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Hungry Democrat* Uobbled l"p
Most ol the Offices.
lingers Took Vm In fImMJ, But
the I it;hi lor County Places
Whm Close and Warm,
There an- several county democrats who
will h nil In- swinging full dinner pails as v re
mit ot the election of 'I'm sday. The priuci
palH and aavenl expect-to-be deputies are al
reftiiy "licking their chops"' in anticipation of
the f.it they art to revel in.
The republican laved but four out of the
entire (bounty an;i legislative tickets. The
democrats rolled the county over to Bryan in
a way which consoles them nlightiy for the
terrible drubbing their fallen idol was given
in the nation and Htate. The highest Bryan
elector left the county with a plurality of
460, :in«l the lowest 41«. In 1S!)G, however,
Mr. Bryan curried 1922 votes to the good out
of Whitman; no it is not so bad after all with
his puny little plurality in the "second
Governor Rogen walked off with a plum—
10C>M plurality over Senator Prink
In the Sixth legislative district the allies
elected their entire ticket. L. (!. Crow tor
Htate senator and C W. Waters and T. C.
Miles for representatives. In the Seventh the
republicans saved one representative out of
the wreck, K. J. Durham. Wiltord Allen
was beaten by <i. VV. Barkhuff.
Treasurer Wiudus, Clerk Renfrew and
Surveyor Murray, republicans, pulled through.
The remainder of the county ticket is made
up Irom the democratic ranks, who were able
to wedge in, moat of them by narrow plural
ities, by the universal straigbtnesa of theii
own tickets, the vote* of scratching repub
licans and the Hocking of the great majority
of former populists to their standard.
The interest manifested in the election was
intouse, as was manifested by the vote, &742,
aginst 4f>72 in 1898 Partisan spirit ran
especially high on the county ticket, where
the fight was so close as to take the official
count to decide it.
Total Vote and Pluralities of All
The I'llici.il canvassing hoard, made up of
Prosecuting Attorney Iniuan, Auditor Corner
anil Chairman of Commissioners Willard
completed the official, just before midnight
Friday. The result follows--the column of
fijrnn s mi the ri^'lit being pluralitiea:
Presidential Electors.
lveinililii-iui Saniut'l (i Cocgrove. 2366
Republican—Frank W Hastings.. .2322
Republican Charles Sweeny 2320
Republican- John Boyd 2321
Democrat—N < J Blalock 282<i 4f>o
Democrat—Ueor^e F Cotterill 271H) 424
Democrat—Joseph G Beim 271*7 481
Democrat J'reii Reeyea 2784 41s
Prohibition -FLGwinn. ISO
Prohibition — G W Plummer ltHj
Prohibition—H 1) Skinner 160
Prohibition—H H Brown 163
Socialist Labor —H X Coolsoo M 7
Socialist Labor- J B Schaible 31
Socialist Labor—L S ThaHheimer... 32
Socialist Labor— L A Tennery 32
Social Democratic—Henry Wieck . 15(5
Social Democratic —Ij Thompson. 151
Socia! Democratic- Walter (Jrigg's.. 159
Social Democratic -A G Seibert . 150
Representatives in Congress.
Republican— Frauds \V Cushman 2;i;">s
Kepublicao Wesley L Jones 2344
l)t nocrat—F C Robertson 2736 :>77
Democrat J T Ronald 270") M 47
Prohibition —Gray Possoo 180
Prohibition —.1 A Adams l~i>
Socialist Labor -Walter Walker 45
Socialist Labor —Christian F Larsen 44
Social Democratic William Hogan 14'.t
Social Democratic—Hermon V Titus 14t>
Judges of the Supreme Court.
(Full Term.)
Republican Wallace Mount., 2390
Republican RO I »unbar 2;i7»>
Democrat— £ C Million 207.) 28!»
Democrat —Richard Winaor 2ti44 254
Prohibition— Kverett Smith.... ... 188
Socialist Labor—Thomas Young- f><>
Socialist Labor -Frank Martin.... 53
Social Democratic D M An^us.. 149
Social Democratic—,l H May 150
Judge of the Supreme Court
(I'nexpireci term of Merritt J Gordon.)
