now. Dr. Stuht of Colfax has made her
three professional visits.
Nicholas Nibler was re elected road
supervisor of road district 4-7.
Partners are plowing and seeding. The
soi! is in tine condition to work: grain is
starting line aud grazing will be gone in
a tew days.
.lames Martin and cousin, Adan
Schoeff, Adolpfa Schreck and Mr. (loetter
hir^cr made tbe Spokane fair a visit last
Sheriff Canutt, Aooeoßor S. B. Siler,
Auditor John P. Corner ami C. W. Swan
kuq of Colfax made La Crosse "a visit
last Saturday, looking after their po
litical interests. They beld a meeting at
Pampa Saturday evening.
Chad. Marshall of Bay visited Meeker
school Monday.
Mit-s Lmini McClintoek, who has been
in \\ uiia Walla finoc, !r»»t winterjs home
on a visit. She went to Qolfax Saturday
him! roturnen Sunday.
Al. Carman completed bis bouse thiH
week and will ;uove his family here
about the I*l* h of November
lu>-^ Schi ■: ft", <»t the new district east of
here, is attending Meeker school.
The following pupils of Meeker school
are on the roii of honor for the mouth
ending October 2: Lena Schreek, Rose
Schoeff, (has. McClintoek, (i?orge lie-
John Chandlei has goue to England
on a vir.it. llf- ie'ends to vieit the Paris
»>tio Bchreek starts to Europe this
week and will visit thy Paris exposition
and Germany.
Mr. and Mrs. McClintoek were in Col
fii\ lust week.
School will begin in the npw school
boufv at La Crosee October 22, with Mr.
Thompsoa o! Pullman as teacher.
The stniiing countenance of Mat
Ragan cool i be t-een on our sidewalks (?)
last week. There seems to be some pur
ticular attraction for Mat in this neigh
A. 11. Lynch and wife, accompanied
by their boo Austin and nephew Oscar,
enjoyed themselves at the Spokane fair
a f>'\v days last week.
vYm Stewart and family, from near
Rosalia, were visiting Mr Stewart's
brothers-in-law, A. H. and 11. C Lynch,
the fore pnrt of last week. Bill was
lookinir for a farm to rent.
The political pot in beginning to boil
in this neck o' the woods. The populists
led by seuding out their candidate for
the legislature, J. H. St. Lawrence, who
howled calamify and preached populism
to an attentive audience for a couple of
hours. Now the democrats are flaunt-
ing a yellow hand bill bearing the name
of Wm. (ioodyear as rallying officer and
calling upon the demos to meet at the
Lynch scboolhouse Friday evening, Oc
xoot*r iy.
Lncle David Hull has completed hie
Ouy residence and moved to that city.
Jack Stewart now occupies the oid
gentleman's residence.
Win. Lee and family returned from
Spokane Friday.
Grandpa W'aldrip, who for the last
two months has been confined to his bed
is again able to be about the house
Chas. and I^roy Stilson, who were
called to the bedside of their father three
weeks ago, returned Sunday. They re
port their father again on the road to
Friends of Harvey I,«e gave him a
pleasant surprise Friday evening be
coming to his "bachelor home" and en
joying an evening of social aiuusementa
Jmlo Stilson, youngest son of Chaa
htileon, met with a painful accident
while riding after stock on his father's
farm Saturday morning. Hi H horse
stumbled and Jfell, throwing him and
breaking his right leg below the knee
As election draws near there is more
or less conjectuiing among local politi
cians as to the rexulfs. Hut as our burg
is now one of the strongest republican
.owns in the county, we are certain tlmt
every state and most of the counties in
the union are for McKinley. Bat if all
precincts were as sure as ours such a
thing would b? possible.
Friends of iMr. and Mrs. C. B. Hamil
ton gave them a pleasant call late Tues
day evening. The evening was ppent in
can beating, horn bloving, bell ringing
and many other new games.
A very interesting program was
rendered by the Cliouiaa Society Friday
last. The debate was very clone, but
when the judges came in with their de
cision the affirmative was in the had.
The program Friday evening, October
1!), will be rendered as follows:
Instrumental solo Mtaa Collins
Recitation p aa ] Pattfeon
Violin eolo u\m Lummaason
Declamation j. n. Mogan
Recitation Ethel Hooper
Weekly Journal . Miss M. ore
Vocal holo Mi ßo Weatacott
Male Quartette — Harry Dimock, Wilbern
Stormeiit, Ira Camp, Archie Camp.
