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Letters Full of Interesting News Notes
From Manj Country Points.
V\ .11, Low does this weather suit you'
How do like being above ground'and
alive and well? 1 for one am so glad to
be on top of the earth, and not lying at
full length in its dark boeotn, as so
many dear ones are, and to have the
cliauce yet of doing kind things and
easing up a few burdens as 1 jog along
that I am not going to complain ever
any more about being poor and forced
t«> work.
Ye correspondent's pencil has lain un
uaed for *ome time, owing to illness.
Firnt we suffered a severe attack of
quinsy, theu followed closely an attack
of pneumonia from which we are now
"The "gude mon" tells us that fall
sown wheat in this locality is looking
The ranchers who own me orchards
here have been hauling their apple* to
Palooae for shipment.
Stock buyers have been busy of late
picking up fat. hogs and cattle along the
Several from thiH place attended a
dance at Frank Wilson's last Friday
Jack I^weese, Lou in (iuptil, Jim
(iaine*. Mr. Whitney, Mr. Stevens and
others, are losers ol a year's bread tim
ber and more iv the burning of (iraj's
Hour mill at Palo use last week.
The Hear (reek Literary Society has
renrganued and meets every Wednesday
evening at Coltoo school house. Bennfe
Howard is president and Linoa Hughes
(secretary. Everyone cordially welcome
Mr. and Mrs. Bart Cromwell will leave
for (>regou very soon, where they have
decided to locate permanently.
Miss Grace Hill, teacher in the Schroll
Bchool, has been indulging in a forced
vacation, resulting from a painful felon
on one of her bands.
John Culton and family and Mrs.
Maggie Karris of Palouse, were visiting
their parents Mr aud Mrs. Jerry Culton,
the fore part of the week.
Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Blachley will
spend the winter in Colfax at the home
of their son-in-law, Perry Langdon.
Mrs. Fay Bachus of Guy is caring for
her aunt, Mrs, Mollie Claus-Short, dur
ing her illness.
Mrs. Harry Hughes and daughter
Sadie have both been ill with la grippe.
T. B. Hampton was badly hurt Sun
day evening in a somewhat curious way.
Oue of his cows became choked on an
apple, and to relieve tin animal he.
started t<» thrust his arm down her
throat. She shut her jaws down on his
thumb and lingers in a frightful manner,
and came nearly breaking his arm also.
Neighbors kindly came to bis rescue, and
in a lew minutes the cow was given re
lief. T. B. is awfully bruised, but says
be is glad to get out of such a tight
plHi-e. To help an animal choked on an
apple, potato or such like, place a board
one side of throat and with another
give a decided blow crushing whatever
i» in the throat ho it can be swallowed.
J. S. Beard is suffering from an attack
of la grippe.
(J. W. lieorge of Walla Walla was here
the u'rst of the week on business.
The Christian Ladies Aid Society re
ceived £112 for sales of article* fit their
fair and meals nerved on election day
ami night.
The revival meetings are still in pro
gress. There huve hewn several conver
Kd. Stover is building a new barn. He
intends to run a livery stable.
FhII plowing is going on steadily these
lovely days.
Dr. and Mrs. Hall with baby Wayne
made a recent visit to relatives at Mos
cow, Idaho.
Jasper W hetsel returned from Colorado
Saturday iv very poor health. The cli
mate did not agree with him at all.
Mrs. E. V. Cunningham's sister and
family have returned to their home in
Orenon, after a month here.
Mr. and Mrs. Alva Boyer have b; m
vinitiiig their old friends in Gay. They
live near Fletcher, Idaho.
MisH Rachel I'riest is doing some very
creditable work in the primary depart
ment of our public school.
Mrs. Elisabeth Rice has been spending
several daj h with her sen's family at
Moscow, Idaho.
The W. C. T. I. will meet with Mrs. S.
S. Roberts this (Friday) afternoon at
2 o'clock. Telling temperance stories
will be the entertainment part of the
program. At the last meeting Mrs. S.
S. Roberts was appointed secretary to
till a vacancy, and Mrs. David Hull vice
president for the D. B. church, to fill a
vacancy caused by Mrs. Sarah Marquis
Apustal inspector was here Tuesday
looking up matters in the office here. He
complimented our postmaster on the
Rood condition he found everything iv.
Mr. Hinchliff. one of the newly elected
county commissioners, dined with Dr. J.
F. Hall Sunday.
Election day was spent very quietly
here. News of the returns waa greeted
with all the noise attendant upon such
occasions. If noise is all that is needed
to express triumphant loyalty, then in
deed ie Gay a banner town.
J. M. Bolt's apple packers are doing
business with a big B in the Kuhn ware
house this week.
Mrs. Mollie Bachus is spending the
■fsk in the Clear Creek neighborhood,
taking care o! Mrs. Mollie Short, who is
quite ill with lung trouble.
U. P. Maiming has a nice, large frame
"I 1 use up aud nearly inclosed.
Mr. DeYilder, our school teacher, went
to I'olfax laat week to take the teachers'
0. J. loruwell of Walla Walla, who
Was recently elected joint senator on the
republican ticket to represent Walla
"alia, Adams and Franklin counties,
came in on Wednesday's train to visit
nmaunt. Mr*. T. B. Turner.
I). S. Bowman of Pain pa, departed on
Wednesday's train for Pullman for a
keek's visit with his son-in-law, C. E.
