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The Colfax gazette. (Colfax, Wash.) 1893-1932, December 14, 1900, Image 6

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o — -zr-— =^^f == l^gl g ii -— —_ _ m December Ist. i
| And continuing until December 30th, we will sell the following lines of goods at 20 per cent {
I discount from the marked price and everything is marked as catalogued, which is at least 20
I to 30 per cent cheaper than any other house in the Palouse Country sell the same quality of
© goods. Our reason for making this sale is that we bought too much in these lines, which,
| coupled with the warm weather and the low price of wheat, compels us to sell them at this sac
l rifice so as to realize as much money as we can by the first of the year. Our loss is your gain.
(ft .———,— — . ,
0 Ladies* Jackets. Ladies' and Children's Mack- I l- >U| J l pimClJ^m'g Men's I nderwear. Men* Pants.
0 $500 Jacket, 20 per cent discount price. $4 00 iutOSlies. iJClvllv^ lfl.l^Ol.^ tlllll \J II I 111 I\l 11 Jo 50c Garments, 20 per cent discount .. 40c fl 00 Pants, 20 per cent discount price
8 748 Jacket, 20 per cent discount price, ti 00 63c Garments, 20 per cent discount .. ",0c 125 Pants, 20 per cent discount price
HSO Jacket, 20 per cent di-count price. 680 S-J (4 Mackintosh. i'O per cent (Jiscount. i<2 l'.t ___ 74e Garments, 20 per rent discount 59c 148 Pant*, 20 per cent discount price ll.' 6
12 00 Jacket, 20 per cent discount price. 980 **» Mackintosh, 20 per cent discount 318 1/1/ /\/\ I H/\CiA '."Ho (Garments, 20 per cent discount 79c 174 Panto, 20 per cent diaconnt price 139
348 Mackintosh, 20 per cent discount 2?s YYUO I lUJ^\J» |l 24 Garment*, 20 per cent dbcoont .. 99c 198 Panti 20 per cent discount price IMI Q
¥ „•■.„. , j^ kO#ta 1g? Mackintosh, 20 per cent discount 398 148 Garment,, 20 per cent discount SI 19 224 Panta] 20 per rent diacount price. 1 i
X 1 Illlareil S floats. 624 Mackintosh, 20 per cent discount 599 i 75 Garment*, 20 per cent discount... 140 248 Paste, 20 per cent discount price I 1"
P 748 Mackintosh, 20 -per cent discount 598 o , . . . , 200 Garments, 20 per cent discount . 160 300 Pants 20 per cent discount nrice 2 +
fa $148 Coat, 20 per cent discount price.. $1 18 11 its Mackintosh, 20 per cent discount 960 Kemembei* this IS )USt On Wool hose and not Oil ' 348 Pante 20 per cent disco"!
1 ■j-gSCSttg |8 Me«' 9 Suite. the cotton gooda ' «<»* ■-.klntm*.*. j-Aj'-gS^^
§ WaaSSSHSSS::: i« wm.*.^ .— mm 20 ncr cent dWmint on tlio entire hSSSSfcSSSiSSfcSS 500P"***" ■"«" '»= "»
A 600 Bnit, 20 per cent discount pnee... 4so »" |'tl ttlll. UlkCOUlll till tilt till lltf 389 Mackintosh, 20 per cent discount. 312 Children's Yestee Suits.
I Ladies" Wool Waists. (SSSSSS £=3ffiS".I || gtock of W(K)1 g ttESKfcSSSSSS J5 A ,»3tiß.
10 2.).. Wool Waist, 20 per cent discount. 239i8 qq Suit 20 per cent discount price .! 14 40 T T J TT 1 1 * i tOats. 348 Suit, 20 per cent di-eount price
0 20 00 Suit, 20 per cent discount price .. lti 00 ,0/llAt! 11/ AI'U I^l t'TO W4H Dtlck oat. 20 per cent discount. ?1 l'.t 3 '•'* Hult ' "J0 l )tJr (;ept '^'-'""it price . 3
1 Lildies" Silk WaistS. IJtllAHjk} LMlvlC'l £M\ll lO* 200 DmkCoat, 20 per cent discount.. IHO *50 Suit. 20 per cent dweon-t price ..
