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Boiled Down As It Comes From
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Busy Headers.
Wednesday, November 2H
Hear Admiral Frederick (J. Mc-Nair
died from apoplexy at Wanhington. He
wae ranking rear admiral of the navy
and the officer next in line to Admiral
Sixty modern railway carriages are
being exported from the Inited States
to New 7. 'aland.
The nhortn caught in Phillips' corn
corner at Chicago settled at 50 ceutH.
Phillips' profits were £300,000.
McKinley'n I'tah majority is officially
announced an 2140.
The nale of Staudard Oil shares in the
opt-ti market aggregated 157 shares at
£7~>(), a new high record for the stock.
_ Official vote of Wisconsin shows 106.
--ssi republican plurality.
Thursday, November 29.
Two dozen smallpox cases were dis
covered at New York.
Four or fiye hundred men and boys
prowded on the roof of the Pacific Glass
Workn at San Francisco to witness a
football game. The roof fell from the
weight, precipitating many upon she
fiery furnaces below. About 25 were
killed and roasted and three times as
many injured.
Geo. Griffiths, for l.'l years clerk of che
Cincinnati school board, died. He was
found $100,000 short.
Boers captured 400 British at Dewets
Robert Winstel, assistant bookkeeper
of the wrecked German National Bank
at Newport, Ky., was arrested, charged
with being an accomplice of Frank
Brown, who was short $11)0,000. Brown
has not been apprehended.
Friday, November 30.
Six men.one a negro and two Italians,
were drowned at Spokane. They were
part of a bridge gang of 18 crossing the
river on a ferry barge which was swamped
by a floating log. The others bad narrow
Mrs. ICmrna Van Liewah, wite of a
wealthy banker at Vanwert, Ohio, was
sent to prison for ten years. She threw
vitriol in the face of Mies Alice Hammel,
from the effects of which the girl died.
December options on wheat at Chicago
dropped to 69j£.
Saturday, December 1.
Thousands participated in the funeral
rites over the remains of the late Senator
Davis of Minnesota.
The old prison walls at Nashville,
Term., feil and killed four convicts.
Several others were injured.
Resolutions were reported by the com
mittee to the Galveston Harbor conven
tion today to the effect that the nation
and state should join in the restoration
of the port of Galveston.
The house committee on rivers and
harbors continued work on the river and
harbor bill. The discussion of the vari
ous items is proceeding upon the theory
that the bill is to aggregate in the
neighborhood of £25,000,<)<)<). Only a
few of the items have been definitely de
cided upon. It is not probable that the
bill will be completed for two weeks.
The vote of Texas was 110,000 short
ot that of four years ago; yet Bryan re
ceived the comforting plurality of 146,
--259. Donnelly carried 21,160 votes.
Senator Stewart of Nevada has had
his name placed on the republican caucus
list. He has been a silver party man for
the last eight years.
The United States mint executed dur
ing November 12 355,000 coins, valued
at f2.254.458.14. Of this $116,338.14
was (fold for the government of Costa
Rica. The rest was in American silver,
nickel and copper. The value of silver
coins was $1,908,000 and of base metal
A San Francisco dispatch saye: The
price of salt to the trade will jump from
95 cents to $2 a bag. The Federal Salt
company has acquired complete control
of the salt industry iv Alameda county
and of the entire output west of the
Rocky mountains. Negotiations have
been carried on quietly for several weeks.
Sunday, December 2.
At Mitchell, South Dakota, the jury in
the case of Editor Meßride, who sued 40
citizens for $20,000 damages for the
destruction ol his newspaper plant nearly
five years ago, has returned a verdict
awarding Mcßride $700 damages. Of
the 40 defendants at least 10 were re
leased from the judgment. The plant
was destroyed by citizens who were
offended by articles that appeared in the
Ex-Governor Joseph McClure of Miss
ouri, aged 88, died of hemorrhage of the
stomach. He was elected governor oi
Missouri as a republican in 188G and
servtd one term. He served in congress
from 18G2 to 1868.