All are invited to be present.
Colfax Minister Piesent ai a Church
Hey. EL P. .lames s[»eut the greater
part of last week in Walla Walla, where
be was called to assist iv the ii;sta!U>
tiou of It"v. Austin Rice an permaoeni
pastor of the First Congregation..l
church in that city. Sixteen churches
were represented, auioug them being
l'ullmau by its pastor, Hey. lI.C. Mason;
Westminster of Spokane by its pastor,
Rev. Dr. Geo. R. Wallace; 'Spokane. Sec
oud, by Mr. J. T. l'ercival; and ('olfax
by its pastor and Rev. T. W. Walters.
The council convened Tuesday. The
forenoon was given to a fellowship meet
ing at which addressee were given by
Mr. Mason. Mr. Percival ami Mr. James.
In the afternoon the council organized
by electing Rev. il. I. .James moderator
and Rev. H. C. Mason scribe. The ex
amination of the candidate resulted to
the entire satisfaction of tiie members of
the council, and the advised installation.
The evening program was in part aw fol
lows: Responsive reading, led by Rev
T, W. Waltern; sermon, Rev. Geo. R.
Wallace: prayer of installation. Rev. 8.
Greene; charge to the pastor, Rev. H. P.
James; right band of fellowship, Rev. J.
I). Jones: charge to th? people, Rev. H.
('. Mason. By this service one of tiie
youngest of the Congregational minis
ters in the state becomes the permanent
pastor of its oldest Congregational
Whitman college has entered upon a
very prosperous year. The enrollment
of students is GO per cent larger than at
the same time last year.
Rev. Geo. 11. Newman will fill the pal
pit at the Methodist churc.i Sunday. In
th« morning he will preach upon "Divine
Compensations," aud in the evening will
make an address to young men.
"Beauty and Bands, the Staves of a
Shepherd", will be the subject of the
evening sermon at the Doited Presby
terian church. The sacrament of the
Lord's supper will be observed at the
morning service. Communion medita
tion: 'Christ Made Known in the Break
ing of Bread."
The subject for th^ Uhristain Science
lesson sermon for October 21 is: ''Kver
lasriug Punishment." Golden text: The
Lord is not. slack concerning hin prom
ise, as some men count slackness; but is
long suffering to usward, not willing
that any should perish, but that all
should come to repentance. Responsive
rending, Isiah si>:2. Peter 3:9 Services
every Sunday at 11 and Wednesday
afternoon at 2 o'clock. All are welcome.
Mrs. Charles E. Scriberentertainfd l;er
friends at progressive euchre Thursday
afternoon, Oct. 11. The boii^e wan very
prettily decorated with v profution of
naonntain anh and fall lowers, umi the
afternoon was a very pleasant one to all
present. Dainty refreshments were served
hfter the- game. The prize for progres
sions was won by Mrs. S. J. Chadwick
and that for lone hands by Mrs. W. H.
James. Mrs. Scriber was assisted in re
ceiving by Mrs. Patton, of Denver, who
is her tuest, and also by Mir-s Anna
Ewart of Spokaue, and Miss Perkins
Scarlet Fever.
There are a few cases of scarlet fever
in town. Harry, the young son of Mr.
and Mrs. S. J. ('hndwiek, is under quar
antine with the disease in a mild form.
The small chiltl of Mr. and Mrs. P. £
Maguire is just recovering There i* no
epidemic, and there is no danger of such.
The disease ie in a much milder form
than over before, and the effective meas
ures being taken by the health authori
ties must soon end the matter.
Job Couldn't Have Stood It
If he'd Itching Tiles. They're terribly
annoying; but Bucklen's Arnica Salve
will cure the worst case of Piles on earth.
It has cored thousand*. For injuries,
pains or bodily eruptions ir's the best
salve in the world. Price 25c. a box.
Cure guaranteed. Sold by The Elk Dr"ug
etore, F. J. Stone, Propr.
Write Dan Morgan for cheap farm
loans, Oakesdale, Washington,
Grain—Wheat, Club, per bu, sacked, 40c
in warehouse, 41 Ja on board.
blu>9tem. 3«c. Oat 3, per cwt, Bf>c. Barley,
per cwt, 57^0.