(0 Ill'ess Overcoats 2*B Dock Coat, 20 per cent discount 1 W 800 SnH, 20 per cent ducoont price . 100
A 5599 Silk Waist, 20 per cent discount. 14 80 298 Duck Coat, 20 per cent discount. . 239 „. „ . •■*■»««.•
¥io 00 Silk Waist, 20 per cent discount .Soos6 50 Overcoat, 20 per cent discount.... $5 20 Ofl nnv «nnf ..„ 0 1l T o ,i: n£! ' I 3 48 Dnck Coat, 20 per cent discount.. 279 t Illldreil S 11. K. Slllts.
g 739 Overcoat, 20 per cent discount. .. 591 ~U|)LI t t,lll HIM ■OUJII Oil <ll I Jjdllltfe , i <M ,
-0 4 ninloils mil iti-tnl. i-lv 10 00 Overcoat, 20 [»er cent discount.. SCO __ _ Meil S UaCKlliaWS. " '
uvmrw «m MHBCW! 12 00 Overcoat. 20 per cent discount.... 960 ITinPrSKirts «on \r w 9n *a- ■ . v, H49 Suit, 20 per cent diseoont price 1120
$*1 00 Comforts, 20 per cent discount. 80c 1H 50 Overcoat, 20 per cent discount. .. 10 80 lIUerSKIIXS. t| 50 {g^j;. »per c«t dtaconnt. 12 00 200 Suit,'2o per cent dUconnt price. 160
I 150 CV.n.f-rts 20 per cent discount $1 20 lft 00 Overcoat, 20 per cent dweount. ... 12 00 I J g °aw 20 er cenf dc nf 27?0 °° Ht ' L° "" Wnt tii^";int I'"'- 2"'
0 200 Comforte 20 per cent discount 160 1() 50 Overcoat, 20 per cent dweount .. 320 \ * JJ^J naw' 20 ncr cenf dl mt "3 19 " :>" Sult ' pt'r Wnt 'li<c"»r't l'rl^
1 250 Comforts, 20 U cent discount 20018 00 Overcoat. 20 per cent discount.. 14 40 450 Ma^Sw, 20 Eer c^t dls^uS'.! 360 *°° Suit, 20 per cent diacoont pric 320 J;
A iSSCSWiKatdhSSf.::. 2& Meas Heavy Ulsters. T 1' '1\ dl # 4!'S MMkinaw: aopertentd&w"unt" ;H;i!t Children's Reefer Overroats. /,
C) iSS^SSSSSS:;::: !S Ladies DreSS OKirtS. Boys Long-Pant suits. A & e ß 3 to 10.
k 398 Blanket, 20 per cent discount 318 -r> 98 Ulster, 20 per cent disc Hint price 479 §3 98 Suit, 20 per cent discount price... $3 l!l $2 00 Keefer, 20 per cent discount price II 60
W 448 blanket, 20 per cent discount 360 748 Ulster, 20 per cent discount price. 599 448 Suit, 20 per cent discount price 379 248 Reefer, 20 per cent discount mice 199
¥ ;!J; uh"^'?>!! per C6nJ vSCOUn^ :! 1)<S > f | 98 Ulster, 20 per cent diecount price 799 i)f) n ( n< Opilf fll^POllllt Oil ill iHfllPQ* 498 Snit, 20 per cent discount price 399 300 Reefer 20 per cent dlaeount price 24
T hOO Blanket, 20 per cent discount 45012 00 Ulster, 20 per cent discount price 960 ~V/ |iL 1 i t^ll I..■lllftHl 111 l t VJll till lJctlllUS 548 Suit, 20 per cent discount price 439 348 Reefer, 20 per cent discount price 279
P 74S Blanket, 20 per cent discount KOO 13 50 Ulster, 20 per cent discount price. 10 80 . 600 Suit, 20 per cent discount price .. 480 400 Reefer, 20 per cent dweount price' '1 "0 U
t «00 Blanket, 20 per cent discount 640 15 00 Ulster, 20 per cent discount price 12 0!) l)reSS SlvlTtS. 648 Suit, 20 per cent discount price .. 519 450 Reefer 20 per cent discount price. 360 I
X Blanket, 20 per cent discount 720 IS 00 Ulster, 20 per cent discount price 14 40 l^i^^ uivuto. 700 Suit, 20 per cent discunt price. 560 500 Reefer, 20 per cent discount price 4«0 UP
¥ ~~ '—' ■ [ A
a £ *m \ rn4—wr*rm. *ra r-< £^ /\ r^ /# / « Cj J^ * c are so^e agents for the Celebrated Mc( Jail's Bazaar Put-
IW/ 1 ■ I I ■ II fi —V ■ B m II fl i__J \f& mi off jSxKr^^f* _f
jl V- 111 Inl 1 I I€lv> V * \f\f\ ir>» y —^ £ M*+ sj x"*~^\ jO^SW JF /2 terns, price L 0 and 15c. Not some patterns, but all patterns.
