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Established, 1877. Entered at the postoffiee at
Colfax as second class matter.
six Months, pottage paid One Dollar
One Tear, postage paid Two Dollars
Twenty flve pet cent discount for
advance payment.
<). K. & N. Time Card.
T<i Spokane 5:45 a.m. 3:02 p.m.
To Portland. 10:45 am. 7:10 p.m.
Prom Moscow .. . '.':o<i a.m. 2:10 pm.
To Moscow 9:30 a.m. 7:40 p.m.
SiayeH Leave Colfax I-or
AJmota Moo., Wed., Fri., 7:00 a.m.
I'tMiawnwa Toe., Thar., Sat., 1 :W a.m.
Thornton Tne., Thnr., Sat., 7:'H3 a.m.
Porto Rico is about to take tin lead
in the good roads movement. In some
respects oar new poooeooione will wake
nji t be fogies in a large number <>f states.
The St. Louis Globe Democrat Bays
Missouri in in favor of the Nicaragua
canal, in spite of the vote of all itn
democratic congressmen *igainst the
The states west of the Mississipp 1
river collectively gave a democratic ma
jority in L 896 of 270,000. These same
states this year gave a republican ma
ority of N2.000.
The St. Louis Globe-Democrat advo
cates the admission of Oklahoma and
Indian territories as one state, under
the name of Jefferson. They have a
population of 788,000.
The American Tobacco Company has
recalled from lowa all cigarettes and
cigarette papers of its manufacture held
by dealers in that state. This is the re-
Hiilt of legislation which draws several
coffin nails for the youth of lowa.
The Oregonian celebrated its first
semi-centennial December 4, completing
the fiftieth year of its existence. His
torical sketches of the early days and
trials of the paper are interestingly told
in a special edition. Tireless and cease
less labor has made The Oregonian the
great paper it is today.
Congress met Monday for the short
session, expiring March 4, when the sec
ond administration of President McKin
ley begins. Congressman Cushman was
unable to be present at the opening. He
is ill at Wapello, lowa, so seriously that
his physicians give him two weeks to
get out. Mr. Cushman is one of the law
makers whose absence will be felt.
Michigan went republican, and at the
same time the potato crop of the state
was ruined by the weather, ordered by
the Omnipotent clerk. Now the Bryan
l-told-yoii so's of the Palouse country
are pointing to the fact with pride.
They can only revel in calamity, whether
it conies from bad weather,army worms,
free silver or free trade. They don't
care, so it comes and affords an excuse
for a paramount issue.
In the approaching legislature there
publicans will have nine more than a
two-thirds majority of the total vote of
the body. In addition, the republicans
will have a two-thirds voting majority
in each branch of the legislature, mak
ing it possible for the dominant party
to pass any bill it desires over the gov
ernor's veto. This fact makes certain
the enactment of. laws in line with re
publican policies and regardless of the
governor's opposition. .1. Will Lysone,
assistant secretary of t tie republican
state central committee, has compiled a
list of the members of both houses of
the legislature, with their residences and
political affiliations. This shows that
in the senate the republicans have 2(»
out of 'M members, making a majority
<>f 18. In the house there are 60 re
publicans and 'JO democrats, the re
publican majority on a full vote being
■lit. The legislature this year will nun.
ber 111 members, or two more than at
any time since state! I. The gain of
two in made in the house, where repre
sentatives from Chelan and Ferry coun
ties, created by the legislature of 1899,
will be seated at the approaching session!
I President Mellon in denying the report
tlint Jim Hill hod acquired a controlling
interest in the Northern Pacific, stated
that the rumor had cost his road a half
million dollars, through the holding
back of business by large shippers and
through other channels. Coming in con
nection with the announcement of the
dissolution of the voting trust, by
which the entire capital stock of the
Northern Pacific has, Bince the reorgani
cation in 1896, been voted by Messrs.
Morgan, Siemens, Livingston, Belmont
and Lanier, the story <>t>t jiineti consider
able credence, and ir wan well timed,
whether instituted by Mr. Hill for the
purpose of injuring a riwil or not. In
every branch of railway management,
except possibly stock jobbing tactics,
Mr. Mellen has proven a match for Mr
Hill, with possibly some to spare. In
der his administration the Northern Pa
e tic has increased its gross earning*
from $19,863.159 in the fiscal year 1896
to $30,021,317 in 1900. Its' preferred
Htock has been placed on a 4 per cent
dividend paying basis, while during the
current year 4 per cent has been paid on
Common stock. The record of achieve
ment in physical condition has been
equally marked, and the outcome of
such contests ac has occurred when the
two magnates have been pitted against
each other is not conducive to the be
lief that Mr. Hill has stepped in and
bought control of Mr. Melton's road
without the latter knowing something
about it.
