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Former Senator John B. Allen
At Colfcx Friday.
IlrrnthfMl Patriotism and Pleased
His AmlHors With Sound Po
litical Argument.
Former Senator John 1.. Allen, prob
ably the favorite political speaker of ,
Whitman comity republicans, by whom
be has been known. *nd among whom
hi- bus mingled as a lawyer ami political
orator Mince the formation of the COOn
ty, addressed the largest, and most en
thusiastic audienceol the campaign at
the court In.line Friday night last. The
senator wan in his usual pleasing and
happy vein. With logic and eloquence
be heiil Inn audience, filling the court
room, and was repeatedly and roundly
applauded by a large majority of his
auditors. There was no leaving the hall.
Senator Allen was introduced by
Chainnun Davenport, who alluded to
the distinguished speaker an the man
who came nearest to the political ideal
of Whitman county people. Mr. Allen
discussed in his pleasing and forceful
manner tin national issues of prosperity
under republican and poverty under
democratic administrate n«. "Now," he
Raid, employment Beeki >r;then labor
sought employment, a., found it not."
The difference between the bright days
of the present and the dark, despairing
ones of the past were convincingly
pictured. He referred to the republican
promise that if the country would trust
McKinley the poverty and distress would
be swept away, and it was — there had
been a great revolution since McKinley
laid his hand upon the reins of govern
ment. Idle men disappeared and money
appeared, along with the music of the
saw and the hammer. The opposition
does not like to discuss this. They
sneer at the full dinner pail instead.
Bryan's false prophecies of 1896 were
brought t'i ridicule, and the^}people
cheered, and cheered again when they
weie told he was still prophesying, but
along other lines. The democratic at
titude on the trust amendment was pre
sented, and the republican position on
trusts in general fully set forth. The
glory of the flag was upheld.
"Roosevelt," said Mr. Allen, "has
made a name every man, woman and
child can be more than proud ol; and
when he is made president in 1904, they
may well be prouder still." (Prolonged
applause )
Expansion was thoroughly treated
and the Asiatic trade dwt'lr upon. The
state issues and candidates were dis
eoooed. and an especial appeal made for
the election of Frink for governor and
Congressmen Cusbman and Jones. At
the close many old and a number of new
friends swarmed about Senator A Hen to
shake his hand and congratulate him
upon his splendid effort
An Afler-Spee<-li Banquet.
At the conclusion of the Bpeecb nearly
100 republicans assembled in the spac
ious dining hall of the Hotel Binnard,
where an elegant dollar!diuner was par
taken of. About 110 tickets were sold
for the occasion, but a few were unable
to be present.
W . -I. Bryan! presided iv a befitting
manner, and happy little sp;echen
breathing republicanism, pure and ur.de
filed, were made, after Mayor Stuht had
promised the freedom of the city, by Rev,
H. P. .lames, \\. A. lonian. D. H. Shaw,
L. A. Doßoie, Mr Meßwen, L. E. Allen,
Coroner (raw ford. Dr. Chapman, Prof
English, 1. U. Barrtd, Qeo. Case, Harry
Nathan, Bira Durham, Bam Lvov«,
I'rof. I'lunnuer and Senator John IV
Allen, and Toastmaster Bryant.
The^ occasion was a most happy one
an.i did much to cement tho«> present in
closer bonds of political fellowship.
liiireri From Her Pennsylvania
Home Jsy Him.
Mrs. ,7. T. Wilsey, ol the famous Wil
sey estate, has sued Judge McDonald for
$11<>5 damages. The complaint was
served Wednesday on the judge. Mrs.
Wilsey alleges in the complaint that she
was tared by tbe judge from her home
lit Ifontrose, Pa., by a letter written by
him some time in January, 1900. which
informed her ihat he, the judge, held
|800 of the estate funds; that lie could
not seiul thin money to her. but she
must come to Cotfax. She avers she is
not conversant with business ways or
laws, and in March. 1900, she came to
Lolfax, ar an expense of $80. She
found the judge's principle desire wa* to
obtain testimony against Walter Ruble,
former deputy county clerk, bur for
reasons best knowu to the judge pro.-e
--eution of Ruble was abandoned. After
waiting in vain to obtain tfie fBOO she
learne.l McDonald did not have 1800, or
any otberram, belonging to the estate,
and she has been anable to obtain a
single dollar. After arrival she was em
ployed to work in the judge's family ,and
when at last Ruble* prosecution was
abandoned, McDonald desired to Ret rid
of her, and told her from time to lime
that certain parties whom he named and
Bom* whom he did not name, and the
•"ilLv of McDonald a!.., told her, That
the parties might assaaaioate her, and
this kept her in a constant state of
terror, and she fell ill, solely by reason
of the action of the jadge
SJf "totes that demand has been
made for reimbursement for the judge's
fatee and •rillful misrepresenJti'onTia
ns letter which induced her to leave her
home and come west, where she is now
pennile^andlunable to return
I'ar«e Registration.
