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Letters Full of Interesting News Notes
From Many I'onutry Point*.
founty Superintendent Roberts vinit
,»() Heeker pchool Unt Friday and made
(■excellent talk to the paptia, Be was
well pleased with the school.
James Martin bought a teum of driv
ing ponies from Frank McOintock.
James can now take his best girl in an
elegant rig, to the envy of the other
young ""'" °f tne neighborhood.
Al. Carman moved from near <\>lfax
last Puenday. He »hh assisted by Frank
licCliotock, Samuel Lyons and Mr. Lair.
Mr. Lair hauled a load of lumber for hin
ioa-io-law, Mr. Ross, who will build on
bin homestead.
A large Bock of wild Reese fed in the
whent field near the Meeker houwe lant
Rain, sleet, Bnow, flowers and green
jjriiHs were some of the phasesol weather
we had within 24 hour*. About two
Hiiii 8 half inches of snow Ml Sunday
ami Monday.
Mi«- I.'-iim Shrerk made Meeker school
(V) a vinit bint Monday.
Josep i (handler returned last week
from »i five days' visit to Rpragne.
Mr. Martin's are comfortably settled
in then new residence.
Al Carmen i* busy building a kitchen
to Ihh new boose.
Much interest is taken in the La
Oosm' Literary and Debating society by
the Meekerites. The society bids fair to
give instructive and entertaining meet
ings. The basket supper was fairly well
attended from this locality.
Efße Woods and (Jeorge Ucdintock
were out of school last wvek on account
of sickness. George is atiil confined with
a painfully sore flu-oat.
Barley Weir is working for Frank
While nt ( olfax recently, Frank M«-
Clintoi-k had one of his teams get away
from him near the brewery, and while
chasing after them lost his overshoe in
the mud. Later in the day he broke
down one of his wagon wheels coming
up the hill from <'olf>ix.
Messrs. Biekey, Zimmerman and Mc-
Cliutock went boating near Snake river
during tii.' cold spell and got two geese
and one eoj ote.
Mr. Martin visited Meeker school
Monday. He secured a grate and
hauled coal for the wood stove.
This par! of (lie country has been
visited by a very sudden change in the
weather; it Mowed the fore part of the
wick and on Tuesday it turned cold, the
thermometer registering five degrees be
low z<To Wednesday morning.
The eoose banters returned from Lake
Wuhlii ticim Tuesday evening. They re
port having met with many experienced;
having a good time and shooting a tV.\
geeae and dacke. This party consisted
of (Jeo. Weeks, one of the city firemen of
Spokane and Mr. Warder, a commercial
man of Kplbkane. A J. Sbobe of the La
Croese Mercantile Co., and E. I> Eld
rt-due ot La ( 'rooae.
Mr. and Mrs. Winget of Pampa were
up one day last week after Mi*s Ai.iii-
Rudnlph's organ, which came in on the
o ft. & N. 11. K.
The banket social given Tuesday night
by the La Crosse Literary and Debating
Society was a perfect success. The crowd
was not large, owing to the intense cold
weather, but all had a good time. A
good program wan rendered and n mim
her one paper read. The paper alone
wan worth coming ten miles to hear.
After recess the baskets were auctioned
off by L*. D. Eldredge; they were well
tilled and nicely made and brought a
good price. The highest sold for $3 75
and the lowest went for .'SO cents, all
others going for not iess than 50 cents
The to!itl sales amounted to #21 40.
Joseph Chandler returned last week
from a weeks visit at Sprague with hi*
sisters, Mrs. Cray and Mrs. Stook.
Superintendent of County Schools S.
C Roberta visited our school one day
last week
Axt-i H<,lmn of Pampa, accompanied
by Warden Gordon nud William Milage
of tbe same placK a» witnesses, went to
l/otfdx iHHt Friday to prove up on tiis
homestead, which is located on tbe
banks of the Phlousc.
A second company of goose hunters
left this place a few days ago for \Vash
tocna lake and are still there enjoying
the cold weather. The following arc
those numbered in the second crew.
Frank McClintock, W. EL Hickey, Mr.
Zimmerman, alien Weir and a fifth man
whose Qaiue could not be oscei tamed.
ESlmer and Frank Kellogg took the
train for Spokane Wednesday. Frank
will remain there and attend the Blair
business college and Hlmer will go from
there to Wyoming to spend the winter.
The following question will be debated
next Tuesday night at the La Cros6e
school house: "Resolved, That the an
nezation of the Philippines would be
detrimental to the D. 8." Affirmative,
Messrs. DeVilder, MeClintock, Billups,"
McKinne; negative, Messrs. Thar;*, \Va«
«on. V. E. Hooper, Jos. Chandler.
Mile* Peareon returned from the
Coeur d'AleiM country last week.where he
has been working ia the mine* for the
lust two months. Tbe lead and arsenic
in tht ore he was baudliug were M> in
jurious to his health that he wad com
pelled to leave the mines, hence his re
turn home.
Miss Lina Harter and her brother
Fred have both been on the sick list
reoeutly. but are some better now.
Mira Bertha Davis from the Sehroll
neighborhood visited at the home of W.
.!. Walker for a few days last week.
\fter living for six weeks in the hope
that be would et-cape the throes of the
scarlet fever, which has been prevalent
in this vicinity for some time. Master
Florence Pearson has at last succumbed
to that dread disease. We can <nly
hope that BO serious results will follow.