The rapid strides which rural free de
livery is iiifikinir under the administra
tion of Postmaster General Smith ore
seen in the statement that on June 30
next there will be iv the ("nited States
just 4."« xi routes and 3000 run I post
offices. The Ih rsj«'rtt appropriation ever
made for this service was that of tlie
last congress, $450,000 The amount
asked for the maintenance of the routes
and oilnv-j mentioned above in $2,500,
--000, with $1,000,000 ruore for the
further extension of the service. Thin,
it in believed,congress will readily grant,
for members are discovering that noth
ing is ho popular now —except with the
Fourth-class postmasters —as rural free
delivery. If Postmaster General Smith's
recommendations for a reform in the
much-abated second-class mail privelege
shall t»e adopted, the department, in-
Btead of 13,500,000 could be allowed
$10,000,000 for free delivery routes; and
the rent of the $20,000,000 now thrown
away could he applied to giving the
nation a 1 cent letter postage rate. The
mere statement of these two facts should
be enough to rouse the whole rural pop
ulation in favor of the desired reform.
The population of eastern Washing
ton is 190,823, which is nearly .''.7 per
cent of the population of the state. The
time will yet come when eastern Wash
ington will assume her full 50 per cent of
the population. Ten years ago the
population of eastern Washington was
.'14.4-7 percent of the population of the
state, and notwithstanding the great in
crease in the population of the Sound
cities owing to the gold excitement in
Alaska, we have held our own and
gained 2.36 per cent on the population
of the western parr of the state. The
actual increase in the population of
eastern Washington since 1890 was
News was brought to Vancouver of
the sudden death Saturday of Miss Clara
Tyler, at Fourth Plain, six miles east of
that city. Miss Tyler had attended a
party given in her honor at her father's
home, early in the evening, and sin- ap
peared at that time in her usual health.
A tcirl friend slept in the same bed, and
was horror stricken upou awakening
Sunday morning to find the lifeli body
beside her. Deceased was 17 yearn of
age, and had been subject to heart
trouble for some time.
Jerrj Stancliff, a negro, was arrested
and lodged in jail at I'ort Townsend,
Monday night, charged with criminally
assaulting two little j^irln, aged 12 and
1."). Be enticed them to his room with
candy and then committed the crime,
after which he kept them prisoners in
hi* room for three days. The absence
of the children from home alarmed the
mother, who notified the authorities,
and the police located them. Indigna
tion runs high but no fears of violence
are entertained.
11. L. Crosby who was released only a
month ago from the Walla Walla peni
tentiaty, was arrested at New Whatcom
Tuesday uight for uttering forged checks,
to which were siL'.'n-d the name of L. W.
David, Mayor of Blame.
The salmon pack for 1900 of this
state is a disappointment. Little more
than half that of 1899. The value of
the pack this year i- $2,348,142. The
big falling off this year is due to the
total failure of the run of humpbacks.
Lost iv the mountains, with a blind
ing snow storm around him, George
Melvin despaired of life and shot himself
near Republic, a few days ago. With .1
(! Ransom, he had gone deer hunting.
They lost their bfarings and Melvin be
came exhausted. Ransom left him to
bring aid and brought news of his part
ner's danger to Republic. A n lief parts
went out and found Melvin's dead body,
lie had placed a revolver in his mouth
and pulled the trigger. The body was
warm when discovered.
An epidemic ol scarlet fever, mumps
and diphtheria is prevalent at Tacoma.
All the buildings will probably be fumi
gated and strict quarantine established
Land Commissioner-elect S. A. ('•!!
vert has appointed as his ( hief Clerk
John L. Murray, of San Juan county.
Isaac; Bastian, an aged Canadian,' who
will be a centenarian next March, has
you cannot digest. Dr. '
Pierces Golden Medical Discovery cures
diseases of the stomach and organs of
digestion and nutrition. It enables the
body to assimilate food and so put on
sound flesh and develop strong muscle.
"The praise I would like to give your 'Golden
Medical Discovery' I camt)t utter in words or
describe with pen." writes James I!. Ambrose,
Esq., of [205 ${ Mifflin Street, Huntingdon, Pa.
