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Best Beet Land in the World U
In the Falouse Country.
Worlds Avera K e Is 14 Per Cent
Sugar Value Palouse Average
Ih Over 1H Per Cent.
At the town of Wuverly; just over the
Whitman county line in Spokanecouuty,
at the end of a Rpurof the (). R. & S'
Company line, is located the beet sugar
factory of the Washington State Sugar
Company, and which Is said to be one of
the largest aud bent equipped plants for
the manufacture of beet sugar iv
The Washington State Sugar Com
pany plant is owned principally by I). C.
Dorbio of Spokane, builder of the Spo
kane Falls <Jc Northern Railroad, and
several timen a milliouaire. The build
ings were erected and plant installed in
the summer of 189 D, and that fall the
factory had a "campaign," as the sugar
making season in called, of about tweotj
days. Sixty toiiH of ragar WaH manii
factored, but through difßcolty iv
obtaining skilled labor, the product ol
the factory wan unmarketable.
Mr. Corbin did not despair, however.
While laHt year but 8300 ton* of beets
were obtainable, this year the quantity
of beets has been in excess of 5000 ton*,
and the total output of the factory for
a campaign of less than thirty days will
be between 1,000,000 and * 1,200,000
pouuds of granulated sugar, that in tine
n»>NN, sparkle and purity will compare
favorably with the product of the bent
An inspection of the factory was made
a few days ago by a Gazette representa
tive under the guidance of Assistant
Superintendent Woodall, who explained
the different processes by which ten tons
of beets were taken from the fields and
within a few hour* a ton of fine granu
lated sugar was sewn in sacks, ready to
ship to market.
l'roeess of Manufacture.
Reduced to plain English, the making
of beet sugar seems simple enough. The
juice of the beet in extracted, the albumi
noids removed, the juice filtered, its
seidnity corrected and made alkaline,
the juice boiled in vacuum until the con
deiiHed syrup cundies. when it in dumped
in ii machine very much resembling a
milk separator, which revolves at the
rate of 1200 revolutions a minute,
thrown oft' the moiassee, leaving a sugar
that in washed, dried and sacked, and is
then ready for use. The actual opera
tions by which this result is obtained
are not so wimple as the telling would
seem. To accomplish them requires the
constant employment of ninety meu in
the factory, divided into two twelve
hour shifts, with an initial investment of
Come in By Carloads.
The beets are brought to the factory
in carload lots, and also by farmers in
wagons, and are lirst stored in a long
roofed shed, of which there are three,
each holding 500 tons of beets In the
center of each of these sheds, is a trough
through which Hows a stream of water.
R.v this stream the beets are conveyed to
the factory, and automatically are
washed, weighed and fed into the slicing
machine, which cuts the beets into
Colettes, or shreds, each about the size
and length of a small lead pencil. These
shreds are packed into the cells of the
diffusion battery. There are fourteen
ceil* in the battery, each of which will
hold 8800 pounds of beet shreds. Hut
twelve cells are connected up at once, of
the other two one being in the process of
emptying, while the other is being tilled.
Water is turned into the cells at a tem
perature of about sixty degrees, and the
process of driving out the sacharrine
properties of the beet begins, the sweet
beet juice being nupplauted in the coss
et ts by the water. The fluid from each
cell passes through the next ceil, extraet
inu the sacharrine properties of each
cell's charge as it goes. In twelve min
utes on hu average the sacharrine value
of a diffusion cell full of beet cossettes
has been extracted, the cell is opened,the
beet pulp is dumped and the cell charged
again. About every fifth or sixth cell in
the battery the beet juice is drawu, and
is pumped to the measuring tanks, and
then to the mixing tanks where about
ten per cent of milk of lime is added, and
after a thorough stirring the sacharate
of lime is pumped into a carbonation
tank, where carbonic acid gas is added,
which precipitates the lime, carrying
with it the albuminoids that were in the
beet juice. An elaborate system of
filtering follows, the liquid being forced
through closely woven jute cloths, the
lime and other impuritiesforming a lime
cake in the filters. The beet juice is now
a tbiu liquid, slightiy green in color, and
with a sugar value of from 17 to 20 per
per cent. The juice is now evaporated
in what is termed the quadruple effect,
four immense vats, in which steam pipes
are contained in cells, and is then
pumped into the sulphitation tanks,
where the natural acidity of the beet
juice is changed into an alkaline. The
beet juice has become a syrup and the
making of sugar actually begins. The
beet syrup, now become a dark greenish
brown in eolor.isfed into a vacuum tank,
and boiled at a temperature of 05 to 70
degrees until a candy is formed. Then
the candied mass drops into a mixer,
where a set of revolving knives, stirs it
around and about, until it becomes a
plastic mass of syrup and sugar mixed.