Thenitration of voters in the city
oHolfax is lately increased over that
of any previous election year, showing
not only an active interest in *he c " i
Kate H»K-in"wTTrAppear
Mies Kate Hogan will appear nt C l
fax OpeiaßooseFrWayfcv^NW 1: i
her 2 ,n her world-famed eoSwtTX
elocutionary roles. Miss 110-an wilM !
■misted by talent from tSSSSL 11-
Bogan is wholly unlike •SoffwlS
ever appearing here. .She is dec ded v
or.g,nal and posted of a keen sense
of humor which has enabled her tohf >
come a master of the story telling art" ;
Wherever ehe hae appeared in all paVte !
of the United stHtes Mi«* Bogan and her
art have been appreciated to the fullest
exteut, and in her home city she slioi;!,]
be greeted with a house such as others
never had. *
Two Couples Wedded.
Andrew J. Allen and Mary ,1. Eaton
were uuited in marriage in the Lansdale
block in thin city, in tiu> presence of their
immediate friends, by Rev. 11. P. James,
October 24. The groom is a Bun of
Nelson Allen, a prosperous farmer of
Alrnota, find the bride is a daughter of
Chas. V. Baton, of this county. They
will reside near Almota. Harry Lee and
Miss Bertha P. Armfield were married at
the home of the bride near Diamond,
October 24 by Rev. T. J. Collins.
Another Horse Thief.
('.('. Clark, a young man, was brought
down from Pnlouse Wednesday and
placed in jail on a charge of horse steal
ing. lie was captured by Marshal
Woodward, who had been given a tip
that Clark intended to steal James
| Whitney's race horse, tied to a hitching
I rack in Palouae. He. wan caught as he
attempted to lead the aniraal away.
Republican eainp.iiguers and speakers
are meeting with splendid receptions
wherever they appear throughout the
couuty. The hearts of the people are
wanned to the principles the speakers
advocate, and fair to rousing crowds
are the rule. The audiences have not
yet failed to roundly applaud ami re
main with the county campaigners as
long an they have eared to talk.
Monday night a splendid meeting was
held at Diamond, addressed by C. W.
S.vansou, W. J. Bryunt, nominee for
Baperior judge; Jiio. F. Corner, for
auditor, and S. It. Siler for assessor.
There was a crowd of about GO present,
which was considered good wjien but 73
votes were cast there at the last election.
The audience heartily applauded the
good republican doctrines, and was al
most unauimoualy in sympathy with
the speakers.
After the republicans had concluded
"Farmer" Todd, a fusion orator who is
perambulating around the state at the
instance of the Turner-Rogers machine,
with the expectation that he will be able
to swing the farmers, made a few har
angues in a loud tone of voice. Rut he
failed to make any great impression.
Met Again At Endicott.
Again at Endicott, Tuesday night, the
opposing forces clashed at tongue's
point. The dates again conflicted and
the speakers of the two parties divided
W.J.Bryant wan the first speaker,
with but rev minutes of time. Consider
ing this be made a good .speech and a
good impression wiiu bis sensible and
manly talk.
T. C. Miles, democratic candidate fur
representative came next and talked
fast on freight rates aod railway passes,
promising, as all "reformers" have prom
ised, only to violate the promise, that he
would never ride on a pass; that if he
didu't have money enough to pay his
fare to Olympia, he would "start in
time and walk."
Kfhau Smith followed in a calm and
sensible little talk, in which he said he
thought the grain growers, of whom he
m one, were entitled to have their wheat
hauled to the seaboard as cheaply as
the railways could afford to transport it;
and he thought we are Dot now getting
that raf.
Assessor Siier talked five minutes re
garding the duties of his office and the
injustice of th" revenue law passed bj
the populist legislature of 1897, which
forces astesgment of wheat without al
lowing uffaets for debt, while bank stock
can so escape.
