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Programs of Entertaiunient at
the City Churches.
All Will Observe the Day, With
Special Ingrains for the
Preceding Sunday.
Christmas festivities will be held at
every church in the city, including spe
cial Sunday services on the Sunday be
fore Christmas. Good programs of en
tertainment have been, or are being,
prepared for each church. Following
are the programs, so fur as now ar
ranged. In addition to the services at
the churches, festivities and family trees
will be found in many homes:
The Congregational church people will
hold a Christmas »ye frolic at the
Armory building Monday afternoon, the
day iicfore Christmas. No special
Christinas program lias been provided
for; but on Sunday special services will
beheld at the church. An 11 o'clock
sermon will be preached by Rev. James
on the subject of "Christmas Message.'"
Choir music, with a double quartette,
will be a principal feature.
Christmas At St. Patrick's.
Christmas mass will be celebrated at
♦> a. m ; second muss immediately fol
lowing the first. High mass at 10:30,
with sermon appropriate to the occa
sion. The choir will render "Concone's
Mass in F" and "Credo," from Battman.
Offertory, "(ilory Be to God."
Methodist Episcopal Church.
Christmas services December 24, at 7
p. m. Program:
Welcome Primary (Masses
Prayer Pabtor
(^hoi-tin The Young People
Address Superintendent
Song "The Winter Moon"
Cantata "Charmed Gardens"
Christmas sermon next Sunday. Sub
ject, "Emanuel.''
Good Samaritan Church.
Services Sunday morning at 11; Sun
day school at 10 and competitive ex
amination in Lord's prayer, creed and
ten commandments. Evening prayer at
Christmas day—Services at 10:30 a.
in, Address and offering.
There will be a Christmas tree and
children's service at the church Thurs
day evening, December 27, at 7. The
program of the services follows:
Hymn, by Sunday school .168
Hymn 167
The Creed.
Hy«n 170
Hymn . 527
Paper, "Men of the Episcopal Church in
Awarding of prayer book ami hymnal.
Hymn 173
Distribution of presents.
Presbyterian Church.
At the United Presbyterian church,
the pastor, Rev. William W. Reid, will
preach sermons appropriate to the occa
sion both at the morning aud evening
services, ou Sabbath. On Monday even
ing the annual Christmas festival ol the
Sabbath school will be held, the exercises
beginning promptly at 8 o'clock. The
decorations and exercises are to be en
tirely novel, and will far excel the usual
Christmas tree and recitation stereo
typed order. All who make up their
minds to attend this entertainment on
Monday evening will be well repaid for
doing so.
Baptist Church.
Christmas exercises will be conducted
in the Baptist church Monday evening.
Following is a part of the program:
Recitations and songs by the school, fol
lowed by the primary class; exeicises;
song by class; "Peace on Earth," Char
ley Inderson; children's gifts by Viola
Gardner, Nazaire Yelle, Vera Hinchliff,
Merwin T. Williams, Mattie Pattison,
Aucel Kincaid, Margaret Cairns, Clemens
Yelle, L Powell, Glen Gardner aud
Johnny Anderson; song, "Merry Christ
mas;" "The Joy of Christmas," by
Clara Egletaire; "Santa Claus," Ruby
Sherffey; recitation, Glen Gardner; song,
Margaret Cairns; recitation, Ruby Eg
letaire; "Christmas Greeting, infant class.
Old Santa Clans, F. Lee Roy Collins
There will be special music at the church
Night Before Christmas.
The Degree of Honor, the auxiliary of
the order of A. (). I. W., will hold a
Christmas tree at their hall Monday
evening, for the benefit of the children
of members. A suitable program has
been arranged, and an enjoyable evening
is certain.
G.)od Attractions Coming For the
Peoples' Amusement.
I'niversity of Washington Musical
Clubs, •_';"> members, appears Wednesday
evening, December 2G. direct from the
Washington I'niversity, in the following
Overture Orchestra
LntilDawu, ) . p ar k s
Cooper* Song, j" y;/ n 'gjoppe
Glee Club. H
Charlatan March, » Sousa
Manzanillo, { Kol
Mandolin Club.
Soprano Solo. Selected
Miss Adiline Stevens
Song of the Football Men .... J C Story
ct^ n Orchestra
Stem Song Fred Bullard
Ulee (Mud.