A charge of this, about 400 pounds, is
dropped into a centrifugal machine,
which, whirling about at the rate of
1200 revolutions a minute, quickly
throws off the thick syrup still un
candied, leaving the sides of the receiver
with a thickness of sugar of a light
brown color. A hose with a sprinkler
nozzle, through which is pumped a
stream of water slightly impregnated ;
with ultramarine blue, throws a spray j
on the rapidly revolving sugar inass,and
the light brown color fades into a white,
and within ten minutes of the time the
plastic mass is dumped into the centri
fugals, there is dumped from that ma
chine 300 pounds of white sugar, which
after drying is the granulated sugar of
The factory bae a capacity of 350
tone of beets a day, of 14 per cent sugar
value, can be safely depended on to
manufacture 35 tons of sugar a day.
This year the daily output has not been
to exceed 20 tons, the factory working
up not to exceed 175 tons a day of beets
with a sugar value of 18 per cent or
more Those in charge complain that
the lime in uee slacks with much diffi
ciiity, and for that reason the oper
0* carbonation and filtration are much
slower than they should be.
Finest Beets on Earth
In a eon venation with Buperintendeoi
of Agriculture Riiu it was learned that
during this fear the beet* worked up
j came from 1300 acres of land, and that
, the yield of an average of 4 tons au
i acre, was in his opinion not more than a
: third of a crop. Mr. Rum s«id:
I "The l'alouse country, aud particu
larly that portion of Union flat Iving
south and west of Pullman, is the best
sugar beet laud in the world In sugar
beet countries it is expected that beets
i will average from 12 to 18.6 per cent
| richness and 80 per cent purity The
j 5200 or 5300 tons of rogar beets that
the factor? has worked up this year
have averaged over 18 per cent sugar
richness, and have closely approached
'.>0 per cent parity. In making contracts
with the farmers, the scale was fixed
this year at H a ton for beets of 12 per
cent sugar value, with an addition of 25
cents for each added per cent of sugar
value. The farmers have been given an
average price of .+5 50 per ton, and
runny of those who raised beets for tin
factory made a very good thing of it —
one farmer reporting that he had made
a profit of #27 an acre on a 30 acre
! patch, while several state that beet
growing had proven profitable. In my
opinion beet culture will pay as well as
any branch of farming that can be pur
sued iv this country. This land will
produce from teu to fifteen tons ol beets
an acre, uuder proper cultivation. The
cultivation of an acre of beets, I know
from long experience, does not cost
more than $80, and this includes every
thing that can possibly be charged
against the land, including the harvest
ing ot the beets, and its loading on the
cars. That is the cost for a teu ton
crop. If the crop is fifteen tons, perhaps
the cost may reach $35 Even if the
beets are not richer in sugar than 12
percent, the return would be from $40
to #<>() an acre, while if the beets were as
rich in sug!ir, as the crop of this year,
the return would be from $55 to $82.50
an acre. I can see no reason why the
beets of the future seasons should not be
as rich as those of this year. Many of
the batches of beets sold to the factory
during the present season, were of even
higher sugar value than 18 per cent, one
lot reaching over 211 per cent, while
there were many that were greater than
20 per cent. I have made contracts with
farmers who will raise beets on 2500
acres of land during the coming season,
and 1 have hopes of getting at least 20,
--000 tons of beets to be ground up into
"The sugar output of the factory is
being handled by the wholesale grocers
of Spokane, who are loud in their praise
of our product. The company figures
that even when the mill jh pushed to its
full capacity, the people of the inland
empire will consume the full product of
the plant. Perhaps it may be of interest
to show what this plaut will pay out to
the farmers during luture sears. A full
campaign jh accounted from 110 to 120
days. Assuming that the latter figure
is the right one, and that we pay as we
did this year, an average price of $5 50
a ton for the beets, we will then pay out
to the farmers for 42,000 tons of beets
$281,000. Then the factory will have
to pay the railroad company at least *1
a ton, or $42,000. It will take at least
150 men to run the factory during the
campaign, whose pay will average $2 50
a day, or $45,000 in all. Then for re
pairs, general supervision, superintend
ence. ( -tc, add $50,000, or a yeuriv total
of ¥308,000 •
One Way to Prosperity.