Vj. W. Swanson epoke for an hour iv a
logical manner upon national, state and
county issuea, from a republican etund
He was followed by "Farmer' Todd,
for Bryan and Governor Rogers. He
made a very good speech if it had been
delivered iv the old days of the Furmer's
Alliance or the incipient days of popul
ism. He made more faces, yelled louder,
sweat more copiously and cut more stage
monkey shines than have been seen or
heard since those days. He denied there
was prosperity, and thru denied that the
republican party brought it, laying it to
every other cause on earth.
The audience was a good one, ruade
up from both parties.
Because of smallpox in the vicinity of
Thornton all dates for republican
speeches there have been cancelled.
New assignments for republican speak
ers are:
A. W. Perley, nominee for representa
tive in the S«xth district, and M. ().
Reed as follows. All evening meetings:
Endicott, Saturday, October 27.
Farmington. Monday, October 29
Oakesdale, Tuesday,* October 30.
C. W. Swansoa, as follows. All even
ing meetings:
Eaton school house, Friday, October
St. John, Saturday, October 27.
Pine City. Monday, October 29
Sunset, Tuesday, October 550.
Mattock, Thursday, November 1.
Steptoe, Friday, November 2
Hubbard school house, Saturday, No
vember 3.
i'rof. English and W. J. Bryant as
Pa in pa, Saturday evening, No vena
ber 3.
Hermon W. Cruven of Seattle ac fol
Colfax, Thursday evening, November 1. j
Mr. Craven enjoys a well earned repu- |
tation as standing at the top-most rung I
of the ladder when it comes to delivery |
j of a republican addreM*.
A. W. Periej spsaks October 2G, at
Bvrne 6choolbou.se, near Gartield.
Chairman St. Lawrence of the people's '■
party announces that J. B Osborne of
Georgia, orcanizer and atreut of the na
tioual committee, will address Colfax
citizens Mouday evening, Novembers.
.1. X. I'ickrell was called Monday by
the republican state committee to make
a spenkiiiir tour ot Adams county this
week and on the west side next week
He left Tuesday to fill his assignments.
For sprains, swellings and lameness l
there is notbins so soori as Chamber
lain^ Pain Balm. Try it. For sale by
all druggets* J
*inn ewß ur °Wn LpKho "i ™ekß forsaie,
2 n eath- or wi!l exchange for apples
atGazeTte^ffioeT 011 **»"' l^™°
Ai^lv Dt?M G't ''°r Keueral housework.
Apply to Mra.lvaa Chase, South Colfax. |
Eighteen Head Perished in a
Feed Barn Fire.
Was Impossible to Reach Them
Through the Stilling Smoke
And They Perished.
Tied in their stalls, roaring with flame I
and stifling with smoke 18 head of horses j
sufiered death from fire in the entire
destruction of the old Ellis feed barn on
Mill street at 1:15 o'clock Thursday
morning. Eleven of the animals were
owned by Deloa Nead, four by Tede
Blackhurst, one by Victor Fisher and
two by a man whose name was not
learned, who had placed his team in the
barn over night. Four horses tied ia a
side shed were saved by George Palmer
lwo of these belonged to Mr. Nead and
two to Alec Matbews of Endicott.
The entire contents of the barn and
ah but a cook stove and one bedroom
set in Mr. Nead's house closely adjoin
ing, which also burned, were destroyed
making his loss about $1200, with fSod
insurance in the agencies represented by
a. W. Goff. The barn contained about
ten tons of hay, two buggies, a hack,
four Pets of harness, two tons of oats
and chopped feed, three sleighs, two
saudies, and numerous other valuable
The buildings were owned by Sam and
Jonta Ellis, who are absent from town
and it has not been learned whether in
surance was carried.
The origin of the (ire is unknown, but
ineeDdiarism is not suspected. It started
in the rear, and was not discovered until
a roaring furnace. Robert Munson,
mail carrier to Penawawa and Almota,
slept in the front office and was not
awakened until almost suffocated and
had difficulty in getting out. The same
was true of Mr. Nead and family at their
home. They barely escaped.
Hard work by the fire department in
the mud and cold prevented spread of
the tire. Even the walls of the small
bouse occupied by Mr. Nead remained
Colfax, October 23, to Mr. and Mrs.
Nicholas Codd, a son.
Near Almota, October 22, to Mr. and
Mrs. John Lester, twin girls.
