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Established, 1877. Entered at the poßtoffice at
Colfax as second claw matter.
Six Months, postage paid One Dollar
One Year, postage paid. Two Dollars
Twenty-five per oent discount for
advance payment.
O. H. & N. Time Card.
-To Spokane ."1:45 a.m. :5:02 p.m.
To Portland 10:45 a in. 7:10 p. m.
From M<MCOW i): 00 am. 2:10 p.m.
To Moscow !ISoa.m. 7:40 p.m.
Stages* lieave Colfax For
Almota Mob., Wed., Fri., 7:00 a.m.
Ponawawa Tup., Thur., Sat, 7:00 a.m.
Thornton Tne., Tliur., Sat., 7:00 a.m.
Ilnve yon (earned when' the demo
cratic clHim of 1500 to 2500 majority
in Whitman county went to?
"What a full there whh, my country
men," when the tasionirta counted their
MBgranioßal figuriH iti Washington.
When Hryan voted the Associated
Press had aevea or eight representatives
present to tell how he winked and how
many times. It in Homethinic to be a
grt-Jtt man.
Enough returns from the congression
al districts have been received to insure
the republican! the control of the lower
noose <>f congress an(l th* reelection of
Speaker Henderson.
Idaho reports seem to favor Hryan
carrying the state, but by small ma
jority. This is not so awfully bad, when
it is remembered that in 1896 McKinley
carried only a little over 0,000 votes in
the state.
I)oph anyone know what has become
of those democratic claims of New York,
Indiana, West \ irgiuia, Maryland, Ohio,
Minnesota, Michicao, Wisconsiu, Illinois,
North Dakota, California and Washing
ton? The democrats are great claimers,
but mighty poor takers.
Even «t S o'clock at night in New-
York Croker, Bryan's Tammany
prophet, still persisted in predicting
Bryan's election. ThiH it* entirely in
keeping with democratic election pro
clivities. To claim everything, even
when all hopes have faded, is entirely
The Whitman county vote wan light,
little in excess of the small one of 1898.
This shows many former populists still
irrecODeiled to the "ways that are dark
and the tricks that are vain" of democ
racy. They could not bring themselves
to vote the republican ticket, but there
are hope* for them in the future.
Perhaps now the democratic party
will discard its agitators and Hocial iu
eemliariert aud get <>v rational ground
again. It has had two smashing de
feats with the Hryan experiment. There
wan a '"first battle," and there has been
a second. Hut there will hardly be a
third, of thin character, says the Ore
No Blatter if part of the hotly con
tested county election has gone against
it, The Gazette does not take a tit of
sulks. The small favors awarded on the
outside are gratefully accepted, and the
enemy in the next battle will be met
with the same charity and forbearance
as have those who laid on the gentle
lash Tuesday between sunrise and the
dark hour of seven o'clock in the
Concentratiou of democratic effort on
Rogers iv the state and Chndwick iv the
county elected then. This should be a
warning to republicans in the future not
to be gulled into scratchiug their own
ticket on the specious pleas so diligently
laid before them. The county and the
state are surely republican and it ie not
creditable to throw down our owu good
men to satisfy the official cravings of
two or three democrats, some of them
of populistic taint.
The result of Tuesday's content
throughout the union is gratifying in
the extreme to The Gazette and to re
publieaus generally. Though we may
have loHt the governor through a mis
taken idea among the people that
Rogers had been a good one, the Htate
results are undoubtedly republican in all
other instances while the state hae gone
probably 5000 to McKinley. Both re
pabKcan congressmen are certainly
elected. While a few county officers have
been no doubt lost to us, the result in
the county as a whole is a republican
victory, notwithstanding the combina
tions made iv favor of two or three
democratic candidates.
The exigencies, the trials and the
labors of the hard fought political cam
paign are over. It tanowagood time
to forget and forgive political differences
of every character, large or small, and
buckle id for the advancement of Colfax,
the l'alouse ronntry and its dozen of
tarivirvgtowne. In doing: so we will ad
vam-e in a material way our own welfare
and leave sues a heritage to our chil
dr.u aa our fathers and mothers left to
ue. Put in a t.pnre moment or two if
you ,an-and you can if Juu
talking and working f ur the betterment
for the upbuilding, of the fair country
and town in which yon have caßt •
lot. The few moments or few hours
thus spent will uot be wasted. You will
be the happier and probably the richer
in this world* goods by doing 8O; you
will certainly be richer in all the self re
Bpecting qualities which go to make ud
good citizenship.
