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Colonel Bryan, the popo democratic candidate for the presidency insists that
the farmers of the I nited States have not derived any benefit from the existing
Pr°?Nebraßka farmer proves that Mr. Bryan is wrong. He sends us a statement
showing what he realised from his 100-aore farm in 1896 and this year, taking
exactly the Bwme quantities of each prodect from his account books. Thus:
1806. 1J»OO.
J(Ut bushels wheat at 48c... $192.00 400 bushels wheat at 60e... $240 00
1.200 bushels oats al I4e 168.00 1,200 bushels oats at 18c 216."0
2 500 bushels corn at 15c 375 00 2.:>00 bushels corn at .30c 750.00
13!000 poundß steers al 4c 520.00 13,000 poonds steers at 5J4c... 715.00
5 000 pounds hogs at 3c 150.00 ;»,«<)() pounds hogs at $4 70.. 235 00
200 pounds batter at 10c... 20.00 -'(M) pounds butter at 17c. 34 00
200 down eggs at 7c l**° 20° (lrizen at 12e 24 00
•1,43900 00
1,439 00
balance in favor of 1900 $ 775 00
Mr Bryan will observe that this Nebraska farmer received over 50 per cent
DM.re money this year than In- did in 1896, for precisely the same quantities of his
products. Mr. Bryan should study the exhibit. It will he interesting to F.-irmer
Bryan, who mucht compare it with his own account, sales for this year.
' Candidate Bryan should not tell falsehoods about the prices of farm products.
If he is still in doubt let him run over to Everett, in his own state, and have a
chat with the farmer who supplied these figures.
Pardoned h'rom llis Job Because
He Wouldn't i.e. a Democrat
"For tea yean Governor John EL .Rogers
and I have been chasing rainbows together,
iiut we are now wide apart in our political
views. He in now a democrat* and I have
none hack to my first love, the republican
party. Because I would not forsake the pop
ulist party M he did, Rogers ordered me dis
charged at the state penitentiary, along with
fourteen other populists."
D. C Ifteadenhall, of Pojallup, for
three years Buperintendent of the brick
yard at the Htnte penitentiary, voluntar
ily made the above statement to a Ta
coma Ledger reporter. Mr. Mendenhall
was one of the governor's most Btauneb
supporters when he entered his political
career. When the present administra
ti(»n anHumed control of the penitentiary
hi Walla Walla Mr. Mendenhall was
made Baperintendent of the brickyard
on the salary of a guard, |45 a month.
He wrote to the governor protesting
against thin discrimination, as the posi
tion of Baperintendent was among the
most responsible in that institution.
Discharged by Telegraph
J^ln reply the governor wrote that if be
would continue performing his duties iv
the satisfactory manner that he had the
governor would promote him. At tiie
end of three years the governor kept hip
won) by ordering hi* discharge by teie
graph because be had yielded to the
wliritatinn of T E ('line, Rogers' bitter
enemy, and donated $1 toward a fund
for organising direct legislation clubs.
That the state penitentiary, like the
other inHtitutioiiH under the manage
ment of the board of audit and control,
lias been conducted with an eye single to
the furtherance of the governor's politi
cal welfare, in clearly proven by the facts
which are in the possession of Mr. Men
denhall. That tribute hap been levied
and collected by coercion is emphatically
asserted. About a year ago, Mr. Men
denhall Hays, the employes of the peni
tentiary prepared a petition Betting
forth the fact that if they were expected
to contribute anything toward a cam
paign fund a raise of salary should be
ordered. The employes represented that
at the then existing schedule of wages,
they could not afford to pay the assess
ments that were constantly being niade
for various purptises, among them being
the Taeoma city election.
Wages liaised for the Campaign,
"The plain purport oi the petition was
that whatever increase was made in
their salaries would be reverted to the
campaign fund," said Mr. Mendeuhall.
