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Democrat it* Trouble Over Dep
uty [Sheriff Appointment.
Also an I xi-hangr itf Discourtesies
Between lh< New Auditor and
r.xecutive Committee.
All is not Itarmon.y in the ranks of the
victorious democracy of Wbituian
couuty. Two of the newly elected
county officials, who are to take charge
of their officei January 14, are at outs
with the executive committee of the
couuty central committee, over the ap
pointment of deputies, and in one cane
the executive committee has vowed ven
jreance on the officer, while the latter
has expressed a hope that the advising
statesmen ma; go to that bourne where
ice is at a premium.
Sheriff elect .1. 15 Mackay in the officer
who has called down on himself the
awful corse of the party organisation
During the campaign Charles Hinchliff,
who wan a candidate for county com
mtssioner, announced that it elected the
sheriff would be allowed bat two depu
ties. Democratic Candidate Mackay,
not understanding thin, and thinking
that he would he allowed three deputies,
promised places to several of his friends,
among them being a deputyship to a
warm supporter in Paloose named
Joseph Davis, and also to Ortis II a mil
ton of CoKax. Finding that he was to
be allowed but two deputies, Mr. Mackay
appointed James (Jreen of Thornton, as
chief deputy, and Mr. Davis as tield dep
uty. As aoon as the announcement, was
made, the chairman of the democratic
central committee, K. J. Doneen, cilled
the executive committee together, and
asked Mr. Mackay to appear before
them. When he Mid so, the committee
endeavored to induce him to drop Davit>
and substitute Hamilton. This Mackay
refused to do, and then the committee
laid down the law, with the result above
An explanation of the reasons for the
action of the committee, discloses a little
bit of political history that is instruc
tive as well as amusing. At the time of
the state convention in Seattle, last fall,
the delegation from Whitman couut\
was largely composed of opponents ol
Governor Rogers. This opposition was
headed by Chairman Doneen, while the
five Rogers men of the delegation in
cluded Joseph D.'tvis of I'alouse. Davis
was more than an adherent—he was a
partisan, and being unable to induce the
majority to come his way of thinking,
alluded publicly to some of the demo
cratic leaders in terms tn<->re emphatic
than respectful. Nor were his allusions
said iv his secret closet. They were given
the widest publicity, and of course the
persons mentioned knew of Davis' un
kind thoughts and words Ii wouldn't
have been human nature if the persons
thus publicly cursed had not worked
against bis appointment to one of the
soft places of the public service, particu
larly as it was well known that Mackay
had given a promise to Hamilton of
that particular place, and as Hamilton
and biH father have been democratic
leaders in the past, while Davis is known
as a demo pop.
um£ yiitraunie 4'dpp^oeffi<fti from the ex
ecutive committee and has flatly told
the members thereof that they must
keep their hands off his office, as" he was
elected auditor, and expected to fill the
office, appoint his own deputies and
stand responsible for their honesty and
efficiency. What especially called the
attention of the executive committee to
the auditor's office, was the announce
ment that Mr. Raby had appointed
John F. Fuller as index clerk. The com
inittee did not care to suggest the ap
pointment of any particular person, but
did not wish Fuller appointed, and were
not siow in saying ho, although they
gave no particular reason for their op
position. It looks as though the princi
pal objection to Fuller's appointment
by the committee lies in the fact that he
has always been culled a republican, and
has frequently been mentioned as a posi
ble nominee for that place by the repub
licans. Fuller is a number 1 office man,
and it is probably for that reason alone
that he has been selected by Uaby.
A quiet wedding, which was rather iv
the nature of a surprise, was that of
Miss Minnie E. Cram, to Mr. Edward S.
Swift, a prominent fruit grower of the
Diamond neighborhood. The marriage
took place at the residence of the bride's
rrandfather in Colfax, where the cere
monv was performed by the Rev. Wm.
W. Reid, pastor of the' United I'renby
teriau church. Evidently some friends
had obtained an inkling of what was
going on, for in spite of all their pre
cautions some handsome presents were
bestowed upon the bride immediately
after the ceremony.