Drs. Wardrip & Fisher
Osteopathic physicians, will open an
office in Colfax, Hamilton block, over
Bee Hive, Nov. 1, 1900. Dr. Wardrip
its one of the nio*t experienced and suc
cessful of Osteopathp, and will furnish
references nnd testimonials of a large
number of his patients at Waitsburg
and Huntsville. Dr. Fisher, now at
Pullman, is we!! known throughout the
Palouse country. We treat and CURE
all chronic diseases without drug or
knife—give us a chance to prove what
we pay. Examination with all necessary
instruments free. In Colfax Tuesday,
Thursday and S iturday each week.
])i;s. Wardrip & Fisher o
Bargains in Real Estate.
Fine wheat ranch, IGO acres, 90 in
cultivation, good frame bouse, place
watered by well and fine npring, average
yield past 5 years 35 bushels.
0 room house, lot 75x208, in good lo
cation, beet built frame bouse iv Colfax,
everything convenient. Price $2,700.
~» room houne on Meadow street, near
High School. Trice $750.
0 room house near hospital, one of the
most convenient bonnes in Colfax, newly
builf, cost |1,600, my price $1,050.
Also a large number of other proper
If you want bargains, call on Geo. H.
Lennox, Coifax. VVash o
Just received, a fresh shipment of
linnthers tine candies; assorted choco
l.it^, bon bone, etc., at The Elk Drug
Store o
For bargains in real estate, call on
Eacho, Larue & Co., Davis building,
Cnlfax, Wash.
New dressmaking parlor opened first
house nouth of (). It. & N. freight depot.
Also plain sewing done o
Write Dan Morgan for cheap farm
loans, Oakesdale, VVaßhington 0
Bring poultry and eggs to Averill &
Co., Elberton,
ter to deliver and collect in Washington for old
established manufacturing wholesale house.
•f9OO a year, sure pay. Honesty more than ex
perience required. Our reference, any bank in
any city. Enclose self-addressed stamped en
velope. Manufacturers, Third Floor. 334 Dear
born St., Chicago*
I You'll "Get the Laugh"
From those who receive your letters, unless
your stationery is of the right sort.
i You can get the ri^ht sort here, any time.
iWe keep posted on stationery styles, and
I we'll be glad to post you.
i UHAS. KENNEL. P. O. Store.
Office boy; must -write
a good hand. Apply by;
letter in own. hand-writ
Deming Investnent Co,
Is read by people whom
the advertiser desires to
reach with his announce
Miss Elizabeth Swendish went to Port
land last week and has entered at Dr.
Coffey's surgical sanatorium to take a
nurse's training.
Dr. John Benaon was a Spokane visitor
Mrs. Elton Fulmer of Pullman is visit
ing Colfax friends.
M. W. Kelshaw was a Thursday visit
or in town from Farmington.
Miss Minnie Stephens returned Sunday
from a visit to Spokane and Harrison,
Miss Frances Bragg left last Friday
for Sew York City, where she will study
Mrs. R. L. McCroskey visited Spokane
several days last week, returning home
Jonathan Johusou passed through
town Monday from Newberg, Oregou,on
his way to Johnson.
Miss Anna Ewart returned to her Spo
kane home Sunday, after a visit of
several weeks wit h Colfax relatives and
Mr. and Mrs. J. \. Byrus returned
Friday from their sad mission. They
were as far east as Pennsylvania.
Harry L. Boardmau, formerly of Col
fax and recently president of McMiun
ville college at McMiunville, Oregon, has
gone to Boston as pastor of one of the
Baptist churches there. His brother
Fred, is in the same city taking a course
in voice culture.
Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets.
All druggists refund the money if it fails
to cure. E. W. Grove's signature is on
each box. Price 2:1 cents.
Election I.iineli.
An all-night lunch, including hot coffee,
doughnuts and sandwiches, will be served
at the bowling alley building on the
night of election day by the ladies of the
Episcopal church.
For Sale.
A 7-rooni bouse and lot 100 feet
square, in South Colfax, on flat. Will
be sold cheap if taken at once. W. O.
Carley, at Carley Bros. Foundry,
Undelivered Laundry.
Persons havicir goods at the Colfax
Steam Laundry, South Main Street, are
requested to cull for same before No
vember lst o
1 am now prepared to do all kinds of
land business, homestead entries and
proofs, contests, etc. Have had 18 years
experience in land cases. W. A. luman,
D. S. Commissioner. Colfax, Wash.
Mrs. O. V. Roe of Seattle will deliver a
free lecture at the Congregational church
Tuesday afternoon, Oct. 30, at 2:30
o'clock, in the interest of the Yiavi Co,
Bramwell Bros.
Colfax, Wash.