( w. J. Thorp is building a fine boat
■or Lake Washtucua and four hunters
*ill depart from this point, two of whom
*f* from Spokane and the other two
ifom this place, as soon ac the boat in
Mr. and Mrs. Ueo. Hampton have re
from Wardner, Idaho.
Ihe new addition to the store is pro
teasing tintiy a^j wue n completed will
give much ?nore room.
SoT^J^ Sr°!f Lit >rary and X
Sotu-ty will give a basket social next
Tuesday night and it is hoped the house
toward buying an organ
k-;u V? 1"*! 1? 11 <>f H«y'bas completed
KeUey (larks n.w house, and to now
building a lorg, barn for .J. H. Hamp
SoStv i /■«■»«*. Literary and Debating
Society held an interesting session last
1 nesday mght. Thequestion "Resoled
to fhpTh"™ Invp»ti ""H are detriment*'!
rttoM laborm X «"llißß "f men," was de
cided in favor of the affirmative The
J^ were: .1. R. Hampton. W II
Bodolpta and A. 6 Hooper The affirm".
tive speakers were: Prof. De Vilder and
I T iTn P: nef' ltive ' l<:- !>• Kldredge,
J. I. Killupsand Prof. Wasson.
A noctetj known a* the Pine Grove
Literary and Spelling Society, »aa or
ganized at the Lynch school house last
week to meet Wednesday ,veni,,J uf
each week Every other Wednesday
evening w.ll be devoted to .spelling ex
erc.ses instead ul having the regular
literary program.
Excitement is beginning to wane iv
this vicinity, now that the campaign in
over, but ever and anon you will raoet a
man who will scratch bis hen.! and «ay:
1 don t see how it is that Hrvan was
not elected.
Tom Hodge and wife from Coifax were
visiting in North Pine Grove for a few
days jusf after election.
Joseph Hodge and sons chopped fifteen
tons of grain on Thursday of last week
with their portable mill aud entrine for
<»• M. Miller J. S. Parvin and M. C.
He and a Negro Under Arrest at
lioslyn for Bribery.
Eilenahunr, November 10 —Consider
able excitement was ere,- fed hire this
afternoon when Sheriff Brown arrived
from Itoslyn Slaving in custody John
Kobmson, colored aud William Milby,
white, a judge of the lute election in
Uohlyn, second ward, charged, with at
tempting to influence voters. The com
plaint was sworn to by F. F. Haight,
city marshal of Uoslyn, and grows out
of the charge of the wholesale purchase
of colored voters of Roslvu by demo
cratic poiiticians at |5 per head, John
Hobinson, the colored man, was bound
over today in the sum of $150 to ap
pear before Justice Boyle of this city for"
preliminary hearing next Monday.
Milby waived preliminary examination
and was bound over to the superior
court in the sum of $300. Baii was
furnisned by F. H. Bradnhaw, a defeated
democratic candidate for county com
missioner, and F. I). Schnt-bly, editor of
a local democeatic paper. Interesting
developments are expected.
No Contest in Kentucky.
Franktort, Ky., Nov. 18—The state
election board will me 't December 3 to
canvass the returns and officially de
clare the result of the election in this
state. While the republicans have form
ally conceded the election of Beckham as
governor and announced that there
would be no contest, both republicans
and democrats will be represented by
counsel at the csnvaas of the vote.
Every phase of the election will b*' close
ly watched by both sides, as matters
may arise which will have a bearing on
the contents for congressmen in two dis
tricts —in the Third and Ninth.
Rural Mail Service.
Washington, Nov. 10.—The appro
priation for rural service which the post
master general will ask for the next
fiscal year probably will be upward of
$2,500,000, as it is proposed to extend
the service to all parts of the country.
The estimates which will be submitted to
congress for the regular free delivery
service, it is understood, will be $17,
--140,000, an increase of 8.8 per cent
over the appropriation for last year.
Franchise Brought Little Money.
Syracuse, N. V., Nov. 9.—The first Hale
of a street railway franchise iv thin city
under the White charter occurred this
morning. The franchise whs bought by
the Syracuse & Oiieida Lake Railroad
company and brought one dollar. A
rival company made no bid. It cost
f 504 to advertise the sale.
To remove a troublesome corn or
bunion: First soak the corn or bunion
iv warm water to soften it; then paie it
down as dost ly aw possible without
Rawing blood and apply Chamberlain's
'ttiu Balm twice daily; rubbing vigor
ously for tive minutes at each applica
tion* A corn plaster should be worn for
a few days, to protect it from the shoe.
As a geueral liniment for sprains, brui-ses,
lameness and rheumatism, Pain Balm it
unequaled. For s.tle by nil druggists.
sick headache, indigestion uud constipa
tion. A delightful herb drink. Removes
all eruptions of the skin, producing a
perfect complexion, or money refunded.
25 cts. and 50 et<*. The Elk Drugstore.
Attention Young People.
The Rev. Dr. Booth will lecture on the
Twentieth Century Forward Movement,
on Thursday, Nov. 22, at 7:30 p. in., at
the 11. E. church. Lecture free. Refresh
ments 15c #
For Kent.
400 acres of bunchgrass pasture on
Steptoe butte; plenty of water. Inquire
of W. A. Davis, Steptoe P. 0., or Ed.
Davis, Colfax o „_______
F. A. Blackstoue sells Mason & Ham
lin pianos aud organs. The best is the
Insure with H W. (joff.
Notice for Publication.
William Phillips.