"I signed the petition because all the
others did, and as 1 knew that the gov
ernor was oiilv waiting; for an excuse to
fire me. A few days aherward Deputy
Warden YoODg called me into his office
and said that he had a letter from the
governor and asked me if I wanted to
read it. 1 replied that I did uot; that
I had seen all of the governor's letters
that 1 wanted to. He then told me that
the governor had ordered a 10 per cent
increase in our wages. The news did
uot cause auy feeling of gratification
among the employes, for they all knew
that the amount of the increase would
be collected as revenue to run the Rog
ers machine. I did not receive any of
the benetits of the increase. All of the
populists who were remaining tirm to
their principles were being forced to re
sign and I knew that it would be my
turn soon.
No Breakfast lor Mendenhall,
"1 had remarked in the presence of
the deputy warden that no one could
make a democrat out of me, and it was
quickly reported to the governor. After
the brickyard was shut down I was given
the worst asssignment on the wall. It
is known among the guards as the 'sol
itary,' where a man has to stand duty
fourteen hours straight and turn a key
every fifteen minutes. Wheuever a man
is given that place it is only another
way of informing him that his services
aie not wanted. I refused to resign,
however, and a few weeks later C. E.
(line visited the penitentiary soliciting
subscriptions to organize direct legisla
tion clubs. The populists contributed.
The democrats were uot asked, but they
made remarks to the effect that they did
not think it was right. 'vVeil,' said I,
loud euough for all of them to hear, 'I
gave him a dollar and I am glad of it.'
A few days after that I was ordered dis
charged by telegraph. Bat that wasn't
the worst of it. 1 received the notice
jhst before supper, and Warden Catron,
to show his animosity for me, gave or
ders to the gatekeeper not to allow me
that winter is coming
and that by buying
your fuel in large
quantities you can
get better rates.
The Leading
Fuel Dealers.
to eat breakfast there the next day."
Only one Pop Left.
"When I Haw how tiling were going
and when the governor stated that if
the democrats were sincere in their plat
form there was no use for the populist
party, 1 knew that we, aH populisms
were consumed, and I did not propose to
let the democrats fatten on me; so 1 re
turned to the republican party. After
chasing rainbows for ten years we finally
ran one down in the shape of Governor
Rogers; and when we went to put our
hands on it it turned out to be only a
pale ghost of a democrat. The demo
crats got everything they asked from
bini, but anything was good enough for
a populist. J. F. Raymillpr of Pullman
is the only populist who holds a respon
sible position at the penitentiary now
He is chief turnkey. State Clerk" J. B.
(it'hr was forced to resign because he
would not turn democrat and support
Rogers. %ietrX I said that I would be
anything but a democrat of the Rogers
stripe I meant it."
Reminiscence Only.
It will be remembered that when Mr
('line was organizing his "direct legisla
tion"' clubs he made a visit to Colfax,
and that Lieutenant Goodyear, now of
the staff oMJovernor Rogers and receiv
ing his telegrams at state expense, took
an active interest and was chosen vice
president of that 'Direct Legislation
League." Since then lie has heard from
the governor and a marvelous change
has come over the face of the landscape.
"No man would come to the demo
cratic party for money," says Bry.-m.
That is true. No man wouid do so fool
ish a thing unless he was actually in
search of disappointment uud trouble
for his pains. lie would be much more
likely to seek the address af a soup
Instead of the "best governor Wash
ington ever had" as proclaimed by
democratic etucup speakers throughout
the state, an investigation of the vari
ous state institutions bhows that
Rogers is the "worst governor Washing
ton ever had."
The employes of the various state in
stitutions are being mulcted a second
time for funds to aid Rogers in his efforts
to secure re-election. -'Pony up or off
comes your official head!"'
The Tammany machine of Yew York
stand* on a high plane in comparison
with the Rogers-Turner machine of the
state of Washington. Now is the time
to shatter it.
The republican party is the party of
performances aud progress. The democ
racy is the party of promises and retro
Facts are Btubborn things and will
not down. The fusion managers are
finding th,s out to their sorrow.
History of the Transactions in Whit
man County Lands.
Patents and Receipts.