Lumbering operations in Minnesota
are practically at a standstill on account
of the warm weather, and unless there is
a change at once lumbermen will be
heavy losers this winter. None of the
swamps are frozen over as yet. Loggers
are being paid the highest wages in
Perry Kincaid of Auburn, Wash.,
aged Is, was cut to pieces by a train
near Comstock, Oregon. He was riding
the brakes and fell off.
Monday, December 8
Standard Oil certificates made a spnsa
tional advance today, selling at $810,
an advance of 30 points for the day!
The company's capital of $100,000,000
now has a market value of over $800,
--000,000. The stock ie the second high
est priced industrial in the country. The
rise in the price of Standard Oil this
year has been phenomenal. Last Janu
ary it sold at |475. The middle of
October it had reached the $600,000 000
mark. A gain of over $200,000,000
has been reached since then, with at
least 100 points advance during the last
fortnight. .John D. Rockefeller is said to
own 43 percent ol the stock.
Five railroad employee were instantly
killed and 12 people injured by the cx
i P*°«on <>f a boiler house of the Chicago
* -Northwestern railroad at Chicago
*ourof the injured are hurt so badly
that they may die.
In the senate the work of the short
session of the fifty-sixth congress was
successfully launched.
. £ B?ffleiallj reported, Bryan's plurality
in Uolorado is cut down to 29,803.
Gen. W. L. White, the defaulting
nntmnal guardsman of Michigan was
sentenced to ten years in prison. Gov
isngree pardoned him.
Tuesday, December 4.
Representative Sbafroth of Colorado
nas led off in a movement to obtain gov
ernment aid in the settlement of arid
lands. His hill is now in the hands of
the committee on public lands. It di
rects the geological survey to make
surveys of at least four reservoir sites
and ditches therefrom in each of the arid
land states, which are designated as
Washington, Idaho, California, Oregon
.Nevada, (tan, Montana, Wyoming,
Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska, South Da
kota and North Dakota. The bill ap
propriates 113,000,000 to carry out the
project. Upon completion of each irri
gation project the lands under it are to
be subject to homestead entry at £2 ."><>
per acre, in tracts of not over so acres
When the major part of such lands are
entered upon the management of the
reservoir systems is to be turned over to
the homesteaders, who shall handle them
in accordance with the irrigation laws of
the state in which situated.
The report of the isthmian canal com
mission, submitted by the president to
congress, gives as the unanimous con
clusion of that body that "the most
practicable and feasible route for an
isthmian canal undei the control, man
agement and ownership of the United
States is that known as the Nicaraguan
route." The commission estimates the
cost of this route at $200,540,000. This
estimate is much in excess of any here
tofore made, and is due to increased di
mensions and other features not con
December wheat at Chicago 71 \ Port
land, cash, 54; Tacoma, 53%.
By an explosion of chemicals, the use
of which was for spectacular effect in the
initiatory rites of the Improved Order of
Red Men, at Beverly, Mass., Ira T
Crockett was killed and W. F. Rogers
badly burned. The explosion was in the
Optimistic Report of a Government
Washington, Nov. 26.—"Despite all
evil reports to the contrary the Cape
Nome gold fields are the most wonder
fully rich placer diggings known today."
That is the verdict of Dr. Caleb White
nttfu], the special commissioner who waa
sent by the United States government
to Alaska, to examine the gold deposits
of the Seward peninsula. He has just re
turned to Washington, and is now en
gaged upon the compilation of his
official report. It will be the most im
portant document on ('ape Nome ever
made public, from a scientific view point
It will be accepted an final by the I ni'ed
States in basing estimates of future pro
ductions of gold.
Dr. Whitehead is the assayer to tin-
American mint bureau. He is recog
nized all over the world as a metallur
gist of the highest class. As an indica
tion of his professional reputation it
may be necessary only to recall the fact
that he was recently offered, and refused,
$20,000 a year to join the Turkish gov
ernment as metallurgical adviser.
It can be seen therefore that the judg
ment of Dr. Whitehead on the Cape
Nome district, formed after a summer
spent on the ground, is of the highest
William of Germany Refused To
Ileceive Oom Paul
Berlin, Dec. 2 —Mr. Kruger has aban
doned his proposed visit to Berlin,owing
to the receipt of an official intimatiou
that Emperor William regrets that, in
consequence of previous arrangements,he
will be unable to receive him. The Boer
statesman will therefore proceed direct
from Cologne for Holland, lie tele
graphed to this effect this afternoon.