Land OAee (it Walla Walla, Wash., November
10th 1900—Notice is hereby given that the follow
ine named settler has filed noticeof his intention
to make final proof in support of his claim and
that said proof will be made before the coun
ty <-lerk and clerk of the superior court of Whit
names" the 'following witnesses to prove
his continuous residence upon, and cultiva
tinn of said land, viz: Thomas Knox, John Ma
ore. WUHarn ByrJ and G. Miller, all of Wileox,
"aßh- JOHN M. HILL. Register.
Notice of Dissolution of Partner
Notice is hereby eiven that the co-partner
ship heretofore existing under the firm name
and style of Davis & Moffatt, has been dis
solved'by mut >al consent
Dated this Ist day of November, 1900.
A. J. Davis,
H. M, Muffatt.
Gkain— Wheat, Club, per bu, sacked, 40c
«n warehouse, 4ljc on board.
I blujstem, :<Sc. Oata, per cwt, <ssc. Barley,
per cwt, B7sfc
Hat—Timothy, baled, per ton, *10; loose,
•o: pain, baied, loose, 66.
Fbotts- Appleo, per Ib, I■; dried fruits,
perlb, [email protected]:
Hi ttkk Creamery. ca»h, pur lb, 26c; ranch,
cash, 18c. Cheese, per lb, l£§o.
V KGETABLKs. — Potatoes, per cwt., 50c;
Onione.per cwt.,6oc Cabba^.per cwt., $1.00.
Ream, i>er lb , Ac.
Pon.TKY— < 'hiukenn, live, per lb., Be. Tur
k- n, live, per lb., she.
Eoos. —Per dozen, cash, 16a
Grocmubs.— Granulated su«ar, per 100 lb.
Back, 37.40.
BtJTTEß.— Creamery, 30c; ranch, L'Oc.
Unease, per lb. 30c.
Kij<;m.—Per dozen, 20c.
Mkats.— Beef, fresh, per lb., [email protected]; pork,
freKh, 10c(al2ic; mutton, fresh, 12ic(al5c.
Bacon, breakfast, l")c; salt, 10c; haine,'lsc;
shoulders, 12ic. Lard, 3 lb. bucket, 40c; 5 lb.
bucket. 65c; 10 ib. bucket, $1 25.
Mill Fekd. — Bran, per too, $9; shorts, per
ton, 811. Chopped barley, per ton, 820.
<'hicken feed, per cwt., fL
Flour.—Wholesale, per bbL, §2.80; retail,
pet )0 lb aack. 80c;
Wants No Job.
Denver Colo., Nov. I(s.—Colonel W. J.
I'-r.van haw declined an offer of an editor
ial position on a Denver nfternoon news-
I'Hper at a salary of $ 10,000 a year.
In hit* reply which was telegraphed from
Lincoln, Neb , today be says: "I shall
remain here, and in the future an in the
past defend with tongue and pen the
prim-ipleH which 1 believe to be right and
the policies 1 believe to be wine."
Defies the Powers.
lVkiujz, Nov. 9, via Shanghai, Nov.
10—Li Bung Chang ha« received a vote
frtun Emperor Kwung Hhu det'lining to
■■secede to the demand for the punish
ment of Tung Fu lisinc, and oonsenting
only to the banishment of V Hsien. The
note has not yet been formally com
municated to the ministers.
noli' nn a positive guarantee. Cures
heartburn, raisina: of the food, distress
after eating or any form of dyspepsia.
One little tablet jjives immediate relief.
25 ctß. and r>l) cts. The FAk Drn^atore.
For Sale Cheap—A comber of Whitman
County Atlases; new. Apply at Bank of
Colfax, or address. Mrs .1. F. Fuller.
For bargains in real estate, call on
Eacho, Larue & Co., Davis building,
Colfax, Wash,
H.. W. (ioFP Atri Phrnix liik. Co.
ter to deliver and collect In vVashington for old
established manufacturing wholesale house.
1900 a year, sure pay. Honesty more than ex
perience required. Our reference, any bank in
any city. Enclose self-addressed stamped en
velope Manufacturers, Third Floor, 334 Dear
horn <t., Chicago*
Some Reasons
Why You Should Insist on Having
ynequaled by any other.
Renders hard leather soft.
Especially prepared.
SC-'^T'^ out water.
A heavy bodied oil.
f^v. excellent preservative.
Reduces cost of you'- harness.
?* -ver burns the leather ; its
Efficiency is increased.
Secures best service.
Stitches kept from breaking.
|s sold in all
Manufarturpfj by
Standard Oii ( <>iii|>uny.