"V.-ni, Vidi, Vici.'»
British sporting papers have been In
clined to sneer in days gone by over
the track and field records claimed to
have been made in America. But they
are not likely to do so hereafter. Ca)
sar's famous dispatch frum Asia Minor
might well have been sent to America
by our victorious athletes after the re
cent championship games in London.
As was expected, the events captured
by our men consisted of short distance
races and tield contests, while the Eng
lishmen upheld their traditional su
premacy at long distance running,
where great stamina is required. We
had athletes there who hold records at
lung distances as good as or better than
the Britishers, but for some reason the
climate always seems to affect them
when they run more than a mile or so
in that humid atmosphere.
All but one or two of our point win
ners were- born and bred on this side of
the ocean, and most of them were
trained at college. Of course the most
sensational performer was the gretit
Pennsylvania jumper and hurdler
Kraenzlein, whose methods over the
sticks were a revelation to the English
athletes. Had Kraenzlein entered the
100 yard event he would probably have
won that also, for he easily defeated
Jarvis, the second man, a short while
before they left our shores, while the
Princeton flier was only beaten by a
few Inches by Duffy, the winner of the
event at the English races.
The fact that the Britishers did not
make the excuse that almost all their
good men were in South Africa shows
a sportsmanlike feeling. At the same
time it may be remarked that had all
the best men that Great Britain could
muster beeu arrayed against our cracks
it Is doubtful if the results would have
been changed very much, for the ma
jority of our point winners were head
and shoulders above all rivals.
The Right Sort of Judge.
There has been quite too common
practice In the courts of some sections
of making the road to divorce as easy
as possible and of occasionally strain
ing a point in favor of the petitioner.
It is therefore gratifying to note that
there are judges in such cases who ad
here to a strict interpretation of the
law and by their rulings discourage
rather than encourage the severance of
the matrimonial bond.
An interesting case In point has late
ly occurred in Kansas. Mrs. Emma
Collins was granted a divorce by Judge
Simmons at Fort Scott. The following
day she marriqd J. H. Johnson of Jop
lin, Mo. The judge, learning of her
Intentions, wired her a warning that if
she married so soon after being divorc
ed he would set aside the decree. The
wedding, however, occurred, and the
judge made good his warning, prompt
ly annulling his former order, although
the young woman's friends exerted ev
ery possible Influence to mollify the
inexorable jurist. Judge Simmons used
some very pertinent and pointed
phrases In the judicial scoring he ad
ministered to the delinquent which are
worth printing:
Your method of transacting business was too
swift for me. At the moment the court was Beri
ously engaged in the unpleasant duty of severing
your marriage relations with one man you were
spreading the feast for a wedding to another. Our
statute expressly stipulates that the decree does
not become absolute until six months after its
rendition. You made use of the statutes of Kan
sas to obtain a divorce, and then in utter disre
gard of those statutes you married in Missouri.
Duty requires that such an example be set in
your case that otßers may be deterred from fol
lowing your example. I do not intend to adver
ti>o the Sixth judicial district of Kajisas aa a
dumping ground for domestic infelicities of mat
rimonial adventurers.
This Fort Scott judge is to be ap
plauded for his action in refusing to
permit his court to be the sport of any
such jugglery, and it is to be hoped
that some other jurists whose attention
may be called to the case will see les
sons In it. If the method he employed,
which was clearly within the law, shall
serve to cast merited obloquy on the
practice which he rebuked, It will be a
distinct step toward discouraging such
Improprieties. If a few more judges
would do the same thing, there would
perhaps be fewer of those discreditable
instances where "the funeral (divorce)
baked meats did coldly furnish forth
the marriage tables."
