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It has no doubt been observed by every man who has kept up with the argu
ments and assertions of the fusion campaign orators that "imperialism'" and "mil
itarism" ate no longer "paramount" ispues. They have been relegated to the
same oblivion into which the silver issue has fallen. For the past several weeks
no fusion orator on the Pacific coast has more than barely referred to such a
thing as "imperialism," "militarism" or "expansion '' They have, however,
howled long aud loud about trusts. Here is the democratic and populistic and
fusionistic and republican records on trusts in Congress only last Juue:
The rulings of the supreme court having shown that, as the constitution now
standH, congress can only regulate trusts engaged in interstate commerce, the fol
lowing amendment was introduced in the house of representatives and pressed to
a vote on June 1:
Section 1. All power* conferred by this artic'e shall extern! to the several states, the ter
ritories the District of Columbia, and all territory under the sovereignty" and subject to the
jurisdiction of the United States.
Section 2. 'Congress shall have power to define, regulate, control, prohibit or dinpolve
trusts, monopolies <»r combinations, whether existing in the form of a combination or other
wise. The several states may continue to exerciae such power iv any manner not in conflict
with the laws of the United States."
.Section 8 Congress shall have power to enforce the provisions of thin article by appro
priate legislation.
The clause saving all rights of states was inserted in the hope of getting states
rights democrats to rapport the amendment. -Nevertheless the vote stoocf 148 re
uublicana for and 130 democrats and populists against, and the measure failed of
the necessary two-thirds majority.
Loudly as the democrats talked, when it came to a vote they echoed Bryan's
declaration ;it the Chicago conference: "We have not met here to destroy the
The vote in full was:
For the Amendment, 148 Republicans.
Adams, Davidson, Kahn, Ray (N. V.),
A Id rich, Dick, Ketcham, Haeder,
Alexander, Dolliver, Knox, Reeves,
Allen (Me.), Eddy, Lacey, Roberts,
Habc"ck, Emerson, Lane, RodenhiTg,
Bailey (Kan ), Each, Lawrence, Russell,
Maker, Farm, Littlefield, Scudder,
Btrney, Fletcher, Long, Shattue,
Bartholdt, Fosh, Lnrhiier, Sheldon,
Bingham, Fowler, Loudenslager, Sherman,
Bishop, Freer, Loveriug, Showalte'r.
Boreing, < Jardner (Mich), Lybrand, Sibley,
Boutelle (111 ), " G.wdi.ei• (N. J.), McCleary, Smith,'N. C,
Bowenock, Gibson, McPheraon, Smith, Samuel W
Brick, Gill, Marsh, Spalding,
Bro*iu«, Gillett (N. V.), M freer, • Sperry,'
Brown, Gillett (Mara), Mesiek, Steele,'
Burke (S. D.), Graff, Metcalf, Stevens (Mn.n.),
Burkett, Graham, Miller, Stewart (N. V.)'.
Bnrleigh, Greene (Mass), Minor, Stewart (Win.),'
Burton, Gioaveuor, Mondell, Sailoway,
Butler, Grout, Moody (Mass.), Tawney,
Calderhead, Hamilton, Moody (Or.), Taylor (Ohio),
Campbell, Haugen, Morgan, Thayer,
Cannon, Hawley, Mud.?, Thomas (la)
Clarke (N. HA Heatwole, Naphen, Throop,
Coehrane (N. V.), Hedge, Needham, Tongue'
Connell, Hemenway, Newlands, Van Voorhw,
Cooper (Wu.), Henry (Conn.), O'Grady, Wachter,
Corliss, Hepburn, Olmsted, Wadsworth
Cousins, Hill, Otjen, Wauger, '
Cromer, Hitt, Overstreot, Warner'
Crumpaeker, Hotfecker, Parker (N. J.), Waters,'
Curtis, Ht.well, Payne, Watson,
Ciishman, Hull, Pearce (Mo.), Weeks
Dahle (Wis.), Jack, Pearre, Wise,'
Dalzell, Jones (Wash.), Phillips, Wright
Davenport, 8. A., Joy, Prince, Young'
Pugli, The Speaker.