Payable in advance. Colfax Gazette and—
American Economist, New York $2.55
American Gardening, New York 2.30
Argonaut, San Francisco 4.55
Bulletin, Sunday, San Francisco 2.30
Call, Weekly, San Francisco 2.25
Cosmopolitan Magazine, New York .... 2.35
Century Magazine, New York 5.05
Chronicle, Weekly, San Francisco 2.05
Enquirer, Weekly, Cincinnati 2.05
Examiner, Weekly, San Francisco 2.65
Farm and Fireside, Springfield, 0 1.80
Globe-Deii'oerat,Twice-a-\Veek,St. Louis 2.30
Hari>er's Magazine, New York 4.15
Harper's Weekly 4 75
Harper's Bazar 4.75
Inter Ocean, Weekly Chicago 1.90
Leslie s Illustrated Weekly, New York.. 3.55
Lippincott'B Magazine, Philadelphia 3 55
Ledger, Weekly, Tacoma 2.30
Munsey'fl Magazine, New York 2.40
McClure's Magazine, New York 2.35
McCall's Magazine, New York 1.85
Northwest Horticulturist, Tacoma 1.85
National Tribune, Washington . . 245
Northwest Magazine, St. Paul 2.55
Oregonian, Weekly, Portland 2.55
Orange Judd Farmer, Chicago 2.30
Public Opinion, New York 3.55
Post Intelligencer, Weekly, Seattle 2 05
Review of Reviews Magazine, New York 3.55
Ranch and Range, Seattle . 205
Scribuer's Magazine, New York 4.05
St. Nicholas Magazine, New York 4 05
Scientific American, New York 4.05
Tribune, Weekly, New York 2.20
Tribune, Semi-Weekly 2.85
The Forum, New York 4.0 a
Toledo Blade, To'edo O 1.80
The Housekeeper, Minneapolis 1,95
Traveler, Weekly, boston 1.95
The i^ueen of Kashion, New York 1.85
World, Thrice-aWeek, New York. 2.20
Woman's Home Companion, Springfield 2.05
Youth's Companion, Boston (new subs) . 2.80
If the periodical desired is not in above list,
apply to The Gazette f->r rates.
Notice of First Meeting of Creditors
In the district court, of the United
States, for the district of Washiugton,
southern division
In the matter of Edward C. Moys and
Eliza J. Mojs, his wife, bankrupts.
No. 443. In bankruptcy.
To the creditors of Edward C. Moys
and Eliza J. Moys, his wife, of near Col
fax, in the county of Whitman, and
district aforesaid, a bankrupt: Notice
is hereby given that on the Bth day of
November, A. I). 1900, the said Edward
C. Moys and Eliza J. Moys, his wife,
were duly adjudicated bankrupt: and
that the first meeting of their creditors
will be held at the office of the under
signed referee, in Colfax, Whitman conn
ty, in eaid district, on the 30th day
of November, A. I). 1900, at one
o'clock in the afternoon of said day, at
which time the said creditors may at
tend, prove their claims, appoint a trus
tee, examine the bankrupt, and transact
Buch other business as may properly
come before said meeting.
Dated, November Bth, 1900.
Referee in Bankruptcy.
troul.lei with hver and stomach
.romj, !ll!lt » Bach aa .owtipation,
Uuggiati liver, etc.
No. 25
rcoV l(r, «■»' ''vie these m«.
Th,-se Übleto art as a gentle laxa
tivi. rhey make the bver and
sIH-ul.l jh«. most obstinate case*
yield t,. thew httl,- tal,l«ts. They
•ost £.„■ and , an be prwurod at
Restore Vitality, Lost Vigor aud Manhood
Cure Impotency, Night Emissions, Loss of Mem
fgPSfc Ory, all wasting diseases. I —
jjp*'*, all effects of self-abuse or
_Jexcess and indiscretion. %J%J
rf 9 A nerve tonic snd pi I I c
>iil blood builder. Brings rlU4"°
"vOTtlio piuk j,'lo\v to p.'ile P%^^
cheeks and restores the
"WVfiro of youth. By mail CT*5.
W, Xsoc per box. 6 boxes for I ** ■ ■
$2.50, with our bankable gaurantee to cure
or refund the money paid. Send for circular
and copy of our baukablo guarantee bond.
Positively guaranteed euro for Loss of Power,
Varicocele, Undeveloped or Shrunken Or^ms,
Pare?ip, Locomotor Ataxia, Nervous Prostra
tion, Hysteria, Fits. Insanity, Paralysis and the
Results of Excessive L'so of Tobacco, Opium or
Liquor. By mail in plain package. $1.00 a
box, 6 for $5.00 with our bankable fniar
antee bond to cure in 30 days or refund
money paid. Address
Clinton & Jackson Sts., CHICAGO, ILL.
For Sale by W, J.Hamilton. Druggist, Colfax. Wash
visit DR. JORDAN'S ghcat
gg !05 i 11KKET IT., 11l KIICISM, CIL.
QT" The Largast Anatomical Museum In tht
ji Worid. Waakneasu or any contracted
pgla d>'" - po»ltl»«.ly n n d; y tht old«it
fg g Specialist on the Coast Eii jtjein
l£9|k XV I-Will* fhoiouxhly eridirattd
I *zom witaout tht use of If aroar?
| y '»■■••• fitted by an Eip«rt. Kadi
mil 11/ c"* c"r- for ■■pt«r». A quick and
I I™ radical cura for Pll<i, Wlmmurm and
a 11 Fl**™*—' hjr Dr. Jordan's ipeaal pain
" •• less methods.
Consultation free and strictly print*. TrMtm«m p«r
sons! y or by tetter A Positive (Sir* tn every cast
undcitaken. Write for Book PRILOHttPIV mt
lltanMl.E, MAILED FUI. (A TaluaU* book
for mm ) Cail or viiim
OR JORDAN & CO., 1061 Markat St., 8. P.
Receiver's Sale.