Now and then the clever little
schemes to get the best of Uncle Sain
are frustrated. It has been the more
or less prevalent practice of people go-
Ing abroad to club together and pur
chase one ticket for the whole party
Instead of a ticket for each individual,
thus avoiding the payment of the $5
tax intended to be levied on each of
them. The internal revenue depart
ment has lately issued an order requir
ing a separate ticket for each passen
ger and stamps to correspond. If this
is the obvious meaning and intent of
the law, why was a breach of it ever
permitted at all? Certainly those who
can afford to go abroad can afford to
pay the war taxes quite as well aa
those who stay at home. At any rat«
this sort of cheating the government
and evading its laws Is pretty small
waiter Jones, the comedian, an
nounced with much positiveness that
he -was goiug to marry a certain young |
woman. The young woman in questiori
announces not less positively that she j
Is not goiuij to become his wife. The '
incident illustrates the fact that it is a I
wise man who can accurately forecast
his mstrimouiel .♦«\\*h. I
"Chickens Come Home to Roost."
Not a little amazement Is expressed
at the growth of .the Chinese military
establishment since the war with Ja
pan. The Celestials did not accomplish
this unaided. It was mainly the work
of the European powers, who scram
bled over each other in their efforts to
modernize the Chinese soldiery. They
detailed skillful officers, who carefully
drilled the apt orientals in the business
of scientific warfare. Enterprising Eu
ropean manufacturers eagerly supplied
vast quantities of Mausers, Krupps and
Maxims to the dowager empress' gov
ernment, and thus the whites in every
way facilitated John Chinaman's prep
aration to slaughter and exterminate
the Caucasians sojourning within the
Middle Kingdom. Doubtless but for
this Admiral Seymour would have been
able to have reached Peking in time to
save the thousand Europeans and
Americans from a fearful fate. It is
likely also that if Germany had not
sent General yon Henneken to drill the
Chinese troops Minister yon Ketteler
would have been alive today.
It would seem to be an opportune
time for the powers to unite In a pact
to be enforced by rigorous penalties to
prevent once for all the supplying of
lighting paraphernalia and tuition to
nations and peoples who disregard the
rules of civilized warfare and who In
dulge in the inhuman treatment of cap
tives. Such a consummation may sound
like an iridescent dream, for the inter
national jealousies and the avarice of
arms manufacturers make such a proj
ect most difficult if not altogether im
possible, but so long as the more civi
lized nations continue to furnish in
struction and munitions of war to the
less civilized it may be expected that
the latter will some time turn them
with deadly effect upon the former.
There is an old and homely saying that
"chickens come home to roost."
The experience of the lately besieged
towns of Klmberiey, Ladysmlth and
Mafeking brings again into prominence
the old question of the healthfulness if
not the palatabllity of horseflesh. At
each of these places it became neces
sary before relief came to indulge to a
considerable extent In the flesh of
horses and also of mules to sustain life.
It is the testimony of those besieged at
Mafeking that they found horseflesh
both healthful and palatable. Hunger,
as every one knows, makes a piquant
sauce for almost anything, which may
have had something to do with the
proposition. It is difiicult to under
stand, however, why horse meat should
be objectionable at any time or place.
We eat readily the flesh of swine,
which wallow in filth and feed on vile
refuse, and regard ducks, which are
anything but cleanly in their diet, as a
delicacy. Why should we object to the
flesh of the horse, which is one of the
cleanest and most daintily feeding of
animals V
An example of women's activity well
directed iv public affairs is shown Id
Ilealdsburg, Cal., which Is said to
have been almoirt completely trans
formed through the efforts of the La
dies' Improvement club of that town
since last September. They have by
their active influence and organized la
bors procured for the town a municipal
water system, a municipal electric light
plant, comfortable seats in the park, au
Intelligent name system for the streets,
signboards with names at all corners
and a drinking fountain costing $GOO.
These are all improvements which the
men folks had talked about for years,
but their efforts were confined to talk.
The women accomplished them In a
few months without increased taxes,
except for the first two purposes
Life's a sack Race
To a sick man. He's hobbled, hamper
ed, handicapped by his sickness. Every
little while he has to lay oil for a day.
jggg^ He can't get
W&%{?\ ahead. Every
i% -7?& body passes hitrj
V. £s) in the struggle
J^?hr-d f°r success. If
/*s/\\X\ sickness origi
/// / \* \ nates in a dis
/' i \ eased condition
/ ' » I°f the stomach
/ j fk ij| [ (and most sick
\ I \\\ I I ne3S does) there's
\ A V /a cure for it. Dr.