A very pretty wedding was solemnized
Christmas day at high noon, when A. S.
Hamilton, ,I. 1., pronounced man and
wife Mr. W. L. Torrance and Miss Maud
E. Wood, at the home of the bride's par
ents near Diamond. A number of rela
tives and friends of the contracting par
ties were in attendance. A splendid
wedding dinner was served aud a num
ber of wedding gifis were presented the
happy couple. The groom is a son of
E. A. Torranee, and the bride a daugh
ter of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Wood. They
left Wednesday for Dayton to spend the
honey moon.
Special Lodge Meeting.
An adjourned meeting of Colfax Lodge
HO. 14, \. (). I.\\ , W i|j beheld Moudav
evenunr, Hm.,_,ber:il, at 8:30, fortS
Pnrpoee ol ioitiating new members for
whom time w.u not found at the la°t
regular meeting. A large number of !
new members have been latelvTeeXed
under a special dispensation, and The !
edge .» in a pro*,**,,,* conditf ( « ??!
the close of lloßda, evening's cer*
year, the officers ,and members w"illioin '
in a smoker and welcome the dawn of
the new century. '"
Indication*, of Oil.
George Hume is reported to have
found on his farm, one mile southeast of
Glenwood, and seven miles northeast of
Colfax, splendid indications of petroteom
The discovery was made through the re
cent cleaning of a spring which had been
in use evtr since Mr. Humes settled on
the place twenty years ago. The water
of the spring was unlit for use after the
cleaning. Lately it bus been noticed
that the spring pool is coy red with an
oily substance This, when skimmed off
and ignited, burns as readily as any of
the crude oils. Taken in connection
with the Pine City gas discoveries, with
oil and coal indications, the find on the
lunie farm draws considerable utten
lon and will no doubt lead to further
prospecting and possible developments.
New Shoe Store.
The Goifax Shoe Co., James Woodley,
proprietor, is v new addition to I'olfax
business houses, with location on Main
street, opposite the Farmer's drug store.
A repair department, in charge of Henry
ftleany, will be operated in connection
with the store.
Marriage Licenses.
The following licenses to wed were
issued during the week: W. (>. Palmer
and Araminda Emery, I'niontown; W.
M. Torrance, Diamond, and Maud E.
Wood, Colfax; Kdward S. Swift, Dia
mond, and Minnie E. Cram, I'euawawa.
Dance Old Century Out and the
New In At the Armory.
The invitation committee of Colfax
Engine Co. No. 1 has issued invitations
to the general public for the grand fire
meus' ball, with which the old century
will be bade adieu and th> new one wel
comed at Armory hall. The ball will
open at the usual hour New Year's eve,
with the fourteen pieces of the Colfax
orchestra in the music stand. One fea
ture of the evening will be the awarding
of a prize of $5 to the couple under 14
years winning in the prize waltz contest
and there will also be an exhibition
waltz quadrille by the little folks The
judges are to be Misses Helen James,
Stella Perkins and Minnie Stephens.
The various committees of thp com
pany are working for the success of the
bull, the proceeds from which are to go
to the company treasury, for the benefit
of the company and the public service
The ball gives every promise of being the
greatest event of its kind ever held in the
city, aud is being liberally patronized bj
nil who value the efforts nl the tire boys
in their protection of public and private
Stole the Marshal's (inn.
Cbauoeey Boyington, a young man
with a propensity to take things, wat
brought down from Tekoa Wednesday
evening by Sheriff Canutt to serve a
sentence from a justice of the peace of
sixty days in the county g<>»l lor lar
ceny He stole the pistol of City Mar
shal Duncan of Tekoa and whs captured
in Spokane. He was probably in search
of good winter quarters, the announce
ment having readied the fraternity that
the incoming administration of the *her
ifT;-< office coiihiders it inhumane to work
county prisoners.
Young Woman Dead.