Against the Anti-Trust Amendment, 130 Democrats and Populists:
Adamson, Clayton (Ala.), Fitzgerald (Mass.), Jones (Va >
Allen (Ky.), Clayton (N. V), Fitzgerald (N. V.), King. '
Bailey (Tex.), Cochran (Mo.), Fitzpatrick, Kitchen
Ball, Cooney, Fleming, Kleberg'
Barber, Cooper (Tex.), Foster, Kluttz '
Bartlett, Cowherd, Games, Lamb
Bell, Cox, Gaston, Lanham,
Bellamy, Crowley, Gilbert, Lasaiter
Benton, Cuuimings, Glynn, Latimer'
Bradley, Davenport, S. W., Gordon, Lentz '
Brantley, Davis, Green (Pa), Lester
Breazeale, DeArniond, Griffith, Levy '
Brenner, DeGraffenreid, Griggs, Lewis
Brewer, DeVries, Hall, Little
Brundidge, Denny, Hay, Livingston,
Burleson, Dmsmore, Henry (Miss.), Lloyd
Burnett Dougherty, Henry (lex.), McClellan,
Caldwell, Driggs, Howard, McLain,
Chanler, Llhott, Jett, . Taylor (\la )
Clark (Mo.), Finley, Johnston, Terry
McKae, Itansdell, Sias, Thomas (N C )
Maddox, Khf(Ky.), Smith (Ky.), Underbill ''
Meekison, Richardson, Spight, Underwood,
Meyer La.) I^'dgely, bcallings, Wheeler (Ky.),
Miersllnd.), Kiordan, Stark, William?" J R
SJoop, Rixey, Stephens (Tex.), Williams', W. E
Muller, Kobinson Ind.). Stokes, Williams (Miaa.j,
Neville, Kobinaon (Neb), huizer, Wilson (Idaho )
Noon*B, Rucker, Sutherland, Wilson h\ T vV
Otey, Kyan(N. V.), Swanson, /'nor }>
Pierce (Term.), Shafroth, Talbert, Zierielr
Qoarlea, Sheppard, Tate,
'Tluneed in a gulf of deep despair,
Ye wretched sinners lie."
These words were used by William Jennings Bryan in his remarks before the
Chicago conference on trusts, September l(i, 1899. They are as applicable to <hp
present story a* when he quoted ihetii.
Few instances of artful dodging by men high iv politics equal Bryan's flon on
the trust question. A little over a year ago he attended the Chicago confer Wop
on trusts. On September 16, 1599, he made a speech. It is printed in full in t I
official record of the debated published by the Civic Federation of Chicago ni^s
572-586. ' ' o te
"Now this is a conference. We have not met here to destroy the trusts "
So said Mr. Bryan in the course of his speech September 10 \ssuredlv so
There was nothing m Mr. Bryan's speech which looked toward destroying all trn*t*
He merely proposed regulation. With that end in view he advocated substir.'
tially the same policy that was proposd in congress a few months later by Hip i-p
publicans, to-wit: .Strengthening the federal power over trusts. He said
"The gentleman suggests that it is a diffkult thing to eet two.thirHa nf i»*i. v
favor Kcfa an amendment. That ifl true; it is a difficult thin?. but i'the veil I^7^°
stroy the trusts they can control two-thirds of both houses and throe fourths of ?hI < >
But what is the alternative? Sit down and do nothing?" iourtns of the states.
The principal change desired by Bryan at that time was presented by him in
these terms: •' *" lv
"That the federal government has, or should have, the right to impose such restrictions
m congress may think necessary upon every corporation which does business outside of the
at ite in which it was organized. mv" ot me
No destruction there. Mr. Bryan said later:
"I am not sure that the constitution would prohibit such an act of congress as I suggest."
Not certain even as to the power to regulate.