Impersonation Edwin Field Earle, Jr
Mandolin Solo W. F . Murdock
Calanthe Waltr. ) Holtzman
Protectorate March, I Powell
Mandolin Club.
"Last Night," Hallelujah Chorus .Glee Club
Thursday evening, December 27 will
appear Dekher A: Hennessv's company
of clever comedians in the laughable
farce comedy, "Browns in Town "
Those who witnessed this delightful per
formance last year were more than
satisfied, and with a new dressing of the !
entertainment, and a few new specialties I
there is no reason why the opera house
should not be filled to witness it '
Manager Lennox saw the performance
in Portland a few weeks ago, and pro
nounces it all that can be desired from '
that class of entertainment.
Will Build a Church.
The First Church of CLrint, Scientist
of Colfax, Wash , wae organized in Oc
tober, 1900, with six chart* r members, i
The first communion service wae held
December 9, at which time ten new
member* were admitted. The society
has recently purchased a desirable lot on
South Main street, upon which it is ex
pected a church will be erected iv the
near future.
Will Steamboat.
S. C. Lyle, an old-time Colfaxite, who
left the city a few months ago to try
his fortuneH elsewhere on the competency |
earned here, returned Wednesday for a i
stay of a few days. His home it* now at
Portland. He expects next month to
take up Bteamboatiog on the Willamette
and Colombia rivers below Portland.
Himself and others have purchased a
boat, of which Mr. Lyle is to be in
Petition for Rural Delivery.
The people about Colfax are taking a
deep interest in the proposed establish
incnt of free rural mail delivery routes.
On the proposed route south to Onion
flat 120 families have sinned and pre
sented to Postmaster Ewart a petition
for forwarding to the department. One
hundred living within one mile of a pro
posed route is all the department nsks
Marriage licenses.
The follow itur couples have been
licensed to wed during the week: James
F. Williams and Mary Moore, Colfax; C.
11. Smith, Thornton, and Diena Crome,
Serviceable Tool For Use On De
veloping Ledges
W. W. Waite has turned inventor. As
one of the leading owners of the Best
Chance mine, Mr. Waite btfs seen the
necessity of faster work in drilling the
underground ledges.
I hiring the leisure moments of these
short days he has constructed and ap
plied for a patent on what he calls
"Waite's band and power rock drill."
From photographs it appears like a
grindstone, but it carries with it ham
mers nnd rock drills. The machine is a
simple but useful thing, designed to do
the work on the face of a ledge of from
six to ten men. It carries a revolving
drill, with two heavy hammers to strike
it eight times in one revolution of the
The machine was designed especially
for duty in the Best Chance mine, but
practical mining men have spoken so
favorably of it and its possibilities that
Mr. Waite feels it should supersede the
strong-arm hammer in all prospects
where air compressors are not afforded.
It can be furnished at a price not ex
ceeding $100 and will easily do with one
man the work of ten.
Mrs. Leon Kuhn and baby left Mon
day evening for Sau Francisco to spend
the holidays with Berthold and other
relatives. Eva, daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. Kuhn, will spend the holidays with
the family of her uncle, Robert Ewart, at
Barney McNeilly, ' yardmasrer at
Codd's sawmill, left Sunday for his old
Wisconsin home, to spend the holidays
with his people, after an absence of
eighteen years.
J. T. Hubbard, manager of the gen
eral merchandise house of Hubbard &
Co., Cheney, was in the city Monday, ou
a business trip, purchasing while here
one of the Carte} roller feed mills.
Mtb. L. T. Bragg returned Monday
from a visit of several days at Spokane.
Mrs. B. W. McPhee left Tuesday- for
Cincinnati, Ohio, where she was called by
a telegram announcing the serious ill
ness of her mother.
Joe Davis of Palouse, chief of the tire
department of that town and the com
ing deputy sheriff, was a Sunday visitor
at Colfax.
J. R. Cunningham of Palouse and son
Elmer stopped off at Colfax Monday
evening on their way to spend a month
iv the Willamette valley.
Former State Senator R. C, MeCros
key of Gartield was a Monday visitor
iv Colfax.
.John Monahan will spend the holiday
season among old friends at Puge't
Sound cities aud Victoria and Van
couver, B. C.
.Julius Cherpillod <:f Moscow was in
the city Wednesday on a business trip.