Henry Schlehuber, after trying to
truike exclusive wheat farming pay for a
number of years, came to the conclusion
that handling a few head of stock iv
connection with his farm was the surest
way to make money with a small
amount of work, says the Parmington
Times. L;ist spring while still putting
in a large acreage iv wheat, .Mr. Schle
buber reserved a portion of his land for
pasture, and commenced to buy calves
whenever he could find one or more fur
sale. To buy calves or yearlings in the
ppring for the purpose ot making money
on the deal, would naturally on iir-u
thought seem foolhardy. However, he
concluded to try the experiment, and
has realized a handsome prolif on his
investment. In conversation with Mr.
Schlehuber a few days ago, h^ informed
us that altogether he had purchased 25
hei'd of dives and yearlings for about
and bad a short time ago disposed
of the entire band for $552, thus yield
ing him in about six mouthn a profit of
$277 as interest on the money invested.
Frozen Sugar Beets
About five carloads of *ugir beets on
the I'urrell ranch have been frozen, says
the (Jarfleld Enterprise. This ions repre
sents more than the protit on this year's
crop. These beets were pulled and ready
to be delivered. There were 160 acres in
beets. Of these twenty rive cars had
been shipped to the factory. On ac
count of the luck of June rains the crop
was not a good onp. The high grade of
the beets,2o percent aacbarrine matter.in
part compensated for the low tonnage.
Not only this year but last was dis
couraging, still it is stated that another
trial will be made next year.
Returned From luwa.
E. 0. Ankerson of Penawawa returned
recently from a visit to bis old home at
Davenport, lowa, from which he had
been absent for twenty years. He says
methods of life th.re are too slow for
him, aud that the country and the peo
ple look just as they did a score of years
I ago-
Beware of Ointments for Catarrh
that Contain Mercury
as ineroary will surely destroy the sense of
smell and completely derange the whole sys
| tern when entering it through the mucous sur
faces. Such articles should never be aed cx
i cept on prescriptions from reputable physi
j cians, as the damage they will do i.s ten fold to
; the pood you can possibly d.-rive from them.
i Hairs Catarrh Cure, manufactured by F. J.
! Cheney & Co., Toledo, O , contains no mer
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i upon the blood aud mucous surfaces of the
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! sure you get the genuine. It is taken inter
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! er, use Acker's English Remedy in any
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it fail to give immediate relief money re
funded. 25 cts. and 50 cts. The* Elk
Gunther's chocolates and bon bone
are a delicious candy. At The Elk
Drug Store.
Amounts Apportioned to the Vari
ous County Districts
County School Superintendent Rob
erts haw complete the apportionment of
school fnnds for the November quarter.
[P c r"^ a' -mount apportioned is
19254 95, divided among the various
. district* as follows:
! L'iHt' A'"t- Dist. Amt.