Hay—Timothy, baled, per ton, $10; loose,
88; grain, haled, 18; loose, sjti.
Fauns Apples, per lb, fa; dried fruits,
per lb, H\i (1/ Sc.
BCTTKB Creamery, cash. \>cr lb, S6c; ranch,
ca»h, 18c. Chee?e, per lb, I2|o.
Ve<;ktaH!.k-<. — Fotatoff, per cwt., 50e;
Onions.per cwt.,(Joc. Cabbage.per cwt., §1.00
Beans, pei lb , 4e.
Poi:i.tuy—Chickens, live, per lb., Be. Tur
keys, live, pet lb., S.i.c.
l-j;(;s.-—Per dozen, cash, 15e.
CißocEKiKd. —Granulated nu^ar, per iOO 1!'.
naok, £7.-10.
BtJTTBB — Creamery, 30c; ranch, 20c.
Cher>e, p*r Ib. 2<-c.
Egos.—Pec dozen, 20c
Meats. -Beef, fresh, per lb., 8c(S15o; pork,
fresh, 10c(ti V2hc; mutton, fresh, 12£[email protected]
Bacon, breakfast, 15c; salt, 10c: hams, 15c;
shoulders, 12^:. Lard, 3 lb. bucket, 40c; 5 lb.
bucket, line; 10 lb. bucket, $1 25,
Mill Feed. —Bran, per ton, ?'.*; shorts, per
ton, til. Chopped barley, per ton, §20.
Chickeu feed, per cwt., SI.
Flouh. —Wlu.lesa.lo, per bbl., $2.50; retail,
per 50 lb Back. K()c;
liroke His Neck.
Al. Davis, t;on of Nelson Darin, was
instantly killed near bit* nawmtll, 12
miles above l'omeroy, last Friday. He
was hauling logs wish an ox team, and
in passing a dead tret the euuin caught
tlit- rootH of it ami threw the tree upon
Mr. Davin. It utruek him od the head
and shoulders und broke his neck, killing
him instantly. He wan a member of the
Woodmen al the World and lefr a wife
and six children. 11 in father was at once
notified and left for the scene of the ac
cident that night. Mr. Davis was a
brother of Mi>. W. E. Slate. Mr. and
Mrs. Slate, have gone to Poraeroy, win re
Mr. Slate will tike charge of the basi
net of Mr. Davin.
Beeu iij in« Again.
Pullman, fKrt. 17, 1900.— W. J. Davea
port, I'hairamu: [tffenintc to the artic'ic
in the Seattle Times, duti-d Pultmao
< >L-t. 13. While there is a thin veneering
of truth contaiued therein, it is in tht
uisiin ;> malicious falpehood, and I here
by anuouuee that I t*'nn\\ support the re
publican ticket from presidential elector
to coroner. Isaac K. Luce.
Mackay's I'l-ninitii-N,
Mr. Mackay, candidate for iuHion
hheriff, went to Palouee a day or two
i^o and made the open promise to brew
era and Balootikeepern that the lawa of
the Htutt -.vouiil Dot be enforced oufcdde
of Oulfax, and that the Btatutea wonid
not really be enforced at Uolfax if lit in
Fingers Against a Saw.
Th;>H. Hodge, only married last Sun
day, lost the tirnt three fingers of his
right hand at the middle joint Wednes
day morning, in contact with Brickner'e
Hteaui wood fjiw, upon which he wjih en
Another Populist Wrong
C. E. Ihjuve-r, nominated by the pop
uliHtH for school superintendent, has
authorized the statement that he re
spectfully declines the honor.
"The Boys" gave a most enjoyable
hop to their friends Tuesday evening at
the armory. The musk was by the
Band orchestra.
A. J. Privett has sold his Colfax resi
dence property to Ed. Johnson for
£1400 and expects to move to Republic
when the election is over.
Dr. T. I). Ferguson has been seriously
ill horn blood poisoning, but it is under
stood he is now recovering.
Colfax, October 15, to Mr. and Mrs.