Mabel C. H dotting, daughter of Mr
ami Mrs. E. H. Huntting, died Thurs
day morning at <> o'clock, at the family
home near Colfax, from typhoid fever,
after an illness of two weeks, at the age
of 22 years. Funeral services will be
held Saturday at 10 o'clock from the
Baptisi church.
Married at Waverly.
Miss Luella Goff, a former well known
Golf, whs married Christmas day at
Waverly to Del Carey Smith, a leading
lawyer of Spokane. H. W. Goff attend
ed the wedding.
Will Kennel) and Melancthon Walters,
came up from Whitman college at Walla
Walla to spend the holidays with rela
tives aud friends.
I). C. Fetch left Monday for Ellens
burg, where he will join Mrs. Peleh and
then proceed to Seattle. Mr. ami Mrs
Felch have not yet fully determined up
on their future movements,but they now
expect to remain on Puget Sound until
next fall nnd then go to Southern Cali
Miss Edith Miller of Col ton is spend
ing holiday week with Colfax friends.
P. S Rudolph and F. H. (lury of La
Crosse were Colfax visitors Saturday.
Mr. Rudolph is a resident of Anandale,
Minn., and is in this country visiting
relative*. He expects to return home
Ed. [rwto and family of Endicott have
removed to Colfax to remain through
the winter with their daughters.
Rev. H. P. James, accompanied by his
father and mother aud Prof, and Mrs.
W. J. Roberts of Pullman went to Walla
Waila Monday to spend the holidays
Miss Hattie Wicke, a stenographer of
Ellenshurg, arrived in the city Saturday
to spend the holidays with her parents,
Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Wicks, at Oneeho.
Roy Innian of Walla Walla was in the
city Saturday on v visit with his father,
Prosecuting Attorney Inman.
Mr. and Mrs. W. O. Carley expect to
leave early in January for Ithaca, X. V.,
where they will make their future home.
Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Winfree left Wed
nesday for their new home at Spokane.
Rev. T. W. Walters and family are
packiug their household effects and ex
pect to leave Saturday or Monday for
their new home at Spokane.
A. C. Keiser, representing the Equit
able Savings and. Louu Association, with
his offices at 527 Peyton biock, Spokane,
arrived iv town Thursday to visit bis
pare (its.
Mrs. C. N. Hiuchliff and children spent
Christmas wMi the lady's patents, Mr.
and Mrs. Thos. Steel, at'Spangie.
Miss Mary Lusher is iv town from
Warduer, Idaho, to spend the holidays
i with her sister, Mrs. James Cairns.
Mrs. Fred Waiie and baby of Pendle
ton, Oregon, are guests of Mr, and Mrs.
| W. W. Waite.
j Mr. aud Mrs. J. C. White of Clarkia,
, Idaho, are guests of Mr. and Mrs. Thos.
] Amos. Mr. White is one of the newly
; elected representatives from Kootenai
' county, and is enroute to Boise to at
i tend the session of the Idaho legislature.
Mrs. Pat Codd is ill at the^hospital
with a mild attack of typhoid fever.
M. E. Si-antlin has accepted a clerk
ship with the Colfax drugstore.
Collax College.
•^"'ilm/" 1" nP''us Wednesday, Jan.
oft\.ri V"w cla***n to be formed,
pWrm?r al advaQr "^ f" teachers
voul nX °, r Hpnn£ laminations and
"orSr'l Jle "Xpectin* to enter college
Son call y thiß falL For fu" i°f'->rma-
B Paw l °r addn>B8 ' P«*Hknt P" !

Farcial Trial At a Large Cost to
the County.
Proved Ttiat He Spoke Disrespect
fully of Judge Kean After
the Chinese Trial.
The case for disbarment of M. ().
[{eed as an attorney, which is being
punhed by Judge McDonald an the
crowning act of his four .yearn of tur
moil, whh beard before Judge Jacobs
Thursday. The judge travelled all the
way from Seattle to hear the one caHe.