The republicans, however, were sure that there was no such authority in H IP
constitution, and that without it no effective Jaw could be passed They nrnmwS
there ore, to amend the constitution that the precise thing pretendedly favored by
Mr. Bryan might be done, not in an uncertain or doubtful wav with evervthinfr
unsettled until a case could be carried to the supreme court, but by bufldiS on I
so id bas.s from the beginning. Then the Bryanites in congress cast an almost
solid vote against the republican proposition and defeated it. And ever B,?n£ S
SS X'SfX^t^^ tfied ' by lOUd **™«l C'amOr abouTTru^tT,
"Plunged in a gulf of deep despair,
The wretched sinner lies."
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How We Use Up Our Forests.
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two acres of spruce land to furnish
enough wood pulp paper to run a large
metropolitan daily just two days. The
writer who makes this utatement de
plores the time, when, at this rate, our
forests will entirely disappear, and paper
be very scarce and expensive. Mean
time, the art of printing continues be
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should know; among others, that Hos
tetter s htomach Bitters is a cure for
diseases of the stomach, such as dvepep
«ia, indigestion, constipation, bilious
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remedy of the American people for fifty
years. Do not accept a substitute The
genuine has a Private Revenue Stamp
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poS rrr g ~from i2o° *> "So
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berton^ 8 tO bUy at AyeriU' 8 Btore > El-
Notice is hereby given that there have
been tiled with the clerk of the Board
of County Commissioners of Whitman
county, Washington, nominations of
the persons hereinafter named; said per
sonH haviue: been nominated in the man
ner Rpecifled by law, a« the candidates
of the respective political parties indi
catec), for the respective offices designat
ed, to be voted for at the general elec
tion to be held iv the aforesaid county
on the sixth day of November, 1900
Presidential Electors.
Republican- Samuel G Cosgrove
Republican— Frank W Hastings
Republican-Charles Sweeny
Republican—John Boyd
Democrat—N G Blalock
Democrat—George F Cotterill
Democrat—Joseph G Heim
Democrat—Fred Reeves
Prohibition —F L Gwinn
Prohibition— G W Plummer
Prohibition— H D Skinner
Prohibition— H II Brown
Socialist Lahor—H R Coulßon
Socialist Labor—J B Schaible
Socialist labor—L S Thallheimer
Socialkt Labor—L A Tennery
Social Democratic —Henry Wieck
Social Democratic— Lewis Thompson
Social Democratic—Walter Grigps
Sucial Democratic - Alonzo G Seibart
Repreeentatived in Congress.
Republican—Francis W Cushman
Republican -Wesley L Jones
Democrat—F C R >bsrt« >n
Democrat—J T Ronald
Prohibition—Guy PuasuDi
Prohibition—J A Adams
Socialist Labor—Walter Walker
Socialist Libor—Christian F Larsen
Social Democratic -William Hocran
Social Democratic—Hermon F Titus
Judges of the Supreme Court.
(Full Term.)
Republican—Wallace Mount
Republican—R O Dunbar
Democrat— E C Million
Democrat—Richard Winsor
Prohibition—Everett Smith
Socialist Labjr—Thomas Young
Socialist Labor—Frank Martin
Social Democratic—D M Angus
Social Democratic—J H May
Judge of the Supreme Court.
(Unexpired term of Merritt J Gordon.)
Democrat—William H White
Republican—J M Frink
Democrat—John R Rogers
Prohibition—li E Dunlap
Socialist Labor—William McCormick
Social Democratic—W C B Randolph
Lieutenant Governor.
Republican — Henry Mcßride
Democrat—William E McCroskey
Prohibition—C I Hall
Socialist Labor- Matt Matson
Social Democratic—E S Reinert
Secretary of State.
Republican—Sam H Nichols
Democrat—James Brady
Prohibition- J W McCoy
Socialist Labor—William J Hoag
Social Democratic —James H Rosa
State Treasurer.
Republican—C W Maynard
Democrat—W E Runner
Prohibition—C C Gridley
Socialist Labor —Eric Norling
Social Democratic—J J Fraser
State Auditor.