'.Hiite an interesting evening was speut
at the meeting of the Literary and Spell
ing Society ou Wednesday, the 21st
But that being our first literary the pro
gram was not long enough to consume
the whole evening, so after recess the
time VU spent in spelling, in which ex
ercise Miss Bessie Lynch, twelve years
old, carried off all honors.
The following pupils were neither ab
sent nor tardy for the month ending
Nov. 16, 1900: Edith Bianeett, Wiley
Blaneett, James .lones, Uave Fountnin.
lva Hamilton, Gienu Hamilton. Fern
Hamilton, Coy Martin, Lena Martin.
Mervin Neace, Byron Neace.—Daisy V.
Fincher, teacher.
°Mr|te l "• »-«n«r.l Tell. How Ttey
»>«» It lv MaMochaitctti
Down in a little section of eastern
MaMachusetts, just away from Boston
and near to staid old Hingham. there
w and has been for several yean a
method iv operation which reverses all
the oM time ideas of the chicken busi
ness and which solves the question of
big, soft naeated chickens and big, fat
profita nt one and the same time. To
accomplish these results uearlv all the
accepted rules of procedure'are set
topsy turvy. and the many change* of
the old order of things may prove most
distressing to those who have absolute
faith in the old methods. The hatch
ing is all done iv the late fall and win
ter The incubators are generally first
ailed in October, and from that time
until enough are hatched to till the
room for them there is a continuous
<-utHow of chickens. The first eg^s
used are tln.se from Light Brahmas,
which are the acknowledged best breed
for this purpose. This is so from their
large frame and size and the fact that
the bones and flesh keep tender and
soft longer than other breeds and they
are quick and profitable growers.
To get the best results the best birds
from the strictly fancier point of
view are not used. Too constant and
long breeding for showroom points
often spoils the color of the legs and
skin and may weaken the vigor and
vitality of the stock. What the prac
tical marketnian wants first is form or
shape and next color of skin and legs,
and it is a question whether the color
of the skin is not equally important as
shape. Next after the Light Brahmas
is used a cross between Light Brahmas
and Barred Plymouth Rocks, and this
season there is a decided trend of opin
ion in favor of this cross as offsetting
the too close breeding which has been
resorted to in fixing the feathering of
the standard Light Brahmas. The
eggs have proved more fertile, and the
chickens have been stronger and more
Among the most successful producers
of this region are the Parrar brothers,
who hatch and market from 3,000 to
4.000 chickens per year. They buy their
eggs and consider an average of one
third us many chickens as there are
eggs put into the machine a satisfac
tory hatch. The chickens are accom
modated in one piped brooder building
of 130 feet and one building 200 by 10
feet equipped with lamp brooders. They
have good success with both buildings
and systems. Tbey expect about two
fluids of tke number hatched to live
to market age. They use the regular
progression of Light Brahmas, Light
Brahma and Plymouth Rock cross and
later Plymouth Hocks. As soon as the
pullets arrive at the best age and con
ditioD they are marketed. As they
mature they are killed. When the
cockerels are about ;5 months old,
they are caponized. This practice i>
universal in this district. The cockerels
are not marketed as capons, but simply
as soft chickens. The gain through
this practice comes from the greater
quiet of the birds and the doing away
with the natural pugnacity which ren
ders a pen of cockerels in their natural
state a vejry bedlam of bickering and
In houses (j by 8 feet the Farrars
keep through the winter as many as
50 birds in each. These houses are
about H feet high at the front, have
one window, are shingled and have
gravel floors with no perches. Tin 1
wonder Is how 50 birds, weighing from
seven to nine pounds, can be wintered
in a C> by 8 house without an epidemic
of sickness and death. Mr. Farrar
says they are not troubled with sick
ness, and the facts that they have the
best of market stock and continue sea
son after season in the same way are
ample proof that he tells the truth.
A new house 100 by 10 feet has just
been finished and will be stocked with
laying pullots. One of the Farrar
brothers, who left a steady position
where he received a good salary, says
that in eight months' time spent with
his chickens he can make more money
than he was paid iv a year and be
more independent. They estimate that
they clear at least 50 to GO cents per
head on the average bird in average
seasons. This they believe to be the
lowest tigure consistent with fair con
ditions.— George H. Pollard in Kelia
ble Poultry Journal.
A Chicken Without Wings.
Chickens with exploring dispositions
sometimes come to grief, and such was
the fate that befell a young occupant
of a South Carolina barnyard. The
chick one day found itself on the
threshold of the stable. It began its
usual round of exploration and pres
ently sauntered into a stall occupied
by a mule. This fellow, moved either
by hunger or a bad temper, put down
his head and bit on" the poor little
chick's two wiugs.
Strange to relate, but true, neverthe
less, this chicken lived to grow up. Of
course it was uever as other chickens,
and it had to be very careful about
running too fast. It could tear along
in a straight line without trouble, but
if it turned a coiner on the run, over it
went. In losing its wings it had lost
Its equilibrium.
The poor thing came to a premature
end. One night it fell off the roost
and landed exactly on its back. With
out its wings it could not right itself,
and the next morning it was dead.—
New York Mail and Express.
Tbe Broiler Industry.