"I was taken down with what our physicians
said was indigestion. I doctored witn the best
around here and found no relief. / iviutc you
•t me .; Question blank to Jill out and I
did so and you then advised me to use Doctor
Pierce* Golden Medical Discovery. I took three
bottles and I felt so good that I stopped—being
as I think, cured. I have no symptoms of gas
tric trouble or indigestion now."
Dr. Pierces Common Sense Medical
Adviser is sent free on receipt of stamps
to pay cost of mailing only. Send 21
one-cent stamps for paper or 31 stamps
for cloth binding, to Dr. R. V. Pierce,
Buffalo, N. Y.
hoen tdkpn to the Sinter*' hoppitnl, at i
North YukirriH, to spend the remainder
of hin days, lie Bays he is a nephew of
Napoleoa Bonaparte, and one of the
Royal family of France. His father
came to Canada in the early days of the ',
French troubles with the Bonaparte !
family and married a native of Canada, j
When hits brother Napoleon wan made
ruler, Joseph returned to France and
left bis family. Inane waß then adopted 1
by a family named I'antian, from whom !
he received hin present name. Me was ti
prominent character in the early Indian !
troubles, and assisted very materially j
in making thin country habitable by
white men.
A Tacoma report says it is learned on
good authority that the county com
missioners are favorably considering
raiding the salaries of the county em
ployes. The prevailing prosperity has j
made this move possible. The increased
salaries will go into effect about the first
of the year.
The Northwestern Improvement Com
pany at Roslyn, Wash., made its annual
thanksgiving offering to its employes on
Thanksgiving by distributing 805
dressed turkeys. By this means 800
families were enabled to eat Thanksgiv
ing turkey. Last year this company
gave over TOO turkeys to their workmen
and the annual distribution was looked
forward to with a great deal of interest
this yar. These turkeys were purchased
in Walla Walla »nd were the finest the
market could furnish.
Ar Brownsville, Oregon, Saturday, the
'A months-old son of Alex Kirk was
burned to death in a tire which de
stroyed the family residence, together
with its contents. The mother had left
the little one asleep in the house, and
stepped across the street for a short
visit with relatives. About 10 minutes
later the house whs discovered to be in
flames. The fire had gained such head
way as to make the rescue of Hie infant
impossible. The origin of the blaze is
unknown. It was only by a great effort
that several adjacent buildings were
Hetter Than Old Wheat.
The Palouse country does not suffer
under the low priced wheat as it did a
Few years ago, although the cost of pro
during a bushel of wheat is now as much
or more than it was then, says the (iar
field Enterprise. The Palouse farmer is
learning that he has the best market in
the world right at his door. Beef and
pork, butter, eggs and poultry, fruits
and vegetables find ready sale in the ad
jacent mining camps at prices that make
forty cent wheat look like small pota
toes. And yet we are only supplying a
fraction of the demand.
Is the number of land sale con
tract executed Nov. 12, for a
tract in Vineland. Haine date in
1899 the number was 'u'l.
Within past ten dava several very
notable investment sales have
been made. Election ia over.
Peace reigns. Prosperity is on
top. Progress is the word, Pru
dent people aie investing in
Clarkston and Vinelaml at pres
ent comparatively lovr prices be
cause they believe that Lewiaton-
Clarkston is entering upon a
period of mighty growth and
great prosperity. Our land regis
ter in open to inspection. Scores
of ranchers on the wheat prairies
and stock ranges, and miners, own
orchard homes in Vineland on
account of good schools, mild win
ters and other advantages. Come
now and see for yourself.
Lkwiston Water and Powkb Company.
Clarkston, Wn. Lewlston, Idaho.
O. R. & NT
Depart For Arr. From
Portland, Pendleton,
San Francisco, Den
ver, Omaha, St Louis,
10: if> a.m. and East via Oregon 5:45 a.m.
7:10 p.m. Shorl Line. 3:02 p.m.
Spokane, St. Paul, Du
■2:2o p.m. luth, Chicago and East 10.45 a.m.
5:45 a.m. via Great Northern 7:10 p.m.
9:30 a.m. Pullman and Moscow 9:00 a.m.
7:40 p.m. 2:10 p.m.
8:00 p.m. Columbia River 4:00 p.m.
Kx. Sun. Steamers. Ex. Sun.
Saturday To Astoria and Way
-10:00 p.m. Landings
Willamette River.