Democrat -William H White .... 27!il
Republican—J M Frink 2060
Democrat —John R Rogers 3123 1003
Prohibition—X E Dunlap. 170
Socialist Laboi — Win ftfcCormick. .. 58
Social Democratic -W C Randolph 111
Lieutenant Governor.
Republican—Henry Mcßride 2195
Democrat William E McCroakey 2897 702
Prohibition—C I Hall 1M
Socialist Labor -Matt Matron .... 50
Social Democratic—E S Heinert 138
Secretary of State.
Republican—Sam H Nichols 2317
Democrat James Brady 2089 37">
Prohibition J W McCoy 211
Socialist Labor— William J Hnag. .. 53
Social Democratic-.lames H Roes.. Iti4
State Treasurer.
Republican—o W Mayuanl 2.".47
Democrat—\\ X Runner 2712 365
Prohibition—C C liridley 89
Socialist Labor—Eric Norling 4t;
Social Democratic—.l J Fraser 100
State Auditor.
Republican- John 1> Atkinson. .2303
Democrat—L J Silvertootn 2052 37.i
Prohibition A W Steers igj '■'
Socialist Labor—F B Graves ...... ;,t;
Social Democratic- ChasS Wallace! 100
Attorney General
Republican—W 13 Stratum 2328
Democrat— Thomas M Vance 2589 201
Prohibition -Ovid A Byers.... 2i3
Socialist Labor—John Ellia ' "50
Bodal Democratic—D VY Phippa 172
Superintendent of Public Instruc
Republican R B Bryan 55339
Dwnocnt -FrankJ Btowne. ..... 2711 372
Prohibition—A H Sherwood 193 '"
SKiahst Labor—Raymond Bland " 48
bocul Democratic—3 A KingsburyV. 150
Commissioner of Public Lands
Republican -Stephen A Callvert 2321
Democrat- () R Holcomb 0717 .» qr
Prohibition - J i 1 McKinley 904
godaliat Lab. ,r—W L N00n...."" 4*5
Social Democratic J S Austin . 153
State Senator-Sixth District
Republican -Be■ ma Westaoott 131 3
Democrat—L C Crow "i«m in
People'i Party-J amei Walters.'... .214
Representatives- Sixth District
RnpohHcaii—E X Smith.. 1913
Republican A W lVrlev i?'»r
Demucrat-C W \\ aten .'. JiS lan
Damoent-T C Mile, |£s J59
Peoples Party-I) B Conrad" 130
People s Party- D F Kavens ... \yj
Representatives - Seventh District
Republican—Wilford Allen 1130
Republican- E J Durham 11^0 m
Democrat -G \V Barkhutf. " liio ,«:
] >emocrat- G P Libby .' .'' ' [^-. X 4
People's Party JH St Lawrence 213
People'? Party—J B Hicks fo,' ;
Judge of the Superior Court.
Republican - W J Bryant 2125
Democrat -S J Chadwick 2366 -'40
People's Party—William McDonald. 1025
County Sheriff.
Republican— Joseph Canott .. 2.">49
Democrat—James B Mackay ,2781 182
People's Party—R.bert E Matlock.. 211
County Clerk.
Republican \V W Renfrew 2010 72'
Democrat Walter Savage . .. . '_'. r\-iS
People's Party y(- Doremos 242
County Auditor.
Bepablicaa—John X Corner 2515
Demo .rat—C U Raby . 2"59 74
People's Party Mark Davw. . 290
County Treasurer.
Republican—W J Windus .. 2H77 203
Democrat —I'M Byrne 2474
People's Party C X Willoughby 244
County Prosecuting Attorney.
Republican A A \\ ileon 2470
Democrat—R J Xeergaard.. ... 2614 144
People's Party—V E Bull 819
County Assessor.
Republican—S B Siler 2498
Democrat -R H Duff . 2f>3'.i (j
Peoples Party—W T Walker 348
Superintendent of Schools.
Republican -S C Roberts „ 2437
Democrat—S M McCroskey *21»20 488
County Surveyor.