Thomas F. Jager in Practical Pout
tryman 6ays the broiler industry is
considered by men who nave experi
mented in this Hue long enough to be
entitled to a standing as one of the
main sources of profit in the market
poultry business, especially if the turn-
Ing out of birds can be accomplished
prior to the hand raised stock as fur
nished the cities by the farmers or
■mall landowners.
Wlijii (be Men \rci>mi>liNhi-».
The food vali f tin> eggs consumed
In a great city is nearly as great as
that of the beef eaten in the same city.
This is a startling statement, but It is
supported by the evidence of statistics
taken by the Paris city tax authorities.
Dnless the Parisians arc for some rea
son unusually large consumers of eggs
the proportion will presumably hold
good elsewhere. These facts are from
a paper read to the Paris Academy of
Sciences by M. Balland, who has en
deavored by new and exhaustive anal
yses to correct the data given by previ
ous workers in this Hue. The egg as a
whole is 7." per cent water and there
fore furnishes 25 per cent of nutri
ment Iwo eggs without shells weigh
on an average 100 grams (1,543 grains),
e.o that 20 eggs represent quite exactly
the food value of one kilogram (2.2
pounds) of meat. A fowl in a few days
thus furnishes her own weight of food
substance, she is a valuable manufac
tory of edible products, and the breed
big of the best laying varieties of fowls
noi !"• too highly commended. In
1893 there were declared at the Paris
octroi (city tax offiet s) 538,299,120 eggs.
representing (allowing 50 grains to the
egg) 20,914,956 kilograms (about 27,000
tons) of food substance, equivalent to
the quantity of beef (without the
bones) furnished by 168,200 oxen of 400
kilograms (880 pounds) each, or two
thirds of the number of oxen entered
al Paris in 1898. Baltimore Sun.
The I<ararest Ekk Itecord.
In answer to a correspondent who
wants to know "what breed of fowls
lias the largest egg record" The Feath
er says:
This Is a rather difficult question to
answ< r correctly. The records for the
present year arc going upward so fast
we hesitate To name'the breed claim-
Ing the record. Must ftny breed will
claim it. There are Brahmaa with 235
eggs to i heir credit White Wyandottea
with 250 or more and Plymouth Rocks,
Barred and While, with even higher
figures. Leghorns and Minorcas come
In for their share of the glory, and so
flu- story runs. We might name a
breed or rather a variety to you. but
you would nut perhaps come to the. Yec
ords. Ii would be best for you to se
leci a variety and sec bow much of a
record you could make. What I might
do with r.i-;i!i!!ris yon could nut per
haps equal with Leghorns. Establish
your awn record from the popular vari
Payable in advance. Colfax Gazette and—
Aniericun Economist, New York §2.55
American Gardening; New York 2.30
Argonaut, rian Frand-co 4.55
Bulletin, Sunday, San Francisco 2.30
Call, V.'-r.-kly, San Francisco 2.25
Cosmopolitan Magazine, New York ... 2.35
Century Magazine, New York 5.05
Ohronic'e, Weekly, Sa?i Francisco ... 2.65
Enquirer, Weekly, Cincinnati 2.05
Examiner, Weekly, San Francisco . . 2.(55
Farm and Fireside, Springfield, O 1.80
Glob *-Democrat,Twice-a-Week,St. Louis 2.30
H -.mer'a Magazine, New York . . 4.15
I! ar^r'a Weekly 4 7f>
Harper's Bazar 4.75
Enter Ocean, Weekly Chicago 1.90
Leslie's Illustrated Weekly, New York. 3.55
Lippincott's Magazine, I'hiiadeh.hia 3 55
i. Iger, Weekly, Tacoma .. 230
Munsey's Magazine, New York . . 2.40
McClure's Magazine, New York 2 35
McCall's Magazine. New Y rork LBS
Northwest Horticulturist, Tacoma 1.85
National Tribune, Washington 2 45
Northwest Magazine, St. Paul 2.55
Oregonian, Weekly, Portland .. 2.55
' Grange Jndd Farmer, Chicago 2.30
Public Opinion, New York 3.55
Post Intelligencer, Weekly, Seattle 2 05
Review of Rei iews Magazine, New York 3.55
Ranch and Range, Seattle 2 05
Scribner'a Magazine, New York . .... 4.05
■st, Nicholas Magazine, New York 4 05
Scientific American, N.-w York 4.0. r.
!"ti':'ina, Weekly, New York 2.20
Tribune, Semi-Weekly •!.>,■.
The Forum, New York 4 of.
Toledo Blade, Toledo 0 1.80
She Housekeeper, Minneapolis 1.95
Traveler, Weekly, boston L 95
To - Queen of Kaahiou, New York 1.85
World, Thrice-aWeek, New York. .. 2.20
Woman's Home Companion, (new subs) 2.15
Youth's Companion, Boston (new Hiibn) , 2.50
If the periothca.l desired io not in above list,
apply to The (iazette for rates.
Colfax, November \'-h u> Mr. and Mrß.
William Sellers, a hod.
Garfield, November l<s, to Mr. and
Mrs. John FiDch, a daughter.
To remove a troublesome corn or
bunion: First soak the corn or bunion
in warm water to soften it; then pare it
down ;ik cloutly an possible without
drawing: blood and apply Chamberlain's
Pain Halm twice daily; rubbiog vigor
ously for five minutes at each applica
tion. A corn planter should be worn for
a few days, to protect it from the shoe.