¥ \* mm^r *r mrf&S \^^^ &&&r %^J All goods marked in plain figures.
J About December sth we will place on sale the largest ..dt^^x^t^^S^tf^^w^rrar-i-rm^^ ■mriHrtSy nvi; i)i>|/<r 'iv \\ i i
and most complete line of Holiday Goods ever shown in m^^^miMfllS^SAa^^^^^^^^imm^SßS^ >'-<
Iv 1 n ... , . , . I • l r- l • Bk3B3_^aßfiws^_7n3ii:^^ «, (^
.a Colrax. Be sure and inspect our line beiore buying your -^ m&z&rti t HdiZmdm**"*- I'^lTl^ nupiVTur. mt^ 1 1 -v ■
* l j & j On/r-^ k* i ,*<eiJ ulk o LJAKAJN I EE: Money hack il q
Alt motive ArrHiijjcinents of Holly,
Mistletoe nnd Fairy Li^litn.
Almost all kinds of evergreens can
t>o pressed into service as Christmas
decorations, and the arbor vitw, laurel,
hay. yew, spruce, silver Or, cypress
nnd Juniper are used in this way, but
holly, mistletoe and ivy represent the
true traditional greens of the Yuletlde.
Not many years ago a few bunches of
evergreens stock here and there about
the house fulfilled all the requirements
of decoration and sentiment, but we
have altered all that, and there Is now
no end to the set designs of wreaths,
crosses, stars and mottoes, while yards
and yards of garlands are employed in
trimming doors, windows and walls.
framing pictures, etc.
Sometimes, however, this elaborate
garnishing is burdensome, and a sim
■ ■•:•■• : ■ •■• _ ■■ • jusi a gra-
that winter is.coming
and that by buying
your fuel in large
quantities you can
get better rates.
The Leading-
Fuel Dealers.
Hous touch of Christ mas hi The
house—ls preferred in honor of the day.
II<»lly and mistletoe are both rather
difficult to arrange, but these sketches,
originally presented in Gardening,show
how charming effects of the kind de
sired can be produced. Of the first,
which depicts a good sized cluster of
mistletoe, a correspondent says:
The mistletoe is hung with a num
ber of tiny tin lanterns, better known
I [I! i'l
as "fairy lamps," which I obtained,
with a vague idea that they would pro
duce a pleasing effect among some
Christmas greens I was about to ar
range. They did so with excellent re
sults. The lantern, about three inches
tall, holds a tiny metal lamp about the
size of a thimble, in which is packed a
bit of sponge. This is saturated with
illuminating oil, and the lauteru burns
with an even, tiny flame for about two
hours. I suppose they were intended
for a Christmas tree, but their pretty
effect hanging among the holly and
mistletoe I am constrained to recom
mend. These lanterns cost only 0 cents
each. They can be painted with goki
bronze to improve their appearance,
and if they are imbedded in holly and
mistletoe the pretty effect produced
upon the pearly berries of the latter
and scarlet ones of the former it would
be difficult to describe.
Among carnations these little lights
are even more pleasing. In fact, in a
not too brilliantly lighted room they
produce on pink and white flowers a
dainty glow which attracts Immediate
attention. I support the lamps cither
with twigs or with strong wire inserted
cacefullv m, r tfc e foliage.
Don't* For Bantam Bayers.
Dou't be hasty In passing judgment
on a trio of pair just received. They
rarely look well after a long journey
and will generally please you much
better after a day or two.
Don't because the chicks when hatch
ed were nearly white or mottled write
a stinging and sarcastic letter to the
man from whom you bought a sitting
of Black Cochin or Black Japanese
bantam eggs. That's the right color
for chicks. Feed and treat them right,
and they will become "sheeny green
black beauties."
Don't discard a Cochin bantam be
cause of a little oversize. Some of the
finest shaped birds In the world are
larger than our standard calls for.
Don't lose sight of color for shape
and shape for color, but if one of the
two must go let color slide and cling to
Don't fail to keep on hand a goodly
Dumber of your badly marked or other
wise imperfect hens and pullets to use
for hatching the eggs of your line
stock. Our experience has always been
that they Iwat incubators and brooders
two to one.