Republican—John D Atkinson
Democrat—L J Silverthorn
Prohibition—A W Steers
Socialist Labor—F B Graves
Social Democratic—Chas S Wallace
Attorney General.
Republican—W B Stratton
Democrat—Thomas M Vance
Prohibition—Ovid A Byera
Socialist Labor—John Ellis
Social Democratic—David W Phipps
Superintendent of Public Instruc
Republican—R B Bryan
Democrat—Frank J Browne
Prohibition—A H Sherwood
Socialist Labor—Raymond Bland
Social Democratic—John A Kingsbury
Commissioner of Public Lands.
Republican—Stephen A Callvert
Democrat—O R Holcomb
Prohibition—J C McKinley
Socialist Labor—W L Noon
Social Democratic—Jerome S Austin
State Senator—Sixth District.
Republican—Bryan Westacott
Democrat —L C Crow
People's Party—James Walters
Representatives-Sixth District.
Republican—E E Smith
Republican—A W Perley
Democrat—C W Waters
Democrat—T C Miles
People's Party—D B Conrad
People's Party—D F Ravens
Representatives—Seventh District
Republican—Wilford Allen
Republican—E J Durham
Democrat—G W Barkhuff
Democrat—G P Libby
People's Party—J HSt Lawrence
People's Party—J B Hicks
Judge of the Superior Court.
Rjpublican —W J Bryant
Democrat—S J Chadwick
People's Party—William McDonald
County Sheriff.
Republican—Joseph Canutt
Democrat—James B Mackay
People's Party—Robert E Matlock
County Clerk.
Republican—W W Renfrew
Democrat—Walter Sivage
People's Party—F C Doremus
County Auditor.
Republican—John F Corner
Democrat—C G Raby
People's Party—Mark Davia
County Treasurer.
Republican—W J Windus
Democrat—E J Byrne
People's Party—C E Willoughby
County Prosecuting Attorney.
Republican—A A Wilson
Democrat—R J Neergaard
People's Party—V E Bull
County Assessor.
Republican—S B Siler
Democrat—R H Duff
People's Party—W T Walker
Superintendent of Schools.
Republican—S C Roberts
Democrat—S M McCroskey
County Surveyor.
Republican —E C Murray
Democrat—O H Horton
People's Party—Harmon Scott
J ' THE VE»DICT! ' 0
i "»S THE BEST." |
J We are Sole .A_gents for the above liiu^. j
OUR GUARANTEE: 3^W%i<w>fv>«v>«a „, —^_ .—, 'I 1 ill. 1 i»i \/<i/ 'p#» fH:
A Money back if goods are ■j[^^3 F» T^ JG^ TT) ' '"' ' LA( LTO I
Jk not satisfactory. «™« ""AJUI aOL JLjLJL Vm SAVE MONEY*
Republican—D B Crawford
Democrat—W A Mitchell
People's Party—John Bach
County Commissioners — Second
Republican—l X Luce
Democrat—J S Klemgard
People's Party—Dr A Holzer
County Commissioners- Third Dis
Republican—William Huntley
Democrat-C N Hinchliff
People's Party—C E Hunton
Justices of the Peace—Precincts
No. 36, 46 and 53.
Republican—E D Lake
Democrat—A E Kirkland
Precincts No. 41 and 51,
Republican—Wm Swain
Republican—A Reaney
Precinct No. 26.
John L Flowers
Precinct No. 37.
Republican—Campbell Lefors
Democrat —G W Dickinson
Democrat —J B Sifers
Constables — Precinots No. 41
and 51.
Republican—J F Hill
Republican—R Lanning
Precinct No. 37.
Republican—William D Anderson
Democrat —C B Duncan
Democrat —S A Kelly
E R McCory was nominated as the candi
date of the People's Party for the office of
Superintendent of Common Schools, but has
filed a notice withdrawing his name, in the
manner prescribed by law. The name of C.