As a general liniment for sprains, bruises,
laments and rbeumatibtn, lain Balm is
anequaled. For sale by all druggists.
unmix Acker's Dyspepsia Tablets. One
little tablet will give immediate relief or
money refunded. Sold in handsome tin
boxes at 25 etß. The Klk Drugstore.
IJMouhp and lot (or Kale cheap, good
dry location, South Colfax; 6 rooms.
woodshed, cellar, etc. Apply at Colfax
drug Ht<>re o
Wanted—Girl for housework.
Apply to Mrp Ivan Chase, South Coifax,
* A. good looking
horse and poor look- 4/ k
worst kind of v com- j*.?^*!= *«
Harness Oil V\
not only makes the barnese an 1 the In
borse (o t better, but makes the 'll«
. ather soft and pliable, pat! II in con- iilm
/ *A dition to last—twice as long fl\
»■;»'••■■ :■- st ordinarily wonM. N
■A'fj- 1 . ' - ' 1:iS—»!1 (ftm
•M^B"«ti,' ! .<izf-;. Made by ft .%
''\ l'( STANDARD ,'jf'M
OIL CO. *X- \
Your >^ jSL' gk
Horse a XM^Mw
8 Take them §
q today and 5
§ youiifaevvell ®
® to-morrow. O
2 Baldwins ®
2 Cold Cure ©
2 Tablet NoBB ®
& (fold in head) A
® NouireNoPdy#c ©
V^y 6«nd (or Tret Sample and Medical I .'
fl^ Manuel Kaldwia San ftancisco
Sheriff's Sale.
State of Washington, county of Whitman as.
Jll the superior court of the state of Washing
ton, in and for' Whitman county
Joseph (iurney Fowler anil W. J. Caesar,
plaintiffs, vs Amanda C. Harper; Hiram H.
Harper; William Harper and Lotta Harper, hig
Wife; Drayton Q Alien and Rosa K. Allen, his
wife: Arthur Hibler and Lillie Bibler, his wife:
Thomas Banders and Daisy B Sanders, his wife;
Solomon Garde; Knapp, Burrell a. Company, a
corporation; m:i<l Amanda C Harper, as admin
istratrix of 1 lie estate of John la. Harper, de
ceased, defendants.
Decree of foreclosure and or.ler of sale.
By virtue of a decree and order of Bale made
ai.d entered ii the above entitled cause and
court, on the -'Ist day of November, A. I>. L900,a
copy of which has been issued and certified to
me by the clerk of the said court, under the seal
thereof, bearing date the -'Ist day of November,
A. D. L9OO, for the sum of $2377.72, gold coin, and
the further sum of $49 °\ costs, and the further
sum of -fIOO ()0, attorney's fees, and also the in
creased coste thereon, with Interest <.ni said
principal of $2377.72 and said attorney fees oi
find from the date Of tins decree at the rate of
6 per cent per aunum, I, Joseph Canutt, Bherifi
of Whitman county, Washington, will, on the
22nd day of December, A. I). 1900, tit the hour of
two o'clock p. m. ot said day. at the south front
door of the Whitman county court house, at
I'olfax. Whitman county, state of Washington,
m 11 at public auction to the highest bidder, for
cash, the following described real estate, situ
ated, lying and being in Whitman county,
Washington, and particularly described as fol
lows, to-wit: The Northeast quarter: the east
half of the northwest quarter; and the north
west quarter of the southeast quarter; all in
section No. thirty-four (81), township No. six
teen (16), north of range forty two (42), cms:
of the Willamette Meridian, containing 2«n
acres, more or less, together with all and
singular the tenements,' hereditaments and
appurtenances thereunto belonging or in any
wise appertaining. Said property is taken and
sold as the property of the above named
Dated at Colfax, Whitman county. Washing
ton, this 21st day of November, A. D WiO.
Sheriff of Whitman County, Washington.
By C. A. ELMKR, Deputy.
J. N. Pickrell, attorney for plaintiffs.
Sheriffs Sale.
.-tat;.' nf Washington, comity of Whitman 88.
In the superior court of the state of Washing
ton, Lnand for Whitman county.
Prances I. Dodge, plaintiff, vs. Riley B. Hat
ley and Riley B. Hatley as administrator of the
estate of Rachel B. Hatley, deceased, and Mary
K. Paulis, N 8. Hatley, Arminda Alice Kindall,
Nora Stout, Lula O. Clawson; William Monroe
Hatley, (a minor), Walter Hatley, (a minor),
Burton Hatley (a minor) and Archie Hatley,
(a minor), heirs of Rachel B. Hatley deceased;
W. < Hatley and Clemina Hatley, his wife;
and ('. A. Leighton, defendants.
Decree oi foreclosure and order of sale.
By virtue of a decree and order of sale, made
and entered in the above entitle.l cause ami
couri on the 23rd day of November, A. I). I'.kh),
a copy of which has been issued and certified to
me by the clerk of the Raid court, under the
seal thereof, bearing date the iirh day of No
vember, A. 1). 1900, For the sum of $2606 55, gold
coin, with interest at the rate of 12 per cent per
annum from the 2;! rd day of November, A. |i.