Don't expect the newer varieties,
Buch as Light and Dark Brahmas and
Partridge Cochins, to be as perfect in
marking a*» the corresponding large
breeds they are bred down from. If
you do, you will be woefully disappoint
ed. Nearly all are yet too large In stee
and Imperfect in coloring.-John J.
Quinius In *\merlean Fancier.
A large poultry farm Is being devel
oped near llamilton, Va., reports The
Southern F'.eld. Throughout nearly all
sections of the south poultry Is receiv
ing more attention than heretofore.
This is particularly true of the nearby
southern sections, which are sending
poultry In carload lots to this and other
markets in larger quantities than ever
Before. Tbe quality of the poultry is
much improved over what it was in
previous years and shows that the
standard is steadily being raised in all
the leading producing sections.
It was a thrilling escape that Charles
Davit* of Bowerstown, 0., lately had
from a frightful death. For two yearn a
severe luug trouble constantly grew
worse until it seemed he must die of Coh
sumption. Then he began to use Dr.
King's New Discovery and lately wrote:
"It gave instant relief and effected a
permanent cure." Such wonderful cures
have for 25 years, proven its power to
cure all Throat.Chest and Lung troubles.
Price 50c and $1.00. Every bottle
guaranteed. Trial bottles free at The
Elk Drug Store, F. ,1. Stone, Propr,
Eacho, Larue & Co. have bargains in
fruit farms, wheat lands, stock ranches
and town property in Colfax, Pullman
and Garfield o
Poultry In the South.
Just Saved His Life.
History of the Transactions in Whit
■ man County I,amis.
Patents and Receipts.
U S to W D Gross its 3 1 5 6 5 lti 45—56.
U S to G H Bloom n hf sw ([r s hf nw qr
5 15 48.
U 3 to Wm R Davis se qr ne (]r c hf se qr
se qr aeqr 1019 42
U S to C W Qodgen nw qr se qr se qr nw
qr sw qr ue qr 10 19 42.
U S to F E Mansfield a hf ne qr n hf se qr
12 10 39.
U S to J S Pool neqr 22 17 41,
I'StoBW Jordan ne qr 29 15 44—Re
ceiver's receipt.
Ist Natl Bk Pullman to N W MeGee
It 0b 17 Pullman.. $ 100
E W t^uarels to A W Mott agrmt pt
It 1 h 4 Pullman
E W Quarels to Pullman Lodtre 29, I
O O F pt b 4 Pullman
J W Carroll to J 11 Zornea agrmt se
ur ne qr w hf He qr s 5 nw qr sw qr
4 1639
Reed it Mains Trs, to J J Gorman
contract sw qr IS 17 43 1197 07
Deining Inv Co to F Phillip w hf 10
15 39 32r» 00
Sarah X Cooper et al to W E Thomp
son pt ne qr 23 l!» 45 10C0 00
W E Th"inp on to W Gumm pt ne qr
23 19 45 1500 00
,1 S Beall to X D Met/. A Its 1 2 b27
Colfax 100
W X Morton et al to W L Walker se
qr4 19 39 2500 00
J Ogle Tr to J T Scott It 20 b 2 Bell's
& Bailey's ad Oakesdale 30 00
G W Sicafoose to J Ogl* Tr It 20 b 2
Bell & Bailey's ad Oakesdale CO 00
G W Sumpter to J Pryor ne qr 28 20
45 3500 00
W H Kyle to Ist Bk Colton It 1 b 8
Branhani 200 00
A Kuhn to H Cornwe'l nw qr sw qr s
hf sw <ir sw qr se qr 22 17 44 3000 00
J Angus to () B Hollis et al nw qr 14
19 4-2 c hf c hf s 21 w hf w hf 22 20 42
se qr 7 21 42 lease
J Edwards to O B Hollis et al lease
nw qr n hf se qr a hf s hf ne qr 30 20
G Ettich to O B Hollis et al lease w hf
se qr c hf sw qr 22 20 42
W P Harthill to O B Hollis et al tract
nw qr 34 20 42 l«ase
J Stwan to O B Hollia et ale hf chf
w hf ne qr c hf nw qr 22 pt w hf s