Republican E C Murray 2588 78
Democrat—O H Horton 2510
Pe. ■[lie's Party—Harmon Scott . 204
Republican—D B Crawford 2408
Democrat -W A Mitchell 2683 275
People's Party—John Baoh 2M',
County Commissioners — Second
Republican—l X Luce 23M
Democrat—J S Klemgar.i 2748 415
People* Party—Dr A Ho'/.er .. .. 21:;
County Commissioners Third Dis
Rt-tmblicun—William Huntley.. . 2291*
Democrat-CN Hinchliff 2< > 7;5 .174
Peoples Party—C E Hunton 201
Only Excitement Was in the Chal
lenges Made.
Election day at Colfax wan quiet gon
erally, but spiced for an hour or two
after the first opening of the polls with a
small democratic incident which lost to
that party a uumberof votes for various
Some time previoue to election day
tht: democrats hud scoured through the
registration lists to fiud tome email pie
text upon which republican votes might
be barred or republican precincts thrown
out because of small irregularities.
Deputy City Marshal Weinberg, who
in the event of Mackaj'a election as
sheriff is to be chief deputy, took a prom
inent position, with bis official n)ar
Hhining. and bpp:an challenging a nurabt-r
of old-timers like Rev. H. P. JatneH,
Oliver Hull, Thow. Baker aud others,
alleging improper registration, in that
they had not personally signed the
registration roll, but that their names
had been written in by City Clerk Ale-
Cord. Each man challenged Bwore in
hia vote, and then democratic threats
were made that the precinct would be
thrown out.
Made Republican Votes.
This technical nction on the part of
the wiee democratic munagement stirred
up h hornets nest about the democratic
ears which was unlooked for. A number
of republicans who had expected to split
their tickets in favor of one or more
democratic candidates changed their
minds and shoved in their tickets
straight; while a( least a few democratic
voters turned in republican tickets. Dem
ocrats in the crowd became alarmed and
attempted to pull Weiuberg from his
perch, but it was two hours before his
brethren could persuade him to come
The second ward cast a heavy vote,
with a republican lead of about 40. On
McKinley elector* the vote was 140 for
the highest and 136 for the lowest. On
Bryan electors 99 arid *.»7. The only de
parture from this on state officers was
for governor, Frink falling to ]22 and
Rogers climbing to 120, a great cut on
the republican candidate.
On the county ticket Bryant for judge
took 11* and Chadwick \)\) On sheriff,
Canntt 140, Mackay 117. Windue and
Murray, for surveyor, ran highest, I<>7
for Wind as, 82 for Byrne; 107 for Mur
ray, HA i<.r Morton.
The First ward pave 9.*J highest for
McKinley and 61 for Bryan. Frink took
but 7<» to 7!) for Rogers. Renfrew for
clerk got the highest vote, 110, Savage
49. Two socialist votes were cast.
In the Third ward (51 was highest
McKinley and f>:s for Bryan. The re
publican congressmen had 56 each and
the democratic 53 straight. Bryant
polled r>7, Chadwick 45 and McDonald
12 for judge. Canntt had 58 and Mackay
■r>;"».^ The highest was Wiudus, with 62.
The change in the three cirv wards
between Canutt and Mackay for sheriff,
over the result when they ran two years
ago was more than reversed. Two 3ears
ago Mackay left the town with 75 ahead.
This year Canutt took 77 the best of it.
Bryant led Chadwick out of the city
with 01 and McDonald's vote was too
Hinall to be reported in the official bulle
tins He had 12 in the Third ward and
23 in the First.
Our Apples at Paris.
The apples from the orchard of Col.
Iv F. Babcock, near Walla Walla, that
were sent to the I'nris exposition, re
ceived the tirwt prize and were honored
with a gold mtdal and a diploma. So
reports (J. I). Bracket who was seat to
Paris by the department of agriculture
at Washington. Col. Babcoek's apples
comprised 55 varieties and were mostly
from trees that bore fruit for the first
time this year and were set out in 1897.
Evidently Washington produces the
finest apples in the world.
South AVitli the Birds
Mr. and Mrs. Phil Wiiman left Turs
day nipht for Oregon and California
points to spend four months of winter
weather. They will visit for a week or
two at Willamette valley points, and
will then go to St Helena, California.
They will visit there for several weeks
with their daughter, Mrs. ,). jS. Noble,
and will then co to Sauta Cruz and
other points on the south coast, where
they will remain nntil spring.