1900, and the further sum Of 139.35, costs, and
the further sum of $1.30 00, attorney's ices, and
also the increased costs thereon, with interest
on said attorney fees at 12 per cent per annum
from the 23rd day of November, A. 1). 19WJ, 1,
Joseph Canutt. sheriff of Whitman county,
Washington, will on the 29th day of December,
A. D. 1900, at the hour of two o'clock p, ni. of
w.i<! day. at the south front door of the Whit
man county court house at Colfax, Whitman
county, state of Washington, sell at public auc
tion to the highest bidder. lor cash, the follow
kg described real estate, situated, lying aud
beinu in Whitman county Washington, and
particularly described as follows, to-wit: The
southwest quarter of Beet ion twenty-eight 28),
iii township fourteen(l4), north of range forty
four (44), east of the Willamette meridian, con
taining 160 acres, according to government sur
rey; together with all and singular the tene
ments, hereditaments and appurtenances
thereunto belonging or in anywise appertain
ing. Said property is taken and sold as the
property of Kiley 15. Hatley and others, defend
Dated at Colfax, Whitman county, Washing
ton, this 26th day of November, A. I). 1»)00.
Sheriff of Whitman County, Washington.
By C A. Ki.mkk, Deputy.
J N. Pickrell, attorney for plaintiff.
Summons for Publication in Fore-
closure of Tax Lien.
No. 500.
In the superior court of the state of Wash
ington, for vVhitman county.
Walter Hayfield, plaintiff, vs. Elizabeth
Weavers, defendant.
The state ol Washington to Elizabeth
Wen vers:
You are hereby summoned to appear within
sixty days after the date of the first publication
of this summons, to-wit, within 60 days after
the 30th day of November, A. D. 19(10, and defend
the above entitled action in the above entitled
court, and answer the complaint of the plaintiff,
and serve a copy of your answer upon the
undersigned attorneys for plaintiff, at their
office below stated; and in ease of your failure
so to^o, judgment will be rendered"against yon
according to the demand of the complaint,
which has been tiled with the clerk of said
This action is brought upon Certificate of De
linquency numbered 2222. issuer) on the 24th
day of November, A. D. 1900, by the county of
Whitman, state of Washington, and now owned
anil held !>y plaintiff herein, for delinquent
tuxes for the yenrs 1896-97-98 and 99 upon the
following described real estate situate in the
county of Whitman, state of Washington, to
wit: Lots numbered five (5) and six (6) of the
town of Farmington, to obtain judgment fore
closing the lieu thereof and for a sale of said
real estate according to law.
Plaintiff's attorneys, P. O. address Colfax,
county of Whitman, Washington.
Slate of Washington County of Whitman, ss.
In Justice court. A E. Kirkland, Justice.
To Jerry O'Connor: In the name of the state
of Washington, you are hereby notified that W.
D. Kagon has filed a complaint against you in
said court, seeking to recover the sum "of six
teen dollars due to him from you for board,
during the months of October and November,
1900, which will come on to be heard at my office
In Colfax, Whitman county, state of Washing
ton, on the J2d day of December, A. D. 1900, at
the hour of 10 o'clock a m . and unless you ap
pear and then and there answer, the same wfi
Be taten as confessed, and the demand of the
lilaiMtift granted.
Complaint tiled this 22d day of November.
Justice of the Peace.
Reed ifc Davis. Attorneys for Plaintiff.
Express and Drayman
Will hanl yonr freight or move yonr
(roods and chattels
Order «<> Show Cause.
In 'he superior court of Whi mai • „.-,fv
*'.k\< of \\ a»hington.
In the matter of the estate of Alvin K. (row.
°£ Dei '" si;tiV i»u •■ «rhj ordei ol tale or
mortgage of real estate ihou Id nol
v 1! n ' *!u' »*id c ...it : ■ the ;.. titlon
te oi
A.....X Crov,
' ' rate that
lain real estate m Mid petftl >n ,s,
■""1"; 1 -' 'he real estate ol said de
™™*< "P»S : -"' Indebtedness aga
expenses of administration it is
therefore ordered t>y the said court th
sons interested in the .state of said de.
appear before the said Buperi
day of December 1900, at 1 o'clock p. m „
day at the court room „
« ollax, in said county m.d state, to show cause
nn order « , ted ; ,, th
sai«l deteased as ghall be
Q( cessaryto paj su. b lu.iebwduess; and ihal »
copyof this order be published at least four
successive weeksin the C'Ufi „ news
paper printed and published ■ iau no li
ty, state .if Washington
be?°l9o0 ill "!' "Ai< 7"' 'la >' of Novein-
Wll.i I o! M'DONALD,
Judge of Said Superior Court.
state of washi igton, countj of Whitman -
i. W. W. Kenfrew, clerk of the superior court
ol Whitman county, state of Washington, do
hereby certify that the foregoing is a true full
and correct copy of an order duly made and
entered upon the minute* oi the aaid guperioi
" itniss my band and the - | superb r
court hereto affixed, this 7th day of Soveuibei
ki?,\ Ll v- W- W> RSNFREW.Countj clerk.
!'■> O. i. Kennedy . Deputy.
v\ in a. Inman, attorney for petitioner.