A dozen or more witnesses were called,
the quintessence of whose testimony wan
that Mr. H^ed had spoken on the streets
in by no means complimentary terms of
•Judge Kean, after the acquittal of Wong
(ilee last July of the murder of a fellow
Chinese in Coifax, and that be had said
he believed the judge took Chinese
money to instruct the jury that a ver
diet of murder in the first degree could
not be found.
Before biw leaving for the Seven Devils
country, the attorneys for Mr. Reed and
Assistant Attorney General Vance, who
was to represent the state, entered into
a stipulation that the case should he
postponed until January 10, and Mr
Reed was not here when the case was
called, nor was the state's attorney,
-fudge Jacobs refused to recognize the
stipulation, and after fiddling around a
day or two with a large batch of wit
nesses on pay, the case went to trial with
hut one side represented.
Judge McDonald could iind no lawyer,
reputable or disreputable, to prosecute
for him, so he forgot the dignity of his
high position and prosecuted it himself,
pleading hard with the deputy prose
cuting attorney to appoint him to con
duct it. This was refused. Then he
conducted the examination of witne-w
.is ii petitioner and carried on the prose
cution. He thrashed out all the old
straw in the Chinese, Ntsslv. Harring
ton and Kerch cases again and acquitted
himself in a wpleudid burst of eloquence
of tbt charge < if attempted subornation
of perjury He showed such ability as a
prosecutor that the court had to occa
sionally call him down and strike hifc
efforts from the record. It was farcical
in the extreme.
The case was token under advisement
anil Judge Jacobs will render a decision
this morning.
Firemen Paraded.
Proud of the new equipments famished
by the city fathers, the fire boys paraded
Christmas day to exhibit the new rigs to
the admiring multitude. The parade
was headed by hook and ladder truck
No 1, carrying the Coifax Military Bayd
and officers of the department, followed
by a hose cart, on which was rolled S(M)
feet of new hose, and the fire eugioe
brought up the rear. The new equip
ment for the fire laddies consists of rub
her coats, boots, hats and gloves, houi&
thing long needed. Notwithstanding the
deep mud of the streets, the parade was'
a most creditable one.
Palouse, December 17, Charles Smith
— _ £n*BPlc v. l ii^ . ~.
Near Rosalia, December 20, Chauncey
Smith of Thornton and Mrs. Diana
Crome of Rosalia.
Eden valley, December 21, Velma,
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Sheridan Mc-
Klberton, December 19, B. (J. Davis.
Pullman, December 18, to Mr. and
Mrs. Wallace Moss, a son.
I'niontown, December 20, to Mr. and
Mrs. George Englehard, a son.
Coifax, Christmas evening, to Mr. and
Mrs. (has. Van Voorhis, a daughter.
The Lucky Man Gets a Barrel of
The largest cask of whiskey ever
shipped into Washington has been
shipped to Win. Schluting of this town,
and is now on exhibition at his place,
chock full of Old Harper. It is the same
Old Harper that was awarded Gold
Medal at the Paris Exposition, also
awarded Gold Medal at^the Centennial
Exposition, New Orleans, in '84, and at
the World's Fair, Chicago, in '93. The
person guessing the nearest to the exact
contents of this monster cask will be
presented with a haudsome souvenir
barrel containing live gallons of this
same Old Whiskey*
Splendid holiday stock, which includes
something for every person, something
for every purse. City Jewelry Store, M.
A. Rose 0
If you waut Insurance, or a collection
| promptly made, call on Eacho, Larue &
! Co., the real estate hustlers*
For Rent—Two nicely furnished rooms,
with Btove#; $0 a month. Mill street
Mrs. L E. Fuller,,
Holiday presents, most useful and
1 valuable, City Jewelry Srore.M. A. Rose,
Save money by having your pictures
framed at Sherman's,
! Subscribe for Newspapers and Magazines
through The Gazette and save money.
Ten Thousand
Lives Lost....