E. A. Wooster, an 8-pound daughter.
The democrats have practically
abandoned ail hope of carrying any of
their ticket except the governor, aud are
making strenuous efforts to defeat the
republican candidate, in order that they
may retain, for another four years, the
patronage at the disposal of the gov
ernor's office. This patronage, as is
well known, would be used in the interest
of the reelection of .Senator George
The effort made by democratic man
ng>rs to stir up community jealousy in
Seattle against Tacoma, to the end that
King county republicans wouid vote for
Ronald instead of CushmaD for congress
man, has ignominiously failed. King
will roll up at least 1000 majority for
Seuator Turner is willing to sacrifice
every man on the democratic state
Ticket to secure the re-election of Rogers.
He needs the patronage brigade in hie
business two years from now.
Every loyai man in the state of Wash
ington should vote a straight republi
can ticket this year. Make the victory
It Happened in a Drug Store.
"One day last winter a lady came to
ray drug Btore and aeked for a brand of
cough medicine that I did not have in
stock," Bays Mr. C. It Grandin, the pop
ular drugiii»r of Ontario, X. Y. "She
was disappointed and wanted to know
what conga preparation 1 could recom
mend. I said to her that I could freely
recommend Chamberlain's Cough Rem
edy and that she could take a bottle of
the remedy and after giving it a fair
trial if she did not find it worth the
money to bring back the bottle and I
would refuud the price paid. In the
course of a day or two the lady came
back in company with a friend in need
of a cough medicine and advised her to
buy a bottle of Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy. I consider that a very good
recommendation for the remedy." It is
for sale by all drngtrists^
Ladies, be your own tailor by the use
of the Nineteenth Century System of
drees cutting. It i* pronounced to be
the beet in the world. Every lady can
be her own dressmaker by the use of our
system. School, fourth door east of
Bellinger building, on Upton street.
Minnie Neighbor.
F. A. Blaekstone sells Maeon & Ham-
Hn pianos and orgaus. The beet is the
Write Dan Morgan for cheap farm
loans, Oakesdale, Washington o
'iiie i.«-h,j Walter* Tip..
One 01 th«. most expensive restau
rants In New V-.rk is conducted, so far
as its oba rving patrons can till, on a
unique system of tips. The head wait
er of the room devoted to the u*e of
the men guesta makes it a point to he
come acquainted with them, li.ul out
their names and becomes genial in the
half respectful, half* presuming way
that s<> frequently passes fur good na
ture among employees of the kind in
(his country. Naturally he receives
liberal Pees from his clientele, which is
made up of rich nun able to pay blgb
prices for the extra service they re
When there Is no financial response
•f this kind to the waiter's advances,
his cordiality diminishes. The waiters
under him do, with unusual willing
ness, the head waiter's bidding. They
are evidently indifferent as to their
own success in the matter of fees. It
is only the good nill of the head waiter
that appears to bo the goal of all their
Such unselfishness astonishes regular
patrons of the restaurant, and one in
particular undertook to 'discover the
reason of this attitude of the waiters
toward their chief. lie learned after
awhile that the tips the head waiter
received were large enough to enable
him to give the waiters a part of his
earnings for attending with particular
care to his patrons, who, <is a rule, con
fine their contributions to the head
waiter. The guests who fail to take
advantage of the head waiter's over
tures to friendliness are not likely to
fare well in that restaurant, where the
waiters, certain of a fee from the man
over them, are indifferent to the guests
not included among the list of his pa
trons.—New York Suu.
A Son of a Sen Cool;.
The information concerning the ex
pression "a son of a eea cock." says
the Philadelphia Times, has not been
found in any reference dictionary. It
comes from a prominent citizen, a man
of affairs and a man of Intelligence.
In 1862 lie was for a period the cam
paign companion of Leonard Swett,
who at that time was a candidate for
congress in Illinois. Mr. Swat was
the bosom friend of Abraham Lincoln
-his alter ego. In 1888 he was the ad
vocate in Chicago of the presidential
aspirations of Walter Q. Gresham.
At the time referred to Mr. Swett
bad an engagement to address voters
in Fremont and Pekin, In Tazewell
county, and by the informant referred
to was driven from Fremont to Pekin.
Swett had few equals as a conversa
tionalist, and the talk was brisk and
naturally never to be forgotten by the
man who had proffered his services as
a driver.
The latter, speaking of a well known
lawyer of Pekin, remarked. "He is a
son of a sea cook." Mr. Swett turned
abruptly about and said: "That expres
sion is not correct. Yon mean the son
of a sekawk, which is a perversion of
the Indian name segonk, which mean*
a skunk and is usually pronounced se
kawk. Few people ever use the tern
correctly or comprehend its meaning."
