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What Could Not Be Dismissed
Were Carried Over.
E»» .lamiH. Who Accused Her
Father Of a Serious Crime,
Failed to Appear.
The superior court, Judge Jacobs
of Seattle on the bench, did a rushing
boWDCM Wednesday itnd Thursday.
Where there was no loophole to dismiss
the cases were curried (»vt-r to December.
J. W. ( lark of Guy, under arrest on a
charge of Belting liquor at that town
without a licence,wan arraigned vVednes
daj Hiid entered a plea of not guilty.
Through hi* attorneys, Tbos. Neill and
.1. T. Brown, he asked a continuance of
his rnw. and thin was granted, trial be
ing net for December 17.
The case of &. Hanger was also con
tinned, upon request of bis attorney, .1.
T. Brown, until December 17.
The civil case of Win. Reid vs. Win. It.
|)rt\i« iVHH dismissed.
A. F. llcClaine vs. Matt C. Doras.
Judgment for plaintiff.
Laura E Fuller was granted a decree
of divorce from Joan F. Fuller.
Thursday, Prosecuting Attorney In
man announced that no further action
would be taken in the case against
Judge McDonald and the cane wan dis
missed. Judge Jacobs explained that
he could not have sustained the inform
ation. The judge said lie had read the
testimony in full an taken in the cane be
fore Justice Kirkland, and that if the
Btate has no stronger testimony than
that, the prow :uting attorney i* acting
with good judgment in not proceeding
further in the matter.
Then Judge McDonald arose to the
occasion and made one of his character
istic spiels, in which h< «»id he had told
Keech that whatever he did to tell the
truth. Be started to open his battery
on Reed and Matthews, but was gently
called down by Judge Jacobs. McDon
ald was awfully sorry that the court
could not find some reason for overrul
ing the demurrer put in by his own coun
sel, that be might prove his absolute iu
nocence before a jury. He was still
sorrier that tbe prosecuting attorne
could not have found some way to file
another information, as he bad made up
his mind not to allow his count '1 to de
mur to it. He wanted to be tried very
badly, but all the time his attorneys
were clamoring at the court to be sure
and sec that the order of dismissal was
Jacob Ogle vs. Fred C. Kuehl et al—
Order of default and decree of foreclos-
Let tie Gilbert was granted a decree of
divorce from John Gilbert.
'/.. Haddock, charged with assault and
battery, was dismissed on the ground
that more than (50 days had expired
since the charge was tiled, although the
records show that the defendant cou-
Heuted to it.
The case of W. H. James was then
called and Judge Jacobs requested Mc-
Donald to take the bench; but alter a
whutpered conversation between the
judges, McDonald announced that he
would request Judge Jacobs to dispose
of the case. Attorney Reed for the de
fense announced the defendant ready for
trial and the case whs opened. James
is charger) with an unnatural crime
against his 16-year-old (laughter, Eva.
When the cose was called the girl, the
complaining witness, could not be found.
She was dulj palled, but bad disappear
ed completely. Her mother was a?~kc!
where she whs, but she said she did u<;t
know where Eva was; that she left last
Friday to see a neighbor and that was
the lust heard Of her.
The McDonald tight has opened with a
new chapter. The judge late Thursday
afternoon tiled a complaint with the
clerk citing Attorney M.O. Heed to show
cauoe why he should not be disbarred.
Mr. Reed says lie is ready to Bght it out
in approved style.
Cy Neel Appointed County Shrep
The county commissioners adjourned
Wednesday evening, after a two day's
session auditing election bills. They al
so set the bonds lor the couut.v officers
for the next term. The only change
made in amounts was in the bond of
Treasurer Windus,whico was raised from
$125,000 to $150,000. This was made
obligatory because of the fact that at
one time during the past year the tras
iir.v contained $150,000. Bonds of other
officers are: Auditor. $15,000; sheriff,
$5000; prosecuting attorney, $5000;
assessor, $5000; superintendent of
schools, $5000; surveyor, fixed by stat
ute, £111(1(1.
(\ Neel was appointed sheep commis
sioner. Dhe state law provides for the
appointment of B uch mi officer, where
deemed necessary, and fixes his compeu
SHtion at $2.50 a day, when actually on
Talking Contest.