Hung Mr. Hanger Up.
H Hanger was caught at Tekoa a few
days ago trafficking iv red liquor among
the red men of the Coeur d'Alene reserve.
At a preliminary hearing before a justice
of the peace Mr. Hanger wan held, under
J2OO bonds, to assist at a sitting of a
Imted States grand jury. Assistant
lrosecutor Roberts appeared in behalf
of the people.
Anti-Trust Suit Ends.
Waco, Tex., Nov. 5-The Bait of the
state of Texas against the Waters-Pierce
*i ro'iWF fur,| )enalt'^ amountiDg to
eiOO.UOO for alleged violation of the
anti-trust law of 1899, ended today in
lavor of the company.
Washington Republicans Won
All But the Governor.
McKlnle>e Victory May Roach 15.-
OOO—The Congressmen Have
7000 to 10.000.
Latest returns from the state of Washing.
ton show a splendid victory for the republi
can national ticket, aud also for the entire
state and congressional tickets, with the single
exception of governor. Rogers will apparent
ly defeat Frink by 1200 to 1500. McKinlny
carries the utate by 12,000 to 15,000. Con
gressman Jones has a p'uralty of at least 10 -
000 and Cushman of 7000.
Frink's own county of King gave to Reg«rs
a lead of 271, and the eastern counties brought
to him more than 5000.
Chairman Schively of the republican state
committee still claims Frink has votes enough
to elect him, but gives no figures to sustain
his contention.
The legislature is safely republican.
Without Kentucky McKinley Will
Have 295.
New York, Nov. 8 —As a result of messages
received at national headquarters today by
National Coinmittceinan J. H. Mauley and
N. B. Scott from doubtful points, Mr. Man
ley thin afternoon gave out the following
"Full returns today leave the situation as it
was yesterday. We have carried every north
ern state but Colorado, Nevada and Montana.
We have carried Kentucky, Maryland, Dela"
waro and West Virginia. As we predicted
during the entire campaign, they are attempt
ing to rob us of the electoral votes in Ken
tacky under the power of the Goebel 1 ,w, If
they succeed we shall have 295 electoral votes.
Our candidate for governor wires that we have
carried Kentucky for the electoral ticket and
elected him by over 7000 majority The time
has come when the American people ought to
insist, at whatever cost, that the votes shall
be counted as they were honestly cast.'"
Republicans Claim Nebraska
Lincoln, Neb , Nov. B.—The State J-.urnal
ha* complete returns on president from 7(i of
the. 90 counties in the state. Careful estimates
on the remaining 14 show that McKinley has
carried the state by 7885 Deitrich gets 692
votes ahead of Poynter, fusion candidate fur
governor, in this estimate. The remaining
counties should increase the lead, but a*
Ueitrich has run behind McKinley the result
is doubtful.
The populist state committee claims Poyn
ter'ti emotion by 1500. So close is the legisla
ture that the orficinl count for 12 members
from Douglas county (Oniahu) may he neces-
Hary to decide.
J. S. Keeuey represented the Pullman
poultry fanciers in a meeting held in Col
fax last Saturday, at which the Pullman
and Coltaz associations were combined
at the Whitman County Poultry Asso
ciation, says the Pullman Herald. The of
ficers elected for the year were 0. L. Wal
ler, president; O.L.Kennedy, vice president
A. C. Batcher, secretary; J. M. Palmer
ton, assistant secretary; T T. Davis,
treasurer. The executive board consists
of the president nnd secretary and
Messrs. S. Manning, J. B. Kerr, and J.
S. Keeney. The object of the organiza
tion is to encourage the breeding of
fancy poultry and pet stock, and to holt]
an annual poultry show, the first show
to be held in Pullman this coming win
ter, the dates set being January 2.'M to
26th. After this winter the show will be
held alternately at Pullman and Tolfax.
Under this arrangement greater interest
is cure to be manifested by the yearly
exhibitions, and they will certainly be
more successful than if each town at
tempted to conduct a show of its own.
It is confidently expected that not less
than 1000 birds will be exhibited in the
show here this winter.
Nearly Two Thousand Dollars.