"For three days and nights I suffered
agony untold from an attack of eholern
morbua brought on by eating cucum
bers,"' says M. E. Lowther, clerk of the
district court, Centerville, lowa. "I
thought I should surely die. and-tried a
dozen different medicines but all to no
purpose. I sent for a bottle of Cham
berlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea
Remedy and three doses relieved me en
tirely." This remedy is for sale by all
druggists 0
Dr. King, of The King Optical Co., of
Spokane, will be at Rose's jewelry store
Oct. 2'Jrh and 30th. Have your eyes
Wanted—Uirl for general housework.
Apply to Mrs. Ivan Chase, South Colfax,
Highest cash price paid for second
haud furniture at W. G. Rnsse's,
Subscribe for Newapapera and Magazines
through The Gazette find h»vp money.
Averill & Co., Elberton, want eggs and
chickens in exchange for groceries, dry
goods, etc*
Some Reasons
Why You Should Insist on Having
yneqnaled by any other.
Renders hard leather soft.
Especially prepared.
Keeps out water.
A heavy bodied oil.
&:i excellent preservative.
Reduces cost of your harness.
Never burns the leather; its
Efficiency is increased.
Secures best service.
gtitches kept from breaking.
|s sold in all
Manufactured by
Standard Oil <'ompan>.
If you wish to Advertise
In Newspapers . ..
call on or write
E.C.Dake's Advertising Agcy.
04-65 Merchant's Exchange,
San Francisco, Calif.
Notice of Dipsolution of the Firm
of Howard * Lacey:
The firm heretofore existing under the name
and style of Howard Jc Lacev. doing a farming
implement business in the city of Colfax, state
of Washington, was on the 12th day of October,
11)00, dissolved br mutual consent, A. C. War
ner having purchased their business Mr. A.
C. Warner, who wss a member of the former
firm of Warner & Howard, which a ypar ago
sold out to the firm of Howard ft Lacey, wi:i
continue to carry on an agricultural implement
business at the old stand. The dissolved iirm
will, for the purpose of settling the affairs of
the concern and making their collections,
maintain an office in the same place.
Dated this 18th day of October, 1900.
m nosed from th.- atom*, fa nt
}*^»nmK its work immediately.
I util 1 (^ta t<. w..rk you feel dx
!:■;.■! thofnod hiy, in your stora
800 11K. ■ a Weight.
To >t ,r; digestion to make the
rt<»m»chdoltß work yon must awiat
it if your storaaoh is weak ( .r blow
to work.
Mo. 21
takon after meals supplies the stom
arn wit'i mvivMrv acids and iui.-ps
which ■..■.■■■t Hi.- i,,,,,i quickij in \
projx r manner. To -,■; the best
rosnlta -,- Baldwin's Health Tablets
::," i' ■■ * .!'•■ Dysp. |wia Tablets.
rheDyspipsia Tablets cost !Joo
can lit? bad at
Restore Vitality, Lost Vigor end Manhood
lure Impotcncy. Night Emissions, Loss of Hem*
ory, all wasiiii' diseases,! ■—■
*'$im xi\ a!l <>13'ucts of sclf : abusn or £2 g\
*fflf aiii.l indiscretion. *Q^^
«B.i^p &a. nerve tonic -and OJI j Q
juilblood builder. Brinca 8-uo
Y\ ;'lO pink slow to pale R^\
:'AS^Ws cheets and restores the %J*^
Il'/WiS»Vfiro of youth. By mail CTS.
'n »%R \socporbox. 6 boxes l» r l—- . .
$2.50, with our bankable graurantee to cure
or refund the money paid. Send for circular
and copy of our baukublo guarantee b.iiil.