U S to Richard McMahan se <ir 15 15 11
U S to U F Actor sw qr ne qr se qr nw qr
7 15 44.
IT S to ArchibakyVlcAvoy c hf bw c.r w hf
se qr 2:i L 5 44P
U S to Thos Holing nw qr 10 14 HK.
U 9 to Mortier Homer n faf se qr a hf ne
qr 14 15 42
U S to Abraham H Stone c hf ne qr bw qr
ne qr 8e qr nw qr 8 13 45.
Elias Molee to E Irene Shobe nw qr
11 15 39 325 oo
E Melee to J T Billups ne qr 11 15 29 575 DO
'.'atlin & Hamberper to J M Davis pt
ew or 14 20 45 40 0 00
C C Garrett to F T Hayfield It- 9 10
bk "A"' Almina D Lewis' ad Far in
ington 200 CO
A. J Shanks to C B Horen It 3 bk 10
Pullman jqq qq
E X Sheldon to H M Love Its 4 5 bk
55 Coltax 200 00
Pullman State Bank to H Miller It 1
bk 8 Lawrence & Holbrook's ad
Pullman 175 oq
A J Houchin to E Hostetter nw qr
35 18 44 ' 100
A Bidle to Chris Buri leases bw qr and
pt sw qr se qr 32 1C 44
X C Busby to N C Walker s hf nw' q'r
221944 ;. IGOoO
G G Perkins to Ralph Leonard ne qr
32 20 43 ~, 1000 00
Edmund Little to C A Johnson ac qr
20 20 44 " 2600 00
H Cornwell to A Kinnatnon a hf se qr
s 20 sw qr sw qr ne qr sw qr 21 17 44 2500 00
J Canutt to P T Moler se qr 19 15 41 400 00
W H Kimbroußh to Sophia Rasdorf
w hf ne qr 22 17 43 1200 00
J Johnson to W A Loudermilk pt It
10 11 9 bk 4 Johnson ... 1 00
•T Johnson to W A Lowdermilk tract
It 9 bk 4 Johnson 7 50
Jas Milne to John Wilton se qr 1 17
43 100
Pullman State Bk to Whitman Co It
19 b 21 College Hill ad Pullman.... 5 CO
Aaron Kuhn to A J McCutchen se qr
22 16 42 2.500 00
C H Warner to E O Martin s hf nw
qr ne qr sw qr w hf nw qr se qr s 27
c hf ne qr nw qr ne qr 28 16 41 2500 00
R G Pnchord to Chas W Hodeen sw
qr nw qr 10 19 42 $qq qq
T F Prichard to C W Hodgen n hf "ne
qr n hf nw qr 10 19 42 99m fin
2d Natl Bk Co-lfax to J E Tnmble pta
tk i v ° Gar«eld 3000 00
Tho ß Bohneto W L Fennimore nw
qr 1U 14 38 .qq qq
jJohn C Nicholson to McQueen'&
Dawson nw qr ne qr 118 45 1000 00
'"'■'•AX .-..mri-IT.. roi. FAX . WASHINGTON, OCTOBKR 19, 1900.
1 Hf|lV "^X^ill SRI
There are imitation baking powders, sold cheap, bj
many grocers. They are made from alum, poison
ousdrug, which renders the food injurious to health.
W IS Remfaaw to J W Peer et al aw
qr s hf se qr s 14 nw qr and w hf ne
qr 23 16 40 o^oo 00
Albert Renter to Mrs N X Walling
Its Ab 15 Keaneys 21 ad Pullman.. 185 00
Nellie Walling to Rosa Klipper 1 3 b
15 Reaney's 2d ad Pullman 80 00
Rosa K)epper to Katie Small It :$ b 15
Reaney's 2d ad Pullman T... 80 00
J W Maynard to J & W Krout aw qr
n 211845 4000 00
barmen and Tradera Bk Johnson to
W W Warfield Its 7 8 b 3 South ad
Johnson 500 00
Vermont L & T Co to Adam Kleweno
bw qr 22 IS 41 000 00
Elizabeth Sheehan to C R Evans frac
11b 28 E Sheehan's ad Farmintfton 40 00
O M Soarks to Robt Jell 11 pt 12b
10 HuffmauV 2d ad Tekoa 225 00
E Sheehan to C Cook Its 3 4 b 31 E
Rheehan'a ad Farmingtnn 20 00
C N Gaddis to P B Crowell tract b 7
Pullman 3000 00
John Ellwart to A J Ellwart ne qr 27
19 41 800 00
A J Ellwart to Thos Stewardson pt ne
qr27 10 41 174 00
F W (Jano to USG Story c hf sw qr
23 14 43 ..