SJierift's Sale of Heal Kstate
By virtue of an execution, issued out of the
Superior court of the state of Washington in
and for the county of Whitman, holding at
Colfax, ia Whitman county-in said state
to me directed and delivered, for a judgment
rendered in said court al < olfax, at v regular
sitting thereof on the 16th day of November \
D.1900, in favor of Q. |, Wilson plaintifl
against 1.. D. Patton and M Patton defendants
ror the sum of $40.00. with interest al the rate
of 12 per cent per annum from the Brst day of
November A.D.i«99, and the further sum of $20.00
attorney's fees and $21 70, costs of suit, I' have
levied on the foil.,wing described real estate
to wit: rhe south half of the southwest quar
ter oi section nine ('•). township fifteen 15)
north of range forty-five(4s) E. W. M.. gituat. d!
lying and being m Whitman county Washing-
Notice is hereby given that on Saturday, the
22nd day of December A. D., 1900, st the hour of
2oclockp.m. of said day, at the court house
aoor, in Colfax in the comity of Whitman said
state, I will sell all the right, title and In'te'resi
of the said L n Patton and M. Patton, defend
ants, in and to the ab.ve described real estate
a! public auction, to the bighesl and besl bi.l
der, to satisfj said execution and all costs
i Given under my hand this 20th day of Novem
bhenfl of Whitman County, Washington.
„ >. !■• kii By 9* Al Kl'Mi:i- Deputy.
P. VV. Kimball, Attorney for Plaintiff.
Notloe to Creditors.
In the .superior court of the state of Wash
ington, in and for the county of Whitman.
In the matter of the estate of Martha Beas
ley, deceased.
Notice is hereby given by the undesigned
administrator of the estate of Martha l'.eas
l.v. deceased, to the creditors of and all ;.,-r
--sons having claims against saM deceased', or
said estate, to present, their claims with the
necessary voucher*, within one year after ttie
date of the rirst publication of this notice, to
said administrator, at bis office in the city of
Colfax, Whitman county, Washington.
Dated, November !♦, U<oo.
I'ate of first publication November !» 1900
Administrator of the estate of Martha
Beasley, deceased.
First publication, November 9. 1!KX).
Last publication, December 7 I.XX).
Notice t<»r Publication
William Phillips.
Land Office al Walla Walla, Wnsh., November
lOth.ldOO -Notice is hereby given that the follow
ing-named settler has tiled notice of his intention
to make final proof In support of his < ..- t im and
Unit said proof will be made before the coun
ty ciei c and clerk of the superior court of >\ hit
man county, Washington, at Holfax, Wasliins
ton. on December 29th, 1900. viz: William
I'hiilips, who made 11. E. No 8256 for the
s\v. ; . Sec. 15, Tp, 15 N, R t2 E. W. M. He
names the following witness.", to prove
his continuous residence upon, and cultiva
tion of said land, viz: Thomas Knox. John Ma
: irs, William Byrj ami G. Miller, all of Wilcox
JOHN M. HILL, Register.
-Notice lor Publication.
Edwin S. Allen.
Land Office at Walla Walla, Wash.. November
iitn, 1900 Notice jk hereby given that the
Following-named Bettler has Hied notice of his
intention io make Bnal proof m support of his
claim, and that s.i.l proof will 1.,- made before
\\ m. a. lnraan, L.S. Commissioner, at !iU office
lv Colfax, Wash., oh Saturday, Dec. 29th, 1900
viz: Edwin 9. Allen, « ho made homestead'entry
No. (021, for lots 3 and 4 and El-2 sWI-4 Sec 18
li>. 11 V. k. 42 E. He uamea the following wit
noses to prove his continuous residence upon
and cultivation oi xaid land, viz: Douglas
Richardson, .Uvm Allen, Henry Parks and John
J. Miller, all of Almota, Wash '
JOHN M HI 1.1., Register.
Notice lor Publication.
John V. Keno.ver.
Department of the Interior, Land Office at
Walla WaUu, Wash.. Oct. 30th, 1900— Notice is
hereby given thai the following-named settler
has filed notice of hi.* intention to make final
proof in support of his claim, and that said
proof will be made before Wm. A. Inman, I 8
Commissioner, at lub office in Colfax, Wash on
Saturday. Dec. Sth. 1900 viz: John P. Kenoyer
who made H. E. No. 5395 for the nwh. Sec. 26*
Tp. 15 NT., R. 40 E. W. M. He names the follow
ing witnesses to prove his continuous residence
upon and cultivation of said land, viz: Doaks
Fry. of Dusty, Wash.; Calvin McCracken of
Dusty, Wash.; Joel Doan, of La Crosse Wash
Carl Strutz, of Dusty. WaMi
"JOHN M. HILL, Register.
Notice for Publication.
Alexander Snider.
Land Office at Walla Walla. Wash Oct
T.'th 1900.-Notice is hereby given that the fol
lowing named settler has filed notice of hh
intention to make final proof in support of his
claim and that said proof will be made before
the county clerk and clerk of the superior court
Of \\ Hitman county, Washington, at Colfax
Washington, on Saturday, December bin, 1900
viz: Alexander Snider, who made homestead en
try No. 0-196, for the ne 1. See. 14, Tp 15 N R
40 E. W. M. He names the following witnesses
to prove his continuous residen, c upon and
cultivation of said land, viz: John X Howe
Hugh P. Barr and Lewis S;;hmuck, of LaCrosse
Wash.; Henry Churchill of Endicott Wash
JOHN M. HlLL.'Register.
Notice tor Publication.
David Power.