Mrs. H. I. Willis returned Monday
from Spokane, where shn was in attend
ance at a meeting of the Bawkeye Min
ing Company, in which she is a stock
lid. Harpole is suffering from a severe
attack of inflammatory rheumatism.
.1. K. MeCormick, the Palouse banker,
was a Wednesday visitor at Colfax.
Mr. aud Mrs. W. H. Winfree will leave
Colfax the last day of the year for their
future home at Spokane, where Mr. j
Winfree will enter into a law [mrsnership i
with P. C. Shine, with offices in the Pey- I
ton block.
James (iormnn of Spokane is spending
the holidays with Colfax friends.
J. W. Wiseman nud daughter. Miss!
Edith, spent Sunday at Spokane.
Miss Elaine Sutherland of Spokane is
in the city to spend the holidays, and is ;
a guest of her aunt, Mrs. H. J. Wilcox. i
Sale of Farm Articles. I
I will sell at public auction at my lare I
ranch, three miles west of Colfax, on
Monday, January 7, a large amouut of
farm materials. Everything on the
place will be sold at public auction.
Horses, cattle, thoroughbred Berkshire
hotrs. machinery, one 4 horse power, set
new wagon scales, never been set. See
bills. Don't stay away on account of
the weather, as there are plenty of
buildings to accommodate everybody.
Free lunch will be served in the grounds! j
J. W. Poteet, proprietor of the Colfax I
Candy factory, has learned the secret of
your "eweet tooth" and is prepared to
cater to it with the finest and largest
stock of pure sweetmeats ever offered to
the people of Colfax and Whitman
county. Mail orders will receive prompt
and careful attention o
Book containing 5000 names, occupa
tions, addresses of personal property
taxpayers of Whitman county. Invalu
able to business men. Address F \
Shaw, Colfax, Wash 0
You should inspect our line of ladies'
and men's pocket books. We have them
marked lower than anyone. The Elk
Drug Store.
For bargains in real estate, call on
Eacho, Larue & Co., Davis building
Colfax, Wash. h'
Oil His \V»y To Penitentiary
For the Sevoud Terra.
Phil Love Twice Arrested For :
limming Gambling—Given
a l.i«lit Fine Only.
The criminal docket of the superior
court was cleaned up Wednesday by the I
conviction of C. C. (lark on a charge of I
attempting to steal a horse from (iage !
Whitney at I'alouse about two months
a«o. He was caught in the act by
Marshal Woodward. (Mark has already
served one term in the penitentiary for
theft of a horse and cart from Green
Smith about four years ago. The
sheriff at Lewiston was waiting for him
in case he had been cleared. The charge
against him there is theft of a saddle.
I'nil Love, proprietor of a gambling
house, was arrested Saturday by Sheriff
Canutt for running his games. Before
Justice Kirkland Love pleaded guilty to
a charge of gambling and paid a $25
tine. He kept his games open, however,
and was again arrested Wednesday on
an information in the superior court.
He gave a supersedeas bond and his
tables and paraphernalia, which hud
been seized, were released. He will carry
his case to the supreme court.
The Court Orders.
In the superior court Tuesday morn
ing there whs the usual seance Judge
McDonald entered an order — not un
usual at all. He is addicted to doing
ouch thrnt's. The night before, M. ().
Reed, a practicing attorney, under the
second charge of disbarment from this
honorable court, left the city for a few
days. He was barely whisked south of
Snake river until ~ Judge McDonald
ordered the clerk of the court lo issue
subpoenas for witnesses to appear the
day after Christmas to show that Mr.
Reed has been guilty of conduct unbe
coming an attorney. Mr. Heed has
gone on a ti^ip to the Seven Devils min
ing country in Idaho.
Among the witnesses ordered sum
moned by Judge McDonald are his well
kept brothers. Johnny and Charley, who
are now residents of the Camas prairie
country in Idaho.
Bay Clark Found Guilty.
In a trial before a jury in the superior
court Tuesday. Hay Clark was found
guilty of illegally selling whisky at his
temperance hall at Guy, where no
licenses for liquor selling are issued.
The complaining witnesses against him
were Herbert Wallace and John O.
KHley. They admitted having laid a
trap for Clark, and that they bought
whisky from him. Mr. Clark had r_
story to tell before the jury that he did
not Bell, but gave away from his pock
ets, refusing to take money. Mr! Wal
lace and Mr. K^lley said they paid for it.