There is some talk among interested
oius at Pullman of contesting the legis
lative eeat of E. .1. Durham, shown by
the canvassed returns to be one vote
ahead of Wiilord Allen, his colleague on
Hw'ticket. It i 8 claimed eight ballots in
1 ulltnan country precinct, rightly mark
ed for _ Allen, were not counted 'for him,
him! that these elected him instead of Mr
Durham On the other hand, Allen's
political enemies say if he contests this
thej will n,m,si Colfax prtcincts, and
( olfax republican* nay if they dothei
w, cont^t Iniontown, Harper, Rosalia
and other democratic precincts, and so
"n ad infinitum. All except the Mien
contest would be on technicalities It
has not >et been determined whether the
Allen contest will be opened.
At i lie Opera House.
E>«l before the pictorial advertise
ments of that beautiful play, -'Human
Hearts are posted in windows and on
the boards about town, its praises have
reached us: so quickly flies the news of
any great dramatic success. Not writ
ten for scholars, it is yet enjoyed hv
such, not writteu for the illiterate it is
yet to them absorbing in interest 'it ia
a play for all. It deals with humanity
the universal elements of life. In its un
folding by illustrations it teaches moral
lessons and we are told there jg no
better preaching than by example. N >)llf >
cpn blush to witness a performance of
this drama, which can be said of very
few entertainments offered in our
theatres today. Sustained interest and
pervading charms ore pronounced quali
ties found in this piny. It taken com
plete possession of the spectator, and
after moving him to tears, now to
laughter, holding him iv anxious sus
pense and satisfying his sense of justice,
sends him home thioking. It* influence
lasts long after the fall of the curtain
That "Human Hearts" will meet with a
warm greeting at the hand* of our
theatre-goers in a foregone conclusion.
To those who have not yet had that
pleasure it will be doubly welcome. At
the Opera House, Monday evening, No
vember 19.
Thanksgiving Militia Ball.
For the purpose of rapine funds to
ceil the armor] building, the officers and
members of Company L, N. G W., will
give a grand Thanksgiving ball at the
armory, Wednesday evening, November
28. (t is the expectation that this will
h«» the moat bri|liar,t affair in the dance
line ever given in Colfax, and will be
largely attended. However, the room in
a commodious one and the large crowd
certain to be in attendance will be well
taken care of.
Chairman Says Washington Will
Remain Republican.
"Washington is iv the republican col
umn to stay. Whatever may be said of
i be results of thp election, this state ha*
redeemed herself from the blight of pop
ulism of 1896. We have two cor;greKH
meu of the true faith, a legislature and
every Btate officer, including the judges
of the supreme court,save the governor."
So spoke John H Schively, chairman
of the republican state central com
"Unfortunate as wns the defeat of Sen
ator Frink," continued Mr Shively, "tbe
republicans of the ntate of Washington
have great reason to congratulate them
selves. Consider for a moment the cir
cumstances which confronted us at the
beginning of this campaign. In 1800
Bryan and frte silver won in thiH state
by 12,000 majority. In that election
not only wa« a populist legislature
■hosen, hut every stat? officer eh •( 1
■van h populist. Tbe republican victory
of J nDm to pome extent m< lerated the
disaster of lN9(i and redeemed the state
partially from the baleful influences of
populism. Hut as the vote polled two
yearn ago wan not very large, there was
a chance in a presidential light for
Washington to again vole the wrong
'"The election shows that whatever
tears might have been entertained re
garding tbe soundness und permanency
of the conversion of our voters two
years ago were not well founded. Wash
ington has cboe.'o republican presi
dential electors by a majority of nearly,
if not quite, 12,000. Every candidate
on the state ticket is elect d save tbe
governor. Two republican congressmen
will safeguard the iut rest!? of the state
for two years mw^ Moreover the elec
tiou of a republican ir^tslatuu guaran
tees us safety .rom the threatened perils
of populistic Irginlaiiou.
"But over and above all this is tbe
fact that ii has been demonstrated be
yond a possibility of question that the
majority of tbe voters of this state are
in sympathy with the policy of the na
tional administration President M< -
Kinley's course in dealing with the
Philippine islands will benefit Washing
ton more than any state in tbe Union.
This state will therefore reap great ad
vantage* from the continuation of the
republican national administration. The
republican party will continue to grow
in influence and prestige in this wtnte be
cause it stands for every material in
terest we have, while democracy con
stitutes a continual menace For these
reasons, then, the republicans of Wash
ington, and indeed, the whole people <>f
tin 1 state, are to be congratulated "
Secretary Arrasmith of the committee,
while disappointed at the results in his
home county — Whitman— nevertheless
shares with Chairman Scbively his view
of the situation.