By virtue of an order of the superior court
of the state of Washington, for Whit
man county, entered in the matter of The
Moscow National Bank of Moscow, Idnho, in
liquidation, on the 7th day of November,
1900, npon the petition of the undersigned re
ceiver, I, the said receiver, will offer fur priv
ate sale at my office in Moscow, Idaho, lot 7,
block 11, in the town of Pullman, Whitman
county, Washington, and also the following
described piece or parcel of land, beginning at
the northeast corner of lot 1, block 4, of Col
ton; thence west 50 feet; thence south' 150 feet;
thence east 50 feet; thence n<-rth fiO feet to the
place of beginning in the town of Colton,
Whitman county, Washington, and if said
real estate ab^ve described he not di-<;.osei of
by the 12th d;iy of December, 1900, the same
will be offered for sale on said day at public
auction for cash, at the court bouse
door, in the town of Colfax, Whitman county,
Washington; said sale to begin at 10 o'clock &'.
m. on said day. The receiver reserves the
right to reject any and all bids. The receiver
does not make any representations as to, or
any way warranty of the title of said proper
ty, or to any part thereof, but only offer*
for hucL sale such right, title and interest as
the said bank and the said receiver have thereto
Receiver of the Moscow National Batik, of
Moscow, Idaho.
Dated at Moscow, Idaho, November 7, 1900.
Notice to Creditors.
In the superior court of the state of Wash
ington, in and for the county of Whitman.
In the matter of the estate of Martha Boas
ley, deceased.
Notice is hereby given by the undersigned,
administrator of the estate of Martha Beas
lev, deceased, to the creditors of and all per
sons having claims against said deceased, or
said estate, to present their claims with the
necessary vouchers, within one year after the
date of the first publication of this notice, to
said administrator, at his office in the city of
Colfax, Whitman county, Washington
Dated, November 9, 1900.
Date of first publication November 9 1900
Administrator of the estate of Martha
Beasley, deceased.
First publication, November 9. 1900.
Last publication, December 7 1900.
Notice to Creditors.
In the superior court of the state of Wash
ington, in and for the county of Whitman.
In the matter of the estate of Nancy Beas
ley, deceased.
Notice is hereby driven by the undersigned,
administrator of the estate of Nancy Beasiey,
deceased, to the creditors of and all persons
having claims against said deceased, or said
estate, to present their claims with the neces
sary vouchers, within one year after the date
of the first publication of this notice, to saiu
administrator, at his office in the city of Col
fax, Whitman county, Washington.
Dated November 9,1900.
Date of first publication November 9 1900
Administrator of the estate of Nancy Beas
ley. deceased.
First publication, November 9, 1000.
Last publication. December 7. 1900.
Notice for Publication.
Edwin S. Allen.
Land Office at Walla Walla. Wash., November
14th, 1900. Notice is hen-by given that the
following-named settler has filed notice of his
intention to make final proof in support of his
claim, and that said proof will be made before
Wm. v. Ininan, l\ S. Commissioner, at his office
iv Colfax. Wash., on Saturday, Dec. 2'jth, 1900,
viz: Edwin S. Allen, who made homestead entry
No. 7021, for lots 3 and 4 and Kl-2 >W1 4 Sec. 18,
Tp. 14 N. R. 42 E. He names the following wit
nesses to prove his continuous residence upon
and cultivation of said land, viz: Douglas
Richardson, Alvin Allen, Henry Parks and John
J. Miller, all of Almota, Wash
JOHN M. HILL, Register.
Special sale ou organs and paints at
the Farmers' Drug Store this month.
Order to Show Cau*.>
In the superior court of Wkliman county
state "i Washington *'
li the matter of the estate of Abrln R. Crow,
Order to tbow cause why older of tale or
1!",'-^HKf..f r. Id not be made
It appearing to (he • ■■ , . „rt i.\ the petition
day prwented me : r\ Hr « i
',*".. !li> 4™ estate ...
AlvinK. < row. deceased, praying foranordw
to sell or uiort^at:.- certain real estate timi
it 8 „,.,., K«r to tell or mortise' cer
lalii real estate In g»ld ; ,,.r : , n „.
stribed of tin- real eaute of said de
peased, to pay the Indebtedness against oaid
f" "!l'lUl'l i ipensi aof administration; it Is
therefore ordere Iby thi a t |, Ht all net
Bons interested in the estate of gaid de.-east-d
appear befon the said onperior court on tin
<!hv of December 1900, -it l o'clock p. m i
lla-v »• !h un r....:n of said superior i o
< mfax, v. said county rnul state, t<> show
why an order should nol !»• granted to the - lid
administratrix .
the real estate of gaid ilereased ms shall be
Decessary to pay iar.h Indebtedne
copyof this order be pubiished at least four
successive weeks in the Colfax (iazettt h n
paper printed and published in Whitman eoua
ty. siatc ol Washington
Done in open court, this 7th .l«v of Novem
ber, I'.KW.
Judge of Said Superior Couri
stale of Washington, county of Whitman
I. W. W. Renfrew, clerk of the superior court
of Whitman county, ctate of Washington do
nereby certify ihat the foregoing Is a true full
aixl correct copy of »n order duly made ami
enteied upon the minutes of the said superior
W itm-s my hand and the seal of «»i,i superior
court hereto affixed, this 7th day of November
1 \*i M.I.
[skai] W-W. RENFREW,County Cl«
By >). I. Kknnkdi . Deputy.
w in. a. lummi. attorney for petitioner.
SherifTn Sale of Real K^tate.