H G Kennedy to Dora A Bixler c hf
ne qr 22 17 43 1000 00
A J Palmer to Mary L Logan 1 8 w hf
1 9 1) 4 Oakesdale
lleal Mortgages.
R M McMahan to E T Coman nw qr
Bear 151544 350 00
A F Keys to Alliance Trust Co nw qr
13 10 45 .. 700 00
0 R Pate to Alliance Trust Co Ld pt
w hf nw qr 28 17 45 500 00
Sophia Ka=dorf to E T Coman c hf ne
qr '22 17 43 GOO 00
V W Miller to H W Hanford It 2 b 1
Jus McCoy's ad Oakesdale . 250 00
\V S Hnlin to Balfour-Guthrie Inv Co
Its 3 4 5 15 44 700 00
C E Whisler to Sparks Broi aw qr 1
17 45 200 00
E () Martin to C H Warner s hf nw
qr ne qr sw qr w hf nw qr se qr a 27
c hf ne qr nw qr ne qr 28 10 41 1500 00
C W Hodpen to Alliance Trust Co ld
fie qr ne qr and nw qr 10 19 42 2700 00
J E Trimble to Equitable Say & Loan
Assn pts Its 3 4 b 5 Gargeld 1500 00
McQueen & Dawsrn to J A Ebbert
nw qr ne qr 1 18 45 700 00
M Homer to Alliance Trust Co Ld n
hf se qr B hf ne qr 14 15 42 050 00
W &.JV Krout to Chas Corbet sw qr
2113 45 1800 00
Adam Kleweno to R L Sabin aw qr 22
1841 500 00
Richard Smith to Ist Nat Bk Pull
man c hf se qr s 24 n hf De qr 25 14
14. 400 00
USG Story to Scottish Amer Mtg
Co Ld w hf se <ir sw qr ne qr Be qr
nw qr c hf sw qr 23 14 43 2000 00
D A KixJer to Deming Inv Co c hf ne
qr 22 17 43 600 00
D A Bixler to Deming Inv Co c hf ne
qr 22 17 43 75 00
R G Lyle to Amer Mtg Co Ld sw qr
ne qr nw qr se qr c hf ne qr sw qr 31
15 44 GSO 00
J P Krout to J W Maynard sw qr 21
13 45 ' 375 00
Releases of Mortgages.
J Livelihood to A F KeyH 1200 00
T Fisch to J T Hopkins 200 00
Ist Nat'l Bank to P McCurdy chat'l 75 00
Jas Cairns to J McMahan chattel....
Bank of Rosalia Inc to G G Perkins . 016 40
Ralph Leonard to G G Perkins 600 00
Ralph Leonard to J Berger 550 00
Bunnell & Eno lav Co to O R Pate GOO 50
('oifax Imp Co to O A Dweliy chattel 77 00
Emma Glsen to T F Prichard.. 800 00
Harry Coin well to Wn F Bernard . 400 00
J Rogers to Thos Boling
J Ropers to Thos Boling
Spokane & Eastern Trust Co to G A
Spokane & Eastern Trust Co to G A
Russell 500 CO
Veriront L & T Co to A M Burlin-
game 1250 90
C F Huiing to G C Cosand
John Moore to Geo A Russell 500 00
Motter Wheeler Co t<> G A Russell '. 100 00
Oregon Mtg Co Ld to H J Mason 1700 00
Oregon Mtg Co Ld to A H Mason . 800 00
Oregon Mtg Co IA to (has Harder . SOO 00
3 H Ritchey to Mary Lindsay 400 00
P A Stanley to J W Maynard lease
Chattel Mortgages.