"Eastern Washington is republican on
national questions," he said. "I believe
that we have sen the end of populism in
this state. The republican party has no
need to fear the democratic party in any
Bghi . Four years,ttgo, when the populists
were in control in Eastern Washington,
there was always a danger from the fu
sion of the anti republican elements.
Fusion is no more and populism lihs
faded away. I believe we have gained
more voters from the old people's party
than the democrats. The election has
settled this fact, in my ((pinion."
Mrs. YV. J. Bryant departed Friday
for Chicago, where she will make a two
month's visit with her parents.
J. M. McLean of Oakeedale was a
Monday visitor at Colfax.
C, H. Lebold of Four Mile was trans
acting business at the county seat Moo
Jack Smith was down from Spokane
greeting his numerous friemio early in
ttu 1 week.
E. K. Hanna, who served the demo
cratic party an a state campaign orator,
returned to his home with a case of ma
larial fever, from which he has not yet
Chaa. T. McDonald is in the city from
Grangeville, Idaho.
James A. Ebbert of Springfield, Ore
goo, who has been in the Palouee conn
try for several weeks looking after his
business interests, left Saturday for his
Hon. Lloyd Cannon, representative
elect in the Montana legislature, spent
several days of the week in the city,
visiting his daughter Gertrude and his
broth .-r-iD-law, M. 0. It^ed.
W. E. MeCroskey, late detnocrario
candidate for lieutenant governor, and
•Jos. Davis were over from Palouse
1 hursday.
Alfred Coolidge w»f> a Spokane visitor
P. W. Hawkinson lihs resinned his
position in Stuart's drug store and
leaves today for New York, going later
to Orange, X. J., where he will become
associated in the manufacture of belting
pulleys, etc., with W. J. Nixon, formerly
of Palouse. J
Mrs. Aaron Kuhn is visiting her
daughter Miss Kena, in Portland.
Ed. Kennel left Thursday morning for
a two or three weeks'campaign in the
i akima country.
Mr nnd Mrs. C. H Warner are in the
city from Spokane for a short visit
r rum here they co to San Francisco I
and other California points to spend the
Four CouiiHlnien. Mayor and
Others to be Chosen.
Citizens Convention to be Held at
the Court House. Thursday,
November 22.
The agonies of the presidential elec
tion are barely over until the excitement,
deep interest and turmoil of the annual
municipal election are upon ns. This
will be held Tuesday, December 4 The
following otheers are to be then chosen:
One mayor, for the term of one year.
One councilman-atlarge, for the term
of one year.
One councilman, for the first ward, for
the term of two years.
One councilman, for the second ward,
for the term of two years.
One councilman, for the third ward,
for the term of two years.
One city clerk, for the term of one
One city treasurer, for the term of one
One city attorney, for the term of one
The election will be held under the pro
visions of the general election law. Polls
will be open at 9 a. in. and close at 7
p. ru.
< )fficers of the election will be:
First ward—lnspector, W..H. .fames;
judges. 15. F, Newcomer, L. A. Dußois.
Second ward—lnspector, Tbos. Baker
judges, 11. M. Liddle, 1). H. Shaw.
Third ward—lnspector, Geo. M. Chap
man; judges, 11. 11. Wheeler, H F.
Though the city election is near at
hand, aspirants for honors are as scarce
as hens't jth, and it is quite probable
tnat the required number must be driven
to the shambles.
However, Julius Lippitt is being talked
of in many quarters For mayor. Dr.
Stuht refuses to again serve in that
capacity. Oliver Johnston is being
push; 1 for councilman at large, and
YVu». Mastin's friends in the Third ward
say they want to return him, Council
men Barroll, Dumdi and Van Schoick
uro the holdovers.
A general mass convention of citizens
will be held at the court house Thursday
evening, Novemher 22, at 7:30 o'clock,
for the purpose of nominating the officers
named above. Caucuses should beheld
the evening previous in the various
wards for selection oT candidates for the
Smallpox About Thornton.
There are several cases of smallpox in
the country near Thornton. Mrs. A. J.