The Cologne Gazette, in an inspired
communication says: "Mr. Kruger's
visit is not agreeable to Germany, bis
aim being to obtain intervention in
South Africa. It would be a grave po
litical mistake, it would be even a great
crime, to allow him to entertain even a
spark of hope that Germany will render
him any practical support.''
This declaration is accompanied with
reproaches, Mr. Krugei being charged
with "having encouraged a useless guer
rilla warfare and having disregarded
Germany's advice when he might have
still followed it."
The press generally strikes the same
Many Smallpox Cases
Winona, Minn., Dec. 2.—There are 400
cases of smallpox in the city and to pre
vent its spread the board of health
closed two public schools and ordered
the street car company to stop its cars
at the boundary of the infected district.
Thousand Bolomen Surrender.
Manila, Dec. 2—One thousand more j
bolomen have surrendered to Captain
Green of the Thirty-third infantry at
Yigan, island of Luzon, This makes a
total of 2600 Filipinos who have cur
rendered within a few days.
Brave Men Fall
Victims to stomach, liver and kidr.e
troubles as well as women, and all feel !
the results in loss of appetite, poisons in j
the blood, backache, nervousness, head- \
ache and tired, listless, run-down feeling. ■
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; lives or dies. It gave me new strength '
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I thing and have a new lease on life.,'
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anteed, !
Thieves Held Up ■ Force of
Clerks in a Mill Office.
Got Away With SITIiT ol the Pay
of Employes- N.» Capture*
Portland, Dec. s.—Six masked men
held up the office ol the Western Lombei
company this evening, secured $17:.'7
and escaped in the darkness. The rob
bery occurred at 6 o'clock, when dozens
of men were in the vicinity of the mill
which is located on Front street, oppo
site Seventeenth north. Four ol the
highwaymen guarded the two entrances
to the office, while the other two entered
with drawn revolvers and ordered the
I four clerks in the office to hold up their
| hands. The money was in envelopes
ready to be paid out to the mill bands
this being the regnlar weekly paydaj
One robber quickly threw the money in
to a Hack while the other kept the mill
men covered with two revolvers. They
backed out uf the office, locked the doors
and thesis men made their escape before
the alarm could he given. The police
station was immediately notified, and a
number of officers were detailed on the
Agreement Entered into With Nic
aragua and Costa Una.
Washington, Dec. 1 -Secretary Hay
this morning, for the government of the
United States, and Senor Corea, the
Nicaraguan minister, for hiH own gov
ernment, signed a treaty whereby the
latter government concedes to the gov
ernment of the United States the neces
sary right and privileges within her be
Btowal for the construction of the
Nicaragua canal.
This action is taken in anticipation of
congressional action upon the pending
Nicaragua canal bill and the II ay-
Pauneefote treaty. Pending the nub
mission of the treaty to the senate
which body must ratify the agreement!
it* terms will not be made public. It is
understood, however, that generally
Nicaragua grants to the Unired State's
government the exclusive right to con
Htnict and operate a canal between the
Atlantic and Pacific across Nicaragua,
including the free use of the San Juan
river and of Like Nicaragua, as ( >nrt ol
the water course. Nicaragua is also to
rid herself of any outstanding treaties
that would tend in any way to abridge
the privileges to be acquired by the
I nited States. If is understood' also
that Nicaragua concedes to the United
States full authority to police the canal
Nicaragua is to receive in compensation
a certain amount ol the securities of the
canal, and although it is not possible
now to learn the figure set down in the
treaty, ir is believed to approximate
Tin state department already has
entered into an arrangement nn similar
terms with the republic of Costa Rica
This was because Costa Rica has es
tablished a claim to the right bank of
the San Juan river, tvhich muHt of neces
sity, form tb mi n third of the length of
the canal, should the Nicaragua route
be selnted and lie constructed on the
lines which will be suggested by the
\\ alker commission.
An understanding also has been ar
rived at with the United States of Co
lombia covering the same rights and
privileges for the Panama route as are
conveyed by the Nicaragua ami Costa
Rica in the case of the Nicaragua route.