A I V \l Pierce>s Golden
> I >\ \ \f Medical Discov-
I x \ l er^ *s no* a cure"
W \ X\ \ all, but a mcdi-
N. I \^ \ cine specially de
) ,. — * signed to cure
*" S^/ A diseases of the
l^"^ / ati stomach and or
ts^^^ £/ I gans of digestion
v rf I and nutrition. It
< ■"■a^ . / cu«es many forms
r2&L w W I of disease, because
man-v forms. of
\ml<^j N disease originate
/ t^*"-"^ f in a diseased con-
ditiou of the stom
ach and digestive and nutritive system.
"I write to tell you of the great benefit I have
received from the use of Dr. Pierces Golden
Medical Discovery," writes Mr. G. B. Bird,
of Byruside, Putnam County, Went Va. "It
cured me of a very bad case of indigestion
associated with torpid liver. Before I began
the use of ' Golden Medical Discovery ' I had
no appetite; could not sleep or work but very
Uttle. The little that I ate did not agree with
nve: bowels constipated, and life was a misery
to me. I wrote to Dr. Pierce, giving the symp
toms, and asked for advice. You advised me
to try the 'Golden Medical Discovery,' so I be
gan the use of it, and after taking four bottles
I felt so well that I went to work, but soon got
worse, so I ajjain began the use of it, and used
it about eight weeks longer, when I was per
manently cured. I took in all about twelve
bottles of the ' Discovery,' and some of Dr.
Piercc's Pleasant Pellets in connection with
the ' Discovery.'"
Dr. Pierces Pleasant Pellets keep the
bowels in healthy action.
In many respects Scrofula and Consumption are alike ; they develop from the same gen- M R rmimr* *-M£&
y^jfjpj^ eral causes, both are hereditary and dependent upon an impure and iin- gg W
A/ffimx^£. povished Mood supply. In < ,>nsumption the disease fastena itself upon *M
tiwdl ' fchWiL c unK s In Scrofula the glands of the neck and throat swell and suppurate, causing ugly running sores;
rj^T^^^iKßL the eyes are inflamed and weak ; there is an almost continual discharge from the ears, the limbs svnell,
flal^iv^^ bones ache, and white swelling is frequently a result, causing the diseased bones to work out through
fgaSl EM) tne skin, producing indescribable pain and suffering. Cutting away a sore or diseased gland does no
f: sBS±/**& Jfl^=- B°°^ ! t!ie Wood is poisoned. The old scrofulous taint which has probably come down through several
generations has polluted every drop of blood.
Ww3SG2s#tliF^ Scrofula requires vigorous, persistent treatment. The blood must be brought back to a healthy
M^^^B^^-^? condition before the terrible disease can be stopped in its work of destruction. Mercury, potash and
-s*^»^^^?- sr other poisonous minerals usually given in such cases do more harm than good ; they ruin the digestion
J^_ and leave the system in a worse condition than before.
S. S. S. is the only medicine that can reach deep-seated blood troubles like Scrofula. It goes down to the very roots of
the disease and forces every vestige of poison out of the blood. S. S. S. is the only purely vegetable blood purifier known.
The roots and herbs from which it is made contain wonderful blood purifying properties, which no poison, however powerful, can
a^jmm / rr m mt v-m. rm.^*m.m l°ng resist. S. S. S. stimulates and purifies the blood, increases the
SA wE. ftw&, GHILD£%ENm aPP etite- aids the digestion and restores health and strength to the
enfeebled body. If you have reason to think you have Scrofula, or
your child has inherited any blood taint, don't wait for it to develop, but begin at once the use of S. S. S. It is a fine tonic and the
best blood purifier and blood builder known, as it contains no poisonous minerals. S. S. S. is pre-eminently a remedy for
children. *^k*»b.