23 20 42
T Jones to O B Hollis et al lease w hf
nw qr 20 20 42
J M Richardson to O B Hollis et al
lease s hf s hf s 13 se qr se qr s 14 ne
qr se qr sw qr pt nw qr s 23 nw qr
2(J c hf 27 pt se qr se qr 22 pt aw qr
swqr 2S 20 42
G Harmon to O B Holiis et al lease s
hf s bf 20 20 24
H H Leadley to O B Hollis et al se qr
4 19 42
L C Haulman to N A West agmt pt
nwqr24 20 45 650 00
Wm Codd to J D Hagan lease Bin
nard hotel Colfax
Irene Johnson to A B Stump It 1 b 75
W F Simpson's ad Gartield 175 00
H Cornwell to W H Baird It 3 n hf It
4 b 28 Colfax
C E Burr to Geo D Brown n hf ne qr
sw qr ne qr nw qr se qr 20 14 40.... 700 00
W H James to G 1) Brown n hf ne qr
sw qr ne qr n w qr se qr 20 14 40.... 1 00
A Wait to R Reed It 3 b 3 Ist ad El
berton 50 00
G P Howard to A Coolidge It 5 b 19
Colfax... 2000 00
Mrs L Clinron to I Ferorache It 2 b 22
Pullman 125 00
Deming Inv Co to I Hovey ne qr 19
15 39 375 00
E Seaman to M I) Henry It 5 b 54
Moore's ad Pullman 50 00
F H Campbell to Mary L Anderson It
18 b Hi Rosalia 20 00
G D Anderson to L W Anderm.n It 2
b 20 Rosalia 625 00
W H Enos to I N Nye s hf seqr ne qr
ne qr se qr ne qr 17 15 45 lease
F J Hayfield to Maud D Taylor Its 1
2 3 4 5 6 7 8 bk 30 Fannington .... 120 00
A Nilsson to A Stewart se qr 910 41 900 00
Sarah Smith to Florinda Hialop lta 32
and s 25 ft Its 1 b3 G T Hiiffmon'rs
ad Tekoa 550 (X)
lht Nat Bk to P Green ne qr 22 17 41 1400 oo
J Johnson to A U Hooper It 10 b 3
Smith ad Johnson 12 oo
J Fisher to J Schmidt et al tract bk 1
Fiehr-r's ad Palouse 100 oo
Lottie Gilbert to J Gilbert sw qr s hf
nw qr s ht se qr nw qr seqr 34 14 44 3750 oo
J W HiLTK'ins to A Sederquest leases
sw qr 19 17 43
Real Mortgages.
A T LaClair to T C Elliott n hf se qr
111943 500 00
0 R Strong to Equitable S & L Assn
It 3b04 S Simpson's ad Gartield . 250 00
W 1) Gross to Vermont L & T Co Its
4 4 516 45 . 920 00
J C Bailey to Balfour Gutbrie Inv Oo
n hf ne qr se qr ne qr22 IS 42 900 00
C B Swift to S Stilson se qr 21 17 42 500 00
A R Windus to Equitable S & L Aswn
It 1 City View ad Pullman . 450 00
L W Bartlett to Dealing Inv Co ne
qr 10 18 43 100 00
L VV Bartlett to Deminglnv Co ne qr
10 18 43 .. 100 00
W A Brooner to Deming Inv Co c hf
ne qr I*l 15 44 700 00
W A Brooner to Deniinp Inv Co c hf
ne qr 10 15 44 I*7 50
1 W James to A Coolidge c hf sw qr
w hi se qr 8 10 39 500 00
B G Mansfie'd to Coolidge k Me
Claine s hf ne qr n hf se qr VI 10 39
w hf s 8 ne qr se qr 24 16 40 n hf sw
qr sw qr nw qr s hf sw qr 19 nw qr
Its 1 2 30 16 41 5000 00
John Drew to Vermont L & T Co ne
qr 22 18 44 172500
P A Elkins to D Morgan w hf nw qr
8 18 44 345 00:
P A Elkins to Trustees Whitman col
lege w hf nw qr 8 IS 44 900 00
J Johnson to Trustees Whitman col
lege n ht nw qr 10 IS 43 750 00
V L Davis to D W Lunbeck Its 3 4 5
6 b 3 South ad Johnson 300 00
Releases of Mortgages.
Mercantile Trust Co Tr to N P Ry Co
Cecilia G Wighcman to F E Russell. 400 00 !
West & Hawaiian Inv Co Ld to H Utz
O E Williams to Wm M Lee
E T Coman to Fred M Coieman chat 1200 00
J R Burnham to S E Finch 000 00
H Cornwell to S E Finch 90 00 !
L J Mattison to W S Games .
C A Leighton to B G Mansfield 150 00 \
Emily C Coffin to F E Mansfield . . 500 00 i
C A Leighton to F E Mansfield 75 00
L M Paddock to A R Windus ....