The jury believed them.
Attorney James G. Coombs of Colfax
was admitted Thursday of last week at
Spokane by Judge Hauford, to practice
in the federal court. He was recom
mended by Judge Sullivan.
Dr. C. S. Dwire has disposed of his
property at Oakesdale and will remove
to Colfax next week to onen a dental
A ."> year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
David Benton of Spring flat died
Wednesday night from whooping cough.
The subject for the Christian Science
lesson sermon for Dec. 2.'1, is "Christ
Jesus " Golden text: They shall call
iii^ name Emmanuel, which being in
terpreted is, God with us.—Matt l:2.'i.
Responsive reading, Luke 2 8 20. All
arc welcome.
At the Baptist church Pastor Collins
will preach Sabbath at 11 a. m. and at
7:.'50 p. m. Morning theme, "The Un
speakable Gift;" evening theme, "Jesus.
The Light of the World."
A number of the members of the order
of the Eastern Star gathered Tuesday
evening at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
George EL Lennox, where a pleasant few
hours were spent. They presented the
host and hostess with a fine cut glass
fruit dish and a chocolate set.
and permanently cured by using Moki
Tea. A pleasant herb drink. Cares con
stipation and indigestion, makes you
ent, sleep, work and happy. Satisfac
tion guaranteed or money back. 25 cts.
and 50 cts The Elk Drugstore.
After you have looked all lines of holi
day presents over, go to The Elk l)ruf>
Store and you will find just what you
Splendid holiday stock, which includes
something for every person, something
for every purse. City Jewelry Store, M.
A. Uose o
If you want Insurance, or a collection
promptly made, call on Baeho, Larue &
Co., the real estate hustlers*
Holiday presents, most useful and
valuable, City Jewelry Store.M. A. Rose,
H. W. Gcipf writes reliable In ukance.
323-ACRE FARM, PRICE $2508
NE X and E % HW% and XW
\ N\V % and RE % SW'4 Sec.
30, Township 16, Range 40,
Whitman County, Wash.
One and out- half story house
"Mx'.HK barn £4x42, Granery
12x14, woodshed and cellar.
Irood well, orchard, running!
stream of water, shade trees.!
214 acres in cultivation, 310 j
acres tillable. AH fenced and
cross fenced. Three and one
half miles from |{. R. station.
10 miles southwest of Endi
cott. Write or call and see!
CO., tUolfax, Wash.
Pullman Herald: Tho committM ap
pointed bj the poultry a«nociation is j
now engaged in lookiug out for the
premiums to be offered at the January
poultry show, and it* meeting with much
success. There will be lots ol blue
blooded fowls in the hliow, and they will
have valuable prize* to compete for.
Pullman Herald: J. L. Metsker has
been in Ileppuer, Oregon, thin week, to
purchase some more blooded stock to
add to the Metsker-KleniKard herd.
Farmington citizens are petitioning
their town council to appropriate $>ir> a
month toward the support of a brass
Oakesdale News: Jas. A. Green, who
resides near Thornton, and whose family
have been under quarantine for small
pox, was in the city Tuesday attending
to business matters. He says his family
have all fully recovered, and were the
lasf and only cases in that locality. The
cases with the exception of one of his
children, who was very ill for two or
three days, were of very mild type. Mr.
(ireen is making preparations to remove
his family to Colfax, having: received the
appointment as one of Sheriff Mackay's
chief deputies. •
Oakeadale News: Win. Warner has
accepted the position us manager of the
Western Investment Company of Colfax
and Oakesdale. This company was re
cently organized for the purpose of deal
ing in real estate, warrants, bonds and
other securities.
Order of Washington.
The following officers of the Order of
Washington have been elected: F. N.
English, president; Eliza E. Dalrymple,
past president, Jennie M. Fisher, vice
president; J. A. Carter, secretary; Eliza
beth Mercer, treasurer; Albert Powell,
escort; Caroline Powell, assistant es
cort; Chris Jarchow, guard; Martha E.
Nordyke, sentinel: Mrs. Jennie Keiser,
chaplain; Dr. W. A. Mitchell, medical ex
aminer. Installation will follow at the
first January meeting.
Sold His Farm.