So the state department haw cleared the
way for such action as congress may
care to take in the case of either of
the canal routes which haw been found
Driven On a Kepf and Then Blown
Out to Sea.
New York, Nov. 2M—Advices have
been received from Manila that tin-
Island of Guam was visited by a terrible
typhoon November 13, which wrecked
hundreds of bouses, among them the
headquarters of General Schroeder.
The towns of Indrajan aud Terraforo
were swept away and it is estimated
that hundreds of the native population
in various parts of the island met their
deaths. Ths cocoanut crops wen
rendered absolutely worthless and the
vegetation of the island was killed by
salt water. The storm came up in the
forenoon and swept across the island
with amazing rapidity.
The United States auxilliary cruiser
Yosemite, which was anchored adjacent
to th*> collier Justin, dragged her anchor,
and was driven aground 150 yards from
the reef, her bows being crushed in. A
launch with a crew of the men had pre
viously left the ship to endeavor to find
a safe anchorage for the vessel, the in
dications beiug that the anchors would
not hold where she was. The men were
not seen after they left the ship, and it
if practically certain that the heavy sea
which the storm kicked up swamped the
launch. The bodies of Coxswain Swan
son and Seaman George Anhel were re
covered after the typhoon subsided.
The storm veered around after the Yo
semite grounded and she was driven off
and carried onto the Somaye Cliffs,
where her rudder and propeller wen
broken. Boatswain Sweeney and 12 of
the crew volunteered to take a lifeline
ashore. A boat was lowered for this
purpose, but it was swamped by a big
sea ihat swept over it. All its occu
pants were carried away from the boat,
but they miraculously succeeded in
reaching the land after an hour's strug
gle with the waves.
Meanwhile, the atmosphere had be
come of inky blackness and the Yosemite,
which had again I ecu blown off the land.
was drifting helplessly before the gale
which was blowing at the late of Inn
miles an hour
All hope of saving the cruiser was
abandoned ami the officers and crew pre
pared for the death they thought was
surely staring them in the face. A ma
jority of the boats had either ben
smashed or carried out off the davits
and those that were left could not he
: commodate half the crew, even if it had
1 been possible for them to live in the
PRICE FIVE • in rs.
enormous «<vih that were bj this time
running. \ m inrhnr bad been pat
out Mini tbi« li-1.l the V—nnf ,„,th .
b of tbe utortn sod prevented h»r
imrn f.ii!i, lir „ff j ntn „,,. fr ,, lu , f| |>f fh( ,
h.m. Hbe rode ro thin anchor and drifted
rapidly until 6 o'clock in the evening
when tbe weather cleared.
rbecruiser tv then 60 bHm n,, r th
and jo mile* weal o4 Guam. She had
labored so heavily that abe bad sprung
, a leak and nil hand*, including her com
mander, Lieutenant Brief, and an ,-n
--gineer, worked heroically in trying to
Hear her ol tbe water that wan poorins
into and rapidly ailing the forward com
partmento. \f.,. r tbe rioleoce o! tbe
: Btorni bad subsided an effort waa made
to .tail tbeenKiMii They were Bnallv
*<>t to work and tbe Yoaemite, with ber
damaged propeller, Btruggled landward
at the rateol two knots an boar
Pbe water kepi filling in tbe bold aod
tne Bhip was gradually sinking \t 1:30
P in • November 15, the Jnetin, whirl,
badatarted in searefa of tbe Yo^mite
picked her op and attempted to tow her
pack to Guam. Two bawaen were
broken and it wan then decided thai it
waH impoMible to take her into port
Ibe craiHer was tben Knttled, after
wbicb she wan abandoned, nil handago
mg aboard tbe Justin. Tbe Yiwemite
sunk bow tir*t at 3 o'clock and tbe
•liiHtm stood away for Guam Pay
master Ballard saved |68,00(), Mexican
money, from the sinking ship.