By virtue of an execution, Issued out of the
superior court ol the state of Washington, in
ai.d tor the county of Whitman, holding m Col
fax, in Whitman county, in said state and to
me directed ami delivered, for a judgment
rendered in the superior court, in and tor Spo
kane county, state of Washington, on the 19th
tirty oi May, A. I). 1900, in favor of Wirl \\
Saunaers, plaintiff, and against Charles Ever
ett. t W. KeechandH.E. Keeeh, defendants
for the sum of |222 60, with interest a the rate
on> per cent per annum from said L9th day of
May. A.D 1910, and the furthei sum oi |o 85
COsUofsuit I have levied On the following de
scribed real estate, to wit: The southwest
quarter of section ten (id), Township twenty
(20), north of Range forty-two (42) X W M
situated, lying and being in Whitman county!
Washington. Notice [g hereby given that On
Saturday, the 24th day of November, A D. I.WO.
at the hour of two o'clock p. m., of said day at
the court house door, in uolfax, In the county
oi \\ hitman, said state, I will sell all the right
title and interest of the said H. E. Keech de
fendant. in and to the above described real
estate, at public auction, to the highest and
best bidder, to satisfy said execution and all
Given under my hand this :;n\ day ol Octo
ber, a. i). r.HKi.
_ „ JOSEPH CANDTT, Bheriff,
By C- A. Hi.mer, Deputy.
Notice for Publication.
John P. Kenojer
Department of the Interior, Land Office at
Walla Walla, Wash., Oct. 30Ui, 1900.—Notice is
hereby given thai the following-named settler
has filed notice of hi« intentiou to make flnal
proof iv support of his claim, and that said
proof will be made before Wm. A. luinuu, 0 s
Commissioner, at lii.s office in Col fas Wash o?i
Saturday, Dec. Bth. 1900 viz: John P. X »yer
who made 11. E No. 5395, fur the uw !. Sec " X
Tp. 15N., K. 4u K. \V. M. He names the follow
ing witnesses to prove his continuous residence
upon and cultivation of said land vis.: Doaks
Fry, of Dusty. Wash.; Calvin Mcrraekeu of
Dusty, Wash.; Joel Doan, ol La Ctosse, Wash.-
Carl Strutz, of Dusty. Wash.
"JOHN M. BILL, Register.
Notice for Publication.
Alexander Snider.
Land Office at Walla Walla. Wash , Oct
l'.ith 1900.—Notice is hereby given that the fol
lowing named settler has filed notice of hf«
Intention to make liiml proof in support of his
claim and that said proof will he mmle befoie
the county clerk and ckrk of the superior court
of Whitman county, Washington, ai Col fax
Washington, on Saturday, December Bth, 1900*
viz: Alexander Snider, who made homesb ad en
try No. 5496, for the ne 1, Sec. 11, Tp. 15 N, R.
40 E. W. M. He names the following witnesses
to prove his continuous resident c upon and
cultivation of said latui, viz: John It Howe
Himh 1' Knrr and Lewis Schmuck, of LaCrosse
Wash.; Henry Churchill of Endicott Was'i
JOHN M. HILL, Register
Notice of Dissolution of the Firm
of Howard AL- Lacey:
The firm heretofore existing under the name
andstyleof Howard <& Lacey doing a farming
implement business in the city :■.( Uolfax stale
of Washington, was on the 12th day of October
1900, dissolved by mutual consent, A. C. Wu
ner having purchased their business Mr. A
C. Warner, who was a member of the 1'
firm of Warner & Howard, which a year ago
sold out to the firm of Howard & Lacey will
continue to carry on an agricultural Imple
business at the old stand. The dissolved Brm
will, for the purpose 01 settling the affairs ol
the concern and liiHkititr iheir collections
maintain an office in the same place.
Dated this 18thdav of October, 1900
julian howard.
r. h. lacey.
Notice for Publication.
Frank M. Busby.
Land Office at Walla Walla, Wash October
20th, 1900. - Notice is hereby given that
the following named settler has filed notice of
bis intention to make final proof in support of
iiis claim, and that sniii proof will be made be
fore the county clerk and clerk of the superior
court of Whitman county, Washington at Col
fax, Washington, on Friday, December7th 1900
viz: Frank M. Busby, who made Homestead
entry No 5503, for the nw Ji section 33 town
ship 16 N., R. 45 E. W. M. He names the fol
lowing witnesses to prove his continuous resi
dence upon, and cultivation of said land viz:
1. K. Luce. William Burton and John H Shel
ton of Fallons, Wash.: William Evett of Guv
Wash. •'
JOHN M. HILL, Register.
Notice for Publication.
Jennie M. Burk.
Land Oftice at Walla Walla, Wash , < ictober 10
1900.— Notice is hereby Riven that the follow
ing-named settler has filed notice of her inten
tion to make final proof in support of her claim
and that said proof will be made before
the County Clerk and Clerk of the Superior
Court of Whitman County, Washington, at Col
fa*, Washington, on Saturday, November 24th
I'JOO, viz: Jennie M. Burk," who made home
stead entry No. 76tV2, for the S., NW>: and W
SW> 4 »cc. 29, Tp. If, N, R. 44 E. W M she
names the following witnesses to prove her con
tinuous residence upon, mid cultivation of said
land, yiz: Howard Brate, Eugene Rice, Archi
bald McAvoy and Caroline Taylor, all of Gut
JOHN M. HILL, Register.
Notice for Publication.
David Power.