! \ 1906 7 r. 78 § 23 00
\ 28 00 79 84 95
.' ■■•• 23 15 SO 23 00
: j 23 00 gi 23 00
;.' 28 65 82 3M V>
{: .840 35 83 23 00
I 65 75 84. 25 30
° 24 90 85 23 00
1,; ••■• 576 60 86 24 75
tV '-'*' 05 s" 92 40
I " 25 40 88 23 00
I Jr. 42 15 89 23 00
'■}■: 121 25 90 33 15
,}l 24 15 91 -MOO
{;! 24 45 92 23 00
\'> 31 15 93 23 00
i ]' 45 50 94 :<8 00
J 8 si; 00 95 23 00
£ 34 25 96 25 55
f, J 52 25 97 23 00
.-/, 64 70 98 28 65
i -- 34 85 99 148 80
! -•? 24 85 100 45 75
2i 2»)0 40 101 30 35
i :> 38 15 102 23 00
f' 23 00 103 41 75
"< 23 00 104 27 80
-s 35 70 105 202 30
i -'•' 37 35 lOti 43 05
2° 23 00 107 23 00
•*1 23 00 108 23 00
:>-' 44 35 109 23 00
33 3« 40 110 23 00
:{4 23 00 111 23 00
f5 4:'. 75 H2 38 75
*6 374 30 113 135 85
f7 29 50 1H 40 00
;]f 23 00 115 27 45
39 28 35 lit; 24 70
40 36 45 117 136 05
41 23 00 118 55 G5
4~ 23 00 119 23 00
™ 23 00 120 23 00
44 25 00 121 23 00
4-' 72 85 122 23 00
*6 23 00 123 30 55
4l 153 75 125 . 65 90
4* 23 00 126 23 80
49 ....... 23 00 127 23 00
65 45 128 . 23 00
°\ 78 80 129 27 00
52 ....... 23 00 130 .I." 54 85
53 23 00 131 23 00
M 23 65 132 23 00
pj 39 60 133 23 00
"' 38 75 134 23 00
57 39 00 135 23 00
58 34 10 13« 23 00
:i!) 648 95 137 .... 23 00
M 33 55 138 ... 23 00
61 126 90 139 .... 23 00
02 •■ ■ • 24 20 140 23 00
(i:i 23 00 141 23 00
64 .... 23 00 142 23 00
63 .. 23 00 143 23 00
66 ......... 24 55 144 23 00
<>~ 23 00 145 23 00
68 23 00 140 23 00
69 517 00 147 29 40
70 23 00 148 23 00
71 23 00 149 23 00
' - 23 00 150 23 00
7;! 23 00 151 31 70
'4 • • 82 90 152 23 00
'•' 25 70 153 23 00
76.... 23 00 154 23 00
77 35 95
Many Cars of Apples.
L. A. Porter of Lewibton is buying a
large quantity of apples at this city for
shipment to various markets to the
east, went and north. He expects to se
cure at least 50 carloads at Colfax and
nearby points. Forty cents a box,
packed, or 45 cents a hundred pounds
in bulk is the price being paid. Mr.
Porter's agent here has already used
nearly three carloads of knocked' down
boxes in the apples already packed for
shipment. The quality of the fruit re
ceived ban been of uniform high grade,
and the quantity would be greater if the
price was better. The large crop of
apple- grown this season, especially in
Washington, has l^en fully up to, ifnot
greater, than the demand and iow prices
have resulted.
Removed to Moscow.
T. W. Clagett, recently of Sunset, has
gone to Moscow where he will have
charge for several months of the exten
sive business interests of Mr. Ryrie. The
latter gentleman is traveling for the
benefit of his health. Mrs. Clagett, is at
present visiting Colfax friends, but will
soon join her husband at Moscow,
where they will reside.
Woodpile Fell.