Land Office at Walla Walla. Wash October
26, 1900.— Notice is hereby given that the fol
lowing-named settler has filed notice of his in
tention to make final proof in support of his
claim, and that snid proof will be made before
Wm.|A. Inman, U. 8. commissioner, at his office
iv Colfax, Wash., on Saturday Dec 8 1900 viz
David Power, who made Hd. entry No 5«73 for
11^ nl 2SEI-i' se(- 3. tp. 14 N, K43
E. W. M He names the following witnesses to
prove his continuous residence upon and
cultivation of. said land, viz: Patrick Manning
and Charles B. Miller, both of Pullman Wash
Frank Dowling and John Keating, both of Col
fax, Wash.
J<»HN M. HILL, Register.
Notice for Publication
David W. M;iel.
Land Office at Walla Walla, Wash., October
24, 1900.—.Notice is hereby given that the fol
lowing-named settler has tiled notice of his in
tention to make final proof in support of his
claim, and tlm said proof will be made before
Wm. A. Inman. U 8 commissioner, at his office
in Coif ax, Wash., on Saturday. Dec 16, 1900, vi/-
David W Mat-!, who made homestead entry Xo.
5499. for the SEW BW^and s\V> 4 .~K' 4 Sec 31, Tp.
ION,. X 45. E. He names (he following witnesses
to prove his continuous residence upou and
cultivation of said land viz: William Evet, of
Guy, Wash , Charles Dash, of Fallens. Wash ,
James 8. Parvin and Walter M. Chapman, both
of Guy, Wash,
i JOHN M. HILL, Register.
Order t<» Show <auHc.
In the auperioi conn of the *!>it<. <,r Wnniiinir
ton, in and for the i ounty of w liitmati
Id amaUi i ol Ute Mtstool \un\<- K.Loag d«.
It appearing to the above entitled conn by
the petition ul ramn X Lone. K.imlnUtr«ti.r <«f
i rug (in>
ited an-i fljed, praying for an ord«
if and dtr«
'■ ->iU-«ThW
- .1 for the
• »nd clal - •! . „a.. that
in not sufficient )•> rsonal e»Ute in thi
■aid admlnlstratoi UouUUmlinjr
anainm mid decea« .. , harxes and ex
■dmiuiMi ii on >l wild e»tate hill itm<
i! is aeceraary to sell oi morl
s'l';! r' ' -.' ' ed or
i ci
der to pi
<»nds for sucl . that the total ....
"i Money and p-rsonal property in the haudu of
r,' 11'1, - i ■ H. 50.00 and
ixainsi sm.i „,r,u . . rtl ,,i
time to the Rum ol
•■• "■■"■ ordered by th ; rt that .ill
persons inters - , | .iweaned
be and appeal ,„ rl ur( Ht
v'<'( court in ( nlfas Wlut
1 ■ Ui ■ Inxton, on the Hth day of I>,
p. m ..f wild day
"1"1 tt"ir'l '■■ * km „r,ler
■aid adminfotralof
all of th< real
■ oi said deceased, or so much then of «s
- and
de t« an.] that a . op) P , ID
lishwl al least :■■ .; ■ „, „,.
ax(,azetu*.s tiowsi ,i,.,l and publi»he<l
in „„„„>■.„„,,,,
,Jl ■"' °P*n rl this it] da) ol N«
1 M !t
\M: LI AM M I.oNAI l>,
Jndge <>t SMi.l Snperloi Omt.
State! ol w ashiwrton, county ol Wl i nan
I.W. W, Renfrew clerk ol the superioi i
<>r the Btate ..! Washington, in and for Whitman
county, do hereby certify that the <N H
full, true and correct copy id : . t \ a \.
made and entered In said court In the matter of
the estate ol Annie X Long, deceased nn<l of
record in the journals of my office
w itness my hand and the sealol Bald superior
court hereunto affixed, this 7th daj ol Novem
Del , I.HJO.
[seal] w. w ilknkukw.
County Clerk and Clerk ol Said Court
By <». 1.. Kknneuy, Deputy.
l-'irst publication November9th l-O)
Last publication December 7th, 1900.
Ortler to Sliow CaiiNO.
In the Roperlor court of Whitman county
state oi \\ ashiugton. '
In the matter of the estate of Joseph X Mull
ington, deceas d.
Order to show cause why decree of listribu
tion should not be made
On reading and flling the petition ol Htuie M
lMcki'll. administratrix ol the estate oi Joseph
\ Buffiugton deceased, Netting forth that she
lias bled her hmhl account of her administration
ol the estate of said deceased tn this rourl and
ilimthr Kii.l estate ii in h ronditlon to he
dosed; that all the debts and expenses of ad
ministration have been duly paid, and that h
portion of said estate remains to be divided
among the heirs ol said deceased, him! praying
among otherthings for an order ol distribution
of the residue of said estate among the persons
entitled; it is ordered Mint .ill person* inter
ested in the estate oi Joseph X Bufflngton de
ceased he and appear before the superior court
or v\ hitman couuty. itate of >\ ashington, al th«
court room „f said court, at Col fax, in taid
county and ■itate aforesaid, on Monday theMth
day of December, A. n !'.*h>. al ten o'clock ■
in. then and there to show cause why an order
of distribution should not be made of the reat
due of said estate among the hem of tald de
ceased, according to luu.