The hospital fuir proved a grand
financial HucceHH, realizing $1,785, far
surpassing any previous records. The
The Astern of the hospital extend their
cordial thanks to the benevolent people
of Colfax and surrounding country for
the sincere appreciation of their humble
work; and special thanks to the (Jazette,
which has been greatly instrumental in
furthering the success of their enterprise.
It is sincerely to be hoped that the
Catholic people will return the favors so
generously conferred. Following is a
list of prize winners:
Enameled bedstead, H P. Sehreiber; exten
sion table, Henry Deegan; Turkish couch, M.
E. Schreck; carnage rube, Irene Callison;
heating stove, James Egan; 11 vol's Ameri
can literature, (J. W. Hes-s drill seeder, Hen
ry Bosh; one pig, H. M. Reeder; dining
chairs, 0. N. Hinchcliff; 3 cords of wood, T
D. Hull; album, Florence Codd; Duffy Shoe
Co.,shoe?,o. Underwood; Smyrna rug, Francis
Basserly; barrel of flour, Lizzie Boers; ailk
waist, Lee How; arm chair, N. Codd: ladies'
cape, B. Champlin; pants pattern, W. Codd;
doll cab, Ed. Dunn; silk embroidered cushion,
Fred Brown; gold watch, G. Williams, eight
day clock, Marie Green; calf, Mrs. Green:
crumb cloth, A. Coolidge; hunting scene, Jas
Deviue; silk bkirt, Anna Harter; embroidered
linen cushion, Mary Conyard; silk uu^brella,
N. Whealen; rose pillow, Geo. Ripley; satin
sofa cushion, Ella Guessner; barrel of flour,
J. S. Woods; pillow shams, Mrs. W. Codd;
comforter and blankets, Maggie Codd; paries
pictures, P. Codd; three pieces embroidery,
Mrs. S. Bentou, John Whealen, Mrs. Con
yard; handsome doll, N. N. Carroll; pastor's
photo', Val. Hofer; lunch cloth, H. Bram
well; comfort. E. Foland; pair of pillows J
W. Richards.'
"I have used Chamberlain's Colic,
Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy and find
it to be a great medicine," says Mr. E.
S. Phipps, of Poteau, Ark. "It cured
me of bloody flux. I cannot speak too
highly of it." This remedy always wins
the good opinion, it not praise, of those
who use it. The quick cures which it
effects even in the most severe eases
make it a favorite everywhere. For sale
by all druggists.
Mrs. Mary Kennel is now prepared to
do all kinds of dressmaking. Has a
forelady employed. Latest styles, fit
guaranteed, work done promptly and
prices to suit. Ou Mill street, back of
First National Bunk^
New dressmaking parlor opened first
house south of 0. R. ft N. freight depot.
Also plain sewing done o
Mrs. M. M. Donnelly, manager for the
Viavi remedies. Will mail a Health
Book on application o
Gunther's chocolates and bon bone
are a delicious candy. At The Klk
Drug Store.
Wanted—Girl for general housework.
Apply to Mrs.lvan Chase, South Co.fax,.
Subscribe for your periodicals through
Fiit Gazette ami save money.
Poultry Shows.
The farmers about Colton have a
large acreage of fall wheat Hown and
are just about ready for winter to come.
A large amount of hay in to be chipped
from Colton this fall. Fifty cars have
been ordered.
ThomnH Dwire of Cwlton and Miss
Mary Ferguson of New Haven, Conn ,
were married in Spokane last week.
Pullman Herald: Mrs. J. I) Layman
broke one of the houes in her right
wrist last night by falling on the nlip
pery walk near the old Eagle hotel build
ing. The wrist was also dislocated,
making quite a serious injury.
The I'alouse District Christian En
deavor I'nion held its annual conven
tion in Pullman on last Friday, Satur
day aud Sunday, says the Herald. On
Saturday afternoon the delegates to the
convention accepted the invitation of
President Bryan and visited the college
in a body.
W. M. Gribble of near Palouse sold a
1-year-old porker last week which
brought him over $19.
R. M. Callison and daughter, Mrs.
Etta Brouillard, have succeeded (leo.
Sheldon in the management of the Hotel
Palooae, at that town.
John W. Arrasmith, secretary of the
republican state central committee, re
turned home Sunday evening, after sev
eral weeks spent at the arduous duties of
a campaign secretary.
Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Winfree will leave
Colfax about the first of the year. Mr.
Winfree will locate at Spokane for the
practice of his profespion of the law.
Mrs. J. Hnmelton Patten and children
of Denver, Col., who have been guests of
Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Scriber for the past
two months, left for their home Tuesday.
Miss T. Anell, former proprietor of the
Colfax steam laundry, accompanied by
Mr. and Mrs. Victor Anderson, will leave
Saturday for Sweden.
H. G. Taylor, the Farmingtnn mill
man, spent Thursday in the city.
M. G. Debord of Col ton spent a few
days of the week at Colfax.
At the Baptist church Sunday Pastor
Collins will preach at 11 o'clock on the
subject of "The Rock in Horab," com
munion following; and in the evening
"The New Birth."
The subject for the Christian Science
lesson sermon for Nov. 11, ib: "Souland
body." Golden text: We are confident,
I say, aud willing rather to be absent
from the body, and to be present with
the Lord; 2 Cor. o:8. Responsive read
ing, Isaiah 58, 3, ")-14. AH are welcome.
Seryices at the United PreebyteriaD
church as usual next Sabbath. Preach
ing by the pastor, Rev. William W. Reid,
both morning and evening. Morning
topic: "The Second Word of the Coven
Rev Dr. G. M. Booth will preach next
Sunday morning and evening at the
Methodist Episcopal church.
Lind, Wash., October 27, Rudolph L.
Pfiel of Pullman to MisH Martha Whit
comb of Lind.
Sun Francisco, October 27, Le Grande
Spaolding of Pullman to Miss Adelaide
Tekoa, November 1, Robert Martin
and Miss Maud McClintock.
Twelve miles south of Pullman, Octo
ber 30, suddenly from heart disease,
Patrick Manniug, a pioneer farmer. He
left no family.
* Colfax, November 5, to Mr. and Mrs.
N. L. Manela, a son.
Mrs. A. J. Davis entertained a party
of ladies at luncheon, at her beautiful
home, Bryn Mawr, Saturday. During
the afternoon a musical guessing con
test was participated in, in which Mrs.
H. J. Wilcox was the winner. Mrs.
Davis was assisted by Misses Jessie
Fretz, Lulu Carter, Margaret Davis,
Minnie Stephens, Goldie Amos and
Stella Dumdi.
To remove a troublesome corn or
bunion: First soak the corn or bunion
in warm water to soften it; then pare it
down as closely as possible without
drawing blood and apply Chamberlain's
Pain Balm twice daily; rubbing vigor
ously for five minutes at each applica
tion. A corn plaster should be worn for
a few days, to protect it from the shoe.
As a general liniment forsprains,bruiseß,
lameness and rheumatism, Pain Balm is
unequaled. For sale by all druggists.
Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets.
AH druggists refund the money if it fails
to cure E. W. Grove's signature is on
each box. Price 25 cents.
For Sale.
A 7-room bouse and lot 100 feet
square, in South Colfax, on flat. Will
be sold cheap if taken at once. W. 0.
Carley, at Carley Bros. Foundry.
Just received, a fresh shipment of
Gunther's fine candies; assorted choco
late, bonbons, etc., at The Elk Drug
Store o
If you have lands to sell of any de
scription, list them with Eacho, Larue
& Co., who will advertise and find you
Write Dan Morgan for cheap farm
loans, Oakesdale, Washington o
Call on H. W. Gofp tor Insurance.
ter to deliver and collect in Washington for old
established manufacturing wholesale house.
|900 a year, sure pay. Honesty more than ex
perience required. Our reference, any bank in
any city. Enclose self-addressed stamped en
velope. Manufacturers, Third Floor, 334 Dear
born St , Chicago*
Sells the Beat
Pumps and Windmills
in the Palouse Country.
See him before buying.
Cleansei and beautifies the hair.
Promotes a luxuriant growth.
Never Fails to Restore Gray-
Hair to itß Youthful Color.
Prevents Dandruff and hair tailing.
(s "S x) I TS'K^ V"^ 7 ill'
k,^|lll|j^*l|- wli Greatest
;lpp^i^ Clothing
Price, $4.00, §4.50, $5.00 and 06.00.