6:00 a.m. Oregon Citv.Newberg, 4:30 p.m.
Kx. Sun. Salem & Way Land's Ex. Sun
Willamette and Yam
-7:00 a.m. hill Rivers 3:30 p.m.
Tue, Thur. Oregon City, Dayton, Mon, Wed.
and Sat. and Way Landings and Fri.
6:00 a.m. Willamette River. 4:30 p.m.
Tne, "lhur. Portland to Corvallis Mon. Wed.
and Sat. and Way Landings and Fri.
Lv. Riparia. Lv. Lewiston
Every other day Snake River. Every other day
3:40 a.m. Riparia to Lewiston 7:00 am.
Ocean steamships sajl from Portland for
San Francisco every five days.
Crenera! Passenger Agent. Portland, Oregon.
Express and Drayman
Will haul your freight or move your
goods and chattels
The skin is the seat of an almost eud
less variety of diseases. They are known
by various names, but are all due to the
winie cause, acid and other poisons in
the blood that irritate and interfere with
the proper action of the skin.
To have a smooth, soft 6kin, free from
all eruptions, the blood must be kept pure
and healthy. The many preparations of
arsenic and potash and the large number
of face powders and lotions generally
used in this class of diseases cover up
for a short time, but cannot remove per
manently the ugly blotches and the red,
disfiguring pimples.
Eternal vigilanoo is tho prico
of a boautiful complexion
when such remedies are relied on.
Mr. H. T. Shobe, 27(14 L,ucus Avenue, St. Louis.
Mo . says : '" My daughter was aftlicteil for years
with a disfiguring eruption on her face, which
resisted all treatment, She was taken to two
celebrated health springs, but received no bene
fit. Many medidnes were prescribed, Tmt with
out result, until w« decided to try S. S. S., and by
the time the first bottle was finished the eruption
begun to di»appe«r. A doien bottles cured her
completely and left her skin perfectly smooth.
She is ii- >w seventeen yean old, and not a sign of
the embarrassing disease hail ever returned."
S. S. S. is a positive, unfailing cure for
the worst forms of skin troubles. It is
the greatest of all blood purifiers, and the
only one guaranteed purely vegetable.
Bad blood makes bad complexions.
dfj^ purifies and invigo-
K.^ g^ fK^ rates lh c °1 d an (1
makes new, rich blood
k. B W m that nourishes the
body and keeps the
skin active and healthy and in proper
condition to perform its part towards
carrying off the impurities from the body.
If you have EcEema, Tetter, Acne, Salt
Rheum, Psoriasis, or your skin is rough
and pimply, send for our book on Blood
and Skin Diseases and write our physi
cians about your case. No charge what
ever for this service.
has just received a nice line of
Chamber Suits
Cheffoniers and
Side Boards
Also a good line of
Stoves and Ranges
Which will be sold at Greatly Reduced
Squirrels Squirrels
Farmers, why let the squirt els
eat up your crop when you can
kiil them with a
McDonald Squirrel Gun ?
References—Washington Agricultural Col
lege, Pullman; University of Idaho, Moscow;
B. T. Byrns. Moscow; Reed, Moscow; First
National Bank, Moscow; H. Horn, Oakesdale;
J R. Lee, Colfax.
Warranted, if directions are followed, or
money refunded, and §2o on the side to any
one proving differently.
G. E. HICKEY, (Jenl. Agent.
Box 420, Walla Walla, Wash.
Livery, Feed and Sale
Fine Turnouts of All Kinds
Best attention given to transient stock.
Horses fed by the day or week.
Telephone Main 12.
Washington Market
I. B. HARRIS, Propr.
Fresh and Cured Meats,
Fish and Uame in season.
There is no doubt about the quality of the
meats sold from the blocks of this market
it is the BEST.
The highest market price paid for cattle
and hides.
South Main Street, Colfax.
Pioneer Drug Store,
W. J. HAMILTON, Propr.
Prescription Work a Specialty.
A complete stock of
Drugs, Medicines, Chemicals,
Soapß, Brusheß, Perfumeries,
Paints, Oils, Glass,
Notions, Books, Stationery.