Yes, even more, every year from that dread- |
ful disease of the lungs called Pneumonia and
La Grippe. You can avoid it by using one of
those Ala3kan chamois and flannel chest pro
tectors. We have just received a large line
direst from B. &B. They are just the thin* j
for damp, cold weather. Some people tnink
that in order to wear a chest protector it has
to be 40 degrees below zero. Mistaken idea.
Tne Palouse climate is just the kind that re
quires a chest protector. Come in and see
our lice. We sell them at just the same price
you would pay in Chicago.
The Elk Drug Store
niii^irjjj WITH A LIGHT
TEAM to do light work in Whitman Co •
Steady work and GOOD WAGES to the '<
right man. For particulars address
GERLICHER BROS., Winona, Minn. I
i Auditor Corner ia confined to his home
with a bad tooth and a threatened at
tack of fever.
The left leg of the little three-year-old
sou of K. E. Matlock wan amputated
Wednesday morning at the hospital.
Necrosis of the bones of the leg made
the operatiyn necessary.
C. EL Woodin has sold the Fuir store
at Colfax to Indiana parties. The new
proprietors, whose names are not yet
ready for the public, are to take charge
March 1.
Trimble «fc Pattison have removed
their law offices from the Ellis to the
Fraternity block. .las. Cairns has also
removed with them.
.1. W. Sanders of Onion tlat Saturday
sold to Mr. Short of Spokane three
horses for $300. Their weights were
1660, 1630 and 1500.
The 0. K. & N. Co. is buildiug a new
freight depot, replnoiug the burned por
tion of the old depot with a substantinl
The Gazette winhes for all its friends a
happy and a prosperous New Yeur.
Marvel of Production
in well applied by the Oregoniau to our
magnificent Inland Empire, in reviewing
a circular sent out by the Lewiston
Commercial Club as a plea for the open
ing of the Columbia river to navigation
by a canal around the rapids at The
Dalles Productions iucludintr 40,000,
--000 bushels of wheat, or 00,000 car
loads; iS,GOO carloads of fruits; 1,700
carloads of wool; 4,000 carloads of live
stock, and above 10,000 carloade of
other products, make up a grand total
of more than 80 000 carloads from the
Inland Empire for the year of 1900, of
which fully fifteen per cent is credited to
the district of the Clearwater and upper
Snake rivers, cen ering at Lewiston.
Yet we all know that more railroads
and p.n open river would benefit every
part of this interior country and increase
its productiveness many fold. Every
man interented should write the con
gresstoen and senators demanding that
the government shall at once build the
Dalles-Celiln canal.
Notice to Stock holders.
Notice i« hereby given that the annual
meeting of the stockholders of the W hit
man abstract Company wfll be held hi
the company's office, at Colfax, Wash.,
on Monday night, January 7th, 1901, at
8 p. iii.
The trustees of the company will be
elee'ed at this meeting, and such other
business transacted as may come before
the Hfockholders.
The Whitman" Abstract Company,
R. (i. Hargrave Secretary.
Sale of Farm Articles.
1 will sell at public auction at ray late
ranch, three miles west of Colfax, on
Monday, January 7, a, large amount of
farm materials Everything on the
place will be sold at public auction.
Horses, cattle, thoroughbred Berkshire
hotrs, machinery, one 4 horse power, set
new wagon Hcales, never been set. See
bills. Don't stay away on account of
the weather, as there are plenty of
buildings to accommodate everybody.
Free lunch will be served :>n iheurouuds.
Look into your mouth and you will
ment and the Colfax Candy Factory can
supply what will be good for it. All
mothers, wives, sisters and sweethearts
have the tooth und expect something
for it about this time*
Wanted—Good heavy horses. Call at
Farmers' Drug Store o
Go to Hotel Hart, Winona, for good
treatment. First class house Q
Call on H. W. Goff for Insurance.
The Colfax Shoe Co.