W. B. Silk worth has sold his fine 240
--acre farm, three miles west of Colfax to
D. L Wood for a consideration of $15,
--000. He will dispose of his personal
effects and leave for some point on the
coast, probably California, to perma
nently remain.
Pullman, December 7, to Mr. and Mrs.
J. B. Kerr, a daughter.
Near Rosalia, December 12, Walter
Harris and Edith Johnson.
Look into you* 1 mouth and you will
find a "sweet tooth. 1' It needs nourish
ment and the Colfax Candy Factory can
supply what will be good for it. All
moihers, wives, sisters and sweethearts
have the tooth and expect something
for it about thin time*.
The finest line of ladies' and gents'
pocket books and purges, suitable for
Xmas gifts, that we have se«n and the
prices so reasonable, are at The Elk
L)rugStore o ma9&^ri&'
If you \\j2£ "ClTof any de
scription, list them with Kacho, Larue
ft Co., who will advertise >md find yon
Mrs. M. M. Donnelly, manager for the
Viavi remedies. Will mail a Health
Hook on npplicntion o
■■-■■■; j ' ipfj $m
Books Worth Reading
WE HAVK THKM! The popular ro
mance* of the day, the standard works of
the best authors, history, poetry, fiction.
Also a fine assortment of books for b >ys and
girls. Picture books for the little ones
Don't overlook our confectionery department.
CHAS. KENNEL, P. 0. Store.
Ho, Friend Pedagogue!
Use the Handy Classics! I can supply them,
both the 5 and the ten cent series.
The Latest!
10 cents each.
Reproductions of the Masterpieces. Also
stories by Mara 1.. Pratt.
Ami other books of the Educational Publishing
Company. Write for prices.
Newton V. Rowe,
''olfax. Washington.
has just received a nice line of
Chamber Suits
Cheffoniers and
Side Boards
Also a good line of
Stoves and Ranges
Which will be sold at Greatly Reduced
Marble and Granite Works
D. MILLGABD & CO. Proprietors.
Monuments, Headstones, Tablets
All Kinds of Cemeiery Work.
o*li »n<l tie R»mr>lf«- Wall Street
BmS&PjWIM ea7lset aiid b<-»utifies the hair.
KShSN="^M Never Fails to Hestore Gray
K(K|f'4fc=^^^H T *lalF to ltf» Youthful Color.
K^^gjfci«^M|I >reTenti Dandruff and hair falling
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(^lnterest to All Economical Shoppers.
The store that saves you money on anything you need in merchandise.
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Ladies' Wrapper, made of tine flannelette. X I S I I Yi*l\ I
full front, watteuii back, with l.a.k ; lUIIIII V 1 VUVllt
strap, fitted vest lining, new sleeve, -^ . /-^ .
bound armholes, skirt with deep flounce, L'/ni'UWmT V , | /k
yoke front and back: collars, cuffa, IM I I kHlll
yokes and hack straps trimmed with j X*V 111 I Hill V r^/lllV
braid, assorted colons. Kuhn'H special. $1 00
kid cloves. Commencing Today
Real French Kid, two clasp, all colon; CD "
equal to any §150 glove elsewhere. „„ I ,-.,, n f iniiimr flirmKrii
Kuhn's apecial, per pair $100: <lnU <■ O'H'lllUin"; UlrOUgn
shirt waists. out the entire month.
Ladies' Shirt Waiat of all-wool flannel,
entire front trimmed, in all colors and l"a/"iVT»ri^ 11 iol; I'l"'
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Colfax's Greatest Store,
Colfax, Washington.
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Highest Price in CASH
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It will pay you to examine
Mefore invention your money in a Chop Mill.
Some of itH features:
No Burrs to Wear Out, No ttears. Only Six Bearings.
Millh specially adapted to wind mill power
All Bizes up to 'A% tons capacity per hour.
Manufactured by CARLEY IKON WORKS, Oolfax, Wa H h.
For Useful Holiday
Goods go to
Nice Hue of
Chamber Suites,
China Dishes, Etc.
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Gunsmith. $ Ammunition.
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Dealers in
General Merchandise
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dnoe of all kinds.
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Saratoga (Jhips
In hulk ami in hatf-ponad
packages. Fresh and crisp.
Warm Them Before Serving
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Pioneer Drug Store,
W. J. HAMILTON, Propr.
Prescription Work a Specialty.
A complete stock of
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Pumps and Windmills
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free him before baying.
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