J D Skeen to W F Chaltnor crop Its 2
34 191G45 20t)30
O E Young to Ist Nat'l Bank Pullman
2 3 cr.-p sw qr s "> sw qr, ahf cc qr
ne qr s 6 c hf ne qr 7 14 44 1450 00
O E Young to Ist Nafl Bank Pull
man horses cattle etc 1450 00
O Anderson to Tekoa Co crop se qr
and c hf sw qr 33 20 45 500 00
O Anderson to Tekoa Co horses wagon
farm mach etc 500 00
A Morris to Farfield Hardw & Merc
Co horses harness farm mach etc 66 00
H W Howard to A Kuhn 2-3 crop nw
qr 33 17 43 60 00
No other aid so great to the housewife,
no other agent so useful and certain in
making delicious, pure and wholesome
foods, has ever been devised.
Nettie L R^id to Ist Nat'l Bank Col
fax crop bw qr ne qr, n hf sw qr, nw
qr se qr 17 15 45 871 04
J N Collins to J A Miller crop se qr
4 16 45 horses etc 600 00
O D Keuoyer to Plough & Waters
horse bugt?y 40 00
0 F W & G E Miller to P Proff 2-3
crop b ht 16 19 42 305 00
J M Dollarhide to Ist Nat'l Bank
Moscow'horses buggy etc 162 00
O O Farnsworth to O G Devenish 2
horses . 40 00
W E Hardisty to Ist Nat'l Bank Col
fax 010 sheep 1500 00
L Barnes to 2d Nat Bk Colfax horses
cattle etc 200 00
John Heidinger to Davis ife Moffatt
harrow horses harness 40 00
8 & F S yuigley to Davis & Moffatt
hack 400 bu wheat 85 00
Francis H Brown to Dan Morgan crp
ne qr 35 17 44 210 28
R X Mcßae to A Grob 2-3 cop nw qr
34 15 43 w hf ne qr c hf nw qr 3 15
43 etc 100 00
H & H J Lingg to Plough & Waters
wagon binder horses 04 00
J1) Htibbard to Plough & Waters
binder 75 00
i; A Nichols to Bell City Mfg Co
farm inach 700 00
Win II Stevens to G H Lennox cow . 35 00
G Thomas to J VV* Suyder H crop w hf
bI3BW qr a 12 16 41 730 00
() B Perkins to W FChalenor2 horses
wagon harness plow
Ringo Brandt to Piano Mfg Co hinder 175 00
Bills of Sale.
A C Newgood to M McCance hirses
farm uwch etc . 300 00
Guy Finch to Plough & Waters 400 bu
wheat 140 00
J Wilson to Gay Lombard 20 nhoats. 165 00
J Wilson to R J Howard horses har
ness 300 00
Henry Liugg to Plough & Waters 150
bu wheat
Suits Filed.
5 L Sparks vs Geo Garner et al —Revival of
Pullman State Bank vs W H Kincaid et al
-Promissory note.
John Harder vs Nancy Harder —Divorce.
Constance Walker vs D^ggett & Walker—
Fidelity Nat Bk Spokane vs Hull & Muck
—Promisflorn note.
Fidelity Nat Bk Spokane vs Hull & Muck.
I) T Weems et al vs Cha.s Cole et al labor
Adam Me Neilly vsS J Blackatone crop lien
How We Use Up Our Forests.