Positively pnaranteed enro for Loss of Power,
Varicocelo, Undeveloped or Shrunken Organs,
Paresis, Locomotor Ataxia, Nervous Prostra
tion, Hysteria, Fits, Insanity, Paralysis and tho
Results of Excessive Use of Tobacco, Opium or
Liquor. By mail in plain package* $1.00 a
box, 6 f. .i- $5.00 with our bankable jniar
r.ntee bond to cure in 30 days or refund
money paid. Address
C!inton& Jackson Sts., CHICAGO, ILL,
For Sale by W. J.Hamilton, Dmepist. Colfax. Wasb
>v.s.t DR. JORDAN'S great $
ga '3iiH>nKF.TST.,BISmiCISCO,O!L. ?
y \jf ,The '*r >Cs < Ar«emlc»l M^noi Ir, t.'-.r A
—edS'-ifcJ w"rl' wiitnmm or »ny cumracMd V
.4 Bsv 5-?* " •><"1'«l»«-«y c"r»d >,y the oldei: A
? J^kr 1 Dn> "-'OSDAa-DISIASESOF NUH ©
3 S^ateS S«PHtI,M thoroughly er»dlci,t.,i A
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w loroiru. ) Cftl 1 '-r wr'u* T
f OH. JORDAN & CO.. 1051 Wtrket St. 8. P. f
Special attention to transient stock. Horses
boarded by tho day, week or month. Our
rit'-s are ri^ht.
Headquarterc Ahnota and Penawawa Stage
! .ines.
Hiram Mitchell
Will pay prompt attention to advertising
and posting lulls tor all ealof put In my hands.
Free corrals at Colfaz for stock brought to me
to sell. Parties at a distance will tind it to
their advantage to communicate with me be
fore fixing dates or making final arrangements*
for ealee. Cali on or addiea me at Colfax,
and your sale will receive prompt and careful
Dissolution of Co-partnership.
Notice is hereby given that the co-partnership
composed of'i ho mas Amos and C. H. Warner,
doing a general blarksmithing business under
the firm name and style of Thomas Amos & vo.,
has been this day dissolved by mutual consent
The business will be eontbwed i^ at present at
the corner ol Wall and Mill streets by A. W.
Mechling, who has succeeded to the said busi
ness. All notes and accounts of said firm are
due and payable to Thomas Amos, and all par
ties indented to said tirni arc requested to call
at the place of business of said A. W. Mechling,
formerly occupied by Thomas Amos cfc Co., and
settle the- same. All claims against said firm
should be presented to Thos. Amos for settle
s HJated at Colfax, Washington, September 18th,
On retiring from business after a period of 17
years we thank the public for their liberal
juitroniitje, aiu'i hope WTmecWOT may receive
the same. THOMAS AMOS A Co
Notice for Publication
Axel Holm.
Land Ofhce at Walla Walla, W^-sh., Sept. 29th,
1000.—Notice is hereby given th,it the following
named settler has tiled notice of his intention
to make final proof in support of his claim and
that said proof will be made before the coun
ty clerk and clerk of the superior court of Whit
man county, Washington, at Colfax, Washing
ton, on Saturday, November 17th, 1900. viz: Axel
Holm, who made homestead entiv No. I/475 for
the E\4 NWkj and S], 2 SW^, Sec. 14, Tp. 15 N..
R. 38, E. W. M' He names the following wit
nesses to prove hip continuous residence upon,
and cultivation of said land, viz; Albert Hooper,
Theodore-trobe, Warden Gordon, and William
Miilage, all of Pampa, Wash.
JOHN M. HILL, Register.
In the superior court of the state of Washing
ton, in and for Whitman county.
Georce Cottreli, plaintiff, vs.'Ailie E. Cottrell,
State of Washington, county of Whitman—ss.
The state of Washington to the said Allie K.
Cottrell, defendant: \ou are hereby summoned
and required to appear within sixty days from
the date of the first publication of this suiiiinous
to-wit, September 28th, A. D. 1900. and anßvrer
the complaint in this action, wlilr-h paid com
plaint is now on file in the office o! the clerk of
the above entitled court, and serve a copy of
your answer on the person whose name U sub
scribed to this summons, at the plac-; specified
following his said name, and defend the above
entitled action in the court aforesaid; and in
case of your failure so to do, judgment will be
rendered against you according to the demand
of th*-complaint The nature of this action is
for a decree of divorce and the custody of the
minor child pained Myrtle CottrrU. aged six
years, and the cause of action is based upon the
incompatibility of temperament, and the
ira-cible temper and disposition of said defend
ant, Allie E I'or.irell, a more complete state
ment of which is set forth in the complaint fi led
herein, with the clerk of tne above entitled
court, and to which you are hereby referred.
Attorney for Plaintiff,
P. O. address, Colfax, Washington.
Slioriff'g Sal«.