Prosecuting Attorney YV. A. Inman
was laid up several days last week
through afh li. In manipulating a wood
pile in his shed the stack fell. In back
ing out of its way Mr. Inman fell over a
sawbnek, striking upon his back upon
one of its sharp corners, badly hurting
Xmas Sale and Woman's Exchange
The ladies of the Congregational
church will have an Xmas sale and wo
man's exchange Friday evening, Decem
ber 7, at 7:30 o'clock, at the Bank of
Colfax. Fancy articles in embroidery,
drawn work and many useful and orna
mental things suitable for Xmas gifts
will be on exhibition. The woman's ex
change will offer a variety of good
wholesome eatables. Come and see for
yourselves. No admission o
Do You Need a Bond?
If you hold a position of trust, and
require a bond, why ask your friends
and be refused, when you can obtain one
from The American Surety Company of
New York at a nominal cost. For in
formation, apply to Geo. H. Lennox,
Colfax, \Vasb o
Mail Them to Your Friends.
Centemeri Glove Orders, a mo=*t ac
ceptable present, issued by A. Kuhn,
exclusive agent for Colfax, will be
honored at any time at Centemeri, San
Francisco office, 200 Poet St.
For Sale.
A 7-room bouse and lot 100 feet
square, in South Colfax, on flat. Will
be sold cheap if taken at once W. O.
Carley, at Carley Bros. Foundry.
For Sale.
A span of 1600-pound horses, well
broke. A. Overby, (Jnrfield,
Mrs. If. If. Donnelly, manager for the
Viavi remedies. Will mail a Health
Book on application o
For bargains in real estate, call on
Eaebo, Larue & Co., Davis building,
Colfax, Wash,
EL. W. Gofv writes reliable fNsrRANCE.
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Commateoient of HomtMMla
♦ v^'^.V" Allpn o* Almota baa received
menta- ** lettPr regardinK commute
.... ,n,lUtiilv> Wulla w»llrt. Vaah., Noi
*..., J J()(j—N^| gon Allen, Altnota, Waafa
ith T^ l"^ Rt 'l:>l-Tir'X to your letter ol
me ittb. 1 Lave to state tbnt we have
no c«,p,ps of the act of June 5, 1900,
wnicd is the last act pawned by eongnai
relative to home«tends, Hn<l which, vrv
likely is the one you refer to.
haul act provides that when a party
; ma<le a homestead eut-y prior to June
; *>, IJUU, and for any reason failed to
I complete title and lost the claim, can
i make a second homestead entry. Said
act also provides that where a part;
made a homestead entry prior to said
date, be can make a second bomentead
entry, but he would uot be allowed to
commote the second fiitry.
Command me for any further informa
tion you may desire. Job.n M. Bill,
Enropeau Grain Reports
Washington, Not. 24—European re
ports to the department of agriculture
show that the conditions of fall sown
wheat, spelt and rye in (iernmny, at* of
finally reported, are considerably above
medium. The preliminary official PBti
inates of French cereal crops for 1 !•()(»
show the production of 43.612,498
bushels of barley and 252,877,918 bush
els of oats. Both grains were a little
lighter in yield than in 1891), besides re
turniug a smaller yield per acre in meas
ured bushels.
Scarlet Fever.
Helen, the young daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. Ortis Hamilton, is ill with scarlet
fever. The case is not considered a
dangerous one aud is under strict quar
antine. No other cases have so far been
reported in the city.
Made Young Again.
"One of Dr. King's New Life Pills each
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Notice to Creditors.
In the superior court of the state of Wash
ington, in and for the comity of Whitman.
In the matter of the estate of Nancy Beas
iey, deceased.
Notice is hereby given by th« undersigned,
administrator of the estate of Nancy Beasley,
deceased, to the creditors of and all persons
having claims against said deceased, or said
estate, to present their damn with the neces
sary vouchers, within one year after the date
of the first publication of this notice, to said
administrator, at his office in the city of Col
fax, Whitman county, Washington.
Dated November 9,1900. -
Date of first publication November 9, 1000.
Administrator of the entate of Xancy Beas
ley, deceased.
First publication, November I), 1000.