E. Hoover was thereupon regularly substi
tuted for that of E. R. McCory. but will not
appear on the official ballot for the reason that
said C. E. Hoover has failed to comply with
the law requiring a candidate for the office of
Superintendent of Schools to file a copy of his
certificate, together with proof of having
taught in this state one schcol year of nine
In witness whereof I have hereunto set my
band and official seal this '23rd day of Octo
ber, 1900.
Auditor of Whitman Cuunty, Washington,
and ex-officio Clerk of the Board of County
You and your Horse
will be treated right at
Finest Turnouts in the city.
Teams and saddle horeeß by the hour,
day or week. Stock boarded at reason
able rates.
H. M. LID OLE, Propr.
Special attention to transient stock. Horses
boarded by the day, week or month. Our
rates are right.
Headquarters Almota and Penawawa Stage
Call on H, W. Goff for Insurance,
History of the Transactions In Whit
man County hands.
Patents and Receipts.
U S to Ghas C Garner n hf we or a hf ne or
32 16 45.
Geo G Perkins to 11 Leonard ne qr
32 2043 $1900 00
N P Ry Co to G R & N Co 2 tracts 35
1438 10 00
N P Ky Co to .1 S Chandler contract
tracts 35 14 38 75 00
J Cauutt to E T Cotnan se qr 25 18 42 1930 00
A M Naylor to A S Watt ne qr 20 19
43 Its 13 14 15 If. b 24 Oakesdale... 1 00
J Canutt to Ist Nat Bk Coif ax se qr
24 IS 42 uw qr 19 IS 43 1123 20
W P Connaway, Kec to G W Wagner
1 1 b 10 Pullman 400 00
A J Privett to E Johnson its 1 2 b 55
Colfax 1450 00
A J Davis to H M Moffatt 1 G s hf 1
5 b 14 Colfax 3250 00
H M Moffatt to A J Davis 1-2 int Its
4 5 G b 14 Colfax 3250 00
John Lfitch to F Meyer s hf ne qr se
qr 28 13 45 5500 00
J L Farwell to Sullivan Savings Inst
sw qr 17 20 40 1 00
J F Conrad to Toy Galk pt 1 1 b 3
Cikesdale 125 00
A S Watt to D Fißh ne qr 20 19 43... 2.;00 00
Harry Cornwell to W L Schmidt Its 1
2 n hf 1 3 b 17 Colfax pt nw qr nw
qr 14 10 43 2250 00
First Nat Bk Pullman to F ltodeen
ue qr ne qr 17 15 45 900 00
D R Judson to Whelan Grange No 117
1 7 b 2 Branhain
A C Newgard to M McCance leases
nwqr34 19 42
F H Brown to W R Morrison sw qr 5
18 44 2360 00
A C Newgard to M McCance leases
nw qr se qr w hf sw qr ne qr sw qr
34 19 42 for 1-3 crop
Otis Hill to Ed Schmidt 1 1 b 2 Huff
man's ad Tekoa 950 00
Bk of Carthage to W Crippin £ int Its
12345 G7 b 9 Ist ad St John .... 78 75
Oliver Hall to H Cornwell pt se qr
nw qr 14 1G 43 50 00
E T St John to W Crippin h int Its 1
2 3 4 5 G 7 by Ist asat St John
S Spencer to Rosa Errickson 1 1 b 3
Spencer's ad Thornton 35 00
S C Hardesty to M J Romane Its 1 2
b 17 Oakesdale 400 00
H S Young to AJ Price ehf 13Farm
inpton cemetery
G T Huffman to Whitman Co tract
ne qr 24 20 45 1 00
Nellie P Watt to A S Watt ne qr 20
19 43 Its 13 14 15 1G b 24 Oakesdale. 1 00
J Canutt to J H Tallman se qr 28 1G
4111 ehfnwqrl9 16 41 1739 40
Real Mortgages.