BtaU of VI MUogton, i otrat, of Whitman -»
in thi- iDperlor conn of tl»> «t-iu. o f Wnah
lngton In andfor the county of Whttnun.
WUHun s. Kibaon and Peter K-rr. partnen In
; Ha,,,ii, ,„ v Ronrke Corner/'. sfp£US
rbe Hamilton* Kourke "hm s, syium.,
TOrporatlon. «;,.,!, Himllion, ThumM **
Rourke, partner! aa HamtltoD <1 Rourka vv i
ruroUb and C W. Bloom fleld, defendant!
Merc., ol Uire* losure h.'.| o«i( i „f . H i,.
Uy virtu.-..( ,i ,ie( ree an l urder of «U« mode
and entered In the above , „tit!,-.i , i „. '„
»«», for the «... p M }i ■ :.- «. I f ,i^ h}| '
in _..in ,i \ mi September 1900 umi the fnn»,..r
rom of »1,»39 i. cc«u.and the further i. f
imu,.- M,,ty WMhiiigtoii. «ill on he 3d dw
oi Nuvemt-er, 1900 ,ii U\.< i „,,, „. , . , )
U;r,.st lv an. to the land, b^glm, "k t „ ,
mnutel pml 70 f,,i. th,, „ ,- dtjlreea and
m""*esea ß | . .. r. ,(,,,„■,. „„.,. k|o | ," s '
uunu!, |wi ■) .! i,.,.. to the »l , ' V '
Sis S§Sl
«j.i. '.."."n^'f.; 1, ■t-.g;, 1:, 1"""'"' "■w<:'ti-
Onicv i.. show Oaaae
ttf %X"uX^" rt'"'m nlHI' ■"»' "»«•'
--,l«. 1c«i l 1 1d""" U'r "' !<' ('Mai"" ■'"■"- M' •
sho[u l 7n^made >eWhyderrteOldWribn» l«'
Oureadh,^ . „i O lii g the petition of \ R
Me, udiniu strator »( ,i,,,. ia! , ,„ j , iu .\
Milne, rtew^ed seitii.jj forth thai he l.as tiled
■m it f h ''! l''\.-l^,, ksiration ol tbj
si..v i.i K.i.j Released in this court mm iimt
,h, M ine wiij be s, uled b, the ,-...,« " ,
Not ;.,. i,,,0 al 10f..m of wild da,; th»t ,\i
1.-;;c I. 5.11..1 , SP ,,.S.H. , adniil. strati,,,, have
bei n dulj paid, and that ■ portion of Raid estata
to be divided among the heirs ,!f ',?
''eceased and pia>ing among wher tbiogs for
... . i.ler.,i dist.ibution vi the r»idn« ofaaM
tstnte among the persons en itl.d
tis ordered thai all persona Interested in the
{SUteo Janus M.1,,... ,!c, ;i >. d. 1,,. H , 11t H ,p ( -ar
'Vt. f v K''l'"""■ r""rl "f Whitman county,
- ourt, at ( olfax, lii saM . oui.ty and -late af,.r.
-IOW v 11 o'clocka. m.. then and then- to show
cause why an order of distrihution should not
v made of the lesidueol s,,id estate among the
heirs of s,inl deceased, accoiding to Imu
Ii i«J;>rtber ordend that a copy of this order
M- 1-uu ,h „, lor io,,r B u« ; ,.esslve weeks before
ii.• said cJth d,iy of November, A. D. I'.hhi in the
; ouax Gazette, a newspaper printed and pul.-
Ushed iii^ Whitman county.state of Washington.
Dated October Bth liXK)
WI 1.1.1 \M KcDoNALI),
Sup. rior Judge.
Stateof Washington, county <>f "httwin ■.
i, w. w Renfrew, county clerk an<l clerk of
Uie Buperioi court of Whitman county, state ol
do hereby certllj ihat the forego
ing is a lull, iroe and correct copy of mi order
made and entered of record upou the minutes
i>i in.' v, Ul j superior court
i.ul'V 1188? 1-^'1"""1 a"( 1 olßclml seal affixed, thiH
10th day of October, a. d i'«*i
if Kn "i l- Wl W R|:N rRKW- <'"""t>' Ctort
m O. 1,. Kksnkhv, Deputy.
Notice of Settlement of Final Ac
.JS t'l^, sll l l'. t'ri"r f'>"n of Whitman county,
state of Washington.