Liseubi i, residing five miles south of
< )akt sdfile, died from the disease while
in confinement Thursday night of last
week. The county authorities hare fur
nished a nurse and the caeeß are under
the care of County Physician Poeock.
There are thro cases in the Odoin family
and two in the Ingram home.
Ah a result of a quarrel over their rt
spective duties, Leonard Maier, a brewer,
aged 30 years, was Btroek with a brick
and killed, by Prank linger, in the plant
of the Bay view brewery, on the Grant
street bridge. Seattle Tuesday.
Wong Fang of Spokane has purchased
the Sing Lee laundry on Canyon street.
The nfw proprietor took charge Novem
ber 12 Sing Lpe, the retiring proprietor,
in to pay dli bills owing by the house.
" Sink Lee,
Wo. Nts Fa.no.
Mrx. Mary Kennel is now prepared to
do atl kinds of dressmaking Has a
forelady employed. Latest styles, fit
guaranteed, work done promptly and
o.ices to suit. On Mill street, back of
Fjret National HdLik o
iloust' and lot for sale cheap, good
dry location, South Colfax; 0 rooms,
woodshed, cellar, etc. Apply at Colfax
iirug Btore o
If you have lmids to sell of any de-
Hcription, lint them with Eacho, Laru«
& ( 0,, who will advertise and tind you
hu v Mrs,
Mrs. M. M. Donnelly, manager for the
Viavi remedies. Will mail a Health
l?ook ou application,,
Wanted —Girl for general housework.
Apply to Mr* Ivan Chase, South Colfax.
H. W.Goff writes reliable Insurance.
ter to deliver and collect in Washington for old
established manufacturing wholesale nous-*.
$900 a year, sure pay. Honesty more than ex
perience required. Our reference, any bank in
any city. Enclose self-addressed stamped en
velope. Manufacturers, Third Floor. 334 Dear
born St , Chicago*
Have Yon Tried Our
Saratoga (jhips
In bulk and in half-pound
packages. Fresh and crisp.
Warm Them Before Serving
Telephone Main 481. Main St., Colfax, Wash.
has just received a nice line of
Chamber Suits
Cheffoniers and
Side Boards
Aieo a good line of
Stoves and Ranges
Which will be sold at Greatly Reduced
>'flM»v SALE
|stn^?} "<r> thoroughbred,
X^tSr v' ' £l hipb scoring White Ply-
luouth Rock Chickens,
\%2?^^^/y at $1 50 each
Candidates Scarce.
liiiiiiulry Change.
The subject for the Christian Scienc
lesson sermon for Nov. 18 is "Ancient
and Modern Necromancy; or, Mesmerism
and Hypnotism." Golden text: Now is
come salvation and strength, and the
kingdom of our God, and the power of
hie Christ; for the accuser of our breth
ren is cast down, which accused them be
fore our God day and night."—Rev.
12:10. Responsive reading, Kphesians
5:1 3 G 17. All are welcome.
Rev. H. P. James occupied the pulpit
of the Second Congregational church at
Spokane, both morning and evening,
last Sunday. Rev. T. W. Walters
preached, both morning and evening of
the same day at the Spokane Piljrrim
Congregatigual church.
Beginning November 21, and continu
ing over Sunday, November 2~>, the Rt.
Rev. L. H. Wells of Spokane will hold
services at the Good Samaritan church.
Several other clergymen from the out
side will assist him. All are invited.
Revs. H. P. James and T. W. Walters
went to Tekoa Thursday morning to at
tend a fellowship meeting of the Congre
gational church, held under the auspices
of the Tekoa church.
At the Methodist Episcopal church
usual services will be held Sunday The
pastor, Rev. J. W. Flesher, will preach
upon "The Triumphs of the Gospel."
Thanksgiving day, Thursday, No
vember 29.
Mr. and Mrs. R. L. MeCroskey have
adopted a daughter from a Spokane
A sneak thief carried away a fine set
of buggy harness a few nights ago be
longing to Jack McVeigh.
It. H. Lacey has purchased from Ivan
Chase his residence property in South
Colfax; consideration, $1650. Mr.
Chase has bought W. 11. Winfree's prop
erty, also in South Colfax, for $ 1500.
Prof. English has the foundation laid
for his new academy building on the
west side.
F. B. Euler, a Bavarian, was com
mitted to the Medical Lake asylum for
insane last Friday.