Our work will please you.
Going to Build?
If bo, you will save money
by visiting
Codd's Sawmill
before placing any orders
for building material.
Sash, Doors, Blinds,
Moulding, Window Glass,
and building material of all kinds kept
constantly on hand. Kiln Dried Lumber
a specialty. Estimates promptly fur
nished and money saved for you in
building operations.
Leave orders at Barroll &
Mohney's Hardware Store.
Washington Market
I. B. HARRIS, Propr.
Fresh and Cured Meats,
Fish and Game in season.
There is no doubt about the quality of the
meats sold from the blocks of this market
it is the BEST.
The bigheat market price paid for cattle
and hides.
South Main Street, Coif ax.
10 per cent Discount
jS^HL A Warm Snap
/r^T^Jlih or (' Snaps
I A IT Iwlk A chance to get an overcoat for
IJI M wj/k winter at a discount.
[Jl J^^~& You'll need one soon, so you better
I jjpl I fjm^/ choose now while stocks are big and
I*T ir^J!/^ prices little.
Ui* 1^ fF^ All kinds in all shides and shapes
B and styles; Raglans, Top Coats, Uls
j ters. Storm Coats and Dress Coats.
JjfflJ Marked from §5 to 820
Iffiil 111 :Lll^ tVom now
■ U Until November 15th
H|l 10 per cent off these prices.
•P^ A chance to save you cannot well
afford to miss.
Removing the Cause.
x |l M\] I>r. Buck's Celery, SarHaparilla and Dan
iez=r7~<^'Yt[* fV ' i/i cr"**\ delion compound ih a Hure aud quick relief.
/T nM m A'\jyM \^b Ite in the b!oo(1- 1)()n>t milk« J lifP a period
1 ' Mm?2>r%^*~'' ywii W£%l of Bufferin R whe« every snurce of annoy-
G^«| /(" „^ v^' "' L^ ance may be removed.
fci/ /< This i 8 a reliable P^Paration, the i;reat-
I v est seller we ever had, and «ives univernal
Betwfaction. If you want to get a good
\ //^/\ ; 'V—' /*■// Blood I>llritic"r- t!tke Dr- Hook'H Celery,
\4^s;^->-)'-; ■ *X-Mj fa, v Sareaparilla and Dandelion and you will
//ff, ]■-Jl,.<s&-/' / make no mistake. Sold oniv at
■' ''"--■ The Elk Drug Store.
»» *^ j/~& """^M about hardware. We have the largest ae
r~Jk /rrl&r^V^i BOl"tnient of mechanics' tools, builders'
hardware, crockery, etc., at the lowest
S ( Kjß^^^aS^^^W^^A l>ril't'r' for superior quality and manufacture,
I -'S-^^^^^iSf illlaip^ to bt> f<)1""1 in any hoUBe (ipaliilKin thiß linp
4'l-f^l iflS^VrS^^^ °f good8i? tho Htato- B«»lderH and con-
Vvj 3^! J" tractors wiH suit their interests by looking
STL *P''^'%. &t °Ur Bt°Ck before Purchasing elsewhere.
Before investing your money in a Chop Mill.
Some of its features:
No Burrs to Wear Out. No Gears. Only Six Bearings.
Mills specially adapted to wind mill power.
All sizes up to 3% tons capacity per hour.
Manufactured by CARLEY IRON WORKS, Coifax, Wash.
'M%£r*& i&^ When you inquire about LadieH' Wrup
• i&GreNgllgissli ? pers. They are neat, warm and cheap.
S" wi!l H<"' the finpflt I'ne of Opal ware,
thinaware, Glaseware and China Specialtiee
~m-m-a-M -■ ■ ■ ▼ J-^dj COLFAX, WASH.
Always give^thc Best Bargains. U (>u ' t Yo» Know?
Hotel C/OlfaX, J- B Ha £ an > -Proprietor.
The Leading Hotel in the City.
AH Modern Conveniences. I p__. y o , D
free Sample Rootop for
Lighted by Electrricitv.
1 Commercial Men.
Hotel Cafe and^ir^Class Bar in connection.
Modem TotaJMgJk . BHfr
Main Street, Opposite School House Wln(i^'»' Manufactory and Office,
Dealers in
General Merchandise
dJSKffi SKS 1 prioe paid fOT °°Qn^ >»•
It will pay you to examine
Cattle and Hogs.
Pays highest market price.
Oolfax, WMbingtoß
Ihsuke with H. W. Goff.

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