In the matter of the estate of James Milne, da -
Notice is h-reby tfiven that A. K. Milne aa
administrator ol the estate of .lames Milne de
ceased, na« rendered ami presented for settle
ment an<l filed la said roan his flnal accoahtof
ftls admiiiistration of said estate, and thatFri
ti,\ •\ U.: lilly of NoTembvr. I'JOu, at the hour
oflOo'clock v, m., of Raid day, at the court
room of said court, m the city ; ( f Colfax Whit
man county, state of Washington has been duly
appointed by the said court for the settlement
of said account, at which time and place any
person Ujterested in said estate may appear and
I .tins exceptions m wntiuj? to (W account
and contest the same.
Dated October Bth, I'Jlkj.
W. W. RK.NKKKW. Clerk.
r.», i „ m By °- ■* K»W»«DT, Deputy.
Charles M. Wyinan, attorney for eßtate.
Notice to Creditor*).
In the superior court of the state of Washing
ton, in and for the county of Whitman
In the matter of the estate of Annie k. Long
deceased *
Notice is hereby given, by the undersigned
administrator of the estate ol Annie B I out'
deceased, 10 the creditors of and nil persons'
having claims against said deceased, to present
their oiamis with the necessary vouchers, with
in one ye»r after the date of the first publication
of Uiin notice, to the said administrator, at the
office of VVlnfree & UeCroskey. in tiie city <>i
J'olfax, W hitman county, Washington, the same
being the place of the transaction of the busi
utss of said estate
Dated October llth, Vjoo.
Date of lirst publication, October 12th, KjOO.
, , . . JAMEHK. LONG,
Administrator of the ebtate. of Annie X I»n X
deceased. ' s
Winfree 4 McCroskey, attorneys for the estate'
Vit^i publication, October 12th, 19<jo.
Last publication, November 9th, l'.ioo
Notice to Creditors.
In the superior court of the state of Washing
ton, for the county of Whitman.*
In the matter of the estate of I*. W. Kaylor de
ceased. '
Notice is hereby given by the undersigned
administrator of the estate of I. W. Baylor de
n-as, d, to the creditor! of, and all persons hav
ni),' claims against said deceased, to prest-nt
them, with the necessary vouchers, within one
year after the first publicatien of this notice, to
wil: Within <n,e >ear after the l'^tli day of Oc
tober. 190U, to said a.lmmistrutor, hi the office of
Trimble & Pattison. in rolfax, Whitman coun
ty, state of Washington, the same- being the
l>lace for the transaction of the business ol said
Dated this »th day of October, 11)00.
Administrator of the estate of I. W. Bai lor de
ceased. '
Notice for Publication.
Jennie M. Burk.
Lund Office at Walla tfalla, Wash., October 10
lilOO.—Notice li hereby given thut the follow
ing-named settler has Bled notice of her inten
tion to make final proof in support of her claim
and that said proof will be made before
the County Clerk and Clerk of the Superior
Court of Whitman County, Washington at Col
fan, Washington, on .Saturday, November 24th
I'iOO. ria: Jennie M. Burk, who made home-
Stead entry No. 7662, for the &% NW . and Wu
BW^ Bee. », !p. 1.0 N. K. 14 E. W. M. She
ii-iiue.-i the fi'llownig witnesses to prove hercon
tiniious rettidenee upon, ami i-ultivation of said
land, viz: Howard Brate. EugeDe Rice, Archi
bald McAvoy itnd Caroline Taylor, all of fJuv
Wa>li. ''
JOHN M. Hir.L, Register.
Notice for Publication.
William Ham.
Land office at Walla Walla Waxh., October 10
19C0. -Notice is hereby Riven th.it Ihe followiiiir
named settler hns tiled notice of his intention
to make final proof in Mipport of his ciaim and
that said proof will be made before Win A
Inman. L. 8 commissioner, at his office in Col
fax, Washington, on .Saturday, November "4th
1900, viz: William Ham. who' made homestead
entry No 8386, for the NW > 4 Sec. 13, Tp. \r, s
R. 42, E. W. M. He names the following
witnesses to prove his continuous residence up
on and cultivation of said land, viz- James
L. I>avis. Mi>rtier Homer and Bert Gray all of
Wile ox, Wash., and John A. Lyons, ofColfax.
JOHN M. HILL, Register

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