Wishes to announce to the public that
they have just opened a shoe aud repair
store, with as complete a stock of Men's,
Hoy's and Children's Shoes as cau be ob
tained in the Eastern markets, suitable
for all kinds of wear. Also a nice line of
robbers, which we offer for sale at living
prices. AH persons wishing to purchase
will find it to their advantage to call
and examine this stock and get prices
before purchasing elsewhere. The repair
department will be in charge of Henry
Meanv, which needs no farther recom
Opposite The Farmer's Drug Store,
Main Street.
323-ACRE FARM, PRiCE $2500
NE % and E % XW ){ and N W
% NW!{and NE % 8W % Sec.
30, Township 1(5, Range 40,
Whitman County, \Vash.
One and one-half story house
24»x:iO, barn 24x42, Graserj
12x14, woodshed and cellar.
Good well, orchard, running
stream of water, shade trees.
210 acres in cultivation, tfl©
acres tillable. All fenced and
cross fenced. Three and one
half miles from It. R. station.
10 miles southwest of Endi
cott. Write or call aud see
CO., Olfax, Wash.
<3* Always Fresh.
""^s» Always the Best. Jl^r
t *X?iaiifclii- **P Msltilf Mrv **J^^^^pr
xV-J? sold everywhere.
■r liK'l S«-{'il Annual fret-. 18^
"^^gb, B. M. FESRY i CO., DETROIT, MIClf. J^T
The amputation of the hand often saves the arm;
A loss now on goods is better for us than to carry
this season's stock into next season.
Now is your opportunity to say time to
lose; but it sometimes pays to lose.
No Mattek The Sacrifice
We are out to Lower Records
And we are doing it.
We are going to make a Clean Sweep. See posters for prices.
Sale commences Nov. 17, ends Dec. 30.
1 VJg CMJIkK .^: s,'jf J^^
„, is v-^~<^ 3*^ LrjG ,^^
(Bliek -ens-der-f er)
Most durable machine made. Writing always in sight. No
Ribbon. Direct printing. Type interchangeable. Perma
nent Alignment. Excellent Manifolder., Best Tabulator.
High Speed. Full Keyboard. Low Price. 55,000 now in
use. For flataiogue, Etc., Address the General Agent for
Washington, Idaho and Montana—T. A. Dv Bois, Box 373,
Colfax, Washington
Holiday Presents Cheap
But not Cheap Holiday Presents.
The Colfax Drug Store
(Next Door to the Post Office)
During th P month of December intend to Slaughter the Prices
on all Holiday Goods. Especial attention m called to the line of
SJfiyift-r'fil Wi" hP B°'d "K^l"* »■ •«*. Call and £*
our stock of Beautiful Pictures
Telephone, Main 1. C^F. STUAKT, Propr.
**ra&> oanta Claus
. HaH his Headquarters at
Where he has All Kinds of Nice
At Prices on the Bottom.
Don'tForgei. Place. Main Street, Colfax, Washington.
has just received a nice line of
Chamber Suits
Cheffoni.ers and
Side Boards
Also a good line of
Stoves and Ranges
Which will be sold at Greatly Reduced
Marble and Granite Works
D. MILLQARD & CO, Proprietors.
Monuments, Headstones, Tablets
All Kinds of Cemetery Work.
Ohl] and see sample*!. Wail street
Lock and $ Sewing .Machines
n ... • Guns and
(junsmitli. $ Ammunition.
All Kinds of R"pairinjr.
Sells the Best
Pumps and Windmills
in the Palonse Country.
See him before baying.
Have You Tried Our
Saratoga (Jhips
In bulk and in half-pound
packages. Fresh and crisp.
Warm Them Before Serving
Telephone Main 4M. Main St., <-olfax, Wash.
Pioneer Drug Store,
W. J. HAMILTON, Propr.
Prescription Work a Specialty.
A complete stock of
Drugs, Medicine*, Chemicals,
Soaps, HruHhes, Perfumeries,
Paints, Oils, Glass,
Notions, Books, Stationery.
TeH'hone No. 37. M»j n street. Colfax
Buy Your Groceries
...OF ...
-A. E. Fouts,
All Rood* first clane. Hi^he«t pncea paid
for farm produce. *^

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