It is estimated that it takea twenty
two acres of spruce land to furnish
enough wood pulp paper to run a large
metropolitan daily just two days. The
writer who makes this statement de
plores the time, when, at this rate, our
forests will entirely disappear, and paper
be very scarce and expensive. Mean
time, the art of printing continues, be
cause there are many truths the world
should know; among others, that Hos
tetter's Stomach Bitters is a cure for
diseases of the stomach, such as dyspep
sia, indigestion, constipation, bilious
ness, insomnia and nervousness. This
famous medicine has been the standard
remedy of the American people for fifty
years. Do not accept a substitute. The
genuine has a Private Revenue Stamp
over the neck of bottle.
ter to deliver and collect in Washington for old
established manufacturing wholesale house.
|900 a year, sure pay. Honesty more than ex
perience required. Our reference, any bank in
any city. Enclose self-addressed stamped en
velope. Manufacturers, Third Floor, 334 Dear
born St., Chicago,,
Horses for Sale.
We have for sale at prices to suit
everybody, 50 head of grade Clyde work
horses, ranging from 1200 to 1000
pounds, 4 to 7 years old. Mansfield
Bros., 3% miles south of Winona*
For Kent.
■400 acres of bunehgrass pasture on
Steptoe butte; plenty of water. Inquire
of W. A. Davis, Steptoe P. 0., or Ed.
Davis, Colfax o
If you have lands to sell of any de
scription, list them with Eacho, Larue
& Co., who will advertise and find you
Pure Wbiekey Harper Perfect Whis
key Harper. Every bottle guaranteed
Harper. Sold by W. J. Hamilton, Col
fax, Waeb #
It pays to buy at Averill's store, El
berton o
Fall and Winter Goods
Now Arrivings-^
Conic and Look at the First Arrivals
New styles in Ladies' Jackets, Capes and Tailor
Suits, liress Skirts and vSilk Waists, also the Latest
Fabrics in Dress Goods.
Our new lines in Staple Dry Goods, Clothing, Furnishing
Goods, Boots and Shoes, Hats and Caps, Carpeta and Oil
Cloths are coming in fast and all departments are well assorted.
Pioneer Merchant.
for Boys and Children.
Kvrry suit is mado from the ••lioieoint woolinw. St. urn ihrmfc
and l'a«t <-ulor; sow. <\ with finest -ilk and linen thread throuKb
uui. Pants bare i»uklc seat and doable kaceti
i)ur UXTWIJ ROUT bancrer In found •>:, the Inatdeof collar
of evory garment. Tlu-y coat no more titan the ordlnarj kind.
DAUBE, COHN &. CO., Manufacturers, CHiCACO.
S Ladies' Watches
•Vw s 'tJLjLih )l Ladies of taste admin oar stock ol
/ r*bsr*l /®b watches. We bare m>iim delicate, at
\YW / il^iljL &JrsSSs tniciivr eases that eootain reliable
WYn/ ly^^^^/^hK workH- These watches ara not oolj
\wy jf^\ n-r\ vqIX beautiful—they .-ire perfect time keepers,
W />J \^£&r I t<>()' v an> mf"'t' f"r K«»"d service,
y /iDa^^*- / and we sell them at a small price. w»
\\ yf /V \ I believe we bave the one you want.
\/\ I 'A Vv / Also the Intent
/0 \ J jfl / Novelties in Jewelry.
%£r—^' Xj City Jewelry Store,
___ M. A. l*o*4>.
Hotel Colfax, x D Hagan ' Proprietor
The Leading Hotel in the City.
All Modern Conveniences. Free Sample Booms for
Lighted-by Electrrieity. Commercial Men.
Hotel Cafe and First Class Bar in connection.
Auction Sale
of Horses
Saturday, Oct. 27
Commencing at 12 o'clock.
2". head of well bred bones, rsngintf
in ngp from ,'{ to 7 yours and in weight
from 1100 to I.'JOO pounds.
These horspa will positively l>» sold to
the highest bidden*, without reßerve, for
caah in hand.