When my daughter was an infant she had a severe case of Scrofula, for which she was underthe eon- MB Mf,
■tent care of physicians for more than two years. She was worse at the end of that time, however, and M^[^^B ■^^^^B
we almost despaired of her lite. A few bottles of Switts Specific cured her completely as it seemed to
go direct to the cause of the trouble. Ido not believe it hasau e.iual for stubborn cases of blood diseases Q^ JKfc. B^
which are beyond the power of other so-called blood remedies. S. I. Brooks, Monticello, Ga. w^^'^^^
Our medical department is in charge of experienced physicians who have made
Scrofula and other blood diseases a life study. Write them about your case, or any one • ! w9 9 I
you are interested in. Your letter will receive prompt and careful attention! We make
no charge whatever for this. Address, THE SWiFT SPECIFIC COMPANY. ATLANTA. GA.
Li Hung Chang, who has seen some
thing of the world, ought to know
what it means to be arrayed against it.
He appears to be about the only man
of influence in China who realizes tl«
peril of the Celestial empire, and he
has come to this realizing sense uon»
too soon.
When nearly a month ago Japan pro
posed to go in and settle the Chinese
difficulty, international jealousies stood
In the way of her doing so. Now when
the allied powers are apparently help
less they are willing for the Japanese
to take the brunt of the fight and re
lieve the intolerable situation. The
selfishness and distrust of the powers
may be found to have been responsible
for much of the bloodshed and disaster
In China when the true history of the
Incident is written.
There is a proposition to divide the
little (in population) state of Oregon
The great state of Texas has had the
privilege to do this ever since it was
admitted to statehood, but it shows no
disposition to avail itself of the oppor
tunity. There is a quite generally pre
vailing sentiment in favor of states re
taining the territorial form in which
they entered the Union.
It is now assorted that the Boers pro
pose to move en masse into Portuguese
territory. This would seem to Indicate
that they spoke truthfully when they
Informed John Hull that they might be
defeated, but not conquered.
What a fickle old world this is any
way! But a few weeks ago the contro
versy between the British and the
Boors iv youth Africa excited our keen
est interest. Now it is well nigh forgot
It is reported that two young and
venturesome heiresses recently ran a
train from Arkansas City to Oklahoma.
This, we may Infer, is proof that mon
ey makes other things than the mare
Beware of Ointments for Catarrh
that Contain Mercury
as mersury will surely destroy the sense of
smell and completely derange the whole sys
tem when entering it through the mucous sur
faces. Such articles should never be ued ex
cept on prescriptions from reputable physi
cians, as the damage they will do is ten fold to
the good you can possibly durive from them.
Hall's Catarrh Cure, manufactured by F. J.
Cheney & Co., Toledo, 0., contains no mer
cury, and is taken internally.acting directly
upon the blood and mucous surfaces of the
system. In buying Hall's Catarrh Cure be
sure you get the genuine. It is taken inter
nally, and made in Toledo, Ohio, by F, J.
Cheney & Co- Testimonials free.
Sold by Druggists, 7uc per bottle.
Hall's Family Pills are the best.
If you want Insurance, or a collection
promptly made, call on Eacho, Larue &
Co., the real estate hustlers*
Go to Hotel Hart, Winona, for good
treatment. First class hou*>e o
Call on H. W. Goff for Insurance.
Colfax College
Term Opens Sept. 26.
A High Grade Christian Home
School for Both Sexes. . . .
Preparatory Academic Normal and
Junior College Courses
Music and Art Departments
Able and Efficient Teachers
Terms moderate. For full information, call
on or address the president,
Rev. F. B. PACE,
Colfax, Wash.
Washington Market
I. B. HARRIS, Propr.
Fresh and Cured Meats,
Fish and Game in season.
There ia no doubt about the quality of the
meats sold from the blocks of this market—
it is the BEST.
The highest market price paid for cattle
and hides.
South Main Street, Colfax.
Buy Your Groceries
....OF ...
A.. E. Fouls,
All goods first class. Highest prices paid
for farm produce.
Don't make the mistake of employing a
bungtar or a burglar (a bungler is only a mod
ified form of a burglar, however innocent hie
intent) to do your plumbing. Go to a reliable
plumber, who employs capable, conscientious
workmen. Then notice the difference in bills
— both for the plumbing and of the doctor.
Hence: Go to
n 5 GLARI ii»> hm**-
Ui Hi UUUJLUILj s£^^£££:;££?