Telephone No. 37- Main Street. Oolfax
visit DR. JORDAN'S okeat
1 rm ie: i ukkkt it., vi ruicisw, oil. '
I B> T he ' ■•ff «t AnUMßtaai Musmia In the
-3L^ Wurld. \V «akn*siti «r mmj <untr4ct«d
ICol Speaaiut m tk« Com Bu|«;tm I
B^C&fel "VI'HILH 'horo»»til7 erldtcMtd ,
I I^VM fruoynem without th» an •fß«re«ry. '
BVSI 8 ■*■»■■"•«>• fitwdhjrtnEipvt KUI.
a [ ijA ••' «■»• for llapUn. a quick and I
fll R* radical cur* for Piles, riuura tnd
t'lituln. by Dr. Jordan'! &p«cial pua- I
• ••• lew methods.
Consultation free and nrictly prirat*. TiMtn«^t ,
sona. y or by letter. A f«i«»< Ourt In orenr eu« '
undertaken. Writ* for Book. PBII.OIOI'HT »r
formra.) Call or writ*
OR. JORDAN * CO., IMI MutatSt.S.F. I
Buy Your Groceries
A^. E. Fonts,
All goods first class. Highest prices paid
for farm produce.
Dr. John Benson,
ialtied: Chrunio diseases and disease* of
women and children. Calls to any part of
the county promptly answered. Office n
Colfax Hardware building.
Cal. M. Bos well,
found at office over Bt»rroH*B hardware store,
or at residence on Mill Street, when not
professionally absent. Telephones—Office
492, residence 493.
Wilson Johnston, M. I>.
Diseases of the
Office hours, 9t012 a. m., 2t05 p. vi. Office,
Rooms G and 7, Pioneer Building.
l>r. A. E. Stunt,
Rooms 7 and 8, Colfax Hdw. Co. Bldg.
l>r. 11. E. Henderson,
Rooms t» and 7, Colfax Hardware Bldg.
G. A. Chapman, I>. I>. s.
DENTIST. Graduate Ohio College Dental
Surgery. Office over Colfax Hardware Co'e
Dr. E. H. Bently,
DENTIST. Best teeth, $10 per set. Pain
less extraction, 50 cents.
Win free & McCroskey,
ATTORNEYS AT LAW. Offices over the
First National Bank. Telephone No. 24.
M. O. Keed,
ATTORNEY AT LAW. Will practice in
State or Federal courts of Washington,
Idaho or Oregon.
Win. A. liinian,
ATTORNEY AT LAW. Will do all kinds
of legal business. Office with H. W. Goff,
Ellis block.
H. W. Cantield,
ATTORNEY AT LAW. Office in Frater
nity Block, Rooms 9 and 10.
S. J. Chadwick,
ATTORNEY AT LAW. Offices In Waite
W. J. Bryant,
ATTORNEY AT LAW. Office, Room 6.
Pioneer block.
J. N. Pickrell,
ATTORNEY AT LAW Office in Frater
nity block, Rooms 4 and 5.
James G. Combs,
ATTORNEY AT LAW. Office-Room 11,
Fraternity block.
C. M. Kincaid,
7» Pioneer block.
Have your Spectacles fitted by
J. W. Sever, Optician
Graduate of the Ohicago Opthalmic College. All
errors of refraction fully corrected by properly
ground glasseß. Eyes tested free. At Severs
Jewelry Store. Main Street, Colfax.
Going to Build?
H so, you wiU Have money
by visiting
Codd's Sawmill
■ before placing any orders
for building material.
Sash, Doors, Blinds,
Moulding, Window Glass,
and building material of all kinds kept
constantly on hand. Kiln Dried Lumber
a specialty. Estimates promptly fur
nished and money saved for you in
building operations.
You and your Horse
will be treated right at
Finest Turnouts in the city.
Teams and saddle horses by the hour
day or week. Stock boarded at reason
able rates.
H. M. IJDDLE, Propr.
Hiram Mitchell
Will pay prompt attention to advertising
and posting bills for all sales put in my bands
Free corrals at Colfax for stock brought to me
to sell. Parties at a distance will find it to '
their advantage to communicate with me be
fore fixing dates or making final arrangements
fof sales. Cab on or address me at Colfax
and your sale will receive prompt and careful
Subscribe for Newspapers and Magazines
through The Gazette and save money.
Hiif-rifTH Halo.
State iif Washington, county of Whitman- ss.
In the superior court of the state, of Washing
ton, In and for Whitman county.
J A. Perkins, plaintiff, vs. i>" i. Tbackerand
Cyrenia A. Thacker, defendants.
Decree ol fore< locurc hii«i order of s»le.