H. MITCHELL, Auctioneer.
Payable in advance. Colfax Gazette and—
American Economist, New York $2.55
American Gardening, New York 2.150
Argonaut, San Francisco 4.55
Bulletin, Sunday, San Francisco 2.30
Call, Weekly, San Francisco 2.25
Cortmopolitan Magazine, New York .... 2.85
Century Magazine, New York 5.05
Chronicle, Weekly, San Francisco 2.65
Enquirer, Weekly, Cincinnati 2.05
Examiner, Weekly, San Francisco 2.05
Farm and Fireside, Springfield, O '.'. 1.80
Globe-Demoerat,Twice-a-Week,St. Louis 2.30
Harper's Magazine, New York 4.15
Harper's Weekly 475
Harper's Bazar 4,75
Inter Ocean, Weekly Chicago 1.90 ■
Leslie's Illustrated Weekly, New York!. 3.55
Lippincott's Magazine, Philadelphia 3 55
Ledger, Weekly, Tacoma 2 30
Munsey'a Magazine, New York 2.40
McClure's Magazine, New York 2.35
McCall's Magazine, New York 1.85
Northwest Horticulturist, Taeoma 185
National Tribune, Washington 245
Northwest Magazine, St. Paul 2.55
Oregonian, Weekly, Portland 2.55
Orange Judd Farmer, Chicago 2.30
Public Opinion, New York 3,55
Post Intelligencer, Weekly, Seattle 2.05
Review of Reviews Magazine, New York 3.55
Ranch and Range, Seattle 2 05
Scribuer's Magazine, New York 4.05
St. Nicholas Magazine, New York 4 05
Scientific American, New York 4.0 L
Tribune, Weekly, New York 2.20
Tribune, Semi-Weekly 2.85
The Forum, New York 4.05
Toledo Blade, Toledo O 1.80
The Housekeeper, Minneapolis 1.95
Traveler, Weekly, Boston 1.95
The Queen of Fashion, New York 1.85
World, Thrice-aWeek, New York 2.20
Woman's Home Companion, Springfield 2.05
Youth's Companion, Boston (new subs) . 2.80
If the periodical desired is not in above list,
apply to The Gazette for rates.
In Good Toavii Property
Business or Residence
Before November Ist.
Colfax, \\ aahington
O. R. & N.
Oepart For Arr. Krom
Portland, Pendleton,
Man Francisco, Den
ver. Omaha, Si l.ouin,
10:1.) a.m. and Bast via Oregon 6:4& ti.m
7:10 p.m. Short Line. :; : oj v .m
Spokane, St. Paul.Du
-2:20 p.m. Into, Chicago and East 10 45 n.m
0:45 a.m. vi>i Great Northern 7:10p.m
9:30 a.m. Pullman ami Moscow 9:00 a.m.
7: 10 p.m. 2:10 p.m.
8:00 p.m. Columbia River 400 p.m
fcx. Sun. Steamers. Kx. Sun
Saturday To Astoria and Wrv
-10:00 p.m. Lan.iiugs
Willamette River.
6:00 a.m. Orcßon City.Newberg:, 1 30 pm.
fcx. nuu. rialem & Wuy Land's K\. .-mi
Willamette an-1 Yam
-7:00a.m. l,in Rivers :;:«>,, „,
Tue, Thur. Oregon City, Dayton, Mod, Wed!
and hat. aud Way Luiuling* ami Km.
6.fX)a.m. Willamette Rirei 4:w i. m
rue, 'Jhur. Portland to Corrallta Mon Wedi
and Sat. and Way Ijni.iings hikl Kri.
l- V- R'Ptf la' . 1-v. I-ewlHton
Every other day Hnake River. Erery other day
.J:4O a.m. Riparia to 1., wiston 7:ooam.
Ocean ■twnwh^w sail from Portland for
San Francisco every five days.
(general Paßsepger Ap-ent. Portland. (-Jre^on.
/^PjS\ **llickest Roilte
And All Points Eaat
Pullman Sleeping Cars,
Elegant Dining Oars,
Tourist Sleeping Cars,
and BUTTE.
And All Points
Through tickets to Japan and China, via
Tacoma and Northern Pacific Steamship Co.
For further information, time cards, maps
and tickets, call on or write
Railway ami European Steamship Agent
Colfax, Washington, '
A. D. Charlton. Assistant General Paa-^ n,e
Agent, No. 255 Morrison «tre«t, corner 1 hird
Portland, Orepon.

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