J M Davis to Catlin & Hamburger pt
sw qr 14 20 45 200 00
W I, Schmidt to H Cornwell Its 1 2 n
hf It 3 b 17 Colfax pt nw ar nw qr f
14 10 43 2000 00
C F Lazelle to Alliance Trnet Co Ld
w hf sw qr 13 10 45 GOO 00
F Rodeen to L Anderson ne qr ne qr
17 15 45 31500
H O Hulin to Ist Nat Bk Colfax Its 5
6 b 41 1500 00
M J Romane to R Comegy Its 1 2 b 17
JW Peer et al to Renshaw & Coolidge
nw qr s hf se qr s 14 nw qr w hf ne
qr 23 1G 40 2300 00
Jas Divine to Balfour-Guthne Inv Co
Its 1 2 c hf nw qr 19 19 44 1600 00
Mary Adler to H F Goddard Us 14 15
16 b 66 Railroad ad Farmineton . 40 00
Releases of Mortgages.
M C Moore et al to T H Brents 1000 00
A S Smith to I L Collins
First Nat Bk Colfax chat G W Cave 50 00
Perm Mtg Co to G W Sutherland.... 1000 00
Commercial State Bk to J Divine 203 00
Demme Inv Co to J Divine . 1350 05
Doming Inv Co to J Divine 24115
Chattel Mortgages.
Jno Dodda to Jag Cairna horses cattle
ptc 400 go
J B Johnson J MacTSachwrn horse. . 2G 72
W L Gilford to X Martin horae colt . 110 00
G E Pursell to C T Jennings horees
wagon harness _ !t4 00
Alva Scott to Jennings & Godgen frm
mach 150 00
D A Beasley to First Nat Bk Colfax
3 crop n hf nw qr s 20 sw qr I hf nw
qr 17 Hi 43 % crop ne qr c hf c hf nw
qr 24 16 42 all crop ne qr 25 It. 42
nw qr sBO a hf g e qi ne qr se qr 86
qr ne qr 18 16 43 horses etc 1806 <J4
L L Cooley to Tekoa Co horses har
ness etc 245 50
W VV LawHon to J Archibald 2-3 crop
_ 1 J 8, 44 220 (X)
J VV btrevy to Davis & Mtfatt 500 bu
( wheat farm mach 15(! 00
S H Hubbard to Geo Day horses farm
mach t _ _ 2t>4 40
(J W Hadley to Ist Nat Bk Lewititon
crup sw (jr i3sshfseqr 24 13 45 lf>| [q
J A Anderfiou to L Anderson 2-3 crp
nw qr nw qr 31 14 45 all crop n hf
T 88 qr Mi 100 0 oo
J Archibald to \V E Ford farm mach 3«7 00
E Koester to J T lteilly 2-3 crop nw
qr a 17 hff ()r Be qr s 17 sw qr ne qr
h 17 pt ne qr s IS 12 4G 255 00
E H Newton to GraarScott & Co farm 1020 00
Huhn Bros to First Natl Bk Colfax
(iried fruits in warehouse It 10 b 32
Colfax and pt dried fruits in dryer
on Main strbet Colfax
P N McKenzie to Gaar Scott & Co
farm mach 920 00
Emma Nichols to W F Chalenor cow. 35 00
John Tady et al to lnt Xat Bk Lewis
ton crop ne qr 36 12 45 441 13
(Jayes & Co vs Ghas Cole—Laborer's lien
For ltent.
400 acres of bunchgrass pasture on
Steptoe hutte; plpnfy of water. Inquire
of \V. A. Davis, Steptoe P. 0., or Ed.
Davis, ColfaXo
H. W. Goff writfs reliahlc fNHnRANCE.
/ZtfH>\ The Shortest,
And All Points East
Pullman Sleeping Cars,
Elegant Dining Cars,
Tourist Sleeping Cars,
and BUTTE.
And All Points
Through tickets to Japan and China, via
Tacoma and Northern Pacific Steamship Co.
For further information, time cards, maps
and tickets, call on or write
Railway and European Steamship Agent,
Colfax, Washington,
A. D.»'harlton, Assistant General Paesenge
Agent, No. 255 Morrison street, corner Third
Portland, Oreeon.

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