Last publication, December 7, I'.IOO.
Notice for Publication.
Frank M Busby.
Land Office at Walla Walla. Wash , October
20th, luoo. — Notice is hereby given that
the following named settler has filed notice of
his intention to make final proof in support of
his claim, and that said proof will be made be
fore the county clerk and clerk of the superior
court of Whitman county, Washington, at Col
fax, Washington, on Friday, December7th, 1900,
viz: Frank M. Busby, who made Homestead
entry No 5503, for the nw l 4 section 33, town
ship 16 N., R. 4i E. W. M. He names the fol
fowing witnesses to prove his continuous resi
dence upon, and cultivation Of said land, vi/:
I. K. Luce, William Burton and John H. Shel
ton of Fdllons, Wash.; William Evett of Guy.
John m. hill, Register.
Notice for Publication.
Albert Guske.
Land office at Walla Wai la Wash., November 20,
1900.—Notice is hereby given that the follow
ing-named settler has filed notice of his inten
tion to make final proof in support of his claim,
and that said proof will be made before
the County Clerk and Clerk of the Superior
Court of Whitman Couuty, Washington, at Col
fax, Washington, on January sth, 1901, viz:
Albert (iiiske, who made H. E. No. 5-J2.i. for the
NWJiBec.2B, Tp.l6N., R 40, E. W. M. He
names the following witnesses to prove his con
tinuous residence upon, and cultivation of said
land, viz: L. S. Warner, of Endicott, Wash.,
Henry Bush, Barney Assendrnp and Oliver
Broylee, all of LaCrosse, Wash.
JOHN M. HILL, Register.
Notice of Dissolution of Partner-
Notice is hereby eiven that the co-partner
ship heretofore existing under the firm name
and Ktyle of Davis & Moffatt, has been dis
solved by mutual consent.
Dated this Ist day of November, 1000.
A. J. Davis,
H M. Moffatt.
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has just received a nice line of
Chamber Suits
Chett'oniers and
Side Boards
Also a good line of
Stoves and Ranges
Which will be sold at Greatly Reduced
Have Yon Tried Our
Saratoga (Jhips
In bulk and in half-pound
packages. Frewh and crisp.
Warm Them Before Serving
Telephone Main 481. Main St., Colfax, Wash.
• *{^"^'~ *?^W^jof 75 thoroughbred,
i 3 WaK"-! \- A£- jr>l hi^h soring White Ply
\so!fcs -rf?V^/ mouth Kock Chickens,
/<y at 81.50 each
1 am now prepared to do all kinds of
land businesfi, homestead entries and
proofs, contests, etc. Have had 13 years
experience in land cases. W. A. Inman,
D. S. Commissioner, Celfai, Wash,
/' 'Tj
if . \ \
Don't make the mistake of employing a
bnnglac or a hurglar (a bungler H only a mod
ified form of a bmrglar, however innocent hin
intent) to do your plumbing. Go to a reliable
plumber, who employs capable, uoiiHcientioun
workmen. Then notice th»- diffsnaoe in bilU
both for the plumbing and of the doctor
Hence: <fo to
At Barroll k Mobaey'i fltinlware Store.
/£tfH*\ T'»e Shorfest,
Ar\A U»i<k«'st Route
nissoi ri
And All Points Eaat
Pullman Sleeping Cars,
Elegant Dining Cars,
Tourist Sleeping Cars,
and BUTTE.
And All Points
Through tickets to Japan and China, via
Tacoaia and Northern Pacific Steamship Co.
For fnrther information, time cards, iriapa
and tickets, call on or write
Railway and Kuropean Steamship Agent,
Colfax, Washington,
A. D. f'harUi.n, Assistant General Passentfe
A<ent, No. 255 Morrison street, corner Third
Portland, ri r»»von
F. A. BlttdtHtoue iieUg Maaoa & Ham
lin pianoM aiid or^ann. The beet is the
Hubscribe lor your periodicals throoßh
The Gazette and save money.

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