Land Office at Walla Walla. Wash October
28,1900.— Notice is hereby given that the fol
lowing-named settler has filed notice of his in
tention to make final proof in support of his
claim, and that said proof will be made befo-e
Wm.|\. Inman, U. 8 commissioner, at his office
in Colfax, Wash., on Saturday Dec 8,1900 viz-
David Power, who made Hd. entrfNo 5873 for
the BJ< BWJ4 and Bj^SEj^, Sec. 3, fp. 14 N X 43
E. W. M He names the following witnesses to
prove his continuous residence upon and
cultivation of. said land, viz: Patrick Manning
and Charles B. Miller, both of Pullman Wash
Frank Dowling and John Keating, both of Col
fax, Wash.
JOHN M. HILL, Register.
Notice for Publication.
David W. Mael.
Land Office at Walla Walla, Wash October
24, 1900—Notice is hereby given that the fol
lowing named settler has tiled notice of his in
tention to make final proof in support of his
claim, and thit said proof will be made before
Wm. A. Inman, D 8 commlHioner, at his office
in Colfax, Wash., on Saturday , Dec 15, 1900, viz:
David W . Mael. who made homestead entry No.
5499, for the SE 1. sw 4 and dW < 4 >X' 4 Sec 31. Tp. i
ION. R 45, E. He names'he following witnes-.es
to prove his continuous residence upon and
cultivation of said land, viz: William Evet of
Guy, Wash , Charles Dash, of Fallons, Wash.,
James S. Parvm and Walter M. Chapman, both
of Guy, Wash.
JOHN M. HILL. Register.
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Order to Show < an*,
In U>e lUfx ri<.; eoort of the lUte «f Washing
ton, in and f'.r the county of w hitman
in a matter of Mm („,,„ ,j e
It appearing lo the n\->\> | , oarl t , y
the petition of Jame* F. l-on* administrator oi
stated AnnieK Long, • ■;.• |, this daj
and Bled praying for an ordti
■ o soil or murtflitge nil of the
iblur to the estate oi laid deceased for the
PUfpOM! of pa) ing the expenw - ol sdmlnlstra
in mi 01 mi.i claims RKnin*t tald . oute, that there
lv ";:' ii 1' rsonal exUte In the I.h -
•afa ratorto pa; th< nf \u tK
i "Wains! ntd ■: ■ . „| "
■ sdmim»tratl »n ol «ni-l ---..r,. »u.lthrtt
it i« necenaarj to wsll or mortgage the whole ol
.SHi.l real i-xtate l»eloii|rln(s to said ■!. • „t . , ,\ „,
Biiflicieni thereol to p . . „, „T
jm.iih.s ol admliiintratioii In order to pi
hands forsu.-h | nrpose; that the total amount
• •ini.>!i.-> hi;,.! p. rsonal propertj in the han.ls of
J* 1(1. a - "Ol > \. , . I fIHO.OO mi.!
thedehtßoiii star..l
cpeeapt-nnesof fc.liiiinlKtr*tlon him..sin! at thli
time to the sum ■
" '"■ I!"-ri""ri the miiit thai all
n* interested iv th
be and appear bef<ire tl ■
■ room ol -, i-! com m i „,■
man comity, Washli •} „,..
.•ember. 1900. at two o', £!
t HMI H1..1 Ihrr- tO IhOM „ W,, ,; S „; , ,;.r
"h«uM not be Rimnied to the wid adminUtrator
"', s? ' V^' 11' I: "; »U of the real
f««*teofßaid deceased, or so much thereof m
may be neceisary ... „„> mi. 1, cbanrei mi.l
;i.'.tv; Hii.l that h copy oi thu order W pur>
ished hi least four sin ce«»lve weeki In theiol
tax Gazette, ■ newspaper printed and published
: Wai h em toS f Whitman connty, nateol
l>nn,- m open coon tbii SU) day of Nowmber,
Judge of shi.i Superior Court.
State of w asbinsrton, county .>f Whitman
I vs. A. Renfrew, clerk of the superior court
of the state of Wn.«hiii K t<Mi. in and (or Whitman
coiinty. do hereby certify th.it the foregoing is a
mil, true and correct copy ol an order dul»
made and enterwi In said court In the matter of
theestateof Annie E. Long, deceased, and ol
record In the journals of my offli c
w Itness my hand and the seal of said Buperioi
court hereunto affixed, thU 7th .lav of Novem
■'■»'.] W. W RENFREW,
Oonnty clerk and Clerk ol Said Court.
By O. 1. Kknnki.y. Deputy.
First publication November 9th 19 I
Last publication December 7ih, law.
Order i<» Show Cause.
In the superior court of Whitman county
Mlate of Washington.
In the matter of the estate of Joseph v Bnir
Ington, deceas d.
Order to show cause why decree of distribu
tion should not be made
( hi reading and filing the petition ol Buala M
I'ickcli. administratrix ol the estate of Joseph
X Bumngton, deceased, setting forth that she
lias tiled her turn! accouul of her ad mi nitration
in the estate of tail] deceased in this court and
linn the said estate is in a condition to i.c
closed; that all the debts and expenses of ad
ministration have been duly paid, and tiint a
portion of said estate remains to be divided
among the heirs of said deceased, and praying
among otherthiuga for nn order of distribution
of the residue of raid estate among the persons
entitled; it is ordered that all persons inter
ested in the estate ot Joseph \ buffington de
ceasi d. be and appear before the superior court
of Whitman count?, state of Washington at th«
conri room of said court, at Colfax, in mii.l
county and state aforesaid, on Monday the iTtti
day ot December, A. i» 1900, hi ten o'ctoeh h
in. then and there to show cause whj an order
of distribution should no) be made of the r<-*i
due of said estate among the hem of said de
ceased, according to law.