By virtue of a decree and order ol Hale, rna<ie
an>l entered ii the abore entitled caase ami
court, on the 27th day ol November. A l> v.*A},
h copy of winch tm- been iaroi d and certified to
me by the clerk of the said court, under Or
thereof, bearing date the 28th day of November,
A D. 1900. for the sum ol V'l !•. gold coin,with
interest at the rate ol in j>er cent- per annum
from the IMM day .<i .Inly, A. It. 1900, and thi
ther Hum of 114.30, costs, and the further mini of
$60.00. attorney's feaa, mid hNm the lncrea«e«l
costs thereon, i, Joseph Canutt, sheriff of Whit
man county, Washington, will on the ~Mh day
of December, A. I) 190 C, at the hour of .: o'clock
j>. m of said day, at the south front door of the
V/hitmau county court house, :it Colfax, Whit
man county, state of Washington, sell S it iiiililic
auction to the highest bidder, for rash, tn
lowing descriiied real estate, situated,lying and
being in 'Wliitmim county. Washington, and
particularly described as follows to-wit: I'ou
mencing at a point sooth of ft! degrees -i-"» mi n
uU'B cant 860 s iirt from the quarter lection
corni r mi the east side of section ten (10), t<>« n
ship ■izteen (16) ran ire fnrty-tli X W.
M., stiiil point iieniK the northeast corner >>f h
tract of iimil deeded by John Bnrke to Mary E.
Kirkland, Jane 24th, 1889; running tl
south, 36degree*, 2] minutes west ■ distance "f
J'.'T feet; thence angle to left H i degrees, 18 tnin
utes south, 80 degrees 10 minotes earn, ii- .
feet; thence angle to left 16 degrees 16 minute*
north 82 degrees 1 i minutes east 100 f. el. thence
angle to right 7 degrees 26 minutes nortb 89<le
grees 25 minutes east, 139 60 feet: thence nortli
:'.i degrees .' ■ minutt ■ east to intersection with
the south line of the Griffith road, thence along
said Griffith road In »i northwesterl) direction
;>ui \H) feet, to the place of beginning, containing
about 7-10 of an acre, Var. Ji degrees 30 minutes
east; together with all and singular 111<- tene
ments, hereditaments and appurtenances I
unto belonging or in anywise appertaining
Said property is taken and sold as the propertj
of I). L. 'i hacker and Cyrenla Thacker, defend
Dated at Colfax, \* hitman county, Washing
ton, this 28th day of November, A D r.H)o.
Sheriff of Whitman County, Washington.
By c. a. li.mkk, Deputy.
Trimble A I'uttison. attorneys for plaintiff.
SherifTs Sale.
State Of Washington, county of Whitman
In the superior court of the State of Washing
ton, in and for Whitman county,
The Second National Hank of Colfax. a cor
ponition, plaintiff, vs. W H. Harris and Anna
Harris, his wife; and H. VV. Livingstone, de
Decree of foreclosure and order of sale.
By virtue of a decree and order of sale, made
and entered in the above entitled cause and
court, on the 2Mb day Of November A. l>. 1900, n
copy Of Which has been Issued and certified to
me ny the clerk of the snid court, under thi
thereof, bearing date the2Bth day of November
A. I). I'.KXJ, for the sum ol $3451 50, gold coin,with
interest at the rate of 10 per cent per annum
from the 22d day of November, A I) I'.KW. and
the further sum Of $13.20, COStS, and the further
sum of $60.00, attorney's fees, and also the In
creased costs, thereon, I. Joseph Canutt, sheritl
of Whitman county. Washington, will on the
'-".•th dayof December a. D. 1900, at the hour of
•J:.iU o'clock p. m of said day. itt the south front
door of the Whitman county court bouse, at
colfax. Whitman county, state of Washington,
sell at public auction to the highest bidder, for
cash, the following described real estate, situ
ated, lying and being in Whitman county.
Washington, and particularly described as fol
lows, to-wit: The northwest quarter ol section
twenty-five(2s), in township sixteen It.) north,
of range forty-three ( 13), east of the Willamette
meridian; together with till and singular the
tenements, hereditaments ami appurtenances
thereunto belonging or iv anywise appertain
ing. .Said property is taken and sold as the
property of W. H. Harris and others,defendants
Dated at Colfax, Whitman county, Washing
ton, this 2Mh dayof November A D. VMm
Sheriff of Whitman County. Washington.
By C. A. Klmkk, Deputy.