H H Halsey to J Bell 765 70
J Robb to 1 W James chattel 100 oo
Oregon Mtg Co to J Glaspey 600 oo
J H Tallman to Eliza Ballaine 200 oo
Alliance Trust Co Ld to J J Stephens 1000 oo
M Carbuhn to J G Kirchner attachmt
Perm Mtg Inv Co to J F Stubbe 1300 oo
Sane R Bronson to C G White 1000 oo
T S Krutz to L M Boberta 1000 oo
Narcissa Price to J Davis 750 oo
N A Wilson to V L Davis 150 oo
Portsmouth Trust & Guaranty Co to
5 W Crumb *ker 3900 oo
Farmers L & T Co to N P Ry Co..
J Cairns to C M Hitchings
Chattel Mortjjaues.
A Lorentz to H 1) Jviy boraM farm
mach .......... 27. (mi
B Tantfeat to F Bales 2 3c op n hf «w
w hf m qr 8 18 l"p bones \s:, 00
11 L Spores t<> Tekoa ( focrop bw < { r 21
20 4-~i -;(jf) qq
F <J Barger to F Cairn* hornet* farm
imps IXi oq
S 15 liipley to J Cabin horse* cattle
farm imps li;u w ,
HHi Hemens to 2nd Nat! lik C.ilfax
cattle IK^j qq
•f II Johnson to 2nd Natl Bk Coifjui
; crop ■hf2715 42 honei header 2479 ;>
W 11 Kine.iH to Devenisfa Hard Co
horses cuttle etc ;{-,q yy
(J N Henry to M I) Henry crop sa'qr
35 sw <|r 'M\ 15 4 J . qq
V 11 MriVo.ikey to liil Natl Bk Coif ax
ciopsw qr and aeqr (i 2-."5 crop sw
qt 1 li 44 sheep hones . ... '<*>00 <X)
i J H Adama to 2d Natl Bk Colfai f;'.rm '
»n»P" etc lt;4-)00
C Losey to 2,1 Natl Fk Colfax hor -
farm imps etc 1 -jjq
J R Howard to Wu. (;ref>r >j crop c hf
Mqrawqr He qrae qi «w . ( r 22 20 41 80 00
O Berquent to E Witte horse 1650 00
I St Clair Saxon to Alleu Utoh crop c hf
j seqrl9ls 42 ... , VM - r ,
r. |^! *rK«r t() '•< Lomnuwsoß 3 bones :*> i»o
O M Hitching-* to J*Cairns g crop w
hf 1 18 42 crop ne qr 11 1H42 cows
horses etc -^qq qjj
M 'IVue to J T Lobaugh"i'< !o'honei
wa^'on etc , ; - -^
B B Siler to Superior Drill (Jo h.i
farm mach
W O Starr to S HDliard cashier | erp
H^hf sw qr ne qr bw gr ow qr se >\t
Billw of Sale
Hotel MacKenzie to J D Sagaa furn
and fixtH Elite rest.iurant and Ism
nard hotel iruvi r^n
nSt .11- to .1 Price horses nled etc 375 00
H H Conover to J F Hautzinger
cattle MOO
Anna Dieth.lm ra M Diethalm-lis pendens.
Suits Filed
J X McCornack vs C L Williamson-- Prom
—Promlanot LaW et VS Hchriver. s «?e et al
J X Mct.V.rnack v 8 P Griner-Money due.
Anna Deithelm r. M Drfthelm-DiTowe
1 *£*u eRI'BIP Laßßb« Cow J Morrison-
Susie E'oem.le vs Robert Kbersole— Divorce
JtGV&mnC B Kent-ForecCZ
j no^^irity S&TCo v 8 V X Hulbert-Prom
! ta?£n Nk*°b"ir"
E C Andrews vh I) H Andrews-Divorce.
W V Clark v.Hu.h Clark 200 00
ifcCormick But Mach Co vs J W &
\V ft Johnson „-.. n _
J X McCornack nJX& VV B EoW '° °°
S Hilhard vs J (i Kir-chner_^ JBDO 00
The Best PUsT^.
A piece ol flannel dampened with
Ummberlam-R Paw Balm and bound Eo
the affected partn in Buoerior T
plater. When troubled ik Han c back
or pa.nH.n the Hide or ebe»t, Jie it a
rial and you are certain to be more
than pleaded with the nr«,mnt 1• 1
which it afford* Pain Ba^m chef
rheumatic One a'ppnSSSn^i"?
hef. lor sale by all drug^ta.

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