At Barroll & Mohney's Hardware Store.
You'll "Get the Laugh"
From those who receive your letters, unless
your stationery is of the right sort.
You can pet the right sort here, any time.
We keep posted on stationery styles, and
we'll be glad to post you.
CHAS. KENNEL. P. O. Store.
Dutch Ranch Butter
Home Made Bread
Full Cream 10-Pound Cheese
Home Made Jellies
Telephone Main 481. Main St., Colfax, Wash.
Squirrels Squirrels
Farmers, why let the squirrels
eat up your crop when you can
kill them with a
McDonald Squirrel Gun?
References —Washington Agricultural Col
lege, Pullman; University of Idaho, Moscow;
B. T. Byron. Moscow; Reed, Moscow; First
National Bank, Moscow; G. Horn, Oakesdale;
J R. Lee, Colfax.
Warranted, if directions are followed, or
money refunded, and $25 on the side to any
one proving differently.
G. E. HICKEY, Genl. Agent.
Box 426, Walla Walla, Wash.
Livery, Feed and Sale
Fine Turnouts of All Kinds
Best attention given to transient stock.
Horseß fed by the day or week.
Telephone Main 12.
You and your Horse
will be treated right at
Finest Turnouts in the city.
Teume and saddle horses by the hour,
day or week. Stock boarded at reason
able rates.
H. M. LIDT>LE, Propr.
Dealers in
General Merchandise
Highest market price paid for country pro
duoe of all kiuda.
ialties: Chronic diseases and diaeaaea of
women and children. Calls to any part of
the county promptly anxwered. Office n
Colfax Hardware building.
found at office over Barroll's hardware ntore,
or at residence on Mill Street, when not
professionally absent. Telephones—Office
492, residence 493.
Office houre, 9t012 a. m., 2t05 p. nj. Office,
Rooms 6 and 7, Pioneer Building.
Dr. A. E. Stuht,
Rooms 7 and 8, Colfax Hdw. Co. Mclr.
Dr. 11. K. Henderson, -
Hoooih 0 and 7, Colfai Hurdware Bld^,'.
G. A. Chapman, I>. D. S.
DENTIST. Graduate Ohio College Dental
Surgery. Office over Colfax Hardware Go's
l>r. E. 11. Bently,
DENTIST. Best teeth, 810 per set. Pain
less extraction, 50 centa.
«T. C. Berry,
DENTIST. Over Colfax Hardware Com
pany'a atore.
Win free & McCroskey,
ATTORNEYS AT LAW. Offices over the
First National Bank. Telephone No. 24.
M. O. Reed,
ATTORNEY AT LAW. Will practice in
State or Federal courts of Washington,
Idaho or Oregon.
ATTORNEY AT LAW. Will do all kinds
of legal business. Office with H. W. Gotf
Ellis block.
H. W. CanltoM,
ATTORNEY AT LAW. Office in Frater
nity Block, Rooms 9 and 10.
S. J. Cliatlwiek,
ATTORNEY AT LAW. Offices in Waite
W. J. Bryant,
ATTORNEY AT LAW. Office, Room 6,
Pioneer block.
J. N. Pickrell,
ATTORNEY AT LAW Office in Frater
nity blook, Rooms 4 and 5.
James G. Combs,
ATTORNEY AT LAW. Office-Room 11,
Fraternity block.
C. M. Kincaid,
ATTORNEY AT LAW. Office—Room No.
7. Pioneer block.
J. W. Sever, Optician
Graduate of the Chicago Opthalmic College. All
errors of refraction fully corrected by properly
ground gljisses. Eyes tested free. At Sever'!
Jewelry Store. Maiu Street, Colfax.
Pioneer Drug Store,
Prescription Work a Specialty.
A complete stock of
Drugs, Medicines, Chemicals,
Soape, Brushes, Perfumeries,
Paints, Oils, Glass,
Notions, Books, Stationery.
Telephone No. 37. Main Street, Colhn
Dr. John Hen son.
Cal. M. lioswell,
Wilson Johnston, <M. I>.
Diseases of the
Will. A. Inniaii,
Have your Spectacles fitted by
W. J. HAMILTON, Propr.

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