A reversible fancy Bilk vest, one side Kindle breanted, the other Hide <l<«ul>l*>
breanted; each side of different material and difforent pattern—one quiet and Hub
dued, the other in brighter .olora. COUPLES VARIETY WITH ECONOMY.
The quiet side for semi-dress—for calling or church. The brighter pattern for
gay or festive affairs. Hither side for general wear. Popular with dressy men.
Come in and see them. Samples of cloth mailed on application.
Money back if goods are not satisfactory.
The Place to Save Money.
The Colfax Implement Company
Desire to announce that in addition to
their well-known lines of goods they
are now carrying in stock the
Flying Dutchman Gang
Monitor Double Disc Drills
Bain Wagons, and Racine Wagon
& Carriage Co.'s Hacks and Buggies
November 1, 1900.
CHASF & WE AllE agents fok
I"1 A I fiHfcU AeJ Famous Boston Coffees.
Of fl I \ k| I Standards of quality. Roasted on day of ship-
I#"T"* "^■■^ll« ment and universally accepted as the hading fine
W^^ ssE^gs^ * coffee of the world. Packed in one and two
"tuTT-i»—..^.iiJ-fJ pound air tight tin cans, also bulk goods. The
i ~±VjfffiWj^fi* superiority of these coffees secured the world's
{jTf^^SJ*ytVv^ fair contract. Try them anH I onvinci-.i.
3_sl Sweet Cider Schepp Pudding (Jooda
fariVattpSal Sour Kraut Fancy Cakea and Wafers
*^S4jEJlsl3 J Sour Pickles Buckwheat Flour
k^ttimsraißßanKiJ Sweet Pickles Mush Cereals
i^HASE&SANBORN, 1 - Bulk Olives Pure Maple Sao
JHU Seeded Raisins Fine Candy and Oranges
■ r J^ Kxtra Cleaned Currants
BJlPB"! B| We want all your Turkeys before holidays at
KOKKHI HB §P ■ highest cash price, or 2 cents per pound over th«
"9fj^ fl market price in merchandise.
1 w I C PE— O U Ph.me Main XL COLFAX, WASH.
Hotel ColfaX, J- D- Ha^ Proprietor.
The Leading Hotel in the City.
All Modern Conveniences. Free Sample Rooms for
Lighted by Electrricity. • Commercial Men.
Hotel Cafe and First Class Bar in connection.
Modem Warehouse Elevator Co. WRB&
fhe engine is from 15 to 20 cents per full day. Vhy buy a wtodSS?"mm&ksS^S o£2^ *
Main Street, Opposite School House. COLKAX, WASHINGTON
Can fill all orders for Wood on short notice.
Best Grade $2.25, Buckskin $2.00 per cord, by carload
SllhsPTlbP f°r yOUr Ma Sazines and Newspapers through The
Muuouum; Gazette and save money.
at the home of
Thursday, Nov. 15.
To be sold:
10 head of work horses, 6 to 8 years old,
weighing from 1200 to 1400 pounds.
3 3J wagons, stake racks.
8 sets harness.
1 hack, new, and hack harness.
2 14-inch gang plows
2 14-foot No. 2 Hodge headers.
8 header boxes.
1 water tank and pump complete.
Singletrees, doubletrees, and other articles
too numerous to mention.
Other horses and harness will be Bold on
same day.
Terms: Time will be given to November
1, 1901. Amounts of $10 or less to be cash.
H. MITCHELL, Auctioneer.
has just received a nice line of
Chamber Suits
Clieffoniers and
Side Boards
Also a good line of
Stoves and Kanges
Which will be Bold at Greatly Reduced
,#t| SALE
l"*^^^ "^Bl^Jof 75 thoroughbred,
\«Vr V-" ■"'£?/£/ hlKh scoring White Ply.
X®&**is*rd7£/ mouth Rock Chickena,
K^sS^*y at 81 50 each
If you wish to Advertise
In Newspapers .. .
call on or write
E.C.Dake's Advertising Agcy.
64-65 Merchant's Exchange,
San Francisco, Calif.
Office boy; must vrite
a good hand. Apply by
letter in cwn hand-writ
Deming Investnent Co.
Is read by people whom
the advertiser desires to
reach with hia announce

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