It is further ordered that h copy of ihis order
be published for four successive weeks before
the lTill day of December, A. I>. 1900 in the
Colfax Uazetle, n newspaper printed and |. u l>-
Lisnen m \\ hitman county.s'litc of Washington
Dated November 12th, I 1 «
WILLIAM MIMiNAI.H, Superior Judge.
state of Washington, county of Whitman M.
I. vv w. Renfrew,county clerk and clerk?of
the superior court of Whitman county, stale of
Washington, do hereby certify that the forego
ing is a full, true and correct copy of an order
made and entered of record upon tin- minutes
of the Mid superior court.
Witness my hand and official seal affixed,this
Uili day ot November, A I>. !
i otinty Clerk
By o. L. Kknnedy, Deputy.
Sheriff's Sale.
stale of Washington, county Of Whitman H,
In the superior court of the Mute of Wash
ington, in and for Whitman county.
Jacob Ogle, plaintiff vs. Fred C. Kueh] Min
nie Kuehi, Willie Kuehl, and Alice Kuehl
minor children of Fred <:. Kuehl and Kmila
Kuehl, Joseph MacEachem, Fred V, Kuehl.as
administrator of the estate of Kmila Kuehl, de
ceased, and Fred C Kuehl,as parent and nat
ural guardian of Minnie Kuehl, Willie R
and Alice Kuehl, defendants.
Decreed foreclosure aud order of sale
By virtue of a decree ami ordei of sale made
and entered in the above entitled cause and
court, on the I3lh day of November, I'.mio. a
copy of Which has been issued and certified to
me by the clerk of the Mini court, under the seal
thereof, bearing date the 12th day of November.
A. I). 1900, for the sum of $'J51.5. r>gold coin, with
interest at the rute,,!" twelve per ceni per annum
from the 6th day oi September A. I». 1900 and the
ts, and the further sum
of $100.00 attorney* fees and also the increased
costs thereon, I. Joseph Canutt, sheriff of Whit
man county, Washington, will on the I'ith day
•i! December, A D. 1900, at the hourol 1 ..clock
i> m. of said day. at the south front door <>i the
Whitman county court house, at (Jolfax, Whit
man county state of Washington, nell at public
auction to the highest bidder, for casn, the
following described real estate, situated, King
and being in Whitman county. Washington,
and particularly described as follows, to-wit:
The southwest quarter of section six (6) in
township nineteen (19) north of range forty
four M) east of the Willamette Meridian, con
tainins 160 m res more or lens, together with
all and singular the tenements, heredita
ments and appurtenances tnerennto belonging
or in anywise appertaining. Said property \n
taken and sold as the property of Fred <;.
Kuehi etal., defendants.
.Dated nt (.'olfax, Whitman county, Washing
ton, this l-tth day of November, a. D. 1900.
Sheriff" of Whitman county, Washington.
By (.'. A. Ki.mki:, Deputy.
K. .1. Neergaard, attorney for plaintiff
Bankrupt* Petition lor Discharge.
11l the district court of the United States,
ninth circuit, for the district of Washington,
southern division.
In the matter of the bankruptcy of Harry W.
Case No. 3,=>:{. Order.
Now on this 26th day of October, A. I). IyOO,
on reading the petition of Harry W. Price, from
which it appears that o^l the 10th day of May,
I'JOO, he was adjudged a bankrupt In the above
entitled cause and court before Referee John
Pickrell, sitting as a court of bankruptcy in
Whitman county, state of Washington, aud
thereafter petitioned the judge of said court for
a review of such adjudication; that during the
pendency of said petition for a review the said
Harry W. Price made and entered into a com
position with each and all of his creditors for
the discharge Of a'l his debts provable against
his estate under the bankruptcy Laws of the
United States; all of which more fully appear*
by the petition of said Price now on hie in the
above entitled caiiße and court; which said
petition prays that said composition be con
firmed and the petitioner forever released and
discharged from all his debts aforesaid.
Wherefore, 11 i lidered, ordered and
adjudged by the court that a hewing be had up
on said petition on the 19th day of November,
A. D. 1900, before said court at Spokane, in naid
district, at the hour of 10 o'clock a. m., ami
that notice thereof be published in ('olfax <;a
zette, a newspaper printed in said district, that
all creditors and Other persons in interest may
appear at the said time and place aud show
cause, If any they have, why the prayer of said
petition should riot be granted.
Witness the Honorable C. EL Hanfor.l, judge
of said court, and the seal thereof, at Seattle,
in said district, on thu 26th ■ iav of October, A.
D. 1900
K. M. HOPKINS, clerk
Enter: C H. HANFOKD. Judge.
Notice tor Publication.
Williitin Ham.
Land office at Walla WtUla Wash., October 10,
1900.—Notice is hereby given that the followiUK
name'l settler lotice of his intenti&v
to make final proof in rapport of hil claim, ana
that -ttit-1 proof will be. made before Wm. A.
Ininau. I' 8 commissioner, hi his otlice in Col
fax, Washington, on Saturday, November 24th
1900, viz: William Ham, who rna>le homes'ead
entry No 8356 :"or tht- NA' ■•>>•<■. 13, Tn. 15 N
K. 42. K. W. M. He namei the following
witnesses to provehia continuous residence up
on aud cultivation of said laud, viz: James
L. Davis, Mortier Homer and Bert Giay, all of
Wik'ox, Wash., and John A. Lyons, of Colfax
JOHN M, HULL, Renter.

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