Hie YoM*mite wa« lirst commtmioned
April 13, 1898. Bbc bad been station
ship at the Island ol Guam nince the
days ol tbe Spanish war. Sbe in a 16
--knoi converted cruiser, of »;i7'.i tons
displacement, and in provided with a
main battery ol 10 Bve-incb rapid Bre
guns and a secondary battery ol six
ponnders and ( ..It riflra Her measure
ments are 39] feel in length, by 48 feet
extreme breadth. Sbe ha* a mean
draught ol 20 feet, I inch, -lunt before
tbe outbreak ol tbe Spanish-American
war, tbe vessel was purchased l»v the
navy department, Stted hh an auxiliary
cruiser, and rendered effective service tin
one ol the patrol lleet, being manned in
part by tbe Michigan naval militia. It
is said that ber anchorage at Guam waa
off the harbor of San Luis d'Apra, and
that, owing to ber draught, mlk- was
obliged to stay six miles offshore. The
harbor is a particularly dangerous one,
owing to the existence of '• rocky sboal
in the middle and a particularly crooked
Aged Man ami Wife Treacherously
Killed hi («Mlc Rock.
Castle Rock, Nov. 2'.».-.\ horrible
double murder took place about two
and ii half milea west of tin^ place last
niuiit. The victims were Cornelias
Knapp and hia wife. No trace has yet
been found of the murderer. The crime
was iik.hi deliberate and diabolical and
the motive is supposed to have been
Mr. and Mrs. Knapp were sitting at
their evening menl when suddenly a shot
rang oui and Mrs. Knapp received tbe
greater part ol a charge of buckshot
fired through the window ai close range,
killing her instantly. A straj shot also
struck Mr. Knapp, severing the carotid
artery. He was bleeding severely hut
was alil>- to make his way into an ad
joining room and open tbe door. \h he
did so the murderer Hniohed nis work by
emptying tbe contentH of the other bar
rel of the gun into the the unfortunate
[nan's breaut and he died instantly.
The murder was evidently premedi
tated, because the assassin eboae Ins po
sit ion so that his two victims were in
direct line of lire at the tirm shot Prom
the appearance of the boose il in ascer
tained that the murderer also made a
complete search of the premises with
what result is not at present known.
The only theory advanced as a motive
in that Mr. Knapp was n few days ago
trying to negotiate a lar^e loan. The
party or parties to the crime thought
that he had been successful and took
this means of securing the money.
Mr. Knapp and his wife were well
known here. They Were pioneers of the
place, and lived at the homestead where
thej met their death for over eighteen
years. The authorities are making
every effort to locate the assassin.
Arrested t\>r I tie Murder.
kahuna, Wash., Dec 1. — Martin
Stickles, a fisherman living near Catlin,
was arrested by Sheriff kirby today and
brought to thin city tonight, charged
with the killing of Mr. and Mth. Cornel
ins Knapp, the aged Castle Rock eonple,
who were murdered Wednesday while
eating Bupper. The evidence against
the man in not known. The accused is
about •■'><• years old, and in considered a
"tough" man.
It Will Replace the Telegraph For
the N. P. Railroad.
St. Paul. Nov. 30.— The Northern Pa
cific railroad han decided to mihntitute
the telephone for the present telegraph
system of the roud and will build and
equip long distance and divisional tele
phone lines to take the place of the tele
graph wherever it i* deemed practicable.
The officials of the road believe that
most of the telegraphing that jh now
done in connection with the business of
the traffic department, can be an well, if
not better performed by telephone.
The plan in to place each station on a
division in direct communication with
the division headquarters and the var
iouH division headquarters are to be
connected with the general office by long
distance lines. In thin way much pcees
sary information of importance to the
traffic and operating departments which
on account of the limitations of the
telegraph system, must now t»e nat bj
mail, can in the future be telephoned at
once. The advantage of thin system in
Among the tens of thonimndi who
bave nr-ed Chamberlain's lough Kemedv
lor colds and la irrif>f»^ during the pant
few yean, to our knowledge, n t a single
baa resulted in poenmooia. Thou.
W bitfield A ('<> . 240 Wabash aveaoe,
Chicago, one o! tbe most prominent re
tail dra{fKiot« in th*)t fity, in njnvikin^
of thin wiy>-: "We recommend Chamber
lain's Congo Bemedj for in nrip[>e in
many eases, h* it not only yiven prompt
and complete recovery, but alfiorounter
actH any tendency of la grippe to rewult
in pneumonia." For sale by all drug

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