It is further ordered th.it a copy of this order
be published for four successive weeks before
the said 24th day ol December, A. l> r.KM in the
Colfax Gazette, a newspaper printed and pub
lished in Whitman county,state of Washington.
Dated November 12th, i•.kk >
WILLIAM M'DONALD, Superior Judge.
state of Washington, county of Whitman
1, W \v. Renfrew, county clerk and clerk of
the superior court of Whitman county, state of
Washington, do hereby certify that the forego
ing is a full, true and correct cepj of >m order
made and entered of record upon the minutes
oi the said superior court.
Witness my hand and official seal affixed this
12th day oi November, A. i>. 1900
County Clerk
By O. 1.. Kknnki.v. l>ei>uty.
Bberiff'a Sale.
State of Washing) ty of Whitman as.
In tin/ superior court of the State of Wash
ington, in and for Whitman county.
Jacob Ogle, plaintiff vs. Fred C Kueh] Min
nie Kuehl, Willie Kuehl, and Alice Kuehl,
minor children of Fred <:. Kuehl and Kniila
Kuehl, Joseph MacEachern, Fred C. Kuehl.a*
administrator of the estate oi Emila Euenl.de
ceased, and Fred C Kuehl, as parenl and im'^
urn! guardian of Minnie Kuehl, Willie Kuehl
and Alice Kuehl, defendants.
Decree ol Foreclosure and order oi salt-.
By virtue of a decree and order of >nk\ made
and entered in the. above entitled cause and
court, on the i..ti. day of November, l'jou, a
i opy of which tins been issued and certified to
me by the clerk of the said court, under tbi
thereof, bearing date the 12th day of November,
A. D. 1900, for the sum of >951.5 i gold coin, with
interest at the rate of twelve i"-; eenl per annum
from the 6th day of September.A. D. l9oo,aud the
further Bum of $32 00costs, and the further hum
of (100.00 attorney's ices and also the increased
■ osta thereon, !. Joseph I anutt, sheritf of Whit
man county, Washington, will on the 15th day
■»f December, A D. 1900, at the houi ol .' o'clock
!• ni. "i said day, »t the fronl door of the
Whitman county court house, at Col fax, Unit
man county, state of Washington, sell al public
auction to the highest bidder, for oasn, the
iwing described real estate, situated, lying
Hud being In Whitman county, Washington,
and particularly described as follows, to-wit:
Th« southwest quartet <■! section six ;»■) in
township nineteen (19) north of ran^e forty
four 44) east of the Willamette Meridian, con
taining liJJ acres more or less, together with
all and singular the tenements, heredita
ments and appurtenances thereunto belonging
or in anywise appertaining, .-^id property is
tHke.ii and sold uk the property of Fred C.
Kueiii ci al., defendants.
Dated nt Colfaz, Whitman county, Wanhing
ton.this 11th day of November. A. D. liHJO.
Sherifl'of Whitman county, Washington.
By C. A. Ki.mkr, Deputy.
K. J. Neergaard, attorney for plaintiff
Iteceiver'H Male
By virtue of an order of the raperioi court
of the state of Washington, for Whit
man county, entered in the matter of The
Moscow National Hank of Moscow, Idaho, in
liquidation, on the 7th day of November,
IWO, uj) >n the petitiun of the undersigned re
ceiver, 1, the Mid receiver, will off-r for priv
ate Bale it my office in Moscow^ Idaho, lot 7,
block 11, in the town of Pullman, Whitman
county, Washington, and also the following
described piece or parcel of land, beginning at
the northeast corner of lot 1, block 4, of Col
ton; tTience west 50 feet; thence south HO feet;
thence east 50 feet; thence north 60 feet to the
place of beginning in the town of G'olton,
Whitman county, Washington, and if said
real estate above describe i l»e not dispose 1 of
by the 12th day of December, 1900, the same
will be offered for sale on sairj day at public
auction tor cash, at the fouth court house
door, in the town of (.'olfax, Whitman county,
Washington; said sale to begin at 10 o'clock a.
m. on said day. The receiver reserves the
right to reject any and all bids. The receiver
does not m»ke any representations as to, or
any w^y warranty of the title of said proper
ty, or to any part thereof, but on'y offers
for such *aie such right, title and interest as
the said b*uk and the said receiver have thereto.
Receiver of the Mmciw National Bank, of
Moscow, Idaho.
Dafed at Moscow, Idaho, N< rember 7, IW<).
Notice of Settlement of Final Ac
In the superior court of Whitman county,
state of Washington.
In the matter of the estate of Joseph X Buff-
Incrton, deceased.
Notice ll hereby iriven that Susie M. Pickell.as
adrninistratrixol theestateof Joseph X. Buftihj;
ton. deceased, bat rendered and presented for
nent kti.l filed in -.aid conn her iinal ac
of her administration oi said estate, and
that Monday, the J4th day of December, 1900, at
the hour of ten o'clock a. m.. of said das, at the
court room of said court, in the city of"Colfax,
Whitman county, state of Washington has been
duly appointed by the said court for the settle
rn<_-!!t oi -a;.! account, at which time and place
any person interested in said estate may appear
and tiio bis exceptions in writing to said'account
and contest the same.
Dated November 12th. 19<>i.
[BBAL] W. W. RENFREW. Clerk..
By Gko. M. Carey, Deputy.
Wo, J. Bryaut, attorney for estate.

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