The Woman's Christian Temperance
Union will meet in regular session in the
ksture room of the Baptist Church
Tuesday afternoon, November 20, at
2:30. The members are espji-ially re
quested to be present.
Granite point, November 7, Thomas
Blunt and Miss Florence Pate.
At the Agricultural college, Pullman
November 7, Harry Jacobs of St. John,
aged 18. Death was caused by typhoid
fever, after an illness of six weeks. In
terment was at the St. John cemetery.
Do You Need a Bond ?
If you hold a position of trust, and
require a bond, why ask your friends
and be refused, when you can obtain one
from The American Surety Company of
New York at a nominal cost. For in
formation, apply to Geo. H. Lennox,
Colfax, Wash,
For Sale.
A 7-room house and lot 100 feet
Mjuare in South Colfax, on flat. Will
be wold cheap if taken at once. W. 0.
Carley, at Carley Bros. Foundry.
Call on H. W. Goff for Insurance.
(jolfax ()pera JJouse
Presents the bif? dramatic success
The Idyl of the Arkansaw Hills.
Production in detail. Original company
of superior players.
As presented 300 consecutive nights in
New York City at Fifth Aye. Theatre.
Prices, 50c, 75c and $1.00. Seats at
Hamilton's Nov. 17th.
Holiday w m m
Advertising You
We can supply you with
Or anything in the Printing Line
Fine Office Stationery.
Bramwell Bros.
Colfax, Wash.
Sells the Best
Pumps and Windmills
in the Palouse Country.
See him before buying.
If you wish to Advertise
In Newspapers .. .
call on or write
E.C.Dake's Advertising Agcy.
64-65 Merchant's Exchange,
San Francisco, Calif.
amputaSon sale
The amputation of the hand often saves the arm;
A loss now on goods is better for us than to carry
this season's stock into next season.
Now is your opportunity to say time to
lose; .but it sometimes pays to lose.
No Matter The -Sacrifice
We are out to Lower Records
And we are doing it.
We are going to make a Clean Sweep. See posters for prices.
I Sale commences Nov. 17, ends Dec. 30.
!45&.% A™ Yon "Married?
<gNK The Bee Hive
Big Bargains in Fancy Things for Your House
If you are not married buy them for your sweetheart.
and indoors, upstairs and downstairs, ( ' • •'(■/. '. '
kitchen, dining room and chamber we have ' " "..'^£^i^\\ 1 i
as complete a collection of crockery, china- . "i. .i.'^?^* 1 f
ware and glassware as can be found in this :-Kir*^--V^3^^ >;W/
section of the country. Nothing antiquated, f !:^KW,
everything up-to date, including the price, ■.;"'. .".
which is always as low as is consistent with "": ,St3^ v
meritorious articles. / «^*v»;«»r
The Price is Always the Lowest. ~ _, am , T
Next Door to Postoffice. Telephone, Main 11. * . SI UAKT, Propr.
Our White Pine and Sjtruce Expectorant is the Best Cvugh Medicine Made
M /^v ladies' Watches ~~
\\\\VA s •\4IW ' )) Ladies of taste admire our stock of
W / L+>\ /WJ§fe watches. We have hoi lelicate, at
>\W/ *^OhJ2Jr7?S& tractive cases that contain reliable
\W works- These watches are not only
W %£) SSA. \ beautiful~they are perfect time keepers,
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\\ y' /\ I / Delieve we h«ve the one you want.
X\ I jgi / .Also the latest
,A\ \. /Li / Novelties in Jewelry.
V^T^ yj City Jewelry Store,
M. A. Rose.
Hotel Colfax, J-D- Hagan» -^"etcr.
The Leading Hotel in the City.
All Modem Conveniences. Free Sample Rooinß for
Lighted by Electrricity. Commercial Men.
Hotel Cafe and First Class Bar in connection
Modern Warehouse Elevator Co. RSKS&
Main Street, Opposite School House, COLFAX, WASHINGTON.
Can fill all orders for Wood on short notice.
Best Grade $3.25, Buckskin 53.00 per cord, by carload
J. A. PerkiiisT&~Co. &SSHU»
$100,000 tO loaD °D im P«>ved faring in the Paloase
f IVA/,VVV eonntr?i . No delay in closing loans.
CITY PROPERTY FOR SALE. Office in X> A Tkjrr nn
SCHOOL BOOKS Prescriptions filled by Pharmacy Graduate
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