C. M. Wyman. attorney for plaintiff.
siu-riir* Sale.
State of Washington, county of Whitman --
In the superior court of the state of Washing
ton, in and for Whitman county
Joseph (iurney Fowler ami W .1. dear,
plaintiffs, vs. Amanda C. Barper; Hiram 11.
Harper; William Harper un<l l.otta Harper, his
wife: Drayton C Allen ami Rom B. Allen, hil
wife; Arthur Hibler and Ulhe Hihler, his wife;
Thomas .Sanders ami Dai*; B. Bander*, his wife;
Solomon Garde; Knapp, Bnrrell & Company, a
corporation; and Amanda C Barper, as admin
istratrix of the estate of John M. Harper, de
ceased, defendants.
Decree of foreclosure and order of Hale.
Hyvirtueof a decree and order of sale made
ami entered In the above entitled cause and
court, on the2lst day of November, A. I>. t900,a
copy of which has been issned ami certified to
me by the clerk of the said court, under the Meal
thereof, bearing date the 21st day of November,
A. D. 1900. for the sum of $2377.72, gold coin, and
the further sum of $49.05, costs, and the further
sum of iioo 00, attorney'! fees, and aNo the In
creased costa thereon, with interest on said
principal of $2377.7*2 and said attorney feesol
$100 from the date of this decree at the rate of
6 per cent per annum. I. Joseph Canutt, Sheriff
ol Whitman county, Washington, will, on the
-"Jud day of December, A. I). 1900. at the hour of
two O'clock p m. of said day. at the south front
door of the Whitman county court house. „'
Colfax, Whitman county, state of Washington
sell at public auction to the highest bidder, for
cash, the following described n-»\ estate, situ
ated, lying and being in Whitman county
Washington, ttllll particularly described as fol
lows, to-wit: The Northeast quarter; the east
half of the northwest quarter; and the north
west quarter of the southeast quarter; all in
Bectlon No. thirty-four (::i), township No. six
teen (If,), north of range forty two (42), easi
of the Willamette Meridian, containin
acres, more or less, together With all and
singular the tenements, hereditaments ami
appurtenances thereunto belonging or In any
wise appertaining. Said property is taken and
sold as the property of the above named
Dated at Colfax, Whitman comity, Washing
ton, this 21st day of November, A. D 19ii0
Joseph canutt,
Sheriff of Whitman County, Washington
t , By C. A. Ki.mkk. Deputy.
J. N. Pickrell, attorney for plaintills.
Sheriff's Sale.
.State of Washington, county of Whitman— m
In the superior court of the state of Wushi'nt;
ton, in and for Whitman county.
Frances L. Dodge, plaintiff, vs. Riley B. Hat
ley and Hiley B. Hatley as a<lininistrator of the
estate of Rachel U. Hatley, deceased, and Mary
K. I'auhs, N S. Hatley, Arminda Alice Kindall
Nora Stout, Lola O. CUwson; William Monroe
Hatley, (a minor). Walter Hatley. (a minor),
Burton Hatley (a minor) and Archie Hatlev
& ?, ulU r)l lleirs()f R«cne] b. Hatley, deceaw A
«n\i ra H i cy T ld l;' le, mina Hatley, his wife;
and L. A. Leighton, defendants.
Decree of foreclosure and order of sale
By virtue of a decree and order of mile.' made
and entered m the above entitled cause and
court, on the -'3rd day of November, AD **V
a copy of which has been issued and certified to
me by the clerk of the said court, under the
seal thereof, bearing date the 2.ith day of \ ,
vember, AD. moo. for the sum of J26M 56 go d
com, with interest at the rate of 12 per cent per
1900 and the further sum of 89^5, costs and
the further sum of 1150.00, attorney's fees In 1
also the increased cos.h thereon. wUhh'iere
on said attorney fees at 12 per cent i»er anniim
from the 23rf day of November, a. a ?joo"
Joseph Canutt, sheritl of Whitman county'
a. i). l'joo, at the hour of two o'clock r> m of
said day, at the south front door of the Whit
man county court house at Colfax Whitman
tion"^'.,"^ 0/ "MS* 1"1 ' sell at 'p,Ea* -
tion to the highest bidder, for cash the follow
i^K dtscribe,? real estate, situated lvii c and
being in Whitman coanty Wash ngto, an
particularly described as follows Kit-' Th
J- N. Pickrell, attorney for plaintiff-.
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